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Always in fashion and never full price, it's My Favorite Murder! This week Karen and Georgia tackle internet murderer Luka Magnotta and the unsolved case that lead to the creation of the AMBER Alert.

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This is exactly right.
Yes, this is like polarize part. Four hours I drank ran is well. Yes, I see a much poorer. Mothers are morally, rather them with great noise. Now white setting was that on her boss. Nobody knows the music, what you can do it yeah. It is
Each time it's been like a different like drums, on the cashier. So first one was some somber. I really like that, and I really thought that was beautiful. Thank you. I was lying haunting. You now visited a conscious choice to pull your own vocals out and just let it be an instrumental I just It's you just wanted some wishing glockenspiel in a glass around the article that Glock every once in a while. That was gorgeous. They think you really good Carrie Do you ever get like? I wrote that long.
Yeah, I get really pairs. But then I go through all these other emotions, like Hungary, tyrant, attire, angry shut down entirely shut down like other, whereas the colors agog over their distracted distracted is the final stage of grief stricken by dogs especial no. I love this idea that Stevens Reconnoitring the theme song because over there were problems, probably all a tiny bit. Fifty two ray we ve heard as at the time
see now it we need a refresher. I lay its fun like reconnoitring. We have to reconnoitre, never really yiddish. Yet so it's my my irish grandmother, I wish you'd his words. She was slow it in saying yet assurance every once in a while. You know it's funny. I actually just out of this. The other digs we're somebody's telling a story about maids. My grandmother was a maid. She came this country inches like seventeen and she was a maiden separatist go until she got married companies like I may have made thing like fifteen years. I should have known and one of the places that she began Borg DNS, angry scary, but it's just she. He worked for a family that lived in sea cliff, which is like the ready as part of San Francisco might now like. Nobody knows that is there. I don't know what that is a little there. He noted is you, when you're driving over the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco the left hand side is the Marina fishermen's orphan? All that's the right answer looks like a forest, but just actually land chances, and I do not know that hidden mountains, and so my grandmother was made for a family or she just call them the tools, and then she would say I think the Jews are lies. I worked for nice jewels that it was a man you and I came together. I never like. I think the genes are nice. I think she, cracked the Durban of in my mind I podcast or the nice jus grandma, said. I think it be proud about that
still in Cahoots with nice, Jews and there's some issues. There: what year is that, like the second thirties bag, young, Then nobody liked us back then we'll nobody like anybody. Nobody, like the Irish. No, we undermine. Second, there are signs that they don't have the area and restore. They thought that the two of us or, if I can play on humanity- and you know what they can do, I I mean where they write or were they arrive aim whose on TAT now within vodka, such a mummy and you grandma check it out Roma Mummy. Isn t be like I dont, like other talking, you got her vulgar she. I should actually be insane repassed about the the acts, all those mow. The four
she's a year's some issues like when I speak French does she doesn't like the french May. I was all day whilst Bullet Stephen pull even take all that out, ok, my has emerged as a bad start. Racism donation is murder, irish persons, Karen Bulgaria, and that jewish person is George Yale, hard stern once the fastest jewish name. Like a thing, it's it's Georgia, LOS Angeles City College, drop our hearts that argue that action will be more accurate. I gotTa Yale, I meant the the jewish name Yale, why? A de l, oh yes! I guess I'll go with you for not like the gorgeous chick from. I am oranges and black,
yeah, who were trying to determine the one who's in someone, so we're gonna get buried. She first names, you L, L and she was an episode of the show cod even here, we can beat. Ok, that's so called deadbeat a bow. A dude is a drug dealer in Manhattan and there's a special episode. Let's like the dog at the south, and it makes no sense if I may be, I think, and the people who wrote it we're like MRS this episode and sent it to each beyond their like. You can't give us any notes on it like they were heart, which you know is like unheard of relic you'd they're, just like no notes and in his them one of them was gorgeous, seem in keeping with the name of the opposite. One of them was gorgeous. Episodes of television is, is a new tv show called Deadbeat its new as she has in its first seize him, but it's kind of a show, episode is just in Paris,
in the perspective of this Georgiana L is the dog rocker you're, just gonna find out her like so anyway. The murder modem. I guess that's the way it where an ant, but it's gettin out its plants, yell percent, I think the Eu Iran years late. Now, let's see, should be update anything all this just happen on twitter, as we were like in between one one recording and another. I looked my twitter and somebody had written. Have you about the New Hampshire murder, New Hampshire murder Castle, You guys have to talk about it. So I immediately back a message saying: what are you talking about now caps, I was like you there's
another murder castle like how do I not know about this, and then you and he wrote back yet H, H homes that Chicago dammit. But then he started laughing and was like, oh my god, you're right, but apparently h, H, homes is from New Hampshire. He was probably just flee. Their flipped it or was at the beginning of the story, is at the beginning of the book about age home, one of the funniest ones that he will ask us about like. If we know do, we know like asking us, have you know at TED Bundy the hour like Heaven, as we know at TED Bundy yeah, I have your INA guides, the I really mean it needs and chicken therefore lay a fish and audacity. You know anything about except her. How do you see the guy built a murderer castle? You gotta know if you're, even slightly interested in true cry, like Leonardo Dicaprio is even thought about as a main character in this movie, which he is like we ve probably heard about it. I would say, though, didn't could play TED Bundy
while Gregg in air pop science. Only. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. How much I did just now. I ve without a doubt that you are now. I was like. I can't think of any one. That is perfect, because he's kind of got denies any kind of his heart, like he's not hot enough to be like hot charming, but he's like charming enough to me like hot, because his charming you trust that face we just today the hair and he could become a long legged eyebrows, aiming at a little more pointed you're here to get a little more sinister and probably a little skinnier back. I am like a cable news. Sweater owes like please help me to my volkswagen that doesn't have a passenger seat in your fuckin greatcoat air you're getting in there and what are ya? the ashes called high maintenance, that's not losing out. So I can't stand it is the room was a ghost
from what I've heard it. I mean it's really good, high maintenance. My man says one we're trying to say yes and the episode is called Grandpa answers when Jason is sensitive, yet fun, loving, Doug, that's, be moved from the suburban Midwest Queens culture. Shocked, takes its tore reality until they cross pass with Beth Acute Whimsical, dog y yeah yeah, but she, but this episode has nothing to do with the season it's like. The whole shows about this dude, hi maintenance, whose Those pot on his back, and then there's a random dog episode and he's like you guys inept, but he's not. The episode is about him and it's just such a gorgeous lesson. Everyone has been fuckin commenting and being like. Thank you for recommending flee back. It was amazing, so fuckin trust me right now. Please
they do. They know it's on real. You may now, I'm Elliot began Luna guys out wrong, so wrong rise, and you know I bet you like flee bag and then deadbeat almost seems like the beat in between high maintenance and flee bag. Debbie earlier I maintenance a new who makes that show that they can go to fire YO and say you don't get to give. I think that they don't care like. I think that there are not some I knew whose really cool, who makes documentaries was friends at them and they don't give a shit. What who, as it has been worth, team Ben Sinclair and Katya Leech filled? Ah so there fuck? You did work, I'm good yeah yearly doesn't work that way. Now, that's what I'm saying now. So I was very coils yo cry. You know who else did that of the people who would be I believe James Boroughs, Matt Graining, everybody
said: they're gonna make the simpsons they want. A fox and said will make this, but you don't get to give us now it's worth and they all ages. A trace elements show at that point or another. No James Boroughs he's like legend like they had basically They basically said will make this deal with you and all that, but you just can't they want. Do that again they want and tell my favorite murder the comedy tv show willing and also a game show held comes out. You can't tell us what to do another grave or when I can in your tv show my fine go to think you're goddamn boat about how to you know you mentioned is that this is the first step in episode, my new apartment, the others
that's what we should be taking as our that and how high these ceilings are. Yes, MRS Cathedral, I mean you'd think than if they were gonna make ceilings as high. They would also make them fucking popcorn, but I guess I'm not an architect, so I don't know. But, however, look you can you can take that AL? You can scrape at all how much like us so much money, I'm just trying to make. You feel better. Thank you, but I don't care what time it looks great there. So high up, you can't see it yes, properties and venetian blinds, kill me, but I'm or not. What are they called one of those cub I think those are like no horizontal short heretical blinds verdict, finding ways ahead them, but otherwise is permanent. Amazes is a great apartment pain yet also you just moved here you to IRAN. Like you, gonna get in and guess is the nation s dwelling place. I've ever lived. My life is great, it's really fun. It's got good. Open floor planned here
comes from the third floor so like or save the water coming up the people scratching at the side of the building, you're safe? It's good, That was good. Oh, I forgot to mention this last week when it mattered limit at any fucking it so these two deeds who are who were under the podcast suggestion? We're like hey worth Supernova cast were writing and we are right or on the show. The reality, as leader has been an episode and carers like I have a day job and have a fucking normal life, and I was like I'd out I'll be on it, and so I went on and was honour and its policy on tonight, which is two days after this is going to take. You were you will be two days after rain hearing this, but you can watch online place, that's right! So it's It sees fuckin sui angels, Josh, Kirby and John values, who, like there
They wore so we recorded the sing and they wore my favorite murder. Shirts till the thought came. Recording of this episode like there was a ton of people on set and they every time someone would meet me and, like I was an extra two. They didn't have to be nice to me and if she has a park like there are so nice, wonderful people and, and one of them was second centres. Around keys college remain, which is so insane and ask em on it in a second dancing Quinson I get my baby stolen in its progress. Fun go watch fired at the oars the Saturday. That's right, It should be exciting the early riot fast calmly, festival and work the orphan theatre wrap next week, if it doesn't
Zack. Yes, that should be that should be the bar and have a week off. We should try so heard by Saturday, so you know a week I actually! Yes, let's try really hard, because I need a week off, because work is getting insane. The bats are filling the week after you see you like twisting other nominating while it like an arena to us, Knobs, Edward and push them levers up, and I'm pulling back down all that stuff, which is really hard for me. If I dont like them or get even shoe government at this end, the words should we win should like. Let's I was thinking that we can have guy back on vibrant and back on whose show your Europe currently on your right, but if you like how people were, I didn't ask verily,
the questions that their curious about, like what the fuck is a saying in that thing like we have to write in that sentence and then he is like you. I don't know. I don't know what those things are: ok analyze ceramic it. Oh, I don't know yeah. I think if we had something specific and like lead, through to a certain dear pataque topic We shall back on them because thousands. No he's great, very good. And then it's like just kind of fun. It's fun a third person here and not tell horrifying murder stories. Hey speaking of tea, is there anything else? You wanna correction, Coroner March, Corner, Mayfair, murder, short start com or about were don't were workin on new designs.
Things and start, and it's gonna be gray forever Owen, my favorite murder, not com for the live, just as we have a show in Pennsylvania that we need some more tickets for guys Oh, yes, I go on to the website and if you live in Pennsylvania and you go on there and seek fits near, you are now, but we you a story about your goober driver. Do you know what should I do online God? Let's start ever, let me start with this.
Thank you for reminding know. That's why I write things on my written my therapist today I was like we do what's wrong with my memory and she was well your sleep, deprived and anxious those of luck with your memory like ok, I feel good about it. But now I don't forget about it. Ok, so we were. I was a gun you were to go to are cracked podcast live, show you C B, which I think they're gonna put up soon, which are so much fucking fun and crackpot gases. Their link awesome did so on my way there like did today, we get picked out like fuckin. First, I'm leaving a party and a shame vents and Joe De Rossa. For like saying goodbye unlikely mean they have to wait for a number, and I know I'm seeing them just shaming them. So I get picked up by the stewed who looks like he could murder me, but he ended. I think Superfund call he looks like he goes. He likes it.
He goes outside. Of burning man, you I mean, like he stays Muriel real out Valliere like me, can't afford tickets Emmy like selves drugs outside and burning man, but he would but, like EL safest, around those people more than like normal, because here people, those Bernie men outside the young so he's like so Eddie you gonna. U C, b for like should each at the way I hate overs do and then, as you now, I'm just I have passed him. He is, and what is a man of murder and Nina a kind of like slowly got some out of it, and then he was. I owe what's funny I grew up couple doors down from John Wayne Gayle a new and those economic around the time is a harsh. I went to a party where my friend had him as a clown
our hearty? We use a kid. He was a kid. His friend hired John Wayne Gacy to be a clown pogo, the cloud over the clown and his birthday party, and he said that yeah. He died. John linguistic would come to their school and watch wrestling match is and will end.
The girl. Isn't it weird news again everyone news where this goes into it, but he would then bring them back to his house and his wife inadequate. He had a wife she's, a yak yoga. He would bring them down and then what you toy before is how he would be like. Let's have this wrestling thing, I'm gonna put you in handcuffs, yet he like Newt. He knew of that because I happen to people on his town and his wife were just big o. You brought these kids down with them when they never came back at whatever. He had. That's the wife that eventually left him cause you just get that kept happened and she's just like this is so weird showing Maya kind. The cops you're just like I didn't know what was going on down there. It was just like in a voice someone with not knock like knowing what's going on. Oh yeah, it was the Seventys and in people did that all the time it emerges like we're, gonna go have man time and our man came downstairs and she's like Ok, I'm going to bed, but with children like if she was suspicious enough to leave him. She The cops of her Suspicions
I can't speak to this at all anyways, so yeah like on my way to start Yoda. What could I know what I mean like you shouldn't not married him to a mere two clown. Look, listen, listen, listen, look! Learn the head Cats alone did out there like no the going the wrestling matches and having kids over four wrestling alone. Like everyone started doing that I believe. Will this isn't gonna? This will not stand in a prison. You'd be like one hand on the hip: hey listen, Mr Guy nine, on one and the other.
That's awesome, I mean that's. The magic of getting into just anyone's cock does riot everyone give it a shot. Why we have this by gas is getting to people's cars. It was kind of funny, though, because on my way coarser Georgia got there before me. As I was late and on my way I was texting like I'm on my way here. Whatever you're too takes my uber driver use a live across the street from John Wayne Gacy and then I was like you are lying and I'm just all. My responses are accusing her lie. Like I make shit up all the time, just wouldn't except it. This is not the truth and I was like an I'm, not fucking can the other thing I was going to say is, and I want to say that I was trying to look up the name, but I realise, as being reduced. I just put my phone down, but I'm pretty, I want to say her name is Marjorie. I don't think that's right though, but we have a personal business or pad custom loves it, and also who comes to mind and April's Improv LAB every month, which we really appreciate is God knows you dont want an empty room at the emperor we are trying to do a comedy issue. First Wednesday, at every month it's the
I can't Wednesday, I think, of every month. Second Wednesday, going on at the Improv Llaneros, yes at ten p m, It was called business class to time, but anyway, girl that I met there on our first business class and who was like love the pod gas, blah blah blah and combine super supported. Well, I walked in, to the last showed we did in there's like kind of an entrance way at the the improv, where people centre on smoking talk or whatever she just sitting at the table with her friends and just ass. I walked by she just held out her hand and held an and handed me three x of cards. So I stopped and I was like hey what's going on and then I look and there the there the cold case cards that we were talking about on the bad guys and she,
them for us. We all got a pack in its. We got two floored as an economic, and I believe that an hard math excuse me debit cards that had the law enforcement wooden leg, deck deck of cards are playing cards of the law. Enforcement would give to inmates to play cards with, but there would also be called cases. Like murders and on these things on each one like explaining them, hoping that one of these and one of the people in prison would recognize them or fields like impelled impel compelled thank you, in prison and compelled. I just made those in the wanderers combined to talk with you.
Good idea, you look at them, it's kind of creepy, but then it s a fascinating, like you just want to look at everything. Add sorry Stephen just hand me her name, and it is Miranda something Miranda. What did I say more at a rights marabella, some horrible thing Miranda. Thank you so much for thinking of us and getting the thing that we were so excited even talk about civil. It was basically. This is like the partner item to the murder cards that we're the baseball cards that we are looking at that seed and got for us for Christmas. We're just gonna. Keep second. Compiling cards. We just love cards, Hallmark attached ship card, yeah right, that's our business ray, I think so has spent forty five minutes. Yet we gotta hit that mark cut half that out soon.
Your first, our reopen a take them back. Take a get an undue limit lover limit to cause time. Never work programme. Can you think of the towns? Colocolo mom worked there for a while wait. We started something something close to beat it at a sound thinks. I'm thing! Never! No one where the land, where like a girl getting ready in her room, and you would want, like you, were watching through the window and ended up dang like a dude cross dressing but of his legs, so edgy and cool. Ass, hawking exiles, desired banana republic. They lose Charlotte ruse like they had it in between. Like I swear, this was unlike America's most wanted, like commercials
I want to make soon looking up that, it's just so complicated I mean it was for all those closer. I went to see the golden girls live, which is your drowsy Jackie, be sherry. Vine, unbelievable word for word, reenactments of Sharia LAW, and it is estimated that it announced around. But I dont know that you have to go it's so funny. I told Giotto as about a cause, he's obsessed with the golden girls only he was like so mandatory, I'm gone but age, Alan Sky. He has a golden curls progress to be made. Him he's the best. Now you gotta bring him, but in between these scenes they go to real, like mid eighties commercials, and so there was the shasta commercial along. I wanna Shasta they're. All these commercials over there, but I haven't, does I'm all gum one with two twins?
W W W guy a man of a great number of love own account, because I cannot have closed and we can remember him and they had this commercial. Where the like cute model would walk out like kicker lag and that keep lacking as a clear time, and so my mom told cable cracking like I was walking out of a meaning, then they tried to do you like time kick like as acute joke to end and like for my skirt car and her skin was too tired. She just kick through lax and fell down to Georgia.
I cannot think of clear time with them. I don't kick it or for legs. Close time is like the place where we take my mom to take us and she getting older bad see. She was be exhausted from war and maybe like. I just need one sure and you'd want to like shop the whole story. My mama be like five more minutes and like going crazy heap hangers in these yak sad and metal, fuck, em rack and nothing ever fit me rather, she smaller I'd, be like. I want these tiny bands you can wear any, though for us I was Mimis, CAFE my mom and order of Aachen glass of wine from the poor, fuckin hostess, who couldn't serve lime and just sit in the Vatican waiting area. What the waiting Verde wishes juggling come on our what's happening, in forty five minutes. Ok we're almost there I'm about to blow Mendoza my shirt really
She never sleep, couldn't lengths always tissue Can I ruined cumbersome, though, is the whole issue. Nor does it give up. There was even a much shorter. My cat was only allow shows measure array. Eureka are so member states will take it do this is not the same thing by so switch. I talked about Megan the Jersey areas more with clearly about I'm about to cross a cat staring at me, the Hilton Millions law together that right. So then, I was like hey what's another one of those that, like we don't know the history of himself
so January! Seventeenth, nitrate, only six, which is exactly twenty one years ago said. I. so nine year old, Amber Hager men is writing her bike in the parking lot of an abandoned when Dixie in Arlington, Texas and she's, with her five Euro brother. Have you been in Dixie? No, I haven't known, abandon parking lot kind of, but it just the idea that it simply would not happen like today, not since nine You five. I feel like this, this idea of children alone in an area where it seems like to think that it took a lot of small towns awhile to catch up right because people thought oh no, not here and at sea re or no let up but like these days. Never never they wouldn't. They wouldn't allow
people will be given? They wouldn't allow people like children in an abandoned parking. Aren't they would like someone will cargan, ah right or like you, wouldn't be able to get us any one passing by would cargo police if there is to a five year old, I seven year old, writing their bikes. It would be like a major now here's why yet, but here ok, so there two blocks from the grandma's house. It was broad daylight and someone driving parking lot grabs amber off of her bicycle, like you didn't even try to like. It is grabs, and drives her away in his black pickup truck There's one witness to step forward and he was a neighbouring as Jim core values of seventy eight year old retiree witnesses
a thing called and cause a police right away, and he says she was by herself. I saw this pick up. He pulled up, jumped out and grabbed her when she screamed. I figured the police, I don't know about it, so I called them. The sofa can Arlington Texas, like my figure, that cop should now he was near by that and so he this is what how he described the person that he was a white horse. Spanish male twenty The forty under six feet, high medium bell, driving a late nineteen eighties are early. Ninety nine at ease model full size, American made black truck and then so Amber's brother Ricky goes home, tells his parents were happen there freaking out in abandoned parking lot of the wind Dixie, there's also a laundry laundromat and I guess it was full of customers, but police thought that a lot of them were in the country illegally, and so when the cops
I can swarm. They got the fuck out of there and there's a truck that was similar to that of the kidnappers spotted outside for she was taken outside of the laundromat but no one ever came forward and said that they know who I was, and there was a seventy five thousand, not reward that. Also the promise that they wouldn't be deported if they came forward with information. But no one ever came forward, which I think that they would have if they had known something right again: lotta fucking money at it. As a huge search and then four days later, security art, whose walking Isaak late at night stumbles upon than nude body and amber its in a creek behind an apartment complex which less than five miles from the grocery store parking lot Amber only has on us on her right foot
and an autopsy reveals that her kid never heard capture alive for two days, and she was beaten and sexually assaulted, and then her throat was lashed and she was down behind the apartment complex. But like me, you think, said he There are new someone who live there and was staying in town and handsome time alone like I don't think it wouldn't be someone who actually lives there, because it's too obvious yet would make. Alas, I I a year stale out your backdoor ray you're you're staying at your brother in was apartment law, he's out of town and So after the funeral, a woman named Diana Simone she's a random woman, she's, a massage therapists, Anna Mother and she's from Dallas, and she fuckin calls a radio station and she's like hey. If, if you as can alert the public to severe weather. Why the fuck? Can't you do the same thing for when children are adept addicted, she's just like
some shit together, it's like both what the fuck yeah it say your name again. Is dynamic. Some on yeah she's, a bad ass mother fucker. And she says- and I wish I could do this in a second Dallas accident, but I don't wanna be insulting that she says they're saying Amber was taken at four o clock in the afternoon, thrown in a pickup truck and german somewhere, and that nobody saw anything and then she says, I'm sorry, that's not possible. The problem was not the people didn't see them is that they didn't know what they were saying. So. Nine months after Amber's death, radio stations and law enforcement officials and North Texas launch what they call America has missing, broadcast emergency, worse response or amber alerts. They relate reports of kidnappings to the public as emergency response system. That does the Seminary information about it,
person, usually a child by media broadcasting or electronic Broadway signs that, as of December twenty third, twenty fifteen, there have been eight hundred children rescued and return specifically because of Amber alert, but unfortunately, ammo agreements, objection, murder has never been solved. Oh no! I now and her moms Amber's mom, says I know embroidery very proud of the of this. She was always another mommy to all my children, but I also want people to remember Amber that she had to sacrifice her life for Amber alert like mom isn't like empowered and proud of this shit. She's fuckin cheap It's a bitter sweet for her. You know, like the light orders, have waited. Her daughter have to be a fucking heretic less for her child died. So sad I'm so last year was a twentieth anniversary. There always like we're going to get them and aim at sat in her poor, poor brother. Who is five? Is he
I'm sure he's a mass, ok, ok, so So it's never been solved but were treated symbolic sluicing. The thing I let the own the only like connection to our actual person that can possibly be involved that I found work Ok, so in money tat dna identified a man that twenty five years ago, had kidnapped section, salted and slid the throughout an eight year old Jennifer Shoe it and Jennifer survived while and I wrote and kicked major ass and healing and working on herself she's made her life's mission to speak out on behalf of victims. After her Jennifer's attack, she lay dying in this fucking field of her that's
that's a nice arrived yet have you sooner, but the patient's got like pink carriages can like punkin got in there in the guide, took her out of her bedroom through the window. Up, oh, do, and I now ok. She I mean this chick is like the epitome of like tears. How you came back here. Yeah bedtime, pcs, amazing. Yes, so she was in the field at eight years old for twelve hours before she was discovered and in her hospital bed. She had a scribble notes to the police and she said that her attacker said her name. His name is Dennis and she worked. She did this amazing sketch like she was fucking on it and and in it she was like I knew I was gonna die and I was gonna get every little information like bit information burn under my head and it turns out that the dude wise a forty year old welder from north Little Rock Arkansas. He had a wife and three kids, His dna was on fire.
Has. He had been like he has a fucking rapture of I and kidnapping women, There's a girl strangling my fucking up new apartment. So he had been. He had better you know the normal arrested for rape and assault and only got this many months and in one case a weekend imprisoned for rape for a god. You now bargain down to play down to like the bullshit soft I'd never actually been really. Convicted of kidnapping Bobby he confesses to kidnapping, raping and trying to kill, Jennifer issue it her body- was she was lying naked on her back
on top of a fire Antinous fourteen Arizona she woke up covered in fire answer. Couldn't move should the scream something about the fire. Ass, though kept her alive, and I dont know. I think if I'm remember yes correctly, this is another one: that's lake currently iser via. If you can see it she's. One of those people, like you, said the way she talks about a year alike. Batter yeah, like you know, I learned something inside of you when you losing a lot of blood, you ask us to go to sleep like so you don't lose consciousness and I think they kept her awake. Oh my god. I know now that I'm pretty utterance, I'm pretty sure ease watch her. I survived, look up Jennifer and wherever city in Texas. This is because ninety tells a story, a shilling, yeah, ok, so she's, so he gets arrested for all of this, which is so similar and
this was in in Texas and she had been kidnapped from Texas Apartment, so I mean it's so similar, I'm sure I don't think they have dna from Amber's bodies. There is really no appetite together and unfortunately, this mother fucking Dick Sucker, killed himself in two thousand and ten. But here Confessed and she says you chose the wrong Little forty five pound eight year old girl to try and murder. Because for Nineteen years, I've thought of you every single day and help search free when every year that's pass has given me more strength and drive her when I finally would be face to face with you, as I am today in his sentence issues, she said, but Mother Fuckin Bradford hanged himself in a cell and that's it I mean so he went to jail for that attack. He dead, that's good at least tell them so so I mean it's just such a similar, an eight year old girl that he kidnapped.
Slit. Her throat left her for dad this one happened to survive in, access, you know in the nineties, so Amber another like person who has done a lot, but at the expense of their life. He learned bombed, what's annual bombed, yeah yeah, it's a bummer. It is about more, but it is an important story. Yeah, the ministers or of my men. He was never found like what the fuck will ya like their work. I was really surprised that you said that became known that that I of that little girl because of Amber alert, and so I just completely assumed that I was a fully like eyes that came all the way around and that there is a prosecution for that was part of the UK that women and men and lots like they're, more horrifying than you would expect them to be, and
they ve done a lot, but it's just so making light so often it's just so they had so much information to go on based on that truck that that, if there is a system said I didn't find her. Yeah is scary. Emma Felix someone knows there brother, Amar Ex brother in law or has uncle. You now is suspicious, but don't wanna come forward, it's always that a clear majority or other guy there, but someone here, let's get one. More minors soup. We're grows and upsetting its. But it's I feel like it's always a tiny bit better when we, when it's not a child murder, yeah right, let those other wants it just gotta. I'm sorry I know, but I think there are important, of course,
I mean it's horrifying, there's no like! Yes, they are definitely employment, gonna apologizing, because because it's like its heart a hard thing to talk about here. So this one is. We have gotten so my tweets about it, and so many requests to do this. One that I was like who the fuck is this guy that people keep on being like. How could you not have done this year, and so I started looking into it and there are so many. It is so detailed that what I did was tapped old. So urge more thereat as light. Can you help me? Do research, yeah, they're gonna, make any sense until the week after this eminent, I don't buy. Venice gonna have caught like wild sorrow, Morris area, so that's awesome yeah. So this is This is even more says research, but it's such a good story and its super intense. It's the story of Lucca Mag Nada
the Canadian, yes dude, do tell me everything. We always think the Canadians are so chill swayed animals living there. Maple syrup and their flags, but not this specific one who was born Eric Clinton, Kirk Newman on July, twenty fourth, nineteen, eighty two and Scarborough Ontario, when he was twenty one. Not don't. We don't know that much about his childhood, but when he was twenty one, we know that he started stripping in Toronto club and appearing in low budget gay porn, so not a glamorous, and that was in two thousand and three and two thousand for he was convicted of impersonation and fraud after he befriended a mentally and cassock incapacitated. Twenty one year old woman applied for credit cards in her name and charged of ten thousand dollars in fees, so this guy's got some fuckin or worse
great after twenty one year old that issue use. Is she is here is some serious issue. I would say, narcissism is going to be sure at some point. Souci apathy, its perhaps associates, opts for them on their, so he was before he was sentenced to nine months of community service and twelve months probation. His lawyer actually showed the court a medical record claiming that he had significant psychiatric issues. How hook binary those airports so bad? I now like details I'd like some psychologists sitting there and if I can run with him and there like shed Sid Ahmed, underline significant. This version just try to get some money off a person, but this motherfuckers, like this mother fucker, isn't manipulating mentally handicapped people to get credit cards and has, like guess,
That's an artist has just weren't laying down a base coat make when you do your now. This is the primer. This is like when you're, making a worrying you're making something and you put in the what's the thing with the carrots and the salary in the room, a rule is the like. Saw us now you re Listen, I have a cooking. No, it wasn't I'm from they are going to have a real okay. So then, in no way, no
its mere paw, a mere pa. The onions, yes, our rule is that yes, so we okay! This is the start of something else: bash MOSS, ass, great, a wow. It's been awhile. Ok, seventy thousand exceed legally changes, its name from AIR Clinton Newman to LUCA Rocco Magnano. So that's it completely made up. Nay, I did he, which I love. You wanted to seem italian here. How Italians are So he applies for bankruptcy. In March, two thousand seven saying, citing illness lack of employment, insufficient income to pay off his debts way. We vote, we welcome there, but then after the bankruptcy. His quest for fame kick send a high guarantees questing for fame, he's questing for fame in a big way. He wants money, he wants to live Sheila,
glamorous life, like you and I and now look at this planet like a theme, isn't like what people say. It is the and cut that party famous, still up port feeling you gotta get that popcorn ceiling them like there's, like our colleagues here, so ok so here thirty does he additions for reality, show called cover guy. You can see the opening credits now. Oh, no! No, I'm saying you gotta have a guy. He declares in casting video that quote a lot of people tell mom devastatingly good, looking even that that would sell now but like whenever you're. That was our like. What is this? What are you doing here?
not chosen. He was a region from cover grandparent. I'm well break your heart more then. Well, this he additions further reality show plastic, makes perfect. Auditing has multiple hair transplants knows job explaining how you want to get pectoral implants. He was rejected. The idea explain my password? So it's just not the fame plan going as Spectre get rejected from the bottom of the barrow, like you know, is the bottom of the barrel. Show you knock it enough for a plastic surgery share. So so then, when he started to do was focuses efforts online. So he twice, created Wikipedia pages for himself earlier. Only have them taken then by the self policing community. Imagine what was on those its wicked
Imagine this up like the self policing community is like that they left so much shit, for I am like this fucking idiot, not this. Guy, not this balkan area, then he created the rumour on message boards that he was dating, Karla Homolka ve, yet wife of Paul Bernardo, who killed two teenagers along with raping murdering her own sister, I got. This is how K I did not understand why, in my mind, whenever I saw people write this thing, I thought he was pub, but I think I can, these Hawthorne make these holdings confused yeah. This is exciting, so this is a guy who he cried. The rumour on message boards that he is dating her, but he's not the one who killed. Her sister. That's her has. I thought he was really did that than the husband goes to jail having her. She, I think us Joe Farewell but then gets out guitar it and then he
He decides to tell people he's dating her. Now all share to get that kind of infamy. That's the level of celebrity or now yeah, but. He calls into a radio show to deny the rumours that he started on line when he visits a newsroom in Toronto. And that's the first time he's on mainstream press talking about. Denying it I'm sorry. Said he dated her in the nineties. Now, don't you go to jail or it so? then there's many. A profiles on various internet. Social media and discussion forums created over several years to plant falls or unverified claims about him, and he will himself immediately dismiss these as rumours and hoaxes, and a campaign of cyberstalking according to the police magnolias set
at least seventy Facebook pages and twenty websites under different names. Seventy facebook page, can you imagine what how many naps that is? I mean how many other things could you've been doing, how much, how much more plastic surgery could you have gotten in twenty ten? This is the part where it's going to turn and you're going to get upset children get murdered. While then I don't care. Ok, in twenty time, he posted a video called one boy to kittens know where he is created to tabby, carries visiting a vacuum cleaner and plastic This is why I never heard of him and waste. Oh he was tracked down. He was just known as the vacuum kitten. How does it work? They say you put. Why I was a big jump from Facebook. I know
Oh here's the thing all that other stuff isn't working it keeps doing things. Attempt after attention underlines. Attend underwear lies in our no is right. So then he because he's a sociopath because doesn't really care and he does not have any empathy cheese. Christ. He does that my god, ok, now and twenty twelve and It is made twenty six and a Montana lawyer named Roger Readville, sees a bizarre internet video depicting a man being stabbed dismembered. He alerts. U S and canadian police about this video and they dismiss it as a fate he just sought,
like aware it was posted, so is uploaded. It was called one lunatic, one ice pick and it was uploaded to two Gore sites which were super explicit places. With that words, like super violent, I love this guy he's like on Gore. Sites is like this is too much for me, like what you don't like it had to be that awful holds he's a lawyer, so maybe he was looking on there. For this reason, ok, some workers. He reported it to the point. Tat says it looks right, like maybe he's like seen Gore like real crime, scenes and bodies. So he knows what it looks like yeah. That's can, I think, that's what they said Molly she ain't awhile, LUCA Magnano as flown from Montreal to Paris and when he arrives in Paris he was wearing a wig and a Mickey Mouse teacher signature. And
then so, basically, that was on the twenty six is when he flew to Paris. Three days later, on, the twenty ninth, the residents of his apartment building, start complaining of a foul smelling, never complained of a thousand, or so the janitor then discovers a suitcase next to a mountain of garbage bags. Behind the building and inside is the headless torso man. Now six p m that same night, a package containing a human foot is received at the conservative Party of Canada have headquarters in Ottawa, and it had been mailed from Montreal at nine p m. A package addressed to the Liberal Party headquarters in Ottawa was discovered by postal employees to contain a human hand, so after
making statements and finding evidence in the trash, including a blunt instrument and papers, identifying LUCA Mignonetta they and the police enter his apartment. It's like he did. Some purpose accent the shit like knowingly than it was his stuff like. Finally, to him on purpose sounds: I know we're doing I don't think so, They failed to do so. Police and her his apartment and it's actually a very dark studio apartment and then they find a bloody mattress and blood, and there are four director and scrawled in red. Ink inside a closet are the words if you dont, like the reflection, don't look in the mirror. I dont care. So rest warrant is issued for LUCA Magnesia, so the Interpol adds to the wanted list, and people come in
He was in Paris and he was declared and international fugitive and he's they start. The cop start getting a ton of tips that he's at a bar he's trying to crush a house party. He actually took the bus to Berlin. His name is all over the papers and Oliver Television and the french media, nicknamed him, the butcher of Montreal and the german media, nicknamed him, the porno killer, so but short materials wake or he gets better. So he gets too.
This is- and this is my favorite part he gets too in Berlin. He gets to an internet cafe. This is about a week after all that and the guy that's working there, a man walks in wearing sunglasses and make up and says Bonjour Internet and so the guy kind of notices m. This episode has come on your internet right, and so the guy working there recognizes this man's face, who walked, envy decamped place it and so he's looking at the guy. So the guy goes over two and
computer and in a rented out and the guy from his work station is looking down at the monitor that this guy's using, and he noticed that this man and he who is willing sound lasses, is looking at our article after article about the killer in Montreal, and so then he put it together that it's his magic. So basically they go up in there just like year that guy right, he goes you caught me Why is no fucking phone yeah, so he basically got carcass. He was gurgling pictures of himself area, so I feel, like you just nothing good that happens in internet cafes and yet not anymore, and I mean like Suttons wrong it's over now, yet maybe ninety ninety seven, ninety eight there was less time Ok, so there
on June. Fifty package containing a right foot was delivered to Saint George S school. Another package containing a right hand, was sent a false creek Elementary School in Vancouver. Both schools opened as normal. In the following the following morning. It was confirmed that both packages were sent way or they Montreal, but where they staggered like who is sending them, then he was sending them all from Montreal, but they were different places like further away. So not a is arrested and then he's transfer to a bore. A Berlin prison Hospital and a psychiatrist believes that he's in a psychotic stay. So meanwhile, the police identify the torso victim as low
John and he's a thirty thirty three year old chinese computer science student at Courtier University, its unclear how he met Luke among men gotta, but at an internet cafe, I bet, while they they say that mega had been posting men seeking men and mental seeking men, section of Craigs List under an alien, and so basically, though, they go back and check the video and they see Glenn John had been and had entered, LUCA Magna's apartment building and then, like the now, today is when they see the video where LUCA Magna is taking things. And putting them in a garbage can just one of the love and be loved. Unlike got murder in that society. Yeah yeah
So then he gets taken back to Canada on a military plane and then they sign Lynn, John Skull at the edges, small lake, in an grin and grew on park after You get an anonymous Tipp says someone may have found it end, not only does LUCA magnetic go to trial obviously has arrested and charged with murder, but the police charged the website owner who posted one. Lunatic when video was in that I got charged with corrupting morals. One lunatic one ice pick why and he ended up going back It was real, but here no Israel would
but it's his like responsibility. He probably, I think, probably in watching at length. The lawyer did. We know such as it out there. Can you, like, I wonder, what's out there, I have no idea to give her watch, like I'm website the recent sector com, but it was something like rotten: dotcom, rotten, dot, com, yeah click through the young struggling Yanza bomber her, but I have seen they're gone So basically he just goes to court and he ends up. They give him a life sentence with without the chance of parole for at least twenty five years, and they, I had to say in the Bert case that he is based. They that he was crazy,
and it doesnt work and he gets basically the full extent and they added on all these. Other charges is like first degree murder, but then also committing an indignity. Do a human body publishing seen material criminally harassing? Prime minister, I mean that all that sending stuff to start made all you now. So what did they say what he had liked at the house? killed the guy and then like was the dismemberment. There he was was already. I certainly look like they say he stabbed him to death and then dismembered cries. Yeah. Can you imagine if you'd like watch that baby But this is sake and then like going back and being like now
oh fuck and watched a moral, that's why all that stuff is like. Why would you want head it's? So it's such a bummer and at such a bad vibes, even if your faking, something like that, like are you doing out, look up like crime scene photos sometimes and then like there's ones, airline quaintly clearly can't be fake, and I make no mistake. It's like, I have to commit like commit to it being vague, or else I lose my line, It's not. I don't think it's good to have those pictures in your head absolutely not now, and it doesn't Hope you it's not like, you can't imagine what it might be like he also so anyway, two thousand fifteen LUCA magnetic. He tried to file an appeal for the conditions, but it didn't at an arc. And he actually withdrew the appeal himself. So apparently someone I don't know, I don't know what happened, but he was like you know. I'm gonna drop this whole fame thing. Maybe I'm gonna try to do something else violently.
I'm just going to get into Buddhism, so that now I understand why everybody was so obsessed with it because it freely is insane and horrible ends. Beyond the lady, I'm analysts and other people now because, like I always thought that I always I never look that went off, everyone does causing osity that one now I thought it was connected and I got that one and that horrible couple kind, the hybrid, aren't, ok, yeah. I always kind of thought. It was the same thing as a gun on you to know about this one like yeah, we now it's boring he. You know they fucked her sister and they killed her and like now, she's out and socks. But, like I didn't realize, battles boring
which is one of the one that everyone knows about right side didn't realize. I have never heard any about. I know me, I didn't know it was that, like crazy, detailed, I didn't know, he was like the idea that you're sending body parts to the Prime Minister, like grammar schools, all those things where and then knowing his whole thing of wanting to be famous like you're, that needy that you would like, murder, someone cause he wanted a martyr, someone he murdered someone, so he could put the video up online and that's why it does seem like that is so grow any. My guess is an image. An element of most killers. The thought that, like everyone will know me, I have this power all become or now, and I would like most of those people do like like one of the killings Conway like you're out in public and you get a bunch of people like a madman
like they re mass murders to do that, not when he did and which is like so personal creepy, and then it's almost forcing other people to watch it well and also its it almost seems like just this lame modern version words just like all put it on you to be my super gross. You know serious mental problem on Youtube and get a bunch of heads and like forest, other people who have to deal with that. Having seen that for the risk, their lives, you between that's the thing, if you're looking you're gonna find out, I like you, have to remember: if you have your honor horrible Gore site, then that's what you might look and then you're gonna have them in your head. As someone who leg sleep at night. It's so easy to just kind of like click on this thing and click on the next thing and then suddenly find yourself at this like place and then suddenly see something that you don't want to see you. But you can't look away. It's like not like you're like sucking,
in, like man, murders another man. It's like you just like I've, seen some shit that I didn't. I realize I didn't wanna see until I saw you name in Kenya and its hard to get out of your head. But who are you to like people are looking at it. Because they want to see it. It's fucked up, yeah, that's amazing, that's crazy through finally did that one? Finally, thank you. No thank you. Can I tell you I forgot about this. I was we we moved in this new place this weekend and those pursuing the Dan Isaac down this, like the staircase Hennis, like girl, with a really cute, I walked up and she was a slight cool girl like that call. You know she's, so I would have done so at the poor girl. Could have sworn. We walked by each other. She's whispered stay sexy
I'm sorry, I think she whispered say sexy. That's creep which is so great that I think I'm also. I think I'm also really paranoid. I know I know I'm also relieve. Aren't you definitely really paranoid, but it sounded like she said something like that. I mean I guess you'll find out. So I'm gonna die positive thing! That's what I thought you were doing anything anything turned into that. I bet you're doing a positive thing when you say that story, that's how they aren't. I realize now that's like a twist a real at the end, my real positive thing, some in this apartment a new payment, complex fan, there's this thing that happened yesterday and it puts to my favorite words together as one and so I'm positive thing is jacuzzi cat, there's a fucking job. Black cat
Van Sarah Jacuzzi, this fuckin I have like hats strolls over the savage gives a MAC. I thought I was an buckin nor any I let me pat him with my web. Hey, I can just standing him and then he had a cholera of cars and was fuckin Gus, while you're sitting it in In this case he was about to cry because how happy I am that I gotta be inadequate like this is my dream. I can't believe us and then this cat, just fuckin saunters on named Gus. Like that's a second thing and he was like I think it is an alien like he was kind of like what the perimeter, but like letting me with only me pat him hack, wet hair like a wet hair. Where is it was ache? It was a dream. It s, amazing! That's good news about your future jacuzzi experiences, jacuzzi hat with it a different one. Next Anna now comes up, she's all why
one green I'm on blue eye Jude soon and I were just talking about others. A fucking cat at the fucking cash sheltered But you know who's gonna lie with one green I and one fuckin blue eye name. Cappuccino. No, yes, It's a sailor. Why a coward alluring agreed, I Major man. I don't care what my therapist says about detachment, beckoned issues yeah and as the matrix jellia tap in he's gonna then, what's yours lead. I guess I would say it was going to see the girl.
The girls lie which I had to get. I went and did Jamie leaves podcast. So I was downtown as kind of far away and I bought this ticket and I went to buy the ticket for golden girls live. You usually can roll up and by as many tickets as you want, like a small squarely things, I could only roll up to one says I got whatever else. If I can only have one of one's white bought that ticket, so it turns out, I bought the last ticket. The guy told me because he was like you're not on this list, any like checked it a ton of times, and then he went on to the website to get their list and then he goes. He watched one girls named disappear. I took her place and aggression literally bought the last taken. Unlike made her oh yes, I had to sit in a share in the aisle he boat. He goes here. You can't you can sit right here and so, like everyone else is kind of. You know how it is in that room, a grazed up and- and I was like someone's weird handicapped grandma hours just in a chair in the ILO, Lionel buyer at Here- yeah exactly so
show starts the lights go down and they put up the opening screen of the golden girls and non theme. Song starts everybody start singing and airline that things are now. Everyone starts singing the theme together and it was it. Everyone was like a laughing and smiling. It was like a very beautiful, like bonding moment in this weird way where it was,
really nice, and it was you know it's like eighty people or something I would please bring me next time. Loved to yeah we should totally got, would be so far. No, it isn't just allow me first of all, like a group saying it's always very like a third act, but then everyone knows every word to the themes. Girls, unlike some people, really belting it out, and I think that these values are like a moment in time like used in ice, I stay at home. I was a kid. My watch that, with my family dear to only I had an idea you did it was. That was that's. What was going on with everybody with the whole, it was really lovely. They have my god. I follow Jackie, be on Instagram, though I bought. One of those must say thank you for being it's all those guys dressed up as the golden girl and you for being a kind did sign, is like I can't even handle, have bucking amazing. That is a super gun, so you know, a great moment, so what a great Kafir that's our episode, thanks for listening,
you now twitter, Facebook places March Instagram feeling Syria buy tickets. If you're in a city where it is not sold out. We love to see you check what those cities are on the facebook page. Stay sexy and don't get murdered Alice lucky day by day
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