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Ring those bells it's the latest My Favorite Murder. This week Karen and Georgia recount the harrowing survival story of Jennifer Holliday and the tragic case behind the creation of Megan's Law.

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This is exactly right.
sounds like I'm getting less serene zone Africa with a guy is weak with has like seven core seven pages be boxing over holder, yet I love how many or in its long as their deciduous bathed my faces, bring us up that is making music. So, oh my gosh eighty like her to think that we want is not like in life his fucking rule the world
I'm very rare, and did you guys talk about how I have no idea what's going on? I wish you could see that from my from my point of view in saying that was soon as great Stephen. You ve done a media that Stephen you ve really done now, and the breakdown part, were you really kind of getting into an early singing, was going through your head in that part when you're accordingly, I just The somber partners- I gotta, make this an actual yeah. I just can advance on the front page of inventing new Ericsson know what I'm saying like you did, but you really went for an unextended part where you gonna get emotional at the end here. A span adjusts can always that united out you'll use letter feelings,
thank you so much. I love it thinks at this and fifty wine play to get you want. It's not gonna episode, thirty one, no one. They play it over and over and major league verse after verse of diverse or he's just leg, I started work in them and then there's the there's, the like the others, breakdown words like Elvis's me on its like breakin. Down god you're so right now, civil and you're, the color of your red baby. I love you. I love you This is my welcome to my favorite murder,
Stevens Stevens, Reggae, pod gases to breaking. What's up hey, that's Karen That's Georgia was my favorite murder. Do you like murder? You come to the right place, do not like Werner go, give it a try I'll go, give it a try, I mean who knows but deliver what he thinks they dont, like murderer. My I'd tell you here really good story about a year Nothing say I hate that when I like your crew, you like, modern, like why this really interesting story. I give everyone Fatima murder people have a good story: hot em, don't don't judge us?
This is just like Siena's theme, song, don't judge it until you get all the way through to the emotional twice yeah. You should listen do twice for sure. Listen to this point has twice please and then stare at us while our face gets read. I was listening to the last night, but I don't listen lot. Episodes anymore because, like it's just like part, but as this may last one just for quality control. Claim the house and I just started- I would have major funds in advance- was likes to minimise the thing I just started, cracking up so loudly at some point, something that we talked about, and this is partly it's funny, but it's also like laughing at how like how a friendship, isn't like these things like it's funny to me, because I know what's going on and you ok, let us take our madman's me like I'm laughing at my own part. I have you ever had the thing where you're podcast starts like
I never close windows on my phone correctly, I'm listening to our podcast in the car and I'll walk in somewhere and then like in the grocery store or podcast will start. So it's like me and my own podcast standing there trying to press like the harder you touch it, the more it won't go off. Yeah that's happened a couple times fun. We ve all been in pretty embarrassed, whirl stupid. It's an that's fine. Luca far. We come out of the way to go over what we know what we did it together. So there's never said. Fifty wine and robust packed and I'm ready to go, and this is the last episode I mean, doesn't matter anyone like we're just what matters to us that, as is lost episode in the place where we have recorded unless they found reported to fifty one episodes yen it's going to wherever we do it in your apartment. You know.
Apartment is going to have a completely different, feel we're and revive, as opposed to this beautiful, see, phone green kind of lake Retro yeah situation that we examine cozy and how me there's no like hard angles: no and another but I think, my apartment that I mean it. I can't like normally like we'll. Do it will course setting you like my apartment, yours, like sky, to my mind, them like you'll do back and forth and other places, but this is every single fuckin if alive once that's right This has always been here. Thank you for that things are opening your home, like leaving. My house works. How good? In that way, I get aware, and also if we did at my house, it would just be forty five SEC, every forty five seconds barking or that went then people would make means of beer, dogs but Frank and George barking instead of eldest scream and spoken out and wouldn't be again now
it's an end of an era, is also twenty. Seventeen, so good new things so about new energies limited space. What we talked about already, what can come out of being in a totally new spot, yet vibes are involved thoroughly. I bet vibes are totally involve like good ones. I hope we will see mercy and if not the move, Then you have to get a new apartment, fair or move back into this apartment. I'm in a mrs place. Linz proposed me right there shit here, take it sure before you go was in a great proposal though. So it's ok should be telethon pardon. You know he fucking knows melancholic emulate now. No, you can't fucking.
Lydia Stomach flu, it wasn't so I cried. You are going the hot air balloon like you wanted to be. While I was basically not arable land, but it was only, Ok, hey what splits scrap it and where the coroner did you watch monotonous brothers, it's fucked up. You scared. Wasn't me. I was just like our long thing about the trial and the murder and staff. Some people say it was amazing, used or an amazing. Now it was like an extended twenty twenty episode. What new information was revealed that I wouldn't have known in nineteen? What was it nay indeed, sir? Well, none
You look at it from a new angle and my my angle that, DR, how much of that was interesting is like they them an end, as brothers argued that the dad was molesting them right, but then went like this crazy other direction of how the mom was lasting them too, and he must not crazy, but you could. You cannot tell the little part that was actually true in my mind yet and the stuff that they just exaggerated from them. Trying to play on that and if they had just gone with the wind That was true, which I think, maybe that was molesting Lamb but they were also sociopaths. Then maybe they wouldn't have gotten such extreme sentences. That was your theory or they talk about it. That's why they're do they ve got those wigs wrong. I didn't know for real here: did you pay yeah? I didn't know that anyway, so young, so you have to pay one of the brothers huge. They both just look like they possible. Mad magazine,
factors, but it was Lyle. Had the to pay re elder brother elder had to pay under other says he molester the younger brother, oh no in court and apologized, and when you see their faces when their joint supposedly your tongue, the truth it's so different than when they're lying really eat. So I, like, I, would say, watch it just for the testimony alone, but it's so interesting to see they seem like such a creepy fucking narcissistic. Socio pasturing know everyone hates that we, when we use those terms because, but they seem creepy and lying and its full of shit and held there is this one part that could be true, ok and then it's like linkages resonate here, you're looking at it you're going out think this person is doing the thing he was just doing that I had other Asia where their broken all the sudden about army, and I guess they're just cycle lying
look, I get it would make sense, because it's one thing like killing your parents, so that you can have money is one thing, but like machine gunning down your parents or whatever did they have some crazy gun and the other thing about that too, is it like if they have just started to their father, they might have gotten a pretty lenient sentence if they had said like he was molesting us for years and we're traumatize race, but they like content chase down the mom, and everyone was like that part to them was like. How could you kill your mother, and so they made up this? I think they might destroy about. Mama Mama them to one really, I think they're just pissed off that she never cared or did anything about it right. This is really is its. This is all made up, shit, obviously, but yeah.
Is your married all my very rare re, but is based on you, listen to one million podcast about any watched, a million crimes as out it, and there is also the thing about that: Father, Jose was just a big fuckin. Bully now so was like she was bullied herself but yeah? if aliens ugly, the whole thing is theirs, dabbling, no clear lines, except for the fact that you just you here's the thing you murder them, but then you just going to spending spray. I I mean that just didn't. Do anything right now, not at all. I guess I don't like that one, because it, Just greed I hated ignorant based one there's a lot that I dont of those I dont like until I watched something a little more interesting about them and then like them- and this is one of them were like. I didn't give a shit- we just happened to catch it, and then I liked it. Some husband produce kind of well yet knows done really. Well it s. Just like was
You know one of the leg is Jean Monet ones that are like. Can crazy an insane. And did you see that picture my friend Molly just sent out a birthday of suspicion, regular. Yes, I gotta did you see that fucking picture? I responded to her. I was like our friend, Molly Macular malls, She just sent its a picture of Germany and bird. It's a birthday invitation and its likes. It's I'm invitation. All it says is hey. I'm gonna be here on this day, I'm turning this age, but it's we blown up her spot right now, above all, popular plugging her. What's her about Gaskell, Stephen mother, misleading
Yes right. She doesn't forecasts about fucking, crazy lifetime of its great, so fuckin Blaanor up right now, here, no I'm guessing her birthday party was busy day, whereas anyway, it's a picture of John Bernay and her brother, Burke and the eyes are scratched out of Burke and the mouth stretched out, which looks like it basically looks like Germany did, it did. Did the scratching right like it was found, photo and that's what I assumed it was like someone found that, fellow in the Ramses House, I really appreciated that reprint. I appreciated it. If subtlety, but do you think it was a found photo knocked. Someone did that's a photo. That's like known
known to have been made by not anybody not how not the scratches the photo of its Germany unwrapping, presents and Burke smiling at the camera rate, which I've seen before nine times, so she Polly did herself Molly to be our stepmom legato. That's not how it actually look, ok, because if that's how they found it- oh my god you're the cop. I found the petty and you just our fucking screaming at the top of your lungs. I mean it's so sinister let's get em so go to that birthday party. Kubla ears, tat night, you're, pencil, here's, your hometown number! You get your razor blade rather right down in your arm where this is that. Last week we were gonna talk about people, so there is someone who made yellow pages, add four from my favorite murder rate. That we both lived That was it's a
W sweet, baby angle and it says: do you want it and it looks like a real yellow pages. Add of Karen, I looking like real where's fund, our Instagram page and then, if you saw this when carried with someone else, made one and actually put it in the paper, so this girl, chromium. Sarah are her sister she's, an ETA small town paper, and they did a review of the play, squeeze my hands about Scientology, and so she was gonna write. She had a right, a story about it and she was gonna. Do a teaser on the front page that she had to. Do you like to go to that to read about this gotta page seventeen or over the fact, and she wrote you gonna page seventeen here's, what here's, where here's the teaser my God just says, and you're gonna call Collier down, oh my God had been Larry is just randomly this one's real, because
Georgia's sent me the picture of the yellow pages. Add Ngos look at someone put in their yellow pages. I thought I was a real and then I look at it and I couldn't stop laughing. I was like that's insane who would take the time to do that and then, like probably forty five seconds later, your back, we designed that's not re likely to hold on a second, I know I'll hit, but it looks bad aren't. Does I mean it looks and it looks like the illustration I really appreciate. First, while they made me look in a blaze, our wish I never do. We look fuckin business cash. This is cash hot. I have a waste its exciting in the illustration very exciting. In that way that then I was like forecasts and put this in the elevator I'm down for looking like this in the little things like one of those and adds a legacy needed. Sheep lawyer- and it says: do you want to stay sexy, not get murder get a job by around them. The forest not be affecting lunatic called Karen and Georgia call now spaces limited emissions like us, with our arms cross, looking house, but this one's about Scientology. So the lead. You call your dad, though it has an answer about eliminating any detectives on Amazon. I tried watching at it's. Ok, I guess sorry was our I'm sorry what it's? Ok,
goodbye goodbye. It's time, ok needed activists, it's on Amazon, it's not new detective, his real detective back. Why do we keep that? I wouldn't that. Did you see I write last? I saw you at the time its first person detective yes telling about telling their story he s which, which you remember the case you why I watched the first three, the one about the fuckin cannons like dude, like baby killer and little boy killer in Seattle does a shared. Yes, I just, I think, I'm sorry I just think that the reenactments and all this shit takes so long to tell the story and the kind of like you see you see.
Eight minutes of them, watching the like Cctv footage of the kid running by and then you finally see the cart like it's just just. It could be thirty seconds of that and common drive me crazy when it's like takes forever Olga. Like there's a lot, I think I think I am right. Accidents are just a tool to make their bizarre longer. Hannah lotta shows or to tell the story I mean I like it, because it actually tells that story where it's their basely trying to do it like this is my first person experience in solving this case and anything it's just like you and not your bag. These, like any time, you're doing a first person thing. You have to be able to cut away to something besides a person telling you that story, but at the same time they may that I look stupid where he was like he's The kid one buying is like: ok, that's not him it and walks away. I'm like check the time.
On the seas. Ici footage, its has eleven thirty go back to the fucking ban, can be like as a time correct on this and then like in twenty minutes later they realize it's not the right time and then they snowy. Whilst there is not the right time in real time, it's that the bank thing it didn't update for like daylight saving, so anybody you should check what he would have checked that and he wouldn't have stopped watching when it was the wrong time. He would have still like inches thick. A lot of it's a lot of life gets a lot of attacking filler dumb. I can't sit through that I'll, never recommended Jessica with reenactment will ya desire, as I now now now that's actually the one I like the best here.
That cases fucking crazy, as an ever heard it before me that guy the way he finds that guy and the way it all goes down, is so horrifying- a baseline catches, the guy in the act at such a good story there. The stories are super cool, it's barometers, Asia, Yachting YAP Insane I too thank you, each corner apology corner fuck me again. What do you have I made my router church. A calmer might everywhere dot com. But the Good NEWS is this week. I wanted to get back to the thing I like to do the best we can, Retail and I survive, which isn't This person show that does is reenactment the
but also this is one of the ones as I was writing this up. I realized when we ve done in the past about how I cannot listen to nine one calls. This is the one time I have listened to and I'm on call that in it insanely enhanced the story, so wasn't just like some lunatic persons screaming in panic and like a whore thing, that immediately makes you go. Oh my god, everyone's endanger its like the perfect most of the fact that they even have it to run during this story is incredible. So anyway, I'll just tell you what it was. This is the this is the attempted murder of General Jennifer Holiday and the murder of Anna Franklin, and it happened in this- is from season two episode: six visor, I so anyway. I if you haven't heard this. I love the show I survived. It's now in reruns think it's on their rerunning on lifetime, but you can also get it on something else whenever that I think are also on Youtube, but
like to everyone store. I remember once just stuck with me and talk about them because I'll I do love a survivor and I love the first person. I do love her first person tale of insane whore. There's gonna come to a level that, because you know like whatever bad happens like you can still get back. The person and they're not dead they're, not fucking day, so like ok to be into it. Yes, exactly you're, you're you're, not going straight down, lay out you at the end of an episode sometime or just like Mary leg- murder. Yes, exactly! This is no matter what's happening here you're still looking at the person. You know that absolutely and a lot of the time, because it's I would say, eighty percent women telling me stories and they're telling you stories or you're like holy fucking, shit and they're, telling you you know
just fine telling you destroy this thing that happened, that they survived, that they ve gotten through and their there to tell you that somebody like you're, like I would never get out of a feed opposition of this happened to me and I guess she would, and yes, I personally would like India with and that cause that's life and life goes on and everybody does like. Not everybody does this, but the people who experience extreme trauma continue to live and sometimes even flourish afterwards and help other people became. So that's. Why get super like a weird Christian about it, because I'm just like? Let me if I can ring all those bell, its mother, fuck em, resilience answer. So I like this one too, because it's fuckin exactly like a seventies, horror movie. It is when you see it, you hear it and I I recommend that you watch it at camp its campaign. But you know what kind of close it's like that feel. So, basically it's this. It's
may twenty fifth two thousand and five and Jennifer sorry may twenty ninth, two thousand five Jennifer Holiday is driving down highway, sixty nine and a near it just north of Lufkin Texas, with her seventeen year old, cousin, Anna Franklin there and it s ass. You ve go and seventy miles an hour and all the sudden there's the Fuckin loudest bang in the world. She does even know what happened they pull
There's a glass and blood everywhere on a sudden and they pull over and her cousin starts green screaming and she looked down and her left arm has been shot, has been shot through the window of her car and her left arm is almost severed like right above the elbow Holy FUCK psoric husband, her cousins, losing or should, of course, and She'S- and she is an m t- gas egos super common is like pull out your phone call nine one on right now it would be. No basically is like calm down. Stop screaming, whatever area would they don't realize? Is there was a man who is driving next to them and he was the one who shot at them and he pulls over and he walked up to the open driver side window reaches in past.
A fur grabs? A phone out of Anne S, hand and just tosses it away and he's laughing, and she says right then. She was like I got real scared, and so he basically he backs up he's gonna shock on in his hand and thereby and they're both just kind of staring at him. He like takes a couple steps backwards, picks up doc and just shoots into the car and Jennifer's said in in this show. She see it's like a tracer where she sees the bullet go by her face like it just goes right by the front of her say, Lama and and shoots Anna in the head and kills her way. This is older sugar. They underline the young.
Tickets shot in the head and killed it's her cousin. So my guide, so then he pulls Jennifer out of the car and she's like, the focus must be on her arm is like hanging off and he puts her into his car she's and they start driving up the highway. This the second Mary, Vincent Hale, Oliver yeah, it's fucking, it's insane, but it's also, this kind of thing words like you can see it. If, like shot, you can see it shot all grainy, unlike millimeter worker, like what the fuck and it's like the when she tells a story like the guy's laughing and each state will suffer your leg, who link its status as a county. Texas. North of love can Texas. I dont know what the cap on the shit we're in what part of taxes is patently it's a big place, so
they are just driving like ninety miles an hour out of town, they drive and drive to now she says: there's no one around, there's, no lights, there's no houses, there's no one anywhere and at one point he pulls out of the car he pulls proposer out of the car pulsar into the woods and rapes are then, then what finally done and he's like gripped our close off and everything he the thing where he's like all suddenly start crying here. Then he looks at her and goes. Oh, my god, you're bleeding what happened, whites and then he starts laughing and she realizes okay. This person is here on drug like something is seriously fucking wrong with this guy, and I need to get myself out of here, so she fuckin comes up with this plan, and this is the part where warlike. This is why you fuckin, hang in through the commercial you're like what the fuck will. This is interesting to because, like
It's not like she's. Just like I don't know what this guy's capable of she'd. Just she knows her cousin, his dad back in the fuckin car. She knows of the students capable of they're gonna like she knows, there's no fuckin. She knows where we're in complete emergency mode and something must be done and she sees his weakness. That thing is it a person acting like that she realizes there could be some play hair. She could do something about the situation that she's in so what she starts doing it so fucking brilliant is. She starts she's the way she says it cuz she has her texting apps that she's. I start rubbing up on him and acting like I really like him and saying basically saying thank you for saving me and
you're so nice and like being Florian sweetie, and he immediately reaction is like into it. So she's basically convinces him. He didn't attack her she's, treating him like the hero, hey, I'm saying I can't believe you save me from that man. Thank you so much. Thank you! So much you're my hero and oh, my god, I just wanna. Can we go back to your house lopped off because she's thinking in her head there in the far right now there in the middle of fucking nowhere and there's not a person to be found there on a light, so at least, if he drives her to his house, there will be a phone or there will be at least one other person or a knife, chicken Fleckenstein some Suffolk, something which is brilliant ass. She just like get me out of this spot now and also clearly on drugs or something's. Going on with you or you can be manipulated, hush fuckin goes for it and it works. He gets her back into the car and he's like. I can drive you to my house, but here's the thing: don't do it don't be bad and don't you with the bad people do cause your pay, an assent and she's like I won't. I promise. Why would I she's and should be like I'm so grateful to you? You help me so much and these like believing what she sang and then he would like look at her and be like. Oh, my god, you're covered in blood. I know I need help really badly and sure she's basically doing this, they get to his house.
He turned down the road. Into a cemetery her work. I mean You fuckin wrote this. Change. The cemetery aren't, that's crazy. Go to our house. Their driving into an old cemetery she's like she's it naked covered in blood and like what the fuck. Where are we going like? They go downhill little bit and there's like two trailers on either side and one of them is his fish. They go down into this kind of thing pass the cemetery- and this is where, where he lit answer, so that's all I'm moving out and tell you about the smaller without journeys by good cause, just for like just to be around shits and eggs, man right right, good plan, so he takes her into the house. The actually lets her use, the phone no yeah he's like she's convincing it it has worked, and he now believes that he helped her
so here's, the fuckin, nine one one call bar you hire it. Yes, it is You have to watch this episode because for she. Nor did she is so calm and she's. Yeah I got shot in this man help me so much. He is sitting right here in front of me and he helped me so much and I just I really need help any. I need someone to come and help me because, but this man to help me and saved me and the woman's like man did you say you were shot and she's like yeah, yeah yeah and I need help and so she's doing this thing. Where the word she saying don't match her tone of voice and the woman on the other line. It only takes her like three exchanges and she's, like what the
so go. No woman goes: are you saying you were shot he's a yeah? Am I need help and this man help me so much this man right here in front of me and then she does member you're not from around here and you know, and he and he's here so I'm safe with him, I'm here with him, and I need you to send me an ambulance cause, I'm bleeding really bad and then she hears the nine one one operator someone else says something where it's like that shooting and then she gets back on the phone she set and she than I want one operator account more. How goes exactly, but it's basically like she goes the woman says something shows. Did you say, there's like something about a shooting and she does she does
he's here right now and he's helping me so much it's it's that when it same one- and she basically is a lady Harriet, say about telling telling her like a little like super pleasant voice, giving her these signals without letting onto the crazy man literally sitting in front of her always that sugar, a sitting fucking in front of hasn't crazy, that if he were a little less crazy. This one networks right in yes like. If, whenever Angel dust or Fuckin thing, he was on whatever his deal worrying abnormality, but he actually the way she played it, and when you hear this time among call, you understand how it worked cause she's, not I'm not actually doing too much energy yeah she's like almost come like chill like this works at. I just need, and ah that's a yacht and doing the hills, fucking thing so my eye so
she's assessing ambulance whenever so she can't they figure out where she is because their it's not like a trace. Whatever he up getting on now. And they have that, and I know that a portion of the normal mancala now, where he's giving than I one operator, directions to his house, how What does he not like? How does that happen because he was out was fucking mind on drugs views on arrogant, drunk. I think it's the drugs and may be something else there. He has brains already a crazy rob wrought rap sheet. He had been in jail time times: lots of fuckin domestic violence he had got into his girlfriend had left him that night and he got drunk at a bar and- and he said he did like Xanax or packs lawyers like a one single thing. I, like your on sucking angel, dies the pleasures day for me since her so so anyway, the part of it
the recording he's talking to the operator saying how they should get to his house and then going yeah she's bleeding real. But I mean I got blood all over me too, and I saved- or I don't know like you need to get someone here really fast. Like he's completely been convinced cheese and she does what is she doing? Ok and she's that none of the operator as like sweetie pie, you would never know that she talking anybody, except for the nice man that save this woman Oh he says only. You can only have an ambulance, no cops and she's like no, of course not. I only want an ambulance. I just need to get it s, blood off man, get this thing taken care and has like ok. So then he gives her shorts and are sure to put answer. She doesn't have to work outside naked, injuring make like naked sex, Savonarola, naked incurred in blood did it.
Total horror movie yeah she goes outside and she says she's lost so much blood. Is it point and she's me and he's so she knows ya like she knows, and she says she's walking out. She sees the ambulance, so she's walking up this hill trying to get to the ambulance and she's like she goes, and I know I've lost so much better because I can see the trees moving
as was fucking Swat team in place, and she gets like out of range and the end he is walking outside behind these, like going to see her to the thugs violence and then the second like the second, he gets far enough outside the in the Swat team. Just fuckin goes down, he fight some, they take him down and there s. No, you don't kill him, that's amazing. They take him down a thing engineers you're not supposed to disclose re. But like me now you think you fight back. You know he fought him, but they that's arrested for them. They arrested him and Oh sorry, so he gets. I talk to my way down off of this part of the document he get To live sentences, an added on yours for assault
an kidnapping. Oh, it's too, licences for capital murderer aggravated salt and kidnapping and when that show aired in two thousand seven, she still head over thirty shot, gun, pellets, lodge and her arm and neck and chat through years later that she did the show, then, yes, that's fucking insane and she still had leg shrunken pellets inside her from these shot gun blasted. She survived, fucking crazy. She had a son There are issues and then not to know the time some as a single mother, and she said that she was thinking like what
she was positive. She was gonna die in the cemetery how's. She ended up by air, and so the fact that when she got on that now along call, she got to talk to this woman who got her shit who got like picked up on the game, can Muslim, but concerning around it and because it's like basely at the cops had come up upon Anna's dead body in that car they knew a situation had happened, moral and basically, everybody hooked it altogether. The best case scenario early for for a long time for this person, this girl is calling. Yes, this is what this house and then basically at the very end, Jennifer just says I should have died. That night, like it's a miracle of God that I lived- and I just want to say this- it's not fair,
bless. God, it's not a miracle of God cause. She was instinct. Surely smart, she fuckin came up with a plan and she was brave enough to enact it and go for it and make it happen for herself. She did it like she did it near and, yes, it worked out good best case scenario, but it's like that's that's. That's! That's a survivors instinct that she had and she did it for herself I mean That's insane! I wonder where she is now like if she gonna. What's she doing now, where's your kid scary, prouder, hurry urea act in pretty good the second one. What's her name again, her Jennifer Holiday and her who died? Who was she was like in her late twenties but her cousin who died with seventeen when it happened? Anna Franklin, sorry therapy, type in my password. Well, if I read it well, I taped it in
to my computer. I didn't write. You ready. For me I am a bummer corona rebound. It's not a survivor story, but there is a positive ending to it, something that happens out of it. Ok, so Jesse tremendous ass. He Is born on April fifteen tonight sixty one and to scatter way New Jersey. He he claims that his mother was promiscuous promiscuous alcoholic had ten children. My summary different man and his dad was a violent drinker and that his dad and sexually abused him and his brother all the time and that they once other dad rate a seven year old girl. What the fuck that's what they says. They said and that the food are tortured and killed pets and that he once forced
sky, Jesse and his brothers to eat their pet rabbit, yeah so in nineteen, seventy nine, when the sky Jesse tremendous Ass is eighteen. He persuaded to five year old girls to go off with him in search him. Tax is what he tells them. He took them by the hand and led them towards an embankment one of the girls fuck and has some horrible feeling and takes off leaves and with the other girl a little five year old girl ashes like this. I'm gonna get help, but the other girl they get to the bottom. The hell by the brook he knocked her down, he pulls her pants down and right. At that moment, the girl who ran away had got a neighbour and they run up in fact can find him so Jesse plead guilty to the attempted aggravated sexual assaults and exchange for believing guilty. He get. He gets a suspended sentence as long
he agrees to go at counselling or to get counselling. He doesn't get it and he sent for as long as a tremendous sent for nine months to the Middlesex, dealt Correctional Centre nine month, because he said not a fucking counselling here and knighted. Anyone he's out and he Laura's a seven year old girl into the woods stuck on the Fuckin woods, with the promise of firecrackers Ma Am and, again this girl's with a friend, and this friend is like fact, less and takes off I'm her bike bed, while that's happening Jesse takes the girl under the woods, strangled her until he thinks she's dying and while he is running out of the woods girl who survived had gotten pops and they catch him,
please guilty to assaults and is imprisoned in the adult diagnostic and treatment Centre in avenue. New Jersey for ten years, but he only get six years, he's let down after them and a therapist says he thinks that. But he would eventually, therefore says that she thinks that will eventually come at another sex crime, but she doesn't think he'll commit murder so let em fucking go after six years. So when he leaves this facility, he moves and too he moves into town understood her name, Ok, he moves into Hamilton, Township New Jersey into a house two other sex offenders that he had melted facility in what yet
our plan or lake half way how no style their plan dude, there's no halfway house style in its than their own and free he thoroughly nineties. Oh there's, no halfway house style, so it's the early ninetys I was thinking is like seventies. I hadn't I'm gonna like you went in nineteen anyone he goes and for six or seven years he moved out and so he's living at this time in Hamilton, Township, New Jersey, whenever the sex of unearthly live with them, Brian Jenin, he had put, he had joined the big brothers, so he could have access to young boys, so he gets out, The other one is Joseph Sally. He had been charged with colonel abuse inside of me of a five year old girl and he played guilty. The three counts of impairing the morals of a minor. What kind of fucking
in poor in impairing the moral snow, you're fucking rate that your racist, it's not you not fuckin with the morals man you're, like okay, so across the street from their house and one house down in the street, I saw it on a video. It's a tiny street. It's like it's a small neighbourhood, and this is like. Oh, this is a small town. You know families, it's not a dangerous town right across the street lives the king a family. And part of that family was seven year old, Megan. So on July 29th. One thousand nine hundred and ninety four Meghan walks by his house on the way to a friend's house and Jesse tells her as he had done and other fucking times that he has an animal to show her. He says that he has a puppy inside. His house wants to show her and she goes with him. In his room
He rapes. Her and sodomize is her. And slams are hinder the dresser she puts bags ever had, so she won't bleed in his room and strangled her with about, and then he puts her body into it. Oil, chest and dancer, and the near my Mercer County park. It's fucking, horrifying so that night, maidens, Hamleys, freaking out, there's a search for her Jesse. Dissipates in handling flyers. They
the police court orders he tells them. He had seen Megan raining her bicycle around two thirty afternoon, but he also tells marine maidens mom some other weird shit about seeing her before dinner. His story is weird he's like nervous and sweating. When he's telling stories Windsor sorry he went to the moment was like Eliza was like: have you seen them when he was? He was like you ancillary his own stories straight and he was offering too much information and open since the next day, I guess one the roommates had like had like, had convinced him to confess my whole life was like emu for ass. He threw in the bowels of hell, they decide. They're gonna get virgin the skies. Like I'm finally, honey man, I got here next day. He goes in confesses two investigators, any leads the police to maidens body he's. He can message this summer, but now
all of the aspects of the sexual saw, and so once the autopsy happened, the police are like yeah, but here's more information than he is like. Ok, I did that to me he's a fucking creepers. I mean nose like he's not here crazy and he's not mentally impaired, because he knows to keep the certain information from the cops. He knows that he should put a bag of her head so that blood won't get places because yeah he's aware of idiotic anywhere. Not yet really. Thus, of I mean something he's really low, I q, but he knew the things to two hides. He was smart enough to cover zones. I can try to sell. There is so bloodstain, hair fibre samples and also Megan, had fuck and fought back, and there was a bite mark on Jesse's hand cause she had fought really hard and he said that The reason he killed her was because
He was scared. She was going to tell her mom, just better fucking bullshit, so his trials in May of nineteen. Ninety seven he found guilty of purposeful or knowing murder, two counts of felony murder, first degree, kidnapping and four counts of first degree aggravated assault, and June. He sentenced to death and in a statement says: ok, I'm sorry for what I've done the Megan I pray for her and her family every day. I have to live with this and what I've done for the rest of my life. Yes, very sad for used. Even I asked you to. Let me live so I some day can understand and have an understanding or something like this could happen. Thanks. We Did he say thanks to he said, thanks of the sorry wait, his name is Stephen ripe. Ok, I'm! So sorry!
Where is no? I swear. I just said I just sounded so well your wedding. So I'm sorry now my full apology. Now his name is Jesse to memory. Classy! That's right! I see too I'm so sorry, oh Steve statement that pursued so ok We know it, so we can just due to a narcissist, Martha Checklist of like all this sat in a young girls, rape and murder that he committed is sad for him and I hope Sunday. I can understand why this happen. Not why I did this even would be better. We right is, it said, such a Mr Ia, and why did this happen thing? I did yet it with my eyes open knowing full well what was happening. They ain't right- and this is when he starts to say that his dad and sexually abused him and was in which is like horrifying if it's true, but it doesn't need so many people like this happens to people and they
go on to do these horrible things. They became better people or they will become better people, but not fucking, less children. Yes, also thinking what year with them, none does ninety four ninety three, so that I mean I'm just wondering if like did you see, this is ninety two before or after he went to killing and he may be lame. That was like ninety seven I mean I'm just saying that when those things get into like the popular culture, yours I mean to say like this is working. Yeah
I can't think yes, I did, I mean, could have happened. What are now saying that suddenly it's like this beat start starts became a rational like try this. You should try this defence steed. Oh my god. Oh God knows Damosel this. So ok! So here's the positive on this horrifying sorry eyes. This is fucking rotten. They NASA Michel's parents richer on and worrying canker go on a fucking crusade to change the law. They demand mandatory community notification of sex offenders, the Asians law backing La Mrs Megan Sly, which I thought we should all know where it came from. Yes, we should import, and this is why it's not just some and until this horrifying child story, tat murder story, which I would do not fucking arguing that are better than that. But this is an important one night I was. I was studying some other murder today to do, and that came up- and I was actually is known about this sets. I love that
So I really like this is my murder, this as important in the next than one that I found can come up because it has to do with maidens later. But let's get this unity, so Richard and Marine bad ass motherfuckers go on a crusade to change the law. They demand mandatory community notification of sector for sex offenders, which is the thing like when the sex offender moves and dear community, they have to notify a community that there, the sector for a sex offender living there they can't live near schools or day, cares authorship. Can't fucking joined the big brother. Now you motherfuckers, so they say that the registrations venture requires. So there is it makeup whirling act originally, which, as we all know, the Jacob whirling store
which is horrifying, but that only required sex offenders to register with local law enforcement. So they didn't have tell anyone about it except on Foresman, and they said that Megan would still be alive if they had known the criminal history of. Does this dude so in nineteen, eighty, four New Jersey enacts LAW and in ninety six President Bill Clinton signed a federal maidens law and its em. It's easy to amending the Jacob lettering ACT. It sets guidelines for the state statutes requiring states to notify the public some other officials can decide how much public notification is necessary, based on the level of danger posed by the offender which is kind of trouble, imps. Others three tears and based on those tears. They have to tell us or not, if you watch socks- and I can tell you what's in each year- if you want but of its fucking worth it like you to list, acts that are super upsetting pretty yeah I mean
it's all troubling and it's this whole argument now about stuff out. First amendment rights and all this shit and like piano freedom of speech. Just like it's an ugly thing or you just like don't molest children, you lose your fucking rights. When you are a offender you lose your rights and your camp fucking argue your freedom of whenever the shit. They want him to the speech right. Is it like their freedom of privacy? Ass though he had just my boy, you you don't get to how they lost that you don't get to have now. Also tell your friends in your fucking it up. Treatment. Your sharing with all the other sex offenders, yet them know that some american and continue to do they get caught prosecuted for their knock. And be able to have that privacy now to be achieved rapist, I'm sorry, it's like so tier one is is convicted and serve less than one year of imprisonment for something like it's for something like like receiving
possessing child porn. That's tier one like that's a light, fucking thing for them that you don't have to tell everyone or sexual assault against an adult that involved sexual contact, but not completed or attempted sexual. So they try to fucking, rape and adult Didn't I can go through with it. They are not us they are not there scare. You don't have to come and knock on your door. I say I did that. No ok, so you don't know that there's a rapist attempted rape is attempted rapist, because this is the classic difference between attempted and succeeded. Fuck. Here. I will cause all it is it's just going to lead to now they're going to succeed that it's at this time, they're gonna. Do it lemme kill them, so they can be identified and brought to trial right. The second tier when people who have had one conviction, and get another one. So I'm not gonna want that other one they're gonna kill their fucking dictum. Instead of letting them live
a bunch of other shed tears. Three is just like you. Don't wanna fuck me one of these motherfuckers ever anyways and are those that people knocking on your door, no that's actually a thing. Ok, if they do that, I'm just thinking of that part in the big about you or milliner he's is not easy for aliens punched in the faint. That's amazing! No! I think that the cops or like that they have to hand out flyers door to door, but there's a crazy thing to you're not allowed to tell anyone about the flier you got so we get fuckin. We don't have freedom of speech to tell our friends that there's a fucking chow blaster living your neighborhood lights, yeah how's, that Now let me say that this is from a low. You can leave it on a copy. Tabling yet point do as I say, and he also thought tat. Also. This is from a tooth, an episode of sixty sixty and sixty minutes Two thousand so I could be changed by then I entered my research. So, ok,
But with our goddamn law they pass sorry, I'm busy and murdering sex offenders. So yes, maidens la sex offenders. The required to register with local police when their move. Now, whenever and its so amazing that That's a huge changes, not its courage. Four important. Unfortunately, in two thousand and seven, the death penalty was abolished in New Jersey, honest I'm not trying to start a fuckin fight about the death penalty, but I wish this motherfucker we're dead, so so Jesse demand across just is now having life in prison, which I wanted to suffer there too I do everything is fucked. Now this it's wonderful no, it's not it's neither look it's all horrible
it's all horrible, but yeah you're right at least something good came out of it words like at least some progress in some way and I'm freaking out her parents. I'm impressed with them India a meal in the bay mean there's an interview with her mom who has just like, I wish. I was obsessed. She made the cops. Let her go into that room, Her daughter, died thinking about it. They finally fuckin demolish the house and built a park for Megan moms like I can't go to the park like slowly all broke and she was like. I want to die, and but you know they did something with it and had probably helped innumerable settlement in numerous innumerable amount of children, prevention, prevention, that's a gun. I have no idea how many people they say I'll, never know so. Well, May I like that one and also learning learning about what that. Even you hear that phrase, and you don't know what it means totally. I had no idea,
how you doin I'm pretty sure yourself when you what's a thing like this week. Is there anything I'd just like to say sorry to Stephen, you like, if I may use these, are two zero, no etc. It's how it Stevens apology corner system of holiday suliman bad. This episode between Stephen, I usually it's fake. I like to do some pretend yelling at the beginning. We have one thing in this Stephen crying in Israel: the way that class wrong. He looks real broken. Here's the good part about at Samara. Now everybody at home, he has the second elf had on so if he were crying its bear, it suits him like it.
Good and he could use that to cover his face of answer could be it's one of those things combat. You bought one again on yeah, ok, Longo, because I actually wrote Dallas times I wouldn't like. I don't know what I like. I like the show flee bag on Amazon. What is it? I've never heard of it. What a you would love it is: it's fucking, british does it's all reenactments know it's like it's like the show search party that we like yes, but it's this fucking british cheque whose to pray If the party displaying just like a mass she's, a fucking train wreck of a person at six episodes. But it's all like people that you'd know from british procedural rules and she's a mass, but there is this like crazy arc that I've been said as a kind of a surprise. It's just such a beautiful messy show. Oh yeah and, like I don't fucking cry at, shows error. I fucking started crying at the end and ice
buried my face in events closely embarrassment and he was just like this. It's so you watched them on one man, one sitting, I love that's so good. They ever feel of it? On seaside Amazon, it's on Amazon COM Flee bag. I can't figure out how to watch tv on Amazon, and I think I have other things to do it when I gotta do it every time I like I'm, not young, I can't do this- have served twenty one year old, stealing my fiancee isles, and make him a casserole. All these apologies look. I don't think that you are child murder. I never have. I don't know why I came out now that I wasn't didn't receive. I was confused about your goddamn theme song, I'm sorry, it's funny colonel likes. It rises. I just was confused one of it there's a chick there's, a Czech, whose main character on the show who
is from like breathe a british procedure, all detective murder show, eleven Iranian, we all recognise our hearing organised illogical, that island recognised. Can you recognize her? Oh yes and breakdown randomly is in no way to know what the fuck is break. Elman doing it. That's all sounded so weird. I thought you were saying her character, she's playing a girl whose, from a procedural- unlike that's all I know, but you you'll love. It ok brought me a lot of joining. As I gave me feelings again. I do not have those I like the listen. I am bring it back into feelings, for twenty seven to lay gum, even just trying to say I think I'm gonna have feelings again. That is smoky hold. I would actually like me, I think, is a good idea, the single healthy yeah I am sure you know what I want. I had thirty of them. I want to stop
I won't have reality again. I mean it. I know what you mean. I has, I think when there was an I did this like this what is a callback, not activity but like oh, you did it. I know we don't have time more ways of rank. You did you use your weird, you know courts, we do this. We have exercised exercise, I'm all I get my fucking memory I want and what it does. It alone had black mole this whole time with my meaning rains or reason that then you go to the new house and then you're like you're like broadly Cooper, and that movie, where you'd like, can see everything they can to Anna. Like I gotta move lack began. This is really I'm alive. It's too much better. The other way, it's too much for me! Yeah! We do these. We do. This x exercises where we sit,
in reality- and it makes me realise that I've been dissociated with the world because it's easier to filter and when I think that there is a different. Plain of existence, and this is all fake in virtual reality and that every book I read is like the more real than life. Yes, are you saying? Yes, like you're scared of me and you think I'm crazy? No ninety, so I am, I was on his hairy and overlapping and she's lay. How do I say yes in a wager with, because that was the real estate s. I've said in a while all, ok, no that's all yeah and then are you a hundred percent and then she's like leave it. Here, though, don't go. Do that fucking panic attack if you do in real life, so we are key, can't stand to lie everybody
hopes indifferent eyes, as, like my therapist said to me one time when I had quit now don't drink anymore, I quit doing anything extra quit and I had quit sugar and I'd quit. This includes ass and she goes well. You gotta do something because everybody needs a little bit of oblivion as, like Europe really tell everybody needs of bit of oblivion. Yet, within our back tattoo big butterfly, underneath beautiful, put it and quotes misspell oblivion, everybody needs a little bit of a living and oblivion, aiming for perfection here. There's no further action avenue. We don't want it we're bringing for saying that the EU is in reality, feelings in pieces reality at times in visa them did back I'll go into your other world has a cat. I know I have one
but mine. I haven't seen yeah it's I'm so excited for the new ethics serious starring Tom Hardy called taboo, where he plays a guy that he's like on the secret police force in London in eighteen fourteen, and it is the preview for it looks insanely beautiful. It looks like it shot lake. It looks super rate, like my thing. My way of disappearing from reality is going into tv shows and going into Jane Austen movies and shit where I am like it is no longer this year. We are now back in the time where you sit in your room and write letters C40 somebody wants to come and sit in this. Along with. I don't do that with movies Ado with books, because movies, unlike tat guy, has a fuckin headshot that piece of shit and other fucker, like someone dress that person and the wardrobe like a system, is so miserable like someone through cochlear like I can't why I have to make up in my head. I keep you in that. I don't do that. Few out. Ok, fully bag was on one of the only ones I've been able, because I was able to say that one I just talked to her. I was able to identify with her yes, so myself show real to you'd, never laughed yet, as you stated that we value I liked it.
Party is like it was real. I can't do that with movies so and that's why, when you and we knew As soon as you said, Tom Hardy, I was out, everything about that sounds amazing, but he'd kill that you will take you out a pretty. I thought he was a fat tom hardy in whatever hardy work, the football player where the same person I know he's just somebody here, he's a second pretty the Tom family, yeah he's eighty is insanely pretty in this delicate Justin fuckin timber like replaying him. Can you anything? But but let's talk about body deference Tom Hearty is beefy he's hardy slice up here, baby slice of wire mince pie. I don't know something. British the man is, I mean he's played a bush or like seventeen different Taiwan. A boxer face it
suddenly between. Oh, I don't know what you said. There was a boxer, maybe a parallel slide on that. As you know, I'm just saying he's insanely well built. If you ever, take a chance and watch picky blinders. I tried, like I told you, no, I dont like attractive well built actors to where I want to cut them down to size and make them feel like shit about themselves. I just I can then know Tom hearty vehicle is gonna, be good for you, because the man exude confidence to the point of insane Cardenas. I feel bad and everything you're thing I like I like that, like that is just one of those up as its biased They then hookers
in this. I think, there's all kinds of extra shit happening like everything I see in that I have only seen the trailer. So why now details awesome painted, like he's crawling through mud, he's? Like those he's, I can't man having them episode, but he is doing all these things where I feel like he's, fighting the pretty as hard as possible, which in and of itself might be destroyed, and maybe he needs to prove himself that he's like I'm, not a pretty face because, like yeah, I don't know that Tom Heart is gonna, be sitting around doubting himself in a fuckin time and in a way they can. You imagine I mean or BP task privately, but he just did you see that he made a video and it's Tom Hearty read you to sleep. No, ah monsieur you don't hate that I'll. Try, a lightning the that's true please use him being insanely sexy, but I dont is islamic. He's my type sexiness wise its. It is what I
tractor to sexually is eighteen. Fourteen London, I wash you ve. Bang me the plague on a fuck silver platter, owners of bout unaffected and on Tom parties away its time rated. Can I do another one? Yes, sorry, always missile digress. Beggar. Let me now is that we are already out as our, but I mean this is just this is one I've actually sphere. Gainst thing could be. Who knows this is my own trailer. That's my review of a trailer. Somebody and I'm sorry, I can't remember your name- a lovely girl on Twitter red
You. Did me a razor mad three where he is. Did you see that picture? Where he's do you knows, I'm Toma resolve mad squalling down by a personalized, license plate and we're gonna get that says. I'm sad he's throwing up like the peace. I just looks kind of like a neutral and she's just sent to me just said: hey Girl- and I was I just wrote back door and said I've never been happy its vast picture. I am sad and he doesn't looks at all also. He is doing amazing human monetary and work to raise money for humanity, human and humanitarian work for to raise money for people on Syria that he fucking trees about it all the time. He has a whole thing where it's like, send me ten dollars and get get five people to send ten dollars like he's. Busting is ass to raise money for syrian refugees and it's just as like. Www super great actor that was just nominated for a golden globe and you look so good in a fuckin boat. I and you have a good sense of humour, gives you known after squat next city, I'm sad license plate, oh and you're gonna, when I am already ever FUCK and Marty what some already over squatted an axe to yet
nice aging Fgm, yeah, we'll see what he squats an extra. This fucking show now a matter that I shall have another one, we Isles, what if we start doing time each I have the episode of black Mirror: yeah Sandford Apparel denser, my it's over me and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that that's the spoiler, my mouse just go I've surgeon, barrow! It's like the most beautiful love story. So The shortness of such a good show Jarley Booker, the guy that rights that show. I think I think he wrote and directly opposite that might be wrong to, but I buried it. It's such a bit suggests some even a black, mere episode. It's such a beautiful story than we had all I see very often on television cause. It's like it six boiler: Khazars lesbians, but it's like we ve just a love story. Ok, I want
its heartbreaking unbeatable, I was actually avoiding black mare, because when I go to my tv escape twice be an actual escape was so when it's a thing like look at how your phone is: gonna, murder, your eyes, it's like! I can't I don't want to die watch. I nursed episode is so it's so good, but its it'll make you stop using your phone area. Good luck, it's so good Bryce. What's her name Dallas our Dallas Howard, she and I think that's her lessons. Another I've had just catastrophe and those are the two now exactly the same right now, it's not just against s chest and I think it's brace dilemmas. Its she's, so that decide how much account
rather shows do we want to recommend a manly shows that you every single show on tv. Now we talk about it, even though we now know we don't know you don't know who airs we don't care, greener care, Ceuta. Right out? Cannot fuck and song as we go out thanks for listening everybody, you better fuckin q. That's I swear to God. Even do it there I've your thing: Q! Thanks for listening, we love you guys. Thank you for all your interaction with us. Your angel babies were my parliamentary colleagues or some shit like go to thing in play. Opponent of the entire, our lies solely from european area. Yet you and stay sexy and don't get murdered, Elvis cookie yea there looking
Oh there's, no answer your goddamn cookie marrying play. I haven't even say along here, and I can do almost singing failure thing. I think he's trying to fall asleep. Listening to this episode of like you. Could we then, at last she give my address now.
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