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2017-06-15 | 🔗
Hang in there, it’s a new My Favorite Murder! This week, Karen and Georgia delve into Berkley Hostage Crisis from 1990 and Fall River Cult Murders.

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This is exactly right. I won't gonna might ever murderer scaring Figueira than that Georgia, hard stir- and we are here and we our phony? This is how you the pack has from now on. I hope you like it. We were told by Pat Cox consultants that we should act like this at the beginning of the pod cash. If you knew this past, you can pollyanna. Sorry, it ain't gonna, talk to grant the curse anywhere. But oh that's right! Net bright, you can write any you can go to HIV. Double hockey sticks
And also email, us, that's ears, does to get that this social media aspects go right, work, twitter and whereat and we're both on bumble, even though Georgia's Mary with another I actually wait we, you might have to get this out. Stephen cause I'll, say her name to you, but I don't know that. Knows Lizzie and I were talking about. While we are just talking about dating general, but a nightmare. It has no land and all that stuff and in the conversation of her trying to get me to join, aiding app convinced her to rejoin tender. It was the areas turn it was like. She was trying to convince me and ass. She was convinced man like will, then why don't you do it and then she's like I don't know. I just I don't know,
you know, you're right, I should learn, was hilarious near you. Just like I'm gonna turn this, but are you going to sign up for any them now? You're gonna meet someone had a fucking gas station pumping me like. I say why I keep hanging out. Does he get a nice car? The problem is, I, my arms or is cross from getting gas. So I put out negative you're near in your more interesting. You dont want superficial shit. Thank you still also I just don't. I do. I wouldn't know how to pick people based on their picture because I don't know I'm did it. I ll take friends, funds be like yes, Yes, I like to read their thing. I don't know because it doesn't matter to me there's a second stakes, unlike any other, I was actually doing it before Lizzie very little I'll bet it's that thing were then you start seeing what other people's tastes are really funny where I'm like. Oh I, said yesterday. It was like, This is a murder podcast by the eyes, listens!
old Karen's diary, that's how we start this is called. I don't know this is. Did you hear this interesting true crime, based piece of news which lots of well tweeted to me on Twitter. There's a woman named Agnes gunned. Who is basically like crazy? rich philanthropists, do she saw Liechtenstein worth a hundred. Sixty five million dollar ease us and donated all of the money that criminal justice reform specifically with the eye to reduce mass incarceration in this country? Oh, my guy and a lot of people sent it to us. Twitter saying there are some good billionaires out their legs like some pot. Finally, some positive- it is that's great. I thought was very cool. I just a friend of mine. Like someone she knows, is going down he's leg. So
for many years and years ago. He will he's gonna as for eight years, for having some pot on him now Florida, thou, oh yeah shit. Just like so heartbreaking. His his whole families, Can I have his income. His kids are gonna grow up of our ham whenever due to be a productive members. Society, as fact like it just, doesn't make any fuckin sense to me. It's so crazy, that's old, left over their media laws are now see me like blue laws there, just so old and Leyla blue eyes, like those laws, does that were, and I dont know if they were specifically New England, but it was like it's like you can't you can't drink. On a Sunday is county re all that old shit. That's like they're, just still on the books. Yes, no one took them off. He can't spit because the nineteen nineteen spanish flu, Ringwood Walkin in tracking and click on a mandate and it should still be illegal, no would be nice
hey, ok, so. We often talk about Mommy done dearest. Finally, because we ve been promising it young, lady of any other short pieces of business. Before we get into that discussion, business, business spill, video of Caleb Brown when she was discovered on Todd Collops. You know, farm re. Whatever remember when a couple months ago, there is that found this woman, Shreck chained up in storage, container right at me, someone like that they have video of them opening it. To her, and I was I can't watch this because I picture her like sky, like I pictured the end of sustains, massacre, Yathrib screaming Insane jump and it was nothing like that- and it was almost too Worse, I went the larger I I was gonna watch it with the sound of it as I knew that partly be bad, and
First shot is she's fully dressed. She's gotta check around her neck re lad, there's a collar underduk and then a change is laying on tourists shitty mattress, but it looked so weird she looked like she was for a kind of like she was so scared. Now, Monkshaven and therefore months. I I sure am had seen before she went in her boyfriend, shot shot in Canada and had probably been attack. He repeatedly us in this sector. It started. I was like now I'm not watching us, I just what for like, I'm glad she's rescued. That's great. I want her to get better. I want her to be strong, all positive vibes. I don't need to watch that moment of poorer. I feel bad, but I bet I did much either that watching him very much and I think it is interesting to me is how come she was and kind of hit home of that thing of everyone always saying you don't know what you're gonna be like in what
the situation in a trice S other whenever someone gets killed and like he acted like so calm, and it's like do you don't ever know what it's gonna be like for someone, and this was like the perfect or like a traumatic event. This is a perfect example of that and she was like immediately like five minutes, dip in here by Todd, call have for this many months he shot and killed. My voice like she was just like here's, an information in case you can. I can't later. Ass. Always it is amazing, I also think I read an article that the cops said to her looks something like what your body or do you know where your buddy is, which is her boyfriend? I was murdered. But I just hated that I don't know why, and maybe the phrasing sounded differently- and I don't know I'm just cheat. Judging the written word pledges to you did that it's like
a child's it's out his her buddy buddy system over here, but it's probably just him trying to be like yeah, I'm your friend disincentives: ok, yeah, like Loki, I like to be judging oh at sea. Before we get into that, I wanted. I wanted like the animated part, casts twitter, which I think is a new twitter, because all farmers, yet yes, at the age of go to and pass on to it, there is one of our progress short little clip that brought me so much joy and happiness. It so hilarious, so hilarious, its amazingly done for us, especially as fast as we talk and as of blood, talking over, like kind of overlapped yeah where that could not have been easy even like they had my. I went
I just made a noise, and it was. This perfect is just as hilarious, cartoon Stevens and our walls or similar it just like they took a clip from our progress of speaking and made it. Animal It was very exciting. It's over. It was real honor, but has also just like kind of cool, so talented and also like that they it started me. I can do and pointing out you, which is certainly a matter. They know I don't know, look just like us. It did and Stephen when it passed over to Stephen, like I laughed out loud of her, it was such a great jobs, increase job intimating, Bod Gallia. They do it for other pancakes, go onto their feed, fucking bass, it's very cool, and thank you guys for picking us. Yes, Steve had a kitten named after him. Congratulations, I I think
I cried a little better, they got him in the back yard ray. I couldn't think of a higher yeah. They can think of a guy. I don't know where he is compliment the communities it just means a lot? It's really cool, so the kittens, namely seven re more ass, kittens name is kitten. Rape, kitty, re, more they're, calling it more as such. I just think, is so her very clear. We re more just so cute little time, and this is a big color like tabby, not u of as hell. It's like a tabby like stripes, like brown and gray facilities like my cat growing up. So that's all some Coronado congratulation, and that means you don't Agnes Monterrey, because a cat got that's right, re that copy Maria going towards the get its conference cap Mama, ok ma me dead.
Andy around people of an asking and asking for us to. Please talk about it and today on on my car right over somebody, I checked my twitter and somebody was like: are you guys ever gonna talk about it and in all caps they said? Have you guys so that they were asking a very polite way of like? Did I miss it? Have you guys talked about this yet and just in all caps, I wrote not yet. Let's never talk about. It ran up everytime, let's move on right now, I'm just never will bring up every episode so rude, it's time is finally time it's here. It is mommy Indira since then. I know I am. I We are finally watched it. I was there. I was the one hanging s because I didn't want you for so long and I just watched it like three hours really yeah. I find I caught up its. I loved it. So good. It was amazing and
It's funny because I thought after watching, since I watched the keepers first, I was like that's like a net. Syria has keynotes eight part thing and whatever I thought really well done and also I am now so fascinated with Gypsy. I did I it's like I, don't they when they were talking about the fact that she was raised by this kind, woman, manipulator, and so that's all she knows. Can you imagine so like her? the top like, I already not the huge fan of the baby voice in that kind of like the giggly baby waste, which was forced to clear, like her mother, forced her to have that personality to have that kind of like I'm just so. The Adobe blown I'm not definitely annual about for this, not a psychologist. Ok, but we are you a psychiatrist, though we only want some pills,
after all all around, but I heard Vienna from someone a long time ago that went when older adults, women have that baby voice. It's because they experienced trauma as it kid and never got past it yeah. So they sound the same as they did back. Then right, that's cool, re, yes, safe, say it's real, who I've heard the same thing jacket? yeah man, the she's being interviewed from prison yeah. It's crazy. I can't imagine what her inner life is like and I wanted to be mad at that dad. But like the data stepmom, but I, but if you like, be you're only seeing it through. I feel like if the mom, what still alive and she was putting in her two cents. You'd be like oh yeah. I would have moved seven states away even its lead clips that they had of her work
yeah like she is a frightening, creepy woman, like ok, the dad, while hot, wasn't very smart. So feel like he was just manipulated and con to clearly for sure. Even though his her parents were like yeah, we hadn't like they were kind, yes will it also when it's that you know that she is either she has some personality disorder. I lie. I won't, even though all I want to do is say which one it is say, island. Well I mean one if you have much hasn't by protein, which means you're willing to hurt your child to get attention, says: aerosols, your hybrid binging, meaning all that's the one I know, but also, maybe even
maybe even a psychopath yeah somebody tweeted inside psychopathic, can't feel anxiety. I saw that was so cool, yes because it so they never get nervous or no matter what they do or who they're lying to her. What they're doing will never have like you'll, never see the twitch in there I have like or the like. Stout and a re like his anxiety is nervousness, yeah and and it of a situation or anticipation of something happening. Yeah, Thank God. I am clearly not a fuckin socio. What does it say cover as yes, we know you at least we know you're, not a psychopath coolly, clearly based on my pharmaceutical history, clearly out of it, but I mean. Yeah. The idea is that, like going through because I kept going when they would say
and then she had the surgery. It's like how the fuck did it get to the point where she's having surgery did those doctors Yan does I mean I don't know? I know that they moved around a lot of doctors on cigarettes suspicious of an she so manipulate, and they wanted to believe her that why do you not believe a child like the first? I feel like always in a and a pediatrician mind should be. This could possibly be. It has to be. Their everyone knows what it is, but she's inducing with medicine right so she's like. Oh, she has this thing than she's, giving your medicine that's giving. Are the reaction that's mania? Clearly, this woman is smart and knows a little bit about medicine. In some way I mean that when they open the menacing cabinet, the menacing closet closet also, the pictures around the house, from around the house, where there's just like brand new Disney slippers everywhere words like does anything- was creepy as everything's, pink and Disney and creepy
so she's kind of a horrider, she's kind of like this like put on these slippers, is just yeah. It's the pre bs and then your does. Did you see there was a girl on twitter? Who was the who, like tagged us, it was like. I just realized that I have a photo of them with them. It one of them that's a girl, lessons she like worked Verona, Mcdonald, House or something. Oh, that's right, she's in a like a photo up with them. Yet smiling, yes, honey! When you want that, and also she thinks she has her arm around an eight year old and the girl spoken eighteen- that that part of it also because gypsies eyes, were like a little close together, a little cross and her teeth like stuck straight out, which I'm sure is from being poison dollar. They said like leukemia medication would like make your teeth following your fuckin head, so she kind of has the look about our words ass. Something could be wrong and then and what mother brings her baby and in his like, oh
even as a thousand square. Brian says the one who sent us the picturing labour em. It's me also when you look at this mother, you look at a person who used it like in the beginning when they have heard the pageant she was like member. She was Miss misery queen or something that is we're trying to or it's like she clearly get old came a big shit about the way she looks yeah and it's almost this other project now, and so she kind of let it go. Yes, she was living vicariously through her daughter's illness and she was. She was a listing that exactly like she wanted pity sympathy. She wanted like an emotional connection, but she We believe she could have it the way she look on her own merit bran. If its course We're going to pass this on. Instagram seamen They poses Einstein busy. Now I'm fucking never well! Thank you. It's such a good venture
oh they're, shown that I want to talk about the I dont. Have you watched it, but I randomly watching you have to everyone how, especially if you're in the second sociopaths, which who isn't than me the burning made off, I'm very sorry with second robber Janeiro Ready made up good. Where is so good? Ok, I know I'm obsessed with the body made up case any ways, and I know it's not murder and all his ship he's a sociopath, yes, and so the really interesting the way they kind of shit Oh, it's just such a tragic story and he might even be a psychopathic yeah and it's so good and then at some. What's her beautiful face, as the wife. What's her name, we shall Oh yeah, she's great. It's fucking that everyone, our capitals, really frightened at nuts it for me, that's it for me,
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Nay, nay, care carrying leaping vanua. I I would there was one called that I wanted to do, and then I don't know why I never did it, but then I was sick. What or other cause I'm not a big cult. Femmina love, Jane, Sound, obviously Jonestown James out clearly on the big fan James, sound well, actually are like a really nice little more treatments camp for children with I use. I believe Jamestown is like the first settlement in the colony is re, but I deafening could be wrong because I can't remember high school at all, so I wasn't in no way laughing at you for that part, but I do love. I love the old joke of I'm a huge fan of this and then say that that's it please go without number, but I love a lesson and when I get share, I these hilarious Jonestown is The two are easy because it
out of San Francisco, like Gwen, when it can be, I mean that's as hometown, it's just so epic, just the amount of people who actually killed themselves is epic MIKE. I look up Heavens Gait, which I thought was really fascinating: in this respect. Heavens gaiters so crazy to because it so sinister and yet dull, that's the weirdest. It's like. We think Ngos as planet or a spaceship or whatever you like computers and you wanna be androgynous and we tell ourselves the and there's no blood, there's. No, I think they killed some people. Gave me a who, like left the saying, oh yeah yeah doesn't. Have I really want to do Waco beginning its way more complicated. I just I can't I don't want to touch a cause. It's I think it's pretty fucking in
amateur ye utterly like that. I don't know it is your right, because I think the story everybody got initially. It was like these lunatics NATO is placed on fire and the like their return to children and their yeah there, you weren't letting I'm come yeah. Lot to it. I think didn't want! because the left do awake, oh I'm sure they didn't. I am sure they didn't beautifully. Anyhow, this is the fall rivers, cult murder who had never heard of it and never heard of echo and our outside of Boston, the town of all rivers. Massachusetts got that one right in them
Seventy, if there was a crazy fucking recession, we they had their gas shortage it away in London. What was it you can only get gas on certain days depending on when your license plate ended and what I was. So it was like a day's Monday Wednesday right now numbers. I wondered whenever I remember waiting in line with my dad at the I believe it is now a shell on Petaluma Boulevard frozen. Gas NGO worse than it was a good idea, I care about what it was, but it was like we were out in this stuff like out in the different street waiting era to get into the gas station down that Kafka before, but not yeah. It's a bit of that. Everyone's broken out of a job. Yes, yes, Pre Cassio, there is the idea of even buying wholesale was like inane. Here, everyone was broke. Yeah, so nineteen seventeen is forever
rivers is hit. Super fuckin, hard factories, clothes buildings abandoned all its staff, so like mainstream is empty, which should lead to a crazy seedy underground drugs in sex working to flourish. Yeah, I'm so the first, a of the fall can yet seen and can half all river from rivers- and I wanna get in the face of a separate, dont added this out. I just want everyone to know that uncrossing eyes and doubting might ease I don't wanna put sympathetic Harry hasn't gotten kind of intense over here. I am I've ever murder, we ve been threatened because we don't know state abbreviation in there and answers are not enough. The word jester people have come after us. There's there's no ass, its ball river. Ok, so everyone calm down, get this. Because I've written about ways said the first victim of the FAO
I'll remember, murders is foul. Rivers are falls, river, shining eyes fuck. You know what I mean both ways rivers, murderers. It gets out now. So, ok, sorry before Nineteen year old, runaway Doreen Lubeck. She had escaped her new Bedford, Foster home and she got out of therein went to fall river and too the sex work to survive seventeen years old, she's, an ice, a fucking average yeah you're about foster norms, Obviously, there are good faster out there in all about, but man, oh man like I have a friend who grew up in several foster homes and it just like one horrible story after it's just that thing I've like well, can you imagine if working on the street and sex work is
better alternative than living with your foster family. Yeah. That's like that. You can imagine what that must be. Lay horrible, not that there are foster parents out there. In fact, I wanna be when one day, but not the seventies there wasn't. She was so her body is gonna October, thirteenth, nineteen, seventy nine under the bleachers at the local high school. Here her resident bound efficient wine and she had been stab in the head several times and her face what had been beaten so that she was unrecognisable, then, a month after she had been found, a man named Andy multitask us to follow river police station. He wants to file on missing persons report for his girlfriend. They want to fuck and there's a twist twenty two year old sex workers. That's who she has Barbara Repose
he tells her that he's scared for her safety and then he starts them randomly mumbled, something about a satanic cult, says he has information relating to the other murder of Doreen LE back well yeah, so he is a very mental and stable creep, he's a pitiful a sex sadist and a violent rapist. And when he is question by the police, he told them that there is a side, tat, satanic, called operating within the fall river area and sex worker community so that whole community of drug addicts and sex workers, Jesus Christ, african satanist- and this is really a dynamic panic- remember that Europe, which is like soup this thing, but then there worse, a saint nests who also, but it's a
violent, rapist, reporting of clear how bad is have tat. Once again, it's just crazy words like I'm, I'm the worse person and I'm gonna go to the police. Is this? Is this bad I'm so worried about my girlfriend and so then Karen Marston she's, a twenty year old, single mother she's, a drug addict teenage runaway, was a teenage runaway she's off working as a sex worker. She comes forward because she's afraid for her life, She tells it believes that a local pimp Carl drew was the ringleader, otherness, satanic, halt and that he was responsible for the murders. The murder tease me she out that she knew too much and was too their close knit circle of this attack a group to remain safe, says she's, fuckin terrified. The police offer her protective custody for her cooperation, but she denied action on it. Who knows? I mean I'm sure
She doesn't trust the cod and she's. A drug addict do not make the best but conditions right when you're on drugs and also, if you're, trying to do drugs. You dont want a cop around how re protecting array. Surely I just need to get high here. So drew the second Carl drew the women. The man said she fingered for them. Murder, listen! But listen you guys said it. I didn t rise. Stephen Playback that table this murder biogas. I always say no, it. Alright. Karlsruhe of twenty, I've ears old, he's from New Hampshire he'd, been raised on a small farm, and the story is that he had a childhood of hard labor and physical abuse he's. The story later of his alcoholic father, tying a rope around his ankles and lowering him down a well to remove a cluster of data rats,
Oh, no. You guys ladys to face with that shit. What and also with fucking leave em they're my lab in the well on dismissal, carbon things, though this raid and yet totally with him in the well travel. You pour some goddamn battery ass. It down that. Well, in your kid he well. In addition, he lived on the farms, who is taught a butcher livestock and he got the job of cleaning the farm slaughter pit again send that kid marrying. He had a in through rotting carcasses in order to separate the hides and hooves for rendering, which you know all of that, just mounts so her. I mean an you smell like that for days well listed like if I were going to powder. Oh- and I was like it was hard for me to I- made a bone. Broth recently announced its ceiling. L, they do you have to? U have to boil them, eurobonds for like forty eight hours and it just
it's this now yeah that is so horrific and not good. Yeah did that smell like linger: oh yeah yeah. So then, when I ever, I can't drink it now, because it's so discussing Elinor, you have it as everyone else make you're the guy. I know its offensive me, I'm gonna Paltrow, but you guys look it up again. That issues then brought thrilling of your anyway. The wherewithal to data at fourteen. He runs away to fall river. He eventually becomes a pimp and he's a Satanist and he uses Satanism to terrify the sex workers who worked for him. Yeah he had a felony record convictions for assault, weapons, possession and armed robberies or real great did he? clams later to me, the son of Satan, ok like who, did Satan have kids. I wonder how due to did they changed its change? Diapers.
I miss already wasn't long like she won't want. Wife will come as I can see, returned Mitya, Japanese, like now, and I was late longing saint yeah. I did but again yeah? the son of Satan, yeah, ok, come on I mean most people claim to be Satan re. More of that thing. Ok does matter he makes these sex workers participate in his animal sacrifices and tells them of the same thing will happen to them if they disobeyed him. So he wasn't one of those nice pimps. Let her modocs or nice. Faintness are now saying there are nice ones, Irene, sickness, Spain. They mean whatever their chilled out its just like a tool to control people,
its yes. Using fear like this is a thing. You're scared. I shall use this symbol and it'll control your behavior and I'm on all the math. All fuckin, fall river math. What is probably not know, that's a good stuff, no offense to them, but so the following: call they the hand like maybe after ten members there all associated with the following or sex trade, so between nineteen, seventy, nine and nineteen eighty lay held a bunch of ceremonies, deepen the local woods which sounds creepy. And during the sciences, This guy Carl drew, would speak, indifferent, a different voice and indifferent languages, and every who had been there was like no, he it wasn't jabber ass. She was speaking in our language while she was like
did he know spanish fishing had he got in, there was at a stone was and city. I know, PIG Latin doesn't mean I'm speaking in another language and we knew- and I speak an indifferent voice. Whenever we do fuckin adds that's right, so you can do lots of voices. I'm not. I'm color me not impressed with as Carl Coral Coralie, but can not Carl. He said I'm so even out of that up fresher, and it is the whole story I forgot to mention. You stole ok first the rituals rituals, inbound sex and drugs. But then things took a turn when he was like humans first time. Oh now, I'm going to say victim- is barber riposte, his twenty to another non sex worker. Her bodies discovered by oh here's, horrible a man is out walking his dog in the forests. It's a beagle picture. It yes
he. His dogs start sniffing around and, like starts to kind of chomp on the thing and he thinks is just an animal because she was so unrecognisable that he didn't unless it was a human was the full body or just a part if there is a full body home again but in the bushes enimie. Yes, so that poor dog and that poor man do you think that thought he ever let the dark look upon the face again. I think he probably put that dog Dounia. Once again. It is it's so dark now, It really is not to be happy and say the same thing we sail the time, but it's like what
I understand there is a benefit of going into the forest. If you have a large group and you're there to really hike it up and be a team wherever walking along with their dog in the forest, I feel like there's only a couple things that can happen to you and their bad, like your dad, doesn't care what's on the forest or a sidewalk of a fuckin suburb right, why it's like not let your dogs more stoked when he goes into a. Why are you, and then, at the same time I have to be totally honest and say I am jealous that guy has because he had a moment, must, must have been horrifying and like just it MR seminal moment. It's a watershed moment. I wonder I wonder I don't ever want to know. I wonder Here's what I wonder our seminal and watershed synonyms, or did I just say two different things. Seminar is like yeah oh, but there, the other like exe running lining more. I e just added in better words than defining
Sometimes I just pick a word out and say it whenever my brain offers sounded like the fifth Soares Jesus this Soares. Thank you. Iraq. Ok, she had been so barber repossess, she's been badly ok, She's got her hands bound she's, down she's on a flat stone that resembles an altar. She had been so badly beaten again that her skull was crushed their established her head again. and here so then, on February nineteen, eighty, the cults third victim was killed. This is twenty two year old, who you may remember her name, Karen Marston, no woman who had gone in because she was afraid So, oh no, I saw aid immediately assumed it was the missing woman, but this is the one who fucking showed up herself. The one he went and she's
twenty one single mother, drug addicts and she feared for her life. She's gonna came in and said: no thank you to victims. So she is the twenty she's gonna come forward, so she been present. It turns out that first murder, Doreen lay back ass. If she had been, there said that's how she was why she was afraid Thea. It terrified her so much that that's why she went to the police and Carl. What's his last night drew about it. Yeah Oh her head was of being in the rock, then according to the story, drew then broke her neck, with his bare hands? according to some one else who had been there was a cold devotedly. She devoted voter dealer. T. Actually she was devoted.
And sex workers. She seventeenyearold Moroccan Murphy, she was there an according to her drew a hand, her a knife and ordered her to slit currents, well so wish. Then he keep cut an axe, her indications, chest Germany set her last name instead of Karen nonsense. Ok. And he used the blood to put an x on this Robin Murphy's forehead. Then they played around this head yeah drugs drugs drugs again. Thank can you imagine not even just a detachment of being able to kill someone, but then human head. In front of you and not? I feel like I would pass the how would you would be in total shock? I mean
you would be the it's horrifying. Clearly elegant, I see someone get hurt. I m empathetic because I understand, you're getting hurt is, and I see it and I can identify with it. So you're really underlining this point that you're not associate so I'm not related reactionary. Now, beyond our backing around here I believe that the case renew listener. That's the test of associate rather view yon in person doesn't yon too. Then I have empathy for you it's. This is automatic response. No, I mean I guess, but I undeserving it's just so grows. Even that we're talking about much less to witness it be a part of that take part in it. It does it. It's just differ. As large, and the fact that not only is there one person or does it but you'll, know someone else who call with its like the fact that there can be too people cause. I'm gonna be one a million people yeah, but I guess they. Oliver However, due to do ok
So, although we telegrams is derived its everyone who lives and felt river at their super history, the mayor suing S for defamation is a twitter is not fast enough. We needed to let you know how livid we are. Actually it's a clown in the singing telegram, but he's got a bloody acts on his head. Yeah, don't worry about it so only her skull was ever found and they reason they found. It is because she had had x rays of her head, which I Michael ocean. They sunshine sinus issue. Also, there was something to compare it like yeah was yeah gotta, just crazy, so far Break comes in the case they, the police, had wiretapped the phone, hoping that they would find Carl drew speaking about the murders. But it's not him. It's the seventeen year old girlfriend Rahman Murphy. She is sex workers, an aspiring pimp. So she's talking and it turns out than that
She was saying that twenty five girl, drew- was not the ringleader, but that she was that rob seventy around Morpheus Ha Robin Mighty contacts police and she offers to testify against an me Multi S or the guy he went in. It was really isn't girlfriend yeah as a witness to the murder of his girlfriend, so he killed his girlfriend and then went looking for her her story like this. It was a set up basically as trying to make himself look innocent, maybe unless robins lying, ok, She also claimed to be present for the Doreen Levick Murder, and she agreed tend to turn states evidence. In that case she was, I'll tell you everything in exchange. It's a deal or she's placed unproductive protector, custody and he's she gets immunity in both murders that It was you that air for them- and here, then they don't know she- was involved.
I mean that seems like a dream. Like that's basely, her going here is what I wish and I like granted yeah so the story she gave police as that Andy Multi has killed his girlfriend barber riposte because he found out that human cheating on him with another man so he goes to trial first and based mostly on the testimony Robin Murphy in January. Ninety one he's convicted of the first degree murder, Barber Posada given allow sentence without the possibility of pearl. And his later consider to be a suspect and a few other unsolved area. Rapes dating back to the early seventies, been no additional charges are ever brought against him. He and then later he's gonna be clinically insane, but they still didn't
overturn the verdict, Turkey, Romania, trial or anything like that that he ended a dying of cancer and ninety mediate while in prison. Well, so then Robin is allowed to plea to the lesser charge of second degree: murder in exchange for her testimony against everyone and a key player, immunity deal that she had going and she received no additional charges in connection with either the other two murders, so she's only getting charged with murder. The last murder of Karen so basically was like, whoever runs forward first and says I will alike snatch on. Everybody else. Is the person who gets the deal, I think so, unlike all here but please deals where their leg They agree that in other attorneys, whatever they agree to the terms of taking it, p. Only if the information matches up yeah so they end up,
They would agree to them. If this thing is the case with industry, which we should totally have guy back on and ask him about yet Cosette seems much more. You know, what's the word, makes much more sense than just being like. Ok, anything you say. No, no, I think, is not always the rule that the thing that you say has two then mom. She basically of the crime and be the thing that convicts the person re yeah I'm pretty sure that yeah we should actually have died or like saying that their involvement is, is there That has to be true. You don't even like Alps up oh testify here is my involvement, but if later it turns out that that involvement, is it true that you lied about? It lets us No! I wouldn't be doubt because that's likes than they would be planning for the person Breton lies because they could find anything to younger. That makes sense.
K in what a boring part of it show where we are like. We don't know anything about the law, but let's say what we feel. Definitely let us talk about it. It's it's me going. I don't think it's that, but not based on anything other than my just my god. I didn't go to law school That is a really simple explanation. Is let's keep talking? Listen, I'm a psychiatrist, I'm a lawyer and, like all it, I'm a psychologist, its grey I'm a cat, it cat. Ok did you do so. This chick Murphy receive her name. What was her name again Robin Murphy's. She received a life sentence with the possibility of parole. She spends twenty four years in jail in prison and then she's released on June tenth, two thousand and four. The thank she violated her parole and she goes to prison seven years later. It is currently serving her time in a maximum security presented Massachusetts and an eighty four. She works the entire story huh
this has. None of it is true she's trying to trial. It doesn't happen, she's eligible for parole in March twenty seventeen which, if you look at your calendar, was like two months ago, reviewing it right now hold on so rich in saying that the whole story is not true is what she saying that the satanic called parts not true or she saying that her part in the murder. Isn't it I think what she saying is that people she is fingering for the crime yet and actually do it. Why? She doesn't it's not true God. I dont know exactly ass. She gave an alternative story. I couldn't find ending on that. So Carl, Davis who's, the different Carl is involved with the slaughter with the murder of Karen Marston. He
it doesn't have to stand trial for it in the following year, his arrest of resulting a woman named sunny Sparta and, according to the statement by Karl, drew the other guy on his weight for it personal blog. I'm not. I'm still in prison. He's a blogger. It said that Carl Davis is beat up this three month. Pregnant woman sunny, stabbed her and then with a knife and only because she had it in. For me, implicating Hem Currently this and the woman Robin and then Carl drew had nothing to do with it, but she was too scared to this woman. Sunny was then too scared to testify Jeez that's just keeps happening. What these people here so there's some really convoluted crazy shit on it. This makes sense, though, that they wouldn't be involving this true, we re, satanic, scariest person will his if not in prison, yeah ray it's
like that usually happens where they manipulate everybody into doing what they want the whole time and then everyone else takes a far off their proving that its proven a couple times that they kill people who snatch yes and if com drew his the killer? they could talk but cause he's locked up, but it Due to actually did it isn't locked up. Madam some that really seem like. I was going some way. Was you gotta? Look at all. You need to finish in earnings in like it's just I'm just talking so ok, so for that stabbing he served seven years and he is now free, the Skype Carl Davis getting it's a bunch of bad Carl's in that area and care, How many about girls right so the case, of the first check Doreen LE back, never to trial big, as the district attorney is like I would cost too much and it would be futile because
he already has Karlsruhe already has a life sentence. So what's the point, it's called justice. They care about the word, all the charges against. Does it ok anyways People still think that the actual ringleader and the murder isn't Carl drew. Is Robin Seventeen year olds, wanna be girl will pour according to this blog that here rights, which I read it and is actually pretty it's good. Like he's, he is pissed off about his trial. He, goes down the breakthrough. What happened in all this like prosecutor, intimidation too witnesses to testify- and stem and He says that her I q is a hundred and thirty eight. She was incredibly smart, manipulative I'm an
attorneys dont want to admit that they got fooled by a seventeen year old girl. Apparently, just real quick So do you think Robin and Karl, like went to the key place one day together, just like get tax on tests are, like Goma, covered yoga Digital Boardman online and did when it does not take their kyoto, NATO, but your email address and sets out to get in, and you know those Nike gone to the end of it. You don't wanna, give them your email address but like, but you have to find out. You want a took ten minutes out of here yeah when you're supposed to be here I just love any. He had her iq right there on hand. He said that they gave it to her when she went into prison, which I don't think they How do you know a good question
just because he has a blog. Let's not given all this credit also needs the great, as I think, every bloggers the drain, and let you know that about me in a minute I banners on as a blog. I like you, relate cause you're, also blogger, yeah. Oh there they must be really smart moroccan and my kindred my kind my time people. So they think that when acted alone, or at least the masterminds and then drew is actually totally innocent, but he's They had a first SIRI murder and four can murder and serving life. Ass? If she sits, no possibility of pearl? I'm so Robin ends up recanting her statement if she can she later at the whole thing in that curled, wasn't even involved. She says he wasn't even involved. And three witnesses come forward. Who had testified against him that they had been pressured by the prosecution to testify and that actually wanted to testify for him, but they got to scare them didn't ends
sorry, sir, then, according to that story, it's the other bad girl. It's I already know eighty seven rob the mysteries or maybe robin- and this other Carl who now I don't know exactly, but Robin is definitely masterminded at as well. She worked with us but kind of an amazing movie right there get at one of those fanning girls. Like the coda. Who else is there there's the coil there, the hell, I'm sure, there's others so talented back at the house, the Annapolis away, so they get him like having a word, for it is our Emmy. We have we make if we make it for tv if it's an HBO thing and I would certainly be an Emmy. Definitely but That idea is just like amazing who done it. Done it was it a seventeen year old running the whole show, or was it the second twenty five, your opinion that a way through This is a animals all
so it's too so as to fastening. I would love to know how many people were like at those was just a straight up. We took her into the woods and killed her or delay go ceremonial, and was this big creepy faint like it just like. Now. I really want to know what the actual story, as was it like, where they taking advantage of satanic panic, putting it all under that yeah. What the hell Just can imagine someone really believing in Satan he never oil pillow. He meant. I answer the bag. Sure that's gonna, be like it's like you can believe in it because he talks to you but then, unlike though that's what people look think about Jesus God. I mean a lot of things here: lines blogs
look inside me with the happy ending. The story is that he has a blog and anyone can and that blogs. Forgive you no matter what you do this and got a blog spot. To start yourself, a euro would have an angel fire is not one. Was that wasn't it? ugh spot, wouldn't it in you're gonna want an angel fire. There was a blog website. It's it's shut down by its all archives. You can still find your old, but what does that say? It's just like a hose, your hosting programme, yet like blocs, but that was the first. My friend had a blog where she would just ran and talk full shit, and I certainly and it was like bloody Bla angel fire dot net or whatever it was, and I just thought it was I was so new and that it is the beginning of the internet. I thought Angel fire was like where all bought blogs took place. I was like oh angel fire, that's amazing and then later on, when I didn't exist, any more as like. Oh there's, blood the other places like it. I just thought
that one spot yeah on them spot behind that one spot, Magala smarter than they had they went secular, whether they are they knew they don't involve angels in this fire sensation yet let pool concept is a bit much bit beyond. Take we believe that and we believe and blogs you're, not sure it would have blogs or immediately launch like unicorns like ever existed, unsound like yes, they do there's prove I could printed up analogy area we even blogs biogas fucking guy from the internet, so nobody try to find it by the way will you take them realise that I took it? because I read recently Mouselike? Oh, my god, I was like Oh, my God was just like your diary, like your daily thoughts, no
Let me just give me a taste of ok. I, like I, would write, really lovely flourish. She gorgeous tales of You know my life, but then one of about my car getting broken into O. Were you there Stena now, yeah I was just like is just so you there in the nineties meets even seven year, thereby climate late. I did a reading recently. Redwings was so stupid, but of twenty seven year old girl who wanted to sound thickened with sword. Worldly yeah yeah yeah, stop at twenty seven year olds, I mean that's What twenty seven girls are built for? Its other were built for twenty seven year old Expresso raising nothing Let me talk about murder cat. I wish I guessed you that such a frustrating part of being applied. The legal system is so
much lying you just like we had set up an you promised me. It was the truth. Now we're going, with this story and now Four years later, you're, like I lied about all of it like we were all of that entire thing a man of the great lakes. We'll stop lying, I mean if they found like in the same way as you can get a like, a fingerprint analyzed. You can somehow accurately get alleged attack till I get lighted acolytes knocked artist, snub those dollar. Fifty fifty, I wonder people if they came up with, isn't truths? Isn't there like a truth? Certain powder will the day only some of the fires are but doesn't necessarily mean you will tell the truth, and I know a lot about that. What, I don't know a lot about that about Jerusalem thing. It's like it chills you out. You know I am I talking right now. It's less doctors and an chemist I'll tell you
factors I wanted said sodium all, but I think that's poison, none. I think it has sodium Pentothal. Did I get that Stephen? Do you think it is so impressive myself? I got that I think you're right too, they are people who can beat it. Who can game it when they are going to have and will, when you don't care about anything, you can do it. You can check it so I think it's, I think the reason I don't use, amours kids get. They can't shoot up. However, they want you. I think I was going to say that it must be against rights. Somehow I bet it. It's stop lying. I mean I'll start with me. What is it Stephen? sodium Pentothal, is used to induce commas. Anesthesia
youth, and he should know the euthanasia that sign out no trouble here and now that we go yes, used in some places, such as a trip serum to weaken the resolve of the subject and make them more com, to pressure. It's called line exactly was going to say it away those six wine, colors watermelon, wave, Bartels and James Strawberry Strawberry. What was let's outline? That's like strawberries, lay red wine com. It's like super cheap and shitty blue, none known and are not that. But you know that Bert, now train no someone's yelling at home, yeah anyways, someone's drinking at home. I got home, I gotta go mine this week I picked because I like doing these ones, where I can remember here.
About it or some kind of love or the rate, some kind of thing we're like we. What was that? Oh yeah? I m going to talk about this I had this. I can't remember Whenever I was watching our thank you, but it was like these. Isn't there there was a murderer in it, but it was more of a hostage crisis. So this is scared. The shit out of me man's name was moored, dad dash D and it was an eighteen, ninety Berkeley hostage. Craig, you remember, there's no! Ninety! Ninety your blogging know you're too. Young embryos is called diary them back. Memories of ten and ninety ninety. So now, you're, not a right, yet you could write cursor LA yet you could write a nice paragraph about like what I did the summary ass with some good ten dollar words and be a ok. So I was twenty. So I was in San Francisco, say you were fuckin
therefore I was I was in Sacramento. You could you I'm the I moved to San Francisco gonna twenty, two twenty, so I was Sacramento, so I wasn't like right across the bay, but we're were close by and it was on the news. This is this was so crazy because they, when this happened and the news found out about it, they live on lose August, this is basically what happened timber twenty six nineteen ninety just before midnight and a twenty nine year old, iranian male named, murdered dashi and his friend decided to go to Henry's public house. Which is the law the lobby of the direct hotel, a one block south of the Berkeley Campus in Berkeley. California, us right across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, so Where does she had told us friend? He had he went to Berkeley.
For years earlier. He had graduated with an engineering degree and he D. Get a job like he had. He came from IRAN and Obviously, the super smart and got into Berkeley, no one I know now and got this engineering degree, but then, when he got out, couldn't get a job that was like you didn't get an engineering job or he had this. These dreams of, like now in America, nominate, get really awesome. Hyping job couldn't get it in he's like started. Doing handyman work, and it was no very much beneath him, but he needed the money he had also gotten married and was the year before he graduated and his marriage like kind of crime,
old and the more. He wasn't finding a job and the less money they hadn't stuff, the more controlling he was with his wife and his wife is like see later. Money ashes, yes, bad news, so he ends up in this apartment alone, and and he was later on. The police found out that he was gets. A frantic, you're paranoid gets wow, so he had started to hear voices, but he wasn't. He didn't deal with it in any way. He he just was listening to voices fighting with the voices he was living in that world, but he didn't ever go get kind of mental health or near medical help me for that issue, so that on December, twenty sixth, he tells his friend he wants to do bar world. Blonde white women will be, and so his friend decides that they should go to Henrys and Henry's was this. It was really close the campus, a lot of Shorty girl-
Those and crap boys would go there and it was just like the super popular bar. Sounds like a blast yeah. Are you a lot of this? I got from a show that I found online. That's an ideal channel show called deadly demands, seasonal never said five and they had actually in the show a lot of this life flitted that was from Cape here. I know your Amber Channel five in San Francisco knives in the Bay area is keep your access, local news, tv channel, another drink o k tax. Now I couldn't channel two as the one we watch, the most, which was Katy Veal, They had a whole song about. There was only one too was there
I like Slovenia is not goes only one to only one to fucking well and in the late seventies, early eighties, when the San Francisco giants only ever lost. Like thing I never want again ever there was a like a fifteen second promo that they would run during the cartoon time like after school like for or whenever, and it was just though, the most junkie early eighties graphics of a baseball player swinging about, but the as he swung. It was just like flash animation where the changed into like a like: brown and yellow Rainbow said be. He would swing and envy like brown Light Brown Yang, ass, yellow orange whatever and the song played on are neither has come on funds in their own fucking, pathetic, as that, that's anything
come on, we're even low. Hang in there come on Georgia. We used this my sister amazed to see into each other all the time limit. I love it orally because it's fucking hilarious horrible too, because your singing in the great void like it. Like him, I try to invigorate and also. So Turkey is so ugly everything's brown, it doesn't its brown and it's the kind of thing like you would never see it these days. As it's like, no don't don't cheer on you're losing time by basically going don't quit Beijing we'll get their yeah licked. Don't? because they feel ok so in early I told you it's really terrible. Ok, so props Uk Tv you- but this was Kpi tone different channels, so therein, Henrys, They call last call their there.
The Austrian is for and are sitting in the corner and at one point his friend goes and goes up to get drinks and all she goes hold on hold on a second. I've got the car, he goes out to the car and he back of the briefcase and The last calls called everyone's kind of like they're like wrapping up and at one point, she opens the briefcase, pulls out a semi automatic and just arts shooting it into the air in the bar in the bar, so there are sixty seven people in the bar only shared the time and Half of them run out then I think they said, like eight people were shot in that time, so an and everybody else hits the floor, and kind of oneness dust settles. He says he yelled, to everybody if you're
you can leave right now so weird. Yes, so they're like one woman in this and deadly deadly demands. She she got shot eight times and she didn't even know it shares. Like sitting there, what the fuck and because it's an automatic weapons because we fuck and automatic weapons in this country so fuckin badly. I saw rifles, everyone have one, and this guy had many he. Yes, she got shot eight times and didn't she said I felt uncomfortable and then I touched my side and I was bleeding so she got up and walked out. What is totally probably is making me feel much better, though, about what the pain that view price like think about the pain when you get shot yeah will you I think you're going to shock like she would go into shock. Has she didn't get shot yeah in any? She luckily was like her side.
She got of my mouth and then there was a guy that he shouted guy right in the chest, a student and to others eyes went? Can we please bring him outside because he can't go by outside by himself and all she said you can, but you have to come back, so they all go outside. I seriously doubt they came back. Can you imagine like I'm, a man of my word. I'm here I'm here again so Ok, so there's a patrol officer. That's walking up and down the street and is like a half a block away, he hears gunshots things it might be firecrackers, but he goes to look see what it is and as he gets closer. He sees the people running out of the pub he realizes, then its gunfire and immediately calls it in so so there's cops and ambulances and everybody on the scene really quickly, because luckily someone was right there in the second, it went off so there's
if they have the bar surrounded the you know very quickly. The Swat team is on site and So this is the amazing part he so hurt. People leave he's, got everybody else, and he immediately makes everyone that, still in the bar lineup and the windows that face the there's like a wall of wonders that face the street and he's like everybody line up against the windows, therefore their blocking The windows from the cops can't see in the can't shoot into the windows has scary for those people, yeah where's his friend re now his friend ran out yeah and his friend ran out. Randal cops said his name is this: he has These guns, like I didn't know, and he lives up the street. So then, immediately the cops get a search warrant and they go into his apartment and they start discovering all the things that they eventually find out about him, which is you went to Berkeley, he's basically now living almost in squalor divorced,
and he's written all these letters to the police to the government so they sang You owe me sixteen trillion dollars for the a psychic services that I've been providing for you. He believes that the voices in his head are the american government telling him to do and he has been listening and obeying and now believes he should be compensated for what he has been doing, and so insane in the show they show two hours before he takes this bar hostage. He called nine one, one in Berkeley and his team, and this woman is so calm and trying to get the information out of him, but he's basically saying in a very calm and irrational sounding voice. He saying okay, so I I need the police and the government to pay me the money they owe me because they have been
use my telepathy. The naming using it, and said they were gonna pay me and I need that money. Should you listen to yes real. I thought it was a reenactment and then I realized his everyone Sergio. Yes, they were. The woman was so professional and he was so calm that it was not arena wow and it was its kind of thing we're if I was a dispatcher, I dont know. If I would have stayed on the phone with him was long. She did because its like bullshit. It went from reasonable to super crazy go. Oh this is a person playing a prank. It doesn't sound like a crazy airs and I now he sounds very reasonable and, like he just needs as money and when he starts telling her is he its money, because he just got this letter saying he has to go to jail and what had happened. What happened? Was he It was like three weeks before I can remember the timeline exactly, but he
because he had didn't have a job, because his wife left him because he said Emily money he take his car driven into San Francisco and just smashed a bunch of really nice cars with his car and he got arrested for it. He got caught after having done it. He basely probably went to like Pacific Heights or not hell, or our crazy fancying, just like smashed all the Mercedes like parked on Wednesday. I mean wooden who wouldn't wanna of benefits pretty great railway as well and but then here's the problem they arrest him. They bring him. The police station and they do a strip search on em And for him already being in the mental state that he's in and also being practicing Muslim, where being naked like that, They made him strip naked and it was incredibly avi seminar be demeaning to anybody s manner what your religion is, but the way they were saying it in this story. It's only. It was in a religious waiting, I'm very inappropriate.
Four emailing someone yak only now there's like Math China. So so that was part of it. So so, when heat one of his first demand, so what he does is what, She gets everyone lined up against the wall. He first ask he makes all the blonde pretty. He says all the pretty blonde. Women in the bar comas stand in the centre, so they do and he makes them strip and then there's no its, not in any of the like articles. I found it wasn't. It was deafening on in deadly demands, but I heard about this, like it was things that people weren't net they warrant putting his barrier the basically after making these women strip, he made the men in the bar based
the sexually assaulted women, all my guy, no one had. No one is the UN that that was in this website. It sounds like a police adding that they do not go into detail at all and, of course, a lot of the men tried to block His view said they were pretending, re doing something that they weren't actually doing, but then, apparently, we're things where he it was. He made like but but I dont know what it is TAT the creepy as part of the story, and it's the part that I remember people talk about the most whereby, like no one on the GIS, person to person. So, who knows that urban legend element of it, because it says salacious rank rose, but also The thing that I heard was that he made
somebody assault someone else with a carrot and he talked about bugs Bunny a lot like it was this. We wanted fixation neck to me. They like it could just as much be an urban legend as I can be anything else. That's like totally like. Where are you seen a carrot and borrow lately rate or they bring with them because it was part of his leg, weird plant, my what would humiliate a person the most ray I don't know, anyway uselessness hideous hand disgusting, but they barely touched on it in the end a tv show version it. The women standing there stripping and stripped any crying and like being humiliated anyway. So then, the next thing he says is he makes a guy take a bar stool and break out a window, and then the guy he sits down against the wall. Swallowed down, and he just makes this guy be his voice for him, so the guy and use
this they have news footage of those, because this is they went, live on kid. I acts almost immediately and use the guy he's like a frat boy from the eighties he's got like you know, like the blonde hair parted on the side and the white shirt whenever he. Scare was seen nervous our await us here, but you can kind of just see that it's like an eighties outfit and he's basically saying they what he wants he wants police chief Frank Jordan. Ere, the police chief of police Chiefs, I have it here somewhere. Some to go on the news and take his pants off. He wants him to strip from the waist down and go on live tv. Is some dark mere share, yet lack mirror Mary S and blackmail, Russia, but its basely. He once he wants to humiliate the head of the police murmured the way he was familiar, any wants it to be on tv, which
Finally, there is the because I only ever heard of those demands that had and they just made its alike. Can you believe that it's like no there's fucking backstory today he was. There is a reason, for it is a logic to it. It's kind of like the center of the whole fuckin thing. It really is and also why, if you smash your car into things, why did you have to get strips are? Definitely I mean it's almost like more. They What was any or were they like he's clearly on some drugs right when he gets if Russia were was at that time of lake? Was it racism? Was it? Was it some kind of what was happening? Definitely, okay, so no Frank, Jordan, prank was chief of police. Ok,
they're like and their bit he's basically saying he turned on the tv in the bar he's like I want to see it happening so that the is driving the negotiators crazy because he won't get on the phone and he won't talk himself because he is, he knows if he stands up in front window. There issued a sure, so he will only talk through a proxy here. You know whatever so their name, negotiate that way so there they keep saying like we need more time he's also demanding he demanded sixteen trillion dollars He also wanted California Nevada and Oregon like Keep he want he is like I. This is what I'm owed I've done. All has for you psychically here. You owe me this
Anyway, they keep saying we need time or we have two, but that's when the negotiators and the police start to realize. This is a very bad situation, because we can't give him even some of what he moves. We can't even approximate a negotiation here. I said this is going to go back on a man like lie. It will be he wanted to see on the near, he want to see it on his tv and cry. So you want to see something actually happening in their like there's. There will not be progress in right, so that happens. It big basely, before our? So it's now, for I am and there's no progress, the he's getting really agitated any finally says I guess I'm gonna have to shoot somebody which one of you Is going to be the one get shot. And he's looking around this bar and its. These are college areas there. All people that are probably the oldest twenty three year end looking at each other and one nice, as far as you can shoot me yet
So then he Does can I go tell them what about to happen and the guy says yes, so he as to the window and says I'm about to be. I'm to be Sorry, I'm about to be executed right now and of The police are like they don't know what to do, because they don't have a clear they a clear in any way, and it also was a part of it that the part of that was bad It was in this lobby of this hotel, so there's people in a hotel highly share and it's the middle of the night, but they know their there like time is ticking away, because pretty soon like by his seven- I am. This is a key, dutch cabinet, practically on campus zooming they're, not gonna, be able to keep people from coming closer and closer to the scene. They know they're gonna have to do something about it, and so the guy yells out the window. Nobody knows what to do. This is on the news they have like. They were showing this footage. The kid walks back.
He says to the guy, can I say a prayer and- the guy, says yes, and the kid says, a prayer they all are just sitting there like watching zone close their eyes and then the guy's shoots into the ceiling, and so They they said these people being interviewed who went through their said like they heard the noise is that smoke clears and then he still standing there. So they realise that he's just try he's trying to prove that he means business, but he actually doesn't want to hurt or kill anybody. But he'd feels, like he's, been pushed to the limit that guy who, on terror, they all say his name. I couldn't find his where I know a man in hard stark, whereas Mighta. Oh my god measure I only. Well there's like, although the crazy, nine at work, while he used to go to at bars. Sometimes they took my classes over a cow, that's an he would call it can so so
of all the women in the show say that they think that actually gate made him feel very empowered and made him feel better. So it it brought the of all of tension. Down on them is of a site. Has he could choose hooks and kill him or not exactly right? Any kind of chose the better think, but that's also from outside the cops freak out, because they are somewhat someone gills, I'm about to be executed in theirs gunshot. So oh tell her to hear these things and not think I, like cell phones. I know you know the main cause you're like. I wonder if so another self, on open or scientific they're worth of nineteen. Ninety there was some auditing yeah. It's so weird is nothing. It was such a bizarre Lee innocent time in some ways, and then also media, wise, very stupid, because the fact that the new rights was run yet live. Like P, got to watch it as it happened. Was
very bad and bolstered him, probably because he was like now a big deal on every one was let something like dont say. The killers name say the victims names because that's what they want is to be famous exactly rate and a gave the police know control happened and whatever the news castors decided to tell him always was what was happening. So when the news castors found out that he had been diagnosed as a paranoid gets frantic may set it, he saw it. Then he got all upset how to his wife left him or when our young s arms. He sees it and then he's like it's it's more and its also feeding into his paranoid schizophrenia, idea that that the government is in his head out of the things that were happening were feeding into at all worst fears that make sense an escalating, essentially, okay, so so they put snipers on the roof across the street and at one point airlines has they're trying to it. You know
it's it's for em, it's get! Eighteen, oh it's been going on said. They decide that the snipers or like these street lights are actually compromising our position here. If he looks out the window, he can see us might forego so somebody else decides to shoot out. The street lights will then He here now Darcy. Here's that happening outside and an gets all agitated loses those about idea here. That's when they said he His mood starts to swing from he's, like raged, screaming, going crazy to sitting quietly and mumbling to himself for long periods of time. At five a m. He tells the bartender give everybody forbears. Everybody drink and have fun
One of the women being interviewed says: that's when we knew he was gonna kill all of us because he basically wanted it all to be okay for us what had happened. He felt like that. It was clear The plan was like have your last forbears have heavier. Like final are already. I got an that's when it got super scary, in that is, so he is a briefcase just for the details. In the brief case here large caliber revolver, to hand guns of fully Allama automatic pistol. Oh sorry, now the hand guns were, one was fully olive automatic and one was semi automatic and then as ammunition for all three, so he's just got it's like there he's not going anywhere he's gonna briefcase, full of stuff. They're watching the news. The news reports that the boy that here
shot in the chest. Died at the hospital new and dusty starts going crazy going. I didn't do it. I did not kill him they're lying there. It is, the government there lying. I didn't do it and he loses his shit and went on which I think is another really sad part about it, because it's like he went in there. He had this big plan. He was gonna. He wanted the file, America citizens he wanted to do to America. Would America is doing to him that he actually didn't actually deep down that that he wasn't a killer. Really wanted to do that, but he doesn't sound like because letting all people who got hurt go is to such a yeah go get help. You know it's yeah it it's not what Legged Minos, Zap hath would do or personal like I've got this plan and here's my perfect revenge and re a person with a serious mental issued who's trying to fix the the complete.
Jack desperation of his own life, it's more refined so anyway. So. Ok, so he tells one of the female hostages to go into to see if she can go find go into. Kitchen, which is now dark and find a light switch like he wanted to go into the background for some reason whom well she goes in there and then sees that there's an exit here and she gets the fucker Diana and then she goes to the police and, like reports, everything that's going on and updates everything and and another at around four m another female hostage she had moved into an in the dining room area and she managed to open like an accordion styled door that led to the hotel lobby. So she got out too.
So then, around six fifteen in the morning the rear kitchen door opens again and female hostage. She was sent into the kitchen to find a light. Not learn has launched as fifty. He just wants that late. So bad here is not seeing his mistake, so she gets up. So now those thirty three people still in the pub with him now the problem is again. It's the nineties, there's no cell phones or anything. The whole phone system is the hotels phone system, so it's ino that crazy thing of like at all. The lines are connected to the lobby, so it took them that Ray a really long time to just go straight to the pub so they finally start calling the pub phone any won't answer it. Any saying they're just trying to get me they're, trying to distract me and just not coincidentally, but by chance or whatever the is at the same
the phones cord couldn't stretch past the bar, so when the photos ringing, he was like bring it to me, but it couldn't reach where he was so he would have had to get up and walked to the bar to answer the phone which he believed was a trick so makes a guy, it's just one more thing ones and everything's feeding into his paranoia. So he makes a guy get on the phone and again by proxy they're, trying to negotiate, which it doesn't work and and as demanding yelling doesn't wherever and the proxy is kind of trying to say the converse of what the guy is saying because he's like I want sixteen trillion dollars for my mental telepathy services. It's all that stuff. So they have basically They knew there at an impasse because that they work could be able negotiate with him. They there was no. They had they done everything they could in terms of negotiation, so they knew now that the waiting strategy that part
over because they had they had to take some kind of actions and cited they're going to do, and diversion tactics, which is basically when the Swat team goes in two teams and one of the team roles and like a flash, canister and then the other team comes in from the others. So when they its seven twenty three in the morning they had been there for fucking almost eight hours. They roll in the flash canister, and Everyone search screaming and cops come in and they the the second team like opens the door in their like get out, get out get out. Some people are running and, as the
He stands up from his place where he'd been ino like crouched against the wall and he starts moving toward a move where he had all these people seated and when the Swat team saw him moving toward that group of hostages they shot. Him They may yelled for him to put the gun down ever and he didn't even get moving, and so they shot him there, and then they got the rest of the hostages out and They got dashi into an ambulance and he died on the way why to the hospital and this shit's essentially the they that the news was using high power cameras. They were monitoring police radios. They were seeking public interviews. They were broadcasting do tales and often uncorroborated information the entire night and never thinking about what would happen and they actually
I'm not sure if it was Kpi. Acts are different news place, but but day head they reported the Swat team plan whose and the only reason dashed you didn't see, it is because he had turned to a different channel at that point last, just by luck because they were just basically, it was almost like it never been in that scenario before they were like. Let's go with the story, let's keep me it's the reason that, like it's the reason we are now in this twenty four hour new cycle, that is, that is concerning engine noise in the minds of many people, because the is does it for money and because they keep eyes on the screen, and this was almost like one of the. First versions of that and the worst versions of area so anyway to this to date, to save this incident is one of the most significant hostage risk rescue operas. Significant and successful hostage,
rescue operations in? U S, history, how YA game! It's amazing that they are able to do that without anyone else. Getting hurt. Yes, sooner, there. They didn't shoot anybody here. No, no innocent bystanders, but it's really crazy. When in that show watching in the morning light when they, those people start finally start running and there's just swap people all the way up the street going like this and just people and eightys close fucking like booking it up the street. They never seen its yeah this picture in the Columbine video footage of the kids getting out of there yeah and has carried out as it so so awful added. So terrifying scatter, wonder what you do in those like you personally Medina situations and as much as I like. It's a thing about. Those girls escaped, but leg What costs you now to write his euro is like, while they're gonna kill someone else, because I escaped, but then there are able to properly tub. Please
ere. He was crouched in what he was doing and what he Yes, what like? What? The situation was inside also the girl, the gotcha shoddy times her friends still had to stay behind, so she had all this girl. She got to leave and her friends when there are so she's like times. I think me a year shoddy tying up your ear, freeing clear, but I mean that's what a terrible scenario to even be an orderly and yeah. It's just too sticks, crazy, fucking, unbelief, whole thing that happened yes. Well, fuck man yeah everyone on God bless, amen, ok, positive thing this week positive thing! This week I had ok. Last night, I got to see the movie the big sick, which our friends Emily Garden in commercial, Non Johnny made and
It was so lovely and such a great romantic story that isn't shitty it always we're because I've known Emily for a long time- and she told me the story about how it's a story of how they started dating and she told me so just to watch it and income oust and at an ass, we khazar his second. How anxious please go watch it. It's such a great movie em, like is it out I think it's coming out this weaken or something ok in Europe. I was just so lovely and our great to see courtesy that really happy. Nice here cool Well, I guess I just do. I can do this simple. One of that I am I get around on baskets us new season, which very exciting. Amazing. I love. Job, and I love the people that work there in its just like a very, very, very cool room to work in yam and that so grave.
Yes, that's it's, even though its hard have this is now a full time. Job respond gas so to have two is challenging, but we ve done it before we have both thinks for listening. You guys es. Thank you. We hope everything was gray. I hope you have This has been my hair, a murder, you guys thank you. Stay sexy and don't get murdered by me. One a cookie
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