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This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia have their protective eyewear on to talk about Charles Albright, the Texas Eyeball Killer. Then they tackle the notorious and tall Co-ed Killer, Ed Kemper.

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This is exactly right. I really makes a man: do you no magic die a close magic. I cant do distance magic that her sorry live well, my fear for murder. I'm Karin Scheele, Gareth, I'm Georgia. Hard stark. Together, were. Her hearing curve and he s playing. Alas, yes, how's it going hates given area were
the different speed. This week somebody wrote us on Twitter and said that law. On the last episode we seemed hysteria, which I agree. I think we were slightly hysterical, we're just like we're just like wrapped up a notch, yeah televisions. It was like powering threat like I need to get through. This throws fun, but we had a great time Chad's all the matter. Yeah we're enjoyed ourselves, I mean who wants a droll, boring pod, like murder, comedy podcast, I mean I don't think most people, but you ve, come here for a narrative, tour grandma aghast then, to stamp out around that's what? If I can? like it like that similar area, we are actually on physician
great cocaine about is this. Does the secret to this park? I wonder what that's like it's pretty great. If you had a chance, never mind if I could do a drug again, no but like but like if someone like this is this physicians, Gray Lake government, whatever the fuck drug did you do it which drug my coke, let's say sure? Well, I can't you mean like it. If I didn't have any of my The eyes of all kinds of men are a logical disorders, because I did all that dont really are thing. It's not worth its totally only because they wouldn't area they came well having epilepsy or seizure disordered. They dont know why, exactly unless they look at your brain, like dropped on your head,
I was dropped my hand, but I didn't tell you, though I think you related. I did my mom tripped over my hygiene when I was six months ago, think another yeah and she broke her arm fell and I hit my head and how to get stitches. I still have a tiny, tiny scar but I'm totally the serial killer. As we have discussed in this parliament has. I had that. I'm gonna have to kill you before you kill me, ok, but make sense rising that be a great way to go to it creep up behind me. Ok, as a favor, oh yeah, I know you gotta know stabbing slicing. Please Julianne me to death. I know you love. Could I love really? I knew lights out, but you and cohesion are must serve. You
they had under drugs. You guys onto dry, we agreed in them for you. We can come back and tell you it's now at its cut out to be it's like how my dad used to say he would never get cable. We lived where the countries we only for channels me wouldn't get cable, he'd go hey. We have that no firehouse, it's no good. Let us try to silence. We like it or not, decided for area yeah. It's protected you guys from so much and yet and yet sorry away here, don't you drugs, Nor can we get from emails among many pleasant with much owner of now and now you're you're telling onto do. Oh guess what mom don't listen with you, twelve euro. I won't even have it. I always with my twelve year old. This is a comedy murder. Podcast theories highly inappropriate that anybody would be less not at that point.
Sign you mommy, yes like don't come at Us Mommy and then like that night she goes to bed and then it looks in the doorway and there's a glint of self earlier who's. That owes more of you up near millennia, mommy hi, I'm angel dust good, like good government quality Angel dust, because he would you wouldn't let us worn your children off of angels. You stop. You press, stop at the poorer talking about doing drugs and didn't listen, the rest of my guess, oars and we said Don jogs under any circumstances ever do you know I mean we look, we did them and look at us now secondary. I look like I'm about sixty two earlier unsuccessful, but Let knows
I just started a couple. Thank is four from the twitter page. I well because people send us amazing, great stuff best. I can. I do some of Instagram, then sure your twitter and I went into her like that. Nope ought only to it are you absolutely can we just had Courtney sent us pictures of her? She named the person in the picture with her, but, the picture of the two of them they'd carved pomp of it, and I love anyway, I grow because they both posted- and I was like I'm gonna- get em both a shot out because whether lame recent one and marry at Ives overstepped know what they tweeted than you retweeted gas. There was no names. Ok, but anyway I have no time carved stay. Sexy, dont, get murdered and you're gonna call call your dad into pumpkins, which must have taken our yeah yeah. I can't
Second pumpkin, like that, every time I try to go repugnance disappointing and you cut your hand and you get the banana and halfway through like water. I don't give a shit and I know just eat these pumpkin c and triangle for an eye. Fine, he get here. No one hears you Cyclops, one triangle I and one tooth comb done clay a glass of wine places an unwanted these fuckin discussing Tatyana outlets cook him up, no, I'm not in second grade and involving four pumpkin seeds engine our. But later you names. I don't forget that there's the baby, and I was called me a coffin bugs is her twitter hand. Ok. Well, then, the other girl is wandering Lamb on Instagram. Sweden could be the same. Girl might very well but either way their friends and am, I think, they're both tab and then Sir I'll get if her name is on twitter, coffin, bugs and then uninstall and wandering Lamb. That girl contains multitudes jobs actively. God bless her solve, but then David, whose twitter
is hallowed. Dab would just trying damn good with, but with a b s boy made an error. My guardian of us driving a car, I'm driving. You got Elvis on your lab, its there's a lightning storm in this car and then, when the lightning here, there's a murderer and the back see what it is so charming and well done and like a door of all falling, shows you and you got here because I didn't know because I dont because Twitter overwhelmed me and like it is that a single arrogance? It isn't it the best and he sent it to us now said Caroline George about to go missing as fuck, and then I retreated it and said as if which seem afterwards. I thought that might be too argumentative David. We love it. So my I'll put it upon them. My favorite murder. There's a facebook page, not the group at there's, a page I'll put it up there. This is our new thing right than Facebook Pedro. We basically control the content. Young get to go, look at it, interact dwelling! stuff. But it's different than the grace but group, the duchess, like
acting all kinds of ships going on the other. The I didn't answer for me. I think that if you want to see the cool shit that people make for that for our show, which is a fucking tunnel stuff, that Instagram darker, Flash, my favorite murder, or just my parents from their eyes can constantly posting stuff because of other people stuff yeah they may, while not ill, but its very cool. It's just it's crazy and fun and funds at once, a talented and I love others artist that are like. I was listening to you and I started sketching the saying, and then it turns into this beautiful and then that people are like. I want this as a shirt and then they go make money on my comic book and money goes on coal or other murdering, knows, buyer of so happy with them just one last one which was Alison, her twitter handles Turbo Alley and she had been listening to an old episode in reminded everybody clean out your lent trap in your guys, please
and I makes me happy that she treated it, but I want to remind people as well. I worry about your homes burning down alone, because it's not that my personal neuroses lay your father was a spider man and equally neurotic firemen, who would a yell at us if there was even a hint of land in the lead trap. So I'm notion is Anti EU. That reminds me yes, that there is this thing Alice, I'll, listen has under this shit and maybe the sangreal Alyssa Honour Facebook group Made something called Karen Georgian Karen's rules for how to stay sexy and not get murdered or not be armourer murders us back opponents Joanna Groom. I don't know, I think it's her through website. Ok, there's a couple ever this is there any less, and I will continue to add to his Jean can continue to preach
number one if it came to learn here in the wrong place outside number two guys, if you ever find something say something or will or you look fucking suspicious, your parents won't get mad at you for being on someone's land. If you find a skull number three, if you find a body, you should tell someone that's true, nor for guys do not sell their government secrets and it goes on and on four lake. Second it. Like? Oh my god, it's like a hundred and twenty nine of the cheeses Craig and I want to give out the the webs. But I dont know what it is well on the facebook page I it's are operating, page it also my it's my illustrious imam podcast is the Facebook page. Thank you Joanna for keeping that list. It's fucking great. I love it lets. Why, porn or do I have Oh my god, I recognise Corner o, which always fun MRS supper from San Francisco yeah.
But the grow by such me, I'm Instagram, which it was her own eye and it was like her. She had just gotten engaged and she saw me and she was so excited. I now read an omen. Seem air getting edge. Her seeing you the great when she got a gate. Yeah, that's exciting that may we shall get murdered by her. Nature has well you know. Now you don't ever know, oh, so I was walking out of it a juice place and low skill as just Guzman, totally guy, because, like you, Susan well, you're like I did, that does everything that I know you're from immediately because I didn't stop unlike so it reno right. Am I
the king got through sums are right in triumph in those exchange, because, as the first item recognised like in my neighborhood in Ireland, I better go easy call. Hipster girl like we are on here, and I love that will I have one April and I were eating in the diner Railways EDA Richard said everyone stare at the door of all from Go Bayside podcast and stand a comedy and he were eating at a diner lay down a diner as we do and a girl walked by outside it, and I walked in pulled out her ear buds and just said I just want to let you know,
your podcast. I think she may have said I'm listening to a right. Now, my god, it's always been like a dream of walking by someone whose progress in listening to be the weirdest feeling young girls, but I might be just saying that, because that would be a really goods part about which I feel it. She did let's go at anyway that was kind of exciting, and then she left in April goes this like a hard these night, like it's really not exactly like it's totally getting chase through the street by one person, you politely came into play, I quietly and an immediate collaborate as we sat at the table, the eating Sal VON Times. Thanks for your support and love, you got a lot to us. This is weird and a fine and we love it and it only gotta. Galileo was freak out corner yet through so many corners. There's like too many court. I don't think that equals of actual room. No, no, it is a mansion foreigners City mansion of corners. Should we do fucking, t shirt corner sure, Georgia's teacher carnivores, that's sad, music is gonna start playing. The nose is gonna, be the leg like what's a good, anxious song of lake early anxiety, flight of the bumble bee gas and we get Clarence on it here again over a hundred years old, and I shall do this in the background. Will you
because I would you mind so the t shirts keep on our now dimension by a guy you can get the best she heard has good value. I couldn't. I couldn't concentrate the teachers are on my favorite murder, shirts, dot com now there are also now they're everywhere. There are there in their everywhere. Nowhere for now go back to my favorite. Mentorship serves the murdering a shirt and hoodies and mags and posters and there's all the second year in a cold call your dad sure, clever ass. I was wrong to talk about the towpath, though right his deal now back it oh job like specify what I really like about the shop of ice or now. My fair murder. Shirts sarcasm is that they have black toe bags cool in the place. Reason before didn't have black ones, and it just didn't like as core. Oh great. So now all of the leg quotes and all the designs are on really cool black, like awesome book toe bags, which I love and
the shop of rye website. My favorite murder short stock com au existence, as you wanna talk about last week, but I had a drop in the correct. What if I did it again, because its now changed again? Do it please Heller, my neighbour it MA, so I'm listening to my own podcast quality control MA am I mean my uncle say that or we could garlic Vigo Non Control, not ever quality control. I enjoy listening back because when we do it often tadeusz are, and then I go away did said, that's funny. How do the thing are you picture someone like that you like listening to the poor, get ass. This is what I sound like. That's when I stopless thank as I'm like. Oh now, you know documents where the fuck is wrong with a laugh next week, torture, control your laugh, its leg, goofy and fuckin. Don't you dare the worst thing in the world you could do? Is change or control your laugh. I learned that, instead of comedy, because in comedy standing in the back euros trying guy, I know you're laughing at their joke, but if you try to have like say a feminine laugh or whatever just been just in that one arena, let yourself be authentic and don't worry about what people thank, because it's the most natural response that you can have an you should let it come out, even if it
big snorting goose, laugh fella letter earning or it will come up in that in that. I can rain. Can I tell you I met some mania? Is gonna get salad, yeah? Ok, I must cream Sneezer, didn't I couldn't backing now and until this weekend, past episodes if you're fuckin? If you knew I e, we tie welcome, we check their screens news or before the eyes real problem. What them I do too, but apparently it It overcame you. Oh I do it all the time and I have a really up unless events- and he was, I might crimson, because he knows we talked about it. He was I like, and I was in the very best in the world, such as we look silent college screaming as assenting when I asked Joyce nor, oh, no, you your cue. You know I saw yes, the ice cream, sneeze
I mean listen as long as it's ok that I get mad. Oh, I don't care because scream see. Sneezing legitimately scares me terrifying. Along with a two year, my room, that all the Senate, which has been the weirdest thing in the world that you can ever be prepared for now. Well, maybe I just maybe maybe we now know that scream snickers don't know that their seriousness and its true, and also that they can't control at their. We did get a tweet from somebody who was like some people. Can't control is clearly very I'm sorry if you were her, I'm a person very strong opinions, but I also go back on those Epinal yeah and time splendor. It's fun to have this fund to be very adamant about things that you really don't give a shit about real. I mean that's like by women punkahs more trying to make the time go by before we die. Entertainment people is what it's about this. Is it oh?
My view is still a Nobel House tells the Bell House thing: is gonna get solve soon, there's people that are going on in the reins crazy, stop emailing about house. The bell has cant, do anything he air making a deal. So we have to wait till the deal's made its very business, see it's not an under our control cyclical choosing to make your way now. So we appreciate your patients. We also understand your lack of patients. We know the feeling it's a small, then you so
We are not trying to mess with the area and, like the smell of anything, is that we like book these things before we knew that, like people is another pike both this at the beginning of the summer, when we thought we were at the little pod cast wearily three hundred seats hurrying to fill that and now we just fuckin sold out the Chicago biogas vessel. Yes, so we don't know we're doing and they have remnants of the Andes, gonna be a bigger. If you can't get to the very house proclamations on December eleventh, we will more back enemy back with a very sad yeah, we'll highth, maybe I vivier yes exactly and and we will work slowly, they occur in a number of others that stream sneeze. I know that you whenever you need me like that. You want that to me. No! No! No! No one can you have some now have nothing. Nothing don't think I've anything either. All you know those who say which
we don't do this that often when it's like an awful big thing, but I just want to say our friends, pat walls and Joe to resolve a pod cas called, will see you in hell that I listened to all the time and never plug or give a shoutout when I donno joy it very funny? If you like to deeds that site about like movies, those are the two most there. If you, people who are you anything you want. You know like either side those dates I can believe their friends. I know it's
it's, you watch their friendship kind of deteriorate and build back up every episode, but they're both softer use so that they like them, feel bad they're, fucking, hell areas both of em and it's fun, because if you can either watch the movie along with them, beginning these to watch the movie and discuss it as it went, and then you can watch it along with the answer. Was a girl like a bee horror movie right, yeah? Oh, they think that they can open it up. So it's kind of like at whatever movies they want now button, but now they just kind of discuss none. But anyway, it's totally worth your time. If you're into horror, movies, regular movies or just taking our recommendation. The rough fucking hilarious, hilarious upon comedy writers, political ends. We like them yeah comedians, good, stuff, I ve, never met anyone as far as we know. I just had that realization. I was listening to their pod cast over the light
I genuinely like this, I should at least say that's really nice of you. I think that we should recommend a friend's podcast every episode Theo, my begun earnest things that we actually are watching, like pole, dark continent number so I said to Georgia a lot It will have asked US arena talk about Amanda Knox. I shall which you you wrote about re for our magazine myself. If you haven't read Georgia's com about it, for EL magazine, look that, because Georgia does her wholesome age. I didn't want it because Georgia told me she like it and size like while she and like it. I'm not aware you needed to, and I I'm not interested in that case because, as a one off did, he didn't she prayed
a girl. There's all kinds of elements that I don't enjoy we are, the biggest element is, is that the victim really has nothing to do with the whole story, and yet I can barely forgotten yeah. I was like her foot. Her crime scene photo, with her foot sticking out of the blanket got more air time than her face. Did I just like I just like those stories right now. And fell Polly Hills unsatisfying here and I mean even sex, the german around these very at least call the job in IRAN's. It's not called the Patsy and John Ramsay story. It's like right about her. Yet this is about an it's called Amanda Knox. You know so yeah yeah, and so Georgia's roper, I text and said: do you want me to watch it? So we can have a discussion about it and Georgia based. They said I don't like it so and then I will, if you dont like it, I'm not gonna immediately try to get out of my homework and then I might add,
no, no guy said just watch and a british procedural, and so I immediately downloaded sailor machine into pull dark. If you LEO L E peel, L Dear K, hold us last night how Ross pulled arc like bodice rippers, combined with a mining and politics of living in a mining town. That's my that's my favorite topic. I mean who wouldn't right there on the coast of England, yeah get a major them get in their college. Someone's gonna write and be like therein, Wales, I don't fuckin know it was one big green mountain and I loved it. I watched every episode like that. I'm never going to watch the current congratulations. I am sure you murder time. Let's Marta I'm excited about mine, mine is usually three or four pages. Yes, one sex, I'm not gonna. Go I'm not gonna. Take up all the time, there there's just so much information human jump right in Heaven,
Firstly, let and then come first, this time he Hungary, and it's very important, whether or not we know whose otherwise, it just gets so much hate mail Sankara, either our aid. care. I mentioned that last week. Are you ready for the Texas Eyeball Killer, o the that's right now? Yes, I am, are you really are here? I've got my protective eyewear on people have. I was thinking about how to go. Well, I have all like issue: issues gather grows, the eyeballs arose and attacking eyeballs arose. Attacking eyeballs is foxy. I like what is wrong with you. I don't. I don't get to India like the gory eyeball details, but there's a couple things and he's called the Fuckin taxes eyeball killer. So he did some some stuff that we need to really look into gas, so got a Europe for it. I think I am hearing on December thirteenth nineteen, ninety in Oak and the oak Cliff neighbourhood of Dallas Texas,
the body of Mary Lou Pratt was found shoes, thirty three year old, well known, prostitute in the area. I don't know it well known means insight that everyone hang on here as elsewhere, I think resources, yeah sex worker, and she was last seen in mid December on the Dallas Street Corner trying to clients and her body was on it. Twenty in the morning on a Dallas street just honest Sri Lanka face up Philammon Bronte Short on, I saw the crime scene photo that shirt was pulled up. I mean it. Very bad news, I'm sure Chapman shot in the back of the head with a forty her COMECON said medical examiner, said killer had removed both of her eyes and taken them with him. I you hadn't done. I am.
See here and it was, there were moved post mortem with such precision. But there was no damage to the upper lower level. I then go on to explain like the intricacies of removing eyeball another like things which I won't get into a company. It's not like block it up, No, no! My mommy stork any opt Molly, Ryan, Keyser, God now, so I this not to be in any way saved. Because of that I know anything about removing. Yes, you do it all the time them, but I think seen that poster of the there like medical programme more than I would have liked to write like what can exist. Yet he did that all without, like fucking person, do that without fucking any about up. That's! Ok, so clearly as an understanding of medical- and this is a very jack- the Ripper Amy yes and got a nineteen ninety. He asked
blunt force, injuries and the cause of death was against Ireland. So then, in February, on every tenth, ninety ninety one, so just a couple months later, and so Dallas outside the semi city limits. Susan Pearson, who is also a sex worker, was found dead in the reason I said, prostitute is eight. They worked. They worked on this creative. As I do not agree neighbourhood, just in general, from money, no, no money. So they worked on the street, so they weren't sex workers in that they were the ogre. I think that's all point I know, but I just want everyone to understand the lake the what they were doing, which was different than there was nothing high class about now saying you know living, in other words, sucks, so she was found dead, shot three times and twice in the head and once in her blue breast, I think I'm supposed to say
He also had her eyes removed, and am it's weird is that he, the person closed lids after he did it too, so that they wasn't, they weren't found to have their eyes missing until they got their autopsies. It's all intentional and it fell tricky and creeping Michael. What would you? What do you think? Your motive would be to take eyes like seriously yeah, because it's not judging out like dont, let s see how they stand to remove all like I'll eyes if its evidence and like taking them yeah. Ok, so two months later after Susan Petersen was found the body of a twenty seven year old woman was found in the same area away now. The sis system here than sorry She was found in seven forty five, a m and You work in the same neighborhood as the proposed the first woman. And she was less in work in the streets. Looking for clients,
foundling face up with only a short on pulled up over breast. The same Emma same exact, we'll find him the woman. So then a month after the second victim was found on my eighteenth nineteen. Anyone surely Williams, who was a forty year old woman working as a part time, sex worker in Dallas was found dead, and she was completely nude, she had facial birds as in a broken knows and have been shot in the face through the top of their heads, Seabury gonNA mom, at your kind, like your kind of em they're, moving away. That's my balls freaked me to do they. Do you wanna go sit near the realm of you like her. Well enough, Some air she'd? Look. I gotta you weaving and the background like? Oh no
She had superficial injuries around the eyes and face and part of an exact show. Knife blade was found in one of the wounds, both sorry, I won't known on an ok I'll, go back and God idle. She was stabbed her enough that it broke off for broker No, actually, I think he stabbed Durham Broker yeah. That's not good both eyes, had been removed Since then, a pair Patrol officers cut to this. After that First, three women have been found. Two cops remembered an incident from a few months prior There was a woman name Veronica Rodriguez, also a sex work her and she claims she had been attacked and she claims she'd been taken into the woods and raped then ran to a friends House and he rescued her so that rescuer was a guy who was a truck driver name, Actin Schindler.
And he said he was only giving her right didn't know anything about the attack or the injuries super shady and weird but the, is question him and The address was ten thirty five Eldorado street. So they wondered if they occur. Was the IDA killer and they decided to re question should learn to find out if he had seen something he was a weirdo himself. He was selected trash and stuff. So they discovered that ten, thirty five Eldorado wasn't actually his address he'd put a fake address on the license out of paranoia, but the property belonged to someone named Fred all bright, but he was dead. So couple months go by they're, trying to figure out who this fuckin killer is and then a deputy overhears them talking about this whole situation of Schindler an owl bright, and he remembers a phone call.
Before with a woman who said that she was friends with one of the victims of the eyeball killer, so she had been friends with merrily Pratt the first victim, and she said that the victim had one stated. A man named Charles all bright and the reason that stuck out to her was that he had a weird obsession with eyes and kept exact, don't I've blades and his attics in his. Why attic attic? I always say asked, the room above your house, attic yea, I dont know. Why did ok, so I just want to know your attics. That's what I fuck him have it in his attic his friend, who is inadequate? Should you hold these for me? Came in at hated him? Am I got some real good government go so Charles the second attics dude, was the son of the guy who, on that home, ok, so proud outright son, and he had inherited that location
I'm so sorry about Charles all, right. He was born in Amarillo Texas and he was adopted from an orphanage by Dell and Fred Albright. His mother was kind of Loco lowbrow can't get that, How the fuck am I crazy Loco I said that we are starting to change it up. The line I know is adaptive. Mom was a school teacher and she was superstructure overprotected. She objective. She like made him study alive and he ended up skipping too great because he was so fucking smart. And she pampered him like crazy. She kept goats in the back yard, so you can drink. Goat's milk, which she said it was better for him. Vermin, cow's milk.
She occasionally put him in little girls dresses and gave Madonna Hall. She would changes close a couple times a day to keep dirt off of ham. So loco she was Loca. He was straight up and heat. She was afraid that much might touch dog feces and get polio. So she took him to the hospital to see the polio patients locked in huge iron learn. What that doesn't keep you from ten dog is. Are you fucking, polio, brow? It's the air like it's just the air he now so often What made you amend the visit that they, my brain, always lashes. You can you imagine apparent today taking their child to whereas wording exactly don't touch the stove look at all. These people have been have thirty Gruber, however, think my aunt when time like chasm, he was little lit the fucking
kitchen on fire, as he was doing nothing with matches where you flip come after you liked them. Yes, let the whole kitchen fire. This isn't the seven new, so he was not being watched. His fault for playing with matches not their fault for not leaving the morale, relieving them are smoking twenty four hours a day right, and I think that they took him to the burn word to be like this is what fuckin happens when you play of matches and how is he, after that? he's fine now He's gonna meet me when you are a little behind us it s name Before or after the burn more visit after ass, I still working some stuff alley up and he is like fine now, I think you need to trust your children better, that you don't have to traumatized them to get the lesson through their pleasure there. You should teach them not fucking play with fire to be. Unless I mean I just remember when I led the ban on fire. Mom screams were enough to keep me from overdoing it a guy. That's
Secret ass, she looked at me like what the hell is wrong with you, and I was like. I don't know you ve noakes. You have an excuse for a bit like a hailing. You do something. You're like this is something a stupid person. When do you, I have no like my stupid person. My thing was like. Can you please just pay attention to me like I, just I'm really fun yeah, I think of Great STAR get off the phone get off the mother fucking fighting up that long corridor, but was it fuck and marigold or was it yes, it was merry. Go I swear to God. Has that's the entire seventys was married? It really was it really. What I see her fucking, my arm twisting the big long cord around her very manicured fingernail telling me allowance notions and probably talking to her friend tat rank in Florida, and there is talk about the good old him
can deal with an adequate. She was wrong again. She was the bad harsh sorry. I know this is the best or I see later juggling, so she would take over to the pool the out to look at the polio patients, polio, patient, so fuck you dont, use me an example, but such dog share the idea. Really I don't touch don't mean that on me, the idea of being in oak iron, long we're just your head- is taking such a goddamn nightmare months. Horrible the previous year and then she said to him, you can spend the rest of your life here, but tell him, but she was its from what I read she was very. Effective and loving him away because she wanted him. You know that
never going to abandon him and that she loved them like it doesn't seem like Julia around. I know I don't think she was abusive, but schlegels intentions or go. She was overbearing and didn't really understand at apparent, yes used letting her neuroses take priority over his well being, and it sounds like she had a lotta morasses aside from what she did dark. She doesn't sound like a bad person. She just wasn't. She was scared. I think she had a little bit of a mental illness, yeah However, the next lion says when he was less than a year old. She put him in a dark room as punishment and chewing on her tape. Measure man Elvis Chisholm, attain measure all the time, no no dark rooms for baby. Now it is here that we agreed that in twenty seventeen you know it's scary when you're a kid. The dark room units gardener, though a dark room sums to it, and then, once you know it's scary, I just said it was twenties energy, and you know it Jack area that I didn't even know says,
Is it not? What's? Let's hold this episode until twenty seven that we use our normal one goes on the volatile Disney's die. I keep I keep. Reading more awful stop them makes me take back everything. I just said. When you wouldn't take a nap, she would tie him to their bad, though she was obvious when he wouldn't drink his mouth, she would spanked him. She would make him drink. Ozma. Have you I'm Nora guts and I'd like to taken aside right now and say that everyone listening spanking is abuse? Don't fucking spank your kids? Oh man, Heron. Who s. Why don't how kids and I note that then the problem never even comes up. Where should I shouldn't, I nope lies and go to the movies by myself tat I showed you know it's great as being an ant didn't getting to go away after the trade and then they had to take care of you in your old. That's when I figured I resign programme.
Oh and then she lectured him about the way his father, the Father, acted greedy with sex. Whenever I know as a child, he she told him that whenever the dad saw her in the bedroom and her brow and underwear, he tried to grab her It was going to have none of that. Gonna, make sure that Charlie ever tried anything like that with his friends is girlfriends either an HE s. She he were older, she'd chauffeured them. Every time they went on a date should call girls parents. Let them know that our son would not do anything untoward, lady, but there was a fifty is too so I don't know like so. She was on pills. Sheer volume pills, shoe Maison cut an amazing figure like I just didn't she wore for girdles, and she was a super high on Spi ate a triangle toast every morning within its made out of tomato cover, she's. Eighty tomato unkind of shoes. I mean ok, so how much about life?
for that reason they got us first gun is a teenager. He'd kill small animals with a moment, help him stuff them due to his interest in becoming a taxidermy. This guy had no chance. Now he got super into fucking taxidermy. But his mind was super. Cheap and weird, like wind spend any money on anything. So, instead of spending the money on the glass eyes, that one would my father taxidermy birds and squirrels and shit she's like we don't need to do that, so instead they would get too dark buttons and severe come over liquor. The taxidermy and be this creates like this. That movie, Caroline Quarrelling, so I wonder I bought a killer. Is right now. Are we going to have to make a gas? I mean this is like all arrows pointing to was his name down to Edinburgh, externals, alright, Charles Jack. Danny alright we're gonna Danny. You never had a goddamned channel for baby but extremely keep
So all of these, like Wikipedia articles in these other things, just make him seem like a crazy. You know like a gross drifter alike killer. This other article I read it was just like he was. He was very, very fucking, intelligent, but age. Thirteen as it is a petty facts. Whenever I grew assaults, he graduated from high school at aged fifteen, because it's a fucking smart and went to the North Texas University. He wanted train as a medical doctor and a surgeon he wanted to train as a surgeon here planet. Sixteen, the police caught him with some stolen, petty cash. He spent a year in jail at sixteen and then he would back to school, majored and pre man. Studies but was found, was stolen items again and as expelled, but not prosecute him. So he had caitive. He compulsion control problem of thy out,
compulsion control who made it up at that's what it's called from now on. I think so impulse control impulse Control Diana dig it. So he got kicked out of school suited to everyone. Us would do, which is that he gave himself a fictitious, bachelors and masters degree a fucking forged himself problem solved. I mean he knows everything anyway, I mean it sounds like yeah he's like, so it turns out I'm an eye. Doktor me up here. You go here's my Ford ship. He had like done if a breaking into like those fuckin head of the college's office, unlike using they write typewriter and everything, so it all looked alone like he was a very Can I lay on a masters and forgery. I mean, if you look at that point, you can do that. You deserve a year. You deserve something you now have you
no society, Man Yamaha College, I paid over, they are going to college than ever went my college meeting, but somehow we married his college programme man. This is some women just second come on danger, Chuck danger here that shit she's border volleys, dumb college students at Arkansas State Teachers College is like he on a clock. Yes, he's dangerous Andrews he's, not grubby yeah, not afraid of the dark anymore. I don't grabber on shoes and are under rambert. He loves buttons, great he's, gotta, Masterson, gotta masters and a bachelor turned out they got married and they had a kid and he started teaching Highschool science,
a photo of ham and, like a squirrel, thought out. Ok, so this guy, he seemed like this criminal he's as normal fucking, smart guy with friends that goes to church. That is, like everyone likes. No one can believe it. One of those guys yeah he's not like a gross like his second mugshots creepy but his, but he wasn't really had a life yeah yeah. Yeah. There says he had a pine piper like ability to captivate people and he saw an anxious survive. He and his wife separated, because he got caught stealing again. Any serve less than six months. He loved to steal. He loves, had a compulsion to steal marriage, the sitting get away with it. And also lake we soon I we're talking before the isn't about stealing it there's something: to it to where you just like. When you have that thing, I need the buggy rationalize needing something I is still a lot and it was like it was It was like a fuck you I know us,
from like people or It still from like see the idea tat he like the team girls yeah right of pass and I was poor and have money and liked and hunger for things that, like everyone else got to have- and I felt like you just get my young ivo, justified and leg fuck, you you everyone! I want this to you. I will have three weapon wild lipsticks, yes, yeah fuck in that,
z, pink that had then order raves. Yes with that live liner that so long at last, she like seven year ass into any person like Maroon one and the the irony there is that what might make up his so cheap, yet that's the one that everyone's do. I am now, though, finding you're like will you pay three cents to make this with fuckin slave labour vs? So so you may mind me my though he ll do unto drugs don't steal underdogs, we used to do pink and their pink lipstick that then you took frosty white. I shadow and put it on your lips. Well was while the glass was still wet your and so you had. The frosty is pink lipstick of all time for us to think lipstick was fuckin an eighty four baby who yes, anyway, lot sidebar sign. My nation tariff ok, so
so everyone loved him. He never one common ever trusted him. Here's a funny thing he was asked by local residents. Have baby sit there. Children, sorry! Well, he was, but the is all actors working as they are now in a big stealer. I'm sorry as a who, the fuck that's grown. Men baby sit there. Oh yeah, I know that's my problem and also this was not lost ago. This wasn't like Albert fish timer like yell at the oh yeah mothers as a recent eighty one we're like Bolivar hadn't. They didn't believe the children stone outlying, my uncle architectural, you shut the fuck up dairy. I was rapporteur willing to the surface the I thank you. I think, towards the end of the eighties, when they are like. Oh shit, don't leave your can alone with a grown man. Yeah don't don't accept help from a grown man who wants to help you with your career. He doesn't
a nice guy his and also grown men. If you're, not a monster, don't try to second basic adds yet find another layer. Right. Horsey knows me out on us all to find someone else. Could don't you have a fantasy something teen that you need to maintain. Watch the dogs time. Even the cats don't offer to watch the shoulder. I'm just get a bunch of dogma, at that time. Time. Look at us legislation with corner within earn and order. So easy, let's see, oh, but think, guess what an ancient anyone while visiting some friends, he sexually unmolested their nine year old Daughter Now- and this is one his whole facade started to crumble. Oh he was prosecuted and plead guilty, but he's and received I'm sorry what any received for this fucking, what Robe Asia, but here
said the he said he said he planned guilty because he didn't want to become a big thing. You wanna come and keep it a secret. So no one knew about it because he, but he quote, didn't do it, but a plank elsie's. Whenever ok and his party falls in love with a woman named Dixie and then he starts he takes paper route in the early morning and it turns out it so he can visit prostitutes without raising his wife's suspicion is new. I yet Adele paper out Jeff suspicious as phobia get a fuckin telemarketing job bro so we're back to this woman being like yeah. My friend who die in Mary Lou Pratt was friends with Charles and he was in the fucking. Eyeballs Fatima eyeballs ends up here and there proof that he was friends with her way before him, a process that fuckin sex worker in the early eighties Mary lived in south, doubtless neighborhood, where all rights parents had invested in she parental property,
and he was living in one of the rental homes and he had a brief fleeing with one of marries, friends and had brought them over the house for parties, so they knew each other already, and then when she started to become ex worker he became one of her customers, and she said that old man Albright wasn't good trick. The pay a little more than the going rate but he's claiming from jail. Now I just spoil loathing he's claiming that he didn't even visit prostitutes. I mean why would I admit that yeah? So I think she was his first kind of four ran to into work here says he would the map talk to them, take them and again a hamburger and dropped them back off. What sounds like a perfect date? I was sorry, what's what's he paying for the says hamburger I know, but I think eventually he started to do
I am sir people Bob. Let's see did ok March. My second ninety one he's arrested and charged with three counts of murder monsieur that's how you do it. That was ok. I gotta get it now. I fucking at how the first time either of us have sneeze on this point. I know only thirty eight percent, as a second closed roomful cat. I now- and I don't want to be honest- I don't fucking vacuum that couch much the obsessive rights are going now. Those members see so, but eventually he was known by several street, sex workers now violent towards la show. That was a growing thing like when it started out. He's all hamburgers and cue. The end, then it basically he got comfortable and started to be able to do whatever you want. It's a douche. They said that one said that he beat her with an extension accord order
how to achieve, orgasm I told them reported that he would not told her that he would kill her if she tried to take advantage of him. And he, and also he was known to have them abnormal obsession with eyes. And he would remove eyes from dolls and soda rather yeah might get another email, because if you have the stand, your daily life, I give her the bicycle killer in Europe. Sets of bicycles, skateboard killer and said no change it. Absolutely hops won't find you immediately yeah yeah I'd say: come again, it's his obsession. Even with the Brittany Spears movie. He just can't see about it. Every moment of every day is like herbs. I did it again
I will now. Finally, like me, I appreciate the hand it's. Why were hard stake? Laugh at you. I know you know, and I love it when you laugh at me as I have always it's like it's like you're, a scream, sneezing sunlight lies of rising shocks. Puss pleasantly shocked. Do do not ok, so are so here's it. So the reason I found this whole matter is because on cracked dot com yeah my favorite late night, second read the best website. Cracked up there was one one come five suspicious details, a famous crimes. No one can explain why are they are? I would agree that for our yes make that list five hundred leading- and I am there there so that the weird thing about this case is that this second, this dude from the beginning, a he'll, remember what I can't remember axed on accession gene Drive Schindler the Chechnya there were like,
Oh, what's his connection, he his driver's license had the address of the cap his father. How does it make any sense? This guy must have been part of that are known oh fuck and connection at all, what he just happen to live in a rental property that was owned by the killer. So there's no connection he just. That's the guy who picked up the church ever who picked up this woman, who had been beaten up and gave her at home. I dont believe it. I know, but it's true pretty sure, he just as clean on the deal even though he knows, parents of the killer, and so were the attempted king. He happened to live in a rental property that was owned by the Albright's and a penny is another of the their addresses as his fake address and needs happen to be an actor there at the time pick up. One of his would be victims. I'm sorry three happened of bees in one man's life
up to a whole bunch of you're Fulla shit. Thou shalt, thou man that has just come out of my mouth, so the cops interrogated hours, thinking, there's gonna, be connection. Not a single witness had ever seen him before and there was no physical evidence that he ate even ever been at the crime. Scenes are new about Albright's murderous hobby at all in general, hissing Schindler, your time I get, he seemed to have no idea what was going on. He helped a woman in need. That's all. He fucking knew. Why crazy idea. But now ok, sorry lower limit, also your little suspicious, like of cross country truck drivers, because of so many terrible forensic files, Yahoo site. They have murder Barnes all across the midwife you're, going into a small like a fury now x or courier, going to a small enclosed place that they now we're things. I mean no yeah, I know, but he's he's innocent yet well. Yes, ok.
All right, let's go back to the trial, after all, after Charles Hour break its arrested December. Teens. Ninety ninety one like doesn't seem like an old timer crime like from seven complete. Aren't you picturing, lay said ninety. Ninety, I was genuinely shy. Now. Are you thinking of like old, fucking, cadillacs avails and shared eyes? It hotel. Ninety one, which I guess is online timing for certain- were twelve year olds. His mom thought that most of the Spectrum Parker, so the evidence was that eight hairs that match surely Williams when the victims was found in all rights, a vacuum cleaner. Ok, I'm not good, not suggestor! That's kind of cholera like but who had the job of going through the vacuum like that. That really happen, or there's like put some fuckin I mean we cannot now, but that's afresh
it's like a forensic job. That's what you're signing up for added, there's people or listening who might know the answer to that its true. Maybe they dont before the other three Emil ass. They got a pair tweezers, Nan, old, Revlon's, ass, easy ass. They shop lifted and they're just go and through that does bag and there lay killed by molecules only cause your boss isn't like them. They had got that job, that's the shit they mouth off at lunch, yeah man, that's the shit, they too much at the second company picnic yoke and called somebody a fat bastard really. Will you be through the vacuum cleaner bag? This week, downhill dammit shared identity out of hell. We will do this forever whole forever. Our aid and then three pubic hairs from a blanket ass. Surely Williams, murder, scene or matched Albright? They
So found hair, he found hair on a yellow raincoat that matched his hair. That was nearly one of their bodies. Can I should mention at this moment the about her ass. A local areas where I was talking to is, I think, an like the first episode, I had read the new story that may have proven that that's not a thing, any yeah, just plain kind of carnival I find maybe not as not as conclusive as they originally thought right that hair evidence and fibre evidence. They have even a purple fibre and the fucking on the body of a any person, and the person that you think is the suspect. Because of Actions also has a purple carpet like you can't just convict them on the purple carpet, but if there's other connection rate, if it's one piece of many that are all sitting together, Buckley but then that's all that I'll speaks to like when you're
looking for patterns. Will you see those patterns and the other friends the other part of that is? Do you have a good prosecuting attorney and gave a shitty defence attorney right? You know, I mean yes So then, three hairs from the head of Susan Petersen were found on a blanket and Albert struck, so all three of them had hair that were connected to him. Yeah, that's impasse. When you're like ok, he area
so in summary, tenth. Ninety one, the jury found guilty received a sentence of five years to life, but only for the murder of Shirley Williams. It's only when they are connected on five year. Isolate who are my? Where are we what's happening? You I mean what. Why naturally, is not fifteen to life? I dont know five five. How old is he do you know like? Was the ogre isn't as fifties? Ok now than at the lake, and nothing is ever like he's gonna, be in there for fifteen years, and it's like my dad is fuckin. Seventy one, that's not that old anymore rate and also he killed people murdered people murdered innocent people who didn't deserted. I know he got y got second probing on a fucking molestation probing typical that an absolute I oughta, give you anything that you have policing of Prodi for pervades the eminent fuckin. Doesn't this allegation repay s version, or are we probity?
email telling at that from now on zero. So he's at the Clemens unit of the Texas Department of Corrections and Amarillo man he's a mother, fucking piece of shit but he's saying from prison that she's he's like she bore. No to any of that he's blaming Fuckin Schindler, and saying it's him. Oh interested air and I loved, but there's just no action, there's no evidence everything about like the woman who Rodriguez who said he she attacked him. Another woman who knew him. Everyone saw a photo line up and picked him like it. It's fucking him any grew up. Obsessed with eyes. He has. He was trained as a pre. Wasn't like medical student surgeon, like what's market of a coincidence, that this dude used to live in the Skies House,
and put another one of his address is down or he held it or killed them, or that this fucking eyeball obsessed, fucking, forbearing pet of mother, overbearing, crazy mom, who dress him up in women's cos not to say that there is anything wrong with boisterous, app and women's, because as long as they're doing themselves, actually you get to do it's all about choice. Yes, as many things are yes, but but also he's a proven, repeated and seemingly remorseless criminal, and he is what do they call that it's getting worse as the years go by each crime gets a little worse than he becomes a he's. A child molesters seems like he feels like is entitled. Yes, I did when I say that I am that are now well, but never inviting shop. Love you! U yours ear! Your crimes never escalated. The thought of shoplifting now horrifies. May the thought of it. I did that when I was I'm not lying eyes it on its
I'm so embarrassed about that re. Because now you know the b I was gonna say: side effects on moral compass has exactly and it actually affects other people here, we're talking about a person is probably a sociopath and who or more but the, but the idea I mean, I have to say- and I hate to sound this way. I don't hate sound this way. I am this way: the idea that he removed eyes that hearing that there was an additional thing to his straight up, murders that that you would see that its very common of these serial killers to kill sex workers in their mind, had this pseudo kind of a chess, almost religious thing about, as if their cleaning up the airlines or something like that, this extra, detail of take
eyes: unclosing eyelids is so morbidly fascinating to me. You know it's really worried about a tv thing about. It is that these women were killed pretty brutally they were beat up. They were struck her clothes, they were raped, there were shot yet he carefully. The systematically remove it, but he didn't gouged arise out and second take him and went away. He marries you had to do that, probably slowly and carefully what the right tools yet so it was in a fit of crazy rage. He just went into also the, and nobody wants thing about this, but even for one second, think about how insanely hideous it would be to prove something, and let me what did you do with them? Where did he put down ever found them? profound anything, not allies, not there. What if there's like Raoul space. Someone who's this guy, some ex jars of eyes. Here now, did you lose wonder? Wasn't there like that
The reality show where they bid on blind lots where they would buy a rental space or June. It lowers orders. What, if you fuckin, there's an episode of storage? Worse, they throw open to throw open a door eyeballs just fuck and six eyeballs airline. I pay a thousand. Can we start the better two thousand place that was good. That's it if our killer man, that's good. I don't really know much about the link you contracts. I knew nothing except when you mentioned it immediately assumed it was like the torso killer, in Ohio, like thirty style, old fashioned murderer, yeah cause it I called timey and and everything is that about the sky that is Suspicious- is that he was it's. This child muster this criminal dislike for concrete, you know, and yet he ever he had this charming.
Normal life. It wasn't like he was living. You know off the grand and ass I like drifter. No, he had the mask on TAT. He maintain MA, am the upkeep any others, always comments of people, the normal comments of I. I can't believe it not him. No ads amazing. He was such a nice guy. Can now and then this families, like he monster, daughter, yeah, shocked, cream yeah, that's something I shall use the screams needs of a human being, but he was a cottage near nobody's Isaac, so bad I just scurrying, Latham, sorry, Mimi Irish is lost. Her she'll be earth. Mimis seems fragile areas like a cat. Please choose Diana dumpster array Should I do mine now
I mean I'm in a blaze through this, because here's the thing that I take too long- no, no, no, no, I loved it. It was so good should I do mine and let us what do I guess I didn't mean it. First of all, mine is a heavy header and I feel it lotta people know this one. I definitely a lot of people have written to us and requested that we do this guy and rain Oliver Parade know now. Second home, it's Edmund Camper, the coadjutor. It's the man who was six foot. Nine Stephen six foot mine that in and of itself, is scary and intimidating, intimidating. Sorry to all you, super tall dies out there, but it is and when you see video, Edmund Camper walking with cops for a guy to like not just that you're Telscombe errors- you I mean he's not human Gaza, he is proportionate,
but when he walks stirred doorways. He has two dung its he's, not tall six, nine as a control, and to imagine that, on top of that he's a psychotic, paranoid. Skits psychopathic killer its. So upset. You think he went crazy because people can ask him if he plays basket held a lot about solvable I'll fuck, how they also signet and also its like people, expect to be good and then we are they were like earlier, but can play basketball I'd like a basketball and I love golf: did you play basketball? dude. You must love basketball, thou, fuck. You are right, Just briefly also I dont like doing these ones, because I don't like to talk about the serial killer themselves. Like they're a star, I fucking hate Ike, knowing their whole life when really it's like fucking this one woman that you murdered life is way more important than your whole. I read well and also you rendered your own life, like
of shady factoid less because of the actions that you acted out. That life so near them obvious in this fucking example of what serial killers alike yeah. But it's not impressive to me and also when you see this person interviewed to me. All, I think, is what a waste as he was really smart. He was a big giant that was also a genius. No one ever knew he was a genius because he he had a terrible mother list which is kind of sometimes a theme on yet another abusive ups alike, obsessive controlling dominant mother, who is impossible to please and yeah all dominant lovers. I mean So he all It just basically goes like this is p was born in Burbank. California word: yes, sir. That's right down the street crazy Noah! He
His parents had a bad marriage divorce when it was nine and his mother moved him tell in Montana, and there he all he wanted. Was father and Instead, this one article said he had a string, a substance, twenty string of step fathers. But then, when I looked into it, it seemed like his mother only got remarried one other time pledged data. Then she abruptly dated and also, I think, the evil. Mother kind of recurring theme is a thing that people very easily can kind of fill in the gaps sham air and all the time he was an old bitchy slut. Then it's like to me: that's what I kept coming out was like
What if she was what, if he was six foot nine monster that she had to control and now comes man that they blame it on, like the mom who stayed and raised him, and that's not the daddy, this single mom ladder baby, I'm my good, I mean who knows you knows the details. I just feel like. There's, there's always a little better. That way like ok, she was mean dominating met. Now she married a bunch of people later whenever an aunt Mary, a bunch of people, is like. Oh you're, a fucking shit, I'm on a slightly more, maybe just maybe love, let's just put it out there, maybe not load up so, but he
in his like early teens. He starts to display his anti social personality trade. So humanist system is sister. This made me laugh and I want. I was watching this a really good british series that you can find on Youtube. Like any killer you won, there will be this british series that comes up and they just give you tons of information home and really good facts have nothing archivist signal. I I couldn't I'll tell you next week, it'll be like a funds prize, yet its life. Risk or crime and as it asked british accent and is also not on BBC. It's not on anything. I would recognise there. It's almost like an independent all the people in England right now, our life, giving me all kinds of two fingers up an area for not knowing a year or so, If you look up ebbing, it's the first documentary Series on him on you to his Cobb crimes and stuff and gracious crimes and crumpets and british Ex Ante up so
minister would play a game. Called gas chamber has rarely throw pellets into his room and then closed the door, and he would pretend he was dying of asphyxiation that sounded normal. That's it made me laugh so hard. His eye was, and then it was like a bunch of stuff like then he would make his sisters. Dulls have sex eyes like yet standard factor that everybody did, that I still my router shadows and they were totally bone barbie. Yes, that's what dolls or for ya it's all like get him in that dream, how's yeah and get to fuck as and then use smashing together in their running. You have no idea what nor, why mash irrational at its exciting that they're in the same ban that are on a little plastic bed together sexes that might now smash so, but
here's where it all was very different than most of our childhood. He told his sister and grammar school that he had a crushing as teacher and when he said he wanted to kiss his teacher. His sister said: why don't you and he said, because I'd have to kill her first, So the sisters like I'm class of two minutes is no longer a crab blocks out of the room. I ll be right that let me have your getting on the ground and grab why they sort of us like backing out of the room. Now she had to go out sideways Rabbie with all her eyes, looking at him so breaking down.
His mother. When he was a little bit older made him live in the basement. Now his she was afraid that he would molest his desires so yeah it was. It was dark and bad. That's weird! It also is believed that that mother suffered from borderline personality disorder, which explains the rages and the abuse of honey. So that's enough fares fair. When assail the set about her, but then also everyone's ex all around I mean here's, the thing untreated mental affects people terribly and in a ripple effect totalling that isn't just the person who isn't taking their medicine or the person who can afford their menace also see my therapy sessions. Every wish me going through yeah shit. Yes, it's mental health as very important sombre and my mother was a psychiatric nurse and in the eighties, when Proposition thirteen closed down all the mental hospital. That's the worst. I've been a member happen, Ranten rave every night about
a terrible. The future is going to be for people who needed help and wouldn't be able to get. It also see the Fucking and Santa Monica must be a way out of this country in rats or because we can't they don't have access to fucking mental health services in they need help and yeah, and basically the state is gone to death. Eric nope I wanna keep talking back to add my mother. Wouldn t know it. That would be like her dream. If I worry about, does all this, I honestly when he was fifteen. His mother sent him to live with his father and allay who and his father had a new wife and step sun, and so he lasted a month there, and then his father sent him to live with his grandparents, who are the fathers parents on seventeen Agar farm in northward? California, watches lives, it actually is it it but
up right against this year as right now you seventy, I was gonna, say how awful is centric it away to someone, but that sounds second like a nice vacation, really nice and also like. If you have a kid, it's troubled, Yahoo, but underwear and until a farm get him out there rate from some fuckin responsibility well turned out that the grandmother was also domineering absurd and the grandfather had early stages. I got so there is already some drama has, and I have no chance. He I mania. He had his own twenty two. So he shot rabbits rovers, and even those grandmother tell them not to birds like rabbits and over there, find the birds are off limits because gophers am Rapporteur rallied them, yet they eat the if its working arm they eat the vegetables. Bunnies birds do too, though, that there be anyway, so that summer he was sent back to hell on earth to stay with his mother, but then he can
back after two weeks. So it was basically nobody wanted the giants Gary Guy around and he was only fifteen. Can you believe it? I know it's like so unfair, though, as landfill really bad foreheads, eight lots of rejection and lots of criticism and like he already clearly had something going, and then everyone was just like this is the point where maybe you can intervene, but it didn't happen right. Quite at this rate, it that s grandmother feared him enough that she took her forty five with her any time she left the house so that Ed wouldn't be nearer. The twenty two is fine I can not forty Maya so basically one day he decides he's gonna shoot his grandmother on the back of the head and when police ask him why he said I wanted to see what it felt like to kill. Grandma
He's he's flipped over into an next level and understand the finality of off by saying, if you say that you don't understand well, yeah he's, like I'm testing out here, with what it's gonna feel like, as opposed to be able to walk through. I wasn't gonna die diesel fuel, Whaley Barrier and everyone's feel bad, so he shot in the back of the head. Pretending like he was leaving the house took pictures his twenty two walked out. She saw the weird look in his eye and then I'm gonna he stood outside I get. This is according to him outside watching her from the porch and then shot her through their screen door. Rushing she at the moment with like I said, then he waited for his grandfather. Get home from a store and then shot him because he didn't she didn't. He knew his Grandpa Father upset and angry, so he didn't want to deal with that so just killed, I do not have a second rate
right. My man no cause, then the next thing he did was call his mom assailant a murderous this as someone who doesn't have access to reality, yeah. I think this is like. The beginnings of being cycle. After like having some kind of a break like dissociated cliff assassins. Let's make sure that trick terminology rationales psychological yesterday, that's a low. So he causes mother and she says, call the sheriff. So he calls the sheriff tells what he did sits on the front, porch and waits for the cops to come and That's when they got that quota I want to see. Would it be like to kill grandma He also after he shot his group. Stabbed her several times with a knife yeah. So he won the killer and separating that we're just shot the grandfather. So then,
The police were shocked and he was committed to attested arrow state, hospitals and mental is kind of a famous mental hospital of Northern California. He was diagnosed with a paranoid schizophrenia, but he was tested with a near genius I q and in the mental hospital he learned. How to mask is insanity, so he basically got along blended and he does. He did really well with structure when people were in charge of him, but not mean on judge mental of him. He work it worked very well for their, so he learned, He became a runner for one of the doctors like an assistant to one of the doctors and that actually enabled him he'd, like the doktor trusted him that much, but that enabled him to read the doctors files, so she memorized the answers to psychological task that he saw in the files and so
ITALY learned what to say to sound like a normal person. He learned it out of reading it off of tests, so he would read all the psychological ass see what the correct answers were an basically that way. So after four years, those doctors at a desk Darrow deemed a normal enough to re, enter society for years after killing both grandparents and it was even entering a tribe It's on everyone to trial, for these more narrow streets and at last, and it's crazy. So in nineteen, sixty nine we call for New Youth Authority, released him back into the care of his mother Coronel! Imagine they like law, my kids back home yeah, I ass, the murderer is home. Yet, even though the doktor said he can't go over this mother, that's where they sent him so now
He was in the hospital for four years, so it was between nineteen sixty five and nineteen sixty nine when the cultural Revolution took place and it took place in basically that the eye of the storm was scarce, obey area and that's they lived right outside it so sex drugs in rebellion, where the order of the day. Clearly I was just typing what the narrator was saying on this, because I was never sat in those early casual online and there were the order of the day when the six to hugs essence, drugs, so and wanted to Ed's reaction to that was. He want to become a cop, unlike any other, he wasn't down the happiest seconds it because you like the order he like order and he liked anyone to be in charge somebody who's trying. The problem was he's too big to be theirs. Actually, regulation against that size of persons do not make me feel safe, a second six. What link up? Yes,
but that also sixty nine cop couldn't basely. Do whatever you want at all times: men, that's part of a minority, many fit into the car and an aptitude everyone's iodine demands would be too short and he would be a laughing stock sunset. He became a construction worker, any hung out. He lived in Santa Cruz and he hung out at bar called the jury. Room were cops and lawyers went often hung out. Let me go there right now. He basically like were hung among them and they all kind of new m. As big add so after a while from being constructs order. I think he'll sort for Caltrans, which is basically the guy in the side of the road he saved up moves out his mother, how mothers hasn't in Santa Cruz and move to Allah Meta, which has ninety minutes away, that they have a good flea market, their and our meta. Oh I'm gonna go so
when he was living by himself, he felt very awkward and lonely and enough those things had anything to do with each other, but he'd, that's how he felt in the world. So he started picking up female hitchhikers practising how to get them into his car practice. What to say to them to get them into his car practising what to talk to them. About once they were in his car. He picked picked up over a hundred and fifty hitchhikers as practice slowly shifts, and then he decided he was gonna fix the passenger side door so couldn't be opened from the inside a camel either that many hitchhikers to pick up three nineteen sixty nine yeah yeah. That's all anyone was doing that's back when it was like a celebrated Jesus. So here practice for long enough. So in the spring of nineteen seventy two he finally decided he was gonna, go to the next level. He picks up Marianne Patchy and a need to lose chaser who are students. It froze our state and their hitchhiking to Stanford
friends after Weaken Berkeley, but they never made it. And this was a time of course on police, never looked in the missing persons cases, especially that of young women, because the amount of runaways and transience there were so they their according cops. Girls ran away the time and they would always show up later because there, with their boyfriend or lower with their friends. So there it was almost like these fucking hippy kids, like I don't wanna hear about yeah we're not gonna waste our time. That was the mentality, so so Ed drove these two girls turn isolated spot. He made a need to get into the trunk, and then but a bag over Marianne had to suffer gator. She fell back, she bit a whole on the bag, and then he became he never thought that anybody would fight back. He became enraged and hastily repeatedly. Then he got out
the trunk and slid any distro. But lobbying us fighting like that. Wasn't the kill that he fantasized about, so he took their body. Urien need to brace yourself, for this are scared it took their bodies backed his apartment and rape. There corpse, and then he dismembered them any put their body parts in plastic bags and left those bags all around the Bay area? Can you imagine that that's the first time you really like you killed him, you killed someone by shooting them before, but the first time jabbing ray, and it was your grandparents, yes, but Lakes the thing a corpse. I mean member, that's not an easy thing to fucking. Do you know it's a hideous, but you know he was fantasizing and they talked in this this documentary about that. How much serial killers fantasize about what they're going to do so then he, fantasize about all happening? In the car, but since
I got some dab. This was like this weird plan B, improv that he was doing then became his Emma. How so Two months later, hikers found Marion's head in the mountain, and that was the only evidence ever found of the two back as the only thing they ever round. So in September of that year said this. Would that was sprang so, like five months later, he pay fifteen year old hitchhiker. I go coup, honey, don't do it. She was fifteen. She was, they said she was half korean and half romanian or something he was a dancer she's on her way to dance glass. So she was really small honey. Don't fuckin, hitchhiked dance, glad to raise your goddamn by and your tiny and your fifteen, like all of these things are so much. No! No heed picture.
PETE rise or to an isolated location, but when he tells or he's this is a kidnapping, she loses her shit and is becomes hysterical soda calmer down. He says that he was going to kill himself and take, with them, but now he changed his mind and then gets out to get something in the trunk and the door shut and locks, behindhand girl so now she's an inside his locked. Her knees locked out yes, but what are we convinces her to open the door, but this is this this. Is him practicing on those hundred fifty girls? This is a person whose figured out with his genius I q. How get what he wants to manipulate people yet law and how did exactly what they specifically want to hear a need to hear goddammit it so that so far
So anyway he suffocate her until she's unconscious. He puts tape over her mouth and then hold your nose clothes. So he is like up close into this didn't killing. You know a horribly. Then he raped her and strangle there with her own scarf and they put her dead body in the trunk, and I went to a bar for a couple of beers put in heated, oh yeah, she disobey, whom I wasn't sure that necessary? Then, then he takes the body batches apartment and it's the same thing. This members and scattering her remains all over this area, oh because a serial killer is a person who killed. There are more people on three or more occasions with a cooling off period between crimes. This kid officially makes him a serial killer. The next day he had estate mandate dated meeting with his psychiatrist and
her head was in his trunk coal. They fuck during that meeting He made such an impression on the psychiatrist They decided he didn't need to see a psychiatrist animals after he murdered this girl. Yet to be good, the owl, so to make matters worse. At the same time, there is another serial killer named Herbert Molin that was operating in the Santa Cruz area, the exact same time- and this was the guy that was killing people because he thought it was Keeping that big earthquake from happening? Jeer here this dick? I think he deserves his own Poseidon yeah. He was it he can hitchhikers. He killed, he shot an old man and his yard. He raised his grey, earn a child. He be I and he was completely. He was no idea about the data on plays yeah.
That guy got arrested. Nineteen, seventy three and the police thought oh great it s all over now, Fisher just stop killing than any. Whenever my car, I know that he couldn't do it. Four months after third murder, He was now broke, so he moved and back and with his mother commander how it's going to work out good, so This is January, eighth of nineteen. Seventy to his mother, he and his mother argue all day, she goes out, buys again and then picks up hitchhiker, Cindy shawl and according to him. This is the way he tells a story: the heat, Riser, Durham, remote location shows or the gun. Then out of the car to open the trunk and he leaves the gun in the car. With her and said grabbing at she Sallow SAM back to the trunk and says my what a big trunk do you want me to get in which to me. Is it this version of this because he has talked and talk like that
hours and hours of his confession. My what a big trunk my would it be trunk. You have grandma. So she gets into the trunk and he shoots her once in the head or he does one right before witches feared. Strangled her, she's in the trunk she's gonna bullet in her head. He brings the body back to his mother house. Mother's house has sex of the court just members or body and his mother item and met berries, her head in his mother's backyard. Throws the rest of the body into the ocean, but she's dead. Every twenty four hours later, so almost of her body parts wash back up on shore. So a month later he isn't unafraid with his mother and then it goes out for a drive and this time he picks up to you see Santa Cruz students, Rosalind, Thorpe and Alice Loo, and all
the students are the female students, Gaza. He was now called the Kohen killer and so are all the students at USC Santa Cruz were all the female sewage were worn. Do not hitchhike do not take rights from strangers, but his car It was his mother's car, so it had a use. He Santa Cruz parking sticker on our shared. His mother worked at USC Santa Cruz, so they thought it was safe again. But it's not like that. A person who those your school can be a killer to get our yeah but they're all thinking it's like a psycho kilometres but via He shot them its exact same thing, shot them rape, their bodies, dismembered them scattered. There remains, then he She's gonna buy a forty four. He needs a new got home, so a routine police backroom check brings up his name and the police
when they look him up. It's just an index cards that says double martyr, so is so they put his records were sealed cause. He was a teenager, so they put a hold on the gun, purchase scarlet a great idea to put a hold on. I only emerges from you'll have mental illness, and oh, no, sir, I'm sorry they couldn't get a hold on. I need already bought it. Supplying underline, may go to confiscated, they show, but his house Its bigger they know began on its bigger because the jury room hangs out with him. He's a guy he's a good friend of ours so and they assure him it's just it's just hang you a formality, but EDGAR Paranoid guess he is like their onto me and so he ran. So he what he sorry This is the visiting one so high, paranoid him sure the cops are on em. So,
on April twenty first nineteen, seventy three, he decides he's going to kill us mother, so the solution to everything, great, it's that's gonna biggest piss, big finale, so his mother, sleeping and he goes on to her bedroom, where the claw hammer beaten the death with a hammer decapitate, sir, has The court not linger over disposal. I mean like symbolic as yes and he doubts about its in, like I saw like probably ten seconds of him talking about it. It just is not it's not anybody worth listening to it. Just like thinks it's great. When then telling you re scientists like normal thanks is cranks. It's cool things willingly lush, that's pretty ironic, isn't it. You know like it's, this kind of late, there's agur to one on so so Then he decides that is going look like he did it
so way to make it not look like that is a cause of his mother's best friend Sally Howlett, invite her over to a surprise, dinner quote unquote and when she gets there, he chokes here too, that we are, and so one the cops find both their bodies he's in his mind there I think it's a break in and it has nothing to do with. That's his thinking, and then he goes on the run, so he jumps as car. He drives east. And he we're still looking for the co, a geller they in no way we're looking for him. They had no idea. He drives for three days He hears no news on the radio about himself, for using his name or anything and by the time it gets to publish Colorado. He calls the Santa Cruz police and confesses cause he so mad that in their not talking about him and it's like and that it was wrong and so the These Santa Cruz police have to drive out deployable Colorado to pick him up, and they said when he
The problem of police said when they went out like Big Santa Cruz police. Had the problem also go pick him up when they went in up to arrest him. He put his hands on top of the phone booth. That's how well my guy yeah, I just can't get it. I can't deal with this house button nigh horrifying. It is he's just a human guess, monster offences like six four and whose very fucking ta yeah, and he is five inches taller yeah, that's insane marital. So, on the whole drive back the scent. Whose police have to listen to his confession. High sheriff talked, they said. There's one carpet was like his one of his first has ever he said he's out until I couldn't listen to it anymore was so upsetting any just wanted to talk about all every detail of every single thing. So basically he tries to plead insanity, the jury, declares insane and-
guilty of all. Eight murders is a council murder. He asked money gets goes to jail. He asks for a LA botany, no one lordy say no, it's too dangerous, but he's basically trying to suggest like cut off the connections between this idea, like the action are like get this out of my head. I really think I'm a bottom. You have helped him I mean it would just rendered him like a vegetable. Basically yeah, you had just been a bigger pan to deal with like to where he would have been able to do anything from Zaire, probably he, once quoted in interview. What do you think now, when you see a prettier walking down the street and he answered one of sight of me says well what an attractive check I'd like to talk to her date, her brothers item, he says I wonder how her head would look on a stick. Only yeah and that's actually in broadest analysis book American Psycho, Patrick Bateman, paraphrasing this quote, when he
asked about women did he attributed to add gain. But it's actually add camper, quote annex I answer the Lambs Thomas Harris wrote. The Buffalo bill started his career as a serial killer by impulsively, killing his grandparents is a teenager too, is based on ad camper meat. But it's a word that it's like such close. By now close to us like yours is like not far scary here, grows has. Finally, we voted serial killers time I known her. And eat. Now what I mean We have to say one thing that this happy this past week, but its Monday I had a man lie. I am and acts as a pole dark when pull dark Ross dark takes up a sure to swim in the ocean to clean off the mine dust slick.
The most beautiful thing you ever seen that sounds com. I think mine was. We want, last night we went to their new Beverly theatre, which is morally its own now by quintet China. But this really cool aren't house data. That's been around forever. Couldn't turn to buy it till. I say that which I love him for and they are applying the nineteen fifty version of Dracula
we went with generous as parents who are talking about from the pact, has bypass and like met them, and they were the swedish people ever and was anxious such a nice nice thing that someone wants you to meet their parents as an adult which, like doesn't really happen anymore, yes, and if the cool movie- and they are fun, hang out with her head for the best and they and then New Beverly has frozen junior ments like as a thing you combine like, because they know that that people like that, I didn't know that doesn't junior mincer like a family favorite got that they have them frozen genuine versus knickerbockers there. Yet there's like yeah and then fuck em white Castle, burgers eating at their do like our? U, Syria frozen and they put him up, but also the new Beverly as the best popcorn of all movie theater best popcorn, and it's so cheap there like they stay, have the movie theater prices from theories, etc. Yes, we ve got so much shit and they were like they were, like.
Fifty dollars and this much of my hamper them. Fifty in their elect, no fifteen almost lost my ma am I have given me. I fifty five dollar ten as arrays like ten years you're like yeah. This is going to cost me. Eighty five Georgia idea that is best that's yeah go if you live in a way you should actually support than in Beverly and they house just the best Doha Dorothy double features of like the coolest movies yet April. I went there to see cause she's obsessed with Elvis and we went to see Alice's concert found under the name of, and it was so fond and everyone there was super into it. It it's like it, oh, it feels like an event. We go there notice better them is going to a fucking, the cemeteries movie screening. We have to sit outdoors and the freezing cold on the freezing com. Grass and watch a movie on the media that got us. I can't go, live airily then go down the street, you ok, Yoshi
great second, Margarita S, life good good times as mine, Thank you for listening. If you got a fair audio to snow bunch, medical podcast that they have and oh right, really unsubscribe in all this stuff. And thanks for listening, naming, stay sexy and don't get murder and by E Elvis Did he leave out I'll show it? Let that maybe Elvis have areas cooking. Law like a king
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