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On this week’s My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia answer your questions about humble beginnings, going back in time to be part of an investigation, finding their favorite murder, GPS whistles, and more.

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this is exactly right they like its merits everything up i love that were travelling on my birth i know that's what we give up for this package as what if i get the whole plain to sing happy birthday to you i will end with this part from than ever talk to you again you know that my sensitivity i can not in a restaurant how many wondering what they re ok i didn't think so but i couldn't remember if it was funny or horrifying i you well a plane would be bad because then you just have to sit there pulling a restaurant
what you say i think really the basque has them expected wells and people hate your gut meddling in a restaurant you can join in or not the plane than your two years trapped fake funds but like member when we read that restaurant in portland their turkey restaurant and oh yeah and someone saying happy birthday it was so far i single aren't you sing along always it's ok like nodding i mean like people i don't know it's the most fun it is like you're so happy for them yes they are friends or loved one that their celebrating this is a good thing we're all in some way glad you're here or then it's just like a couple the first eight you're like did that one of them make it up to seem fun but that's their birthday and tell them or like as i now they that pathetic that they have to make a birthday is to be found or is it a girlfriend you just got down from her friends with her she's like you know what you just serve a candle lemon a second amendment you are i'm gonna get you free hot fudge that someone to love you hey this is
we started we're the shoe crime podcast asked the question what if we talk whether those efforts and it must also be that's the question is pronounced things in a measured way sounds like that's her tagline hobo this is the first this is the first podcast episode slash transmission from the podcast nook of my new apart limits olaf's there's wrestling memorabilia everywhere because we watch rustling in this place we watch murder but this is a we asked for my office coughed yeah that's awesome they record here they get what they get one wall of murder remember podcasting them nope where am i wrestling wrestling memorabilia and we get one and a half very filled out very full of gifts murdering now gifts to us yes one of which we just got and i'm so in love with its he's like plush
pillows one for each of us this girl got to made fabric squirrels and by knees and forests these staff and its adorable but there's also murder scenes and its cartoon murder scenes and skulls and bones unlike varied bodies and then strips of material it say stay out of the four it looks like you know police do not cross language has stay out of the forest and their amazing let's get her very cute it's called she her name is maria and its efforts christ and her name is coup cow la mancha cook la mancha you're right turn out there that's her k o k l a ok i hope she selling these because the fucking incredible like they're like legit
will it also there on this thoroughly other people have given us lope lobby gifts just know they're here they're all they're all around us right now somewhat each treated at me the other way the other day did your love a ball necklace make it back from the fuck's thicker which is like first first leg of the mike other tore away long ago and i would like to report that person yes of course it did it's not it's not in this lofty somewhere in my kitchen but we all this people give us we ship back and then we like sitting is gonna be once it's all up and finally done with it can i be this place is gonna be a fuckin hoarders nightmare of murder so gun so thanks for those thank you lovely gas also now we have to talk about castings albany whose you guys are like arrogant here so here's what the alternative quick version of what happened we decide what we're gonna do as do our first ever live ching party
recording where together georgian i watch casting dominate comment on it as it goes and basically have that kind of experience telling clarity and wouldn't that be hilarious unfunded fascinating turns out now i say we got no it turned out that causing germany was not the thing we thought it was it was a different thing personally saves say a study on the strange personalities and behaviour of actors yeah that's close there is a lot of the day preparation of the of show business there are a lot of other things happening besides just the story of germany ramses murder and maybe this will finally be the thing that catapults me like my favorite murder wasn't when we started yet since we never
yeah and it was a lot of opinions of people that i didn't care about their opinions it's their opinion seemed super made up here and as we all know no one likes to look in the mirror right so i was undergoing you're fucking lady shut your mouth you don't know anything about economic damage to the so it was not i
we got fifteen twenty minutes animal just like looked it's even more like turn it off this is not because i couldn't it wasn't like i could riff about who is to we're lots of the things that were happening we're visual yeah or feel like just bad vibes and we're basely sitting they're kind of shooting on normal people who are tricked into being and in this document and i think in the beginning when we didn't realize what it was we were like this is funny and its good and like we were being really fun n risky and then it got kind of sad and then we just i realize we had both been sitting there in silence for five minutes he has been built like this is what do we do for this week's apis whereas i fucking though we would have allowed at the hour of our favorite live up as one of our favoured the iraqi people and had been asking for it is gonna put out anyways we we ve built in a security system and take our district chances but that was not one we should have ever this week as one we're gonna taken i think it's gonna get well this is a good one stephen was this year idea they episode yes
who as we all i was a charter guy then grant thank hated it your face i just looked over you right now you're just like i hate my mythic i hate myself why do i just let everyone how they got all individual merits you don't think i do that all day long that's all anyone if you think of good ideas you want credit for back and know what all sorry if i do not think you see seasons cheeks are already now you feel deep shame is something here that i do i like story did you steal no i even now you're gonna think it soon let her out and say yeah tuning you are correct in you're a the q is it well just as they did you have something to say about germany look like you were gonna pick up the might oh i was and say we need of watching like forty five minutes of oh my god you have
so if you want to pay a thousand dollars to listen i've got a charity anyway don't need out but you can also you know you're not gonna tell you what charity it is you're such a marketer you're such a like now how do we take this thing and turn it into an i love it and when no at all and i would like an marker i'm in no at all i'm a non market are so pick one in all these lands we can be a but here's the thing nobody else it's because we experience being right and so it's you know i mean you know why because we actually know it all everything if there's anything this progress has proven as that we know everything we know everything down to science someone tweeted and said please make people understand that it is important to to give like
resuscitation and some of them were there was a person who had a lot of experience who just like you basically told people they don't have to give a like yeah artificial artificial respiration or whenever any that everything is a thing of the wild man when you spoke about it you can pull the thing off the wildest unwomanly like please no yeah that's true at all is a blow or non law if it is rampant in their phase and blow horn in their face their fine you don't have to give cpr you don't wanna cpr anymore no congratulate yeah ok so but something came out of jean monet episode yes that's right because we did take the time at the beginning to reveal each other's tramp stamp see each other waiters home ass yet think i can remember that yes so so we're aren't you gonna play that was real time yet mean we're finally that backhand we're not gonna recreate at yes we're gonna play you are reveal that we promised issue of our tramp stamps go
quickly tell everyone how and why and where an underwater conditions you got your tramp stamp oh here i had my heart broken a really bad for like the first thing time ever as i like nineteen and it was like worshipped for my fucking chest and am i just needed a distraction so badly i was so sad that i was just like i'm getting a fucking tattoo is so had my friend exhilarating in early may know it's just like i mean something else too fucking focus on so i had my friend who had a bunch tattoos take me to the tattoo artists in an orange county in anyone do ended up sucking yeah and i got hearts on both my like upper flanks or use the word flank which is great and perfect as you can see that in your mind absolutely chose to read hearts with a black little outlined on them the kid yeah it's almost like you like you accessories yourself permanent air
oh i know it may never see them i forget their their totally worked totally distracted me let's go guys gonna tattoo if you're said yeah perfect i just have a salmon just having a picture of a salmon is it like a fillet of salmon like some partially some delicious braised salmon it's it's actually looks exactly like the stick or on the back of a fishermen's trot cab you know that the it's like here i like fishing these specific kind of fish it's based on that picture is it color nor is it ok why did you get that alcoholism and we why is salmon and i've told the story before but the original plan was we were gonna get cogema hone tattooed on our asses it was me and my two other alcoholic frowned what's that or i mean party friends that's gaelic for kiss my ass we thought we were drunk without be very funding there to get that tattooed on our ass we went to the tattoo part
on sunset there was not there nor her and when we told the guy that was a plan he refused to do it he said look terrible words would have to be to be at the helm think fucking god for him but then my friends who also already had tattoos had backup like planned less immediately right and i was just standing there still totally drunk and lake and so i did like a thing than i thought would be kind of funny or lake i cannot explain it it's just the perfect symbol of how i did everything in the nineties ominous like it's a fuck it trap tat yeah it's a fucking cares about life tattoo it's a permanent fuck it which is what stupid about well it's on your button who sees that nobody and now me annoying you're walking away no me not me i love the fact that you hate fish yeah can you hear me first canning stephen look away we're gonna show each other traffic jams carom show me your salmon it's not gonna be get in your salmon tail son a whale to hell let's see
oh wow it's actually done really well really light to yes it's like a shape its well shaded i was expecting like a cartoon outline of own it's actually but i'm really well not as big as i thought it would be he's wearing glasses you yeah he's got a cigar and is now for me it feels humongous like the size of the palm of my hand it's not an honestly and i'm not just you don't need to do this but if you want to get that removed i bet it would take the few session i bet it would guess it's not about it just looks almost like veins latest strangely place veins right now really light barely let's hear you writing mine isn't and if i ever want to get rid of cut my thanks at least share flanks you talk about much worse
oh america i wish you could see what i'm saying right now at such an idea euro dirty so good i mean daily looks like to mrs cresson stickers on either side of the above of your butt cheeks that's so funny like a man is kind of classic you're fucked adrian thank you for breaking my heart thank you for having a girlfriend level tat your data adrian human ghosting me adrian what did you think i was going to happen and also do you still feel that now that human impact hang over the eu laughed yeah you feel it we're friends on facebook myth now that's why camping on facebook i'm so much better than him now i one and you get the hearts to preventing at the back and are super why large and though but part the heart of your by you know
let's tattoo ok region that we had to get that cleared up before we really could give our full attention and keep talking about it and will not do it that's exactly right ok ah ah remember member and then so something did come out good of yeah we learned a little more about each other building that bridge of love if you gotta get another tattoo are worthy your face next to the salmon on the sailorman you're you're the salmon's birthmark and its healthy it's like dogs close up look gods on salmon i mean i feel like obligated to get a stay sexy don't get murder tattoo you do i do but then what if it all goes to shit and unlike reminder of this ended in a fire bull you'll be reminded everyday anyway see might as well a shrewd look make it look like you have some sort of sense of humour about it it's true you can't or an and then i could if i get
sex it'll get murder one august issue i can write i didn't stay sexy that there also there so just of all this thing i just there's nothing more flexible than attacked you oh man i wanted to be a corrections corner email yet right yeah guess what i was wrong about stuff this is georgia by the way this is the problem harry said a man shallower it's gotta be shiloh shit you're right how can i and put letters in their correct you cause you panic i have panicked latvia is i don't i don't you think like this i look at it and it's not immediately recognizable you're like you're gonna get it wrong and then you don't let yourself i also don't think that than i do want to say that the name chauvelin dispelling is not bear to think of so that before anyways
the irish names of on yeah you know it's in spelling its looks like sale by software its core insanities gaelic that's like a whole different language as someone who can't writhings ok here that went somewhere first of all i wanted to thank you for shall aim for sharing my trees is tragic story that's a couple episode back that's my trees richard sent a really great not great but horrible's story that's important ok i think it's in the importance of the public to be aware such mishaps and encourage the hot enforcement entities to learn from these tragedies so of the agency's mention in your story have been around for a long time and have both wonderful triumphs and shameful pieces to their history correction is to bring awareness that the lapd and they like hanish l a county sheriffs department are not the same thing both are two enormous departments within the county of los angeles and lots of people think that they are synonyms for each other how ever when referring to speak
cases especially when there is when there was negative neglect or misuse of powers it's important to hold the correct agency accountable in your retailing of a story you actually referred to both however this was entirely los angeles county sheriff sheriffs depart in case lapd lapd does not involve whatsoever thank you stephen for taking the time to read this i only made the correction because i know that you have such a large audience and don't think that incorrect information especially in such a turbulent social and political climate towards law enforcement should be perpetuated through an additional correction a law enforcement officer is never trained to shoot someone simply the injured them for instance hit them in the shoulder or the leg said georgia you didn't write that she denied that there are two there are other tools at their disposal for less than lethal force and the firearms only meant for one purpose interesting if i can
can ever be of any help on any of these topics please feel free to reach out i think we needed this person in an entire episode yes for sure i am a forensic psychologist with a research background and police psychology and i also have law enforcement experience keep up the amazing work ladies i love all that you do shiloh wow when you so much for that emu will i mean listen you know it's embarrassing to me about that emu is i have as i have mentioned several times a lot of relatives in the services companies permanent right but i also have had relatives then our sheriffs so feel like if anyone should have known that very big france i should have at least in such a way that harmony writer now why would you know i don't know i just feel like that's something i kind of no back in the back of my mind but i think it's because they were they do it in different areas so like if you were to tell me they were synonymous i would again like oh you have helped me
and finally that was a perfect email of telling us why we were wrong and also information that we do really me too i'm so happy that get those in the same way that when we were told that you dont say prostitute you say sex worker we have just completely tried never do that again my fucking correct people all the time and in the most hockey way down corrected my dad don't you feel like theirs nothing better there's nothing more quickly but you do that with new information only turn around and use it on somebody that's my favorite thing this can i mean it this second somebody says anything about the sheriff and the lapd yemen appealing hi sorry excuse me i mean to interrupt her dinner the little doktor frank entities they're not synonymous and do i use that word and its because we know everything yes even then tell me learn at them from thereon then yeah but then we still know it and time is a flat circle
so last week when we we played our light episode from any annapolis is our right and karen's beckoned fabulous murder what was her name bell gun and i'll get us have fucking thing in the newspaper asking for a husband that she was gonna murder and it said at the end trial you need not apply and we said to you guys at this show work that's our next sure and guess what it is yet let's do birthday corner gotta my favorite murder short stuck up the place i love it here am yes when this comes out you know my birth god willing i should be dead soon that's true i was thinking more that the then too
world will implode in there won't be assumed to day in the no ran off the grid the grid will be down that's gonna take at least four months that's say forty eight may not come out on thursday we have looked anyway nowadays it is greatly voting on friday act but i'm happy birthday thank you kindly i'm so excited for you you know me i'm tour yeah it's a dream birthday i get to be an hotel room went i loved i get to go do it shows for our fans which is the most finally the biggest lake ego boost the most the best way
it make a living or that irving sarcastic rather hotel room no of i could live in hotel her there's nothing i love more i thought you really get like real darkened deep like i want to be alone no you're half a million lavatory allow goes like this taken it seems like the majority of the couple that's like you're just make out the whole time anyway you guys but tv shows too high to showing your birthday that would be so fine just travel the best part about touring can i bring you a downer ons onstage on friday at the do you see which are ones hers and do not want to audiences happy birthday you probably do oh absolutely demand it ok great the esteem in which i had the work that you have to say finally thank you see that i'm excited i mean at my age you stop caring about per thousand i know the people say that the roma
thing to say while you through a dish oliver shoulder but you re just ina having at twenty three stop caring about birth is really just a measure we're looking for some here really urging here here like a dark hey let's get sean's asked at us ok that was our new idea of questions my as you and i episode everybody you get ready don't an antenna did you make any kind of keyboard music you and i am today's yeah can you do think layin like ready keyboard exciting music i just saw guy brantome soda thinking about you know torture game shows i gotta get ok let's positive here for stephen put his it is music and your name is
oh my god stephen that was amazing it's all tita now just got amy screaming just a jeopardy theme that through the wood a baby screaming over at that spur back there now here's some stats fortunately males in three point five days well and yet a thermostat i guess that is that they always that that's outwards so the first russian i thought would be the most interesting is thought of the name my favorite murder and what were the this oh jessica ass this and what were the other name alternatives have never any other alternatives it came out real fast from how i remember it
i was i believe we are on the phone no work we risk having won a one in a boost that's very possible you mean and are like that for our one of our i think it was the one where i finally was like can we make this a gas and i was mimi here we're doing mass ok and then we we like slowly came up with the idea that slowly i think it was like pretty rapid pretty fast and then i think i went to p and came back and you were like what about this year and then i was like he s and that was a young there was never any i remember the notebook i brought and i recently went to find the page like notes i took on like what we could do and there wasn't any because it was just like ok let's do that yes this number you came out with it it was like it was your idea to do it and then it was you brought the hometown murder idea
so it was almost like it just went it was like watching something lay out in front of you are you're does like oh you have this i remember i remember pitching that but i for some reason i remember being on the phone but then i also remember lately could have been i mean who i really i would never argue it but i do remember that night going home and cause i was i think i said verbally to you what have we too had like a kind of a dark detective style theme and then i went home just to i just sat in my tv room and did what is now the actual aim one vote one take there was a one take kind of example was between example that's where the sound is so bad on it i wonder we still have the text i still have that i still have recording you sent me because it's in all the texan on your iphone but i just one it's gotta be in there somewhere like houses sighing and i like great let's do it ya think you recorded after we recorded our first episode yes first one didn't have anything right i don't know i think the first one
you just needed to put it put opening yeah it is this interesting i'm you interested i mentioned i guess i as a spanish do not i love our second notice by august is talking about our socialism riddle hanging about others that up you switch bodies freaky this is from gaza yet if you switched body speakest freaky friday stop her one day what would you do as the other person i would touch my big oops sorry i'm touched your chest immediately if like i'd have big business i would start your most insane outfit like were your most or most of extreme events
stress i know which one it is at pre breakfast and i would change my closed twenty five times that that day because i have so many clothes he does you so many outfit and you so many combinations and georgia does this thing i call i have one shared i call it my meeting sure and every time we georgian i have a meeting together i show up in this same sure a lot of meetings lately to so it's gonna be like it's pretty aware and i like it i am i what are they going to wake up and i my cap should i leave now i'm already fifty minutes late but then georgia rose up in closed that i'm like i remember people wearing that nineteen eighty two like bees outfits there so rad and perfect sing yeah i would do the shopping addiction that's the problem nobody did show up the therapy today unlike my favorite like sweater and my therapist almost darted crank as she was like i had you and i was in our men treat you have so many clothes that i had known elementary school salerno let me go to me i love dressing and love of that system
happens when all you have his hand me nouns when your kid from like boys like you're older cousin boy cousins you become a papa halleck youngest have all the yeah any ambiguity stresses thinking i touch my boobs still in order would deter work have cleavage the eye i learned what does like for someone to talk at my boobs you know how to thank you just stared right now my business i never happened to me i think when you have big boobs well it just depends on the kind of person you are but i've been the purse it's been like me i know these are not the drawings you're looking for i'm sorry to objectify you know that i'm i'm sorry if i mean the uncomfortable it so much basically in a cup my entire life i've always wanted to be the kind of girl that like it's a special party i'm going to put on i'm going to get put a push up bra on and put like this dress but my boobs like in that's narco it look
raided acts it's like it looks it looks like looks like it's not for public consumption i s ethnic astonished around showing too much skin or it's like why do i have to do this in society like i get i definitely one i'll try to wear a low cut short i get said yeah you know what i mean you feel like you feel like you have two year like al objectified like i'm doing a hearing now the thunder regulation its ongoing your front as though it is it's a compliment this is a question that we got from a lot of people but i had a question about it because isn't the first episode technically your favorite murders germany and the sack saccharine does he syria rape as are the others technically you're my favorite murders satellite when it's like what is your favorite murder and right just don't think there's an answer now so then my question is how that changed since you started doing this pipe gas has like has like you're what you can
your favorite says it changed at all since you started i would say it has changed because its me it's this it's the murder story the best thing that lays out as a story is become my favorite because one it's like a person nets say it just like they killed a bunch people in one day the ends like hard to make that have legs or be it you know like you have to do a bunch of other research pull out in any way like there's a lot of murder people like i wish you would do this that we just can't because there's not it's just the sad short story of there's no conclusion do it or like ives we ve talked about this a couple times and there's been a couple people that tweeted but the georgia moses story who is the other little twelve year old girl who was murdered in my home town who is black and socially basically the lake the is the opposite of poly class where polly class it was a national news story nobody's ever heard of georgia moses
and when i went i told people i would do that story and when i went to research it every single part of it is so depressing she was so abandoned and not taken care of and this the you know not supported in any way and no one helped her no adult in her life seemed to help her she was such a it just sat a story that lake i you know it's that kind of thing where then i just i kind of avoided because like how do i present this in a way that does i want to make you just cry at the end yeah i think the word bread is so i just i love so that's what you i mean it's just so hard to be like john beneath my favorite germany is really stances behind it in a way that means i fucking hate it so much that it makes me angry yet so that's it i mean it's just so hard to be like germany is my favorite germany is really interesting to me because i think that it's so diabolical insane and then
i don't know there's no there's two in a category two really pick one into also i've answer that question differently every time we announced let me tell them then we get ass like what was your first one and that you are interested in for me it changes all the time we're locked i remember a new one and we like oh yeah i love that you have just referred this morning that one when i was thirteen jaynes addiction was my favorite man in the world i just remembered they have a site called tat just admitted that was about ted bundy would have made me look who the fuck is ted bundy and maybe look into it and that what issues like you just vulture first what was better which are for it's hard to remember those like there everybody has a million defining moment or a million like it i mean like mine isn't even really a murder i just remember how excited i got when i went to check out the amity poor book and my grammar school library and sister red rose who was the oldest none
in the game world still wearing a habit and she had like gnarled old finger she look like a character from a stephen king novel oh my god and i want to check that book out and she was so angry at me but i was like it's in the school library like it's not my fault night also checked it out multiple times but that was like oh god i wonder diving pointed that school right now on that booking caring kaliko somebody's gonna do that but i mean you know man it's my birthday we'll just say it was fuckin over thirty years ago is latin saying it was so long ago that it still there they don't rip those hard catalogue not do we decimal shut out of the book i wonder that's awaiting it i can get my friend katy to go look because she works there katy do it better i'm sorry what was the cushion igniting go just daddy it has great great added that not telling those mary also ameriky mary with a key e k e s what's the big
the best worst reaction that you ve gotten from somebody you who doesn't share your love to crime well i mean there are those social media messages we get where its likes woman of satan i'll kill you or things like that that we just immediately delete and report and dont pay attention to you know what i did and that which i know is a mistake but it ended up making me feel really good as i read the comments on a thing we were in we were on the washington post we haven't interview and in which was so incredible on this pass we gonna is amazing and it's like legit and my mom exclamation mark and i told her about it and there were i've started really comments and there were all these people are like how dare they thus in that and every single one was was commenting on by a fucking murder reno very eloquently telling them why they were incorrect and why was actually good and not in a dick way and it was just like
we now need to respond to those things because everyone's everyone's are there are bullies for us right and also the people that that stance of like the how dare you sands do you write to keep morrison and say how dare you for reporting cried the murders that you do in his salacious way on may twenty twenty or what are you gonna be like its will are you bringing this to other people's doors i bet they're not i bet they are keith call us let us know can you come here our that you're the only one that can answer that question scottie asks how much money would you have to pay to hitchhike across the country is that's fairyland us i've read it i figure was scotty's like because i want to take you on which i can and i want to use a per day sir he's like that's my new she didn't area can you show where it shows real time how killed began scotty doesn't intervene when were you just keep smiling like gray this is going to be a hit tv show
money are we to gather my i beg you can set the teresa owner you have to be alone and it has now reached out and i now too late tonight my leave tonight and i have to do it alone now so then but the world monetary answer then would be i would minimum six million dollar eight million got em cheap i'm a cheap kill ya gotta get get that money up their wide if carrying you had to say you have accept every right that stop like you couldn't be like now pass seen how will lend money would matter cause i would definitely be i mean right like oh my god what but also i think people pickup checkers anymore and i thought well but if your girl being its that's true but if you're the terrible that's different i mean i think me am i tat are pretty much and i would really be wearing of enact easier six million
leave her hair and a million for makers i've got a cheaper also i just hate the idea of having to get into other people's cars like you know when you get lake like link at levels you get picked up by some kid it's hard he's got weird shit hanging from the rearview mirror us like that aids and it's not like that's a dream even when they don't want to kill you want less than when you're also feeling like you're in danger i had an over the other day that it smells like he had put his infected feed on every surface were on purpose no on purpose that he had to be like singing had to sit back and nursery rhyme touched every anyways well but worse than that for me was why stop taking rumours afterwhile is because the cologne i never was happening where they were using but either air freshener or
cologne but i would roll the windows aren't you like them overnight maybe like what are you where you hot what do you need me to turn the earth now you like i can't breathe stop it you and your acts body sprayer bumming now i don't it's too much salon demands thanks scotty line is for playing ball since starting my fear murder has anyone whose oh this is from deborah keep forgetting that the names of getting on getting starting my fear murder has anyone who has been in your life for a long time told you a story that you never would have known if it wasn't for like asked every little sure yeah ever what an hour they they mention it and now they tell you more details or they remember another one and like earlier yes definite dies definitely and their data there it's not weird when you ask them for more details right but the best example is my cousin my cousins taxing me on was it thanksgiving our christmas to tell me that my cousin marty has now retired seventy scope policemen
was there and found the fingerprint than the night soccer case men like they did not put it together over there because my cousins listen why than they ever tell you that yes and he was like i was yelling at him begins his leg how could you not use like i don't think anybody ever wants a darling i bring that up with your random cousin yet you see once every year we note i did i have adjusted save it that the other day i'd like to weaken the coils with my family having lunch and because of the now you're talking at podcast and my uncle who i see once every three years or something was oh yeah i rented out my apartment to a mass murderer am i i was like sorry like when he and i dont use we don't really connect and then we went and i was like me everything i have it on my phone recorded do remember the name of my cup of my uncle
no yes i have it recorded i feel like i should say that the yeah yeah save it says its sounds amazing you know this syrian gas in japan yes he was in that called no less believer rented it to that guy he rented it to the head of that called no yap the guide it yeah ok should i just tell you or should i work he's such a funny i think i should say that only let him tell you ok get will do that they asked the answer is yes amanda asks would you ever have a pen as pen power somebody in now now not but not lower interested no bank now amber asks what are some movies that you watch as a kid at frightened you but you're still nostalgic about poltergeist potter guys best iraq nathalia ah if poor michael i for a
the baby sitter like when i was super broken it was right after i started having seizures so i couldn't drive i kind of couldn't do anything in my friend pat buckles gub lesser soul she was like coming babysit the kids i'll pay you whatever she took my car so was like he was paying me baby certain and she got to use my article is perfect but anyway michael at the time who is now like in his early twenties but he was like fire at the time we were hanging out one nine interactive phobia came on i was like do you want to watch this is like yeah he's like a little boy accent like this is scaly like ice it scare the shit out of him tat call me later is like really around a phobia oh my god i'm so sorry like i had to re learn how to be a normal person children as like oh yeah you're right that's spiders coming out of the shower head i didn't take a shower as a kid a whore
years network but i still don't take cooking powder what we're here abilities as a kid in the exorcist we saw i mean minor older but we would always see those movies that got re run on at night lady under tv so late they really james are it's not a movie but it was a tv show called the trilogy of terror and anybody there was little in the seventies can tell you that it was the scariest locking thing in the world and we watched it was me and my sister we are probably like seven and nine that my cousin stevie was like thirteen and then hit arc older cousins were like in their fifteen sixteen whenever we all want together with the all the parents are out to dinner and it's the one where it has a little the last one is this little doll and i believe it's karen black is the person who owns the doll and like someone gave it to her from a you know they brought it back from some different kind
and she gets up to take a shower and the doll let's look the tal sitting there and its has a thing around its neck a necklace it says never take this off and then necklace drops off and the dull comes too late and it has a little knife and it just tries to killer and its it freaked us all so bad that like that night we spent the night at my aunt genes and my cousin stevie got up and the mola night screaming whom i think it was a whole event in the inn in our family i mean what we don't even need movies we need all the news tat was like horrifying and they were like kids gather around you and look at all these horrific events have dinner check that they should i was just watch again solve mysteries the other night and it's like this song the theme song makes me want to cry yes and then what
the one that was like twilight zone but it was newer it was called unex what was it stephen unex statement amazing story has yes they had some really fucking sk and like all a ghost shit scared the shit out of me and i was a kid i think honor me was it were amazing stories based on true stories or whether it was a just i think because i feel like that was the one who is either the reboot of twilight zone or was it making stories where there was a woman a man pigs his wife up after she has been attacked you pick from the hospital member that and as their driving home she goes battery am that's the man and she freaks out he gets out you'll get back in and then she doesn't she just keeps doing at the whole right on suddenly he realizes he held the wrong yeah man is an ethical the twilight zone but it was a new one leg it rang modern yeah i wasn't the old is
you know who knows joad reza who is like john experts you now so generous i had they he impact walsh havisham have a pot cast that we talked about called here what is we'll see you in housing and how and i've met joad arouses mom and she's she's got this accident like georgius accents she's like when i was i would make joe six years watch these horn she's obsessed with horror and the reason she was just saying then how she make joe at us i didn't want to watch him alone you make your five and six year old kid much them but the only thing i get your i get joe so much better now because he had to watch to watch these movies with his mommy i'm sorry i'm sorry now never sorry
julia asks what would hear what would your dream job in the trunk crime field be like if you could be in that you can like cats i guess girl going through of god crime scene analysed now the thing can i go i think every bull shit yes that's all i want crime scene earl asked is proper sounds almost definitely like a real thing i want to go to the estate sale of someone who that killed but the intent of finding out why they got soon to be a detective thank you for my own redirect you want to be a detective like a straight up on like you know yes i mean
fancy fuckin office title money i'm trying to think i feel like i would want to do something in the lab where they tests things where people are waiting to see what the thing is really yeah like i like the idea of being ground zero when you find out is definitely has blood it's not his blood one of them this thing that's cool i dont that's that's seems clean and i wanna get disgusting rate i want to get disgusting except for i want it to be like fictionally discussing where it's interesting disgusting as opposed to regular bummer disgusting i imagine that for time i see the real disk really what it is i would change my mind but i do mind out the next boyfriend was worked at it morgan would pick up the body is yes
i was fucking piss that he got to do that after breaking my heart that he's gotta then beast think bucking cool agenda that yeah did he appreciate it did he know that their eyes in cuba matt myra also worked it for a funeral how he did he i listen to his views on crop feast and he told us i mean amazing stories but i feel it i dont even know enough about any what anyway my favorite thing would be here but i think the person who gets to call the leaves its negative say we add sunny air whenever i went to be applied at your grandpa gaster i think you're gonna think that's gonna were less than a job so i've been told is it getting harder to find stories for the pike now not in the least oh my god
too many to i have too many now that i'm excited about yet the hard thing is actually for me finding them for life shows suddenly the work the work of putting it together in a cohesive accurate condemned way there it's just like that that's please people and how consciousness of it and all that i think it's just the self consciousness i live shows of all is that's what it's hard for me it's very hard it's hard but for me it's hard but rewarding am i enjoy it for our further podcast but life shows is high because you have you want to do and somewhere near the town you're doing it at least i want and then i realized that their certain topics you should i shouldn't be covering in the live shows so you don't want to do a bunch of child murderers because then you get silence and that makes me self conscious and weird so that part hard for me so when i do find one april excited but i dont have mine for this weekend and it's too
and when we have so much time because it so hard given our touring manager is my husband and he's like are you and do you need to do it georgia know we're not going eleni smile do it simply don't have to deal with that is valid for me my husband they consider that there are advantages that's right oh and i was from sarah thank their eyes and then alley asks it's been dying to know after many so twenty five did you to go to barnes noble and get mechanical pencils and a day planner we did we share a day we i couldn't wait and so i went and got a day planner by myself right then we met up with birds and noble to look too
do and then georgia's like well let's go look at day players and i was like owing wonderin but let me has actually then we went to sushi and we just had a good old time at the american army up glenn deals grove meanwhile failed let's made while also sorry made well but then the gene a crew that's across the maid well at the grove and started to feel very competitive because i went into the maid well at the grove sorry this is this is corner i went into the main will grow and the girl gave me a discount we had a nice chat and then i got a tweet later that day that was like we like you better at the jake her home was really malaria and i do so corner row quicken last night when i was at the fuckin mecca hipster bill of the trader jos and sell relate and one of that traders workers ah who is leg i feel like there i'm another plain of like coolness you somehow maybe it's because i the london
application from trader tat they never hired makes a can't math so it's like yeah yeah better than me but she was stocking salads and she turns to interest as you know that's the thing announces i almost crying and i think i i think i over did it because she was a great and like animals or issues like this is what i wanted from telling her this yes yeah we we have fancy i know where to go oh eve asks a steady have heard slush seen such right over the years is that there are approximately eighty seven active sera killers in the u s right now do you think this accurate to high too low i just read an article that said there were forty i now i accept lower like thirty forty but i mean that's too many i also they dont now it's all conjecture so it's like we think it's this but then when the killing fields series was made it seem like there were five hundred active serial killers i mean it was like times
a number i more interested in how many clandestine graves are there like right now carrying your sitting in front of a tree a tapestry of a beautiful forests and it's like i will never end when we are driving we were on a road trip to locate to do eliza and i was staring at the window and looking at the fields and all i could think of was how many dead bodies are buried out there yet because there's gotta be so many so serial killers i donno yeah but dead bodies that's what you want to know we're here it's an interesting there's a really good i believe it's in a sandman series by neil game in but if i'm wrong man our people can be mad at me there was one of the comic books and the whole thing was about how all the serial killers remaining up at him in a cell for the did you read the system for the serial killer convention they they were having there was an american gods was a no that was all the gods
it's called a mayor second yes yes similar feel what i'm pretty sure it was that salmon interesting and it was set i think about that all the time we're like do they know each other they hate each other yeah i mean yeah is they want to be there yeah i bitterly there are not doing it right wonder wonder jordan asks so my husband got me this bluetooth whistle thing that should i blow at a text with help in made gps location is sound to three of my contacts it keeps updating with my gps entire checking and verify i'm fine question is what do you think about this kind of technology would you guys carry one and do you think i'd be common in the future what did you just pick whenever was like a roulette whenever contacts and it was like your ex boyfriend and some guy who met in a second someone that increase the work we are not allowed to and when our i'm sorry way help
first thing i thought of like i love the idea of that but if in my hands like this weekend i was at the bridgetown commie festival superfine great i must have lost my glasses five times and couple of the times they were in my pocket and i would just like in this second i thought they were gone i hadn't freaking out and like i left him at the last place would start walking back to place the whole nine yards so that being said when i mean as i am that thing of like i'm gonna be sending helped people never right after a while just like the favor everyone's like it's just her thing where she touches it all the time but i have to say that i'm a little well you know it's gonna backfire on vengefully will now eventually after three days of having heard from current member
the way i am like flaking on people in late it's gonna be like three months later you're like should we check on karen you might be mad at me when i was like never come over i almost got over the birth avis like always it's like journal notebook images that on the front exceed for why i can't go out many didn't so true i mean do i need that too i mean it was like do i have a stomach ailment like this we there was great because i was trying to do a faith not how fast and i was like exodus tell everyone that i can't go out and they'll get it is run ella yes that's right at the club and then they had a pretzel personal good turn any exit me to present the picture the proposal that was breaking her fast and i wanted to reach through the phone and grab it away from new york and helen park and ass i was walking back to my car were dense and our working across the crosswalk
and this capital and one of them is waking a model like one in most beautiful women and she said hi georgia and i was like i absolutely dont know anyone who looks like and i said hi hi eyes but i she treated at me was like i said heidi i'm of out of the past and i was like i know because i would have no wonder that i know my model oh it's my model friend gloria model friend yes tat i also find it i also the first thing i said when i got here is like that pressing looks and make it work i just was like oh my god so it was so big men had a look like cartoon pretzel yes that's right can highland park shut out doll done on your browser game melissa asks do you think you guys can get away with murder now now
now i would leave my glasses their evolving luxury for greek up i will confess you had been couldn't carry that around with no no no that's either considering it makes me feel guilty like everything about it it is so i just i can't you know i wouldn't get away with it because i dont think i could in my mind i would think i couldn't get away with it so i will just go and saying and i would probably kill myself and leave a note it just couldn't do yeah but then you'd already killed somebody else so then it was just like it would just be a total wipe does no one now nobody everybody loses i i did once no a person who is not related to me or in my friend circle or whatever it was like somebody else's somebody and
there are such an awful person to be around such an awful person that i was like in my mind i was like i could poison that person it would never get back to me because i have no connection ray and i know it would be a solution through our people's life but you know that's the thing i think as you can't having ties you can't have any tears but you'll still have ties it is in this day and age with the everything is traceable there's no perfect crime you can't do it and dna there's no i mean there's no thing that doesn't tie you back even poison it's like well they can trace why where people bought this poison yes there's no there's no don't kill people also yeah this the in me killing this person i think so terrible makes me worse than that person right so brave end of thought process and stop it don't get life insurance box of it
charlotte asks if you had a chance to go back and be involved in investigation of any serial killer unsolved case which one would it be in why seems like coming listen i made him most of them but i want some clarity light like from the beginning let's say you don't look at their paper towns even european funding beginning agnes say yeah you hit the ground running you're like first call while germany i'd say zodiac just recently reported i talk about it but we watched that movie at sent a family cool it such a good movie its sums are making an eu a new sierra killer maybe i am yeah what is it is it the one the british guy i don't know anyone currently about as i got so excited i think i wrote it in my talent and i think my friend carlos who like
we ve been friends for a long time but as soon as i started this heat up about this broadcasting this sends me shit all the time you got like murder the birth rate he sent me the trail i've seen it but we watch the together then we probably i bet we then you're probably affairs i'm talking about when i say someone told me about our great i mean our worlds are just come bilaterally and i think we saw each other every day leslie i who here look like not even just like it is partly ring a new venture dress in every single on areas where we might say meeting sure ok is i think a great one yeah that's it that's a hard won because i can join is easy it's obvious mazowiecki clues and shit oh sorry i meant zodiac with mark buffalo i just would like turning around him doing some very honourable enable police work fair in the seventies of san francisco let's see
think we're winding down love it if you are in made on death row julia asks this is the same julia right your issue can ask that my leg and go you're finally riding again i knew that was a second am i right in thinking about as i do that man there is a growth the girl who so drunk outlined a russia that she vomited and crawled i'm crawled out back in those lovely just sincerity you girl or another lovely girl had done a dinner party last meals and may think she like bought fourteen but so you can see the owner like did the whole thing yeah servant stuff up i mean what would you do because i could go eat kfc right now if i was you fucking hey myself but sorry
are you saying can't you would do just full only now drive them out gosh now or a full kfc like buffy yeah ok which number one or driving to philadelphia they had a kfc buffet yeah that's right measuring anyways villagers they were let's see i mean i guess it would i have to do my what i call my court on quote special occasion food constantly pretending that it's my birthday all the time which is like mac and cheese from where there has to be a place which is like a kindness i guess like i'm trying to think of like wears a plate like a soul food rostov hack and cheese probably i guess like us what cause fried chicken and his i saw food would like those baked beans that kind of stuff but also i was going to say
makin cheese at one of those soft brussels with something like that now my mouth watering they never i'm hungry wish this is ending what was a o waffle chicken waffles well a thousand where we have a little round trip this weekend on eirik tour and there is a right castle yes as far as vents is concerned our says and i've never been to actual white council restaurant i'm here employers and many drunk times yes i am they excited to go to a real hot the bag we neither of us as california girls have ever had that experience never of white castle out of the bag hoping there's a waffle house but i'm not sure if there is but either way we're gonna get like us we're getting right cousins exciting lauren asks just curious to know your thoughts are and making a murder i i watched it i think that was
here the beginning of us of this yeah as i watched it i started at seven o clock at night and stayed up all night and watched it through the night and into the next morning and then i remember telling you about it after i did i just couldn't stop watching it was it was incredible incredible show yeah with people who see like their from central casting of inept are totally corrupt politicians types is amazing and then i was if i went to and you're supposed to come to strand and storm and drang what was yet strand and dean yeah if they had you and i are like a times yes there was great their fucking bad ass motherfuckers now there was great this question comes from city life office
yours the here they're serving ass their papers authorised even you're under arrest this open a ruse city life office asks what does a day in the life of karen in georgia look like that tell me or take even tell me your data we get up out of our bunk bed just slips into a vengeance i meet a has aroused karen losing their father might have got to my house i panic even though its eight in the morning i woke up late and went to therapy yeah right i screamed at a chair for the first time interesting roleplaying situation yeah how to feel hard it was really hard crackles if
stupid or of his heart emotionally and health stupid but it was really hard emotional and i fuckin bald which they don't do in therapy we gotta get that stuff out without good to have a ton of anger and nine just keeping inside of me hello and welcome to my will not have ever done i've never known and keep it inside me now because i don't have a problem expressing our or crying at all i'm there on the edge at all times of all any emotion that you could name willing to serve it up with it is a little bit of delays on the top became ready for can't screaming georgia has she is that the new your new phase she's up why now that you have our own piece of shit i get mom you did me back you have girl you scream out by their this was so happy like i could see she was on the edge of her comfy so there he up and she was like
like cheering and i was like oh i'm doing this re finally two and a half years of therapy what are you do she broke you open she brought me up i'm just so you know very cream act i will then you got your stuff all over there are over that year i was raised in a household of yellows and confront herbs always so to me it's not only i mean i get set when i know i when i know i'm not upset other people or when other people are upset then makes me need to get mad so that you don't get that links but i still get to do my thing preemptively like shielding yourself from let's about much even killing yourself just like it preparing for it recoil maybe i owe whatever it just all big the thing but like mine had just saying that because our family my dad would answer the phone yelling so that when people be like
karen married is honest zagat and then i would pick up the phone and almost eight out of ten times my friends or go are you in trouble no one is because the volume and the latter emotion level in our house was always at eight so you must have a lot of attention yeah oh yes i have more than my fair share attention and also that kind of like being areas when you're criticized all the time or like teased all the time then you have a sensitivity that doesn't make sense little come out and it doesn't make sense to people when it's it's kind of like a lifelong raw nerve it's like a very random one and then if you touch it the guy that good night mosquito malaria and when you get the malaria and the mosquito catches on fire this exciting mine is the divineness so i say you don't get a fuckin see my anger
put it inside me had been gastrointestinal my anger whose inside of me yeah yeah i think very common of women because it's not certainly not feminine considered radically feminine or in any way attractive to be when i got home from therapy i had to say to events hey that a mad at you like over this thing yeah like i couldn't even the mad at him i had to make sure it was ok well it's very scary there's a great book called the dance of anger not totally weary one s now we need a foot this is a thing well viz the book i read and its because it's this amazing breakdown of how people who are angry or use anger there are actually doing and because it's very intimidating and it's very shocking a lot of times and if you if you do it correctly you can really control people with emotions to it
all my bonded that for sure yeah so you kind of its just like that would have ended up my house is like if you added a complaint we'll just yell you down with their bigger complaint or zero were angry they were angrier about something else so is just like you could never really has the floor because that was are threatening thing to have a problem with like this system is unjustified or your anger was compounded because they wouldn't listen to it you it wasn't just of your anger wasn't justified in someone else's eyes never and also it was always i'm i was the dramatic ones those like no matter what i was doing being over dramatic so yeah that's insanely frustrate what's this become oh it's called the dance of anger and its basically like when angry people shut down like it's it's the perfect way to get people to stop doing whatever their doing because you're intimidating them but can get through that the intimidated you can get that angry personal breaker
because there's you paint yourself into a corner like the angry shouter reactor yeah i'm you don't ever get a learn and grow and all this and am actually like communicate what you read what the real problem will you show me that two words like one i've got an angry at the cycle what what's really going on and i want to be like nothing you fucked i like oh well i meant i feel sad and intimidated over this thing i'm panicking announced like oh my god it's really scary to be vulnerable it's horrible work and easier to be angry cause that's the first yeah it's just like the thing that shoots up first you go with that maybe double down on it and then you're free and clear cause everyone backs away but then for me i m and that even if a harder than at that point to come back and be like well no you can't there's no i mean talk about like rigidity and like you really up then it's like
like ninety per cent of comedy we're all we did was like that person such that person sex and then suddenly you're like wolden everyone's my enemy way doesn't make sense does everyone's just trying why are they sack and also really cares what you're saying is i suck thea crying today it was really and i'm really excited to go in my closet and put a chair in the corner three men in a way that the great that's you ve got your like your elbows deepen the goods are for the first time she's been like here we would know my way paying over the past year i have to tell me the scream impact and cry because it takes that's the thing about european like i remember my gear seven with my therapist going lou i feel like we just chips something off and she's like that's right like we're just chipping away a calcified wall bad ideas that worse pretty soon are going to get to a door and too scared to open that door so funny to me last week you and i were having dinner at play
and then i was a kid you think i'm gonna go to what every other week with my therapist something i'm good right now and then later as i hear my fellow said to me that next week we're gonna get into the deep mom stuff and you were like sing lemme go see her every other week how like so obvious i was like i can't deal with that i'm gonna go not see her any more than we would like we don't knock off your every other european second even given bullshit sorry i caught you are thanking cock locked me so hard thing where there are obviously here thank you i welcome really great you're welcome i'm glad that makes me very happy to hear here that's good so those are that basically how our days ago for if that's not what we're doing is what words asking about fair thing liath early and also what i told dog at one point i can't member we got a fight about some dumb thea and then
after we had great talk about i did the thing i love the most is that we always have the best talks we get further along i makes me so happy enemies we happen to be friends at the un clearly too but rolling and learning we really are and i may lie low in actual i told your door go right at this point i feel it i'm being paid to maintain a good relationship with you like that's all we do that's what this bypasses is making sure that but unlike nobody listens and it was just our therapists feeding until they are all the twitter people and they are all the like people buying tickets to the shares and giving away for freezing like tat their learning so much finally what great therapists really dedicated to us totally and be maintained but when you say that we you're being paid to the vote just a joke of lake that that's
and also i'd my therapist actually said that's me she's like if you can make this relationship with georgia work you can make any relationship work which has of course after you get a divorce you become convinced that you just simply can't do it why try and why oh why like why go back to that you know a ground zero type situation be like coming as i do this again right and he died at eight on certain five years at a fucking implode yeah nope it could actually work with the right temperament and lee it's like a resilience equality resilience and equality of being willing to say i made a mistake can we fix yeah that's all yeah you know what we're all human that's right
there's really beautiful don't get putting the microphone when we thought it was noticed how can i earn our ties please stop keep this seems like i wasn't can you guys to are not recorded got so many more question should we and on that and play jesse is murderers are really good one that you and see there's one good winter and cocoa and then one because people are asking what my favorite murder was selena from episode thirty tat range from because you remember it as a child i had it had it seemed kind of impact when when people talk about that thing where you saw the tv here and you grew up in mexico yeah exactly so you you it's just something you talked about all the time and the it so i think about our lot terrorist so unnecessary and so tragic that answers praising the way it happens it wasn't it you know a male rabbit
a fan it was just this insanely mentally ill woman and the us unnecessary and yeah and at that point of it did double tragedy or the extent tragedy of that she was just about to potentially cry over and kind become this oh i know assemble a latin american or whatever mexican american star that was like suddenly it's like these are here's other kind of music that you can get into and listened to in here like she was just she was stay on that train of whenever evenly knowing her wonderful person to our stephen so this is this question i had to pronounce email for it causes sort of a hometown as well the had line is would you marry a silly serial killers son hello karen georgia stephen infer babies love the pike ass you hold a special place in my heart
i am curious to know what each of you would do in this situation a relative of mine met the love of her life and after a whirlwind whirlwind of romance he saturn for serious chat he said that he will have to have a future whether but before they went he further she needed to know that father was in jail for killing and dismembering a large number of sex my i have decided to stay with her man and they are now married with children i guess extreme deduce decide when to tell her children about their grandfather before it can discovered online for themselves if they choose what would you do why would definitely continue relationship with that person there not responsible for their fathers action is now the fact that they they said the severity of it enough to to sit them before it was very enough before they indeed let them now because understanding that that's a choice someone would make that's a mature
no i've never hold that against some yeah i wouldn't against anybody and it's that they are actually a victim as well howling and not anything it would just be like how difficult that would be for a person it would almost i feel like i would like to think i would have even more empathy for that person because they had gone through such a serious lay challenge and their relationship and i mean everything about that would be so hard for that person i would just feel such deep sadness and empathy for them that it would almost be the opposite of lake i wouldn't break up with never and answer the kid they feel like he slowly introduce like you now as understand what grandmaison grandpas are and what about dad's dad where's dad you now you say he did very bad thing and he's in jail he's in there
forever for at our enone slowly let them know you know what i rely on information to the media because i realise this and it's weird that i've never said this before and i in no way was holding back i just kind of mentally like a wreath rediscovered recently but my mother's father died when she was twenty one so i never knew him but i found now when i was a full grown adult i think probably in my late twenties my dad told me he was still to death in a bar fight
holy shit saddled and that's how he died that's how he died but might we were always told he died of a heart attack and so wasn't till much much later and i didn't like i don't know anything about it but i only recently relays or em like oh actually it's not funny when it's your own thing you joe it's my own thing but i also don't i have no connection to it except you know like my mother never spoke about it and she never like shit the story she kind of put out there was like he just died of heart attack like don't worry about it and answered like em cause he was a really bad alcoholic and he had you know he's he had a lot of problems so it was almost just like that society family you don't talk about as much agitated i know is that we are in and enough its most tell that to say that evinces grandpa he never met who is a police officer who died in the lead daddy and so his father he grew up with was his step grandfather and it's just this like they didn't talk about it either yeah i feel like me
people then you would know yeah like if you ask people like about the tragedies in their family you'd be shocked how many have humongous ones that they just simply don't discuss because they ve grown up with it a secret or as a thing and nobody will discuss it with them or fear them wanting to know more about it is there a thereabout per for wanting to know more about their opening wounds were their yeah like in its various it's too sensitive it's interesting this interesting question help good luck with that everyone that was it that's the unit well fun palace funny i mean beyond
that's just change the package that is for us in various things for sending foreign under a question only in such a short time we'll do it again some time and get free get other ones even thank you for throughout all of those other alot of airlines no i mean yeah some great questions that i liked you good job does early gets yeah there's really going but here we have a quick home town that this is a murder i've always i saw this when you years ago on like a dateline liner some stuff that i
do it because i was kind of one of those small islands but then i found out that thence that this is one of its is best friends jesse pop was directly connected to this murder yeah and so jesse pop fucking hilarious comedian he just came out with his new atom called i'm the best internet so funny if you know jesse pop that that's it's just so hilarious tana robocop costume jointly early war to a hollowing parties but he's got a solo companies trying to use it as such if ninety percent an ice i watched the light taping of this comedy album and my fucking god he's one of the best joke reigners i've ever heard he's a among the comedy community his well known as one of the best standards there is yes so it's an album mortifying yes for sure i'm the best it's on itunes and all the places you buy stuff and so here is jesse pop hometown waiter only finance speaker of hair
this is my hometown murder but six seven years ago i was living in new york and ran out of money say went back home in michigan you got a job at the locals apple orchard they're gonna like you know treachery you can do any on our part and i therefore want to sit there and i'm part of a few times any kind of any he wasn't he struck me as a little squarely too crazy woman i have too few people welcome just like you should as soon as i finish came there now united we'll stick in my mind and then say that the money went back to work in a later you'll get a recipe for murdering you were crazy and then turns out what was going on in there he the mammals chronic bipolar also
very good use and wasn't taking her medicine bottle with sorcery insult gargantua like stretching guys in her head toward it but her tracking devices in your blood treatment all their shop so the gang carried step now and there is also a little before the murder sheep and arrested for strangling this kid was trying to figure out a certain amount of younger sister mammals home schooling squirrel for some regions lagging man you know the news
per family which is now going on anyway so very briefly i guess where no one broke in signs of course bring someone took to buy for basically gashed your head open a bunch of times and they took a knife had scattered the throat of budget line with blood and stir it was said that she had been the alibi was that he had been planning bushes were a neighbor wait you you're not could not be true of any punched in the work in its hands yourself got back and he told people is removing palace which probably palace doesn't really get your hands away that his were arrested and he got convicted gives no people were running any figures knowing did it's scary so nice said he needs can do at least i think
and your thirty years your shovel and where i saw a convention during your mom nice does not exactly right ass if its if you're not as an end dunghill your mom please say anything you didn't mention in that the apple orchard was his sister jesse sisters apple orchard a wire and i've been there spacers and i had a second apple cider dona wish again oh my god gave us this took aaron in michigan and it is amazing so in time now did you ever see the like twenty twenty year forty eight hours without it this story for sounds familiar but as i was listening him tell it i was like is it familiar because here that's me but because sometimes hill where the teeth spacers apple orchard t sure you're not going up what is it easy and iraq have stories like now you can work well thanks
great way to end a really fine well next may next many so hometown murder i'll play my uncle's oh yeah zaire and gas situation amazing i now i love it thinks jesse that just give up by an album i'm the best i'm the residents overall my husband put it out on his record label which is very difficult it's called capsule records what if i fucking didn't mean beth up like no ocean like think him the was or those think he's stephen further
two in the young thank you guys for sending in those questions so much fun stay sexy and don't get murdered less you're sitting right here do want to cook you does it had ended the micro up like a voice over actor our enemy out into the microphone back good job buggy by it's mine
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