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Beef down, everyone! It's a brand new My Favorite Murder. This week, Karen and Georgia discuss the Riverside serial killer and the tragic mystery surrounding Keith Warren's death.

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This is exactly right. What am I gonna, let Spaniards club I'll come to my favorite murder. That's Karen! That's jaw! John High. I'm in my element right now, I'm double feasting, petting cats, It's my dream! That's how Georgia parties now We just got back from are the last weekend of our first tour. That's right! thank you, Washington DC. Thank you, Baltimore. Thank you. Philly to afford Slash, Glenn, side Pennsylvania. We had the best weekend. We met so many great people, so many incredible people. They
and to so much so many lovely present. My my suitcase was crammed and we just gave Stephen many many. The present you gave us to give him after we what we wanted out of his great curiosity, there's lots of stuff the we didn't tell about an hour just keeping, however, now little mustache things that we get to have, but we did want to mention. It was very exciting because this time it felt like- and maybe it was the area that we were in oh yeah, Washington, we met, we met a forensic analysed. We met a criminal defence attorney who listened to the show, not just on the story right. Yes, they came to the show. You bought the IP tickets, they had a hi hi. How are you take a picture with us? and it was very exciting to be meaning. Actual people also lose out microphone, oh my god, you're a microphone leaving they were. People who are in the business of stopping crime who listen to this pod gas, which were very very
honored by an and thank you all for what you do, and for listening, but the most exciting part. I'll talk slowly, so that whilst even fixes Georgia's microphone, she can still part of the story without Stephen I painted I even while I was asked the most exciting for awhile I'll say for me. I think for you. I started crying and crying when we were in Baltimore the Rams head. Thank you. Everybody. The ram said that was a really cool like a rock n roll than he lariviere, but you could smell sticky beer from decades by the other, pixies were playing the night. I asked what you're freaking out about we kept similar to return it. We wanted to leave something for him deal somewhere in the dressing room, but anyway these two guys walk up in the meat and great and flip out an ideal. Their federal idea and it turned out to FBI agents, were at the show and he knew it.
Flip his idea open because we lose our shared locks towards us like in the carpet copyist cop manner. I think he was like six foot six licit, both of them more. Both of them were incredibly handsome. They were too hot FBI agents would be smiles on their faces, doing a bit for us and they looked they look FBI, agents, young ones that but we're cool? Yes, not! I Yes, we know they were great and turnover super funny because they immediately we're doing a bit about the girl that did hometown and this, is my favorite. Her his eye was immediately just like, as I had no idea what to say- and I was completely starstruck where I'm like. I looked at this guy's idea, but am I work? This is fake, yells across me and does move your finger, your fingers covering your face and it was. It was just the way he flipped open his like wallet. Looking idea.
The agent idee his finger was over his own face, which is like a trick. People use when they're trying to trick you into like getting, can hear an orderly. I'm calling you started laughing ass. She moved his finger and, of course it was hanging did not believe him. I was like that's a fuckin age old. Everyone knows that track, and then it turns out it was not a trick. They were urged to real deal FBI agents who worked for they worked for the anti terrorism yeah squad up. It's a thing. I doubt it's a squad, gang rape, the anti terrorism gang and then that the reason that other guy was with him was because the first guy covered. His face was supposed to go with his girlfriend or saving energy got deploy to Afghanistan, yes she was the forensic pathologist maybe you're, she definitely worked in the business well, but she
also in the military and she got deployed to was Afghanistan, motorway, Afghanistan and we were just like you're a year. Oh you're, three of your rockstar, zero living alive is very different from ours, and also we talk about what you do all the time as a foreign experts and now you're here as as like audience, member yeah, but your the experts. It was the coolest experience I asked so many and the experts are like I do this. I ask Muslim reminded us here, and it turns out none of our own and then the cop no way without us in the cup, with eyeball killer, That was, it was that was at militarily right, it was my shower who is to see what the pregnant check? No, those What now? Are you sure? Because you see but he's a cop they weren't CUP convention member
exactly right and now he was there, so there was the guy with the eyeball killer that we did a couple a few up long time. You don't owe me episodes recorded in the system number ten right. He wanted to meet us. He like tweeted, that he was in town for a cup convention and like, oh god, are you mad at us, cause I or mad at me, because I'm no idea what I said about you in the episode, even the his A daughter in law came in pregnant and was like no, he thinks we're great here's assign copy of his book, but I'm sorry all of that is right, except it was the pregnant girl that was separate industry reckoning. There were three girls, the I bought out the ball killers wasn't, is at his stepdaughter yeah, something like that and they were. It was heard her to friend you agree, that doesn't matter at all. Except for that, we have these great experiences with people for forty five seconds and then another experience happens right after very hard
keep them all track, but we like them all the bummer was he was there and heat waiting outside, but we had no ability like it was the end and we didn't have the ability to get him inside. I feel like some day soon work in a post, the Philly episode. It was the law step aside and was sweetest back. I thought some girl on that I should be able to name recorded. Stay sexy, don't get martyr apparent that we, the crowd yells with us and I put it on Instagram and it's just so sweet. It's like sweet doesn't like sweet. It's just like this great moment, o Koyo M O. Love only do that at the end of so much when it's very fun in all three shows great and all three audiences, like one was better than the next. They were just like it. They were also greet and fun and excited- and thank you also so much Wagner and yes stop asking assent. Where we're gonna come to your town, yeah, we were the others, a planned file, tour
yeah. We just want to keep doing yeah, listen serfs angle, Australia, and that's all I'm saying that and say the Word New Zealand cassettes, also in their ten New Zealand and yes, we're coming two years. California know your state we're coming dear Personal, California, anyways its. Your California liked this is my California, but may be Texas as your caliph rare. Yet the coop. What's your California, in which your count when it we also Thank you for sharing the news that Ambrady is dead. That was your your murder. That's the Moors martyr yeah! I thought he was dead. Who cares grandma going out whenever he eyed, ok, PETE. I mean it's great because his murder and he deserves to be dead, but now he is, but the
thing. A lotta people were very excited about. Is the very recent casting of Zack Africa to play the part of TED Bundy. They were excited, but there were some weren't some interlinked. Each of you guys seem to want to know what our opinion was, because you had said who was the guy that you said should play him. Never my butt No recollection, even though I remember us talking about it, Are we able to remember you in seems like I don't listen to those who do you think of it I can dig it you at first I was like hot, but then I remember you know he does he. If he movies but is also done some cool shit and he's a good actor seem, a cool dude and then someone put a photo side by side of like a year, a young TED Bundy, unlike a photo that kind of matched up Zaka foreign, and it was just exactly, It was best to be yeah, so if he can, if he can act it,
they don't be legitimate, and I tell you now: he can act day because I may have I may have been keeping this. To myself up until this point, although I can imagine why, because I I love the movie. You data Montana, get me ass. He was my lover in the mid nineties when he was twelve the movie seventeen again. I believe it's called with him and Tom Lenin, where he plays Zone Father, he is so brilliant and it must be the one I was thinking. Oh yes, it's such good acting Disney movie and its bodies, which you know I'm young again. He it's not it's. Basically Zack Efron during an impression of Matthew, Perry and eighty is so fucking great. My sister made me watch at the for the first time. She's like you, have to watch its you'll like it and I after trust her when she says that yes, she's always right, and it is it's just mass careful acting by him. He doesn't get enough credit for what a good actor is and he tries to do interesting stuff. My only thing was April,
text at me, my friend, he bore a tradition of Go Bayside Caspian. She takes me was like. I know I'm the one millionth person to tell you this, but did you know that everyone and she's again? What do you think- and I said Here- the millionth personal ass, but I'm here, this person, I'm answering, and I said I I believe in him, one thousand percent he just has to. If down because he's too hot right? Now? It's like it's that, like seven, these cut, which is like super skinny, but also muscular, but there's no like sinew sinewy, that's it yeah yeah. He deadlines to do that, but he's like a black greater as opposed to a weightlifter Leah. I'm just excited Yet I mean there is not really a good one. There's the mark, Harmon one which is fine, but it's like a maid for tv moving. So it's not like them and real ass three elastic rights in its not scholastic. It's not scholastic hurry elastic, it's not bombastic none.
The thing is, I think, it'll be get also because I people are just like. Let's ride this fuckin true cry: I've as hard as we can hear. People are seeing that there's so much interest they combines two great things were just like what girls like your crime. Yes, Africans heartily. Let's do this thing. Speaking of listen next week, we're gonna talk about the dd, bland, charred and Gypsy rose documentary. That's on HBO so go watch it and then war whoop, we're gonna, watch it and talk about it, but yes, definitely something we want to chat with you about bs. I can't wait to see it. It's called Mommy dearest, undead, yes, good hp, isn't HBO, think, I'm pretty sure it is pretty sure, go watch out
go fuck yourself. Bunch people have watched at last us about it. Georgette did her homework. I did not so I'm gonna wanna out you ain't it. Thank you to hear me say that we're gonna watch. Yes, it was that's called teamwork and I appreciate it but candid dealer and I'd ask you met don't like what a country where there is was there's something in there that really wanted to do. That, though, because I know that I was like how do I get around sang ass for that was masterful, I just eight African that I have ever thank you. You took that hit Stephen. Did you watch it now? Yet Stephen. So it is on each other two against one. Many of us. It's always do against one than this that I know, but I can't wait because I believe, Jamie Lee did it at our. I, your car, like New York episode, which we never erudite, did we not. I have now I have no idea what you did read it he's gonna get away Siemens. Here too,
you tell us what our life area, but I on that put particular story. No information is enough. So the fact tat we put together an actual documentary and her gypsy today, oh my god, there's an inner prison interview and the whole time issues like do. I believe her you cannot town than your like is she crying tears are as she just sounding like there's so much it and then I didn't know the background of the mom said that is really fucking interesting. That's in there is well, oh my god, and I can't wait. I now it's I very much in the end the exciting part is which a bunch people told us and we discovered the dirt, actor. I dont have a name. Handy is a murderer INA right who but he positing that said: look when When this famous documentary film maker just shows up on our Facebook page like commenting on it like thinks, I'm glad you guys, like TAT, yeah social circles, I will tell you guys who it is next week will write it down
prepared thing which I imagine look at one or two say so might in the vein of we live when just suddenly people route by come out of the woodwork that we would never now have a murder, and then they tell you about it, like your uncle. Did that re like? Oh, I caught the fuckin, oh yeah, my cousin Marty is the one that lifted Richard marriages, fingerprints at the last in entering in San Francisco, where they ve figured out who the night soccer and then you are like. Why didn't you tell me it is like? Why would I tell you that ever so, I have a similar when my cousin Nancy, whose lake pretty
definitely older than me. You know. I think we ought to know and she's just like a normal, really lovely normal person and merry with kids. She teaches old people how to use the internet like she's, just really lovely one. I am so. She then either very patient. Does a man she email man's has high Georgia. I listen to one of your my favorite murder podcast. Today. One of the questions was something about someone. You know new and murderer blah blah blah again, the late eighties, early nineties, I worked at the Petersen Publishing House in West Hollywood, one of the guys a photo lab, killed one of the models on a shoot. I knew him when I worked there, but the murder was years after I left the company, but I was then editorial assistant and one of the car magazines and he come by and hand me the photos. He never smile, but look me directly in the eye. It was creepy and then I'm new anyone out. Another relative who knows a murderer, Lebanon,
the end. Then I I was like. I think this is the one I know which is such an interesting story. Its Charles Rathbone? Yes, who killed Linda so back in fuckin desert right, he said. Oh, I hid her with my car accident. I was showing her some cool moves and I buried her body like a scare admits like no, you fuckin dead, and then like found another one of his bodies close by that as well. Yeah was it in the desert. Was it in Angela's National Foreign yeah, but I think it was like an open thing. Antenna plain type of thing, regular right, it was just far away like he would basically get them to come and go on. Conan, quote routes, and maybe that was just imagine that I like pictured in the desert, so most networks and that's what it looks like it was. What we know is it was far away because I don't know my I'm pretty sure, though, that that was a city confidential for LOS Angeles about at the went to so back yes- and I talk
oops. I message her back and was I'm fucking Guy, into a room rural area with guy who wanted to take notice of me when I was younger and didn't murdered and so that murders just I know what it's like, suddenly be like oh fuck, a mistaken. Nobody knows I'm here, yes yeah so soon, and I dont know this. I thought I kind of news person. I don't know him at all right, yeah, well, when you are young, you think you're France, if everybody yeah it just like. Oh yeah, my buddy, that's a photographer. Whatever words like where from what's yeah, gives any siblings. How much do you know this person and your easily charmed, you, don't bring anyone with you re it you'd you did you do it by their dictate. This is our gonna do. It is where we're gonna go cause you don't know to say fuck now while also you're so complemented by the fact that someone, I think that you are a model rate which I totally I admit to
completely. Of course, why? Wouldn't matter here? That's a big it's a big part of all that and then the shame of like oh. How dare you think that I mean it's the perfect play? They have you coming and going listen, don't you guys well populated place and you meet them their Duncan the car with them right, right, and others. Also there was a guy that was doing this and he was actually going up to women at the century. City mall one- and he was saying he was a casting director- was a new James Bond Movie asked landed on on surveillance rights. They have him on surrounding Shania would go to houses that were being he would get shown. The house by real estate agents is an empty house. Then he would of the women meet them at that house and kill them there and that's how he got caught you're crazy
that's amazing. Can I quickly do a podcast recommendation, of course, and I have sent I've talked about this broadcasts in its first because it was excellent and then maybe I just like listen to the second season in a fucking minutes, because it was so good yeah. It's someone know something which I can. Recalling s chaos now, because no one- anything less use of the canadian one year, but I would think lonely. May I love him yeah, so he this I can see in his fucking great. It's really great storytelling has so much empathy which, as you know, hard to find some times in these stories. His name's. His name is David Riggin, read again Regan and he's like help solve. Murders in the past he's a document from like it's. It's fucking heartbreaking, really well done. I highly recommend it,
most charming, canadian accent he so charming, and that first season, even though there were no no hard answers, it still is such a great. Oh, my god, it's so good its harp. It's also heartbreaking yet is, but it's all Oh, it never really was solved. So it's still so interesting because you dont now if someone or something I rate in it also shows what these detect are up against when these homicides command lightly, because you know I do have a lot of guilt about how much shit we talk about detectable police work, where it's so arm chair quarter backing and we talk about a lot, but it going through, that way, especially that was that one was from the seventies Niagara season, the ardor of that little boy and it just like it's your they're going on nothing. They have IRAN's. They basic bits of information and we don't think about the fact that they don't have time it's not like. They have the next three months to look into this case. They have you know a bunch.
Other cases going as well and more by adding up, and they don't have the time to enforce it. We give to air by no fault of their own right, Vienna, the fact that they have an hired enough detectives it off the money to at the department yeah, so they turns into all that red tape stuff. That's such a it such an interesting like the fact that politics affect so many these murder cases and how much time and attention they get, which then What's in the whole thing of when sex, workers are involved and they get dismissed or what did she knows I'm here and disease runaway. Maybe she's ran away yeah that that old kind of seventy- I don't want to do the paperwork she's a runaway, the the a sex working and then also just like one. It's a white blonde teenage cheerleader, that's in high school, all of them medical. The hour goes behind it as opposed to anybody
color a person, that's a sex work or person that was a drug adding. Well. I love about this. This episode or this season of someone or something is it's not a fucking perfect blonde cheerleader she hadn't been into drug. She was an exotic dancer. You know she was had a temper. She wasn't but she's a little you in earnest. She still deserves to be now her mother is like the most heartbreaking character you ve ever heard Oda, Coachella by name, but I got to listen to that yeah but yeah. I did it's not until and then there's the thing two of like at the time of the murder, friends and family might not want to talk. You know they know. Things are scared, but he's he's looking into it like twenty years later and he's gotcha empathetic, guy and he's just trying to although he is not trying to you now fuck with anyone right, so they talked em and rain. I mean he's fucking great yeah he's again. I watch seminars something vacancies in an first
there's a way it's park. Ass right, yeah yeah How are you I'm great how you I'm really good or anything else we wanted to? I guess my only the one- and I can't remember five said this already, but I've gotten on your recommendation so into the now I cant remember the name of it, which one what's it about the the guy, the australian guy o crime. Serious wonders. Jaime, yes, mysteries abound mysteries, it is the just the most beautiful it is so beautifully presented. He at the top of every story he cites is source it. It's that's the very earnest thing I notice or I'm like a yes, that's right, that's we're doing but for someone has just reading articles about mysteries through the internet
so good and so get not his stories he's doing. No research he's all he's reading articles but he's its performative and its also. He gets why certain things are interesting Oh it's just. I've listened to now- probably twenty of them, because we ve been doing so much travelling, asked just the perfect hot, because all over the place, like seven interesting facts about your I'd like to know why that like mysteries about the moon, which is my favorite fucking, when it's like these things I never knew of, but then also is the most droning like a most comforting voice. So I thought this link to it every fucking knife at you. I was falling asleep on the plane, but then there's one thing: he does we're like that. He'll tell the story and then have music in between the next runs and for some reason that music is super loud yeah. So I keep waking up when the story scary about, but I love it mysteries about ok, mysteries, Mount Sohkon, okay, so tomorrow. You hours. Do we go
first based on our tourism. Or do we go first cat fur allies dna last time, but then we did the live show at Doha. We did the lives of a four key when it Stephen. Yes, it's like a reset, or do we go from there, tour Chile, Flip a coin yet look to foot the coin FBI coyly the eye. They gave us away what side they want. Click the guys gave us these commemorative coins that are so cool. Looking a man may even brought his presence hot FBI agents brought of hands level best. It was I I rarely get like dumb stronger, I'm like can't figure, one good thing to say, and I just kept laughing and going who really really unlike I almost crying, which I don't usually do, and then every like the next ten people whom we met. I was like this agency. I wouldn't there are like saying so. What are you are you eating pick go their blue. That's blue, that's called this says
Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation, counter counter tear terrorism, division and gang. It says now in Gaza. There are a hundred heroism gang, you yeah, so do the one in the middle is blue saying and that one's got so Karen you call it I'll be blue. Can we flip according to see causing I'll, be blue? You be gone in God Are you blew I'm only when we didn't say what we're flipping to go first or allowing area the oh? So you get you like going first, should you like my last, I think his eyes on the story and demands of two about whoever get lucky s way of innocence, suddenly really interested in what's happening. One that so do you wanna just pick what you want to do late going. First, do it There is a real big bummer, I mean yes, so is mine? I forget I mean
it's a murder like no. My super late Arden gather nothing, it's it's not like an old one or whatever, but that it good. What do you say you just do it? You won't get mines, pretty short, ok, and why love at lake. We can't even do a coin. Develop correctly we're timing, Asia, we like recommends investigative journalism like looking, like MAX level, pieces of journalism, podcast and then we're like we're going to get up and go. I'm even did we have six slop is so enjoyable slop in a charming wrapper. Yes, for sure in early mean I mean, let's hope, then I d go. If any candy israeli grow centred on your, like look so good member rocky Road which was dark, chocolate covered marshmallow, unlike some weird, not maybe a walnut Hockley inch of Fuckin. As regards then I haven't been alive, as I was named as a bad one. Oh, I guess there's no can
that's bad really yeah. I guess your eye. What sort of a penny for half an hour I actually when we were leaving the airport, I fuckin we'll talk about candy skippers. I was leaving the airport, it was in the place where we had traveled so much. I was so tired. I was so tired. Now we got back on Monday and this was your show that name Ray. I can build on it because I was like by the time the show was gonna start it would have been too. I am my time and I have been travelling all I was like what are you going to do another part cast on the way home? Where did rosier my other podcast? You need a ride, courted one on the way home honey. Then I got home when I lay down all of my limbs turned to cement, though when I was leaving the airport I walked by, sees candy car, but you and I was like analyses can guide his voice in my head. It was like it was Bert. They don't even know what I was thinking, but I walked up and as I walked around the cart. I was sick,
what you're gonna take a pound of came down the singles day day. Like smaller boxes, then I got around. I walked around one thing, and then I met a lady on the other side. When I said, there were little tiny boxes of things I go. Do have tiny boxes of knots in choosing to she like Oh, no only one powder, there's like ok by way of or anything else happens, Dante went on things, samples and there, like they do a regular sees candy, because it's like a weird kiosk and they don't. You know next time there are lollipops. Are super satisfying yeah those our good, except for there's too many flavors. I dont like of the lollipops Zirk Butterscotch. I think I like that one yet or coffee, maybe there's coffee. There's butterscotch, I mean listen. When you guys come to California, that's our fuckin sees candy
just bring it to whenever I see when I'm like I'm not going anywhere soon that I need to bring a boxes is I know you know, that's our Christmas thing, we're like our Hanukkah thing that really accurate. That's all we do is like a you're gonna go somewhere. You grab one of those giant boxes and nuts and choose and that's like the gift. I like the soft centres, though do you perfect like dight dark me. White meat turkey they can share a chicken and a box of chocolate and everybody's can be satisfied. And what was I going to say? Yes, we do that to just like a table and there's jewish cookies and ceased boxes, Sue, Canyon, everyone just sits around toxic needs too much sense, the best. So good shot out to regular elections at best everybody does shouted out and cooking. I love it is out of tune with love, should allow
plain ruler or the lack of legal as the latter, who not remotely shouting to let it wasn't that random. It was actually wish cookies regular and that's the one that you got at Michael's, the the the diner we went to after the show right, no. That was that way of clever sad it straight we're always out it. I'm not sure. Do you want to start sure? you're not out Mary, see you really made some good can't marry. I love her the little lady and that with the Glassy English, all that made up. I just recently found out that, what's the cookie woman wait. That's not right! Lorna dune, one of those people are made up. Oh Paul hopefully Betty Crock, transit yeah. My friends are leading to a doctor, on her everything you can read She told me that yeah me wait,
just created by a company which I think is not fair, is pretty fucked. Ok, he's speaking of fucked up ya, this one's a bummer, ok, It's on July 30th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six or one thousand nine hundred and eighty six can see the outfit I'm wearing Vernon community of Silver Spring, which is located in Maryland, and nineteen year old Keith Dell Warren was found hanging from a tree two days He was reported missing by his mother. Keith is enough, American had been kept it into North Carolina Central University and was set to go in the far, but he was currently home for the summer. Making money and saving it up to go away handsome right Everyone said he was a good kid in our good get in school. He did
some depression issues, but in his recent in his recent past his parents had divorce, but he had a bright future. So, on some July thirty thirty six, a woman walking her dog dying, found Keith and wooded area near his family's home. His body was from a small tree by his neck, and the tree was double with his ways. Accord was alive really hung and anchored around the base of the tree, and it was twenty five feet then to a small sapling set was like this elaborate Qaeda hanging. Mechanism. And then in a circle with saplings trunk arched through a fork, first paramedic or who Regula seen said that he immediately knew it was a staged hanging blue, and so he didn't touch the body at all. He was waiting for the police to arrive in nice, but Officer detective who arrived at the scene released that paramedic The officer stated that the Thus, this was interfering with his lunch break
and they didn't cordon off the area and the scene was trampled an idol of course, law. Dug his name and warming immediately. Practicing photos come up, oh, but you can see in the background of one of them just some fuckin shitless dude hanging out staring at the body so that they have not taken down yet and there there's a guy, you know maybe not even ten feet just hanging out well, ok, I'm like some hippy did so this, before they understood how I think. So it's just it was just I think When we read about a lot of these fucked up crimes that happens, but I dont that that was a normal procedure. I can't imagine yeah. Let us now crops from eighty six yeah. When did they wonder they really know that you had to lock down a crime scene and no one got to come will be near it like a whole.
Like what they call that establish a perimeter like I want to know as well when they start wearing, gloves and stop smoking at the crime scene hops. You know, I mean less. It had to be somewhere in the nineties, because even Oj Simpsons crime scene was handled without gloves, which they definitely should unknown by then. Yes, right, anyways, it gets worse. Despite the obvious discrepancies authorities, didn't see anything wrong with the scene and after a brief. Visual inspection, the counties, the cat me. Department, medical examiner, determine that key foreign had committed suicide. Note. Topsy was ordered her body. Directly to a funeral home. The detective chose it, and this was all that happened oh and his body, was embalmed all for his mother was even aware of his death of what
so maybe that simply not procedure. No, I can't be well then you didn't, need to perform an autopsy on a suicide, but it was deafening. Suspicious. The embalming that kind of thing is the parents decision. Yes, and also he wasn't it you to a more holistic funeral home. I think the funeral director really get any information about what was going on so Hughes just thought he was. Mr Bonde, the body, silver spring. Do you know a smaller place like a? Could they use that excuse that this was like small town there not used to eight from what I can tell it or not is if it was just the community or what? But it was. Seventy thousand people- ok, they're, not here, ok, but it was like It was like forty minutes from Phil It was like not far from DC, so it's not rural, its rural today that I can never hear sang it right. It's just a weird were stupid, ok of so by the six,
hours after he had been found. His mother was a final. He told about it and by then he had been bombed. The I mean that's unacceptable. I now on this Emily asked for his clothing that even looking at the time the funeral inform the few. Are home, inform them that most of it had been destroyed because of the decay of the body had ruined them, so they just got rid of the decade body close at Hand they were only given his jacket and a pair of brown boots and from I can say from those from those crime scene that I've looked at all of them in almost started crying because I have look at the Amazon, fuckin weirdo. He wasn't decayed at all here, doesn't decaying yet was found two days after he went missing Donna how, up there, but he looks like he hadn't gotten. Merit reason Yet there is nothing about him that looks like what you
expect from a hanging which is a lot of really grotesque, things happen to you right. There was no indication that he was to Cape anyway later when his mom attempted to visit the tree to pray there, because she was so fucking heartbroken, she at their and realise the tree had been cut down. What yeah ok taken to evidence by the police which his mother was like. If this is a suicide and the case was closed, which it was why You taking evidence, that's exactly right, yet you're taking in evidence for a suicide and a close you don't do you taking evidence from the body, but you are taking the tree. Definitely the tree couldn't be found, or maybe it was destroyed by fire. I couldn't really there's not. There is no way a pdf about this there's like not a lotta shed. A lot of the articles are just now the same stuff regurgitating, because
there's just not a ton of information out there. I couldn't believe there was an EPA about this, yet There's a lot of work, so Mary had out, but it really was an intel. She heard from a friend of Keith's that she we got suspicious. So Rodney candle was a friend of hers and and that he, seen a car full of black males. Looking for Keith, she before his death. And told them they haven't seen Keith and they immediately left then, several days later, Rodney, had another out encounter with a high school acquaintance of, So there's name mark thinly, and he said he in pretty urgent. I thought it was strange because he acted like he needed a fine Keith very quickly, and I told him I didn't know where he was and he laughed so what these people searching for him we're be Maryland County Peaty, refused to hand over the photos, take out the crime scene because, to his mind,
because he said they would be too difficult for her to see, so asking to see him and I now and they said that she should have a close cancer. It too so apes, in nineteen. Ninety two, so this happen and eighty six, it wasn't until ninety two which would have been her sons. Twenty fifth birthday, exactly Mary kind of a plain Manila envelope on her doorstep anonymous, an inside. There were five pictures, each selling, showing a different view of keeps hanging by his neck, so these are matters that I saw well yeah and so it's from the back its I mean a close up of his face. It's just so heartbreaking. His face is so sweet, unlike young, so she saw the photos and she found glaring this offences, including his claws, didn't fit him but he was wearing, which made her think shoes
he was wearing someone else's clause? There is no two composition which the funeral told her. In our home, told us there was, and Also he was wearing in the photographs member. He had they had given him brown boots there are home, he was wearing white sneakers morale. What the fog there was a note attached to all these photos. That said, don't worry, Mark Finlay will be next and Mark family was the kid who said that he had seen people asking for Keith. So the family hired private, detective Joe. Our senior, I think Who, in addition to these discrepancies, also saw that- and this is the fucking point of it- that always gives me Charles, so Keith had on the back of his jacket, leaves and debris meaning he
and he didn't land on his back, meaning they started to think that he had been brought there and hoisted up so I'm dead. That so family also than hired renowned forensic pathologist, Isidore Moluccas, who exist Keith's body and did toxicology port, which they ve never fucking dead, originally, which isn't ain't right like even not an autopsy toxicology report, is just seems like a basic. You know, you're, just looking for information of what happened. How did he kill himself? What state of mind was even at the time and also just that the family would want the difference between somebody who has hung themselves and somebody who has died under suspicious circumstances you to go family, a story of your son killed himself is a totally front narrative and says something about your son that then you
to live with, whereas you're sending a victim of a murder is a completely and story. It's just like no answer no answer yeah. Well, then, someone out there is something to about the fact that they saw a young. I commend hanging from a tree and immediate egret suicide words like if someone said it reminded me of the old south young hangings and not that old. I mean that still happened by fuckin races, other fuckers at the time re so to see him hanging suspiciously, and I saw his legs his feet on the ground and his legacy. Bent forward so he's almost like We were in a sitting position with his legs. For then it got hoisted up a little, so he wasn't hanging right. It was definitely like you know. Indicative of lynching. Yes, is indicative the right word. Yes, I mean great, but but also its that thing of yeah. That's to rush
all of that away, not to immediately at the scene say suicide, no nope, no, no yeah! Sorry, didn't mean unwrapping. No, no, no and honest. I'm agreeing with you and going with what you're telling me in its very upset: ok, you're gall global, listen to it now. It is yet it man as MRS cut back, senior staff corner array by Georgia so ok, toxic, the report, analysis reveals abnormally elevated amounts of here. We go, tried, clearer method, nay, methane, trick warming, ok, solvent found in paints and lockers and powerful chemicals that are usually found in blue and solvents. So, according to Doktor Isidore Michalek S, levels founding keeps body were more than enough to kill him in this
as a body that has already been. What do you call it. Embalm embody and buried. So that was the argument that baby they came from the embalming- maybe they came from the soil. Where is buried visa, but it was pretty, it was pretty. The doktor fell nor that it was not that is they weren't chemicals used in that ok and they weren't you now high enough levels that women have been absorbed. If it wasn't the swale, ok, so. You know it's there. It's the art, Is it or isn't it? You know it, but the doctor saying I'm. I know what I'm looking at. I know what the situation was and I'm finding these chemicals there anyway and that's highly suspicious yeah, but the other side probably we're just as sure that Trail. Well, the thing is once room, Bhamo body, I can't fucking say anything for sure, which is why you don't rush to and bomb up. I mean that one is the biggest glaring thing of that's the biggest
yeah. What are you or cover up yeah? Ok for sure. Ok, based on the high levels of this chemical in the victim's body. The doktor concluded that several meant that severe mental confusion would have resulted in a pair decision making of routine actions. So he couldn't even decide to kill himself if he wanted to ok outside investigators claim that the way he apparently hung himself was practically impossible due to the sun. A tree and the fact that two rubs were used in the suicide, turning totally understand, because you can still, if you I kill yourself and you need to rub. It can still do. I guess what they were saying is the way that set up and what it sounded like his. They were using one tree against the other. It's like way that was it yeah that, basically, you can't do by yourself. So all he would have needed to hang himself was run rope in one tree not, and there was no work and a jump off of either yeah. So I dont know. I think it's probably now they're really
Well, you can, you can hang yourself anyway want, but I feel like the same way that you, when people try to drown themselves, you you just can't allow yourself to do that. There's some something deepen you that stands up or gets out of yeah there's, not the fight in re instinct. Inside of you write so there's that and then he said, I do not believe that he would have the ability to hang himself and for that matter he would not have the ability to make the decision about hang himself. And so he rode the death that the death must be. Investigated as a homicide in the family. Filled to the Marathon county. Pd Eventually, the United States attorney General JANET Renal for criminal investigation into the death, as unless the suffered subsequent actions of the police department, all requests have been denied so here's what I rose or how did Keith die, and these are kind of taken however, the internet of ideas, did he overdose on solvents found in
that were found in his body, he was out apart, with friends. Maybe they were having a bit we're doing drugs and he overdosed in his friends panicked and staged his death to look the suicide to avoid police right, which would make sense of his clothes being changed, because maybe he vomited Oliver S clothing, maybe belied on now and said: that's why they changed his clothes, including issues they just want to make it look like a suicide or did. Someone in from behind with a rag and and that's why he Robinson sidearms wasn't his choice. Yeah his backpack heads, his favorite tapes and at which points to him, maybe going to a party. That's just my opinion, like you know, when you hang out with friends like offering some music we're gonna have read, because How can I will say this in the eighties? You didn't who didn't travel with tapes like you would
one mix tape, maybe a brilliant somewhere, but leg usually left that either at home or in your car, because they were just such a pain yeah. So he has backpack savour tapes in it, which makes me think it so he was going to visit someone he knew, and that would just that. I was thinking about. It's like party plan is a party you heard about a mix tape, yet one or two tapes. If it was his friends he'd be like. I want you to hear this tape, this new one, this once great right, don't make any sense. Thanks as off the top of my having clearly just speculation words, fuck yeah yeah, so. Ok, some people thought that he may have been in this is, unlike you now. Wiki were What's it read, it read it and shit that here, I've been an informant at the police and he was found out by local drug dealers, which might have been the guys in the car and they were looking for him and killed him, which makes sense if the car,
would cover it up because they don't want everyone to know that they caused a murder. Yes, we should. Actually. I keep trying to find this murder that I found out about long time ago. There was a girl, it's kind of town the cup, sound all this lsd on her and said Europe going to jail forever or Unita Baron format and guide the drug dealers. She went over their wired, they found out shot or in the fucking, had yet but it took them a long time to find out about. I can't find out one think I remember you telling me about that. One sounds Ghanaians? That's always stuck with me. You had the sweet hippy. In the nineties. Hippy girl, yeah, that's, ok! So why is it a hate crime very well but have been. Did he actually somehow come committed? Besides, I mean that's always and shit. It's not! It's not gone yeah. So final, disturbing twist the a person who may have been able to answer those questions turned up dead under suspicious circumstances, gently
arc? Finlay, oh shit. When he was the guys who came looking for Keith a few days before he died and his mother had received the package send markedly next. She told him and he said to her that He would be by to see her soon and he said he said, I need to unload maybe he was one of the friends at the party. Maybe he knew something. So one month after she received those photos and talk to him, he was dead accord, the police he died accidently when he was struck when he struck a curb on his bike. Was thrown off in what was described as a freak accident. How ever, according paramedics were on the scene, his wounds. Consistent with a bicycle accident, his Windsor are consistent with being hit by a car or being hit with a baseball bat
man. His wounds were greater than then that could have been fought with than now falling would cause Ray, especially the location where it allegedly took place, yeah so His mother, America, Mary Kui, died suddenly and may may twenty fifth two thousand and nine, and she dedicated mother yeah. She dedicated in our life after that, finding justice they spent a lot of money they had. What's it called awards for fun, more information reward. Yes, the not a word as well monetary awards as we know them rewards. Yes, yes, thank you. Yeah orders to positive. For this I mean listen, and so she died and never found any justice, but hearse, but he's sister a sister, Sherry Warren has taken up her moms fight.
He says that even if he died of an accident overdose, she still wants the Merlin County pity to be held accountable, yet actions, yes, she organizes marches. She still looking for answers still rewards out there and she just wants answers. Yeah, so just that idea. It's just that thing of like what. If there is something procedurally is so screwed up that they there take pictures of a dead body in there's just kind of a dude loitering in the background or there's no parameter on the crime scene or there's no or their rushing a body to be it take into the funeral home, like all those things the it side from the injustice to this family into this victim. They can't do it that way: ever again. So it's a bad idea to that. Like this, it's just that thing of the past, I'm procedure cannot be that screwed up,
You just have to learn from those mistakes say it's all a mistake. You bet case scenario: it's just a series of terrible mistakes, especially because those, Those people who were here at the time are probably not on the force anymore. They play retired yeah. So it's kind of admitting it's something of like when you hear on these, unlike in forty eight hours and all these things have like cop saying or active, saying, yeah. We did that wrong and we learned from it so refreshing to hear, because everyone makes mistakes you now and were fucking big on the Eightys and Ninetys, and before that being fucked up in terms of you know, procedures, yeah so and it is tough because you know to be involved in in cry in style being crime. You have to be a big tough man who is brave. Faces the worst of all society all day every day and so
admit. It get being flexible and being able to admit mistakes, and all those kinds of things. Don't go along with that persona and then think that's changing two words that thing of lake its day, no one looking for you to be the like, Texas, Ranger, yeah, ordinary, every single thing correctly. Yeah people make mistakes, and it's like you know one guy in the on the forest believe It's not what it is he's not gonna fight every other, I am there to be a woman. It he's not gonna fight with his fuckin boss. You know you get labelled snitch and you know right Orange orange troublemaker or whatever from what we know on law and order, Alice shit you get on and get desk job does duty. After that, that's exactly right! It's all political! I mean it's. Its political work should be by a well. That's amazing fact. I just kept These are not more on that yeah more on that
especially because, while it also kind of goes to show that be the, I feel that in this day and age, because that is such a ban man being hung, hung and having that not fully, thoroughly looked into Isn t. It is no problem and against such a like the kind of thing that I think are working very hard to make sure doesn't get swept under the rug and your hopefully and to be fair. Case file did episode on this January, so not nobody's gonna episode, forty three, he does you know his story as well, so not give them a shoutout Hamish out, but I'm fucked up man will gather what's open a back up yeah I'd, love to know the answer to that. That's crazy, I'm fucked up to congratulations, only match terrorism.
So rare find a murder. Sorry, that's all. I got actually the first with of this. I ever heard is from the show real detective that we ve talked about many times over on networks, Is it it is Netflix, I'm not sure it's on regular tv now, like I have just t vote, and so I have Ten episodes from regular tv Then, when I only sees in one is on her way electrical regular tv, at this this day edge age. A trailer but you can also its on on demand on Directv. Oh, that's how I watched the I watched it at every fuckin head on demands? Why? Because you can't put it in you can't list it. You have to specifically look for something and then watch it. Yes, you have to know exactly what I'm looking for our king hate that I want. Those new show coming up pulled like New York detector,
like the FBI in New York or some shit yeah. They went immediately to record it and you can just I'm gonna forget it immediately, Stephen, remind you, listen Stephen! Can you change Directv? Please listen. Give directive the you need to start writing some letters. So ok, so real detective we'll try to watch it anyway. You can find out, but the reason I loved this episode was not only because it was a southern California serial killer, that I'd never heard, which has pretty fascinating, but this episode, the it real detective. If you haven't launched it basically a file was the one detective who solves this crime and that active, isn't they're talking about themselves in the twenty years ago or whenever that thing happens like doing the storytelling. So it's not like a dramatic reenactment know their its first hand. Experience of what it was like for this person to to get catch this case go through b,
all these crimes scenes and eventually, thankfully, of the crime and there are reenactments but they're good. Exactly they actually higher great actors. Not just they don't. Just do like reenactments that are silent, their whole Ziad, they do like see HAWK gang and yet, if their anger, literature Ok! So this one is the Riverside county. The name of him was the Riverside County prostitute Killer originally, but I call them the riverside county. Serial killer and the detectives name, Bob Creed and he hears especially as a did, active is so empathy and he is so lovely and kind and the way he talks about all of these victims, it's the episode starts with him just Listing all the victims names, he knows all of them now is so it
that kind of thing we're you're just watching a person who this was his life and this he took all of all of these deaths to heart and in the fact that it was taking is in his home. Town his home territory and This incredible story. So, let's refreshing, because when you said the name of what it was before, the prostitute cholera immediately was like o them. They are not important So he right aiming them immediately makes me think that their important it's not only that, but the way they present these murders in on the show real detectives they really play down. If not don't mention the prostitute aspect at all, so they really are just talking about. They found this victim here. They found this victim here and he when Anne when Bob Creed talks Then he talks about like starts out by saying these were women with families who love and he talks
the family, they were good families and they loved their daughters. So it's because all of the anymore PDF articles that I was reading, it's all just press to drug user, because you never know the circumstance of their life. You dont in the killing fields. Did I really well when they talk to their families and sisters? But you know I was my go missing as it can be that drug addicts Oh yeah yeah cause I'm here I got out. It was a gigantic to one point. Yet I haven't been in twenty Ino, it's like we did. I didn't murder when we alive shows, and one of them called her a prostitute, but in other places I saw as a misuse, and it's like She crossed some lines at her job and they called her a prostitute. It's just of so many fishermen nuances around. It will ya and when you boil alike, in journalism in this kind of journalism, when you boil people's lives down to the to their criminal records, are the fat like those basic facts of their lives? What are choosing to leave in and
and what are you choosing to bring out and because there are lots people who have been addicted to drugs, whether or not they go to jail for it. There's lots of people on drugs right now, you die right now and they took the toxicology report, not you, but like anybody in the street any man in the street given on cadet if they died, and they took the talks. Hold your important aid, be like up your filled with well view trend and outer all Anne. Did this not just smoke warehouse max and pot, and you and you don't just head for drinks, sorry a drug user and sewed should you're murder matter last, because of that- and I kind of like I was really blown away because When I was when I was reading these old articles, it was one story, but the way real detective presences is so different and it's so modern? And then detective on top of it. You love him and you love the work. But he's doing because it's just very personal. So
tells up in places like Nosegay, it did the press. I need you to, and the presentation of this like whenever it up is a combination of me writing down things from this episode of real detective, but it's also there's an artist I found and murder Pierre. That gave me a really good time line and a lot about these victims and it was written by a guy named David Lore. His it was called the riverside prostitute killer. I didn't get a year on it, but it does seem old cause. It's done from like the early ninetys. So no eight October, thirtieth, nineteen, eighty six, so there's an area out know how much you know riverside like the river, I'd city or the county vaguely, even I'm from here yeah. It's it's weird because it's it's about an hour and a half directly south of where we are right now and it's it, may never away. We never go. There is halfway between here and San Diego, its inland. Like Elsinore as the big like this, like yeah, that lake
nearby. It is like the kind of the whereas nice, Ariane and that's where this guy lived, button, but almost there The crime scenes are in and around riverside the city itself. So there is apparently in industrial area outside of Riverside called rubber dough and its, apparently smog ie and gross, and it's all factories. So on October thirty nineteen, eighty six there's a man is collecting cans that around that area, and he comes on the body of a woman whose stuffed into a drainage, Guph she's cover. Blood, her closer to shreds and her genitals at and mutilate so he ran This man who discovered this horrible crime scene rents, the closest factory, to get help and the police identify her as twenty three year old Michel is that Good Gutierrez and she's from Corpus Christie, Texas,
her autopsy reveals that she suffered severe trauma to anal and valuable areas, multiple I were discovered on a face chest and buttocks and she has le get ligature marks on her neck suggest that she'd been strangled, while she was being mutilated, bad news, the way. So, two weeks later on December, eleventh the body twenty four year old, Charlotte Jean Palmer is discovered near highway. Seventy four in Roma Land, which is too five miles away from the Gutierrez murder scene. And her body was so badly decomposed that they couldn't figure out the as of death, so they weren't even necessarily related rights in January of nineteen eighty seven, so it about a month later, get in mutilated body of thirty seven year old, Linda and Ortega is found along Road and Lake Elsinore,
she had been dead for at least three days they ve an alcohol and cocaine in her bloodstream, invest It is later discover that she worked part time and a fast food restaurant but she also had a rap shoot for drugs and sex working now, The investigators are starting to see that they have three similar homicides where, Young women are being brutally step to death and strangled to death. So then, four months later may Second nineteen, eighty seven march, bessie Young twenty seven year old, Martha Bass Young, is discovered in a ravine. Not far from the Ortega murder sight, she is full in a naked in spreading position. She also had a wraps sheet for sex work and high levels of drugs were found in her body
and she the corner, determines that she's been dead for about three weeks and she had died from a lethal dose of amphetamines. While she was being strangled, I could he injected her with Infinite means, while he was string earlier at some point. I dont know just how they're both exist, like shadows on unequal, does inner system, but she, the asphyxiation, is what she actually derive from it. But she also this thing through happening like at the same time, got it I was picturing it like like at they use axing time like he shot her up while he's with one hand on her neck and yeah, which paladin no but de the first woman who was found. Michel Gutierrez also had stab wounds, but she do people stab wounds, but she died from being strangled said. They do think that he kills them
an attack them at the same time, re Clymene, it's like all one frenzy. It sees us ok so So then So then no murders for oh, let almost two years and then Jane twenty seventh in eighteen, eighty nine, the body of the seven year old, Linda may rise, who was a sack known sex worker. Discovered on the beach of Lake Elsinore and on her head was buried in the sand and the opting out. See reveals she has high blood, alcohol, level and there were sand found in her throat and the cause that is as fixation then about six month, later same year. The body twenty eight year old Kimberly Little is discovered in Cottonwood Canyon also. She is also known as a sex workers in a drug user and her
autopsy reveals, presence about all end drugs at the EC and the official cause of death. Is stood as asphyxiation and they I end on her. They finally find fibres. Cuba cares that are not hers and they Linley find some evidence that they can use that they they don't know what a compared against, but their saving it. It's crazy that ever later that many victims, they didn't, have a touch of that even right No, I mean not has not so far. That's listed, I on or any this article or that they knew how to lift at that time. Yeah, maybe because it was pretty early years it. This is in the lady is so yeah they darted in nineteen eighty seven, so they probably didn't know at what could be compared like what could be used is dna, so even if there's some kind of saliva the right they wouldn't now, maybe maybe
so but also their starting to, I think, compare their starting to keep. Of these. So it's like. They know that there they can. See what standing out on these victims as they go, and so there like. Ok, we have a private care that some non hers and like they're there learning, what to look for and what to keep as they go castle on November eleventh same year Local resident discovers the body. Bludgeoned and mutilated body of thirty six year old, Judy Lynn Angel near to Mescal canyon, Road and this just North West of Lake Elsinore, and She also had a rap sheet for sex working in Prague and and drugs, but She they discovered defensive wounds in her hands when she's, when her Otto, is being given
she also had several blows to the face and ultimately she died of having her cranium crush so then, the next month they find the body of twenty three year old, Christina Leal in court. A valley now she is fully appears fully closed and not having sex suffered. Any serious abuse or mutilation he was at a record for sex work and drugs and that crime scene investigators found found tire tracks for the first time, so they made impressions of those tire tracks which I found so fascinating. That may think to do that, but to me that one in a million chance of finding that person, but yeah, I guess, can be used once they find somebody to think it's a suspect. What kind of car did they drive the sun in exactly and when it's serial killing? They know if they start finding take impressive tire tracks to compare today
the places we can lay know that eventually there's going to be some that becomes a consistent or impression that they're like okay. This is this is the. This is a tire. Maybe this is the car just say so. So then, when when she gets her autopsy, the coroner finds that she had won stab wounds the heart and they notice it at the beginning because she, the she had stripped and then redressed by the killer of. So there was no through the shirt there. It wasn't a stab through the shirt it was underneath. The cops didn't see it when lying weird right away. You yeah super weird here's a weird or thing- and maybe the weirdest thing up this of this whole Kay when they inspected the victims general area they found the killer had put a light, up into the woman now that boy, and the woman's womb. So he shall. I went up and
It was unbroken and it was also a very it was a very kind of different, said, along gated all the different I wasn't just download. It was kind of old time you looking wasn't it wasn't. It was a common one for somewhere in something exactly so. They now know that he's escalating and he's becoming more. You know deviant. He started to do weird shit assumes like such a big clue that they're almost lucky to have two she dead or alive. What might happen I feel like she must have been dead think she must have been dead because it too they said it must have taken a really long time for him to be, able to put it up their unbroken here, because she would have been fighting yet is right for fuck's sake. So he's then now the escalation is part of part of them knowing he's escalating, is cause he's, leaving
behind intentionally and he's degrading them more than average, because either because he was you know that degradation of being left behind often spread eagle, often half naked indigenous in drain it. You know in like all these places, where he's just saying these people are Garbutt Yarmouth, how he's leaving them, but now he's adding to it even more and very upsetting way: ok so then on the more January eighteenth nineteen ninety so it's actually only a month later, but it's the next year investigators get call to seeing east of the eye fifteen in like Elsinore Jogger had found the half nude body of a woman who is identified. As twenty four year old sex workers, Darla Jane Ferguson. She
had been strangled so severely that she nearly bit off her own tongue envelopes thing I neither. Investigators. Fine tire tracks at this crime scene make impressions at this crime scene easy a month later February, eighth, eighteen. Ninety farmers working at an orchard and high groove, find that nude body thirty five year old, Carolyn Miller, all known as such as a worker and drug addict should gun sing a month earlier she had multiple stab wounds to the chest, and She also had a boon near her right, nipple, the they found pubic on this victim that they kept and though with, this murder is where that episode of real detective starts because they,
it basically come in and they they talk about how these murders had been going on, and but they do it was the kind of thing of like they would have a murder and it would be a sex worker and they would be like oh no, and they were like suspecting that they had a serial killer, but it wasn't until this. I think this may have been Bob Creeds One of his early life when he got put on the case, why don't you know because I think he is on this task force early buddy. I guess that the the point of interest was when he got there and he was looking at the crime scene? He realized that his grandfather used on that orchard. And so he started to go. Is this guy fucking with what is this guy doing some purpose because they also there was a half eaten great fruit then, peeled half eaten and thrown on the vector
so there is like a lot of kind of messaging in that kind of like he was really freak out about. So obviously I was taking its time. He was purposely. Yeah. What's the word tag advising the police yeah. That's what that's that's where he started to go like. Could this guy? No? Could I have known that this was my grandfather's, like he's like we used to play here when I was little care point idle, so I am. I wish I knew exactly when they put this task force together. I don't I don't have but basically was like, I would say, probably after the fifth or sixth body. They actually put a dedicated task force together to be like what is going on, but that, but they never find fingerprints at any scene. They know that the bodies have been taken to those scenes and don't there that there so that they can rarely.
And any evidence, and they ve only found tire prince twice up and up until this point and no seamen and nothin, that I've ever heard of killing. They wished to say yes, So, yes, the guy's, very careful okay, so under its December twenty first nineteen. Ninety a janitor emptying the garbage at a factory complex on Iowa Avenue, discovers the nude. Carefully opposed body of a young woman who turns out Three twenty seven year olds, Susan Stern, felt on US local sex work or drug addict. There's no mutilation on her remains She died of strangulation. The county corner eventually finds out next forty two year old CAT Kathleen Leslie Milne is discovered
on January, Nineteenth a motorists is driving by and sees her body alongside A road north west of Lake Elsinore she has been rendered unconscious by several boroughs, blows to the head and strangle, but she had been dead less than twenty four hours like the. I would hate to be the person who found young so so or if I said that a couple months later April. Twenty seventh, it transient stumbles upon the body of twenty four. World. Sherry Michel pacer, our time, mead and sex worker She then left in a flower bed in a bowling alley parking lot. She'd been violated, strangled posed. This is awful, she had a toilet, plunder protruding from her vagina. This is a person that is in intent on degrading, after murdering degrading these victims,
The there's a parts in this episode of real detective, where he is Bob Bob Creed is talking. And then you just stop talking and stairs, and then they just cut away to something as issues like Koslovski hot he's, remembering these horrible fucking scenes that he had to come upon unprocessed slow, but I noticed too is that it seems like getting more and more bold with where he leaves the bodies yet cause he's not putting eminent drainage Dutch, where no one will see him put it. There fear flower bed in a parking lot of, like probably busy business bowling Alley Bowling Alley. That's just so bold! Yes, exactly right! as he's gotten away with it. Now how many twelve times or however many whatever number I mean, that's fucking with them yet so now he's like I'm smarten, please I can get it with this I'm doing whatever I kept open, so now July, for fourth, ninety, ninety one,
Knickers near railroad, canyon, road discover the remains of thirty seven year old, sherry and lay them also as Arap Sheet for sex work and drug use. Hand was wrapped around nearby branches, suggesting she was still alive when the killer left her Aha, an autopsy later reveals that she been strangled and they find cat hairs on her corpse. According to her friends, she did a cat, so now the investigators, our thinking, killer. Does so the take those hares and they put them aside. Stir murders, women, but also has a cat. I mean in kind goes to show our great cats are I love you, no matter what my original monster, monsters, love them, no matter what okay, so they get there.
First major lead on August fifteenth, ninety ninety one, because a man driving a grey Van picks up a site. Worker near the University of California Riverside, and she too investigators that everything was fine at first then he becomes angry and sorts salting her and she managed to jump out of his van and run down the street a girl. So he leaves, but Venice I've seen near by corner, and he picks up her friend twenty three year old, Kelly Hammond, so in This is what's interesting. This is this I'm reading from the up a part of that article, but in the episode of real detective when they come upon this body. Bob Creed lives up the you know that tarp that's over her whenever covering her and he go
I know this girl now she lives in his neighborhood all MIKE, oh, and he watched her in her mom walk by his house a couple times a day, so he knows her and that again, where he's like this guy's fucking with me. This guy knows that working on this case. He knows these people, I think this is someone. I know MRS lulling as me, Ray will the other thing to its for smart of you to think the other things It is in this episode of real detective. They do not mention that that either of these women are prostitutes at all sex workers, sex workers at all, tat I think, is really interesting as they basically the store becomes in as this girl her. The girl that got away Her name is Alley white Cloud and she comes in and says we are at a bar. This is how they and I wonder if that's because that's how either she wanted a presented or that they were trying to Iraq.
The stigma of sex adamantly but its alley alleyway. How comes in and says my friend and I were a barn. We met this guy and she wanted to go home with them. I didn't want to. He offered both of us a ride, I said, don't go with them and she did and so she goes to the police and an gives a full description and describes the Vandemark here so I dont know whatever version of this is the truth or whatever I've. I thing, doesn't really matter that it doesn't matter, but I also think it's interesting and I like the fact that real detective just presented as it's a girl that almost got pulled into a van and then came and and spoke for her friend to the police on earth with respect yeah yeah so so they give. They do and AP be with the description of this guy and he is the croupier. Look. It's a previous looking picture because he's wearing like sunglasses and benefit
graph like drawing its drawn on a simple police, I'm sketch and the van he's driving is nineteen, eighty nine Mitsubishi Van, which has won the weirdest looking van scattered flat fry Zeppelin. Yes, like it yes like when you are in the front seat wherever you park, it's like you're right there. I totally now that I'm here, and it has a weird, almost again nautical window in the back like a little round window like creepy Van window yeah, so ok so now they have way information about this guy than they had four since nineteen eighty six, Oh it's a huge its huge lead they put up, if he be, and so that now the cops are looking for that vat, oh they also say, is there anything else? You remember, and she says that when he opened up the back, she remember seeing a red sleeping bag and
most of these crimes scenes they found animal hair, which turned out to be a tan cat. Tat tat, hair Annette every scene and red nylon fibres which they linked to and match too kind of dialogue fibres that they find on sleeping bags. Little crazy thing, I feel like they're, so many people- and this is what he talk- someone or something or it's like that- is one detail that you wouldn't. Why would you bother mentioning that? But that is actually really important to the case, so that Sir Leon thing. I thought you were gonna, say the Rio that she said she saw a cat and as well as its close, it's the other right other thing, but but that's when in it presented in the real detective show like when she's, giving all that information when she says that thing about a red sleeping bag he's just
doing this is the guy love it, so they put out all that information and. I was so they d basically from from All of the information the victims that they have had so far. The task force knows this that all the victims are found, raped, stabbed, is asphyxiated nude posed They all have lingered remarks marks on their risk angles and neck. They have one set of shoe impressions. They know that he carries them to the scene. Dad and leaves them there and that he works alone. They say that if he's married his my his wife would work AIDS and he can just do clearly. He can do it every wants at night and is not being questioned about it or no suspicious of him They never find fingerprints at any the scenes, but date
consistently fine cat hair and they consistently find those red nylon fibres would be more if I'd said that before the thing I just said, but anyhow so on October, 30th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. See. A man is driving long summer, whole drive and he's sees what he thinks is a mannequin, our American, you guy ever a fucking man. Again he goes up and and that is the dead body of thirty five year old, Delilah, Zamora, Wallace Mother of five? also known sex worker Andrew. I got it she's also her cause of death, as this fixation then, days before Christmas, Eleanor O Haider Casares body is found near Victoria Avenue, which is just down the street from the Riverside police station she's, thirty nine years old she's been strangled and her right breast
Is this not the movie, I always say not the movies so she was also had a rap she for sex work on drugs and their. Cops are positive that he placed her there to others the police station turf. So the very low victim. Is thirty one year old, Catherine Mcdonald, she's found raped and murdered in a field by a construction worker there they find set of tyre tracks and they find footprints match, approaching ten issue they know now he's rushing he's escalating, because this is the sloppy Estes ever buried. So they process. All of that then they go to make and next known next of kin. You know they got it. Notification from the next of kin.
They go to her house. They find the front open in the houses dark they were through the house guns drawn and they finally find Catherine, three year old, daughter, now who's been by herself since her mother. Disappeared the night before hiding downstairs. Ah, ah so sad and it's the sad as part of the whole episode in this little, we was just hiding alone in a house gets her mom didn't come back. Her mom went, took the garbage out and disappeared of sustaining see anything she's, just slow internet, Romania's raw, her mom, walked outside and never came back inside at night. Horrifying, ok, incidentally, was snatched. Yes, she was. And which he hadn't done, that before it was out and one of her own house, so they have altogether they found five different types of tyre prince at these crimes, goons. So so
Bob Creed decides, he asked the guided check. Is there one type of van that? Could you who's on line of those. Types of tyres and one type, a lion comes back and it's a nineteen. Eighty, nine men, maybe she and this type of van. It's so weird so, on the night of January. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two officer, Frank Orta, is patrolling university avenue, which is where a lot of sex workers or known to walk, and he said is that exact type of Van for Huck? So he follows you imagine Sigma yeah that there it is what the fuck and it has expired tags, and so he pulls it over and he talk to the driver. A little bit. He asked the driver to open up the back of the van. The driver said sure no problem he opens it up. There is a red sleeping bag. There. The officer places him under arrest
they bring him into the station and somebody immediately starts questioning him. They don't wait for Bob Creed, who is the head of this task force for like five fucking years they dont, it for him to come down to question him, just do you ever was there. I know exactly how it happened so, guy they arrest immediately as like, I want away or not saying anything, son of a man, so Bob Creed doesn't even get to question, but here's what they end up, finding out that the guy The driver of this man is a man named Bill Suf. He was born August twentieth. Nineteen fifty in torrents, California, according to his high school classmates. He was friendly, a skilful musician, any graduated, eighty seventh in a class of a hundred and forty four. So not enough it sounds like a sea minor student, his brothers were very troubled, one of em.
Was a drug addict. The other was a pedophile Guph Suf ended up, living in Texas and there in nineteen seventy four, when he's twenty four years old he and former rice, former wife were arrested and later convicted for the beating death There are two year old daughter, our youth, I'm kidding me he was their sentence to seventy years in prison, but he paroled after serving ten year Y, know his wife served twenty months, but her conviction was overturned when it was found that he was fully responsible, the beating death of a two year old child. Can you imagine not only having your child be to death by her husband, but then gang scented being worse, held responsible. Sent like she's morning in them? painful way, and then she as to jail and in jail you
hurt your own kid. If your jail for hurting around kid you're like a pedophile re in man's jail shoes and mean they are like tortured, and so yes, she didn't. She said over a year and present as a baby killer. So so when Bill stuff is Perrault. He goes back to southern California and gets out of taxes and He then gets a job. Is now forty one years old, he gets a job as a stock clerk and he is known to be a writer of books. He likes to dry fancy cars here, community service work. He also likes, impersonate police officers horse his neighbors described him as a friendly nerd, who was always doing things to help people at the back yeah. So basically now Bob Creed is scrambling to find evidence. They can hold him on because keyed they finally have him in custody, but you know they,
he's gonna get at he's, gonna get out and ladys and more women are gonna die, so they look into his background. They find out that he work, four Riverside county supply so high, it is a clerk at the the supply company that supply desks and chairs for or the Riverside Police Department so when they were putting together the task force and building the task for every time they would order a desk or some chairs or chalkboard, well, bills, of course, the dye that would come and deliberate straight into the room where they were investigating his cereal murder? I bet he enjoyed that so much. He not only enjoyed it. He knew exactly what they were doing so, the first time they knew but they had tired implants. He changed the tyres on his van, every
she would go in there because they were constantly at one point. They said Some officers working on the case asked him if they could use his phone and me the phone call on his phone. And attract something down for the murders he was committing so He was a just is neutral face in the background that they saw as like. Oh, that's the delivery guy, that's the clerk guy, but meanwhile he was all eyes and ears every time he was in that room. He devoto looking at everything. He was memorizing, all of it. He knew exactly they are doing and he knew who they were, which is where that he then didn't get rid of the red sleeping bag kind of right. That must not have been a prominent thing right up on the board, but so amazing cause they they in real detective. They said it and really perfectly. Where he's in the bat went the first time they have the taskforce meeting Bob Crew,
Clears the Roman and then starts telling everybody Bobo Blot will build up as one of the people. He asked to leave the room now so he's in there like he's working side by side with a like near the police, so Bob create gets a search warrant for bills of house and when he arrives there he surprised to meet bills, us eighteen you're old white, oh god, so This is where it all comes together. She tells the detective she works nights. They standing in their kitchen. She offers to make coffee she's like I need gothic, as I'm so tired cause. I was up all night he's like. Oh you work needs a tan. Run sir the room here. Looks over and sees a pair of pro wing tennis issues over in the corner, where all the shoes are by the back door When he's looking out the window, he sees a truck bed, that's filled with tyres and he is like. What's
but the tires and she's, like oh he's, always out their changing the tyres on that van. So he was changing the tires any time he would see them get attire imprint. He would say the tyres on all of them. I then the kicker is. He looks at the lamp. That's hanging over the kitchen table tips it up and sees its exactly the same kind of light bulb that was left inside his victim and he's like this is were here, so he Essentially, they arrest him. They get him. He is true, convicted for twelve council first degree murdered one count of attempted murder the jury the jury deliberated for ten men, Lange and they came back. They gave him the death penalty, he's he's still it on throwing to this day and the police.
We, he is responsible for twenty two murders, if not more in Riverside County. I wonder what you know he was gone for those two years. I wonder where he went and where happen yeah time you mean that where there is no bodies, are you there? somebody here, yeah because that's a long time and he usually it just goes faster and faster and Bob Creed, who I have to say, is just like one of those. I feel it did act is- are those there like the old, good cops become detached, it's like the ones that are on the street that are good at it and there are smart and gray hair yeah and they yet promoted may become detectives and he's so clearly was one of those people that like treated, his women like his neighbors and his friends, and he when he talks about going to talk to killing Amans mother. It's like a big party, Where he's like. We know these people we have to tell them. We have now changed our life for the worse by speaking there and being like your daughter's dad. He
eventually detective bub Creed eventually became the head of major crimes they made crimes in it in you in rivers yeah and that's. Their riverside. Serial killer loves, fuckin, crazy, and I am I have no idea the job did thanks. I know I had no idea either like Riverside is close by and I've never heard of that guy either. It's funny like the way I find these murders now I just put in the weirdest searches and you you still don't know anything. I know what's going on. Also do find it fascinating, like that. Theirs. They know almost nothing about this guy's childhood, which I would love to know because obviously was insanely fucked up of his two brothers are sanely fucked up and he is the worst of all of them. I would love to know what kind of evil and insane parents they had in what that situation was, but
I really love that show for how much it really shows its. The side that you never get to hear, which is these detectives and like they experience that they go through and the years sometimes that they spend trying to find these killers. It's just. It's so in Saint there's, there's the one on the killer, that you did, that the guy oh yeah Ben Mendelson his last name is Ben. Something are Jonah. Yes, yes, yes Miriam or saying you knew what I was saying. I'm so shocked that any that in it I wouldn't like that. You're, too, is that it gives you look glimpses into the PTSD that you'd know they fucking have and so they're not trying to be like this is what happened. It's like the one eyed the one I did, he starts crying. Yes, no, they tougher terribly. I mean Jesus like that. I having two. It was like a child killer, that had multiple victims?
Every story was horrible, and That one is especially great is the way he he just the way. He event please finds him is- he starts walking the path that children going to school and he finds our Jonah standing in a security guard out that at the end of one does alleys. This is why you then move their finger from the photo that's right this way. If I can do that's exactly what you're, if someone knocks on your door, if you pulled over in their holding up a badge, you fucking call that number into the police department and- and they there are three hour before you yeah. I guess if you're on a rural area, if sea or alone in the house now you're funny reasons to say rural high Diana, I am you re all you can say farmland, urine farmland out my country, the country does not you dont have to you, don't have to you get to check. First, it's your right and like
I'll tell you what those happy I did. Agents flip, that the one guy flipped open Itunes quiet friend, behind him. I was like what are you doing? This kind of look like they were coming for us. Take us away a little bit, but the you Look at the idea when someone flips a thing like that at you, you look at the badge you look at the merrier like. Oh, this is a real car and I get caught up in the kind of like the gold badge part, a wonderful idea, hand me the amount to look about. What's your name, what, sir, that's? What you're thy will? A real cop would give it to you now. What would have to live here, I mean they would want you to believe they were a cop. That's why they're showing it to? U listen, hey baby, be overly cautious and said everyone must things like we are you ve already ties
we know we need about ready for that on this plan has is warning you and scaring you in giving you anxiety and I'm telling you how to get rid of your anxiety. What's up, sort of thing from this week with second totally new it at some point- and I forgot it what's yours I want to say that this my this pass birthday was like one best birthdays. I've ever had because I'm at the age now we're like. I honestly don't care about birthday, so the last couple of Super Loki, if not totally doing nothing. Iranian fucking. According that day- and you didn't tell me- I know I mean I don't remember will, but why would you I mean you should have told me but you didn't care, Zeta, India, but but that was my in my mind. I, like it doesnt matter, and I don't care it's actually not true, because it will first of all so many people because of your tweet response
it's lovely, treat you sent me about my birthday, but There were just so many nice things, and not just people those in the park cast but then, like my actual friends, knew and said lovely things and is like when you actually give people a chance to do that if they want to Then they do and it's really nice and makes them feel good to eat exactly it's just dumb. I just We have that fund dinner and watch in DC yeah. That was so nice like what, if I just throw up Ernie reason it was just like a really lovely kind of redefining birthday experience. I love that was nice, happy birthday thanks Congratulations thanks! So my way to go something I love are unhappy about is what Stephen babysits the cats when they got a town,
makes me so happy because I know they love him and name like hang out with him- and I know this because Stephen the first those of us being gone. Stephen baby sought them instantly photos constantly and I could tell they were happy and they don't run away when he comes in. And then my dad was gonna stand are placed for the rest of the weekend and so Stephen laughed and when my dad, who does I cats, came in the door, he said oh Elvis came, at first and then ran away immediately and keep my dad was Stephen and guts excited because the guy who gives a mother cookies was there and then release it? Was my dotterine Eliza Thank Stephen. It means to me that to have some their? Who I am robots like Anthea, I mean I just have the best time. Unlike I've always told you that, like I'll come over here, you're always like you'd Windsor is like
Do some work hang out for a while, and then I d just hang out with anything done in his pictures of Alice Patsy. I love the time. May you have. My answer am password for their cats tears on like fucking over its greater thank you. Thanks for doing that. And yes, I pay him, don't worry, get paid in loving in my cats being nice to yeah yeah, you guys, thanks for listening, Yazzi, really appreciate it and Nunez. This is the best I can't this is the best. It's pretty nice. I like it well um, you guys say sexy and don't get murder Elvis we want a cookie, ok by me, like that. I have them here
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