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This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia cover the case of Theresa Knorr and a selection of modern true crime tales.

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This is exactly right. Welcome to my favorite murder, for some reason, professional to me is like a low voice. Is air, some Argos very welcome, and I ve a murder. This carrier, that's guarantee its due to be real. Professional. This is the third time we started tonight. You I see if we can mail there that we got real bad, you guys missed a lot about driving. You missed ice, spoiled a movie watch the movie Christine it's on networks, and I won't that's all I want to tell you. That's all you're gonna tell them and dont look anything up about it. Just watch it
Few dare or just watch it cold and don't be. I know what it's about it. It was every that I want it because it was took place in the eightys it without vintage. Clothing remains our land or Paul is like a hallways. Incredible Michael see, how's play such an do she loved all Hauser and their needs. The invention of halls cover up the hulls are the halls of whether they are catchphrase deck. The halls nervously just Word association, juries, arrogant on we're, leaving tomorrow for Denver. Oh, yes, that this will come out next week. So hey! I leave you how high you got everybody and so actually relieving in two days for Australia, oh shit, dude, are you
I made us reservations at a restaurant or at any rate, that I tell you that the item I am excited, I have to say. I'm very angry at the ghost of my mother, because as the the already as he as the one thing she did Hereupon in her life was: it was always a nursing, related thing or health related thing any time I flew to New York or back east she would say get up and walk around. You don't want to die of a blood clots. You'd say that a further point, which is a great thanks. Thanks. I think your building that into my singing now never leave I d You are not supposed to cross your legs on time landing. Really. For that reason is that true, why it's pure evil? But that's my bet that I've read on crusher legs. That's specific, though, because your cutting off blood circulation rate, but why
take off and landing because of the pressure. Ok, ok, you're, asking our eyes are coming out of it as immigrants issue. Just a concern that I have so. Your mom told you that all my pants or to take I'm scared him in a diver blood clots. Ok
oh you mean life. It does are kind of two separate and then at the same time, the same issue while here is good, is ok. Since my business class there's a bar in business class, so you can walk over meet me and then at the barn isn't class. Getting absolutely should have a way. It is this, like international waters, where I can drink on the plane to Estonia because it doesn't count as being in America. My actual life, yes and then you'll have a blood got anesthesia around the place for real and I'll punch. Every that I will find their pilot- and this gives us a means- gives making up a scenario like he likes to do and then and then Georgia's running around the business class in her jeez during even where do nothin like you guys, are Dave you in your first year history running around that miss. Can you mess? We need you to cause you're gonna be so drunk Khatami, so drunken so excited they are out of this clause very exciting, so
The idea that I can lay down that really brings me a lot of belief that it is scary to me. I don't know, there's something nerve, racking about a play, a plain flight that long Ok, I won't you hold your hand. Ok, ok, ok, you being a pod, that's right will mean a pod stephen you'll, be there in Flanders, Us Norman's. I was gonna, send you back drinks recently, docendum anyway, then Stevens and his g straight out of control and that my everybody, I got terror with handsome everything S Australia's dial. It. I've done that flight before I D done the flight to New Zealand, so that wins a little bit longer than Australia. But, like I feel like slept the whole time I just like. I can't handle this line of words like we're landing like
two days later by Ireland. Contents, it's very exciting. It stifling. It makes an element to get one as Evian spray bottles and just spray water. In my case, the voltages Ma Am, can we sham everyone's complaining member? Nobody puts you do that anymore person mind. It was king because you can do you over your head, like this people. They're doing today are ok. Let's talk about podcasting, oh, I want to say for the live shares and around the subject that I think that we have been told people that is so you, like sometimes two or three shows in said. He we do a different murder every night. Oh yes, side, Felix and the like
What we did that once the first time you did too shows in one night. I believe it was Seattle re here, and I think you could hear the people in the second show who had been the first one like audibly grown yeah and then we're both like. Oh, it fell back. The air went out of the room. We were just staring at each other like. Why are we doing this isn't like I saw, I could see the front row like the same two faces I had seen in the show before, and I just wanted to apologize, so I think we did apologize to people. We know we did. We stop doing it, therefore, that as the living abroad gi that we did so in under this murder ever ever, and yet it's a lot of work mainly mad about it. That would like you said that you feel, like you, fifty in both reports, yes, etc, and we have only really cool march that you can't get mine rice but the shows and lives like we actually put a lot of work into it and it's like
fucking, cool share too. If you were single and you had a bumble profile, I think that March would be one of the things you list under your interests really you're talkin about Marge and have been since day, one so fine, there's so much bullshit. We have a short now and I can stay. It says I'm a and then it says, there's one that says Caroline. This is Georgia, but it's in our signatures. Yes, says idea, and it's so fucking cool shit, it was Karen's idea. Then just went out that out of a god. Damn I'm sorry look. I just get me so much better, firmer legged ignorance and another light up even do anything. I do sometimes receive my home, but I think it's great at an idea. What would happen if you loved ones and winds asked me to say that I would like to say in a proper events, lots of people who contacted us from LOS Angeles or
Pierre, whenever they needed to say there is a carvel ice cream shop in LOS Angeles out on the west side. Oh yeah, we didn't know that I've never heard of it at all in California, it all mean either from the way I've been hearing. Member who else contacted us to? Let us know that cargo Carvel marvelled themselves. Yeah. What did they say? Did you see the tweet when its Stephen? Ok, I'm getting a carvel buddy, the whale four hundredth show yet, and I read there were like the Countdown Zone party time it's on eyes, oh really or thanking famous me. I was like that's bad said. Cake discriminate, guarantee that we can afford to get ourselves Stephen get me I'm tweeting Anna's. I lost my change to the town. No, I don T intend to their party cited rather cake, which is nothing new in setting the fears are real celebration. Well, what's funny to me is people
talked about it. Never like. I grew up eating. It ended when I looked at and as far as I can tell the that's shop open in two thousand and eight now those are reliant on the website and Monica yeah, oh yeah, as the only one in a lame. I think there's one outside of outlay too. I think there's one unlike naming a city that item like Monrovia out of eleven Monrovia over in one right like it's one of those places where I am from southern california- and I dont know that without these cities that you like, why wait or proclaim a likeable? Is it this there's a really there's a mystery spot, that's kind of like along the Download empire yeah amid the mountain range, then there's like why not do you not know where these places are. Claremont yes happening over Clara what nobody goes there, unless I think they stay there there like fuck, allay which I hear ere it. It's like I've, been of a couple of facing the oh, it's fucking, adorable, Clemens fancied. It has like that college colleges ever there. We mean harbours,
What did they had a Harvard too? That's happened to its similar to Harvard its tons of ivy. It's just mosey at school did supply out a girl. I may just have a plan to get a girl. I know that my mom is a horticulture is, and I really want hurry hold on yeah JANET's horticulture is a true she's going to school, for it is always men, so fucking hiring corner plants and then, finally, at seventy one she's like warm and go to school to be offered a quarter. Misa says she works Illigant Nursery and I'm dying for her to open her own. Her own plans reminded home, because I want her to call a little shop and horticulture at a level that way. You know it's not what I want to go with a guy that when I like
scared scared, thank you now isn't over Siberia Cyber. What does she did that and then she get sued by brick, Maria nets by by the evil, dentist steamer loud, so pointless plan b I mean seriously it's it's like we're. Trying to get people than Alison's here is that this series I have to talk about cause, I'm so into the sinner. Are you watching at which ask of you I'm dying to ok, you have to die, I dunno is on yet just gobio bill. And placed the car. I don't, some John Snow Look and mother Fucker plays her, has been I've never seen him before. Unless it is Johns now and he's doing an american acts and I'm not sure what is happening is beautiful. And it is a lake She doesn't know you have to
yeah I mind I'll see many marshals and I've gotten like chills it's on demand. Anyway, if you like, I don't know if you like a good series which this is and it is, it has the kind She'll do it, but it also like has a very well written and paste drama feel to it just a bill. HU, I have never known like I'm, I'm too old to be in that seven Lyman generation me millimetre. He is so good at his haven. At its I mean, like it's a little pale you're, not that you're, not that into Christianity, really what it actually. Judging. I am walking home you're the errand you for Jesus different, you the way I see you are looking for something new to watch Recommend a sinner x, I so I was wearing a singular corner. Looking other keep trying to make. These shows a true detective and they're not like. I really didn't like the ozarks did you I didn't want it does every Monday and I'm sorry that care, but it was, I hated and sorrows like over. I hope this another one of those right now
Jason Bateman as a single tariff only done so amusing. Ok, that's what he says at the beginning of every sorry shit. I really want like a walk on our role in the new rested developments. I share of action, and is that really what you want now? Are you vision, boarding right now, following my visual large awoke and are over you're, just gonna walk on knowing I get it because I think will it's because it's done right, it's the bass, yeah and when, when it's done right, you can like lock and do a series like that or night of the night of tallow yeah, I'm. I want to watch it fifty times so this saying of Jessica Beale and what's his name, making out just in time. No her husband of a resume at your own you're just having personal fantasy son, that's for your other by Dinah Cosplay! Ok, I'm sorry, I'm just going to u dont like resentment, because if you
I presume you wouldn't immediately picture making Outwitted Jessica, Beale and Picture Meng out myself will ya few? You say you you're not here. Good, looking human, ok. Like all I want is dna inside me. No, I meant that I want to have his baby. Has his own area is so beautiful? They get the baby or the origin and using him using as the unerring totally telling amazed surmount. Even those are my only topics carvel on the sinner, ok and I think we should probably watch em up ascends while we Carvel ice. Ok, let's watch em right now, while we continue to say that I have another thing that I'm sure it's not Orton and Weird take a moment Stop and listen? Do you know how people a awkward of weird pauses and broadcast say, never exist with it with seasons? Wonderful work, editing
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Nineteen, eighty nine tonnes their old woman named Terry. Nor comes to the EU. Tat police and she has a story for them. She tells them about how a before around her mother and two brothers had killed both her teenaged sisters, terriers teenage sisters, landless their bodies in the mountains near Lake Tahoe were the yeah Tellson S, she's kind of like I could druggie and she's been arrested for like shoplifting, so she's kind of on the outskirts of stuff, so they believe her there, like I can shut up that's an insane story, so the cops don't believe her a thorough stand a lawyer that she consults, don't believe her story. So she's just like well fuck it I want to do them, but then an end a three. She watches an episode of America's most wanted com.
Does the hotline that they gave is like fuckin sorts of borrowing? And I guess we're like a woman on the other end of the line is like. Oh, my god, and I like talking- I like how it been the America's most wanted Fuckin hall sent out. Can you imagine cool and then also you have time to some of the craziest. You would have heard. Some crazy story doesn't say that. Why would you rather be in an answer to this and nine when one operator or I know your name anything or anything else. Nor may well. Ok, she calls them in an endless checks like while that's crazy. They talk forever she's like well. Why don't you go to the police station that this took place this took place, I'm cause she lived in Utah then, and they simply or so she goes to the Placer County sheriff it tells authorities would happen, and they start to realise that this
These details match with two called cases that had had. In eight years, before oh shit, she's, giving them details that are that bit so well that I cannot believe her I so badly right now want to see video of her to see her behavior or I can show it to you right now. Building for real case file, why don't they? But what about her? Do you think makes her so unbelievable to the authorities, definitely seems like the kind of person she segment, how she told everyone. She would tell anyone who listened this story, and they must have thought that I could see people
like list, checked a speck and goes to a dive bar she's irregular tells ever on the story. Nobody believes and it's a crazy story so stiff. She seem like an alcoholic or like she's a drug Eu Vietnam anymore, not when she is doing the actual episode she seems later. That should govern should actually incredibly believable. Will it also went through that beer you get to drink, We all know anything. I mean like nuts. That's the irritating thing about. These kinds of situations you you lived through a trauma way of like have your family killing, either half and then, This must not just be like. Oh no, I'm really reliable right because I'm totally in reality all the time and it's like she's telling the story and she's not crying because she had to shut her emotions off from all of this so long ago that other leg Your highness historian and you're selling a matter of fact way, and we now believe you like. Even a therapist who should be able to look past the staff yeah. Unlike call the fact, Lake Tahoe Ski, like Pd L B, like hey that anyway,
It's a curse! Third story: we can talk about that. So that gathers to never identified Jane Doze can imagine there like oh shit, we should look into less so here's the story so Terry's mom, her name's Teresa, nor she's, born in Sacramento, California and forty six at age. Sixteen she leaves home to marry a man by the years older than her who she had met a few months prior. She perhaps at a high school they get and she gets pregnant So on July six, nineteen sixty four that their arguing. And the husband tells Teresa that he's leaving her. She gets so pissed off. She shoot him in the back with a rifle ass, his walking out the door killing him we share here. She's are stead and charge of his murder, but she says she's not guilty because it was self defense. She says she does and tell them what happened really
like shootings, some on the back how's? That's up to see it doesn't look good bye. During her trial, she's SEC, pregnant or second kid, and she claims that she shot him because he was violent. Alcoholic physically abused, her inches acquitted of murders. She gives birth to her. Second can Sheila sixty five after that. Brush hevens drinking super heavily heavily begins. Another relationship with a man named Robert, nor that touching her last name, pregnant again, and they have a third kid named Susan. They have three more children, William Robert Aunt, Theresa that they named after her? That's Terry. That's the growth of curious, a junior trace junior as you do not mind of coal they are not really loved the name Virginia. But if I erratic
I can't name her vision, because my installing Diana would seem like a maiming our avatar that myself- and this is my son, New Jersey, re plague handed a beer just surveying put. If you had a daughter name, her parent until we do that, but I wasn't gonna be our eventually. She they divorce, she mates of another man. They get married two months later they divorce, and then this is when she starts to go ducking crazy, says all the kids after her. Fourth, Fourth devoirs, six kids. She goes knots. She starts drinking more and more. She puts on a ton of weight and super pissed off about it. She starts abusing her kids hard core
Harry. Suddenly, your kids, my mom, beat the shit out of us she's, a kind of awesome yeah like you want to hang out with her when you see her ankle in this case, as I want to shoot, yeah she's just like what they beat. It should be There are eleven fuck out of like she's, just a matter of fact about a bit like you can tell she's just think that it from let's intense and why to have the late my conversations with here yet, but everything hugged my arm on too much. It was like who are we trying to convince that we loved her? She loved us. On the other hand, if we didn't hunger and kissed her and tell her you loved her, then we didn't I'm heard your evil children we or GMO seeds that have been given to her by Bob. Nor so she go crazy and starts to think that her kids, like satanic, oh Anne, she becomes reclusive and disconnected the hall, phone and wouldn't let the kids go out and or have visitors they made you're too, that her apartment in Sacramento can you imagine six children, no alarm, and I lived in
you better, my apartments, but to other remains, and we all wanted to kill each other uncle time. Also, it's very hot, their Sacramento, oh yeah, prowling and how they see, probably didn't. That will make you go crazy, swamp coolers! That's what you told me where we sit around and chairs right next to the swamp color with our armpits up, they ve never even heard of z like the sun, God. How ok the neighbour, and they never sent Apronless filthy and smell like urine. On top of all of that, so for years, Teresa abused and tortured her children, and it sounds horrific. Pleading burning them cigarettes, throwing knives at them, beating and once grab Terry by the arm and held a twenty two calibre pistol. Terror had until now she's like Hitler, so Chin, that Terry Wynn, but to finally report this horrible thing was totally shut down. That's how I was like she wasn't crying here was matter of fact. They telling a story. I am it's like: will ya,
at seven years old or whenever she was like emotions are not going to help. You know that their they count against you very badly. I with a mother like that. Definitely back so she be ass. She had no more attached to this. Sorry at that point, which is the same This, reminds me of Silvia lichens at horrible story I covered awhile ago yet were in that the man made would make the other kids beat up well known, so she wouldn't make them involved an end so that they were part of it. You know, that's pearly pardon why Terry was so fuckin shut down when his leg she kind of had a hand in it and her in her mind, thinking she was responsible to, even though you are obviously not yet so. There is like talk of incest, its brought up unlike one or two articles but data, the wording has comes out, but they don't go into details at all. So I don't really know how to resolve. That is our of to what extent that is,
but see up. Ok, so she primarily started to focus her anger and abuse on the two eldest daughter, Susan and Sheila Terry Teresa resented that Susan and shallower maturing and becoming a two young women while she was becoming older and colonel, is any way Terry kind of explains it like that, but its clearly so much more deep seated than it yes choosing monster in Saint personally abroad and in bad out like a degenerating alcohol, ay and yeah there's, let probably parts of our brain are going soft because of the drink. Even if it's been going on for long enough, yeah I learned on sober house. I can happen. You have gone, but scarcely wise, take us out of my tea. That's got whisky em, but that makes them perfect sense, and also I bet you, the sons,
like every move you ve ever seen about bees apparent, were eventually the sixteen year old boy turned round. Ngos I'll beat the shit I've. U few touch me again right the girls camp, are they can't do that has actually and yet and the beating the boys, you now start building them up and probably avoid their mother feeding the shit out of them because their part of it unites shrilly, horrific, especially if yeah Besides, she would say, because of this. She would start administering for feeding, civic girls can you imagine that kind of fucking torture, sorry cuz? They were young and pretty and thin says she would give them force feeding. She would make boxes. Boxes of like makin, she's gonna like this makin cheese and put spoonfuls of large at it. Sit there and make them eat all of it.
Sucks to a point where one of the girls have front teeth were broke. Because of forcing holy shit yeah, that's a hard thing to do for to eat like that or to break your teeth. Shrilly yeah! I mean I've, never done it yeah it's it's not! It's Priscilla they got on his grace arrived so, and if you threw up, he had eaten like forcing knowing you eat too much. You get full in itself a campaign on horrible canoe. Am I like that to me? Is it such a telling torture. But also it so self serving yeah. It's it's yeah It's really really sad so g and such a restricted to believe that her fourth husband had turned. Susan one of the elder daughters into a witch, because so she really received them worst of traces. Amuse
after one severe beating Susan ran away from home and she was by police and placed in a psychiatric hospital, and she told the staff of the abuse at the hands of her mother. And Teresa denies the abuse and told the hospital staff Susan have mental issues, so they didn't investigate and they really Susan back to her mother, oh as they do in the eighties back. Yet how older citizens are. I think she was a teenager. Details of like age not then year, and that sort of thing is hazy, probably because terrorism, one, giving them the info and there's not a lot of Arabia. There's a lot of info to back it up. So it's hard to talk so of our citizens. Super punished for this shit, Beatings with while they wear a pair of leather gloves, which I don't understand like this part.
In a couple of the articles is it makes it more painful than I would imagine ready now. I thought maybe you'd Melick, oh yeah leather, whenever not slapping, gloves slapping with gloves like it british gentlemen were now they like per leather gloves on and beat her up. I wonder: garlic delivers upon China, some of us. She also a forced, her ok, so they all had a beat her up. She got hand half to the bad and they children have a stand. Guard watch her. Make sure searching get either They hang concern enough by now She makes me makes her drop out of school. Everyone drops out of school in their own link, Highschool Lytton, O. None of them got past eighth, This happened before eighth grade alpha yeah. That's really young again very and they were home school, of course, based on the Bible, and they have an than Teresa had a thing called the Board of Education, and it was. Paddling board. Let said the boy,
education on it and the related something wrong. I've heard of that. Have you? people's parents having really get it funny abusive pun, oh It's either. Here that's like makes it ma. Am I get? I got hit with this man as a kid a lot- and it is fucking painful? Is it really it? I know it like it's. It's It seemed a cute thing right that, like gonna, spend your children and that everyone acts gets. This is how you teach them, how to be a good person. So spanked, oh, I was a kid with both Witherspoon EM, a ham, a fucking. Hurts and it's terrifying and the parents- really pissed off, while their doing so. It's not like a teaching ls end its eve. I am so fucking angry you, that's an adult out of control with a child yeah and also it was very fucking common back that India, it was. It was not only common for people to get
while abuse we inevitably like, they think they still blood of evil dumping. That's abuse rate, but also other people's parents. Would kit would slap kid our ino spank them? It was always this idea spanking like on the but was less by its. They call it a smack now. Why am I over sharing? Mr well, it's very well event. Then, I'm sure it brought up. This story brought a blood shit for Yonah. That's fucked up here. I have my mom. Doesn't semi information shit? No one's gonna go to second little supporting agriculture? Should I What's going on, my more anyway is miles was able to focus now get ok. So, let's get to the fuckin they're, having an argument: nineteen, eighty three Teresa shoots Susan in the chest,
During this argument, fuck the boiled gets lodged in her back Teresa makes the sun's put her in the bathtub. And Susan gets nurse back to health by her mother. What's up. She doesn't die at, but it takes place at home here, good guy hellhole yeah and ten He says that this was the only time that she didn't see her mother hitting season. So it's almost like nursing her back to health. Her feel, motherly and needed and says she wasn't abusive, fac Nancy, that's where we're the fucking neighbours, or I mean gunshots- taking yeah well the house. They shouted photo of the house that they moved into the lake to bedroom and definite, looks secluded, oh, like Emma Sacramento kind away, I was picturing, it is like apartment, no yeah, it's an up, they call it an apartment, but it's not. Ok! It's like a two bedroom.
Small place. Okay now looks like it's out and wherever yeah hey. I gonna sounded okay, so she's in respect to house she survives and mention any firm for she works of the courage and held her mom. She wants to move out and two recesses. Ok, you can move out, but you you have to. Let me remove the bullet from your back because if you tell me that, can be used as evidence this retrograde, it's unbelievable. May now I was like. Maybe this week I do like an old tiny murderer. That's like a little more and no less. Like I found ass. I have to do it's incredible. Was insane history set since in Greece put her down on the kitchen floor an Terry says I was basically the nurse a head administering these things by either the brother or
Teresa took her Bulwana Kelly's how, but they found her will apply. Liquor and MILAN MT mulatto capsules. Do not those aren't manage their sleeping pill. Tell she's outcome and then take the boy out, ok and flush. It the toilet, arrived. Infection sets in school, Skin turns yellow from John S. They hang up her to the kitchen table and she lays dying on the floor. This gets really terrific. She Teresa tells her kids that Susan was possessed by Satan and the only way to purchase a demon was with fire. Now She makes her Robert and Bell the brothers Dr Seuss into Sierra Nevada, Interstate eighty, if you know them, and so
out in the wilderness- man, yes, while the eighty, if from sacrament. Now you take the eighty events than year, I faintly I'm on land and it's pretty turn on the way up to the mountains like yeah. If I'm not that sounds rang, it's like toward Rosa that right. They had packed olive, her possessions into trash bags it pull over. The trash mags down there. They pay. Susan on top of them, then a porn gasoline and they let are on fire. Did she still alive? I wasn't gonna say anything more to tell the whole story now, there's that's! You have still I now and I think she was like to me. Nothing is worse than what those this. Those for some reason are the worst to me. Is being led on fire by your fucking family, yeah, but dying of fire. To me a specifically her. If I can't
like the one I currently think about out a story about. It leaves just a warning uncalled case files. They show her they show the fact in crime scene fellows so they she's found they put a fire out, I have no idea who she is They are today in combat, they have nine inches? They make a may make a drawing. What they think that she looks like fuckin case goes, They have no idea who she is and back at home. So it's like a year later late spring of eighty five it starts to make her twenty now, twenty year old, daughter, Sheila work as a sex worker. She liked him, Sir out and she's earning hundreds of dollars a day and Teresa museums like she's, proud of her.
And she seized up on the daily beatings and she's Churchill's actually had to come and go as she pleases. Languages, rare and then Teresa accuses Sheila. Giving Teresa and asked he D, through the toilet, seed and so she beat her huh. Ties her and locks in like tiny brain clause at its heart Factors inhalation and she forbids her other children to give Sheila food or water or to open the closet door and Terry one day when she was gone, disobeyed her and hands and gives her a beer, which is almost like you can imagine, that's probably all there was the house yes and she's a slight kid, this teenage kid whose like doesn't know what else to do here, is of beer Oh shit, I guess Teresa just said she wanted Sheila to confess
but either way, she's gonna get beaten, and so she does confess does she doesn't believe her and so she eventually dies in the closet- oh my god, I'm so sorry years later she dies of dehydration and starvation. They leave her body in the closet for an additional three days before, even covering that she's dead Mom and sun puts the body. Her body and a cardboard box tapes it shot and take it to the mountains where they dumped at near truck. He the tricky airport in London it actually apartment and realise the smell hasn't gone away, and so Teresa orders tarried us at the apartment on fire, this it's a fucking lunatics! Guess why she's still alive? she's still alive Teresa, the lunatic mom up to this day for us, for a second I was like that. Was there that's crazy to know now. Ok are sadly, now crazy to but
dead and dying- and that is time at this way I mean this- is this is have you heard about this. I know when you said the name. It sounds familiar. What's how have you not heard about that? I know not crazy. It sounds super familiar but yeah, but I didn't I I don't know, these details at all, but this mighty when your parents like we're like one watching the news for awhile jab. Eighty five. I would like, if that, if I heard that on the news then I would then like, but here's the thing about. Eighty five is that those are just when the bodies were found to supper bodies in all, and now I guess it and they were cool cases and they were in linked. Ok, I think that the investigator Coquet spouses was, I can't we talk to memorize. This is weird, but they died in totally different ways, but there were two young teenagers, but they didn't its gather yeah, so you wouldn't have heard much. Ok, that's right! This! She didn't. Forward and tell ninety three speed
still, you were in Sacramento, then stop it. I couldn't have known and I'm not blaming years kindness. I gotta help fucking weird. It is isn't like one of the most insane cases, I've ever heard of child abuse and we ve never heard of it right eye. I moved. I was instances go by NATO, which is makes me want that made me want to tell the story more because its leg. Knowing how the fuck- because it's this we're- oh my god, like that idea of the crazy alcoholic mom- that lake keeps everybody in the house like no one's and school and it's just mayhem and an ugly sad place, constant torture, someone that just shoots people like what I mean kills around it just so crazy that that's one person against five, and she is so manipulative an insane and dangerous and scary that she's able to tell her sons to go, kill their sister and they obey it's their mother yeah.
Their primary horrible yeah. It's all they that renown, right so She tells her delight the apartment on fire in the middle of the night. She's wrinkles lie you're fluid around the apartment and light set on fire, but it didn't spread, because I think that because there were neighbors so apparently there we're neighbors, who knows so that our approach our stance, there's not a lot of damage. Jealous body is discovered a few hours after it had been disposed of in the box by second poor fishermen. Jesus can you imagine, and they show that two on court case like I was so surprised- and I was sitting here with winds and he looks up right when that happens and like Doktor, Social Europe. Think when I said, don't look because you're you think I'm fucking in saying that I watch unless he doesn't want you like went in the other room, virtually all signals here and say yes, that just quicker does you're right. You liked rustling, exactly various got their thing right. Ok,
they again classified as a Jane DOE, after leaving the Sacramento apartment. They got, they all go into hiding they. Finally, it down. HU. The landing on fire is finally their ticket out there and they asked break up and and spread around, and she Terry gets to escape mom, while at sixteen the Mai, relocate to Vegas with one of the signs Robert, nor an in ninety one he's arrested after fatally shooting a bartender, unalaska stirring, attempted robbery analysed. Like crane. These are born and bred criminals and are like now go out into the world yeah, just rain free, good luck with having any kind of normal life yeah you conflict. Do you have your going to start shooting Bs Terry, I mean God bless her. She seems, She seems like she was able to straighten her fucking life, thou its anvil, if all that shit,
table. I mean watch it justice like here her tar. I can't wait so they Then they moved. So he goes to prison for sixteen years, mom relocate to SALT Lake City where she began. Was a caretaker, an elderly woman's Karen tanker thought that this dude hired to take care of his mother S. Mother lives there an winch. Ok, let me keep telling us. Is this guy? That's gonna turn our bad right now. Ok, now it turns out like It turns out and we had no idea so now? No aren't! No one else gets killed. Ok Terry takes Sheila's identification. Current passers pass opposite legal adult like she becomes you, do it, you gotta, do yes, so She finally goes to share her story and they finally believe her. As of her detailed descriptions down to the chip teeth,
the Jane DOE they had become because the box that Sheila was put in there new was. There was the only piece of events they had. It was a box from a movie theater like popcorn so I went to every movie. Theater was like. Is this your brand? Is this your box and it wasn't and it turns out there Robert worked at a movie theater when they and had taken the box remove their. So even that cooperated everything. Just these details every matched so detectives also took out the sum floor that had been stained with she body to test it. And in November ninety three Teresa Nora's arrested at her home and SALT Lake City, where she fuckin lives with his elderly mother and this who had hired. Her was like we annoyed issues, sweet lady. I should add some weird shit and she said she liked. Taken care of my mom because she had her. She liked. She,
like really motherly them to my grandkid to my children, who are daughters because she said she had always wanted a daughter of her own and only have sons, O. My son has believe it for a long time yeah, because, like you left ear like in the delta relieving your Mamma, the fuckin murderer, yeah pretty high idea, in turn around a phased out. You're, not a good judge character turned turns out. You dont know yours, you worry, engage your gut. If you listen to your heart eyes, openly eyes open heart, You can't make a reference to see these days we have linked in that will never happen. Ok, she's tart. She is charged with two counts of minor two counts of conspiracy, to commit murder, to special circumstance, charges, multiple murder and multiple murder by torture. William, is sentenced to probation to under an end, to undergo therapy therapy for participating in she. Ll as murder
exchanges, testimony to cross the prosecution dropped all charges against a robber- for one kind of an accessory after the fact in This murder and also the mom, was like all plead guilty Teresa, like our plead guilty. If you that my son's off Were you ever heard? Ok, here's what I have a hard time. What do the sun's deserve? Any thing I mean at what point in their age. I'm not, I feel like. I am not walls. I did debate that in any way now want to bring about, because I can't give a judgment either way. Well, my, my first reaction. Is they don't because they were raised? Chewed, kill people like this, my there the toy. It was out of fear at that point in mind, control that they did that yes and justice taught reactions of this is normal living, yes, but When you say that, then you basically there so many murderers that you can say that about right has they had equally
nightmarish childhood, so they could actually yet exactly it's. Nothing is black and white re, so light TAT, TED Bundy was like abused and sexually molested, but he still There are signs of all four way. Did it's almost like war at the point where there eight teen and on than are they responsive all none? I think for demonstrating its like. Once you killed your twelfth woman, it's on you, I mean I'm seeing these boys. I dont think they would have lived. These lies. Definitely not. They wouldn't have killed their ancestors if their mother didn't make them participate. Definitely I would guess that I mean that's like to me: it's like the beatings and that sort of thing no. They are not held responsible for that. But the murders, the same. It's mothers doing. I now- and I know you learn- are you with me about your blank, your victim, blaming for sure right I understand and I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just like how what what point Dewey at what point is it They're a period at the end of their
That's what judges and juries and all those the brain that look at all the information not appoint. Definitely where they go. Ok visit is this person that add was forced into this horrible alive and entire lifestyle is a person like MRS version that didn't, kill sisters but then went on and attacks people in the neighbourhood or like unwanted and soak Teresa. Please guilty pleads guilt. Because of that and the conditions so that she spared the death penalty just like fuck. You Now that can be legs period about fuck you, in October? Ninety five: she sent in situ consecutive life sentences issues incarcerating California, Institute for women and Chino, so she's fuckin in the inland empire she's in I can assure you know I don't know. Maybe The elder should go there's another now, and- but the Ivy League score should we,
well for pearl and twenty twenty seven. If she to see it I'll be eighty years old. Oh shit, still I wonder: is drinkin inside in the clink of welcome how some wines and toilet line would you take a sip of that one major, not major and if you were like dared, I don't really responded daring. That's Nigeria! You don't seem like a person, I know, would be challenged. P m. I mean They are using wood? I would even be curious about the experience and where oil wine tastes like Pakistan, toilet is hard mail, it ruins it. I mean what I have in mind in a bucket may raises: who bucket? That's quite clearly, the first time ever the bucket was used was for the present, which I'm sure they have access to clean buckets. Then, yes, bigot yeah, I'm sure they there's a whole programme set up, but I would want to teased what non toilet created
prison wine tasted light. I agree, and I doubt would be fascinated I can imagine, there's a type of prisoners who are like he asked at Lyme themselves, I'm an alcoholic, but I won't like entering noted feminist. Now, the toilet line. Who knows who knows? I mean But anyway you gotta, do it. You gotta, do factories and nor guy that was crazy, she's awful offer I dont be so I will be a that's watched. The cookies file I will and did you other off they're all streaming on vehicle at them on demand somewhere, not undermine the lake. Ideally, are no eight on like if you have done rodeos or Apple Aurelia, every single one is on, except for that one are you serious go to use their dependence on you? It's called Mommy something look up the look has files mommy season to upset twenty four. It's so dark,
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While these are just dumb, because people very and tweet us. Have you read this? Have you seen this and there there are things that are happening modern day right and their often like the craziest or the most fascinating kind of true crime of today and which we always talk about it, which I know it's like? when a lot of people are in it, and I wish we could do there. So many of those who, like this insane but there's no details exactly it's it. It's a breaking story right. So what I did was I started my this week's murder. Didn't I wasn't making any good kind of like strategic decisions, as I was watching the case because I stumbled upon. BBC show that It was read it, It is a red it link to a BBC show called BBC Horizons, I think
has been on in England for a long time is what it looks like, because there's like each each one had different opening credits that one look Mason Semi ain't like the ninety six, like they're, unsolved, mysteries, that's yeah for and so like the mystery of blank. So like theirs, thing in Florida called the Florida circle have you ever heard of that, and I was watching half of that. When I was like stop watching tv, can you get an online? I mean working, you gonna? U can it's just put in to see here the problem. It was around link. So I was watch out of that and then Suddenly the title started turning russian writing and then, one point. I tried to click off. And then it turned into like a russian looking. Facebook pay the exact its.
Something like the name of it. It wasn't. Facebook is like ok, summertime and, as like, oh, I should throw this computer who were watching you, but now when we have half my script, and so I have to keep it for a little. Why? But I mean like you, I made a terrible, closer links on read it, but I did She do well, anyway, Fun party, render it makes exciting so so anyway The story that I was watching and going to do. Isn't really a murder like it's a lot of Fascinating story about a mummy that they found in in IRAN that or the seller was in IRAN that had it and and they turned out that was from Pakistan, and that was it was like It was very newsworthy because- only mummies I've ever been from Egypt media. Does the only
place their ancient mummification ritual, so this one might have been stolen so or they were, they didn't know, and it was like look kind of weird indifferent, and then you see it, it's like its. It drew me and so quickly and then it was like, but it was it turned into a lake ancient Persia Fuckin Dark sees it: was there there the reading there uniform writing on it. So then it was the daughter of Xerxes who was the ruler of the Persian empire resolve. Should I have no idea where National sang right now are. We can really smart. The BBC can do that for you they come as one special anyway. It turned So this woman has actually works. I mean I guess I'll just I wasn't going to agree on an all, but it's really cool, because the woman who started looking into it was a scientist, names
Abraham and she taught herself how to read uniform so that she can figure out what it said on the on the stone coffin part and then that's how she figured out had said. I'm the daughter of Xerxes it was this persian princess from the ancient person empire and but then It was like looking out the details, whatever she sending things off, two extra all around the world so they have the uniform. Sport in London and they have they send the mat. That's underneath the actual mummy off to to get carbon dated. Ah they do all these things right and then they and then there is a scientist. That's in used its others, the leading argue I in IRAN and he he's the one the captain said: we don't have mummies in IRAN and they have them in Pakistan. They are only four Egypt, therefore, is This is a purse
Princess then that changes like history, but that means that there must be. It was just this whole thing right. Well, then, as the information starts come back and this doctor, Abraham is investigating everything she starting to notice little it like work, Corky, things from standing out and see yes, so the Kyoto looks weird and she you know That's why she sent it to the guy in London. That was the expert, and she you know, there's like little differences in in the mummification assets or whatever, and eventually they to find out. They send it off to get Ex raid. There were like well in the end Dixon mummification process they empty. The body of the internal organs they dry out, the inner body They put a drawing agent in it, they put the heart back in because the heart is where
the heart is where your brain, they believed your brain was so when cram that brain now you gotta have that Britain, they pull your actual brain out three or knows, and yet they still thing in there and they basically mix your brain around pilots. Jelly brain runs out. Your nose now known now, yes ends, but you start your heart, which is your real brain, which I thought was very beautiful Clia, and so, when the x rated the heart was in, there was There are no internal organs of all the things the brain was in, but to notice Lake the Egyptians of his varies. It's like surgical precision zone, the UN's incision that they would make to take the inner organs out was three inches. This one was eight on this body parts a novice right. They, the Egyptians, would go up the nose to do that. Mixing thing with the brain. They and this mommy had broken all these bonds island. So they
it's not the way. It was like a sacred ritual. They don't just like fuck it up banners limits princess spent. Yes, exact especially deserve seized hues of from occurring. Into that wine is a huge movie. He was humongous okay. So then Doktor ASA Asthma, Abraham fight, his pencil lines on the outer wooden box Pencils were invented two hundred fifty years ago or three hundred years things. He said they said Lead led Pennsylvania. So they're like this a total. This is bullshit. Then they get them. The carbon dating from the man that was underneath the Mummy back and it was made years ago, so they're like what the fuck is this. So there they get a doctor and cut it open,
also they they had taken see tee scan to so they could see inside, like the x ray the x ray shows you like through, but then the city scans. It's like all the way down. They can see each and delightful slice, and that's her discovered that the body that had been mummified the spine was broken in two places at the neck and at the lower back. And while I am yeah so they're like ok, this is not this person. Princess. What was her name like Rodriguez, something really are to pronounce and they open the mummy and you can see it on the show. So fucking idle hands are curling cut it open this doctor, they are just saw it openly with both sides will, because the outer class at the Mummy is wrapped densely ear. Bandaged, like a colleague, Mummy side, your arms
over your chest. That's how you know it's royalty and then and then they rap the whole body in a resin but you re so hard and that's what makes it hard to cut that opened. They pull it apart and jihad, gray, hair huh. And as a woman and they actually made a computer generated image of one phase might look like based on so cool. I may do. I know right based on the skull and then based on the area that she then they set up. Found, which was near I border there, like women of this age, usually look like this So now they have a murder case on their he shot, you're fucked. So when she from what's that when is she from she had only died. They can't they mummified the body but when they discovered all this, they Rite aid it was like, She'd only died for you.
Citgo or and So someone got their second there Matt from their back porch yelp, I can only say that I know well exact number. Weird parts me words like we gotta put on a map yeah why they did. Oh, she died in ninety ninety six wholly after they found it, but I can't I did. I dont have where that compare as to what the basely would happen is in the process they had to like they had to collect. Well, they're ned to make their plan they dissemble the team of stone masons and these forgers and all these people that would be able to make this mummy looks so realistic, because when you see it, it's actually really beautiful cool. Looking there's like they have this colds. It's like crown of Cyprus trees as her crown well and then this face mascot they basely made. It's based on a different mummy Very early mummies face mask so it doesn't look like
king tat. Much more like handmade. Looking is really cool. They basically just add these, perfect forwarders and then just made these little tiny lotta people were in on it a lot He bore in on it and then they dont know if they robbed a grave to get like the freshest body or if they killed somebody, but the purse who died, died violently, which is why they think it was. It's a murder, Kay EM shock right now. Isn't it nuts is a crazy, a story? Here's the other day, since this sense it's time to more corner quote Persian Mummy know have been offered on the black market for six million dollars each when this one showed up first and it was Sellen Mummy. What's up, can sell a mummy on the black market in black mark the antiquities market in the market for antiquities you can do anything you want because it just people robbing places, yeah and then selling these. That's why they're artifacts are there? tomb robbers and shared rent
but this mummy was estimated. They they were getting prices up to a billion dollars, because this money was so groundbreaking of, like oh, my God, there's never been a persian mummy before this one guy, for they too even buy it if they knew it was a fake, because it's just done so well well, but But it's done so well, but you ve been. There is a murderer body inside of area. You haven't even people who, by black market my muse, give a shit yeah think. They'd still wanted to be a legitimate cause. Also then you're spending all that money. Spending that money for the history of that they want around like this is from the sands of time or diamonds. Someone would take a second fat discount to be like now. This is just really well done. Forge every foot of a different purpose, hey Man, Manila Gimme, some co, choir lawyer and somehow has there just into bad status, our black mark. I can't think of black market buyers and sellers and Lake Scare
spies like it, but it's not there are no, not historians, not in the least. You know why, You knew you just provided me. My transition the whole now to tell you this next story. Did you hear this one, the twenty year old british model, who she went to MILAN because she believed that she had gotten a mile in John and I bet she ever and she didn't want great yeah one great and now she is Karla, diving and knew how to say no, she She had an agent and centre and the agent is so green, said that this was a recognised studio in the city centre of MILAN, so you didn't think he was sending over some fly when the Asia, plus, like your leg in Spain to send me to MILAN like those rights, the real agenda yeah when she gets there? a man grabs or by the neck one ground,
man grabs or by the neck another one injects or with a dose of anesthetic of care. So a song much of it that in answer to the ground, then she gets into a suitcase. No, no, no, not small places, please. Yes, this! yep and Then they driver around winding unpaid roads for more than two hours bound hand and foot would tape across her mouth. Oh, my god, she's taken to rural House, in northern ITALY and she's kept handcuffed to a wooden, dresser and Then she is put on sale online, dark website the stark web, the dark web. She put on sale, but then, at the same time some demand get sent to her agent for three hundred thousand Venus. He knows that this plant sums for how much
hundred thousand dollars the small amount of money? Right? I mean yeah you'd. Think if you're gonna do a crime like this, you might wanna, but if it is like ok issued for the moon had so she when she stuck there. She tell TIM. She has a child, the person, the man that's there and so then he puts her back in a suitcase and may I think he does and drives her too, british embassy in MILAN why this funny he drops for the british embassy as occurred. In the end, he reported that killing mothers was against the rules.
Of the shadowy criminal organization that this guy belong to the end of her resting him. He is wait. They so they're gonna sell her for sex are to be murdered like this. With someone there are signing, it can do that so people just to be killed. Prop, probably it's. I don't know entertainer I'm sorry, I'm sure for sex or to be a sex slavery to be trafficked ray. I have some terrible thing happy now any answers, because if we are hearing about this story, there's a million others that demand up right now, how many people it don't have agents that don't have anybody that are like. Oh somebody thinks I'm a model, our money, it pay ransom yeah, oh my so the guy's name is Lucas Powell Harbour and he's from he's a polish citizen with british residency and he's the one the drops her off and then he later gets arrested and
they also were holding her passport. So she couldn't leave the country until she gave evidence are pretrial hearing. Why? Because when she, when she told the story, they didn't believer, are you fucking? They win. Let her go home. Wraith We're like we have to see. What's going on. We all understand what this is all about, and then it turned out that her her agent. The cops like everybody were tat, and then the guy that did it we're all telling the exact same story, and there are like ok, it really how they have poligized, you're, smart once important, MILAN say you're. Sorry, oh, how that's awful operation I swung up some second lately and Stephen tell me, home eternal when I go to long as I can my nose, four hours later this area. So this is my favorite. Because for in the early.
Thousands. There was a viral video that, like an apartment, website put out that had a girl it will. It look like a vision, video and it was a girl coming out of a cupboard in an apartment any or is this story. Quantum quote was that she was living in the apartment and they didn't know well. That was all viral. That was also oh, it was yes, I guess she gonna have like long black leather illiterate ring girl, hair beneath his horror found totally and she crawled out in the scary, Latvia. And I was like when we found that video and didn't know we I stood at work fifty times we were just stand around screaming and watching it was amazing. I mean it was an amazing piece of literature, fiction, peer well here's the story I found this happened in Pittsburgh
Jerome Kennedy decided to stall install a camera. Insight is added after this hearing noises coming from the ceiling bedroom now, according to believe that's according to police. He called them a few, is earlier because he heard someone up there at night, but They didn't find anything so he decided to put cameras in his added thought. You do to see what was going on, I believe, and everything height. I certainly wouldn't take the time to a camera then, but I did it ends when he gets the footage back but it shows his neighbor Robert HARM, have realer crawling through the attic, so they live in, like us split by his honor thing, where they share a wall and he
He has gone up into his attic and then crawled over into this guy's sign now, and he carrying in the video. You can see him. It's so fucking could not say he's carrying a drill and a light and He just lies on the vat that overlooks kennedys bed and his daughters crib, for now. What does that say? for about thirty minutes. Just look stir the van for half an hour just being watched sleeping yeah. What if you just was like. I said I don't relaxes me maybe not, but the little sweet baby I like to see other people's lives, I'm not avert a doctor. I know when their awake. I just wanna, see how happy they look when they're sleeping his visit, the man who did its attorney, who got caught em video told the Washington Post that he has a criminal record whatsoever and there
taking this seem like a negative situation, but it's really not it's. There are some things we haven't been said little clear everything up: eventual, oh ok! So what are some Ngos that your mentally ill? he was installing let a mobile for that baby. He just want to make sure you can imagine blocking and dear, but your daughter's bedroom in the morning and there's just some of us mobile. Let's not that you deny that there is a prize movie of it. This scary mobilized Libya anxious thought Memphis, Galaxy and NEO. Will it's just got nightmares me in just God bless his that's my favorite lake. That's my vanity going to do so. They say like so many other anything wrong. According to his lawyer, why would go to jail it in its super positive situation that negative its positive per be crawling in the attic, with a drill with a drill
as the last one, and this is insane and awful Then you probably heard about it- has a bunch of people sent as this one. From the BBC News that sorry, that was from the Washington Post, allegory of the man in the attic, is from the Washington Post and the first the mermaids from BBC Horizon the HORIZON series, which mainly of adventure. It is this stuff on it was so cool. I watch, all I'm airlines. We have stated that book. You got us the lifetime earlier, MR semantics fly from the link with the cover like those. In due time. I say I live seriously. Romania can, I say, Erica Yonder Lingeringly, I'm inciting others earlier its. On suddenly rich
Don T Elsie S, people who suddenly, when like get a windfall, it's like these, didn't how they can't handle it happy. It makes our lives it. Just like you are reading, murdering unity, positive thing, o one guy who, like you, had a throw in a basketball game. All these like shots, and if you dare you one honest man and he was a poor kid from Like South, Erica who come on a scholarship and how to work ass, often, unlike suddenly ones, money and this woman who found like painting in the trash in New York, and it was worth a million like jazz super kasza, others, the bass in finding a lake, do you see the document about the lady. The fat who found the Jackson Pollock Painting Year ninety, but it was similar to ours, is like famous artists and yet you know a stolen, and I was crazy shit. Yes, of course, the wretch suddenly ruin you need a fuckin break. It's not about my uncle rich Ok, so this one is fucked up at this. It happened in Denmark are respected for
lamps journalist named Kim Wall, who was researching a feature about a man named Peter mats and who had built his own private, forty tonne submarine. What called the you see three nautilus. Ah I did hear this. He built that through crowd funding in two thousand and she was down to meet him to take a tour it doesn't. It supposed to like whole people, but like you, they can show shoes writing about. According yes, isn't he was doing like she was doing like a human interests. Peace so travelling to me about the sun. Is that leg I wouldn't be like: don't go alone? It's like you're, a journalist, Irena Piece about this person. A person who runs to companies here seem and is a very relatively public figure in its country. For as much as we like and be careful trust, anyone to think but yeah there's certain situations, rebuilding of course, his fame to job but Ok, so so, he meets him there, she's lasting alive August, tenth as
the departure of Mr Mann's and on his self made water vessel underwater vessel. She met seven o clock on Thursday, the harbour area of Copenhagen and she got on the submarine the last picture of the two of them were. The subs conning tower and it taken by men of from a cruise ship, so they saw the little submarine out there. I or taking pictures of the I didn't know now, there's a photo of them. The two of them on the subway and this tons! It's like right before sunset and de I mean this is all on the internet. You can sell his pictures, but then Kim Walls partner, reported her missing next morning. Believe believers to thirty in the morning when she never came back from this trip, so initially
Peter Madsen told anybody that he had dropped. In a small off after dark that night. At the. How then, that restaurant on the northern Tipp of rifts Charlie on close to where they originally met, did you buy that because good ping eyes dropped her off? There's people in Denmark laughing so hard. I now Mars ice and others. I dropped out for us right. No big deal. The restaurant owner both Petersen said that the areas very covered by cctv. He handed the video footage to the police and soon after that, Peter mats and changed his story Then he said that he lay. There was an accident on the submarine while they were on it, and had to bury her body at sea not alone like, if that were true is just them,
is insane if that were true. The first story wouldn't have happened right because you would immediately pull out and be like I'm so traumatized. Poor man Ten days later I had torso that had been weighed down with metal is found in the waters. Of Denmark and as a dinosaur. Identified as came on, They believe that Mr Martin deliberately sank his forty tonne submarine hours. The search for her began, oh my god, so so the ears. Part I. Torso the arms legs and head were removed from the body whose, as ever out of deliberate cutting and which means that he did that to her in his Submarine, which probably means he plans to do, because how What would you have that would cut
per se, are on a submarine? Why would you have that handy? I mean I don't know. I don't know some rains, maybe there's an answer, but, like You bring a hacksaw. Why? My dear submarine yeah? the lead investor investigator also re reveal that the blood found on the sunken submarine was confirmed as as camels. From Athens lawyer said he does not confess to anything and please not guilty, wasn't a negative thing. Yet, since the dna match doesn't change, my clients explanation that an accident happened here, and Ok, some have banned rate. This is. The skipper designer of the? U see three nautilus, privately owned submarine and courts describe him as a hobby engineer, it's not clear, his background or training as while build,
His own crowd, funded submarine in seeking, is likely geysers charities that you can crowd, give money to give me money to make my own adult boy submarine, so he gets it built. Then he has volunteers and people working on it with him. Then in two thousand eight he moves on to what they call a more lofty ambitions, space exploration and so he's like Denmark's Elon, musk, essentially so is now running the rocket Madsen Space, let laboratory which was all alone oratory. What let go call an elaborate on the moratorium both aluminium and that's also by donations. The aim is to launch a rocket from a floating platform in the Baltic and send a person and outer space again so many hungry children
I mean do we need to keep giving money to second- and I mean I'd Doesn't it really doesn't seem like it? So it turned out He was there came up- that he had a dispute with the group of volunteers that were maintaining the sub and he left them. This message on a website. You may think a curse- is lying on the nautilus curses me there not be peace on Nautilus. For as long as I exist one cream and seemingly he's talking about. These volunteers, in some kind of fight that they all got together or something yeah that is so crazy. Isn't all yeah creepy ends the waiting? this link son, if our, why why take
I've heard Haddan limbs site clearly or hiding something yes shed think of a positive thing that we have to think about. You know I am really excited about to her. Now it is not fair pack. Ok, let's not a thing that happened here, you're right, it's the future I was does he say I want bullying at this tiny bowling Alley and Montrose an ant. Did I show you that picture? It's the cutest its lake. Almost third of the size of a normal bowling alley and it's totally from like the early sixties. Maybe later on my gun, and it's not all modernized known Not at all, and it's like home, it was Daily Anthony's, birthday and
It is a very simple funded. They, like you, can rent it out for private party only come and worst Montrose. It's the one. That's gonna up once again up in the hills, it's kind of by also Dena. Ok, though you guys, like you, just drive right above Glenda Shelter, and it was just perfect, it was my favorite party, because there are shouting and lots people that I love and I was like crazy love. Music, say, have talked anyone like in a bar now and also people would bull, but then they would start bowling because Ito only one do that for certain my time Bowling Alley Party. Yes, that's a great idea. I family have a party there, I'm going I come now you're, not! I did myself. Susan told me not to invite them by your autumn adequately invited the Party ba yeah monumentally coming. So, let's about looking my dad came already and help me my finance. Oh, how is that it was good. He didn't
there was a mom or I could hear the tension and his voice as I don't think he knew what he was doing right. I think in the long run, all it was with some one was sitting there with me saying you have to do this and there were fourteen times were. If I had been my own. You, and it is. Why would I there were fourteen times like this going to this later on? Does not do this and yet a play? Well, it's just do it. Son. Then we can do that and I like ended up doing that's great and it works. That's great yeah and interests. May me leave me happy than the here, wait lifted off her shoulder a huge way, but also a kind of get gave me that, like all down, maybe that's what dancer before? That's right, you don't know you're doing. He was like gonna be a sea Piana them something. I'm a money lawyer with our tax lawyer and I dropped out. What are you doing here? I thought you know like I'm, not really good with numbers. I thought you were. Did he really that's fine with me and that have just sitting there? I did a bunch of things and MIKE I had someone I was like. Will this number is this him he was like you sat. There was great
so those are really nice Andrea. My dad was very patient when I went through my extreme financial crisis because I never said a word or two about it, because he is so paranoid about money any so he's been on it like he used a lecture me about? You have to make sure you get your taxes on from when I was like. An junior was just like our minds earlier and never you don't want the government after you he'd always say shit like that, set it at my dad and that too I gave you got me. My first bank account it's what they do, it's what they're into he's like braces and a bank account, and that is what I can provide, not a ton of affection. Not good like advise. Keziah life isn't isn't channels, but let's get I'm that makes me I get lightly from you. Did you because it's also european answers, a hundred prisoners MIKE Everett murder, by an answer that I screwed up? When I look at it you get. Do you have a bonus in that we're not gonna get arrested? Yes,
that's very true, but also you, here's your bonus in me It could never judge you if you're like hey sorry, I lost everything I like a well actually ears and that there is a. I said that today, where he would he was like you got it. You should make sure Kazakhstan, as my Bare merged up he's a you, should make sure Karen conceal this. If she knows like you're playing her well and unlike oh, no, she doubted if she knows- and she knows, help buck debate and she's cool, yet so Became weight off my child soldiers that you are ok with, of course, here's the thing at the end of the day. I am not. This sounds funny. It's only money. Now, when I dont have money, I dont really feel that you know no one does known as but route truly people do such terrible fucking things to themselves and to each other because of money. I've seen it happen. It's very we back and when people are focused on that because at the other they think
You get a check Obviously, a lot of us are in you get into a bad place where, like yes, five thousand dollars would solve this this and that that's true. But if you were, if you were above level, and then you had a five thousand dollars check, this is what happened to me when I worked when I had my first big job. All I did was work, and so I had absolutely no life and I just collected money and bought
Cashmeres letters from J Crew Xilai Debt cause. You thought you had to spend a cause. You are working so hard. It was the only thing I could figure out to do. Oh maybe this I'll make me happy ass. I had cashmere sweaters in every color and I was more miserable than I remember I've and that's what I learned the lesson of like I wasn't doing stand up. I was performing. I was just behind the scenes behind the camera person that was giving all my creativity this by NATO can killing me. So it didn't matter how many fucking cashmere sweaters I have showed up and at work as you showed up at a miserable do. You know my thing too, as I like I've been poor before I like pretty much up until I was thirty, two been pretty paycheck printing, a paycheck from childhood Anthea and it's not the Fuckin EAST,
still can have happiness, answer and survive Hunter forsaken, you're, not not happy, because you don't have many it sucks, and there is a part of you that's unhappy because of it, but you still get to have positive life experiences so much at not having monies not gonna. Take that away from us that's right who also sometimes when you have to get creative, you can have better and more wretch last variances, because you're actually kind of in the Ex, whereas I think some When you have money and security, you you become very isolated and you also start living lives at other. People can relate to so yours, you're, just kind of like you now where for a second, anxious, arose anyone resilient resilient. This is, while always support. Rendering that is who makes on Etsy and sell it. Like my fair Amerika cause? I oh yeah? I wish I had had that when I was fuckin broke you make that fucking money. You guys create your awesome per hour Tax and the cool calligraphy yeah right, I'm they shed amazingly
dont stunts, there's one person who is selling our logo on something. You have to make it easier to make us you have to make it. You have to earn it and don't be afraid to give us credit sensitive, as our just just tiger shall only area. We are you sure they do her. Ten, you fuckin credit taken. Take your money, take your dirty blood money, literally you guys that aims for let us now we'll stay sexy, don't get murdered, elbows on a cookie, yeah Mimi knows yeah yeah,
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