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2017-08-10 | 🔗

On this week’s My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia cover Peter Kürten, The Vampire of Düsseldorf, and the case of Jeffrey MacDonald.

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This is exactly right. You're, never loved so quickly a year. The smile you just gave me was like Karen who you're losing your mama please be here with me now guys? I just hello. Welcome to my favorite murder high That is our am that's George. I my darling he's just got out as I was driving over here, I got a call from my God, blessed, we're Carolyn, who The one who people go to casinos, everybody in the neighborhood and civic cookies,
I think so she's the best neighbour and my dogs already got wants this week. And so when I saw her name come up on my phone. I was like no God. And it was her friend. And George bad yeah. It's George, so she's there is the front gated locks but kind of not really, and I think she's pushing on it. And so I had just left the house to come over here to record a telegram your address in the southern and where the gate is an early just go check it around now as a favor. I think it would be nice. It's the horse feeling when a year dogs are out, be you they dont have named tags on, because somehow the name tags have fallen off over the years and I've never replace them and see they ve already got now once this week and alerted the and the entire neighbourhood was inaction trying and they re all days is. I was at work. He walked in to the apartment with like a perfectly
Rob Terror Lassen like an admin, raining incited we're going up. There was let us pray that drugs always raining inside of yours is like those huge you should have seen you like. You know how I can be when I got out at last a ballet dancers bad times you just as valet raising low grade so lady, like I got on my car and there's a man savannas from port, and I walked up, and he didn't say anything to me and I didn't say anything to him and then find I went Do you have the dogs? and he is like yeah anyway. And I go- I guess not, and then I just started bawling in front of a man. I don't cry from strangers monopoly. You can be a new hope. They react well. All I need to came. He was shocked at I guess he was shocked later. Does he like how d
It was he not like what level of your dad, but I think, he's a little bit of the get your shit together. These dogs were wandering in the stream, which I that's. The burn of it is that I hundred percent agree with him the fact that its several it's not like unforgivable, and the idea that I'm just fucking driving around my dogs are like soon and I'm wondering just Milo noticing the fuck out of here, I'm very upsetting genuine, that's how I that's the energy I'm bringing tonight I found out. I smiled at you like, yes, was like: how are you gonna? Do this such kind man? It's been ten minutes since you it's not like, we had to sit down and we all talk of tea on a tier biscuit. No, I came in hot with tears
tear up here, sudden terrorism in and out my style and now you're, just trying to hold my energy humming twice and that's like the most I've ever hugged. Anyone in my life. It was really nice. I really appreciate it genuinely that your work we have burgers being delivered the brake perverters at some point, my god and then I look at my phone Caroline. I actually want to leave my phone up just in case I'm leaving may not bring only because a burgers. Otherwise, it stresses me out so much: ok, eminence scream burs you're going to Europe. Pause in agony or pause here. Nothing possesses a fuckin professional. Claudia has right. Stevens. Ghana can now have areas it I'll pow will now or on the professional podcast network. Mineral akenside saw: did you bring type that up this morning, type the shit now guys it's so exciting. We are now on mineral. The mid role, podcast network very big deal very fast.
The deal. We are very honoured and excited to be moving on up to the east side here and on mineral, but not without our again. Let me know when you, You got any point to the skylight. Could that God, the Yom do piece out to gone? Not well, do you pace up to God he's up to God bless and all aware- and you say thank you Pharaoh audio. Thank you very Lotto, or we. How old? Are you guys on their drive? I've been with them since they started, I think yeah well, audio gave us are huge, kick off. Thank you so much to Jason Smith. Thank you! So much to dozen you guys were great.
And- and we will miss you dearly and will support the fact that, should I do you always have so many good progress on just change from folk to shape it can shed attitude now. Is that the waste generated? Oh it's out of it, I say it's all. You stopped yourself who saying will support the fuck out of you and said will support the shit out of me. I think it will support the fuck an should, I fear, fishes that's a lot of support. You guys, listen, yeah, we're going to be on every pod costs that they do all the time anyway. That's kind of biogas, where only allowed to have us as guests on all other part, can you other threaten the human lives are like that news known airs about something you haven't said in awhile by leg. We didn't it would be a thing and we still don't know this is a thing is podcast. Its large adjustment were doing our best, who don't know that's not to think about grand, because we just love. It and we're just gonna. Do it just trying
but do not s lookin, listen, listen, lookin, anxious, listen, gnashing, words of stone and you got anything else- is healthy Let's get it! Let's get we'd, MR couple weeks of this, let's get on at the top Elvis what cookie naw that's how healthy he was not was like Tom Jones Level, vocal per pronounce. My friend and now the other Russian, because I can get up very health. Even will you give us a tough one cookie, wanna cookie boy he's like earlier. He had the flu here flew here? The plague Donnie the kitten brought yes, she's, adorable she's here Mimis here everyone's here, oh good, my back to normal nice. I do you have something: ok, ok, so
since along, like the last time that we pass a member, I was like he had a brain hemorrhaging, no bleeding or something. Yes, we were talking about like what's where's brain, how much this as it were into my aunt. Reserves were going and again you heard of don't know about your story were speculating you. That's all we do turns out that our friend Kara Clink, yes hilarious, comedian, her brother is brain surgeon. Why of some sort? Why she never told me about that? You want me to find out. What's he she text me and said my brother is a neurologist.
And he said, and listening to my favorite murder and they're, asking doctors who are listening to weigh in on brain hemorrhage. Get me Georgia's direct number. I met him and he's like this sweet, normal gonna Comedy party like all these fuckin Camelias and you just like. I have a brain docked. I've got a lull Hugh plus, I know somebody okay, so he I was like he s a need to know everything, so she he's his name is calling hygiene This is kind carers, rather here's my little blurb answerable hemorrhage. Ok as you do, the goodness isn't it neither of you was wrong.
Generally speaking, hemorrhage just means bleeding easily profusely, but not always. For example, even a small amount of blood in the brain can be disastrous and the so called hammered saree. What Mohammed, just a general term for believing in the brain lots indifferent things can cause survival hemorrhage, including trauma or aneurysm. As Karen pointed out, O Yang Links, Soda Kara was re. He's like a grammar school teacher, encouraging us to learn to not just keep talking out of school. Just it it just do not give up Surrey room Hamish can also lead to stroke, as you alluded like Karen was right, georgia- and here I agree with him, but also clarification about aneurysm. Since it came up and a tourism is just a bulging of an artery due to weakness in the artery wall. Plenty of people walk around with aneurysm every day. Can you tell that? I'm not practice in speaking? Smart words. Aneurysm is a hard words to say all of my mouth. Her answer, and also the concept that you just introduced is very difficult. I don't even want to talk about that, but we're all walking. That's like the shingles viruses already inside. I dont want to now the shingles viruses calling from inside the body of the shingles viruses sneaking up on you with a big knife. Let you turn around and you or you close, the medicine cabinet Mirror and it's gone, but then it's on your back,
It only become haemorrhages when they rapture and bleed into this round tissue. Ok, so I said this is such great. Thank you I'll read it for corrections corner next week. My pleasure blah blah, also apologies, send my apologies to sixteen m. I ran outside to hand out. I ran into him outside Karras apartment. When I was an I lay last month and accosted him like Excuse me: are you Stephen reminder of an era how he loves that shit? I loved it made my day. Man of Stephen added adds May in the end it was because I did the I'm pizza bomber murder and remembers the woman who they thought killed. Her ex boyfriend sent him yet mannerism, but I was you can't get aneurysm unless someone hits yadda mates. Breyer right. My right: well, we have these slink ideas. It's all from forensic files with soldiers.
Sitting in our brain from like a combination of forensic files and law and order we are late. I know this. Let me take this limiting this, because I've I've take every single episode and forensic files and put them into one in my brain like this one girl who is dying at an aneurysm who then put a bomb pizza now apparent that told then testified in court so insane now there was a. A good case that was Would you everything just this one aneurysm, you know it. I will I want to say this, and this is lake I don't want to be big deal, but I'd I there was
article written on bitch media, and it was an article about this pod Caspian racist, and there has been people who contacted us on social media. I think feeling nervous about that. Our defensive and here's what I like about seller people, calling us about that article about that idea who can be as that send an artist s or feeling like you know. I don't like this or I want you guys to know that we, like you or whatever, and here's what I'd like to say, We now live in a political climate where NEO Nazis are feel totally fine wielding their ignorance out islands. I was in the legal constraints used to be ashamed of that right. We live in a political climate where mosques are being blown up or black people getting shot on the street where people are being deported away from their families. This is, serious people of color are scared.
And their upset and they have a right to be and if, if anyone who is a part of color hears something they don't like. We want to hear about it our listening, we will argue with you on social media. We won't engage it, but we will do the thing that I think is the most important thing for white people to do right now, which is to take their ego out of it and to take their reactivity out of it and is hard to be told erased it's hard to be told that when you think you're so woke or you think you're being an ally for someone to stand up and go it doesnt work. We don't like this, so I just want to say we are listening to you and we hear you and we are your allies just so they know cause and because I dont want this thing to start up of, like anyone needs to fight or that I
to support anyone, who's, trying to use their voice to fight for equality. It's important, especially now agri, our early someone saying like, but they ve sent these things and they cover these cases. So they're not like those you know it's not like you do a b and c and that you're not racist, anymore or you're, not doing or saying racists things are not even races, Cyrus, it's it's things that are in Rex the historically like you're, not supposed to Saint Aubert, learning every cancelling trying to learn what What I'm doing that? I even though I think time this fucking woke person to hear I dont know what I'm doing well and we do things that we don't realize causes popular. This park has as popular. We do not want to propagate the negative media, stereo type of people of color. We do not want to do that and if you it, we want to stop doing any minority, and we anyhow, I know, have fucking Hugh we privileged. I am the inaction This thing happened recently to me that kind of hit me over the head, even more so because otherwise
I find jewish. So I kind of understand like some kind of minority bullshit thing right, but it's like recently went to this doctor he's jewish with like a very jewish last name, and he looked at my charred and he was like you know, finding out my history and as a climb jewish follow on. He was like he saw me, s name when he was like, while you're really lucky that you don't have a jewish sounding last name, because you didn't get I was in the Anti Semitism that people who have wish last names. Gatt am. I was like got this whole time. I've been like wine, jewish limits, the name, hard stark, doesn't look jewish right, and so I've missed this whole. This whole level of areas. Amateurs Amelia, and just because We ass like, oh you just don't know until you are told, or you see it, what you're not experiencing and it's hard to its high to understand what you're blind to its hard to know.
What you don't know, and so the keys listening key is paying attention. And then you hear this thing to like it there. It's not other people's jobs. To teach us it's you and I really dont like dont, happy like will tell us what we're doing wrong their job, and I know it's really frustrating for a lot of people of color to have two or to inhale the eligibility few community to have to teach us. That's it's our job to learn rat them to tell us. So we just want those people who might if you're still listening and you ve ever felt a yard or in an the kind of reactive position like that because of anything leave. So unless podcast, that is the absolute last thing we want to be happening. The best thing about this podcast is the community that has grown up around true crime and around it is. It is the lovely thing to see in the world and we want people to be a part of that. We don't want anyone to feel like they're. Not welcome
not a doored that they're not will being listened to, and I think a lot of people have less vigilant, getting know that because will always read a mouse and letters from people who are like here's what you did like even using the term sex workers. If you listen for the beginning, we say that we set prostitutes right because we didn't know didn't know as soon as we find out. We correct ourselves and admit that not admit we say we did something wrong. Here's a mail from someone who is teaching us. They did it. Is telling us the correct correct way to do it because they understand that we want to learn right now and it's it's. It's the process and its a flawed process, but we I think it's important at this moment in time that we identify ourselves as allies flawed allies yet then are doing their best because because that's a key, I think so I think we ve been avoiding it for a long time, because it feels like the more you even
rightly interact the it's. Your adding fuel to the fire that you just don't want to be, the knowledge, but the truth of it is lake. Everybody feeling really scared in the last couple days, because this Fuckin nuclear war thing well. The thing it made me realize is people of color feel like this every single day, if I get every single fuckin day, I'm sure glad she brought this up. I mean it's, it's just We live in a really fucking scary time, but there's it's I don't know Let's all its I'll stick together. I and people who support each other. We we don't have to feel, Could there such a huge force of people who are a certain side and we can identify with each other and unite us, really flocking amazing opportunity. Out of nowhere like we said we didn't know, there's gonna be a thing I think you are bringing about. Of course, I'm really glad you didn't get it. I very eloquently I've been thinking
about about don't don't think our assistance Is there anything else, Phillotson O layers honourable toward its goddammit? Knowing I really really quickly wanted to go over just to the dates that have been added and the ones for people to to go. Look at our Amis unless peace and data you guys really quickly, though, if you just wanna go to my favorite mineral dot, com, slash, live, there's, links to theirs must have chosen links to the actual tickets, so you're not gonna, get scalped or anything like that, but so a couple of added and check out, I'm really soon September six, which is in less than a week miles we're gonna be.
I am and Auckland New Zealand peruse masons enter so crazy. Please go get those tickets, yeah, Auckland, hey! What's up minas Bruce may certainly is you know you go down to Bruce, may send to go, watch all your violin playing and stuff, so they do there. I don't I picture. I do not bring me Auckland New Zealand snacks, please, because all they want to do in Australia and New Zealand is eat like hand pies and stuff. I mention dams and TIM Tim, I'm so excited, but I made the ads gonna began. We added a second thought. Third Show Melbourne Australia, the earth bad ass, Motherfucker September, ten, which is again very soon it out at a third, showed the comedy theatre, because you guys awesome weave. Oh I'm sorry the Sydney Opera House herein on September twelve, you know who's gonna reply, believe it's you and I believe you are
this same right. This is my dad. Actually try and figure out a way to go with us. He is so excited tat were playing the Sydney eyebrows. I dont know why it mean so much to him, but it really means a lot. I think it's because he's gone to Sidney Does he is too used to be a person on princess cruises, her sir? The guy that carries your bags attics like that's how my parents meant so hale? You don't know that story, including my mom, was a nurse and my dad was a purser on like mass in line they were pillars their debts and my mom is already engaged and when they met my dad talked about this at actually at her funeral service, which was so sweet. He said this second Esau her. He goes. She was wearing a green sweater and I knew I'm in trouble. I know
it's not the gas. So anyway, I did. I know I know it's the best, so he there's a lot of like emotional attachment to Australia and to sit me. Don't really just make you cry very by period, and my men have been well scurry lately, but still the siting of ever daylight. It's kind of the best he wasn't gonna try and go away as, but he can go like based. My parents met whereby who gives a shit. They got divorced but like your parents met, and he really follow through they were yes, sir. They were married for almost fifty years means or for, and they are ya. Like forty five areas, Hirsch, I known it was. It was good time. I mean that's what knows a wife, it was a life. Well, it s really miss. She got the man of her dreams and she had a happy marriage and two kids.
On you had a pretty good pod, get your honour as if I can shoulder and lie or sisters apart, happy birthday by the way nice move, our Laura God. Damn it did. You call her Karen Color Sarah, and you know why, because the only reason I remember her name is because you Sarah Silverman, Sarah Sutherland Sisters aim is Laura, so I always think Karen and Sarah no care and enlarge. Oh that's, illyrian weird. I can't I'm renamed commits denominated adona desire to show my hard ice. Laura partial, think it's funny as long as you didn't call her Karen, which is what happens to her all the time, and it makes a really man really cause people like family friends. Welcome go. Are you Karen median essential, though? No, I'm Laura the one that shapes children's mines in teaching his genius seizure, NBA idea Ok that those who are, generally speaking, I know it there's a few more than our own Stephen. The third
Oh how to just hang up on seven. Can you do fearing that under the don't cut their searing need all of it, though, at the bottom of the heroes with is, can you yeah ok, but don't stop it and keep going, bringing the key to the gate because sometimes they will lock. You there's a key like on a hook he can also get. Can I just say at this moment of chaos? Cares ok, us as a ladder, as we learned on thrones last week? No spoiler slightly, but browse the Middle let me can you can hardly burgers and learn Berger time, he says so Sidney Opera House; September, twelve coming up and then remember
the blue Bab. Oh, Detroit we added a show to you own, which is so cool, because, people, like some we're, Mean Detroit September. Twenty ninth, in September, twenty ninth there's interrelation, Malaysia, men, San Diego, we added a show cause you're, I can September tell you so thirteen thirty late show Anaheim, were coming to you on the fourteenth of October. The second show at the Orpheum. In Madison, this concept content naive. I sold out frighted twentieths us more, adding CEPT October. The TWAIN burst Saturday, the next Ok, the man camp we have than of em are third for you at the hard rock on the fourth, we have our land and then for a lot of money. On the fifth, come there that people by people.
That's where they shows shoe, but those are the ones that are like have tickets Well, I think it's available lives. Everything else go, look like your amendment comes off, shush, live and more dates to come, their people that that tweet a lot saying going on naming cities and saying why do you hate us you're going to be so pleasantly surprised? Yes, all I'm saying is twenty seventeen Yanks that we mounts. We can't tell you certain things, but we're going to be able to since just have low Have all hope. I would say the same thing to the girl, the tweeted me and said you guys in early so many this week and then she mentioned something about unqualified. And qualified to podcast. She mentioned something about on a ferris and I started with such an odd coincidence, because we're gonna be on unqualified, with on a fair
next week we did a combo hybrid episode. King, do where trail a trio yeah Ivan we compare while actually Quadra. If you include SAM, who is producer, went on her another one with Stephen. I was sorry Stephen was there to please. If alive I mean I was just hanging by a kind of touching the leather couch. Just I mean that with a nice it was really nice. We do get time and on a south and we had we got to get people advice, that we are also unqualified again on a gave. A fucking, her murder, which was also yes, is fun, so fucking cool, she's, the best I've. Oh I'm honestly always been Lee. I sleep
the movie. Just friends, if you haven't seen it with on affair, is Ryan Reynolds I dont know the name of the lead. Girls are on average, as distracted you so much, but if you haven't seen them of its the best anyway, I've loved her says. I'm working on that. That's gonna, be this coming week, whatever that is sometimes are we re all day great oldies. Also besides Laura's birthday, evinces birthdays coming up this we're gonna need that's right. Mince his birthday. Have I got a date in the name of and date of his and location of his birthday party. Yeah read by reason, I'm saying that that I'm not gonna say it could, then I will actually know it, but he's having a joint birthday party with some people in one of the people just puts it up on fuckin social media forever, one now
I know the person here, the famous it the same assessed of is like last year, Nicholas Jane was at his birthday. You prefer, oh that's, nice. I'm her. Oh yes, my neighbour, just texted me and said he's gonna fix my fence tomorrow, hell, yes, he everybody Lee, doesn't think fence fix my fences owing clink like just let it gives us a lot like us into she'd, never get out again. Ansari horrible, hypos friendly can wait a bit Mimi being like. Please get me the fuck out of here. There's a kitten is killing me. You know these are funny them and she put her down in my house and the dogs just come running a straight out. Her I'm gonna go far enough, but then hung her and hug hurt close to their chests
it wouldn't beat. The shit out of them be asked for sure. Now she went Frank would have no eyes left in Valencia and away they throw the doll of me around in the air which I need to put on Peckham Instagram again that this now and Mimi. Ok, Stephen Steve any idea his I tried, really hard this time, its current calumet. While I mean again, people like to the lifeless count, but that was less episode like one last so King Gos arrests, ok, yeah, of the life shows count. Creating our own reality here, I think the episodes we post cow, re, yeah Yeah they're, not real timed us! That's the weird part: how about afterlife shows we had it burping we get and choose. It does first sure but only Molly. Only on that day, like only and that scenario which one that we
in this scenario, where we have just posted alive, so yeah, if we just posted alive, show because we know now what were you not so much going on the occasion, and oh haven't we mark, I persisted right now, baby physically alive showed does a reset is what you're about it sounds find him in Iraq. We do riper scissors hit pay overseers tat. Let me You gonna decide just cut Georgia's paper. I'm says she's papers that all this is that it was an answer than paper. Some movement of caring goes verse, Olga verse, necessary. There is a level of hysteria to this episode that I am in joining quite a bit as your dogs didn't get hit by car, because my dogs aren't dead my,
neighbours, gonna fix my fans. Oh, I didn't tell you guys what the sunburn out I have if I had a smaller random like open. I also didn't tell you the crazy you're, just not, hail, oh no matter can appeal. My whole back, we have an eye, was stood outside from fifteen minutes like a fool like some sort of normal person with normal skin. You know you're. That Irish yeah. Why but where I'll say it say it say it and then also like I love, I'm gonna go outside and stand in the pool, and then I do it for like I'll start reading my phone or something and then I'm just standing around with no sun block on four like an extended period of time at once. Which, as you know, you can't do it. I didn't know that about you, yeah, how I burn. I that's why I dont, like all the life,
Anything like anything. You don't like photosynthesis because we live in a summertime city where everybody here has perfect skin and you're wearing right now, you're wearing a Terry cloth summer, jumper LE gear live in the life back, where I unknown describe to who contain nine well and you, like you and consistency, might right now. I look like me a politician ice. I am deeply tan. I am frighteningly. Why? But here is what I want you to know, there's a pink, then here's what you guys got a number of people and how they look and that they have this perfect thing. I am so fucking she's an have so much anxiety around the baby strap tat line, but I am so insane and the sun that that's, why
and have them. I don't look at the sky. Clearly tat is no big deal like I will not go outside with fucking straps on ok, here, all different carers. Are you work, you're saying you really get hurt in the mental and physical? Or could you setting nothing like trash air than having link, especially a man, saw the lot of you bought. You know like here, including the one you're looking at railway. How would you know I'm not. I don't care about any thing. The triangle bikini tan line, girl, up around your neck. While you I've, never seen a bug in all your asean from you're fired, all, I want to do right now. My stirred up show you it's not a farmer's tan anymore. Now, I've got the thing that's happening to me. Right now is is a guy lobster tan that doesn't sound. I caught you fucking pool in your backyard. Let me like tits, like re, so what the fuck tits fits
that's avatar. Everyone is looking for that matter, yard where they can break into there's, also a pull back there and there's a caring held Europe without no. I, where I full kaftan all at all times it, except for the fifteen minutes. I didn't do it today and I now right on our the scaling. I don't have time and yet all I want to talk about this. All I want to do something about it. We didn't episode without murders. We could do it We must be thirty minutes in our anyone. Forty five The conversation we had while you were getting the burghers than we just talked about riot. We and we actually got quiet for a little while we accept both dislike thieving, do also have a great my grandmother's. Beautiful vintage mug just follow with
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The world is cancelled. We do this in fifty cent city minute. We're going to now put this on this. You know you can do at one point. Five speed or two speed me area all pay higher We're gonna talk like that. So if you put it on times too, it's gonna be like time stand here This week, I'm doing Peter Curtain the vampire of Dusseldorf him. You know how I go, It's one of those things that you bookmark a million times to eighty two, and then you don't do it. I there's another guy, that's German, that that was called like the werewolf. I have something that I thought this guy was, and so I was. I thought it wasn't me like I'm doing here. Hundreds. You know that you are, if I was mine blowing. But then, when I looked this up, this guy is so far guys, like Albert fish level, far my area yeah,
so was exciting. I mostly took this most of the information is from biography dot com, which is such a good. When you get one of those articles, they do it, Here's the thing when you research these story, ass, you know, he's got every victim is like on. In one article she's ten years old in another one she's thirteen in another when she's night and it literally one time she's seventeen times change the dates, change the ages. Change you get on biogas, biography, dot, com and you're like this is golden. There's, a biography, dot, com, vanity, Fair Washington, Post, the New York Times lock and load blocking locker Lodi harm dot com em you are, you have all be too good to go Martha Stewart living. She knows all the good killer it yet again, Peter Curtain, Born in eighteen
The three we're doing all that we're like I'm, not doing that. I know you didn't mean it my own, no right as they started doing a voice. My sunburn flared and I was like no voices when Euro Zone burners, like your psyche. That's like soft current up. My sunburn is my dad's voice from my childhood, going a show off times over all my salary ideology they see pop your dad is just is eagerly. This show up signs over diseases like soundly just darkened and does not operate a a that, and you know better than I hear you think you're with me. If you think about it, I think you were born in eighteen. Eighty three Peter the eldest of thirteen or shoulder on new, that both parents severe alcohol. I design, I know you, don't do it father a brutal sadist would be his wife, beat the children viciously molested his daughters and would sometimes gather the children and make them watch
him, have sex with their mother. He was eventually arrested for raising his daughter multiple times, so terrible terrible, kick off navigator, car, very bad childhood all bad in nineteen o chew when he was nine years old. He brief befriended a dog catcher who lived in the same apartment, building its him super children right people who catch dogs and kill them right. Actually, this man would keep the dogs and torture and he. Peter all about Ashikaga. So weird, like theme, episode decree you you catch. This is called doggie anxiety by Karin Scheele Gara. This is why there, I am surrounded by cats, are now yes exactly so. Ok, so Peter having a terrible parent and then also his father went off to jail, so he basically bonded with the worst person he could ever be around.
Terrible childhood terrible outside influences? Winning was eleven years old. He told the police that key was playing on a raft of schoolmates and he pushed the boy into the water because he knew the boy couldn't swam and when another schoolmate saw this happen, this boy, jumped into the water to save the first boy and Peter currently down, and well our hood heads underwater and drown them both the police? When the police came upon it, they ruled it an accidental drowning. My others, I'm not just been quiet, because I'm not quite Mercer, I M only quiet when I'm shocked it's a jar, that's fucked up the door is ajar and nine no eleven years old it so, It's like the age of my niece had so creep believe. So and when he became an adolescent his better.
For animal cruelty, developed into full on beast reality. Thanks to the old dog, catcher began to have sex with barnyard animals, and he then developed or progressed into killing animals, while looking man now we have to we don't have to live there for very long. What's he of course, was always running away from home to get away from his father's violence and sadism, but then he always ended up having to come back when he was sixteen on his way out of town. One time when he was running away, he met a woman. He lord her into the local park where here iter and strength ok, so nineteen thirteen at the aged twenty he's out on his own, he starts robbing he's doing a lot of petty crimes. I guess he starts breaking into taverns, because there is a business
downstairs. Then there's living quarters, the upstairs so on May twenty fifth nineteen thirteen. He breaks into an establishment, that's owned by the climb family. So as the parents worked downstairs Peter, curtain. Into their living quarters, upstairs found ten year old, Christine Klein asleep in her bed raped or strangled her slit. Her throat thence at and watched her bleed out the next morning. He returned to the scene of the crime he went to the. Across the street and he bought a drink and sat amongst the locals and listen to them as they talked about what happened and specula About who did it held? Was he twenty and
at the time and uncle in the Klein family and the Father who owned the pub had been fighting and the uncle had threatened his brother and said, like I'm, going to do something that you're going to regret. For a little while everybody thought the uncle did it and he actually eventually is let off, but he was actually a man s body aimless, murdered two months here he broke into another tat cavern, and this time three sisters were sleeping in their beds. He went to the girl in them centre bad. She was seventeen year old, Gertrude Franklin and he strangled her while she slept he killed her and then snuck backing out. Neither of her sisters woke up what are like, specifically specifically evil thing to do. Horribly, like I'm letting them wake up to this purpose. Yeah on purpose. Now,
He is a deranged mind. It's it's all the with worse things combined because clearly he already was a sociopath, but then he had, though, First, childhood human being could possibly have the worst family. A human being could possibly have the worst outside influence like came at him from every direction in thirteen. He was arrested for arson, and so were here. How about that. Mcdonald triad, they call it of of hurting animals, arson He probably have bed when an old try. I saw that word today to announcing something up. Yonder too, I think that permanent made it up violence, linked to the
Donald, try! They'll, do you know he's burger killing animals, a socialist us waiting, the vine all that shit on fire and then live alone by over then what you're, she's, ok with each accepts successive sentence. Peter curtains rage is the direct quote from the Biography channel cage. I, as I'm reading this. I'm like this is hard to read o because it's a captain based Peter Curtains rage against society and its capacity for depravity increased So, when you go to jail, he gets sent a solitary confinement which measures shows vibrate well when he was there. He he was I'll too varied equally fantasize very vividly about the brutal sex acts that he enjoyed, and so then he and he wouldn't bring? prison rules intentionally so that he would get the longest sentence in solitary confinement. He liked it so much this disgusting, ok,
He was called for military service at the start of old, where one, but he deserted, and he was jailed. He remain imprisoned until nineteen twenty one, which was his longest sense today, and When you get out of prison, he Mary an older woman, a sex worker who he knew who had serve time for killing her fiance. Her name is Augusta. There were great pair found real love. They let down love in and I would most homeless, play a homeless place, He became. He became Mulder, that's so he may be shaped crown moulding players, castor plaster casts a plaster. They lived in relative normalcy for four years and then they moved back to Dusseldorf and right around the time. Rapes begin. The report, it all over the city and Anna Ogre so
but he's going into were in nineteen, twenty nine now a third. He meets a woman named Maria Coon. He ends up Having her twenty four times with a pair of scissors, so Now he starts parent carrying a pair of scissors around with him at all times. He is not an organised killer, like I think they are saying my keys, he's an impulse killer, but he so he like He knows who he wants to kill lands not a little bit beforehand, but he doesn't plan anything slice there. It is and goes where I bet he knows what he's looking but he's got his scissors in this box. Like wants to be ready, sure! Ok, February: ninth, nineteen, twenty nine five days after attacking Maria Coon, he strangled nine year old, Rosa all ajar stab sir all over her entire body. He leaves then returned to the body hours later and sets it on
monster, honorary thirteen peace. Does forty five year old mechanic Rudolf Sheer twenty times with his scissors. He returns to see my client again in this speaks two detectives about what happened. The german press, obviously, is how trying all of this right and At one point, they find out from police that the police earth theorizing that this attacker is drinking the blood of his victims and sewed. That's when the german press, Dubbs him the vampire Dusseldorf now one point right around this time, a learning disabled man named spouse Burg admitted to all of the vampire killings, so he's committed to an asylum and the police of convince themselves that the cases all six months.
After that. On August eleven he ask some woman named Maria Han to date at a pub He gets her alone. Rapes are strangling, are stabs or to death various her body in a cornfield. He has its the bodies, no for him right bearing Roddy. Yes, this is almost like. I got away with this. I'm gonna be different about. Oh, yes, he's its escalating and he's like getting creative, because someone got caught for his shit, maybe it's almost smart that he eagerly and economic shows how smart he was right or thank you keeping the same thing you're alive. He changed it up any as he does it again. The same thing, I'm later he he berries, avoiding the cornfield. Those in visited visits it a bunch of times and eventually sends an anonymous letter to the police, revealing her burial so three days later.
After he murders, brain Hon twenty fourth, nineteen, twenty nine he's in a suburb of Germany. To foster sisters are attending a fair together. Fourteen year old Louisa Lensing and five year. Old, Gertrude, Hanukkah and Peter Curtain seized them, thereby themselves so he checked. But then he charms them. He makes friends with them and one point he sends Louisa offer cigarettes then leads. A five year old Gertrude into the bushes strangle sirens lets her throat, next day he attacks another one woman. Her name's Gertrude Schulte? She survives the attack and she gives the police a description of earth a car, she says, he's a pleasant looking man in his forties
so now, after all, these attacks and the entire city of Dusseldorf is in a panic in September of nineteen twenty nine, he rapes, how servant named IDA, router and then- it's her to death with a hammer and leaves her body next to a river, so he's changing his Emma again. The next move on a twelve, he meets another servant girl. Her name was Elizabeth Dorie any asks her out there. Along a river any hits or in the head with a hammer. Rape, Sir Peter her to death with a hammer and leaves her body there by the river. A few days later, he attacks to more people with his hammer, but they survive. So, basically, now he's causing mass hysteria in Dusseldorf. The press is going crazy and he loves it he's eating. On November nineteen nineteen, twenty nine he sent a
The newspaper hand drawn map that detailed the position of the body that he left his most recent victim, a five. A girl named Gertrude Alderman, Germany, Gertrude are there there's three men, I think there's more than there's three or cause it's Germany in the thirties and twentieth gone he'd Keystone, this five year old, thirty five times and then hitter under some rubble, and then after he did that He waited around an angry mob formed when they found out that another little girl had been murdered and he joined the mob and protested along with. So it's to me that like move right. There is what minute for it, because it feels like if you took pictures of every crime scene of olive oil that were lined up, you could see
people who respond like how do I add thing of serial killers where they need to go back and they have to leg revisit and they merit and cops landmark stuff cause they enjoy their smarter yeah. I desire in a way in a way young has their psychopaths and our brains would never think that way, we could never imagine these things happening are all those things that thing that we learned words like they don't feel anxiety. I get nervous and we're always measuring other people against how we fail looks nervous over their words like no, they wouldn't have nervous. They would warm right up to and be like I've seen. So I would like to report something I've seen suppose dart. Can I tell you yet Taylor numbers I While I was in my murder, I was reading this thing and they had like in one of the articles. It was like. Here's a riddle to see a summons, a psychopath or not if they understand that if they can get this rental and fix it than their psychopath origin
a sociopath whenever that can monitor it, yeah, ok, women go is to her sisters sooner or later this now. One of those her sisters funeral at the funeral. She meets a man and she falls in love with him, but she loses track of him and he leaves- and she doesn't have hooey ashes- knows name couple weeks later. She kills that woman kills her brother. Why did she kill her brother? brother, goes to her sister general me the man falls. Madly in love with him doesn't know who he is. He leaves weeks later she kills her brother. Why since our father now? the answer to her, I know what I mean you and this needs are not offensive. Okay, so she can see the man again. Issues like well
If it came to my sister sooner knows us, I really want to see him again. You come my brothers. He lay like so the person who would be able to fix that seamen. Soon. Now I just gotta even its ceiling. Was that your answer Stephen students, an extra pieces on the floor because you didn't get it lay numbing are usually let us I'm very angel and slow. Now, you're, not slow, you're, smarter than you know. I mean yes, that's a clear, exactly yawning trick or a few yawning someone doesn't yon capture, Yon Keeluk. Let's just me,
careful with this trick because then they met, but imagine you're standing there and then suddenly turned you would like their reptile eyes and goes like. Oh because he'd want to see her again and then you're like oh shit, I'm in the elevator with this personal. It's the same way when like when we did when I I think one of us told the whole thing of like. If you young person doesn't catch your eye on its costs. They have no empathy and like we and I was like an episode twenty whatever and we still get you'd like my cat, didn't just like an. I was at the towers like Benson Yawn, when I am yet so like it's all. Our third party trick ever listen
fun, it's fun time, discipline, tides, a good way to pass the time, also of Europe. Just really quick. If you are and probably won't count now, but if you're going through the old back cataloguing your say a full year behind even hold those corrections, keepers yourself, think as you can. We rest, we assure you. We ve been correctly on what I ve seen Dear Zachary, everyone, everyone's oil, the people just tweet me try see and I'll be like we that's not even them turn over her more you die. I think we die like ten time. Whatever listen. Look, listen, listen, listen! Ok, listen! ok, so they are angry mob is where an angry mom. But now here's the thing, so the police notice this time that the handwriting that in the letter of the law that was buried at the Cornfields Believer Maria. What's your name
matches the map that someone, this anonymous person scent of five year old Gertrude burial, and so the cops are like hold on a second these, like they're, putting an altogether. Finally, in nineteen, thirty one when the police or close to catching him Peter Curtain, fastened, his entire murder spree to his wife, Augusta she's like coal. She's like tirade and Oh my god! He tells her you, it's, u turn man and you can get a reward like its do this so that you are taken care of. Was the bad behaviour, doesn't fuck you over, which is super. We're such a weird, like he really loved his wife and was stayed loyal to her and I mean did not really cause he was doing. I will name, but it s also like that he had a conscience or he care conscience come chance enough to like how her young and SK, as you like
make. I was at a party and cheat on their whatever Tell ya like listen he's like I guess, I'm a real wildcard guess why Haven, you're, not going to believe and I'm Butts Gallia ever heard of a of tendrils and nurtured, killed. Mop down that was me how everyone's just screaming, at the top of their lungs on the street all day in and day out its Kissimmee. It's me ok, so. Once he was under arrest, he provides an astonishingly detailed account of history of crimes to professor I'll. Berge was a distinguished psychologist who later published a confession in a book called the citizen current claimed. Seventy nine individual acts of crime in all. He went to great lengths to convince the authorities of his guilt. His memory was nearly photographic. Do my cousin his recollection of each offence provided with great pleasure,
and in his trial, which started on April thirteen nineteen thirty one in Dusseldorf. He was up on nine charges of murder, seven attempted murder. He initially retracted his extensive confession. Claiming that he'd only said that to ensure his waist financial security. But then there was such an overwhelming amount of evidence that he eventually just plead guilty the jury. Ninety minutes to return a verdict of guilty on all counts. Here eve denying death sentences when she is executed by guillotine Angela. Second, nineteen, thirty one in Cologne and during his trial. I think this is very interesting. He was made to sit in a cage in the court room so that the family members of the victims, didn't it back and kill ya the vampire Dusseldorf and the monster of Dusseldorf. That's fucking.
Karen think, considering probably never gonna go to Dusseldorf Germany to legislate on nine July, show that's right We never know, though you dont, all these Germans were like baby, I'm here audible,
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double time. London, so high up up up a boot she's, I can't believe you're not an order, you not hammy Cassim can having my computer officered. Sorry look, I think you're fucking printer Fucking Printer, I did. I did numbers right before I printed Paper- did page summers one of them. I know it should be automatic. You shouldn't up to take them off, not put them. Anything I'm not gonna get started on this one, even though I have some thoughts on it, but I think it's best to dislike
Let's get another sucker. You ready for the murder of the family of Jeffrey Mcdonald, oh yeah, still on this is the one I thought the other one was yes. This is one I thought. Where the doktor is this guy or to SAM Shepherd. Yes, yes! Yes, this is not some shepherds family, but guess disguise it. Yes, yes, yes, murmured areas! Animal are there rose? Ok, awesome! someone just get into this and then causes are eight Jeffrey Mcdonald he's high school he's voted most. Popular and, most likely to succeed. He senior class president captain other Fuckin football team hot. Well, legs popular did
and made for tv movie fatal vision, Karen he has played by a young Gary call. Oh yes, very cool right on those two p s reports by frying Amber Office space. I have to go ahead now comment on Saturday, and this is what I was going to ask you. What is it what's wrong because I didn't know what I mean mostly office space? Yes, I mean that's his greatest role of all time, definitely except for fatal that, except for fatalist, where he plays a young jacket, mcdonnel after high school, he gets scholarship to Fuckin Princeton and why is there so jealous rethink and better? What are you knows that gets a sculpture, superintend mare and then wiser. He's married marries, Highschool, sweet heart, collect Stevenson. She played by Wendy Shawl, television. So you Such fatalism. Isn't you tell me you have announced that he knew that other questions, and I would mean, am I just like also don't ever know who's gonna strike.
Your fancy interim. You just want to be ready in sorting out a couple: more character, love after high school participants in Marries collect Stevenson. Here s a medical school and they joined the army. He becomes a green borri captain, which is a big deal added actor in the army, so bright twenty six years old? The couple along with their two daughters, Kimberly Age, five and christian age, to move to the prestigious brag, Carolina, which has an army base, but it's also open to the public and coach and another nets. Very famous army base right yeah, twenty six years old and new dollar stuff. You must he asked me about now, alright right. So here is his story. I'm gonna start with history. It's a cold, a rainy night on February, sixteenth nineteen. Seventy there our ground floor, apartment four and a half months old pregnant collect and to your
Kristen are asleep in the master bedroom. Kimberly is asleep in her room. She five Jeffrey goes to try to go to bed any finds that Christian had wet his side of the bed and the master bedroom. So he brings her back to her own bed and he goes to sleep on the couch because it doesn't want to disturb everyone and make them again so he's asleep on the couch men. He is a lies on the couch by collect shouting why are they doing this to me and Kimberly screaming daddy, daddy daddy, He opened his eyes on the couch and seas for figure standing over him, a black man and fatigue jacket with sergeant stripes and the sleeve to white man and a woman wearing a Floppy had over stringy blonde hair she's holding a flickering candle in front of her face, and his chanting asked groovy, kill the pigs
Jeffrey begins to rise in the black man, brings a club crashing down his head a second later Mcdonald's, a sharp pain on the right side of his chest, and he looks down MRS an ice pick blade that had been stabbed and to him. He tries to wrestle the guys and despite the fact, that as a green barrier, which one of their thing, as is to be training, clandestine guerrilla force, theirs able to fight him and pull his bedroom atop over his head and honour his rest? So he's got his arms up, but with the vagina tap is holding his rest together and he's trying to send them off, but they keep trying to stab him, and then the black man keeps clubbing ham. And, finally, He D falls unconscious at the steps of the hallway that led to the bedrooms, so he had been overpowered. Ok vicious struggle with hippies with
drug crazed. Hippy acid had ass. It had killed the pigs killed, eggs were acid heads as they, as they are known D up when he comes to carry him he's on the stairs he it's happened, stumbles to the master bedroom and finds collect sprawled on the floor with the handle of the nice sticking out of her chest. He pulls, and I owe any throws it aside and it covers her body with his regime is half that he had removed from his rested that points and tries to give her mouth to mouth. What a good guy wait! Ok, I wanna know yeah you're right you're, correct that how I mean in some he's been stabbed to give Malcolm yeah, that's gonna work, thinking behind. I just don't think most people do that well he's a surgeon to know. He should know whether that, when how work out right- yes over so collect,
has been struck at least six times in the head. With a blunt object, one causes us fracture to her skull. She had nine deep knife iphones at the front of her neck, seven deep knife to her chest and twenty one puncture ones to her chest area. Her chest is also bruise from what looked like an object that had been thrust in her chest on the hen born of the master bedroom. Someone to use one of their fingers to write the word pig in her blood Mcdonald, Jeffrey Mcdonald. I kind of hate, saying my last name and similar. Firstly, because it makes things free, makes it so much from personal. Turning me like an all these murder stories, we do yeah, Sir Jeffrey who's. The knife out, puts it to this and then tries to give her mouth to mouth in her bedroom Kristen. Who was two years old has twenty two gaping knife was to her upper back
for once to her chasse and one to her neck. There Fifteen shallow puncture wins down on her chest as well as a multiple cuts on both of her hand, like she's, trying to defend herself now. This is it's fucked up in her, and Kimberly had been truck at least three times in the head, with a blunt, the blunt object and skull, showed multiple fractures. Stephen looks like he's gonna past my country. Now it just doesn't make sense, it's like what. Why would any hippies or a perennial any otherwise all the things you want to do want you wanna rob people Yonah murder, at whatever may I just got done talking about them. Dusseldorf did exactly this, but it's a rare person who can stab a baby, multiple time and the breaking and entering thing like not being a sadistic child killer, not being a rapist or pedophile, and these things to happen. The house seem so weird, and this is why I'm starting with so I just want
start rate, which is This is a great place to say like this is the story he told so like this. This story is so fucked up and in San I've heard so many times in my passengers had to do it. I'm not doing it in a way. That's like here are the facts, and this is what happened which you can, which are incredible, uninteresting and crazy and there's a great episode generation. Why were they cover this case in its it's? It's point by point, and it's really good and their come from the same place that I am, which is that he clearly fucking did it yeah. So here's his story, I'm not gonna, get into all the unseen facts of the trials that happen. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna do his story? What happened then
what is most likely that real story outside this is why I am saying it so dramatically, which I normally doubt do right. This is such a fucking bullshit made up story. I can tell with your theirs it there's a hint of sarcasm, bright and then there's some drama in that. I know that you hate this person right and which essentially, let's see what I'm so bad it I can't le aerial. What's incredible about this, is that there are still argument about whether or not he did at which I think, right month. When I get done with what really happened, you won't believe it so Kimberly, bad. Eight to ten deep knife. Iphones are found on the right side of her neck, so them Kimberly Unchristian are all dead. Then, once he wakes up, finds them dead, Jeffrey calls the operator and sends we ve been stabbed people are dying. Bored, I not my wife and my children. We ve all been stabbed
When I hear some people are dying. Are we now so fascinating when they break that step down of lake users. Micro. You know micro, expression, people that no the word- and we ve talked about that. Another thing: that's Emily were when you use certain words and what it means. Yeah word choice like even just the breakdown of INA, Patsy or an earth. Patsy remedies, nine one one call about Germany and though the ransom letter quote unquote of John Predominate, fascinating- and this is another one of those there there Is a breakdown of his call as well as when he is interrogated later of every single thing? He says it's fucking incredible and I wish I could have included the whole thing that it would have been three episodes. So I'm not ok, but let's
do it says he I let us out of our when they arrive. They find the sole survivor Jeffrey Mcdonald, lying with his arm around collecting the master bedroom unconscious so like human called than fuckin position rooms, aspects as White Boca here, had sustained bruising over his eye, a superficial, stab wounds in the arm and on his adamant in the form of an upside down. Ve set sail small puncture wounds, were present on the upper left chest, none of his ones required, suppress, suturing and neat and clean stable and was located between two ribs on the right side of his chest and resulted in a collapsed one right, which is interesting. As they were, girning him out he whispered to the medics four of them she kept saying ass. It grew the kill the pigs, he tells them that dramatically round our rights. Now. Reality.
So by the time the sun and raising the next day, the army's criminal Investigation Division division, the idea which are calling it now? They didn't even believe Jeffrey story aside from his minor injuries. There was no sign of an ice pick puncture on him. Right the fact that he said he had been stabbed by an ice pick. Also, It's just a single fibre fibre from his rip pyjamas than that a single favour was found in the living room, where the struggle Haven't said, that's all they found was a single like strand of his pyjamas from writing. However, in the bedroom there are dozens of his pajama fibres, including several found beneath collapse. Other hers under Kimberly sheets in her bedroom and two more in Christians room one large under her finger. Now, oh no eyes pyjamas, which he had said he had stumbled into collects the wife's room taken as pajamas often covered her with it. So he wouldn't even had a genuine. The kids are him? Yes,
claims he performed CPR and all three of them, but none of their mounts were open and his daughters were tucked into bed and lying on their sides and he's a fuckin surgeon. So he would know that. That's not Hague CPR, he originally came. He didn't wash up before making the call to the police, but there's no blood on the phone he used to make the call em, but there was blood in the sink dream. Oh Then the sea, I found a blood smudged brand new issue of Esquire magazine in the living room, so an article in the Ep Esquire magazine details. The drug crazed hippies, who had murdered Sharon's hate just seven? once before, that accord investigators, it contained the article, contains a similarities to the murders and let my girls, including a blonde candle carrying happy woman. You know it's funny,
I was thinking Patty Hearst, because there's that famous picture Patty Hearst Weather had did she, where I had into the bank I can't remember, I just see her with like pulled down low habit. She had, but she did have a wig on Yet so she had like one, but I guess I wasn't blonde hair, but there was a black man with an army. Jacket got carried out, so I was thinking of, but it's all the same thing words like, but I dont that was nineteen. Seventy was it before, after maybe he psychic anyway it's like clearly its just like these three things have been in the media and there are two huge like I've drive around and there's a hippie there's a like yeah. It's a thing like. I read a lot about a rabbit. Things were like the acid is groovy shortly, something we side like him now ass, it is so glibly we said, gravely kill. The pigs was a totally different sect of people.
Those were the crazy left wing now fuck the police, people who warrant the same as the hippies, something that, like us eight lace, military man back here is what hit here's, what hippies say usually have run crazed hippy, say especially sonnets reading upon a Manson murders in debt to the pigs or whenever that thing was a part of it to someone someone in when they were talking about that in their under our call. They were like it's like if, today someone we're trying to blame hipsters on something and said they kept saying first, album was better than was the bass and not a second really says I. Let's do you think we adjust this flag insanity, which I really love Zambia thought about that? Ok, they found that the the The word peg that was written in blood on the on the head. Stand, had been written and using a surgical glove or which were found in the house and the weapons that are come from inside the house. The weapons were thrown
a bush right outside the house, almost like some an open, the back door and if there were four people at least who were committing something made all run out and put their but their fuckin. What same Bush now praying Bush, yet whenever they went and good luck guys. This is that this is weapon Bush the place, Weapon Bush, that's even after another episode. This is only a little Monica going on. The land or bush, and the ok. So How it, however, endless and there's always a helmet where you got to get out. However, someone reassured that, just as how member on really makes me so happy now, So of course many must not. Of course, this cut that out. Steep no Duncan fell many mistakes were made during the investigation from
owing to seal off the crime scene or twenty six people trampled through before responded, secured, which is a kind of a normal thing in the seventies. I feel yes not happen all the time and they didn't know is happening. They showed up its pouring rain, they run and they see bodies they had to take one out its there's gonna be a lot of people coming through yet, but the fuckin ambulance driver stall, Mcdonald's wallet from his desk Y yeah, now doing right off the fuckin dusk we its this an ambulance driver not on the on the army base. I don't think so. I think they just don't Jesus, I'm out and an army base, but there's a hospital on free. I don't know it was, but bold move underlines Eiger walking with a guarantee the link. I mean, a problem like being fired from a sharp. Hopefully, like the next day, the garbage man they like we're like angle and take the trash away,
the trash no little holes on their. No, they also allowed fancy. S would have never made that mistake was during our Carmen whenever that Denmark Harmony, I think it's the sailor, Diver or what Look! I from certain game ass though it his head yeah with effect from star wars, as name Luke, no no it's how there was no what's that, it's like same generalised, Margareta ammo. News and I will say its mark harm. I think it's him, o o there's Weiler there's similar swingers, but this is why I tell you: the names of people who are playing monetary and ask you to fill in the year run it all by me, no idea to deter people trash Mcdonald, home. Ok, forty cents, a forty sets, a fingerprints just were allowed to be destroyed and a bloody footprint was lost in the process of removing it which
just think of some guy like slipping like it's a banana pm lower who will, but he is he's trying to take a firm rent print and then Y know, someone Oxenham get those marrables out here, Mister B semester room Mr bean will never process a crime scene. I know we're no, making a mistake it down. Everyone now knows, I'm so busy. Talking that I go here. The funny thing leave me after that's all. I do still the military, they formerly charge Jeffrey Mcdonald with the murder. I ain't. Murders unmade. First, nineteen, seventy, but at this point an eighteen year old drug addict TB in town, known to police, name, holiest, stoutly she's known to get this floppy hat a blonde wig and like the same kind of look drug attic, Tippy she
confesses that herself in various people around town the crime. I thought you were dangling the kitten in front of Elvis cornered my eyes, you Stephen dangle you something of ours and it's just that looks anyway, So she says I. I was really high on mescal in an acid that night, I think we were. There are a number of these things from it. Here are three accomplices that I think was with me. One of them turn out to be in jail while this was happening, but she really throws a ranch and the whole thing. The Wigan Floppy hi hi, it's the seventies, you know who else on that collect now so like marriage snow, it just this investigation up forever rate and or If that was intentional, made up a story. Any are really fuckin lucky. That sort of thing happened, things
she made about ordered or could he have made up a story and then, given a wig- and I had to a person in town that would have you know can are you a doctor and he was also saw civilians. He might have already been aware of her at some point came in with someone who knows but yeah what I can tell she's, she's, really unhealthy woman, but girl dry, act mentally machine or teens. She was eighteen really. Doing well, and so she can a kick seem like someone who wanted who needed unwanted attention, not in the meanwhile banana sport way right. So this whole got tangled that we actually got tangled up in it, which made his credibility, which made him see more credible, rich may people question introduce more doubt. Yet that's the thing! Yes, you can. So not me Is based on everything the charges were dismissed the following action,
where, because of insufficient evidence and a couple of months after the murder, charges were dropped. Super Charismatic, really charming. Jeffrey Mcdonald appear on, he becomes famous. He hands like the SAM Shepherd. Much is that everyone loves him in those him and only his poor, guys, wife and two children died and in that kind of thing, he appears on the late night programme. The Dick Cabot Show Although his celebrity comes from his family's brutal murders, he does Mikey gives a shit he's laughing audiences laughing. He tells jokes, he criticizes the army. Investigators no fucking way is. He has no idea like he is so. Charming and sociopath that he doesn't understand how bad this looks. You know one of those people say your leg,
They love me well, this is that's what Diane downs dead members? Yes, it's exactly by and then when they talk about, like if everyone super concerned about them only doesn't bring up act that you now hit. The hurt collects parents have lost Our daughter! Only daughter and child and grandchildren he's being fuckin, MR funny Man over here, and he is like celebrating that he got led off on this amazing. It's disgusting, but what s great about this is that up until this point collects mother and her stepfather, who, I think raise collapse, he's in it Hard Alfred and Mildred SOB, how much you blood, Alfred and Mildred you men who play some who pay off the efforts made by Karl Malden, your has yeah she's, a sound cisco. I was raised on it. We are as tv show about I'm the one where there is like
couples and male hang out? And now it's the one from like been nine, the San ninety one. Ninety yeah, ok, gay people. Straight people, and they like it's like I'll. Oh that's, the
Yes, that's the almost out my pants books, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, something something knows this was literally from the seventies. It was Michael Douglas and Karl Malden detectives San Francisco driving around shooting at people, unlike, as is your eyes are rightly but just randomly murder but cops and as they drive around it. Just like you- and I give you get to look at its video footage film footage actually of my childhood gone like oh yeah. That's that used to be there. That was there is the most VON tv show to one another. I see an old Ella like the one where they drive around town. Everyone go watch LOS Angeles place itself at such an amazing movie. Documentary be seen a three hour documentary quickly, narrated about LOS Angeles playing itself in movies, LA houses that are sir, are played
what movie backgrounds that our pretending to be China Orbit in downtown is supposed to be this thing, but you can tell us not because of this landmark its. I can't wait ass. I've never heard of that. Are you fucking? I have to see us and dont you. Drugs get high and watch US angels place herself and I'll, see you and support its on Bali, I gotta say it's there. I watched it eight times and I ve never gone past an hour because it's just so involved in you fall asleep, anything of it, but the Procureur Mornin Mildred is played by even saint, even Marie Saint Amory saying my dad pretended he saw her. It was one of my away. Did you put on these are her when he was carrying your bags on a ship and varied in some areas ray. I talk about my father too much really a lariat already. We might end you're, not the rain. We're pulling out Yvonne'S- and this
woman walked in front of the tar who was worrying, clear plastic. I he'll show sterile that there is a real annually and feel to this woman bit broke down? Try be pretty later on in life, in no my criticising her with her, not accuse us, but as she passed from the car, my dad goes even Marie say you enter, tended to recognise, or was that happen four years ago and I'm still laughing about that, but it made her day if she thought that someone like, except she if she heard the sarcasm and his voice, who it was a bit Larry Larry. I'll call you later Jim Jim. Do you think that I'm related to the sulphur man? I'm not that their dad? I know it could be very silberman, my god. It actually like me.
Cryptographic. Ok, though, they were ok so that parents are outspoken supporters of Jeffrey through the whole trial. Everything Alfred even said that if he had another daughter, he would still want Jeffrey as some alarm which creepy, but once the charges are dropped and he starts seeing all these little fuck creepy things he's like go fuck yourself because they liked them them. Psychopath mask finally came down finally s, so he realizes that Jeffrey had been lying to him about so many things, including Jeffrey, told him Finally, he was like get off my back man. Here's what happen myself in several several other green brays. We tracked down one of the pillars and we put him. We kill them later. They killed. One of the killers justly we took care of leave us alone. Let me alone so because of his crazy fuck and linked this guy. I want like I'm pretty sure, let them gonna be like growing up to be this guy.
It made me like Qana loved him. Where was not this? The other guy obviously limit the yes. Yes, he was just like a dogged became up investing found everything wrong with his second trial transcripts everything he searched the house himself. He was a bad ass. This is the dad collects the step daddy acting, I think, was with with him forever like one of those cute old couples. Anyway,. So with him and the formation of the sea, ideally investigation team, they indict Jeffrey by then he was living a lavish life in California. As a civilian doktor he's like fuckin checks, he's gotta yeah he's got a lot of money, he's famous cause he's the doktor who didn't kill people, maybe and nineteen. Seventy four Mcdonald is brought before the Jeffrey is brought before the grand jury and North Carolina is indicted and all three counts of murder and nineteen. Seventy five bow and in a trial lasted over six weeks. The government introduced over a thousand evident Jerry.
Items and at the trial Helena denied at the check the crazy, drawing chick young per was like I wasn't there. I what happened? Dine everything later she's diagnosed with skits I'd personality, which has had moved on, Jeffrey Mcdonald's, convicted of all three counts of murder in less than seven hours or how so. Let's talk about really fuckin happened, ok, ready for that. Story is above the eyes the beginning, but what actually happened and here's? Why me now- and this is fucking crazy, first of all a lot of this is from Mcdonald kissed facts. Combine fail, Callaghan this guy it's just a civilian he's, a fucking website he's like they caters online. So to this, and he is like here's. What happened based on the fact that- and this is so crazy- they me for members of the household Jeffrey collect Christian and Kimberly, they all had different,
on types, which is a step statistic and just to call anomaly: ok, look in a family that he doesn't fucking happen great, and that means that they were able to trace what happened room by rule because blunt. I all I just got the weirdest chill. You don't have anything governor of the sound, so you know like in like hoovering, Roger Rabbit or those like old times. Things are like here's how to do that to step, and they put like a footprint here and every year than one goes back on over here. It's like that with blood, Thank you for this year, fucked up, ok, so fucked up down So here is what really happened. I mean, according to everything In the early morning, hours that very seventeenth nineteen, seventy collect and Geoffrey mix get into a heated argument in the master bedroom Jeffrey at the time was taking amphetamines to lose weight. Seventy or those math and hands
for twenty four hours. It leaves out of his goddamn right. In the previous weeks, collapse have been upset that Jeffrey was planning on leaving for a long time to be the doktor referred. The army, boxing team even though she was having a really difficult pregnancy. And she was going to night school for psychology. So this chick was it ass, an was kind of a narcissist, so his wife not wanting to stay at home and be you know, him having to stay home and take care of his kids at night. When she went to school do the dishes, but even the bridegroom did not gibe upward that word, rang out also the issue with their daughter wetting. The bed was a big deal with them. He got really pissed off about it. She didn't brought it up in one of her psychology classes and I was just guessing. Maybe he got more angry that night that she, what his side of the bed ran right like
Just her bed, she went the sight of out of them something fucking snapped and point Jeffrey punches collapse in the face who then Then this is our based on blood evidence as well as the fibers from the jam is right. Collect grabs. A hair brush hits Jeffrey above his left eye. These are also based on the bruises agents. Are they Russell and Jeffreys Pajama top gets Torreon multiple places and now he hits collateral face a second time and grew perhaps what we remember as the wooden club from Earlier- why that turns out to be, is that there was this wooden, this piece of wood holding up a call, a proportion of the Master Bed Foot Board because you know sometimes gets wobbly jam, something embryo Keegan Rams. Whenever that has made on the floor and he fucking thrusts like jams out her.
Of one end of the end, her chest and that's where that came from like a wooden state, because she probably had something she was trying to hit with him, so he couldn't come close to her. Oh, ok, yeah exactly like go to prison, hurry. Just like you, hit terminates or whether javelin so at this point then Kimberly the daughter enters the room here, fighting. Maybe I'm an Jeffrey turns around and hits her with the club on the left side of her face. Color then screams Jeff. Why are you doing this, which is what he said he heard from the couch but it's so loud that he thinks maybe the neighbors heard it. So he included in a story, but he turns it into Jeff. Why are they doing less ray and then Kimberly falls under the floor near the entrance at the master bedroom, and we know this because there's her blood scattered around that area, then grabs a knife from her,
table and she slashes Jeffreys abdomen for building in that upside down veal aspiration on his admin. And then Jeffrey retaliates, with two blows with the club to collapse, had knocking her unconscious. At this point, restricts the bed picks camera they up his unconscious the bed she and carries her back to her bedroom. He places her into a sleeping position. He at that point Fourteen pajama threads under her bed covers when he does a twenty point. Five inch yarn of her his close found. His talents I've Kimberly's pillow and then this is enough. He at this point suppose they would have had his pajamas off by then. So the fact that his pajama threads are all over. The place shows that this is what he actually, that costs should be under ether. Even if you did come in there, he then use the club to strike Kimberly with two blows on the right side of her face and when he does, that mean
pick the club and hit her twice cast, blood onto the ceiling in those blow and that blood had both Kimberly AM collects blood next in which means we know that he had her first hit cleverest. Covers Kimberly's body with her blanket and but covers. Then he the knife from the kitchen, and you behind my knee traces of blood all over the kitchen, and it should The pattern shows that he pacing the kitchen one thinks trying to figure out what the fuck today grabs a knife paces a kitchen back and forth in a panic pearly they don't. They It was premeditated and probably was like what do I do now? What do we do now? When I do now, then he goes Christians room- and this is the other daughter who sleeping not part of this at all
any stabs or in the chest. Now she lay in her bed. The wounds indicate that Christian was probably sleeping at this point in her pajama top the wounds indicate Then it had been lifted before she was stabbed, the position of the wounds show that it is almost as if He was trying to identify the location of vital orient. Cause she's got stab in these specific cases that a surgeon would know would bear the most. But thou the most damage right like is trying to be efficient in killing his right at some point. She wakes up to try to shield herself a cushion Katzenberg is on our hands and because of that pajamas, the JAMA fibers found under her fingernails here and stamped on the back and places her places his daughter back into sleeping position on her bed and he places her favor pink security blanket in her arms
and you ve happened here. He exit the room and then, when he's he's like bringing the bed sheets to go, may be wash them, but here's collect stagger into Christians room. He heard her go in there to try to put her daughter follows or in with the club any hits collapse in the face It places her arms in front of her face in an attempt to ward off. Blows and her arms, which is why our arms are bruised and shattered, and she gets hit twice more. Then he sets then he sets this club, the club down on Christians bed. Which is why there are traced Kimberly's blood on the bed, because the car We had hit Kimberly with miss and placed on the bed that's insane you're trying to say you're trying to help other people, but there is such a basic fucking obvious,
Yeah reason right that it's not true, which is why it's insane to me that people arm haven't websites dedicated to his innocence, alright, because back Nobody knew anything about like the any of this blood right in the dna and blood type in all its dimensions. Sallow. That shows that its panic, this isn't planned, raises a fuck. What am I gonna do because then, after all, this, he goes into the living room and he, Since the Esquire magazine article and we know this because as a bloody smudge on the edge of the magazine that double than the blood belong to collect and Kimberly, he reads article he tosses his glasses assigned a lantern the window in the living room, and we know this because on this glasses, there's a marker Christians, blood and that that throwing the glasses aside to me as such a fucking, definitive action of one. Now I know after fucking. Do you know read this article about how the tape murders you now or blue
crazed. Hippies will now I fucking now. I have to finish this and make it look like that. It's also as a person who was on speed for a year ha done acid and I've done a spade fur way, laws reasons outright. The idea that you would be the red anything in that circumstance, specifically where he's just murdered his family and then he sits down to read an article to me- is like really indicative of the of the kind of psychopath he was gonna. That's kinda Emma like when you get into a thunder bender how freaked out you are now like you're, just kind of imagine in the middle of all that you sit down and read something where you, what would be? How would you can take anything in, but here's an I'm wondering as if he had read it earlier that evening or whenever She had minutes she had been at school at evening, so I went
he had read through an earlier and I even thought about it, and then these things are happening and he was like wait. How did they make this look like? Maybe he probably hadn't written the word pig yet in blood, and he was like maybe fuelled on by the fact that he had he had this laughed and had read this stuff. That, these matters and kind of is fuelled by that, and then he went back to the magazine to be like. How can I This looks like a cover up. He wasn't going to read, he was going to find it. To cover this right get like did what are the exact details right, basically being a doctor about it worms I, how, if I may, to copy this, I'm in a copy it correctly and I'm gonna. Do it in the way that's going to convince everybody em, but I mean I'm buckle, it's just so cold! It's like! Oh, my god, he's a fucking reptile a tunnel are up and then I can other. I give you how to run it, which I come back this up as when you're on acid get fucking kill people like
killing. People on ass is not a thing that the debt that that ok, any tips over the living room coffee table to show that there has been a struggle where he spoke slavery, sleeping but there's a lot of evidence such as it wasn't, which you can into one another podcast Ok. So then he uses events friend to take collects body back to the master bedroom and in the process, leaves three bloody footprints and collects blood, as he leaves Christians, room and the fucking crazy thing about this is that you they can tell that was carrying something heavy by the way, the footprints are NASH into the carpet. O is not fuckin crazy oak is its pile carpet, was making measurer? How heavy was the footprint right? Amazing am so here's that rooms and he puts Let on the master, bedroom floor and unknowingly sets her body down on top of twenty four pajama fibres. Their neath, her body, even though he said he put them on top
He hits the hand again and then he in the Kimberly's run with the knife inflicts more of her injuries with a knife. Many takes ice pick into Christians room collects marine more ones on her. Then he said he goes back in and stabs collect, the chest and neck with a knife. In stature twenty one times after he had put Her project has become a top on top of our, so that when you put, the Germans happened, however, state twenty one times and when the programme prosecutor were in court. They for they were able to show that the jam top the way it was laid down. Man every single one of those twenty one mass, so he had put it on top. Whereas if to cover her, so we didn't have to see himself stabbing his wife and twenty one. Those twenty one marks went through that pajama top and then they were on his arms and he was spending off blows from the people and that's why
twenty one marks were there and it perfectly matches his wife's wound, insanely fa totally insane. Also just this idea of a crazed man walking from room to room killing and re killing. His family was horrified that, unlike he had never, apparently they were an apartment building. So No one has ever like they had never argued before they had never heard them fight. They had some fucked up problems with the relationship he had hadn't multiple affairs like he had been fucking fifteen women. Up until now, applying like they were, haven't, ignorant or promises they never far. So this is a guy who is act out of his mind and fuckin snaps yeah. Doing this. It's not it's not a methodical killer. It's someone who is like here's. What needs to be done and does it he's over the edge yeah sure yeah he's over the right? It says that SAM Shepherd cases really similar.
This one was after SAM shout per year, the ice observers, late fifties, yeah releases IA so you're, probably right about that too yeah and then there I did another one another family, and I are another murder of a family that was in Fort Bragg in eighty five that mere this one a lot too. Well, but it wasn't the dad. RO, as a cod summer, Lane summer assembly murders we did before anyone, ok The very sorry ok, similarly, murders warrant that ones where they came to see the puppy. It s a hate, on some ideas that are known episode, that is, but what is happening say forty seven, yes,
was he wouldn t worry Savant, just whereby kindly beautiful mine, but just for podcast episodes, stabs and the chance of a lion. Ok. So then he walked through the back door with the weapons tosses them into the into the murder both into the one, but we call it. The murder by Mr Bush goes back and last Bush slackened, gosh goes back to master bedroom, uses the surgeons glove to write the word pig on the Head Board of the master, bad there's three five. I now three fibres from the budget. Is found near the left corner of the fort. The foot board and one fibre found near the headboard so really him. While he was swayed, there must have been ok, something's, wrong and wise men he obtained a disposable scalpel blade from the hallway closet cause. He won't even fuckin stab himself with ice pick stamps himself in the right side of his chest, with a scaffold blade and then I go to read it and read. It says someone. Alright, it's really smart and they say it is,
actually, where the doktor makes an incision to place a chest tube the chest tube. So this is the spot that we and he was like an emergency technician. This is where we tat some one to pay you, because there is almost zero risk of harming the patient. Lapses. His long, but in a place, that's not dangerous yeah. He thinks that the severity of this wound it will make people I didn't do it myself. Yes, but then he is assured that he won't be hurt nannies. I heard enough to make people not suspect him he then gathers himself for a little bit and then he phones authorities at three forty, a m an forty two! I am he did it twice. So tat. What really happened Mcdonald has now sixty eight and he re married and was still in prison. O sixty eight years old might be from an art, I didn't diabetes.
He's an older man now based on presenting Marian when you said remarried though I was like sorry, did he get a go. He always risen in Bulgaria in prison. Ok, get one of those people sure he has never wavered from his claim that he didn't kill his wife and their children and he says he'll never apply for we're all because that would require an admission of guilt. Even though is up for Pearl which means he won't be eligible for release and tell your twenty seventy one, but he is still fighting for a new trial based on the fact that this woman Helena Sensuous Drug Crazed, hippy and theres many of her online. You can find all kinds of videos from us of her just going now of her saying I did it, I don't know. Maybe I d: do it go watch fatal lesions? It's amazing, there's sought. There is so many interviews with him in prison. He looked. He reminds you of em. TED Bundy, meets fuckin robber, Durst yeah, that's fucked up
Jeffrey Mcdonald who murdered, collect Kimberly and Chris, While it was amazing thinking It's so satisfying cause the other one was really frustrating because its the other one was so similar, the sorry, SAM Bert same shop online with a similar, but so mysterious, whereas one as its parallel, but then it the worst version. It's almost like this one is from someone who's, even more narses. This deck, because he didn't even come up with a good there's no plan, that's good enough to second make us like it and do it now. There is nothing that time Leinen and it's it's it's. If you read it sped quickly on the web. That I found. Let me see here
Mcdonald case facts dot com. If you read it all now by filling out Philip Callaghan, it's even more specific and says what blood is where what brain matter is, where there's a drop of blood here, there's a drop of blood here split is so and says this blood, as this person's like it's hundred more like, the blood evidence and fibre evidence that there's no way to explain the way that he did it ran. Also in the just popped in my head? Is I'm I can't get over a father stabbing his daughters, who are so young, but If you are served in that, and of interaction with the human body is that we are to you, because you do it a lot of times in a life saving way so like the body is just not a human body to yeah yeah. Well, they say that thing about leg. I fuck em sort insult venture surgeons, but let surgeons have a heart
They are now well that this is a thing I'm not, and this is going to call an clank started at mariner ending. I just that, while the brain is different, it something you see every day or inanimated, but like the thing of words like if you are able to cut into a human body every single day and not think of it like and not be freed up, where you have a lot of really a brain. That's really good at dissociate itself from other people. Yes, That is how it was any idea from that any kind of it's a different thing for you gets shoe its a human anymore or that still doesn't explain the fact that they were his goddamn daughters when that its I'm so funded, but the thing of like the people who are narcissists, who think of their children as a a part of them sign extension of themselves. Yeah he's not killing his daughter. He he's
he's doing what he needs to do right now. It's it's part of him. It's his. Property. He could do it. Every wants with it How is it and I'm not apparent clearly, but how is it I mean? Look at my body. How is how is it any easier? I can't I can't say this right. I could never kill a child, even though I'm not a its parent. How is it easier for someone else to do it? If not? That's just that's why he is very anomaly, and this freaking this thing that we could want to look at and talk like a child at all. A little on your own Jeffrey Mcdonald, repeatedly. Ok, while I was grates unilaterally and prob,
right now, so I can't I won't make on your show what time is it I'd like kind to say they re? Now you, oh yeah, Brando. Twenty five minutes later sorry fab started out like a brand new somebody posted a picture themselves standing outside the improv. Today, I'm gonna make it and now here below them away. Let's do a quick thing. Like this. We gonna pay extra for events is birthday. Super excited o nice did, I recall my biggest story and that you wouldn't I'm magic mathematical. My did I tell that though online do I tell it live native guys if you are mere LAS Vegas or you're going any time soon. Like me, I got one thousand percent go see the magic MIKE Strip show at Hard Rock. It is so good is not
cause I'm not being sarcastic. You can tell because of how deep resonating my voices Fleming Sarcastic goes up like this. It's so good and the dancers are amazing and the show is really cool and very modern and a woman is the host it's very much about women. Getting what they want. It's really cool, it's very sexy. The dancing is incredible and I take whence it totally but But yet there was like probably five guys go out there like birds, Vince, you sitting into the bathroom, have in Aragon that it comes out on station is and why the dancers and he's like handling and happy anniversary, whatever does a whole dance. The dancing is so good and just their acrobats, their gymnast, their dancers, their musician. Amazing, it's crazy! That's it! triple threat.
Thanks. Everybody thinks you're listening you guys. We really appreciate we everything you do for us stay sexy. I dont get murdered, Gimme
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