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2017-01-26 | 🔗
Wake up dads, it's My Favorite Murder live from The Orpheum theater in Los Angeles! On stage, Karen and Georgia tell the sordid tales of the LA Ripper and the Greystone Mansion Murders. Then, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds from The Dollop stop by to tell their 'hometown' stories.

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This is exactly right.
Is this a little too loud, it was a little bit. So are you guys? I didn't go to the marches in came here and it's pretty cool that we decided to do are alive furs. Huge live allay, show on the same day that the revolution started. My dad is like way where the falcon yeah yeah wake. Starred aid can feel Madonna's. I thought I saw you know that steadily Cuba, we ve all been waiting for this whole time. That's my madonna! That's the Madonna highly member, like the actual, Madame, like that Jesus is Mommy Madonna with care and that storage and where my favorite stupid never do that again, never introduce ourselves. I know we never see we're my favorite murder that super lame. We're let's go. Let's go ahead! Just take five minutes to our own Wu Wu Wu peering out lets you! Ok,
I guess I guess of all the signs I saw today the one I saw that I love the best whose boom, with a picture of Ruth Bayer Ginsburg. Did you see that line where it was like AL? You fives better, listen when a tennis talking yeah, that's right fact in there's a new rating system and I couldn't be happier holy shit there. There were a lot of good sites. I think one of being like a guy was holding up assigned those just like. I have nothing to say, because I'm sick of hearing mentor so many tweets in response collar response business. Many things
hey now Harry! Don't let's get deep, ok, look! Here's the truth! This is the dress I war to the New York LIVE show some of you may recognize now. Here I have to tell him I pay attention to myself. I might actually might have borne the something and then just remember who lets why you take a stand up and let's take a look at it, now, just walk it out now. Ok, I well because the only reason I'm doing this is because, if my sister saw the shoes I was wearing with this dress, she would be lived it at me. She's always like take the time by a two hundred and fifty dollars shoe you deserve. It is wrong, but slight one disease package, other one, two, three four: they do. My sisters are better times better. Listen when these tens or talk in and by that I mean the size of my shoe. That's right. I too big a target because they didn't have names. I mean sometimes you just gotta. My feet are broken because when I was younger, I like say six legs, kindred than say southern, downright ancient Chinese of you, my actual real life sisters. Here, let's get a spotlight on Barbie, get my that's right! Lee you, mother, no real! She may do who you are today. She did a broken human Beth kid I've ever met. My life. Do well, I do have a present for you,
You can keep sneaking presence at me. I certainly can this one is the best, because if the last absurd we talked about, I talked about going to see golden girls live, which is the best show ever. Yes, that's right. Let's cheer for everything to see this tell Campo drew Josie, Jackie Beach, airy vine, SAM, paying Campo everyone after the party after party go there it'll be very after after party very closed will stand around and apart, but so I told Georgia that at the end of the last pod cast, and then she told me about the money they make and it is a mug that has just of the golden girls live on it. So it's all those guys dressed up like their characters in the golden rules and on the other side of the mug one side is that picture and the other side it says. Thank you for being a kind and well here's the thing. So Georgia was like she told me about that mug, but I had already bought her at that live show but then had second thoughts because I was like what is she gonna think I'm passively aggressively calling her a client like. Oh here, thanks to remain kind? No, I don't. I don't think that deeply uglier than here thinks we're being yeah. Yes, what am I just what the master in its anarchy tonight? Ladies and gentlemen, I am a kind man proud of its spot. How do you feel about people who bring their babies protests? I don't give a shit about anything I the world is about to blow up. You can fuckin bring a dead body to approach to show show. I love it. Sorry, as a strong reaction, I haven't had any protein a couple hours ago, MA I'm doing this. You might have dust of it made. No, because I actually in thinking I shouldn't give it. You ran through the washing machine. I mean the dishwasher God, that's ok, you're gonna keep an eye was going to tell you about. I was going to keep her great. Thank you. I was gonna. Keep it and then imagine my chills when you're like they have this market, and I was like a fake what it was that sounds. So we think here that's kind of your welcome. We we're gonna carians, like let's bring signs out what kind of science and then like. We have this some giant Elvis hand that we are given that the Chicago thing raves what's up and I I thought we should say require. I thought I think I was like, but what, if they re, keep your hands off my cookies
Very funny, but why didn't I didn't do it? I needed the now. That's right, you know some people are dedicated and they craft and they glue and glitter, and then some people got asleep some people, some people tell a friend is having a meet up before they go to the protests. Some people tell them that they're gonna show up nine canker the protesters anxiety but they'll, DR everyone did the train station and then some people can't wake up before seven thirty and then don't do that and then just promise I'll take my lunch next week. How many people were involved in them because there's were you all of them in that one? So I'm going to lunch alone next. Should we start sure it feels like research? Don't you feel like listening to? Don't you feel like listening to a couple stories in quality for being a friend right? That's that's for sure to what who's
travel down the road and back again, whose MAC, whose first is gaining arrogant hell. I get a chance that bank guys I am I mean there is refuse. Why don't care my ships here, I've gotta go now on a voyage.
Ok, so I decided because we're downtown- and it's such a rich and story passed this city December in it were sitting in it right now that I would do in old, downtown old, timey murder or not. So I decided to do the murder of the Ellie Ripper ever heard of that guy there on his grandchildren there, like. How dare you speak of my grand
Happy that way. Ok tell me everything. Ok, this was a guy named Otto Wilson. He was born in Shelbyville Indiana graduated from high school nineteen. Thirty, he moved Indianapolis. He served in the Navy and nineteen forty one and then he was given a medical discharge. After his wife complained to the San Diego naval authorities about his unnatural impulses. That's all it takes. Banking wants to touch my butt hydra about, but what does he want to touch her, but with that makes it feels so unnatural, like children, while turns out that before she left him ultimately- and I guess after she may- that complaint he had cut her, but with a razor. I wasn't yours a right, though its color, I know you re enter by your razors and children are very similar, a fuckin. So there is a coup in this article I stole. I just it was straight up like Hutton pays plagiarism from two things that I then forgot to take the actual names of the people who wrote these articles. That's my favorite mariner! So there's some there's some very flowery language. That is not my own I'll, find it and say it later. An apology and it'll be boring, but in this was one of the sentences that I love that I couldn't based onto here in the orphanage in the Navy in his last months of drifting women.
always subtly domineering over him. I am sorry that link fuckin, let it happen, broke one problem with bad, yet ended dont being domineering over. We know our shit chill the fucker it's kind of hard to be dominated over some time be properly suck that fucking shit. Like can you touch me in my like normal area? No undue the razor turn around new. So it all kind of he was on a bender. His wife left him. Things were bad for several years.
He never November fifteen nineteen, forty four he had been on. He had been on a two day bender at that point and at some point in that time he had bought himself a butcher knife. So what did you just go into like Macy's or something kind of drunk? You know how you do with hot dogs at pinks, but with a butcher, nine, you don't even me the license anymore to get overturn. I that's get em Willy nilly. You can second register for one wedding. Are you gonna be done that another eight? So he was,
the bar and he met a woman named Virginia Lee Griffin. It was on main street, yes dangerously, where we are now, but quite a long time ago she told him her name was virtue and she's described as a big young woman, with lipsticks mere too heavily on her lips struck him ass, I ran sounds familiar though how she was married, but her husband was away and she liked a good time who does it so they drank together, and then they decided to go somewhere more private and he very gallantly held her arm as they cross the street in the rain. This, like, like very sweetly, all nails. He has really weirdly long male, oh, what? If it's the guy from the Guinness Book of Worlds records the longest nails ever has like. Do you want to go somewhere more private now
words are no we're talking about anymore, so they went to the old Barclay Hotel, which at that time, I think, is relatively new to shit on someone else's writing Ben I'm stealing, but I think it was pretty new back then so apparently they say that she was overheard saying when she walked in and this is the words written. So many do a little voice for please, if you don't mind ways down here's the core and don't after that I won't want to do. I haven't you. Don't you know me yet
so she looked up unsteadily as they walked into their hotel, and she said I got my horoscope told Wednesdays my lucky day, Jaime Virgin Element again today. My right, I mean no, I think, you're dead on and that's how you know that astrology isn't real, because this doesn't prove it. I don't know what else you need so they registered as MR and MRS O S, Wilson of Stube, Anville Indiana and after they ve been in the room. They had a couple drinks forums a bottle whisky. He brought she demanded more money from him. So the funny part to that point, as they had really mention that she had gotten money before that, so she was a sex. Worker or a married lady that like to have fun. Maybe that's the way they said it by fair enough to I mean whatever errors
So what she said to the cops was somehow I got sore, I socked her and then I cut her. I was going to dismember her body and get rid of it, but I found that I couldn't do it so I left, but a gentleman like an asshole. I got sore eyes their area, That's how you know it's not from now, so he low, so he punished in the face so hard that he killed her ray. Oh, what do you know? I was listening now, that's a better story! No! No! I don't know he was met. But she was lightened basically being kind of greedy online you now and he what he would do with strangle them and they always like pass out and then he would cut them on IRAN, so
when he left the hotel room, he gave the made a dollar and he told her not to disturb his wife and and later on. Of course they found the body and it was sprawled on the bed and she had been slashed her body, it's about been slashed open from our throat to her vagina and her end trails were pulled out gets worse. If you want to try to really orchestrate the reactions and kind of tightening up and get it actually out together, there's no orchestra, her breasts, had been cut off in an arm and a leg. repair centred severed and the murder weapon. A razor, sharp carvingknife lay near the body man
I was like halfway through is like cancer can be easily. I can't do it anymore, flogging, tired, I'm tired. How many times have we set leave the eyes and the boobies? They won't listen. He leaves the hotel after that fucking carnage, and he goes to the million dollar theatre to see borderless Boris Karlov in the walking dead, this fundamental references annoy pointing at everyone yeah, you know you let that be in place thing: bucking, sick, I was So when the movie was done, he went to another bar. and he went and met a woman named Lillian, Johnson He took her to the Joyce Hotel, where they registered, as MR and MRS O S Watson same name. So,
he realized tat. He was the same situation where he gets into the room and then he told the cops like I don't know. I just got mad. I just got mad and I I hid her and but of course she was found in the exact same condition, the virtuous found in and but well but apparently, while he Peter up, and then he realized tat. He had left his knife at the other hotel. I also see see he shaved. and then and she was like unconscious on the floor. He shaves and then he takes the straight razor that he just used to shave and and kills her and is now rather than on the way out of this hotel. He stops by the desk clerk and says my wife is sleeping. Please don't disturb her code, for I just murdered life this, that kind of this my yeah
so witnesses from both hotels gave the cops somewhere descriptions. They took that information. They created a dragnet all around where we are right now and one Cobb is in a bar and he sees a man matching autos description in a boom in deep conversation with a brunette in a tight red dragon honeys, or was he was going to do it again and he was there. He had lit his civic cigarette with a match book and the match book said the bar clay, hotel and his hands had blood on, and the cop was like. Excuse me I'd love to speak with you. Give it a week like shell of camp she's assembly has no chill so
They bring a man. He immediately confesses devolve killings. He admits his compulsion toward blood lust and he told us pull the police that his His first wife left him because it could creep up on her when she was naked and slash at her buttocks with a razor I mean cool like one time. We like goodbye like the one time you're like withstand a mistake, tell me now. If it was a mistake and every time you need stitches because of your fuckin husband, it's time to get the fuck out of their unless Here's, the super gross part. He told the cops his favorite pastime was kissing and licking the blood away, while he apologized for his odd
Many other pastimes like their sale boarding, and you know how great like naps, naps raccoons anything look like reckons music like a May. They and their own food with their little hand, video Youtube videos of ravens talking, and they can t talk better than Para. Yes, it's crazy, and nowhere is alone is no one knows that everyone here is like waiting. I like it's true. It is so true. Anyhow, look I'm in a rapid out by saying that Doctor Victor Park in the defence I kind of tourists and a member of the LAS Angeles Lunacy Commission at the thing, that's gonna be a thing again and we gotta bring it back. You guys that next March, this man testified that that Otto witness semi automatic state- and he had no feel audio matter- weigh up top on that pass, so that those things
he was in a dream like state. He didn't realized, he was butchering fellow human. I disagree baby. a basically. They said he was crazy and so then Oddo Steve Wilson notice that before Steve Wilson was executed in the gas chambers, San Quentin prison prison in September of nineteen forty one says right here, but his son honesty, you re, Morrison Junior, my survey. I notice that Stephen would often scrape up against my, but with sharp bangs enough of that.
Ok now is awesome, thinks I appreciate it. I didn't write, I just read it and interpreted. Thank you. Mine is also than to NATO's there's a lot of sad crimes today, but not political ones. Man like a bunch of shitty shit, so he's a real, ok Johnson, Dyke, Nothing Greystone mansion. Am I wrong arsenal of the declining don't guinea murders am I wrong people, not just let it go he mansion. Am I wrong. Never has three people were like? Yes, yes, and I would ask you, madam I am I wrong, no you're. Never so don't the dough heat the Grayson, the Greystone mansion is a fifty five room mention in Beverly Hills. It spilt next, twenty eight at the time,
it costs over four million dollars to build and was the most expensive home in California well, and has also meant that he mentioned because it was a gift from the oil tycoon Edward does he need to his second Can a shitty son, NED Watson that why attacking mad man might not be sure they. But ok, if he's a dough Heeny, let's not be rude to NED,
Does net is a key area? Oh oh, this is about no oh shit. I spoke to you soon so Edward you Gimme, the older dude comes from a poor irish immigrant back or do not point at me, though, is why it was only two generations ago. You did that. I did a ok, so in an in Edwards laid like in the late thirty's, which gives me hope with my life he becomes, he was superpower and then he like becomes a California oil taken. He drills, you can do it
Did I like there's only one you can find it a man, so he emo email on, like last Ghana, Gavin you're in them, for your waited the airport in their those like dinosaurs, like oil, like he's going to fuck and found the Ellie confidential nuance? Yes, yes, the, unlike the tar pits like that's all. That's him did he made tarred with our neighbours our he sent. Those diamonds are bound. So he, becomes the first successful oil. Well guy and MIKE there will be blood is like this. Basically him, ok and he makes a fucking fortune, and then he eventually owns one of the largest oil companies in the world, and this is the nineteen one tease where everything was cool, so his son add is living off the money, unlike in pretending to be a business man and then a nineteen thirteen. I think he's in this late, teens early twentieth. He meets a man named Hugh Pocket and Duff.
a man at the time who is working, gas station near the house, owned by like friends and Hugh and NED, become good friends and Hugh, starts working for the dough, Heeny family and eventually becomes a NED's personal secretary Huh many trials of him on business like that containers, shit. Ok! Now I get it men are held up to the gas station on days, like my dad made the wash my windows according to a family friend, their relationship was more than that of friends, and another said that they were like brothers brothers that made out all the time their ina,
so in November twenty, maybe you know they were two of them check into Sweden. This fucking plays and then men takes out. A hundred thousand dollars is about ten million entities, money which I fucking love. Here, though, everyone gasped people love money, ten million like that's like, so we could like me,
retired for five years after dinner gets a net, takes it out of his bank account, and then he and Hugh gotta DC. They meet with this dude who's, the secretary of the interior of learning, restoration and a number of them, and the data this dude Albert Fall is a friend of the older. Do, though Heeny and they handled the money and in return gives them a promise. Every now and then the fact that I slept through his situated literally fuckin was on drugs. So, basically there's some kind of an oily business deal going down. Some of the words Teapot dome scandal.
like. I'm ok, something happens that fought like follow gives, though he knew a bunch of shit and a bunch of oil stuff and train in exchange for the hundred box. It's like super shady and shed a man, so our follows eventually charge with conspiracy to defraud the United States is pregnant, teapot, dumb, dome scandal, that's not a problem anymore, apparently give everyone money and get yourself The hearing NED so ned
The sun has to testify against his pop and he's. My email is acknowledged in doing wrong then and Hugh his second boy for their implicated, and they ok. So, at the end the dad gets acquitted kind of, and so as enneads worthy, he builds whom they Greystone manner. Ok, shit arrive forgot about, thereby back we're back in at the Greystone, my biggest house you ve ever heard of your life. Can I just tell you really work ass. I went and saw a play done in the grindstone manner. Asian. Yes, where you walk around the play is heightened Greystone man, oh yeah, yeah yeah, because they do a thing accusing me of his for Christmas or something, but you walk around like you're this party and then the actors are around you. I hate shit like that. So much. I think it's so embarrassing to be that too, like an act to lady of this John as like, I don't look at me,
but anyway I, but the house itself was lovely amazing limits, but can also get right. Ok, men, Karen Calgary was there yes. Finally, okay, so few starts going fucking crazy at this morning, because he's like I have I'm just like a party- and I have two fuckin- testify against- maybe my lover and his pops and butter okay. So on February sixteen thank you, twenty nine who this is gas station. Do you live? himself into the main house, because he had a key and he used to hang out in this. Like rooms like it was, his bedroom sometimes belch really so good,
so so net in hue they meet in this, gets s, bedroom and useful that the fuck out of a parent Lee and then a round eleven o clock Lucy the wife of NED, whose, like second staunch Catholic, here's a shot twice, she's living room reading magazines and who does she called, but I heard a shot, the police know they opted for the family doctor O Emissary Batman, No, no! No! I just did that Britain will never call the cops now. I cannot tell your lawyer, you can get you call your anyone ended there. So many people think has helped me in terminal
my money on sending people moving about. So here I'm ok, so the doctor says to the cops if he hears Hugh yelling at them. From this like place, not come into the room and the second shot, and when the doktor goes in, he finds both man and the whole. Their whole story is that NED had been shot by Hugh and he would shot himself like a murder suicide.
and then I wrote suspicious shit like that. I'd really grids, so ok, here's insufficient men gun and the second ovine did gun was the murder weapon super weird rape and before the police were called. The bodies have been moved from their original position and the body and the police for cod- and I too am for the first shows at eleven p M and the fucking cops are homes ilium deliver their move and stuff around. They will yet the fucking bodies will move yeah an objective, and so what it looked like is that bad ned was shot. By dough Heeny in the head and then dokey me who had us like a lit cigarette in his hand? How do I. landed on the gun after killing himself
special share, rank oh yeah, but beware that delete, but there were powder burns on the whole indo. He knew his head, which means the gun have been less than three inches away from his haven't, been killed himself. Would you three points to suicide, and there was no powder burns on here which every fuckin person here as ever, watching the fucking discovery. I do think knows it like you check for powder burns, yeah, that's issues starting gun there, weren't any, The reverse, ok, but with the hours the DA's office hold a press conference and like the murder suicide. Unlike this, poor person killed this rich person in my clothes, the fucking case, no autopsies, nothing which is like you're in China, The media that point ok, so here's some theories. One was that it was a murder suicide, but that NED and he had been together and that no didn't you had been called a testify on the bribery trials
That NED had been assured immunity and who had not- and he felt betrayed which is shared ned- was assured immunity against his father. He was not. There were throwing him under the Bosnia. They're gonna make the poor guy terrify the stared for outward fall away, like the other was that net in hue were lovers, okay and that they had a fight and that Lucy caught them, though the wife of NED. At them and kill them herself bitterly. I should call the cops immediately, and what supports either, that of the lover that they were lever stories and that they killed each other and I'll ever squirrel is that they were both buried in fair and forest line, which is a secular cemetery, but the Heeny family were devout Catholics and you'd you don't you berry someone in a catholic cemetery. If they kill themselves,
oh yeah, that's because suicide is. What do you call it number one says like a number of cardinal venal, every gas catholic nurse who went there. Ok, ok, or that they were lovers and everyone knew it, and so they were buried like within a few feet of each other. In this secular fuckin play ok, and so they are very together in close by, and so no one really knows what They killed each other with who killed him and why his son being killed. His investigation was basically called off, which makes everyone think that maybe the senior dough Heaney fuckin kill both about well shut. The fuck up cause he was getting off was got off because of his kid getting harder to. Basically, anybody about family could have it was getting off,
what's he got off because of his kid getting learner to. Basically, anybody about family could have murdered them essentially, and there is Miss was fun. I back there ok, and so now it's a city park now and so everyone likes meet there tomorrow can go there now. Just have tours and just Chillun of a fuckin pigment is pretty and it's an amazing how I suppose illegal beautiful, but it's also must be hunted
I hope so. Yeah is all that happened. Did nice line? Does our murders that every done well? We now have some special gas to bring out because as very exciting, this is the portion of our show that we normally do hometown murders, and so we thought it would be fun to have our two friends are. Our brother podcast might want to say from the dollar Dave Anthony Gary, rather than ever they get over there. You signed us and take the stay here so NED in whose you're the guy, what he'll hear they were totally they were truly fuckin. Could someone came in and some fuckin and then Newark Fucking Radio, and then they put their clothes on a move, more use of the invasion of their clothing for murder dress, while we move in them are no version of it. I want to say that some modification they were told again at all. Ok, we ve been clear the olive theories day. We heard you guys have hometown murder. I don't have a hunt Amr. So what so we are less. I was gonna get my hometown murdered. So there's there's a murderer that everybody who is as the dollar has always been like. You have to do this one and I'm like we don't do murder. What do you mean? We don't murder people when we don't cover them or we ve actually started murdering people while bring you in on it. Thank you you they will need to be meeting. We should have a beta expenditure. Log George you're, not communicating our ways to catch up are often, I beg you, keep losing one fan a week.
Here's the murder, ok, so military! So my only sorry, this is us again and I just remembered something that I used to slash your buttocks: that's the scars! How dare you speak of our secrets or that you guys did that we did the tylenol murders? Oh, my god, then we did the bad ones we rush needs, which I know that you have just did it get inside outlook and writer cartels. Man now feel we put out the tylenol like within hours and other. I yes, but you guys you there from the martyr perspective, and I do we did it from the like fun perspective, commercial tie and it will get sponsor a lot of Marine Tylenol out of that one. There big players to lavish wag there very popular company has lagged Tylenol problem. I got the list goes on and on they give you free time and never the jail caps, jail gaps and other ones. The way our jargon it dry lines of a dry wanted you care in the dry, won't unwelcome shirts, Tylenol. It says question mark when lies in question mark just like that. I, like the expression, what they said and before it is a very different perspective that, though, that the fucking Guy get admitting to it and he didn't do it like the guy who they saw, it did in the end, result oriented in some guy others still out there, like. I still out there in our second he's, like stare Netteke said written, but he's rated ago that I mean you, don't think it's a Unabomber totally be the Euro makes rock in the universe. I promise you
Crash rush, unipolar russian crashes hundred persons Unabomber harass you, but you need a uniform or ninety ninety or here for fucking bad talking about me, I got a virus is a sorry. I interrupted you anyway, Wrench didn't make it he burned up in a house with some angel. I believe his insolence divinity sensing dont people also think of it. He is the San Francisco Zodiac necessary, but that doesn't seem right. It's Tom cruise solving all deny there. That's really we're not going to marry Dave tellers. Karen knows of minors, should abroad
out of my open can make Kilroy? No that's not right holders Mcelroy it, and even noticed that when I was writing an m c or a white Roy rang whirl on drugs, this name is killing, should assume coming. Yeah dies born in nineteen thirty, for he was the fifteenth of sixteen children. Rabbits, just like our caviars birthed ran before eight children of you. Now, oh, my god. That is just like the baby comes out. He's like! Let's do it again and Jimmy like no! Your parents are here the signal. Your elders, brothers, like I'm, called daddy, that's a broken perceived by their export, its I'm leaving granddaughter Bp
they live in a far better and house. So let's do some mass yeah. That's eighty people to around that's exactly right. Your man is exactly right. He never learn to read. Well, they never really at a great job he quit school in the fifth grade. I wonder I never gonna get job facts about that. Now they live that's or outside its Skidmore Missouri, a ton of about foreign or fifty people has to pay street. They were all of its our town to pave streets, no job lights, one small, mom and pop store a gas station cafe. That's it the whole deal, So he started stealing animals,
These are stealing animals. He was eighteen years old. He bought an old Sudan and he too,
the back seat out anyway. Why were down many drive around a night and steal pigs, hurried back to plan its missouri? You know it's classic Missouri or some reason. Why do you picture like dogs are catholic, a keystone, pigs and like this is funny I like this, where he would sell them, they would take. You would steal them and sell them to someone who wanted to buy pigs, that's better than killing peg lawyer, I was telling me was violently killer gammon people reading these banks would be the end of the story is not greatly just wanna, see them peppermints and put it on Youtube, and I'm sure you ve ever been to a farm.
but that's a great farm if they ever do and other already sick from the peppermint actually support there sat there. Is there not a Jew or dead they're not doing well, they shouldn't, even just so that Buddy Vader Peppermint, That's why my bacon saxo prospects or is great so he married for the first time at the age of eighteen. She was sixteen they moved to briefly to dinner, but he couldn't keep a job there so means wife, move back he started hang out with quote Hunton bodies
earlier is Target Morocco, yeah you're, making a sound cute. They are horrible monsters. That's come into my back yard at this, so I don't know what right you're worried about you, how this ass always like. I did that about you actually. Can I tell you a story telling the time I heard a noise at my back door in the middle of the night. I was scared, shitless, but hand go see before then dug and I d go see by myself it. So it's like we are tackling sound and so I go over and they turn on the porch light back and there was a raccoon that was that was trying to get through the like builtin cat door is likely to raccoon hands. Here, when I clicked on the light he kind of like sat up and looked at me and then we're just staring at each other such I kick the door right like he's leaned over like this, you know how to turn a tap on the thing and then I kick the door. Think he's gonna run away and then said he does.
and this kind of like stood up in pause daddy, and that's your that's your dog, Frank. Now. Ok, so I made my worthy act out at me when I got back yard a year by year, others, noise and, unlike others, breakdowns get in the dog cats food one or the other, and and so I go out there and I grab back as wreck. I know raccoons are terrifying, I'm not like her Romagnoli reckon. I have to be fair and I come out and there's a raccoon and it comes out like this in front of me and unlike what are you doing, I tat the ban on the ground and it's like where he stands got. Why? Yes, I like what are you he had a back to life like you're supposed to be scared of these like I'm, not scared, you're doing is vice or is in itself do and that of my for her and then he stared in their knees, Megan so big and then is for body, must go truck and by like he was he was so fuckin that he was like the distraction. Guy saying run high like when there's the midnight bicycle writers and when I'm stops and in the middle of a fire like an experimental fires, ok Zimbabweans and the rail, so he goes out hunting with his buddies and they shoot this. U reckons play assume they eat. What else would you do make it a light for work, but mostly weighty did at night with steel, cattle horses and hogs.
He now the horse trailer that he used to move stone on animals and in this in this part of Missouri, they didn't rebrand animal. So it was super easy for him to steal. He was also very skilled, harassing witnesses. Ernie who he would retain for five thousand dollars per felony, keep them out of jail
and this was not a promise. You had a lot of money used, always live, enlarge it a big role, a cash and is trying to new tax, was a pig money, peace, easy stealing pigs in cattle and horses and selling by the people who we had that fuck, you pigment, the four hundred and fifty people in its fucking town, wait a minute how, like Mary here at one time, a farmer caught him stealing tours two horses tortoises toward us. What do you feel about tortoises boy? They ran into my car. I haven't a male milk them. You ran so well. We can move so. The farmer reporting to the cops and said this guy stole my horses and filed charges. Mcelroy visited the farmer the next day with a rifle and hit him in the face with a butter, the gun, and then the farmer dropped the charges ears. Like that's fair, I hear you're playing I'm on your side. Now mackerel was twenty. He had a child with a woman who is not as wife at the same time use dating a fifteen year old like this guy did get some eight. I can check these very hot prospect and down poise got the big car smells like PIG, Amene air mom him this girl's named share in and they had a complicated messy relationship. In one day they were arguing any shot or in the neck, with a shock and if you ve ever day living Euro, which, sadly is it's not ok. Domestic violence is not. Ok, don't fuckin meriting steelers, I'm nothing it. No! It's a super big warning sign. If someone's of pigs to show our gone, she did not die, but did have scars Gazelle happened. You have. She was ok. Yes, she lived after getting shot, they must help here. She had a fear of guns after irrational fear, and she felt like dating someone that nope she forgave him and he divorce dispersed wife and married her listen if a girl could take a vagabond there, two kids for better on their way to turn around. You know what love love is an awesome stupid.
Then there are nineteen. Sixty one macro started dating a thirteen year old girl. Who is doing what he's start? You like slowly interested back, creeper great beer, it started and it was ok and then now where he might just be walking down the hallway at a junior high- and I mean he's Laelia, you yeah there are major by the jungle. Do so he's twenty seven at this point yeah twenty seven years of packing disgusting? We all know that. Also at this point he's living with his parents. Oh my god, you are aimed at greater where you live with your parents, smell like pigs, ensure girls still available or you're, not Upstairs Stella.
yes, an animal farm house, so he moved Sally and with his parents and his wife Sharon. So so it is girlfriend and his wife and his parents and in their kids you like he like sex He was the fifteenth of sixteen, so Sally. Certainly omen for the upper in order are united, fifty buzz, I'm the fifth. I do this crazy, I'm acting
so Sally had three kids and sharing add two more honey. Not Roy than men started. Seeing another under age remain Alice. What now is more? She way she was twelve now shut up. I wish the story within that all the Ladys Fuckin murdered him and moved to New York City and the night. That's all you say this is a story about a dozen outside the Rockets began and then he met a young woman. They Marcia. She was now living there,
and then so, it's Marcia analyses are living and his parents house with the six kids and then he met one of your any bunch com, and then he met a twelve year old Trina chair who is an eight greater seduced. Her really didn't candy lesson: that's not seduction! Quiet, that's, not seduction its thoughts of action. Now he thought campaigns. These thanks moves. Who was just like to remove near girl. That's what's that action. Is this my pig? Have you ever sooner, and then you arrange your Sudan on, though,
What's more he's thirty, seven by the way on this point that he looks great awesome. His Arabs are creatures so so to have Trina moved and he kicks out Marcia he's a Euro thirteen set in train a moves and drops out of school in the ninth grade and is pregnant by that time. She's fourteen but is awesome, is this sounds? things were going out because just sixteen days after the birth Alice took off to her parents house the escape lasted just hours because macro I came to the home with a gun and forced the girls to come back with him. Oh Alice, her other friend, whose there now whatever the other one also went weather.
Maureen hurry or more aid was also brought in for sweeps moraines. So then he brings them back when he beat them both and made them mean seduces and made them as such with them and then, which I believe is called rape. Yes, yes and no money was done. He brought train a backdoor parents house and shot the family dog. You can't do that area and then and then poured gas all around the house and burnt down. She was so here
and when I go like he's just as far as being a horrible he's, kill and yeah he's doing very well just fuckin chill out such just she'll, not a change or no. It won't work, I'm not sure if some of the work that gun dude Jill we don't know what would have happened we down now couple of days later train I went to a doctor because you know she had been beaten and he was like you look like you, ve been beaten and you're. Very good. Is this doktor from the city? Everybody knows this stuff. You're degrees are real data. Now he slowly got the storing of the beating out of her and the dog shooting and arson.
The diamonds they just when I get the end like every detail, give me all of all out now six hours later really so. The doktor contacts, the Social Welfare Agency, who put train and her baby and foster care because she was a girl and, and then the case was taken to the district attorney and on the basis of train is testimony those indicted for arson, assault and rape.
but I was not looking good. He was represented by defence attorney Richard Jean Mcferrin, who said Mcelroy was his favorite client because they always pay cash and he always came back I'll get airship another. What the fuck is wrong and it is linked to the words here: you're just shoot a bigger a person. What you do person dog trap factor ran out of my house. Both dapper meta live, but even with his five thousand per felony charge, the attorney told them it will be difficult for him to be acquitted. But Roy would not give up. He found the foster home or train. I was living and began. Make threatening phone calls. He would sit out in front of the foster home for hours and hours, sometimes shooting a gun into the air
what then called the fosters nerd hard to give ethical cartoon one alone. This is why did I not doing this was Yosemite SAM, I'm the same old story, he called the foster family and said he would trade cord girl for a girl to get his child back by this man. He knew where the foster families, biological Donner went to school and what bushy road so that didn't go well in the district attorney then hit him with a more felony job. Molestation charges, as are all too the result of his sexual activity with Trina the turning cap using delay, tactics and Afterwhile Trina decided to go. Back Mcelroy? I can't go through this again with you dave you. He then arrange to divorce is second wife Shirin.
from whom he would have written for years and Mary Trina to get green as parents to agree threatened to kill the mother and the mother was like. Ok, you can marry my daughter, we like him. I only so this solved all legal problems because being his wife Trina could they compelled to testify against, and she also scientists David saying she had lied about everything and will, I beat the charges TAN nineteen, seventy six. He shot an arm or a neighbor farmer in the face and stomach the Gomes loaded with bird shot. The lawyer also delayed it as long as possible, while mackerel macro intimidated farmer driving by his house shining a spotlight into his windows at night, destroying he's tractors and shooting guns into the air
The farmer said Mccoy parked outside his home at least a hundred times, and we just sit there at the time. two of his raccoon hunting buddies said they were with him the day. The shooting and Mcelroy got off again the pattern committing crimes than intimidating where this went on for four years, then in eighteen, eighty two of his daughters went into a town stores. He's got two dollars ones like a teenager NOS five and he marries when I'm them just can't get worse the elder girl by something and then as they walk out the five year old girl grab. I got a little pieces, candy data and the dead, and the clerk was like a put that ship bag, and then the girls like and throw back and was mad, which has gone over a five year old and then a couple hours later. Mcelroy and trainers showed up, and where was just kick in over the knife and
China and the owner argued about how she had treated treated the daughter and then the couple said. Will you are banned from our story? You can ever come back, so Mcelroy started harassing the honors and then, after a couple months, he pulled up in the back of the store and shot the husband honour in the neck, with a shock and he lived, whereas we shoot is these. This whole city is filled with people with the most powerful me access potassium. Yes, what is it? The water or like that they their nets bullet through its social change. Like now, Mcelroy was arrested again and then he started harassing the store honours. He may stop harassing shooting in the neck and the air- and I M very Jill Dron, there's a lot of things, but I'm not theirs,
he's got a thing like he's got this thing. We hate his thing, well, we're being very clear in taking up a Pepsi. They were sponsoring him for doing all this. He had a spear like forest policy, this, like let's extreme sports thinking it can skateboarding like ex game eggs. I did it all on a little like Oji has so he sets are asking the storm owners and then, when he heard that the term minister had gone to visit the store owner and the hospital consumers, learned. Haste turn wrath on the minister I'm until the minister, he was going to castrate him and cut his son to pieces in front of them. Shell so the minister's Jerry carrying a gun is a good time
I like that, just as the minister when visiting me like alarming to cut you get out of here, he's like it's my job I go and I see people that are hurt me cut your balls lonely. So his lawyers, one thing was delay tactics. We start to the delay tactics again. These keeps delaying the trial. Meanwhile, Mcelroy would sit in the local bar and talk loudly about he was gonna housing killed us honour. But it was empty and it was like three people talking loudly and I can hear you. I'm gonna kill Zika back right so much it shoot em that ok, I well so work. There was a trial, macro was convicted of second degree, assault and sentenced to two years in prison, but
it being Missouri, he was allowed to stay free, while he appealed name Four days later he was back in the local bar. Theo, jerk eviction go guilt. dear me, entirely zog- and here I am drinking- to bear and then train it came in and handed him a large gun. He savers, gonna, kill the store owner but having a gun was a violation of his parole, so he was charged. Davis hearing pro violation: the entire town decided they had had enough
I like, the twenty years them flogging all their daughters, very familiar ring. You know when you were, you broke your probation, Bro did the whole town show up in a little pink march. Was one of those gonna banking echoes when they got to the courthouse they found out. The lawyer had gotten em I was bound for ten days, pest and they finally decided they need to do something and they all went to the American Legion. I love that in this little town they do have an American legally as great bar there than the SAM's club,
so they have a town meeting and they call the sheriff and ass. The sheriff to come by outcomes by and they tell him what's going on and the share of told them that they should just start a neighborhood watch group. So he's not he's not very helpful, mean agent. Mcgraw fees, gonna help you with this very so those guys been folk in your daughters and shoot in the neck you need, like a watch group. How do you guys made any kind of a phone tree or any thing called each other? You guys what you do He told them not to confront Mcelroy.
and then the sheriff just left the way they were met but like bail, had titanium Manx. Yes, at this point, they grant that Motherfucker metal NET nerds right. Then a trainer Mcelroy show up and went to the bar for a drink when the towns, People heard this: they all decided to go. Have a beer Trina was said to be very intimidated by all of the townspeople standing around while Mcelroy coolly finished his beer. When, by the six pack and then went outside outside. There are three or four guys and they got their rifles out of their trucks yeah. Maybe tire crowd came out of the bar and followed him to his truck with said, there were The very least thirty five people, but probably more like sixty. All standing there and training
macro then got inside the track and he coolly lit a cigarette. And then Trina looked across the street and saw a man aiming a rifle and shield, they ve got a gun and then they shot at him from more than one direction Monroe's had once in the head and once in the neck, and the shy bad issued in the neck to legally welcome neck motherfucker,
many other shots at the truck. All the shots gained from different guns. Mcelroy died instantly from the gunshot sadness press about who is said of suicide. You do to absolve about carbon monoxide guarded about forty five minutes later. They called an ambulance. Sorry about that sarcastic. Unfortunately, no one saw the shooter except Trina identified him. She was in the truck, you know and she saw but the day declined to press charges, because air was like eyes, he was there. He was to go ahead and with the iron, the the F b I came in to investigate, but they also could not. Presently charges do there are the town. Was he left, barring ten children, ten, wonderful children, a few, a few wives after his death, Catalan hog rustling in the county drop significantly in. I do you imagine eighty four Trina file, the six million dollar a lawsuit against the town and the share.
Annie the mayor and the guy who had shot him. Across the street. The case was settled out of court for seventeen thousand dollars and I say she bought a year s earlier Leones a razor acts, my favorite murder, that's funny guy. He was a fucking monster and they killed him. There was next anyone and they kill them and arrows. I love it. What do you do? Get there again? we're on our way
still wondering Gara, ok, great organised bystanders guy, like you, you know what I can organise term a game on a dirt road, a story about a guy for my hometown who killed women, and I cant do those stories because I feel weird is a guy rely, your sex as well. So that point I get into my men, men going women right. The same story is years just to different interpretations totally different day. I do it from the pig This'Ll be fun.
I've read molecules godson, so right learners. We have gained skin ottomans, Dahmer, vs choice, skin ottoman yeah and he may actual ottoman. Well, I don't know I haven't laying a wholesale. Actually, these nipple battle, he made a nipple Bellevue levy to. I might have taken some creative liberties, as we all know, Stephen every citizens. This is another store this about the north side strangler, who is actually. This is some more good detective work. So, in October, tenth and eleven nineteen, eighty six to sex workers, Deborah Harris, Tanya Miller, we're both strangled one day apart, bodies founded vacant apartments, since they were
strangled sex workers found an empty apartments day. Apart cops thought there might be a link, so it shows you they're, pretty good, there's uprising. Yesterday there they're stupid. However, this was before they were. Collecting dna or dna was shaking so the murders when it solves that in June twentieth. Nineteen. Eighty seven joy sand memes whispering strangle than abatement vacant apartment by some construction workers. More work is north side. She was also believe to be a sex workers had no criminal record. George Mule Jones, Mule Jones George meal Jonesy Mean George, the mule Georgiana Mule, Joe allowances and Nick name. Does he have a bigger gesine? Well, this is a family. May I have a theory but will get there,
you probably not. You know, then. Ok, I guess we went to high school together, problematic, join Aerial Jones on european roads, it on a horse, s favorite, stand up
so they they charge. You quit meal Jones with the murder, because he was friends with members from Cleveland and they were still friends with memes and his girlfriend, who was simply known as sugar, baby man. That's a core value of men as well as their different memes was now now. Ok. Now they are the same and she should have been called sugar baby. I agree more georgian so Jones at a criminal record because he was actually convicted of murder in Mississippi, but it doesn't mean anything you aren't lying. He stabbed a woman who was sentenced to five years where one year, I am your first years. Tat I think, is like a murderer, should be like three you I mean they video it again or then our ear seriously impair charges and then, as now get out of here, I'm an economist Heaslip, isn't bunking cave spinal. Let me get my beard either.
So the woman that killed was there was no should make a carter. She was killed because she made for fun of George Meal Jones Inability to perform sexually that that happens. A lot with murderers right is now one other offending. I can't get it up and then they go that's here
its eyes. I doubt if I can't get it by just I just walk away here. Did you tell your lan, shamefully watch law and order, as lawyers murders involved in some way, I've heard a lot of order, be committed, ecstatic of ethnic, my out and then I'll, be back then I'll, be back with ideas. Tat your products in a new soundtrack, ok, so yeah. So he went down to their colleagues that I believe that, but the poet but there's still Kelly's going on and they in weight apartment. They found a black scheme ass, a nine womens shoes, and that too, in my house there will be a nine women shoe and escape man. That's actually all I haven't nine as a weird numbered where she was less. There was a lady with just one leg, in my area, which is so so he so he goes down for these murders egos down for this murder in particular. Yes, this one
but there's even three murders. So far this is the third murder. Yes, there is more to come Oh yeah, you see your papers in your hand. Moving fast nice story, the bad guy dies, ok Dave. We, when we were there So the idea of a serial killer was floated out by Bill Vogel, who is a homicide unit in Wisconsin, amalric mischance and he told the police is chief that he thought both women that were killed the year before we're done by the same man he entered,
a businesslike attitude to quote to discuss the matter and I use the word cereal and I got reamed out said Vogel, Bulgaria. I don't want to hear the words cereal again talking about Cheerio season to cut it tat. I had TAT had never even balance for the doors you alone, you will all remember. Opponents forget me, get esteem but at the same time a flashback. Chasse theme: ok, we're not these people. Are you damn right? We're the Joker Amendment So, yes, his chief was like a man with our people, freaking out with the word cereal. Let's just shut up
that's the best way to handle otmar serial killer that my pursued, let's outgoing, is not happening. Strangulation kept have been eighty and ninety ninety two arena Smith. Twenty five was found dead in nineteen, thirty nineteen, thirty, two we're going back. He was a time jumper time have no meaning in this one. The air was eighteen, forty one to start a new life. America need it You killed a dinosaur, always. So Bay Euro, basically more people are dying or more ex workers. How many more there all right out about five Karen De Kill, Patrick thirty, two was killed an identity for Irene spent. Twenty five was also nineteen. Eighty four, both women are strangling both were sex workers. Police still had no way of collecting these crimes, but there is a homicide. Detective knave Steve's Spagnola speak Noah, who was sent on finding the person, and
in ninety ninety five April. Twenty fourth Florence Mccormick's body was found in a shitty basement: Locust Street subsidies, killing Ladys, whose names tat with Mick
I don't think that tracks in my stuff you just back and saw this case. One point Jane Andrea, the scottish killer waiting a Scottish do not make progress from a third. Let's put should on the border. It was their aboard, I'm not sure so. Yeah Mccormick's body was found. She was tied up out of sync. Her hair was need, fingernails suggested no struggle. Her socks were clean, which I'm not sure what that means, but that was pointed out. There are sites like sailors and walking around outside or something I guess you make it sound like that is like how they know she was murdered but vulgar over the knuckles over there in the corner, just smelters, your names are never worn, clean socks enable that's what I was thinking. So if someone buys clean socks, something second wrong but like that means that when we die people be like its Saxo fail thing, which is just going to say that I was wearing what is filthy sock me. Don't know!
That's where you guys, that's for you guys, are merely a shower, finds a way into. There's some take home stuff. I am your seats, ok suspect! No, I didn't think that they are there was there was no sexual activity. There is no seamen on the body. There was no seamen around the body which he thought was possible because sometimes The killer may masturbate near the body, which happens because geyser just normal things and that's a normal thing to do to you. Our body was posed. It was bound, but there is some level of comparability between the two because it seem like there was little struggle for this that I thought that, like he was like a you know, let me remind you and move killing in that and I have to get through that part out their Libya tell
to ninety five? Two months after the murder, Mccormick Sheila Farrier was discovered, six blocks away, Anti Tonia, also a sex workers, also in an empty apartment. This time strangled by our own Brazil pose crack pipes, crack cleaner, pipe cleaners, justice the crack did seen. Does a crack house, it's an empty apartment where crack was smoked, but pipe cleaners like four craft crack per crack, not grant not no one's doing crafts. People are doing crack which can lead the craftsmen I dont believe. But that was not direct application. Ok, so at this point there is our vision boards, everyone I'm glad we could do this boy, there's like seven dead women. All sound and abandoned apartments like strangled no again on economic shocks, are like red, serves God, you hungry lunch. You know what I would say this was the same killer, but the Sox are different. These extra filthy
then they actually finally got dna sample. They don't really know for who, but an August thirty. Five to ninety five. There is a body of a sixteen year old, runaway name, just the pain was found withers her throat slit. How is she found? It's a really cool story, a real meat cute. What happened was on August thirtieth, the two young boys went to abandon matters that they normally is. There's a makeshift trampoline Norma. However, a normal just cast benches poise jumper will find a mad and play the garbage cleared out, refuse escapes
there. They were getting a bunch of boats like normal and the reason was because Jessica pains body was need. As I said this time, there was appearance of sexual activity. They always our fine. Now the boys, a fire majesty all sleep on the floor, because sleep standing up again Kyle takes a gun. You better straightened up. There always leave you murmur of America, so they there was. There are seem at present. They had some dna, they still couldn't connected to anybody, but they they thought that this might be relate a guy named Richard. When I was in jail, he started implicating himself into others. This guy same had away chart out sure
They told us going to police. He was driving. He was in the car with had a way out and just a pain. He parked in front of an abandoned residents where they remained in his vehicle. Conversing. Listening to the radio drinking alcohol in smoking, marijuana, just phone car games and quaint set at some point had a way out and pain exited the vehicle walk to an alley. And then had away returned to the car, followed by five minutes later, when going asked about pains whereabouts had away said that they had to rob pain, butter, Huck pockets were empty, so just cut her throat, That happens. That's good thing had awakened firm going story. Providing
the detail about the murder and that I cut pants throat. How do I describe the situation and when he searched for a pocket, nothing to push down on the mattress pulled down her pants pulled up her shirt. I tried to force his or her way in, but how do I said he didn't actually see that because he turned away, but when he turned back around here, choking and gagging to see the pain throat was cutting, the blood was gushing out ok, just reacting like a human. I get a second as you should allow. Men now has only just begun, and I again MIKE Mike I died, but so ninety. Ninety five, the boys found a search warrant for at home. They found to box cutters and a knife among its possession. That was really all the evidence that they had, but was sentenced to life imprisonment, parole available in fifty years. The main evidence in the trial was the two box cutters the police said, but that sends nothing like the other ones, weird right
so DNA evidence start being used. A ninety. Ninety was scouts and fully came around two thousand fifteen to really collecting dna from every sorry man alive. Ninety nine, these, where most places started collecting agenda ways the violent criminals was gods. It's finished it a night in twenty fifteen or just a mere twenty five years. Yes, just a mere difference. an issue for you for a lot of Santa there. That's interesting
now the police thought that they had dna that they had found at that same so the day they had now it DNA from a number of women, their dna from the woman, nineteen nineteen nineteen o six to ninety five one and ninety seven and the latest. There were no more murders until April twenty seven, two thousand seven. Ok, when Witherin stokes twenty eight was found strangled by city inspectors after they were going to inspect a vacant, boarded up president's. They found dna at this scene and now police had the dna from the two women and eighty six, ninety seven, although two thousand seven and it all matched one person, but the police can figure out who was six? The dna match nothing in their databases, they knew they were dealing, someone that had never been convicted of a violent crime before which is curious. So two detectives: the Mortgage Department, homicide unit reexamine the dna linked to this aspect and they believe they found him so
ten percent of two thousand nine Walter E Alyssum work. He was arrested at noon at a hotel by a swarm of police officers. Alice was booked on a temporary felony warrant was being aware that question by the police. They took a dna samples from his place office toothbrush and they had a match. He was he was even match for the two murders that men are already serving sentences for clues, so awkward, here's one Suffer Asia. Awkward not dead, they should have had is dna. because it wasn't from a lack of opportunities. He was Picked it up a shitload of crimes, nineteen, seventy eight felony beggarly, seventy nine drug charges, eighty robbery, eighty one controlled substance, eighty one again: possession when intend to distribute eighty five soliciting of beating up to sex workers. Eighty seven retail deaf. Ninety two released for good behaviour. Ninety two back and for violating their behaviour four stabbing his girlfriend with a screwdriver, not the drink,
ninety five battery for joking is broken. Ninety seven resisting arrest, ninety eight reckless energy, so he had a tranquil and hold on women. They have gotten any dna well because they collected they still collected DNA. They just in collected from every violent criminal. Are you having fun with me so The dna was never asked for, but in two thousand one police discovered that they actually had gotten his dna one, or at least they had at one point. There was initially his dna match nothing in their system and they know that one of two things happened. A less convinced is so make to submit the dna for him come on board, be it was lost in transfer to the Oshkosh Police Department, who said they never received gaiters. That John is Oshkosh where Stephen every year
else is that also where they make the overalls? Yes, its famous for two things now, which is cool? What to say, I am not sure which is aware that aim police supervision, we think this same fucking police, duality the same. It's like you in the same region, very the fire. They share a Walmart, it's real! So had they done this in the nineties like milky way, how did they would at least they would have stopped five to seven murders? they would have stopped one if they done in two thousand one when it was totally expected of them. So in two thousand eight an appeals, court overturned arts, conviction, the guy who they said cut the mattress murderer. They had a new trial with new DNA evidence. Two thousand nine they announced it would not seek. A new trial was freely served. Thirteen years in prison for murder. He didn't commit
George Mitchell Jones died in prison April. Thirty, two thousand twelve, but it is not too sad because he was also a previous murderer. He just didn't do that when we talked about how this ground ok go, get get my doing good. yeah yeah Alice was guilty of seven murders and total, but it was thought to have been guilty of nine. He was sense. The seven life senses in two thousand eleven and here's the fucker. Tat, some that I'd and twenty thirteen. So you serve two years these from nineteen eighty six to two thousand seven and he was in for less than two. How old was he was like in the fifties Army he died painfully like you got shasta though he was- and I want to point out that, though, even if they had had his dna and put it through, they wouldn't pudding,
Code S and actually checking that because, as we know that, like from the rate kits that are not tested, meaning but having kites, they should have their tested in hand. Is dna winning open? Fine, like that's the fuckin k, Selleth, you, I think you know, started testing bloggers. Who knows, I couldn't crazy. Twenty five years of ice owners of networking lunatic like Bay Layer ones like this was like he's crazy. He lives lately little writer and every one of these nets that all assume that that these systems are they have in place to catch. People are like the end I'll be out like a text allowing more than answer like it doesn't mean. I wouldn't like these. Seven women wouldn't have been killed right. I mean you're, sorry Navvy bomber between nineteen, eighty, six in two thousand seven, forty, two prostitutes or killed them all key Thirty one percent of those cases have been solved. There are great. There
and Multi year in April, back again, mine, wrapped up super nice personnel. It's always hard to go last, it's always hard to go out and also that was fucking wrong. Now, yes, great, I haven't you feel about it, terrible. I really am like so shocked at how little they give a fuck when you really find out it's it's like politics, but when you find out that there really just worried about what people think over actually in good you're like we're just far that something we run aground in the dark about. I ask how much the f b I fucked up can. I can I end with a command, was something just a personal story? Less so
My uncle, I lived in California grip on Marine County little bit little bit better little but better implement, but I don't know, but my uncle was a huge drug dealer. That's way better than Petaluma Annex one point: he got that the law was like getting down on him, so he decided to move to Florida. To get out of. California was a local cops and- and I went- and we went to this big begun way- party newborn up a suit case that was full of just fucking cash. I was like twelve and, like that's cool, Anna and then he left and and then all of his friends. The people were met. It parties in this house about ten of them shut up and trunks,
remembering count one after the other children in my genes, deadened trunk or he's dead neutrality is dead, Natasha CARE, all of his friends, got killed and you're. Saying that's the FBI. Since I was a gang drug dealer members that they were hanging out with couldn't even them or natural causes and there's theories taken map and a trunk suicide by suffocate divers dimension that they all that they they lived in trunks resale. You guys, will you please help us thank Dave, Anthony anger. We appreciate it. I sent you here. This has been an amazing nights. Hey you guys say: Sexy
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