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Quit your job, get a spiral notebook, and listen to this week's My Favorite Murder. Karen and Georgia cover the crimes of the demonic Joseph Edward Duncan III and the Coen Brothers-esque Fred Neulander.

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this is exactly right steven looking at his knobs very concerned intently and concern almost like a dj he did look like see we're ok you look like a las vegas dj earlier being like what the tribal that's me what about debates have you done any dj stephen in las vegas cancer but it's his room is that it is that we are aiming at the goal to be on one of those billboard ass hard ass i if what would happen
jeer what's a better gauge any for dj mustache e g stash agent stash coming this war yeah what did its alison and see them allison don't wanna shove elvis this was the stevens project for las vegas it's still velvets gets up in the move like scratches the in zambia arrests anything to say about that he came to the mai completed and they might he's about to fuck em elvis's amc with a lot of intent souvenirs today i was his empty speaking out elvis and see then we have a corrections corner because last week glaringly missing from the episode was both stephen and apple this because
stephen thinks he can take a fucking vacation on iraq and walk away from bang we worry that gives a shit about it stephen the unpaid internet does moats work of anyone on the spot he thinks he can go visit his meanwhile we can visit that he can stay behind in portland nope do whatever in portland story he begged us to come back and we were like we'll talk we'll talk it through the air this is his trial pacific and like faulty because he was like wow so well tat means we be court did at the faro audio studios and like when i got there is a great event elvis's a hair so
peter he wasn't on either but don't worry he's fine lotta concern lot of social media concern for elvis he's very healthy he's here in front of us flicking his tail around as we speak here and there are like our georgian karen ok cause are not yelling at steventon yeah there like this is all very uncomfortable but i fine there's somebody was like does your mom yell at you do you miss you have said you miss getting but for shit that you had nothing to do with version that is clearly our father i did do the did do my firm interrelated activity i think it's a klein falls which was the subject of one of their lives yes which was like it was eerie because i'd never anything like that like visited the site or something but my mama's like i was just up the road from where i like ok i guess
pictures because my want to see this by a changes the view when you are now that someone got talkin bludgeon by a hatchet there some crazy here well welcome back soon i was privileged your bag your back so real quick imagine march corner and we have a new design it's a really cute kind of a cursive awesome thing it says we baby angel or sweet baby angle you can pick which you why because course i always say we may be angel but then one hometown murder misspelled angel for angle and then the second gone from their so go to my government or short stockholm it was designed by our friend kirsten then come whose from the print february printout shit she's fuckin awesome and pics
we pay the angel are sweeping be angle and we have like second ones ease now and phone cases and always crazy share the towpath toe fags ma am i what i like about this sweet baby angel or angle shirts is there so many coloured choice yeah like surprising monoculture ischia very cool it's a fucking captured am i think it's like you weren't people dont know what it is that they will now but a few if they now they now yes that's right it's a less over gas murdering usher definitely and very clear it is are you i you have a thing that it's not it's neither it's a new corner but it's almost like an announcement corner but just feels like what i've heard from people online unite have talked about it enough so this feels like a thing that just needs to be said which is the more like this we love touring we love doing live shows we have the best time it is
such an amazing thing to come out to weigh wall of energy and peoples positivity it's the best ninety nine percent of the people that go to our shows and participate now shows are lovely joyous people who are having a great time we heard from a bunch of people from port and who didn't have the best time in a couple of those shows because there were people around them that were yelling so much at us the entire show and there has been a thought that has been floated in the community we like it when people yell at s eyes primary audience during the show because it's a chance for media people or for us to make jokes about it and just for corrections just no hard feelings we ve always had a great time we will continue to have a great time just you know we don't
i get when you yell at us at all during the show and it's going to appoint now are we just have to completely ignore people there was a show in portland that was crazy there were people in the audience that were lit yelling at us literally the entire time and it was there around them bombing out so we wonder we can't if we say something to them then that will keep doing it but we don't say anything we don't say anything what we do is this we let people know that we love your energy that we love that you want to participate but please don't tell yourself we want you to yell ass because that is not true at all it's now urban true for me being a stand a comic for twenty years we when you get a hack learn an audience you shut the heckler down because that's how you form a show of comedy that's how you keep in control of the crowd but you don't work
to be heckled so just because comedy comes out of it doesn't mean that's a positive experience for anybody and it certainly ruins the time of the people around you like there's a couple people during one of their shows and it was just counts commentary the whole time and it's not pleasant and we now just ignore as someone is kind of a new at this whole onstage thing it's really distracting till egg to keeping distracted by this i'm trying to like concentrate on being a good performer and telling my story well and not being nervous and e now sitting up stray not exactly a flashing my underwear and you know it when we really have work it's not like anyone can say this is any kind of with we're not doing crowd work we're is actually by the time we sit down and were reading our stories we have
presentation that we want to give to everybody and that everybody wants to hear at ninety nine point five percent of the people in the room want to hear what we're saying so if you the person that got drunk and couldn't stop yelling or you thought it would be funny to yell or talk to us just no no you know no one's mad at you have everything's fine but yeah we actually don't want that to be happening so just as clarity it seems there was a marriage people in the audience in portland who are upset because they pay good money and they waited just as long as they just as big of a fan is anybody when crazy who can't control themselves and yet the whole time will theirs people around you who are just big a fan and yet there controlling themselves we stand where it's coming and believe me i saw when i saw the kids in the hall live at the u see lay theater i won
to scream chicken lady be entire tat i wanted them to know what i lay i wanted them to know what was in my mind and heart i wanted to understand how oily lower costs is a big deal to me it meant a lot to me so honestly the fao that there are people having those feelings toward us it's my dream come true it's it's we take the way you mean we would love to not have to deal with that you being there is enough i do new podcast that i like corner please but i'm worried ok so i found this i found this package because i was we're going to milwaukee and i was doing a lot of risk urgent in milwaukee murders so stop me if you working on this oh i'm not you coming to stop youtube i tell you i'm not working on only go for it great so i found
swine because it was such an interesting story and i like hell of an ever heard about this before and then i as they do with every story that i want to read i put in the name and podcast because i dont want leg swords el to have done and a week ago and i seem like a fuckin asshole away so i did this one and i found this punk has called unsolved and it's a bow disk kidnapping and murder of this kid named john zira back in nineteen seventy six and they never found a guy but they may be found this there's all these suspects and of course it's it's just like the johnny gosch story where it's like look how bad this was bungled because we didn't know how to find people and there's two different tricks and they interview people didn't follow through and then the sky later turns out to be a child master and is at him isn't it him is it not him but it's a good
estimates of every essentially short months by another awesome female investigative journalists which i am wow really stoke that there are so many of those lately so many so many and so it gives little bit of em so it's so answer unsolved yeah have ended you are telling me about and then i started listening to call the hollywood in crime it's that were ok so hollywood and crime is a bow and i didn't think finally i thought i we thought it out and downloaded all the episode before i got on the plane so though i don't do that eight makes me crazy you get on the piano like final isn't it thing now you haven't downloaded it you can't know and then while we're taking off i'm like take it off airplane mode and try to download every episode and then i crash the plain and there our or try to buy google inflate rate is just a bunch of bullshit about it i i hate them in fact some any any like airplane wifi is such a scam
they are taking twenty seven dollars directly to your bank account and there like cake it but that wifi three thousand feet in the air that being said see as we grow and change i pre downloaded eight episodes of hollywood in crime living so proud filled with pride and what it is is during the black dalia murder which happened in nineteen lord holy for six nine something summit in our own priorities out of a great very definite happened even already has the seasonal upon it but the interesting thing is there were other female murder mutilations around los angeles at the same time that people don't talk about and so strings together all of these different cases in its unbelievable and other related illness and the like ten minutes at the first episode and already was like they vote
the same fucking michael yes there is definitely at least i am i think i was up to the fourth episode and i'm like there's a hundred like a slashing face killer in los angeles and it was because lastly placed her slashing face killer world war two they don't that's the thing about of our thinking is like there's someone chief during world war two that nobody paid attention to because the news was filled with the world war two world war to constantly and most the boys were being shut out and coming back and the whole thing around their resign hollywood canteen which is where the foremost down for most i think her some in hollywood yeah where act duty soldiers would go and they would get to dance with actresses betty davis used to run it and so i could go there and like i think that alcohol wasn't aloud and you couldn't like heaven romantic like romance
isn't gonna be like you pay first load answer any kind of why don't they had to pay because as you are that was the whole ideas like if you're active duty you're on leave you can come to the hollywood canteen and like basely party with celebrities and it's all on us and in other ladys thought they were like doing a service for this service man that's ran it was edge the ends his black sire their elizabeth smart nope elizabeth short or are you i don't know itself that the mix of like way smarter those neurons modern short is old rate she went there and so did a couple of these victims and one of them is called the bathtub it was called the bathtub murder and it was this woman who are a lot of money this young woman she went to the canteen alone and she was found in a in a bar tub full of bloody water and her face i believe her face
he's got it has anything because elizabeth short was drained of blood yes and they thought it was done in the day surmised it was done in a bathtub right i think so deftly note was not it was it had her somewhere for a long time re that's the horrible part of that new murder is it he was tortured for a long time and the person killed her and prompt may have killed these other women is thick the worst serial killer ever and they never caught him and if are not related that's it such an insane coincidence that these murders were happening all around the same time i hate how normal her autopsy photos are giving more like you click on cold case file or co cases and you click on images and it's just a close up her face have you seen yeah it's a horrible cutting yeah i'm it's just like that you don't even put in like black marina like you see these crimes in front of us it's rough and i
hey you know i love crime seems out as i bought a fuckin book called like crimes in fact as basically young we earn portland to prove how much you love crisis monitor prevent now but it's actually i kind of like myself because it is a vintage car you thought i was has a grey it'll be like mobs at mobsters unlike that kind of thing good outfits yeah it's not it's horrible it's very graph no it's not like my ring and its did in terms of lake it was back when people die of horror things right like rabies or something well there's there are rabies ones actually rabies ones are the worst thing of all there's just it's it's more like horrors but there's a lot of deaths there's like a whole page of suicide hanging we call them sex work
for example that was very poorly time what didn't next sentence was and i still said if i shouldn't have hollow jump to a lasting and so is everyone house you guys we're all creep steel laughing with both hands over his face and a third hand came up here we don't know words mimi is what practical eve you up suicides exercise in it there's a description i actually found out it's it's like a pull at los angeles police detectives book his cases widening turning into like a coffee table work well people who don't get dates hey hey watch we do find such as i do love husbands does want to see a fuckers garth elephant tattersall debates and votes one look at that pretty fuckin fabulous oh man yeah that's a good book i mean
that's the kind of thing the reason i dont look at those pictures anymore is because i in the nineties when as you know a riot girl whatever the hell i thought i was doing there lots of times or we would look through books like that and it was almost like a contest of like everyone look at this crazy thing well run and even care because obeying i've seen things i can i still see it in my mind like the child who died of rabies i can i can see it in my mind it's horrible in cuba but for some reason it makes me want to like consume of it as well as i can see that so i just want to look away yes yes i know he speak that's it reminded me there is a movie have you ever seen that it's like kind of a documentary it's called wisconsin death trip ok it is the best i dont know stephen have you seen it
he did so the mercenaries nod linen and no no no no getting on the fact that it is they took a book i think it's just like the police blotter from cities around wisconsin in the eighteen hundred mid eighteen hunters i believe and so they just read the stories of what the police you know what they were doing and what the crimes were and it's inside because it's just today except for it was in the mid one hundred so it's like a boy walked onto into a farm yard and shot the two people standing there and walked away and they'd and when the police arrested him he said he was bored and then there are things like mothers who go when drown their children in the river and all these things that we think are happening now and this time we live in and it so awful or whatever and its sake you gotta
but you gotta watch wisconsin death trip its generator they what are the video what's the video the visuals this really awesome sepia toned like be role they took all around cause of so much of wisconsin is really nature and farms and there's you know so they basically are just if its if the crime is a about a person walk into farmyard they walked down a road and they get like a little kid in overalls holding a gun or wit but they don't it's not like its holder reenactments it's just more idea yeah right on clinical ruby like a distant farm house you oh that words like eddies creep i want to see that you don't want to do i want either you are like nope the farm how was it maybe i can deal with kids in over of really makes us tenderly triggers me it's it's here's you about me and grammar school about me when i was a waitress and i had to work an overall where the slip
half am santa monica and i was like maintain and they require or else what overalls are like an overall skirt dress hey you can do in everyone but a ladder like dickies overalls was it gas station rusk one of those leg it was country it was like a country theme now rest can we do gift corner can the outlets yeah ok i wasn't a couple really good present yeah really quickly we are opening presence before this would tend to be relaxed thank you so much everyday business my parent my this is how we love you gotta get us so are you ok so we got these incredible pins there are like the enamel pins at everyone loves one is like a closed switchblade single its social one is a fucking we g board little enamel we d board with a movable what are the colonies the movie precursor cursor
old fashioned cursor it's it's a curse and then they are nonetheless has sweet honesty once a speck politeness which i'm putting on all other jacket yet it says slightly spooky which i guess we set at some point our lives are maybe it's from another true crime podcast she lies right or he ok ok it says dear george occurrence even thank you for making the vast progress in the world we have no murders to share but wanted the gift you guys with some killer pens fifty percent of the proceeds from the sweet honesty pain goes to end the backlog the rest of us are just selfish and it's one of those emerges worth its of smiley they shrugging which i like you don't know how to do what i love that's a good one he also action by crystal kim and anna and it's the company is called carbon memento more i morey memento marie yeah so
any figure those things i'm a nazi cause i'm really cool to their such nice panza very calm we got a whole box full of inviting thanks guys nice designs good job haifa alright let's do it to the official knows blowing gray and then london's whose if i were crafty person would send you in the mail little like five lit black table cloth handkerchiefs ok crystal saviours not discussing but it's a fucking joke referencing when you do when you blew your nose on the tablecloth no no no no i get it now get it now i didn't understand saving your sought is beyond disgusting and makes no sense that i didn't blow my nose on a table cloth in portland that that did happen so that would be it was pretty goddamned great i felt like everyone felt very freed by that action i was as i was bending down to do it i was like you you should be humiliated by you're doing less than i did i know it's just gone now
it's almost sake we're just taking down the roles of society here fuck you mom come to our loescher that you won't believe what we do tricks and things and blowing law has blown to shreds and einstein lines and laws blonde you're me i dont know me they should know this i knew it oh my sweater georgia yes because he did the girl killer oh that's right i don't know what i did last week oh i do know that ready for a serious i do you did the moors murders crazy and then someone somewhere text saying did you know that the smith song after the little children is about the moors murderers re which you kind of have it
you say their names in the song dubai hindley he calls her henley who that's cool it's alyssa to it that's only if he was i going to see us ready for a serial killer i real horrible guy here we go joseph or duncan the third when you and i said i was born in february twenty on february twenty fifth sixty three into comma washington and i said that he looks like the actor ben mendelson who is the older brother from bloodline over there what kind of a less than he's like a broad because like an actor and he's gonna well hot blooded was the bad one yeah views on everyone's worried about you suck eyes amazing looks like him so like creepy skinny to salmon idea like gangly
like this describing what they look like here because you know you think of a big fat person and that's not who this person is nominally they all members very big fat person not he's like he's says fourteen roomy anyways he kills children so one and seventy six he's fifteen years old and commits his first recorded sex crime he at fifteen you rapes and nine year old boy again point out fuck i said i was going to raise at fifteen and he was raping children at gunpoint what send to have no and i can't find autumn information on ok so clearly something or along his second hand i mean and then went to a boys i mean it's like they go but you ve get raped its arable and their ma am i wanna get us grasses i feel like
we really should say the worse things in the world and be right ok following i want to say that it so horrified that like i say it and then seasonal bleep it ok i read somewhere and maybe it was had bundy's mom or some like some killers mom that like when he she would take him to go to the bathroom she would pinches penis as a kid i think that it is again so he wouldn't go i don't know like he didn't do it he she would get mad at him a pinch how do you not have a sexual fucking saved us on your hands yes i know gross pans on your feet suggesting yet that's horrible penis pinching i'm pretty sure that's at gains mother she was out of her yeah that's right didn't he killed her right no she died of natural causes he kept her in the highs and play her body and then like war her face in the moonlight pretty sure sorry
events romantic while share nipple so unbelief now ok nipple about is at him yeah that's our guy so we get a shot out to the girl who is a black man we're gonna need of post those but like we got this like gift once and it was a boy oxen there these like this like crochet belt in it and we were like ok we're yarn crochet about was that in oakland i think it was the oakland show no no it was sent here oh oh tat oh yeah because then that you guys laughed and i want to take a photo of it and as i'm looking through the lens i realise that its crocheted nipple bell and sk like every different color nipple different races of nipple and its end i just love to my mind it like joy like how creative like that's description of marinos is like our listeners is something fresh ate a fucking multicultural people bout a nipple bow gimme
game and shout out also that the fact that you had to have that realisation alone it's actually almost perfect that like greying whores horror we weren't we pulled out we're like isn't it is it a cat toy like we're like whipping around we had no idea and then i just made me so happy when i realized how awful it wasn't my hat cutest way cuz you couldn't tell you how it was like a magic i poster you really stared it for a while to understand the hideous doll i gotta posted ok anyway the following year joseph duncan is arrested for driving a stolen car and that's any sentenced as a juvenile and sent to disciplines boys ranch to combat which you'd know is probably a ha
he tells his therapists when he's there that he hadn't bound and sexually assaulted six boys and he also tells a therapist that he had wrapped around thirteen younger boys by the time he was sixteen what the fuck yeah so you see railway persia only imagine losing count he said around team boys a therapist slackened go on that night and drink they're just now i become a sea captain dies bullshit mumia librarian now to the lighthouse he said with a thick combined cat you dont maybe just a ton of catholic dirty kayak just pedal to surround myself a cat in nineteen eighty still to come i he steals guns from a neighbour and of ducks a fourteen year old boy again rapes him at gunpoint and for that he sentenced to twenty years in prison but he's released on parole and ninety four after serving fourteen years
then he's arrested and ninety six for a merit for marijuana use but he's really some pearl a few weeks later but with new restrictions and then in ninety seven he's around before he's around sit in kansas and return to prison after violating the terms his parole but he's release from prison three years later in july two thousand and with time off for good god oh good good eight european cereal rape and out of eel in prison clean your back and trade at the canteen who that mess and mess hall and you can leave so that's ok so the sorrow of twenty fourteen he's accusing lasting a six year old boy at a park in detroit lake minnesota buddies captured until march two thousand and five and is held on fifteen thousand dollars bond so there what do you do the business man from fargo whose somehow duncan had become acquainted with who helped ho spell
fifteen thousand dollars wonder what brand of pedophile he way as allegedly allegedly business man here i mean very allegedly in if he wasn't he must reckoned hate himself now true what if you just trying to be like a good samaritan yeah miser going down on his luck oh he says he didn't he said he didn't molest a six year old boy at a park so maybe you didn't an ominous spin half of some people salary here getting anyways duncans hips down two months later in two thousand and five curtain county idaho authorities discover the bodies brenda grown forty her boyfriend a thirteen year old sign therein our family home near corridor lane and they didn't bound and died of blunt forced trauma to the head while and i'm sorry as to other children shy
so who's eight and go on whose name i hate this one so my now it so whore ok i now i almost didn't do it because it so bad i know how to do it i love the shit out but i didn't know that this guy had so much background i didn't but it makes perfect sense of course he does but oh god oh my god just one of those stories that you can't what believers real yes i can still see the tv when i was watching the news and them showing the foot the cctv young ever foot yes i type there are several gonna give a willing and make tell your story i'm that was exactly i saw it that's it his burn in my mind ok so shasta is eight dylan is nine there are missing they are missing from the house and the three others the three older people are dead
and so they issue an amber alert and they come the area and they can't find the kids and tao six weeks later angela two thousand and five shasta is recognised from her amber alert by interest a manager and to customers at a danny's it but then there back in court delay quarterly and his eyes at court elaine the workers the fuck out immediately from the police and they position themselves to prevent duncan from leaving suppose there's arrive at a restaurant they arrest duncan without incident and chess is taken in the hospital to be reunited with her dad and so the footage talking about is them walking ended the fucking dummies and she's got her arms cross she's a little longer all he's looks like john mendelson ben mendelson and she's got arms question is clear something is wrong yes and you want if you had seen that would you have thought something was going on to it they must have
because that many p i remember reading about the waitress coming to the table and being like i don't like to feel here are you ok yeah what's going on and i think she waited did he go to the bathroom maybe it was some moment she had with shasta believe before where she was like this isn't good and she called the police lowood so we heard about it as you have to wonder they went back to the town they were from so everyone in that town must have known in firstly what both but more maybe didn't know he was yet but what she looked like yes so there was another citing of them you know in another state that they later realise happen and put the point the woman who worked at the store was like a gas station was like i thought it might be her but i wasn't sure ass i didn't do anything about it like while someone in your town would have done something and it also tells you if you have a bad feeling about something don't worry
hurting the dad's fuckin feelings if this child looks industry at least talk to one other person about at yeah if you if you dont send up every red flag you ever feel grad feelings but there's certainly if you're in tune enough there when you know something's wrong you know what's wrong and trust yourself i've always thought like if i see a kid who looks on people are in distress or not not feeling there where they're supposed to be it's ok for me to go up to a kinda k what's your name you know like engage with the kid you know i'm not a fuckin so it's not creepy that labour don't do that if your guy tell a woman to do that but you know to be like what's your name and if you fuckin send something is wrong like you can just tell by body language with the kid yeah something is right i mean they're wish there should be there were some kind of like set processor key word whatever this
listen right down everyone's license plate every creepy right licence way at all should take the time you don't need to work quit your job it is by real no book sit in front of a gas station and just write down license plates for awhile get done but i got i adore that dennys waitress because you know that first of all if they work do she's probably working the night chair she seen some loony tunes holiday you know she's and call the cops every time she sees scraggly now mendelson type now we should involve that actor at all workers because like wave of the fact if you know we ve got a fucking cast on the lifetime movie of this mother back in case c i welcome ben mendelson creating work you're welcome bob i hospital are here get here's where it gets awful so i said tells investigators that the night of her abduction her mother had called her into the living room from the bedroom where she had been sleeping ass she saw duncan like them duncan was like call your kids in here right now
she sees hint duncan wearing black gloves and holding a gun he ties her mothers hands with nylons of ties as well the mother stance and her brother slade then he takes still in the chest her brought her little brother dylan out at the end of the house they get inside his stolen rental car and then deal and then had done goes back into the house she hears her mothers fiance scream and then sees her injured older brother staggering away from the entrance to the home but she didn't witness duncan bludgeoning the three of them to death people urging them to death tie them up imagine them back when chastise asked where her brother dylan is she said in heaven there may be some evidence down in the low forest because that's where we were me on
my fourth two thousand and five dylan's remains were discovered at a campsite near saint regis montana he'd been sexually assaulted and then killed with a shot in the head after which his body had been burned and shasta fucking witness the whole thing guy now duncan i had also film dylan's final hours and duncan can be audibly heard in the video which was shown to the fucking jury can you fucking imagine how much therapy you need after my god sang the devil likes to watch children suffer and cry shasta also repeatedly tortured and sexually assaulted but supposedly he falls in love with her and decides to return her home which is why they were back in her town went on mass sir my yeah duncan later can says that he had entered the home on a family slept with the express intention of murdering the parents and kidnapping the children he claims he quit won't you wanted revenge against society for sending into prison
twenty years for sexually assaulted younger boy fourteen years old when he himself has only sixteen year old so he wants revenge against society for being sent to prison her sexually assaulting forbear if a ship not clear thinking now and not logical assume responsibility for your actions are not fuckin you're not call here doug so near the door you're the devil here where the devil's like jude compound fuck can you skip to the poultry its murdered in jail please help me the devil's like hey man i hurt fuckin corrupt attorney is not so i crept attorneys sorry crept attorneys so he subjects subsequently charged with murdering dylan as well as the three other family members during incarceration authorities
able to link duncan to the disappearance of anthony michael martinez who was ten years old when he went missing on april fourth ninety seven while he was playing with friends and right out of his home in beaumont california back a man approach the group asked for help finding missing kitten while holding out a photo of a cat as well as a dollar bill two of the children ran away and fear and the kidnappers poles a knife out grabs anthony and fleas car with white red pinstripes and no hubcaps for two weeks search martinez's body is found nude and partially decomposed in india on april he's ninety seven he had been sexually assaulted and bound with duct tape a composite much is made of the suspect partial fingerprint but the case goes called and then
when he when he is incarcerated riverside authorities are able to match the partial fingerprints taken to duncan and so they officially announced his connection he please guilty in two thousand and eleven the the agreement carries a mandatory life sentence although he won't get he won't get death the death penalty for in california because you please guilty duncan also confess to two additional martyrs some measure white eleven and her sister carmen q bias nine we're last seen leaving seattle washington hotel to get cigarettes at a near my restaurant for an older brother nine no babies police said that they don't they don't know whether the girls ran away or victims of foul play at the time course i fucking nine year old is running away eleven year old then on july six ninety six
haven't underline six ninety six than their remains were found on february tenth nineteen eighty eight in both washington by a transient living in an abandoned barn all three murders occur duncan was on per on others i understand and has only been charged in the california case in oh he's been convicted and higher for kidnapping and murder of the three victims for which giving six by sentences in federal court for kids shasta and dylan and for murdering dell in he was three death sentences and three life sentences and in the state of california for kidnapping murdering anthony martinez for which given to life sentences she still in jail he still in jail he will be forever let me double check veronica if he saw i've had my because he said i how unless they are keeping him in solitary confinement has not been called how see up and killed by inmates that's like that he is
zactly the example of a jail has just this type of situation like want see his picture no oh god stephen you better watch that mustache because you're looking at times and doubting the most yeah murdering has got me a mustache blade cloud ok i can check ok yes please yeah guy is the worst face not only is still alive he's blogging from prison he now now i'm the one usually you're the one that's like this now i'm the one that's like somebody it's a fucking kill a guy that is the key should not be on the planet anymore he cannot be around human beings key huh kills children he hurts children on purpose he videos is hurting children get the fuck off the planet
you're no good anymore now you're fuckin rotten la foot keep law he's a blog called the fifth nail and something about how leg jesus was crucified with foreign ales and this is the fifth now some bullshit i know all about the fifth now you and so he can't blog from prison but blogs that is dated a life as a sex offender but so be it nice big pedophile but so he sends his blog posts in writing to people outside who posted in like there's some people out there doing his fucking bidding probably pet miles right probably other pedophiles perhaps either way you shouldn't you dear no good downright packet piece of shit it's so funny that case that little girl and the thing she went people i feel like anybody that was like conscious around that time paid attention to anything
on that time also because it was early enough so that their wasn't like nowadays there so much awful shit going on as we know everywhere the time they're closing down nature they're closing down schools they're closing down protecting people who need protection they're closing i'll down its insanity happens every day that there the time and i used to think about it a lot in the nineties where we had it we're just like that tat there was nothing going on it was before got into that first war clinton and was clinton now does it envisage including it made them later than that but but still it was like there wasn't so one something like tat came on the new year it was hurt stop it is like you ve gotta be kidding me how did this happen here no i mean in even in the just the last couple years we hear we here every single one of them especially when your inner fucking true crime yeah
i must constantly reading about these things and we're just continent looking but back then it was harder to find those things and the detail that you can get now yes hours and so it was just a glimpse that you would get yeah horrible near god that's so that some no i mean that's like that was a big one and it's interesting to know that that was a person that started doing that there was a that was internally and intensely damaged individual like started pretty bad and got way way way were re somewhere along the way you know that been intervention or to some different could have happened i think it's when eventually hopefully peoples taking rape as a crime more serious as real as as something that this is something to have your hands slapped and walked away from and that a lot of people that do it do it
over and over again and in to do it over and over gonna that's a serious problem with a person and it's not i feel like there's a lot of people who just rape is someone who wants to have sex really but a rapist as someone who just looking for sex when i think about it in a way which had actually is which is this fucking violent insane mine who needs to overpower and hurts fuckin ruined someone that's as a criminal who should not be allowed on the streets after three years of good behaviour and prevent how often do they escalate i mean how many stories do we tell that start off with it listen do it's cheap he re the girl in his town again data and then move to this town and then suddenly he's murdering the pianist raping i mean this it's the story every time yeah i feel like it's going to catch up slowly as long as we don't he well i mean i feel like the more people talk about it the more people who have conversations but also the more like the boy
turner images to get that's what i was thinking about yeah that the swimmer from seeing who got released because you know nobody wanted to mess up his swimming career and he raped a girl so so i only think i think he drugs i think i don't know that every out like to be the truth but that's the theory issue is incapacitated she was incapacitated she and when she told the story it's like she's at a party and all of a sudden she's waking up the dumpster and the two men who witnessed it were so upset the two and the grown men work eyeing him and now so upset of what they witnessed that's not something you go ok we'll don't do this anymore who would do that for like we have to start treating it and talking about it as the ec
stream we violent criminal act that it is an also stop fucking using the phrase sexual assault i was things that are facing a museum if its rape its rate some people's set leg you know sexual assault it's not sex dont use the word sex when it's just rang not unconditional and knocks an angel sacks nonconventional sex is second rate is right that's right sex is between two consenting adults so i can call it that also date rape is right rape is rape that doesn't mean it just ice and chill rape no it straight also theirs it wasn't a pre agreement that that agreement got broken which is what date rape alludes to write he went on a day what did you hear someone upset know this person is a rapist yeah leaders and re people unless your rapists only oh man i mean i think we're coming down pretty hard and an anti rape stance i think it's clear that our anti ray
we're and we're saying it's too our listener yes if whom are convinced that you guys stop it stop it we're lucky two fucking crocheted nipple belts no to rape just you know where we stand we're gonna tell you how it works no grey area oh man you ready for yours yeah this is going to be a bit of a left her how can you say it's fun died it's an upturn it's an uptake from its it's not the most upsetting before me that really i'm not i swear i'm not criticizing you it really that's the one that gets me where i deny almost try not to think about is just an awful i didn't do that i'm like but their people i mean that these are the stories people when you talk about them it's important year can also cause she's a survivor yeah survive and she has a story to tell it i think she's now come on telling i bet she yeah i bet what a whore she's doing amazing work and
you know there's no i mean just to think of the nightmare she went through yeah is he has a survivor you she has to be very strong person to be able to move to move forward not on from a foreigner yet i also think you do certain things in your life and there are no amount of jesus as nails that can help you after a while just just not that anybody that needs to hear that message is listening but it's just a personal theory i have you can pick the bible are you i mean like that's the whole idea of dna is like yeah now you're forgiven but you can't just fucking children are proud what are we doing god doesn't want you anymore so you're saying i mean i own i'm ok with that what's the where can we start talking about will anything ever settle down what we can talk about actual
rehabilitation what works what howdy how do you six people that do terrible things will we have admit right now is that we don't know yet and so why are we why are we saying oh he's route readability here we can let em out we don't know the brain and we don't know psychotic psychology is pretty new fuckin thing why are we saying that we know well enough to let some island good behaviour that their rehabilitated yes a fucking pretending that you that you would fucking college for eight years and became you know you read all the textbooks so you know when someone is fucking rehabilitated why are we leaving that happen they pretended they went to college and their below they did i'm saying that people who are living in or went to what psychology and go do online phoenix universal phoenix university fuck em degree and criminal justice how about that we put
child rapist on the great pan pacific the garbage patch that's about five miles wide and it's made of garbage its floating in the sea in their garbage people you go out there and you take your take that act out into the garbage patch cause i that's and these are not win back to shore then you get off on whenever such behaviour here we have gets garbage patches this is not helping ice stephen cut them tired even got my story all right i want to talk to you about a man named rabbi fred new land or do you know him now ok so i got most of this from an old city confidential which if you confidential the old this one's or narrated by a man a great actor name paul wingfield and paul
field narrated the show like he had a margarita in what he is so chilled out its feels like when he tells you the story and the writing is so hilariously brilliant they are you the story of the it's called the confidential so they tell you all about the city first so they're like it was spend on community exactly jerry hill pennsylvania was asleep burke and then it becomes he'd they do it systematically so since because this was about the rabbi it was all biblical references mosaic but evil did live here and it's like these kind of talk you think back he's a little slurry innuendo we but yeah but legs such obvious in that it's not that i love that show its the best show i used to watch it my turn away forensic files on constantly in that show is it thousands like adorable
data up you know it's a sitting on mental legitimately gurdy confidential is beautifully put together beautifully produce share good stories to great stories they get great people the here's i loved the hometown reporters they're the ones that no the whole story angels and this their big fucking moment be on tv and be like i know i wrote about called the wine and the one it's me he passed listen i went to fucking phoenix university journalism score and i'm finally fucking getting my come up and put a lot of these people like it's true it's like these this one woman whose rapporteur for it was like the cherry hill gazette ever the hell written down you knows on youtube and ever go watch it it's so good but these are these are real these are people who are like this is what the towns like this is what we used to this is it so cool
they give you the sense of what is going on in there always such like there's such earnest people trust them you they know what they're talking about it's nothin bullshit over here where it's like i think it was in pencil they there like they know for a fact everything they say is active and though you hanging over here like sitting on the couch right now i was pointing to myself i thought you might like l a time i was like mon cover and i would like the west coast i get no no okay so yes if you want if you want to get the full story the city confidential on there also just i do recommends getting onto do too like enter some true crime something because they just have a million old shows on youtube that are who crime stories they just data this one doesn't have the title city confidential it just says fred new and oh yeah then you click it so somebody was avoiding
getting tremble alive so that you can still watch him smile anyhow please do support city company it doesn't exist anymore okay so jerry held pennsylvania is a suburb of philly its middle upper middle class and might sound familiar to you because it had the first indoor mall on the east coast the cherry hill mall okay now ok so that's exciting for that happy for them at right people mean it used to be like because the highway seventy used to go from philly to cherry hill and so basically that road was always full of traffic as people who worked in the city and lived in the suburbs and so they started building you know stores along the road because everyone was always on the road and that's what led to the first indoors
mom i never thought of that thing i guess there's a first one yeah just like than they were yeah and then people just go like the whole city was kind of bill around community was in them all they wanted rapporteur said like if you want to know the community or sea with communities like you go to the mall i level malted mouse did did so ok so there's like seventy thousand residents and probably a third of them are jewish so there's that you know these porters talk a lot about how much there really is a lot of diversity in this town and so on the more popular temples and cherry hill is called core shalom it was founded by by fred new lands nineteen seventy four he was an assistant rabbi indifferent temple but key it didn't want to be the assistant any more and he felt like his take on what he to talk about an preach about please correct me on any
these i mean he's got a catholic wording for very strictly jewish things and i apologise in advance but curiously wanted his you know congregation and his leadership to be a little bit more updated and a little different so he starts this new temple and by the mid nineties he's got four thousand people are going to it so it's like one of the bigger ones in the city he had met his wife carol college she was the daughter of a very well to do garment business man like us manufacture like garment textile guy you know textiles clothing merchant i guess but she was rich like she grew up in a mansion and long island and with butler since polish i love that part in there
they talk about a rolling a rolling lawn down to the ocean in orbit ever like a kind of having butler issues like hanging out makes me feel guilty a comfortable yeah we're like someone silent yapping they're ready to do your bidding supporting you that's what i want to point out that i would hate to sound like a helper is someone that just does what ever you ask them to an you d have you only pair every five months to share i stand corrected i meant that about myself you know you are correct stevens crying then get back in your whole stevie put your tuxedo bygones ok so what at the same time as fred is you know must start starting up his basically his own really community in cherry hell carol oh this is that there with all the
cities that go on in the religious holidays and such like that there's no kosher bakery so she opens cherry hills first kosher bakery as it was called the classic kate company and she starts admiringly right she sees a niche and that needs to be filled she does she not gonna fuckin rests on her dad's textile laura stock now and she's not going arrest on her rabbi husbands good time now she's gonna be like excuse me i went to a party and yet can i couldn't get a slice of kosher kate can i please it mike system any part or cream is working to pass baker that's closure racism are not doesn't get bacon rubbed on it so she starts this key company and does great so by than in the early nineties the new anders are killing their son matthew is
a medical student but he's also parttime m t their daughter rebecca lived in lee i don't know think about her but i want to say great thing shoes i mean she lived in valea she got out a cherry hell she may what she wasn't no slump no no i'm and she still got along with her family because her and her mom talk on the phone all the time so the only worry was this carol at the said kate company made to take was between five and twenty grand a day holy shit so it's a middle aged mom type who's driving home early shit ton of car every night so friends to be concerned about that and he tells carol we're into this because i think we need better security our house and for you and we need to kind of like addressed us so in
princess he knows a guy so what was in nineteen eighty to a man named lehne jan off head to the temple because someone in his a group recommended that he goes speak to rabbi fred new meyer because at that i'm lan had just getting divorced he was totally broke he was a raging alcoholic doing very eat like really bad in general and also its people say he was kind of a bit of a liar so he added get kind of he had some personality issues and some work to do and when you to go talk to rabbi fred new mire they got a long gray and and fred said come to this temple don't worry about paying anything like you we want here you're welcome and he really made a place for him there and they both smoked
at the time so they would sneak off and smoke together resuming rabbies rabbis might maybe they're not supposed to smoke or think it's frowned upon or something or he would sneak away here with his friend and they would go smoke and talk and it turned out that when had a lot to say he had been a vietnam vat and then according to him he worked for the cia and the fbi and special forces nobody if the effectually done that you dont say exactly what someone sudden city confidential ups worse swear to god i think gum his own friends there is another guy that was this classic like cause this thing was shot in ninety ninety five hundred and ninety five so there is some amazing like amazing colored blazers there's some frosted too but he's france at the exact same thing people who worked in the cia do not tell you stories about when i used to work at sea area the part of
lens reason for drinking so much cause he'd been in the shade and seeing this so i want to say anything about a showcase so on tuesday nights karol as the classic company has it's her managers meeting nine answers stays at work until eight so that night november first to ninety four is a tuesday and comes home at six o clock and he brings pizza home for him you too have for dinner cause they know carols so could be there and then matthew goes for his shift being an empty at six there are now joining this is going you mind so then fred goes back to the temple because carols not gonna be there so he goes back to the temple he pops in on the assistant rabbis judaism class and he put
and on the fire in practice and he's gonna hanging out a temple noughties doing when carol comes home at eight o clock snow tom and she's talking the phone to her daughter rebecca and while there on the phone she says to her daughter o the bathroom them through man's here again and like what are you talking about and then carol explains that a man had dropped by to deliver something for fred the father and then said just handing the thing to her he asked if we could use the bathroom and so came in and use the bathroom no rebecca very upset about that was like i don't like that all don't let a man and she said no he's fine he's this lobby guy is kind of like you know these nothing to worry about basically is what she and then they get off the phone
and she says he's a friend of your father's so dont worry about ninety fred comes home from the temple and no one's home and then when he gets inside doorway more he looks in the living room and its white carpet way furniture like almost in a completely white room and its covered in blood far there's blood everywhere and carol is laying in the middle of the living dead he calls nine one one and when because nine when one he sons really upset and mustard and at one point he says to the dispatcher or then i'm on one operator should i touch her he asked that's so nor any thought about that africa's eyes like that's kind of we're point to make and then i thought well that's a thing where if i walked in department to come and record and you were lying in the middle of the floor rate
i would run over to you and be like george are you ok and touch you bunch here without asking anybody about any wouldn't think yourself oh i don't want to contaminate this crime scene right our us i'm gonna hang back let's hope like carefully she's ok so that that noted basically i thought about that has been so his so as you on the phone call he says you have to tell the do you have tell them my son is an m t they can't send him here and so like the word goes out but it didn't matter because he was like the third group that i have so miles the address but but he wasn't on that call or that iran or whatever so by the time he did arrive there then police and ambulance whatever he tries to run inside he has to get physically restrained
from running inside and then he looks over and sees his father just standing in the driveway just kind of staring land and notices that there is no blood on his father at all there's not a drop of anything on his father and then he asks and key the rabbi didn't say last rites over her whom he cheated the prayer like this there are things they were saying that they would assume he would have done as a rabbi with a dead person now who because it's his wife sure so he might have just been in total shock and like wandered out fair but when these were exiting the house coming in and out he never asked anybody what's going on what happened to her he never said a word he was just standing there very dispassionately staring and if you found me and i was scared to death and then no go through your mind as is the killer stolen the house yes you know i mean yeah do not think that how long
did this happen re who did it what is happening in this why are they still here yeah i think that's a natural fucking fuck you suddenly the scariest so he doesn't even think about that now that's bad like that's about it yes and also i did hear a bit of his nine hundred and eleven call and it's just i just hate so much when it sounds like peep i hate fate crying sound like he is a letter that but it's like i just i slept good acting and thence offends me when people are like old this'll pass the ass is how people act when there is everyone else's so stupid and i'm so smart that they'll never know that this is fucking faith yeah of course i'll buy so i'm so good and so believable on these decisions about to make about what a real person yes emotions rights like who wouldn't murder his wife yeah ok so go to paper
so of course immediately becomes the focus of the investigation cause he's the husband and because these weird word behaviour yeah they start talking to but he is alibis airtight as we while in the choir teeth oversight amy this don't rob i saw the ass every one what time it was sick for real and to the point where the cops for me like that's a superior tied i'll buy from one second only start asking people at the temple it were is the first time in four years he'd ever gone into the judaism cloud oh my god and the choir leader was unknown to hate interruptions no one went into choir practice while it was going on it was an end himself knew that about do some due diligence and come in like once in the second week beforehand again i'm telling you had a fuckin kill someone but let it it's the thing of
don't know it stinks really how natural people act how people act in a natural way you're not going to be able to recreate it if you're a sociopath this guy i've singly every one second thanks on whether you think it once dumb and also clearly he's got it a bit of a god complex issues like i need my own temple but so ok then they go to the phone records and they realise that the rabbi been calling this one number and they go and look at it and it's a local philadelphia radio talk show host an yes and we'd have to find her name shit this is a weird turn i wasn't expecting you not see this one come away didn't see that we are going to go into top radio now i deny yeah world hung about that hypocrisy
neither did anybody else's especially the fans of aliens sore scenes of but your radio she's a radio personality so basic they do all the math they see that he's p called her he called her the day after the murder and said like hang in there i really want to be with you they fuckin what's that they fuck oh they straight i fuckin yeah so find out all these calls are going to her house this is a woman who the reason they met is because two years earlier presided over her husband's funeral aha girl s that's right and they had started having an affair they say roughly two months later now yet funny calm he moved right
you don't fuck someone whose husband you said that caught ashore bracky that's my eyes that's what you that's here you have that tattooed re okay so oh i'm sorry i just got i just got to my own peas paper they began she admitted that they started having an affair ten days now her husband's funeral ten days are now after her husband funeral now yes and two years later she gives him an ultimatum she says i want sneak around with you anymore you say you want to leave your wife leave your wife and if you don't do it by the end of ninety ninety for this over and i'm starting afresh in the new year and he's like have on instead well here so that was in october nineteen eighty four and the murder happens in november he's told her
this all sorted out by your birthday which was in december and she said you know i mean break up sorted out do you mean yeah you're going to end their relation no no that's what they made a horrible murderer oh that's when i was at all so yes so he was making a lot of calls for her so the police all the evidence they have is circumstantial so it even though everyone's like that deaf about his air tight alibi still in airtight i'll buy just like everyone's like this is yeah this thanks to heaven but it doesn't matter they can't get any hard hence until the cops tell the lame that fred lander was also having affairs with other women not the temple besides her yeah and when she's like guesswork hey about guess what everybody and she spills it then
anything there for her not tat if she hadn't known that she would have never told anyone sneering yeah i mean i bet she needed to believe that he didn't do it or the it was all like i'm sure he was telling her of course the hawaiian suspected we're always suspected hang in there with me what it was fuckin marina them because any murdering over i get the fuck away from me yeah that's that's here i told her i told you trust me one god closes the door he opened the window when she farther something to get the fuck out of here it's like you're the happiest rabbi i've ever heard you're supposed to be really eloquent and halfway good sayings yeah that's grant a serious man ok maybe so in may have a thousand lend jan off goes to a local oh no sorry that waves what you're telling me what she was like so she found lean yeah so badly
finds out that he the cops are like he's having all these other fashion she's like oh fine then the blah blah blah and then none of this is as i believe it to be but that wasn't that wasn't until we later i believe it was she finally tells them that in ninety ninety six but still circumstantial could be like the lady that's mad because the guy didn't pick her time whatever when it finally facts is when land jan off goes to a local reporter answer telling her about how he was told that that basically rat rabbi fred new lander who sorry in the meantime lender becomes the rabbis spokesperson so need there's news cameras any time there's reporters on the front line the rabbi sends land jan off out to talk to them and this guy is just
bullshit her and apparently he was he wouldn't he we would call people he would give cause what's he was like a way out in front of the story and he loved to hand out a private investigation business card like heap and insecurity business card the whole thing made me think of the sheriff penny guy that like all handle this i'll be the mouthpiece i like what are you doing here another second big had ed socio yes and so they work on that guy for a long time he eventually tells a reporter that the rabbi hired him for thirty thousand dollars to kill his wife he too he spills only and so he tells the story that here and his friend paul daniels who he met in a and paul daniels was twenty years old when this happened and he ray picture of him he looks dumb than the last like every
extra his mouth is open and it looks like he can't believe he's where here it's super sad and i know wrong to be like oh that poor terrible criminal that murdered this woman re but it really looks like he got looped into something that he kind of didn't notice he could be talked into anything yes but i mean irradiate out because still what happened was they knock on the door that night at the house karel answers the door recognizes the bathroom man and they and she's what happened she led them into the house or from whatever they said to her at the door he was like come on you guys runs around our work as she trust him i saw her husband's friend and she turned around a walk in and one of them had some pits or on the back of the head with a pipe and she was down they cracker head open she goes down in the living room and then and the paul daniels guy says he did that one hit and then
when jan off went in and just beat her to death but that's the story that guy gives the they in the in the city com angel the report this the report describes it whereas like it's a white living room and there's just blood everywhere it lay it so disturbingly off can i call you kill a personage just like yeah there's floods batter there that whatever it's our word legend yes such a horrible word terrible violent diana so finally so finally they get there let's get enough evidence so they can indict fred new meyer for this new mandatory for this death so they go they have the first trial and in that trial all this i've comes out to it just like all this gossip from the temple all the stuff they it's just they had no idea that thereby was this much of a douche bag
comes out in trial and the they find out that daughter let you know the mother had just said to the daughters the bathroom then they find out that lending i've had been there the week before on the tuesday night when she was to be there by herself but he got cold because we when he went in fred new i told him it needed to look like a robbery they needed to be stealing that cake company money but when he walked in he couldn't see her purse and so he knew he wouldn't be able to make it look like a robbery he got cold feet asked use the bathroom and then left that is why his the bathroom man that's weighs about the man he was there he was supposed to kill her that night and basically puncture shit yeah so they they get it all in trial and the jury is deadlocked and its declared a mid term now yes and this
five years more than five years of police work and lawyers or in one area its declared a mistrial and when its declared a mistrial fred new lander smiled and the prosecuting attorney saw him smile and the next morning went down and filed for the trial immediately secondly are doing this again may i am so what a new trial starts donnie that paper when the new trial starts this time children will testify for the price secure should allow so we're back and matthew now come and tell the story and it's that honest really different and he's like basically it's very sad the sun is just like my father was watching this whole thing and had no motions whatsoever and like his mother was murdered in his father didn't care so awful anyway at the
end of the second trial in two thousand to he's declared guilty and own he does this speech at the end that is the latest and that thing we ve seen before where they just talk about themselves and how hard it is and what a and he actually at one point at the end of this kind of rambling speech that kind of makes no sense these quoting viable verse horse and then as i and i alone no i am innocent and then just like all listen what you just said we like you just said you're super fucking gelding re right nothing security in our guilt ear but then after that carols brother edward stands up and he goes in the past eight years you have acted in a manner so repulsive that words cannot begin to describe the person that
become you are a murderer a liar a coward a cheat you ve dishonoured carol yourself your children this court the rabbit your congregation and judaism and i d i'm watching city confidential i'm too sick pausing in writing down every word edward says his eyes like that's fucked ass powerful lake you basically like do when everything you're doing it's not what you're here in yourselves yeah god does i can't anymore that's right you blew it so now he serving life sentence paul danny and when janni off were both given twenty three errors for their part is allowed act which is kind in saying that they're the ones it swung the total ape but it was because it was his plan freds plan yeah it's an intention
our intention was aunt to kill your wife it was to get my yet more someone else and also lend jennifer's promise that he was gonna get here go be able to go join them assad there the israeli army it's called it so right that's the israeli army there massage or it might be is really special forces that basically he believed that he was gonna go from there to then go be like a super soldier half which just shows that back i was pretty not here he was released from jail in twenty fourteen and uphold daniels hers release in october of twenty forty are you serious oh yeah really visa waivers anything cause i i wish i could show you how insane these pieces of paper look of my handwriting i'm handwriting city cannot now how you can do that it's kind of funding
watch tv and if you like this is important and re writing it down but i didn't i went out of order both files were televised uncorked tv oh yeah no i never even heard of it i know its not crazy as is so sky arthur j magda wrote a book called the rabbi and hit man about this case and this is just one last story from it that i thought was pretty good so a congregant who was a doktor had been friends with new for twenty years and traditionally went to the rabbis house further annual breaking of the fast after young or and when new lander was charged with this crime before the trials the physician told do new lander he wasn't gonna keep their tradition and the rabbi wanted to talk it over and so he went his friends house and sitting in the living room that doctor told new landor he believed tat he had had his wife killed that new lander never behaved like a grieving widower that when the physician plans
offer reward for the information about the murder new lander asked for the money for himself knew lander asked his friend to provide a letter explaining that medication he was taken for a heart problem would have caused to fail as lie detector tat and after an he had emotive because with his wife gone hidden the worry about the message worse than he could go on with his lady talk show host radio touch us so new land or tries to defend himself saying he loved his wife then the doctor says for no matter what you say i can't help but like you cause your charming in your beguiling but i think you're a psychopath and a murderer and new lander stands up to leave walks if steps away then turns back and says well nobody's perfect in fact in crete her
can you answer response still in your house and that's what he says to i think you killed your wife so i dont want to hang out with you anymore and you're a psychopath nor psychopath like us on called me a psychopath it would ruin me a bit like am i know i know it i'd be very heard for most people why he also a doctor a doctor a d we can argue with the amateur he didn't get as degree from phoenix no i bet you that was a real cherry hell doktor he got his says it's from vienna he actually got a cosmetology degree because he was interested in the sunlight that animals like no i like benazir like cutting airline coming people the while at some fucked up shit that's the rabbi and actually do do for people who suggested this one but mc colors friend craig is the one who told me to do it in either he listened to the podcast or he just
suggesting things to be but it was because craig lives and cherry hills from cherry allow yeah that's fine yeah i mean no buts it's not funny law that's a fucked up terrible thing that was a good there's a good story there ok thanks good because i really did haven't written on nine this different peace the papers i online even after me there too yes so we can live on a slightly oh yeah we should talk about a positive thing we like yeah i think that made us happy why would seem let's see mine i have been on the couch a lot since it up from portland and takes a lot it really does but then also once i get on the couch i've a real hard time getting back off languages so much easier to stay there it is watching me family oh yeah i t vote modern family and it is just such a
it's such a well written show it's such a good job the characters are so watchful and likeable i'm so in love with cam of men when com to gain as it's the the best characters like it but all of them with their just so many good jokes now the thing is its tv writing is very hard and very there they been delivering lake a plus grade comedy for like ten year i mean all i did was enter it anymore italy i'd like fifteen episodes of modern family and i got it from my sister i will give her full credit because she's been does it since the moment came out and that's why i have a song where a reference modern family where i say in the song if one more person tells me to watch modern family like level blah and alone you like oh you hate that show it's like no no i'm just taking that from a real anecdote of me and my sister like
the time i talk to my sister on the phone she would tell me to watch it i was certainly beginning and then stops it stood it's amazing yeah it's just per it's just perfectly written on that and i've been having great lift driver conversations that's nice its carriers get scared that site i have a nightmare when the other day i am today percent a nightmare conversation s which means he was just talking at me and i was getting ursa from it and you go duty ear puglia hereabouts that's awesome that's a sweet one yeah there's it's been pretty pleasant but i really have the car it's riddick i'm acting like miss daisy by the nice sometimes to have like a pleasant commerce where you laugh about how bad drivers and allay our yeah yeah which works i guess i just
watching it yesterday but i'm big little eyes oh yeah what i do you think i would like i never read the given the articles eyes like you may like this you may like this amendment now i while you know like of brass you're end you know everything the year i that some from operas book club that's the kind of them of course fucking amazing and the show is so good and it was all these female characters that words then their whole lives were based on that these whole lives around their husbands and families and they were the characters instead of being the backup singers yeah i know i know she's like about them was about them and there co star in life was their partner just kind of cool acting so fucking good and shyly would lee with her new shelly chilean yeah she's just like i want he's such a great issues so great a man was really for it was fun
and god and there's a murder and there's a murder mystery o o i didn't know that his eyes tried to watch the first i'm i swear to god i don't think i got formats in and the first exchange to women had talking to each other the tones of voice they were using made me turn mighty ask as it was like oh hi earlene no yes you or whenever i was like they all come out is like panty kuntz ok and then it's like that there should go on agreeing the surface oh i'm going back and its among its ought the whole thing is a murder mystery oh shit ellis and its good and their everyone is having these the nicole kinmen and alexander sars guard relationship was amazing cool like you just need a watch it to see the two of them it takes a lot of shit but she's an increase the black sea they're gonna win out of my words research than i think you're gonna when it all i sent my funding
if the other day of member when shoes clapping at the oscar yeah someone made there and i can't figure out if someone did this to the give or if this is real what it look like but it looks like her fingers this like it she she is alien fingers i she's cool i think that's real is it what her hands really look like i dont know i saw that too and i i think it's real we were last i was laughing anyway when i found it is she it looks like it looks like flippers here it looks like her nails our way and she's trying not to let them near each other but also that she's from mars yeah that aside that's giving her shit when i say she takes a lot of shit but she for example when she started acting in fuckin australian you know i'm the pretty girl the props gray she then an incredible did you ever see dead com or she's on the boat oh my god if you want to see like an amazing murderer it like it's
not horror i guess it be suspense or something action it's her and sam neil i think and somebody else there on a bow it's so good and she is like it's when she had her kinky curly hair and she had her freckles and she was probably twenty ange o beyond boy you she's gorgeous than she still to this day i'll play these a wealthy these wealthy women from monterrey and everyone has these secrets underneath kind of a thing and its there's some you know i'm gonna need this is are you need it i was bombed that i didn't bend raja because add away too weak to launch the new enzo get in there go bench yeah also adam scott in it who i adore arab scots and i hear it plays a really great character its he's fine ok that's a good idea sure i'm so that made me happy that this week anything else in either
oh i think that we said last episode was lake sixteen sky said it was like sixty seven and it was sixty two or some tat for i was off by a lot what's the numbers citizens sixty three didn't last week i say it was late sixties seven i mean but errors were up there ass fifty were not like someone was setting our watch back oh shit authorities i said i was gonna do this thing in my life before sixty seven have in an hour of cheap myth attack there like you know what i mean stop smoking around episode sixty sardinia and i haven't than i am going to start smoking someone we made on sportsmen elvis well you thank you for listening to our friend guys thank you for breathing year are you are late hour on our irish system and heart and soul an honor system of i mostly your honor system here if you take a penny
you leave a penny our hearts you ve left a penny the penny in my house don't help nickel in europe therefore sharing a double down things are listening i don't you ted thank you for listening thank you everything which is the aim you want to come and make her deep you may be sure that i mean her triple her triple apparent near at times a charming me stay sexy everybody and don't get murdered me me me me me me me she's gonna call kidman of cash worker elvis periods on my cookie
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