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Rock, paper, scissors... it's My Favorite Murder! On this episode, Karen and Georgia delve into the mystery of the Somerton Man and discuss the 1984 bioterror attack by followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

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this is exactly right are you get it out now you that's what i know about europe appreciable cry hello every but i wish you guys know at a name it was from when carrying out here in my apartment until we started recording i just ask for an eight minute sob before we start just to get it out here it's better
for me this is my parent later but that's care and that was george there's nothing worse than when we do it correctly i feel like their feels terrible to do right what lessons that kind of like ass likeness is that this is it there's no second takes although i have to say with love stephen could ever get its act together for a little bit of just a little bit of intro music can we please he wouldn't be fun just play like
you're a theme song liquor allowed in the bar measure or yell you do that you got a keyboard through to a third over to boston over whether you get us pomps get us a look just a little like talking intro music like loud enough that it's over the crying over karen's having said that i can ignore it i wind the sobbing out lowly an you interested in that way and i dont extra me introduce from body that's good idea why man or whatever comes would have it as the whatever comes out allowance that reminds me how what are we gonna call are tour
we haven't any more and i we down but i think i'd be funny to have just a bunch of ideas of no gangs and mike never settle on one ok will then my first ideas monsters rock what's your first idea the f word murder mystery tour great memoranda can give a cut to someone staff you ever made up that name language you this episode we could also do just what you call ourselves the gin blossoms and i'm all mine are banned joke should we do now yeah i guess and uneven i mean i won't have signed behind us now we like the show nope who's gonna make it not a hundred who's your hang estimate payment or make it stevens israel's annan we're just gonna we're going to keep piling shit on you that you have to fucking do what if we call stevens piles tour
the piles of stephen some in this spiles or should he has produced two area how they won't let you immediately lost track of all its piles but like i was it you might like gomer pile thinking going stevens piles and lower vile o anna no no no yeah what have we cancel the tour because this is such a problem cannot be solved club
what if we called the dry shampoo tour because i swear to god i planned on bathing before i came here but i didn't i was doing other stuff this is a safe place to not bathe oh my god but i m out of dry shampoo i've started depending area lately do you use a two yes and you're here looks full and it looks like you look like a mad like yeah like a modern model of model oh my had fallen bounty and i fucking love ok the obvious great i'm insert doing that then i also think i might mean more layers not we should not allow the elevator thinks i had so oh you guys left to play here and guy brantome spectacular episode yes thanks for all your positive feedback on the deafening have him back on at all of that it was one of your favorites are you what are you doing this stuck in fifty up as a hey look we get it yeah yeah yeah that we get it you like when there's someone else's talking anyone els anyone else who has correct information look fine
we'll do it that will find move african smart mocha then we'll do it watch this war germans you don't enjoy the eminent name every state and every roma numeral right now i can kick off a corrections corner by saying yes the sandra bullock movies two weeks notice and yes i said it was called six weeks noticed while claiming to be her number one fan two weeks is not enough i feel like six weeks i think i feel it is the legal amount as our six weeks it likes two weeks is like me getting fired from being a secretary yet at length but six weeks is like when you're fuckin lawyer like sandra bullock eyes air professional thinking right washing away was tat she was a lawyer i don't even know that very good i just felt like the movie took so long it couldn't have been two weeks that she when she gave you really like them maybe like legitimately salvage at every time i know you will but like is it like a
it's a bad movie watch hope it's not about movie q grant an sandra bullock are equal parts he's the british version there the equal purse person of themselves near reflection of each other their lights risky yet real and they're kind of like mumbled bumblebee by their play or other matters it are in this up and other their attracted to each other but their blame others but there which is the part i like real gave a thorough and sets the jewish and yet there is a corporate element to which i also of just bums me i like i see movies like that unlike what do you have a live your life by working on office every fucking day you know part the part that i love in that movie and there's details like this it always take out to me you can tell when either the person that wrote the movie or sandra bullock herself there's a part where she orders chinese food this isn't that it's just not help people
the ideas that she's gonna totally binge on chinese food right it's way too much chinese the egg europe get a ton of trains would when you just get for fighting like we know here's what you get you get a poultry and you get maybe get a shrimp and then you get a neutral or rice and then maybe some like like em we're all because you want to crunchy thing yes that's our saying that you need but yeah for four things entre and maybe you can add the figure in this thing she sits on the phone and she just keeps ordering dishes and now i believe that you never eaten anything besides like an apple and a cup of yogurt because you never allowed yourself to have chinese that's a scene and at length here's how functions and pregnant with a little bit itself no but it just her thing it's like to show that she's so sound or a girl and normal she orders like enough chinese food for seven chinese families and asia have for children is one of those things where it's like and people treat this all the time i ordered chinese and neighbour and that was just for me and they brought a utensils cause that's how much i ordered my name's such a pig i'm cute like a fuckin shot i think there's that theirs is amazing instrument obsessed with it i don't know exactly what competence basically called you didn't eat that voting on those models and micro actresses that like opening their mouth and putting a fitting merit and getting about of it like you didn't eat that everyone knows it's always a curb like it s like a look burger i'm gonna dance with this bullet spaghetti but you ve never actually had that in your my homeland dance with those follows a girl like you i think that in the one food product but would it be causes gaddi bolo spaghetti sounds great yeah i think spaghetti parmesan cheese gather olive oil and you ve got a slip right and that is that if a wrong turn so nice and i was on so relaxing just after giving your six weeks notice please get into that maybe order some chinese door dash some chinese posts mates it straight into the bathroom we're not this is a commercial by the way even slip into a commercial nope not alone we also need music before the commercials because of eyes are you coming so chatty is not there tell we're not trying to do that we're not like this you guys know that we don't know anything about like editing and like an engineering and being sneaking and like talking about states clearly here's the other mistake i made when we were talking with guy about legal shit we were talking about the murder of harvey milk i had to pop paper
and say and you i think you said something like he was murdered by his coworker another part politician i said that's right down brown the person why the person that murder her vehicles hand why dan brown as the international best selling author of the dimensions and he absolutely did not our parents already murmurs is by favouring the coroner this is the gossip corner now did you know that didn't deep guy or georgia myself not a correct year out a beat dope no one even heard it because here's the thing were allowed to say whatever the fuck him on this is our podcast if you want a factual podcast go to what you missed in fact you know history we're at the cutting edge because like this whole thing like than there is no reality anymore why have you been doing that since last year's happening you know that i also feel it is money that you like i get fucked
everything wrong but you're the one who has corrections are clearly i'm just like a guy there here oh if europe if you're a bitch inactive second tell me when i got it wrong man that sex i also think it's hilarious together like when we get the wrong idea there's people though i i accidently stumbled on this email and i care i was trying to fight dearer to that thing where you start an email and then you have to go check something else as happens now my phone online i start to write an email and then i have to go to check and unlike giving the person i'm writing it to someone else's email and want to double check to make sure don't get me wrong email so i leave the email so i
save draft but then i can't find it in my draft soldiers not there then i'm like did i send an email mike high and then i'm like a non what if i go back in do you started again and then re send another email fucking punished by microphone with and this is something that i actually went through recently as you do i mean i have i have done at once before were now i'm scared to death that that it's that idea visitin drafts or did you just sunday saves it itself seeking just close at here this is sometimes but my files on your phone quick enough so it's like it just updated but it really did you know i do which could be a mistake is i start to type in their emo dress in the email i'm writing and it comes
like you're gonna see see that you're seeing them and neat but then dont forget to be like oh yeah that here's hurry now and then you'll find the preceding within the new like oh shit that be the buzzed lira you're talking should about a person that you're also giving very mail to the person if ever you shouldn't higher i think this is a super than anyway gales anyway like she's but like she's gonna thank everyone alacrity why was even glare were reciting that example mistakes made my life what was it
there's a reason saying that stephen what was the receiving around six weeks now allow as in assuming you're too far back at the fact that that microphone found near the omega pay pounded the coroner jesus micro loans are going everywhere today ceiling can you get some better fucking her out as such by the crops but her about i'm moving and so this citing albion like i'm kind of this is our like set up we need you like when i want any odd when it's like march and you have fully see even more marked like and parts of the country like marches coal no no not here in
again where reliable warming town where even i have always we're gonna have an episode live from the pool i'm going to fucking be living near nice we're gonna play tennis and recorded the same now me now we're gonna i don't like that as organised on hardwood floor yes everything about so we will let you know but we need a photo of like this events comes home drunk while have him take a thorough alas re here the day that i haven't bathed you have your g do you mind what i wish you had one more corner oh it was my thing that happened over christmas my good story that i didn't tell you the whole thing so at my aunt jos house
now my family knows that have a podcast murder many are excited about it some don't like it and told me right to my face which which is fine but my lovely aunt joe said wait did you know that marty had a hand in the arrest of the night stalker cousin martin the oldest of all because unnecessary who is the san francisco for policeman funk our firemen there was a cop in san francisco our many years he's now retired was he had just started he was like just on the force he was basically a beat cop and there is a burglary and the marine and said they went in and well while they were looking at the
place that had been burgled behind they found a set of fingerprints and so they called the forensic team whatever it's called he told me the story on the phone actually cause i i was texting him of like how could you ever had told me that looking fuck and he was like we never talk ear them here here you're always in los angeles soppy using me for crime now like too bad telling the story i'm sorry you ve been boring the whole time i've known you suddenly you're interested i know this is least of all my cousins are fun but he so they find a fingerprint on the window so they call the guy the team to come and get it and then that fingerprint leads to the identification of richard ramirez sued because you so you know how he started in a late then he went up to scientists go then he went back down to allay okay so when he was
their cisco that fingerprint basically helped identify him in life and my cousin marty was one of the two opposite that technology then where they could like send fingerprints to places i guess so i mean it was like the late ninety it was the late abies yeah i think i may be nine expects fax machines were in their prime faxed over their request lasted that's so cool it was super exciting to me and i go why didn't you tell me this because no one's ever asked me about this are you use it if i bought about it yeah that's what i said and the interesting thing he said was that in that breakin richard ramirez stole a couple things from this we know the marinas like super ninety our desire to go there was a girl sleeping downstairs and he didn't knowing fucking i didn't go downstairs if he had gone down stairs she would be dead and also my favorites roy i know she too she never even knew he was there so she was
the luckiest and also while he while that richard or marriage was in san francisco there is my cousin make my cousin marty's daughter lean told me this because she said she's always been scared to pull her car into a garage ass for you is a walk out of a well she's like anytime there's a garage i immediately leg ass run off the engine but immediately closed the door will they have as garages i dont have doors we have to pull end of them and then walked back out the mirage door and those are very scare harry scary so she's like super paranoid of anything similar to that because when richard remarries was in san francisco there is a woman who got out of her car and he was standing in front of the rationing and he shot her and the bullet was deflected by her keys up up up up
and she survived last night a key chain say come on i'll go down now you doubt let us stop touching me when they said the eldest like has steer this thing about your mom so anyway that was that was christmas night i got to hear all these stories anyone it made me so proud to be a core europe was exciting and proud of is as is awesome caldera yeah that's financed and marty caldeira there in my country and then because the sheriff sheriff kilgour if that's real oh my god my brother was an usher movie theater when he was in high school and so he was ashura the usher ashley s c dreams come true writhings everything's gonna be ok and twenty seven deem well my second cousin wrote pink cadillac so area the birth springsteen's pay can i get europe
that's our son he's in that area too that's very long but opportunist well thanks for turning an immense is called family victories karen under so called we're not losers they already have family are successful someone's doing something the by favorite murder dot com has listened nanda the show but known everybody and some heavy if i can share rail and are now so yeah that's heard suit take this information with you there by it i m sure we have a website is there anything i feel like i just i should do something where i write stuff down there i think of it throughout the week and talk to you about make a less sure it out he started with the murders just happy fiftieth episode is you have this is episode fifty
you mentioned earlier and i was like and then just as we really know i know i know i felt happy array opposes episode fifty your higher wholly agree and then the first episode i think aired january's attempt i found it i found the very first hand ceramic count that our instruments at all my on my instruments as like hey carrying they start anger eleven percent on the fifteenth that's crazy it's been almost a full year hygiene fifty episodes fifty up that means are i've show at the earth or the m is gonna be like it's the seventeenth
someone needs to know that it's the twenty might remember it i got thanks go hadn't vision that websites are fishing areas that the twenty eighth of the twenty four now it's here and this is why we hired you this is the market i'll get congratulations thanks congratulations to you to incur i feel it gets not that hard to make fifty broadcasts i'm sorry i'm sorry fucking kidding me i mean it's great because it's not doing well and it's not sad yet god bless america is going first karen can't well we just year were desist disco it's good
am i going versus what's the date of the orpheum show if twenty first point took the book the gases were right you know vincent i recently had a look at the inscription in sight of his wedding ring to remember what day we got married when you re in a hurry and we were both wrong that is inscriptions smart that's a good idea and i think we did that we're not like the sex as they are for it was a bit of seamen part of your new job that we're hiring you for is that you need to remember who went first last time go brandon went first less ray it's rage language per year new your first are eight run neighbours as are less re one didn't we hit
two three can learn to day had virtually got scissors and then i got paper and she got rock just guys from those for those watching at home yet those who have to know very well this one is like i didn't want to do this one because i feel like why everyone not like i do this a lie or it's like liven up since i was a kid so like everyone knows this thing but people keep asking us to do it and it's fucking fascinating and there's information that one doesn't know about zion like i got into it may not really into it ok cool so this is the term and showed oh yes the somerset man we have just talked about this but we haven't gone into detail right so there's some really interesting info about its own i get through the beginning and have you solved it i'm sorry oh great while of course i i and my head house you know exactly what to do so
on the morning of december first nineteen forty eight a man's body is found on somerton beach which is in australia adds its nearer adelaide which is like a fuckin has the best serial killers he the dead man is is leaned up against oh ah he's on the beach leaned against a while he's wearing a suit and ties well dressed there's an unless cigarette on resting on his collar as if he wishes like about to smoke in that it fell out of his mouth and hate i now so his in our cross there's no signs of struggle or distress and people walking by had seen him and values just drunk he was like propped up that way he had not no indication on him when he had on him was an unused rail ticket thus take it a comb damn cigarettes and a scrap of paper with the phrase
come on shewed it's it's hard to find out exactly as it is termed shewed spell it tee i am an ass you a s age duty is it's it's not it means finished in persian ok and in the labels had been clip from his clothing so the autopsy doesn't find the cause of death but notes that he was in his forties he added fit physique and that they said that he had it strong and high asked myself as if he were a dancer just like me but you can tell those things supposedly so they take his railway ticket and they find his suitcase at the train station and they know it's his because spool of thread inside the case matches the thread that he had used to repair one of his pockets
in the suitcases shaving can't close and cope with stitching that with specific to u s tailoring so they thought he was from the u s also he had wrigley is juicy forgot that's american if this whole time this adjustment and add four wrigley if you can tell an apparently more and only american menchu to back the australian ended so a case of the paper the tom and shewed was torn out of a poetry book persian poetry but that was extremely where rare local librarians genocide the phrase as the very last two words it's the ruby out of amr
kyle em it's a book opponents from the twelfth century by a person poet and the theme of this book is that one should live their lives should the fullest and have no regrets fallen ends a vacuum in and that the very last line it's almost like saying the end was tom and shewed which is finished and for some fucking reason that was in his pocket so a do comes forward and says that he had actually found this this book back seat of his car around the same time and around the same place like someone had tossed his book into the back seat of his car and it had that those two last words ripped out of it in the book that's the guy had found or a bunch of lines that more code it's into because they didn't make any sense but they're all capital letters and the letters all kind of seem like how english words would start so
the theory is that the somerton man was poisoned there was no trace of poison found in a system but the pathologists who perform the autopsy said that his spleen headway three times it's normal size and that his labor was damaged and he said quote i am convinced the death could not have been natural and he said the poison i suggested was up our bitch weight or a soluble hypnotic which is sleeping pills and but no foreign substance was found in his body but most of these burbage whats like the oil with a couple days so it seems like he was poison but there is no poison actually found this body and then call breakers have tried to solve the code that's in the actual book and mike ok so there's is these like a bunch of letters and they think it stands for it's time to move south it's time to move to south australia mostly street
which is like so stupid and i think that they just made up like it sounds ridiculous the letters r i t t and t and they came up with it that way to most least you're just saying it seems like they're just reaching for something that mean yes but however however however there is also a so number an endless a phone number in the book and it belongs to a former army nurse who lives on mostly street not as they have been very well maybe they knew that afterwards amid that because that's the stupidest error and why i don't know i just like myself or because it because it's like the secret code and then all it says is like a place it's like not even an interest in a year or it's time to move to south australia mostly street why would anyone need a code that well maybe the
be it doesn't mean what it sounds like a man's like maybe code or area our took move means something a sinister okay so the down down the streets from where he dies is mostly street where it's a five minute walk to where the person whose phone number for she her name is joe thomson and she lives on most street she when the cops gather she's like is but actually i gave that exact book to lieutenant alfred box vauxhall whom she had serve with so she doesn't know this person is there's this fucking rare book of palms that she had give him to someone she had served with an u downward works it s give a person a book of poems and they are rarely by right i mean that's not you're not like oh here's the ruby out yeah
later power no i give everyone a copy of second hitchhikers guided the galaxy marathon live with no no i don't poems mean i've done it but i downs are big deal if someone gives you a book of homes are into you in the cycle it's a rare book of bees for palm yes she spent like forty bucks at a bookstore berkshire yeah so she's one of them is but my book sounds familiar i gave to this too and so they bear like while the stewed must be that this where's that man but then he turns up in forty nine and he still has his copy of his book and so now not him but he has a copy of the book like you know him
so they could he sorry could he just as a cover have gotten a second copy at far less if it was just like they show a photo of it it's a duck taped to each other but you just like just really sharing with the hurry on them like written on it is finished with some iron plant yes totally us and what you're saying to people started to speculate that the term box was working for the military intelligence at the time and navy is somerton man was a soviet spy and he was poisoned by box or some other agent so he went to visit this woman who had given this man a copy of the book and they were ah spies and maybe now it's like it's really interesting ok bye
box all himself dismisses a quote as quite a melodramatic thesis senate an australian ways i know i can't i can't mankind they always soundly everything goes up the andes no matter what they're saying they sound like they're kind of excited even when their that's why was seen until just listening to case file over the break when i drove to san francisco ex gray and listen to somebody very seriously talk about murder but have their include the intonation fill up at the end is so enjoyable to me because the second exclamation work at the end of every sentence he had just kind of sounds like everything's all right even though its matter to know it has been over the fact that only this new year's eve i was addresses house and there was an australian girl there who is from adelaide mosaic i did the thing of you guys have great murders and she was she wasn't like yeah here's what i remember bow
i know you use very sweet but by really as the best murderers less how me about then one million of them and one of them just as she didn't know about the fucking serial killer murder who just got solved the that's pages tat case file guy just hold me about the shit we ve got detective an indirect us we'll talk about it at the end of our thing it's not new detectives either it's brilliant actively now i don't know the truth is it's the claremont killer yes yes they just like you know about that right which i know is like asking someone in texas if they know about the murder and so why don't you care issues like get involved get involved envy the intense cereal killing that's happening in your community like murders fun wait hold on though is claremont anywhere near adelaide i think so
i mean person it's in your purse per which has some fucking cool murders but is our personal adelaide even and anyway i don't care if we found out if we found out that i'm a fucking serial killer like we did recently had been caught finally in fucking quaint or not queens like somewhere you know what our place what's an what's a faraway place well nigh desolate ninety two you new york lerigo we would we would know and be fucking interested cassettes sharking interesting extra i'm sorry but like dying mary sober don't come at me with really also if you are at a party and look we ve talked about this eighty thousand times what else is there to talk about we are all board there's nothing we're all like i mean it was awkward she was the only one who didn't know anyone so i was trinity nice like you know her guests echoes soon and she was a sweet and i was like
ok like i'm trying to fuck me including those efforts between talking about murder and attempted murder you're not coming at her you're just trying to make small time there were nine so close i could you go there if i want to emphasise what on it i didn't and you should have this is why we came out of poverty
what's going on sea when a rare earth is near claremont filigree extra during her thought that idolators on like others i know your texas where we still know not a fucking serial killer getting hot had a late as right bikes eggs am i wrong but it's like its taxes they have their own adelaide area so in two thousand nine speaking of university of adelaide professor derek abbot his like this dude whose like dude legumes obsessed with this now like nowadays he's the guy cool you know him and he's a professor thou hell yeah he's a professor at the university of adelaide me like i'm gonna solve this which sometimes is like bad concern like tunnel vision but it still interesting still get into it so
abbott thinks that the key to the code is in the actual book that they found but the addition that was are was nearer on the somerset man is so rare that they can't find it a copy of that too like no other match suffolk you know any they change chapters and they change wording and they change the translation later like we can't find a book that that's all old left to like match up to work which is cool like it could be it could be in there but it's not in the ones that we can by which i mean can you imagine going to fucking use bookstore finding that book unlike weight and also like how put on a p b of like does anybody have that rubia look her your grandmother's library karen and police and so you the rubia you fuck now as such the rubia
like tat was amazing that you i didn't it was all knowledge that doesn't help me in any way except for on your part though how he's wearing your career path where was okay so the original autopsy report guess what its last there are no laws the government won't exude bobby and abbot strang really hard to get them to examine the body for dna testing what's the problem well shit that they won't do it because they think they dont think it'll catch a murderer their thing is like it's like if if there will be released and murders to a murderer they'll examined but if it's just to figure out some mysterious clue they won't do it but ok which is like it's gotta be expensive things in the body s and i understand that they don't want to destroy its that's theirs thing but leg yoga
i see that my own record and say disturbed the shit out of my body if there's something mysterious clue that makes the bizarre pillows eg you up so fat claw me out colony economic note taped to my right and i can tell you what it is i'm gonna get you one of those plots where you can just it's never fully bury leg you can just keep bringing the body of animal elevator to know how they use to there were so many there are so many bodies
got buried that were so alive at a certain point that they started bearing people with bells yes right yes so that if the bell there was a bell in a coffin that went up to the surface office so there if you're fucking buried alive you a ding it but then so many people would start decomposing with their finger in the balance they put it in there and the gases would move shanghai during the val review would be to let it be the night tucking monitor and just be like thing leading lying around like which ones are electrons on now this was around that time is like a teen hundred emigres endurance by the media world everything was so creepy attack then everything's creepy it was ignored
is always night it was always night women always have lacked lately sales over their faces legs everywhere dead children piles of dead shall only i like you expect your kids today you you're alive that you be like hey let's call you timmy who really know i'm in a farm you out to this enriched coupled to be their servants by by ultimately ok good luck back so everything's acts but it's the best but yes i've seen em we did our topsy airport it lasts ok our course up abbott notices like in the photos of le somerset man he notices a couple of things about him that our strange one is that his upper ear like this part right here than in pointing out that you can see on a punk ass there is is
is strangely shaped and the formation is is shared by less than two percent of cohesion so the upper lobe of the air is larger than the lower lobe of the year which is rare ok really less than two percent fewer do that thing where you no ears are really that that the identity of all like we now you know they will have their eyes nicholas cage a time traveller here's a picture of hamel heavier does allow those ears don't match and you can like immediately if you see and you think he will be the same check the ears for like a little like a kid corpse not like it went missing and like there's a photo of the kitten there's a photo of his body and i quote his ear does is to areas that they look exactly the same factors that's cool mother i know time high school that second take me there is back surgery o o
that's true sense had no but that was not now than under that no other guess they could if they are kidnapped occasionally ecstasy let me i knew you'd have to ever there so many possibilities when his last i love that looks out he looks of the body and he is like pure the ears these are wrong and also he had a condition which these these per certain teeth are missing in the front so that year incisors your pointy guys are right next to your to front teeth here instead of having a buffer yap right that's just like fang and it's so again less than two percent of the population have this and i think it's hereditary so they don't prove anything was escape chimpanzee
he might well yeah coherent just ass i was ashamed chimpanzee elucidated to think about it for a letter was a carnival in town the currency used in secondary ok they don't prevented halloran bats so oh but derek abbot examines photos of the of the son of the woman whose phone number is in the book who claims to have nothing to do with him her foot can canned robin has those same fucking abnormalities both by anti both shit and in addition to that guess what he does for a fucking living he's a ballerina he up are you kidding not fucking kidding
hey blown mine am i wrong what is she doing why won't she be honest caused something went wrong because maybe she was a spy and so as he and he came back around was like what's up i'm here and because he was in town first like he came into town and they have bus tickets and in the suitcases that showed that he was just fucking visiting so he came into town for her oh if you if you believe these theory he asked so he came into town to confront her to see her or two seconds threaten her or to second blackmail her or whatever or to make her a nice dinner yeah and i know i don't want dinner and a poison in your something are oh yeah because his vision could have in her that's why she's lying it doesn't come up ever in any end web page that you find but in my mind you i could if i can measure the max she's in
economics okay so so his daughter so her dot is her her son robin who they think the kid passes away in two thousand and nine and his daughter kate is on sixty minutes and twenty thirteen saying that his grandma had fucking known this dude this man and that they both might have been spies and she had no evidence of that but she also said that she thought that this guy was her dad's father
yeah like she then the granddaughter believes it the best back i love this part of the story innovation say that just like a really for what next session nobody i guess that makes it less out ok the ominous eva so they're trying to get us trillion governments examined the body they want that can do it that he looks perdition parents but he is his age he is in good physical illnesses are like they're saying there's no reason to do it yeah maybe it wasn't murder the thing is that the kid was a fucking valid answer and the original autopsy said he had great caps and looked like a fucking valiant answer which is like and those two other fucking things come on please do you do so and an end to this as well as i shall have ok ok
there are now trying to test the dna of the daughter the swimming around the granddaughter this woman but they don't have the dna the somerton man so but they think that their related okay so the dna with anything him do you know i saw either had they made a bust of his face and you can go on my monsieur really a mate think of an amazing stockings see face thought others like pose post mortem fate the thorough and to me i mean and this is so stupid i've always thought he looks like my grandfather who was a eastern european emigrant like i always thought he looks like that so maybe he was a spy for flag in germany in world war two but
oh oh so in the bus they made him there's some hairs left but i don't think they can get the dna of it so that's why they're trying to examine but they they tested the dna of the grand daughter and it turns out that she might be related to like thomas jefferson which if it is if he is related he's from america oak basically so we know that from the juicy fruit we thought that but also its interesting because if they find someone who is related and they have an uncle who disappeared than will fucking know who it is rather maniacs is illegal they believe she had an affair they were maybe they're aspires maybe they weren't but the fucking best part of this whole story so that's what that's basically what it is we don't know that
the last new story i can get from this is from october of twenty sixteen o and it says there testing the dna and this and the doktor who seems really fucking cool name fitzpatrick her last name is a shake ass she earnest patrick is gonna do a whole thing about it and she never did i can't find it but so the granddaughter kate and derek abbot who's trying to find the dna and the story of this the professor got me
yeah sorry baby smart alan love why how cute as what if he's just using hurries not angry dna every night she's like i just these dreams of my cheek beings y know i just like you too i love plucking our here darling i mean who has another boyfriend wants to pluck your hair from iran everybody's that there's always a ball in the toilet the catches european like i mean just living standard that's actually a very sweet so like he goes to like he goes there like fucking find out what's going on i'm an interview the granddaughter and she's like here's this information i believe it too and they make out and then they're just like in the stacks trying to find your files you daily how cute as my god it's pressure that's the best like that he'd read a book about that you come on we'll also because everything about else about this case is so frustrating first of all are we sure we haven't done this before
i feel like about all of that was so familiar we suddenly we found out about it we talk about i know i listen to it on thinking sideways yes ever sure that's why i didn't want to do it is it's the thing happened like ok i want to say like when jamie lee was on the lab episode she did a story that i think is fascinating that i would never do because i feel like i we need to do is stories that nobody knows about i disagree i know i know and i agree with that and when janni section
his commands you at the audience fucking shared guy was like oh we can actually do stories that people know about with like minded i know i totally now total so when i found out i was then me just name is there now is like convincing you otherwise basically no you're crack i told him think your name in me sing it sounds familiar no i mean i did john bernay like i can do this year so line here i just what was the point oh yeah so we ve heard about you and i have heard about it i said events have you heard about this case and he was like now so also it's so vague it's like so a dead guy is there any he's got these weird items on him and he may be they me maybe that but he might just be a dead guy did that like there's you like a lot of stuff a bloody flake way things had been painted on like he could be a spine it could be this nicosia committees a dead guy leaden fine poison in his body right he could he tells him love
splain himself out one night displaying splain yours of you but our splinters i blame you know it's one of those stories that i think everyone knows the first three a graph sounds like slopes or whatever i can read it but like all weird details of it and the people like this guy who are still trying to fucking figure out who i think are gonna be disappointed when they find out while also i think it's the fear i think the the interest is erroneous the fear what if for some reason you died and no one could figure out who you were so tools add weird thing that would be oh i think it's cool i think it to me like in it sounds like what's it's true that he impregnated this woman he came to confront her somehow
who knows how he knew her why she said she didn't know him those things are suspicious suspicious to me whatever happened was a bummer and he one killed himself or drawing himself to death or some fucking thing and died there here and she it's just weird that she wouldn't admit to knowing him maybe she didn't want scandalous of being pregnant wedlock i don't know it's ass naming so but legs otherwise why she given poetry books to other people yes she slanting it up now coming out of our amendments and will never slept shame like i'm proud of her for doing that but this is within our theory larry i mean before his tags cut out of his clothes why is there no
think it out letter he had started in his suitcase is another thing and i have in common is often if i get a blouse and it says that it has the letter l of uncas out you don't want an l or at twelve sticking our airlines while you get like and secure you gotta waiting nice wedding and everything lawyer sgi can and you like not forever twenty certainly not the gap out well that irish major abbot there so you cut it s maybe his shetland was like big tall and he was i got on anyone knowing tat he was a big fat ballerina super insecure with a huge spleen and smoking problem who just want a damn by being honey this summer martin man but what's the vocational name is the name of the whole case is the tom and shewed but his
being called the what man somerton man summer has an obsolete she was found other summer to me and i feel egg if i ever did corrections corner i have a lot of them for next second forty hey come on over to the corner but we have a great time over here while cares array do you want to hear mine so loudly weird this week and this is the one i've been working on for so many weeks then i never i can never figure out how to
put it to get its like such a long ted bundy involved thing now know it's weird it's a bog one sri were our knees and the raj nash poor community that they set up in central or again in the early eighties i know some of those words alright let me walk now it's how m i gonna excited and it's not there's not an actual murder its attempted murder but the whole thing is so crazy soon and it's a story it's a new story i remember standing in front of the tv watching and listening to my parents get we super weirded out because essentially what happened was this the bog one tree resignation was born in nineteen thirty one as chandra mohan jane j ion and he began his career as a philosophy professor in india
and in the sixties he traveled throughout india as a public speaker and use a critic of socialism he was a critical blondie an institutionalized religions he often spoke against jesus calling him both a salesman and a madman and
a transition from professor tripp guru when he noticed there's a lot of money to be made off of unhappy wealthy westerners come to india searching for spiritual meaning in their lives you man so he soon a built a thriving enterprise with his lectures and group therapies he was pro materialism but yeah he was like change use the change it up gurus than he was thrown somewhat i've just see the meme of him like sitting on the fire just shut up with his big weird eyes he is premature elysium he was ass i said aunt i organised religion and he was an advocate for a more open attitude towards human sexuality he was he was i mean if he could only see tumblr today if you would be so proud of the leaps and bounds himmy that's him saying you have to fuck me
well that's examiner i will he got he became known as the sex guru in the press which his argument was i written two books on human sexuality and thirty eight books on meditation but you call me the sex bureaucracies is all about how westerners morceau puritanical and stuffy he's going member was fuckin wash bob's burgers and drank though a sign which is like sometimes better than sex i mean once i may it could be argued
he was doing things like he was getting his all groups together and then suddenly the idea was maybe you're so you're so pent up about your sex that may be people need to have sex in front of me also that we all stop being so pent up about sex it's basically this this whole thing is the study in ino ultimate power corrupts up absolute power crops up absolutely to get it wrong whores every easiest saying to remember because it's the same words and i still got it wrong absolute power corrupts absolutely self also he had
millions of dollars and unpaid taxes so he had to get the fuck out of india him money to be any was because he discharging all these people in his classes and workshops and listen to his am giving these speeches learn how to meditate yoga hadn't bene thing yet so they were learning about the year those like the secret you know amazing practice that we who would it be too like for like a couple thousand bucks but to be millions in kinda like you are living your best life hell's young and uneasy yak your bianti you're not like you don't live in a second hollow no
no not at all i wanna o millions you will some day i think you so what they did was they decide they're gonna leave india and come to america and so the plan is that he's gonna build a utopian city for himself and two thousand of his followers in south central oregon yes it makes perfect sense to meet here will so it's not sell central organ is empty they were basically three hours east of salem east and south of salem so there in this kind of some central valley those super empty it was just a bunch of ranches a lot of the ranches had fallen into disrepair so they were there it was born most like a desert issue situation because they had just like over grazed the fields are all very brown and kind of funny i am so thanks hands rant said they move in and the plan
as they're gonna build housing compounds warehouses and support buildings so that their business enterprises that were once based in india could move to sell central oregon and they initially applied for a permit to build housing for ninety people but soon they they moved there and the numbers were in the hundreds immediately and when he arrived the by one tree raj niece he came to america and he was on his three he was doing a three year silent i am now meditation he wasn't talk and and so his voice was a woman named ma unarmed of sheep her real name was sheila patel she came from a very wealthy family in india and she was kind of like his right hand man and so she she
the deal too by the big muddy ranch and right outside of antelope in oregon and she was soft spoken and charming and she hosted a dance in the nearby town of madras where cowboys partied until dawn she curried favour buying fifty head of cattle from the moscow county commissioner even though the commune was vegetarian you know she was like making deals isn't babies and she basically close the deal so that they can build their their farming commune but which she didn't know was that organ had very strict state zoning laws that really limited how many people and buildings could be erected onto ranch land based on the amount so as this development grew they they kept having to apply for more building permits and they kept going too
the politicians and saying oh you know we're just a we're just a farming commune but we need more living quarters for the workers because this is there so much abused range land that we need more people to help us thickset and the problem was that they were basics a bunch of rich like college educated well off kind of like pre a b
it was early yuppie like post happy yeah pre effie yeah they are the people they were the babe the people it eventually became european that we're like we don't have to live on the commune we can just go to yoga classier but at that time they were kind of like they had the hangover from the sixties of likely the whole hippy thing had fallen upon area and then the vietnam war bombed everybody out and that's why i'm a lot of people went to india in the first place to be like what the fuck is life when ways anybody doing suddenly taxes were for them or fuckin nothing would you mean like that
again so taxes for rich row right nothing and they were doing things like yeah they had they were rich so they would sell their porch and send their money to the ranch and then go live there and they didn't they just worked for free so was like they were giving all their materialistic stuff they were like a warm and help out that's gonna make me feel better or actually and then they can kind of escape like the structured world of taxes and having a job and all that stuff there in a put their whole life into this comment the safety net of knowing that they could fuckin leave at any point if they wanted to ya cause their parents still live in a really nice house in marine adele rare whenever they all have to wear red
pink redder maroon clothing and when they joined up like that this was the change they would i can't i can't there's a word for it joining up is not it like they would go through like something and then initiation it's like an initiation bagua sri rush me she would put a mandela around their neck which is a beaded wooden necklace that would have a big picture of that of him on the on it and so they were like all the so all these people wearing red with these would indeed necklaces suddenly start showing up in central organs and if you ever been to anywhere like this or even central california it's like a little strip of arkansas right here on the west coast very farm it's very republican it's very conservative its its people who live far away from other people they like things their way and they don't want a bunch of fuckin weirdo rich hippies red clothing coming into their town thirty forty eighty at a time and that's exactly what was happening so
it's kind of awesome because and they were all wearing read so unlike with shit in their hair and like and they weren't it wasn't a hippie thing like they weren't like drugged out like haven he's love they were kind of leg trying to try to take over a little see you watch the leftovers i did like the first i'd say the first seven episodes of divers evil in the white clothing that we're like the smoking yeah yes it sounds like that to me yeah just so creevy where they kind of lake when you see there's a tons of great documentaries about this whole thing in their great footage but it's there is a lot of that like
there's a little of the left over you like dancing and golden gate park like ex as ecstatic dancing group kind of hang out and stuff but it's so much more there's so much more of a business aspect is hell that they're trying to monetize urge weighty will it if it through the seventies call an eighty is called is so poorly so fucking different yet for sure and this one have that thing of like they just started showing up in droves and freaking locals out badly sure and in their weird red clothing and they were kind of like even though the one dark matter i was watching the guy who now is probably in is like late sixties seventies gray hair clearly not in it anymore but was so they were just aggressive because they were so quick to be like will you you were racist or you are against our religion or you were aunt i ve no eurozone fell back on whenever it like yeah maybe except for that if you are starting a commune with ninety people that's one thing but basically it and they ended up having two thousand followers mountainous areas is the town they infiltrated town antelope and madras weathered like high there too closest hounds and so basically what happened is instead of being a small commune they were turned into this big thing and they had to keep going to the city and in applying for more permits and more permanent and saying we needed for this we need oh sorry we didn't realize and we just need it for this and so the city had to start going no like this is crazy with you this this land is not designed for you guys to start a city essentially and the adverse they were trying to be they didn't want to come off as lake hicks end like people who like against outsider didn't want to come off that also
them coming there they actually did the thing that they were saying they were building they built a damn they brought the water table like the whole the entire valley that they lived in became bright green when you sign it's kind of amazing these helicopter shots of the area in its like bright green and they have like or they started organic farming is share so it's like kind of a mass organic farming or somebody in this document are saying once they have everything built up and there was a main street and there was there was a mall mall they had restaurant lyin they would give tourist locals like you can come and see what we're doing we're not like trying to be tied anything that in that around central organ they be like the only good place to ie is it as raj rosneft poem was the name of the town or we would eventually they tried to make into a town people would go there to eat because it was like a really good or i kind of like the original the original farm to table situation but they were doing it with this
it was a quality version of it essentially because still did you know and he also the bog one tree rush me she would just come out and sit there but he wasn't talking so he wasn't like preaching are saying anything to anybody they would like and sometimes you just wouldn't come out at all like so he in the when he first got there he would make appearances but then after a while he just wasn't doing it and basically there was just a bunch of people manual labor farming and doing shit for free and dedicate their whole life to like building up this what eventually is becoming a city as i was thinking as i bet the locals will be so much more soaked if you're bringing in jobs but you're not here just higher ino everyone who just there's a fuckin called member
doing it for you the people it was good for or people that owned back hose and like big like caterpillar mover there's a couple people it was good for but not on the whole now on the whole it was like than in the other problem was so they they wanted these permits they wanted to keep expanding and they started get being told no so they started infill trading like the local government so they would go in and like demand per day would demand to see permits or files or papers at the was go county court house and there's two people that work there because it flake courthouse in the middle of nowhere in this county that's as now that many people and forty of them would go down and we lack any demand to see it so it started it it started off very aggressive ends and of course made there was already like you're all wearing red and jumping around and now you're like we want to see this we want to do this than they have they have elections and they end up electing a bunch of the regime there called on counter the city council are onto their whatever cop county whatever it would be it can people canny group
so but they suddenly now are the ones that are cause they're trying to get their people and that they get told yes smart because what they want to do it they really did want to build a city and they wanted to bring more and more people there and their starting to make serious money and the other reason they said that they had the tours is because they want to make your parents who like those rich parents her tongue about could come and see where their children were and what they were dedicating low life too though wasn't some secret cold here that they could come and shop in the mall and by a bunch of red close if they wanted to or eat their organic pizza or whatever and that everything was chill and then they dance around ecstatically there be discos was like a whole thing and then they leave going i guess it's fine and keep on giving them the money and they were making a shit fucking town of money now the other thing was it the wrought by one tree rush me she said when he
he went into silence and he put that woman ma anand sheila who was also known as sheila silverman because she was from india but she had married i can hear and shoot you know was american citizen i guess man on sheila who erhard sheila she was in charge and then he had for other women beneath
and they ran the entire city and his he the by one she russian he said he wanted a city run by women and he wanted bricklayer straws strong women to be in power and what would a city look like if women if it was a major archy basically sovereigns colic ended that idea yes what harm could there be if it and they had these women that where the tour guides that when you went there to see that called your child had just move to insert wearing all red close it would be all these beautiful they call themselves the twinkies and they would guide you around and be like here's the look here's the mall and here's this and i'm really pretty and we're all great we ain't let us all the time and everything's good i can assure the twenty two so it's just all they're trying to make sure people have positive its positive pr overtime
the problem is the jones town called here and the jonestown massacre had only happened three years before so aside from locals being locals and not being that into a bunch of happy weirdos coming into their town everybody the press everybody was scared of anything like that happening in america and it was close to san francisco were jonestown start every ye i mean it it was relatively not like us of plain flight away along car right away but still but yes closer than other places and yes that's where they re you can drive the five and get there but yes i mean it's that sensitivity of what however many people data jones have eight hundred or something like that hundreds that they're not gonna just let a bunch of people
gettin super into this one religion inheriting a city about it as its also that thing in the tub separation of church and state right and that idea of look what's actually behind this the other thing too was that they were making so much money that the by one tree russian each one of his favorite things was rules races and so by nineteen eighty four he had the largest private collections raises erika he had ninety four paul the thought who the fuck up and that was his pro materialism thing it does seem like other people got to be very much materialistic bogus i don't think they were getting paid the lake fuckin run those back home run entire huge let us farms or whatever you don't fuck around by ninety four liberals races with second letter
farms no no there's some serious cash ghana stacked that he gets to spend so his thing was he they were because they the relationship between the citizens of the central oregon and the romany she's was getting you know heated let's say he no longer was doing making appearances so what he would do was get into one of his many roles voices and drive until he would just drive down the road and all the russian issues with the line up in there we're closed and they would jump and stand and clap and sing and ever and he would drive by an waved them shot drive with no hands he would do his hands and prayer hands and then bow to them as use driver and that was the really faint liked that's what i remember as like you know
a twelve year old around yo yeah you can watch all this on all shades pretty amazing and they and they showed it on the news all the times it was this thing is like this is an interesting starting happen up in central organ and then it was like here you see in this lately will then after a while their their side of things say that they try to have a festival and the local authorities said you can't have a festival unless you have a security force and so they started walking but elysium so one the he would go to do his drive there would be two dude with like all the red clothes but then what like barriers to the site herring uzis as their eyes are fuckin always bad memories are not a good sign i did so so they basically have their own security force and it was serious enough data trained at the state police
academy they went often got trained as a security force and came back headaches i feel better them armenia they call themselves a put a peace force smash cause you need uzis when you're fucking piece for us i mean now the other thing is they were getting threatened alive of course you know gonna letters lot of chemicals did they owns a hotel in portland that got
bombs shy about so once the fire bombing started happening there is more and more guns that unlike the pull the security force thing kind of came up more and more women diana because i wonder if they dont themselves like be like to get sympathy relate get a reason to get those guns were they actually would use the negative press when they when they would like something like that anything which showed that the locals or people of oregon we're like after because there were protesters that would be on this city though if you get the hell out of town they would take that footage and send it to the other i want to say ashram but i don't know if i weren't there other hang out surround the guy around our older sex sex
facts i wonder if those they will send that footage so the end then go look how we're being attack and they would send the money but i wonder if those protesters were fuckin ashram do all even i like it like so they're just propaganda could be i believe an open when i think that people were supervisor it at the fuck out of here again are you guys doing so basically we'll just cut this part there's a lot of stuff about permits that i was like writing writing writing and i'm like i don't know does anyone give a shit about the hermit action did they get them yes or no now will basically be answer was no so the name they started getting voting themselves on a board they basically infiltrated the politics in the community are very small so that they could start making all the decisions for themselves and make this city as big as they wanted so but here's where they went wrong they there was a big important vote coming up so they started bussing in home
people from all around the country to come and live at the regime's poorer more city they were saying that they were doing it for this their spiritual life because they wanted them to but these are all just homeless people that they were fighting on the streets and these people would get there and they be given clothes and be given three hats and i caught and be like hey you can go and you can go work on the lettuce farm and have something to do in theirs it's sad there's guys that like talk to the camera zombie like gathers nothing for me out there i might as well be here they have something to do and like i'm not to worry about getting stabbed on the street sure so then buzzing in four thousand almost daily park so that in the next moscow county election they basically
start to take over politics and what ends up happening is the people there were in place in other people that were already the county supervisors and whenever they are did this thing were when everybody showed up to vote that day they said if you are newly registered devote you we are putting a like a ban on your vote and you and we were taking mr court the thought how that works well
but you can do i guess there's some some circumstances they were like pull out an old law where the road like saying you can vote but you have to first go to this trial and like be at a hearing to prove that you're here to vote that european citizen of this set of this city because they knew exactly what they were doing and show then they try to turn it into this woman sheila tried to be like i'm voting view this is because a lot of these people were like vietnam that year homeless people i mean they were the people that like had been screwed over truly by society and so conceptually it was really nice idea but once
that happens and of course nobody was gonna go to the hearing nobody was gonna go sit there and beat talked to a judge about how they yes they were here and they were really a citizen and levelled le so so few of them went that an end like ninety five percent of the local showed up to vote in our highest voting turn out ever for the actual locals than that none of the russian issues one anything and it went completely in favour of the local loops yeah well then they do yeah all these homeless guys most of them went tipp to portland but they just they just
aunt em out of town all my guy dump them and just like close by and like no local places like while peer you got in work by yeah and that's when it all started to fall apart where it was like yet all of this lake you could say that you're doing this for the spiritual it that would be a beautiful thing if there's a place for people to go who are homeless yeah we're on the street i've never to go but this is clearly not a charity grey or anything you're not let these people come here and stay ever your clearly using them yeah send yeah ones that vote didn't turn out the way they wanted it do it all got expose the
there are things that happened was that they went to check on the housing the the local sheriff want to check on the housing for these people because there was kind of like a tent city they didn't have enough like building housing for them are so many yeah but they did have tent like ten housing that they use during their vessels and so the sheriff was going up there to make sure that there was like proper housing from that many people and when they got up there there is a huge caterpillar earth mover that was blocking the entire road and the sheriff had debates they turn around and go back to town that as they will actually caterpillar merits jameson and emptied it s a caterpillar that huge though grave go i'm sorry that's upsetting i merely a queue at that the air bialik hurry so anyway they basically like we got a call in higher up
this is crazy something's really happening so sorry to get to my page so they have officials from around the county go and visit and be like what the hell's going on and while they were their turn find the name can you well you're lucky you can you imagine so the governor of wasn't the governor of san francisco who went to jonestown to check on everyone yeah i don't think he was the governor i but may he was something yes he was a bigwig so he shows
up to check on his citizens who had moved jones town and he ends of getting shot and killed by which triggered and started off that the genes tat massacre yes can you imagine and that was three years before those fucking city officials being like we're looking into this shit how terrifying was that the yes and a lot of them talk about it's really a with interesting thing worth working because they were so scared at first they were scared to look like racists and to look like people it we're just rejecting yeah yeah but then after a while they knew that they couldn't like they knew that this had turned into a thing that there was but beyond just them like going in and arresting yeah that that was not possible here and the sheriff the time i mean like now he's aged very well because now we must be awakened his late sixties and that the time he's like in its thirty's news like someone goes war they both like a person from
frescoes are they blocking the road ngos why don't have their blocking out but i mean it's block so i guess we'll just go like there absolutely not trying to be in conflict with the apple but at this point a welfare check nor the s exactly like they're trying to say yes we just want to make sure everything is kind of what its what your claiming it is will then sheila shows up and she is like she's like kind of in everybody's face it's pretty interesting to when you see her she gets interviewed a couple times and she actually picks up her hand and points into the face of the interviewer or into the camera where it's like a glass what are you doing here like if this is also chill and spiritual but you can tell she's like it turned into like yeah we're like you're fighting for your commune but after a while that's not really what's happening power moliere and a power grab like they're trying to take over like they want they want
they want the state for themselves or they want the area found solves ok so anyway i find this guy's name sickly basically we the i don't have an aim but it's three county commissioners so they went to tour the ranch and while they were there there were given glasses of water and when they get home they become seriously come on and they had been poisoned with salmonella wholly farc but they can't prove that it like they can't prove it like they get very ill and then they're just kind of out and this so that they can get to work then it took them a full year two too like tie it all back and get all the proof then a rounds all central and southern or again there
are reported seven hundred and fifty one cases of salmonella people for five people were hospitalized there were no fatalities but all of these people got it led one after the other and it turned out that rush me she's or going two restaurants and sprinkling salmonella onto salad bars and putting it into sal address how do you get so manila sprinkle i don't know i mean like you have to ring out a stake into a fuckin i mean they had the this set up that they had on these faria and these ranches i may i own i could not tell you but they figured it out i mean like they could have had like labs higher things on these farms and i am sure all they know is that they were that these salad bars were poisoned and the idea was that they were gonna keep voters
from rain it was the idea she's us and then the the last thing that happened which i think is kind of amazing is origination named my unknown pooch heard that politician james khamenei was at saint thence in hospital so she went there and the idea was that she was going to inject a deadly mixture into his intravenous tube that would stop his heart holy fuck but when she arrived and went got into his hospital room she saw that he didn't have an inner venus hook up
but he was just laying in the bed was though she does panicked and turn around and left but they act the plan was they later found out when they raided the place and got all the like secret documents and everything that the plan was they were going to kill him yeah is it this was so basically this was sheila's plan d like take over war against worship sheath and fled she's led to west germany there are actually when they go when the cops finally got in the the ultimate plan was they were gonna put poison into organs water supply and people may also had all of the rooms bugged at the ranch and they were they had like files on rajasthani she's in the branch so they like they were only going to do harm to islanders they also we're like keeping people online and doing weird shit within the ranch like there was a lot of crazy shit going on
the bar one trees trick sri resnick she basically left he came out unlike agreed with the like a cooperate with the authorities told him everything broke his three or silence and and basically try to get onto a plane and he tried to flee by learjet a plain came in and it was a big enough place were making a land a plane and then they got off there was the flight plan was they were going to refuel in charlotte north carolina americana and go back i guess to india but an charlotte they landed and the cops arrested him and they reported him because he was he the whole time he was on a visa that was like had expired long ago then they found her and she said
three years of a sentence before she was deported off of u s soil and there were by one tree resignation died in nineteen nine b the camp was converted into a christian camp but so intelligent yet then in eighteen eighty six it was destroyed by fire and all all of the structures were destroyed now these so called a deal i represent from their own oh my god could you imagine we are either to the lake but also just keep your eyes peeled because
he eventually before he died he changed his name to o show which is actually a japanese honorific and so if you see quotes on the internet for from oh show actually the babylon tree or yap just so you know it's not some some wise japanese sage from long ago does he quoted on the internet what is it you see quotes from ojo all the time it's that stuff like you know you know we're here for short term science all events like shit i've said i mean it's just that it's just that stuff of lake you know
tiny still practice known proud healing dead his like because he changed his name he doesn't have the kind of like the bog country russia needs is known as the colt leader the anarchy coat leader who tried to poison everybody o show just sounds like some guy playing a flute underneath and three but it's actually this guy octoo i now that's cool yeah colsman colts do my fave their sorrow anyway that's mine no one died my apology now they tried they tried and they re really fat they try hard also the locals tried to there is lots of like bad bumper sticker that we're like science with you know it was not a good time the early eighties sunflower hurt another cause crazy we're supposed to one thing that was good ok selling
i think here is that you buy armies fuckin doc martens for christmas do mine from me into a fight it is at the positive part able than mine is that you buy me doc market because they have ever heard my that was a pretty good one in the air can't do it anymore i mean we have to think this hard about we're just sits take a second yeah but to be i don't know life is good there was something while we were talking but i thought i would not like don't sidebar it again i can't remember i wish i knew i should have written down we should take notes during the week we should take note while we're talking should treat us like a fucking thing i oh no the funding rennie rang
are there so many things in my life that are good and i just can't remember one of them i guess that i'm moving into a fuckin real apartment likely i live on a grown up personally just gotten of our men and scared it's it's a fighting yeah that's very exciting and do not think this week then thinks that unhappy about my i'm an avid dishwasher which europe can it fucking real detectors oh here that's it sorry you gotta know i would be very of theirs here's there's not it's not a new show actually had just the first season is on netflix but the second season i think is on regular tv if you'd dvr it and someone tweeted us and said thanks so much for the recommendation of real detective i loved and i'm says so that iranian we never know uncle we didn't give recommended you're welcome but is this who shoot here's my love it it's like i survived but its first person from the guy who solved the crime
like you love them you're so another town there so leg low key manly but but super haunted because there's these cases that you're like other cases really god oh my god they're incredible and there are there like real photo like crimes in voters no there's really good reenactments something really good reenact there it is because they actually there's actors you recognize in these ran out on and they do it in a way we are just it's quite similar to i don't know any began encounter on brazil china has really good reenactments its similar to that but it's less artistic and more down to business like that
it tells you this is how it was for me and then you see him do that amended amend actors that i know and not one that unlike oh god you're struggling on european a hundred and ten dollars for this reenactment riot and then you have to pretend to be raped behind then you're just not read bra laying their own no this is very cool and also its because it's from i just there's something about a homicide detective that's just like insanely you it's just pure thereby brad pitt together what is just bold it's like what a hard job totally what a horrible job darlin
less than a blast you gotta my favorite murdered accomplish things and staff and thanks for less saying things everybody we like you guys we sure do i sexy and don't get murder by elvis he might not work it jesus by
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