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85 - Live at the Boulder Theater

2017-09-07 | 🔗

This week’s My Favorite Murder comes to you live from the Boulder Theater. On stage, Karen and Georgia cover the killer John Agrue and Theodore Edward Coneys, the Spiderman of Denver.

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This is exactly right. Why would I do that? Only era we set in turn around bucking MIKE's naw. We ve never had to reset it ever since the one have marked out here like what's the point
burn. There's nobody there acknowledge civic. There was no fires there here, thereby here and there here of revenge. I actually Georgia earlier. I was like you so just be where it's like it's a much smaller Rome. So, just now of their choir, doesn't mean we're doing bad smaller every step out and you may have. Optimal airdrop, I'm not gonna, let our eardrums we really funny, nor would be if we could loud and quiet time. Last year we were done
you guys are cooler pandering to tender age. I guess that's going against Georgia now, who, as I did,
I'm happy to learn. You are so high on altitude, sickness right now, I'm back and hit that oxygen to engage so hard and thank you to the borders. The earth come heard. Someone needed oxygen is like only actually there. She said we heard someone was light headed do they need? Security was like some oxygen because I woke up Herman Africa needs like managers. I know that we're in internet, it's gonna, be a blue velvet situation in a month or dislike kid. We have our oxygen tanks on stages. I know we're below sea level. It doesn't matter, we do what we want and we ve been blaming. Everything that has happened ox once again. The two halves into its time we're fine, since we ve been here some real funny or shit. That is not just about to burst. My all those her out to abuse user,
there's been everyone, really comfortable with the following situation, which is just belching. I mean we, we used to be so modest there's just like our air hassock amount of me. We can't pretend anymore and I got to say the little biomedical like sometimes when they like far in the funding Maybe like games like punctuated. Nobody laughed says. I m sorry one. Second, you like intro your fire like a hay and then a foreigner, dumb joke, and then I'm like punk, you now, just like somebody like you physically punctuate, the joke. Perhaps you do like zero purpose. You do like an unspoken pull my fingers- and you know this done many times in front of you and stephen-
hair and seen in his home what you guys like now, we leave him alone, he's gray hair. You guys we're down is coming and he's like waiting outside with a suitcase, and there is nothing like maybe next time deceive sweeping it's like home alone, she's crying over. Our would like my colleague I look at my little girl come alone, would like a moustache and cats, which would be a better film, and you know he has a pet q which basically means against by and is ever taken care of your car and they
laser thing and his honor like set up. Basically a hidden camera in my house, actually gets himself in any kind of cell wow. I may think even put an online, so maybe you can watch cats sleep. Is this a new business of yours or you're? Like an for nine? Ninety five you'd, you can watch Stephen at my cat set one cent: Girls Ass BC, one cent of every just once and total. Just one cent will go to every week. We added that come to the meat industry. Asteroid was so lovely and she gave us a ton of pat by corporate toys, which are so nice yellow unit to jam endear suitcase
the size of dogs. I like that you're just bragging about presents now like, so we have some pretty big that, whereas in Israel now welfare, if its bragging time- and I would like to brag about my big foot necklace- so it's funny on different levels- yeah go ahead until
We have now is that it's big Mozilla, exploited in unison with organisations that yeah yeah. It's also vanegas. It's fuckin awesome so funny, because what you saw we both vendetta heads- oh, I was like I when I do things like ours, like I kind of hate, everything's gonna, see something I love I'm so overcome with like how could this actually be happening? I go blind to everything else around the Azores is like a big really lead with my skull, you're, just a tiny little and then I had bought it glasses onto the cardinal extend beyond its borders like worth its a great neck ass. It was worth it. I think it was worth. So it's ok and then so is a Buffalo exchange, because it's like lovely girl, said you ve got a butler exchange yet, and I really must mobilise James think I worked there, and so
he went and we're walking in the front door and this girl you standing there looking like she works there the at us shut the front door. So
Finally, is it was like there's five of us all together, and I was second answers like whoops, ok and I just hide out walking ready in trouble in Buffalo exchange. We test men as a mocking by essentially the giant S as tedium like there's like back it was. It was as if she had placed herself in the doorway of the first place. We went in Denver. Just like very bizarre. I think you better, I think, she's been stocking. Ask us she was like here ever present when they just bought you like she had bought me. I think she knew we were coming. I wouldn't accused that honesty. I wish that airy she's levelling down to tell us where we work, as you told us, gotta Buffalo Stayin here, within what she got ass. She went there opening and would like to know what ten am I just our standing in the doorway work with monopolies. Aren't you write? It did work so just saying anything is possible. Minus on anything is possible if you're wearing a big foot, necklace, that's inferences actor and you expect the worse than people like their yelling at you to shut the door shut, the front door. I just take as a direct
Galileo is like its. We there's all the air conditioning and air shut, the fucking door, letting their milk We are in fact not our prayer from last night. We liked it little prayer before we walk at onstage Korea as Christians, its domination. In its look, we just try to access a being that think. My help us do this directly for all of you who have waited so long in care so much and send us pictures of yourselves standing around all day and night waiting for the show to start so last night, when I connect Reuben my early around backstage and all these people are given me accident resists. Like you, I'm hearing the differential later, it's all very easy shit, so we want to be like
You may you mean you re just start saying words see I like dear, and then we pick a deity that we enjoy earlier person. We learn just Taylor, swift and last night I said dear Buddha, but there is it that video is playing and Georgia dear, time men where, like the prayers? Oh, that's what we're ready to do the job. That was that tonight was a lot more her young. We burn journal and feel pretty idyllic. Suddenly I don't want to talk about the house. We went it today. No, are you kidding me into Morgan India's house? Now? That's not true. I mean it's way.
Every murder, Reno in the Navy, wants to be or or a minute and a half we I drive by, and everyone goes quiet and rigour were better, that we all share in silence then went vanity bigger, like ass, near ass. He pulled were alike. Looking around repellent. We thought they were richer than their immediate savary. This a dip. It does every one of your own plane because it did not seem to be patient. Ramsay level richness at all, just sell that line and get a bigger how's. That's right when you're, rich or landscaper whore, I'll be horrible. That That's what I said. We
there was agreement in Georgia. Pictures, and I was like I don't know why, but I feel like I need to look down and then I started getting obsessed with all the people that work out watering, their lawns and stuff. Suddenly there is like a man, watering is long and a mother playing with her child, and I was just like Oh now this is so dark and then is then he spread us in the face them down like kids what is wrong with you, but it was our that knows that mean What's going on with that fucking face, I admit that we cannot. They like cemented up the basement. Yes, our goober driver told us that we are just like the bad. So that's why couldn't sell it, because the monsters who advise warrant the basement? I just love that I bet you MIKE eighty.
Percent of the members you get into in boulder you're like his What are you know? That's not the Ramsay household Debbie like well, let's go through a list of things. My mom was the secretary at the way back, like total fuck, total on that now showed we sit down. Oh yeah, this is a nice little set up yesterday. It I'm gonna throw the theater and of the bus, but a huge caressing, the I just felt like. I need you to have a textile moment. My manicure managers, my share its light here are meant to be that's your soul made the younger man yesterday, at our show we They didn't they brought and high top table,
from the smoking cardio whose parents had just turns age and that it was as long as ones like I've been lake. Three pictures they are drunk on so many smoking panniers, then you're, suddenly, your leaning. One of those I like em wrought iron. It was that you can kind of stick your fingernails into the holes like what am I doing, but then are the ones that are so wobbly and you're the one who keeps slosh slashing here under the military, sob leaning on the internet. I can send out on my own, oh fuck, speaking of really
equally back to Brussels Exchange. Were everything happens I while I was in among the gowns somehow I have several everyone smile. I don't know it's a muscle, spasm, orbits consciously I dont want myself to drink as much coffee is entering, but everyone smiling. Now, if you do this, you just a squeeze. Your cup and adjust flies out your hand diamond now. I might have a light palsy that anyway, and I walked around a large wreck of dresses and Jesse, carries varying mere just a pile of coffee. It looked like a small pond and it was honestly time slowed down as it left my hands and that it was like a fool. Station upside down and they like coffee. I saw all like there's, who should have been Bognor playing under need, that is so fucking dramatic and
buying among all these, like gorgeous pieces, I'm just like I'm gonna, throw some shit Starbucks around here of no one mine, and I may I like ground around this lovely like do we run. Hers came over and claimed about I children to turn myself in the major polluters dresses we, but don't worry, I'm gonna Karen's clothes that only on an age ran Karen's the long time for an agency that is through a cup of coffee on Adrian after you told her to change that morning. Adrian, here's this here's. What it is Adrian nine, as has happened, all our lives, my sister laura- and I don't we look alike like you can tell her sister, but we don't look like look like Laura's best for an area since she was Levin years old and I like sisters, creepy, how? My very sure someone is not sisters and rendered here Sesar and its grip it. I have
lived in like my hometown for a really long time so any time my sister nature and go to a party people mom to Adrian and go: are you the committee and then she's like no she's, very unfriendly? It's your brand and last night in Denver. We were dressed almost I really like. Our hair is very soup work and she said so many people were walking up and would get like a foot away. Thinking that they see me before the show and then they be like, and then why not? You know that the US, beyond their saving, end of like abject disappointment eleven times before the big show starts. So did you tell him you're the cistern like no, like I'm the only one who just its constant attention the fact that everyone else's like no? I would I tell them. The two of them are like we hate attention and we refuse praise so this morning, when we got up, I got dressed,
I took a shower, got dressed, came out of the bag, dragging my picture. What's the bragging that either totally bathed learn dangling, but when I came out about their major and I had the same outfit on again and she got so angry that we once again redressed alike that she changed her sure in it just in a rage. And then an hour later right, you're a cup of coffee. So whether accidental will do this question, it is just it's an online. I mean it's just something: to talk about a therapy night you when you get when you and Adrian go together right. I go to therapy with everyone I now necessary. So what should we do? You want to talk about what it sounds like a well. I don't know
When I talk about junior high one time, it was some slides, Zena made see them manners lives like Majid. Designing, is keep that was for you, Stephen. He was installed these recordings at home. After the fact, Stephen cut that out all this out the compliment out the compliment goes cheering for you goes and we're back in. Should we, whose first scenario earth shallying
get into the shed. Let's take them the necessary moment of you. Turning to your friend that you brought who doesn't know anything about the murder he'd like cause, your friend do isn't says, got sick and nearer like Danny. Will you go with me? Please I don't go alone. I think that any and they like other. What is it is just a cold already show now you can let them know that here is when the horse arts- and we are not bad. People were good while talking about bad thing is ready and it's your towns. Dear father, thank you are a bolder I want to say no. I wasn't. I was impressed stressed out because you don't have the time ton. You have like the one you have kind of the Queen Queen, which way Obviously we did a and then but you also have They also have a guy, John a glue. I think I'm saying that
ok, so I got a lot of this from a did named Kurt Mitchell from Henry Posts called K section. What's my? We just think remedies are over driver to current mental that drove a zero zero. I wrote this on the way over because he wrote this whole thing and he was contacted by someone in this case too, like help solve it, just pray, Second, I want someone to please do that for us, but also also solve it yourself and then just say that we did it. Can we keep silent You now jump on July, first, nineteen, eighty two fishermen who we're looking for a good spots of fish and bolder canyon, discover if not a mannequin, the decaying body of a young woman who was covered only by a towel. She had Levin knife ones in her chest and two in her neck
there is a back was nearby and police were able to identify her based on that as Susan Susie Becker Susie is where nickname she's twenty years old Susie was last seen on the morning of June twentieth nineteen, eighty two so like a little less than a month before, she was raised Catholic. She liked to listen to music yeah music. Let's we think that new Rastafarians, so I'm not going to pronounce the Reggie arrest of area can pronounce it's the Wharton being gay. If anyone can do it, it's you guys bolder. I think she is kind of like a hippie free spirit like there. We have always thought of her can, even if the vote over please there yeah. She was like this. We or maybe angel hippies, pre spirit, ok,
so I think you can get back down now. Everyone, I'm too much, not ban. All Whatsomever went out now, then, a week after Susie's body was discovered. Second body was found near by name before your old Ormond Smith, and you can put your picture up a retired librarian, who am missing days earlier, look at her everyone's grandma from Seven these a retired librarian she had gone missing days earlier was discovered face down in a stream and big Elks men. A big help, meadows near as de park near the powers. That is that a one big sound says: what are you just keep going on July? What goods
there's a lot of us is July. Nineteen nineteen, eighty two Do bodies in like eight days. I can do the math. I never met. Ok investigators, not a break in the case on July. Fit Nineteen eighty two: when a fifty year old man named John Argue, it says its agro grew agro. I grew AG, they don't know now and they usually don't. Listen so man threatening a man this guy John Brenda twenty six year old University in Colorado student with a knife, but she had escaped he was caught minutes later. So I think, like she was like back like neighbours must have been like. Let's get him, I'm guessing He has got minutes later and arrested John was on parole. He had moved Colorado and nineteen each you after getting out of prison and sixty six John had been convicted of fatally stabbing has fourteen year old sister in law,
Susan Marino sounds like a dead. He he had. To sister in law s body in a stream in Illinois and had been sentenced to prison for a term of twenty to fifty years. Guess how anything you're all wrong. He was released on good behaviour after sixteen years because he was a good guy in prison. John turned out to be the army and the ninety four year old, librarians neighbour, and closed acquaintance of hers. She was a super friendly woman and she would often let John come in use her phone to make calls and he drove her around town on airlines. He drove her around like they were. He obviously become the main subjects and they, when they learn, also that he would go hiking in boulder canyon? So with bodies for him,
John refuse a feature. Authorities and prosecutors determine their wasn't enough evidence to file charges against him either Susie or Armas murders. The attempt and kidnapping charges were filed in the case of the co at who escaped and he was convicted of attempted abduction. Here and imprison until nineteen, eighty, nine and then twenty one years later, twenty one! Johns me Signora Amy Amy who lives in Joe, let Illinois, Charlie I'm Joliet Ellen. I became terrified of her of her uncle. Because he had her that he had killed an old woman in Colorado, Just chat, and I bet they were drunk right. We held wish it were they, the Jews, she was grown up. I, though, so she got terrified of him because he said this. Then he seemed to regret telling her that
yeah morning during the morning after, like what did I say that John did, I tell Megan she should get her lip wax, probably no one to tell people think it was like the moment after where he's like, I killed this one. Hang it So she he started dislike, stand outside her apartment at all hours of the night and threatened her. So she got a restraining order against him, he. She said he had said to her. You know how to kill someone and get away with it just become just speak their friend, then anything police get. They can't use against you because you're their friend and it was ok for you to be. There is like you were, this faulty logic, raising a couple rules there or a couple moral fuckin based,
yeah, like don't, kill your friend here. He wanted, he watched growing up just suggests. I can just Bernie constant Sharia law. So he called quarter, Kirk Mitchell, the dude, whose article I got this friend of the timber posts, and she asked if you would be interested in running a court case blog about the unsolved murder case of her aunt says she gave him all this information about him and what he how he had killed his sister in law all these years ago, in kind of like yours, on this information, can you believe this person is not in prison? Clearly, he bade heat. Did these things? It was twenty one years later so because of ass, they reopen the case and Cardella mere county sheriff's office
Where am I murmur? What's nice about having a smaller crowd? Is that you can hear what their screaming, at which I appreciate, because now actually, because I mean that we should have done a dry run through with pronunciations only. Why? Then, we wouldn't be this package she told investigators and uncles martyr confession and they had always value as a subject in all these other crimes, Reopen the investigation. Awesome waited go. Kurt Mitchell, I feel like feel like kind of a hero unless you know that he fucker investigators, learn that he that John had several purses and personal items that had belonged to him to women, but his family had already colonel the way, all the items away,
So am I mean I think there are just like you went to prison, let's get rid of all their let's get rid of his person as yet there are just like. Everyone gets rid of people. Persons when they got a pretty, won't use them when it gets out well Beata style there thinking to themselves, sorrowfully case DNA extracted from cigarettes at and picked up near Smith's body, thank God they fuck and save them the definitive connected John to her death, but before authorities had a viable case. He I am an overdose of medications. What kind of medication medications just criticism? Medication pick em oxygen and oxygen tank, ideologues sing and heroin scream. I would you combine like links. It was world an accident so late
Our county authorities officially close myths case, though this, we angel and twenty ten but their rule their reviewing murders committed in Illinois in the fifties and Sixtys before John grew, was convicted of murder and they're. Looking at murders in Colorado between January at eighty two until he was arrested in August of eighty two as well as renders near Joliet Eleanor from the time he was released from prison. Eighty nine hill. Becker's murder public. Announcement was made that the case was closed. So he never got here. They had a suspect, he did it, but he never got to justice. And that's a bummer, but at least he's dead guru hisself made it medicated himself off this planet Gideon.
That's crazy has. I think he did other murders before he had two. Let's that's hell that Stephen, like one hundred sorry, if you part that hair and grow it out on one side and put some nice curls enchanted, and Cadmus hands as over can certainly be smiling and constantly be nice and people so nice and never touch knives and not want to hurt harm. One thing there were some dead dead manage, but not yet. So if you, if anyone was as I believe there are still go back and look at his like phone book and be like these artists, friends, let's call them and see if there's still alive yet just started my phone tree totally. I am here
the thing that lack overcome at you with a knife or anything. Well, going first now this array, here's my thing, the stories that I looked. I I pick one than actually took place in Denver, because it's a story that has all the things that I love and it is my part gas. So I'd like to tell you a story, you probably know is it didn't happen too far away? Thirty, six minutes. It's spider, man of Denver, Elsa known I want to make a joke about the guy that start in spite around, but there has been so many that everyone be like: that's not real Spiderman,
We what's his name right down nineteen forty one Phil Peters. Seventy three year old railroad auditor lives in a modest tom at three three thirty five West Moncrieff place with his wife in Denver Colorado on October. Third, she breaks or hip and his hospitalized. So some spells gonna be at home alone. Is very lovely. Nice neighbour tells him that, while she's in the hospital he come over for you at her house every night now so so he does They comes over to her house every night for two weeks until I can t just how much more I can talk to him about the weather. I don't trains that mafia, so so the night. October, seventeen Phil doesn't show up for dinner and she gets really worried so because
seventy three, and so she goes over the house to check. If he's, ok and all lights are out and a front doors and when she Knox she doesn't at the door and major more worried because she doesn't think he has anyone else to go. So she it's a bunch of neighbours together and says: I'm here about so I'm afraid he fell down inside the house or something I just made that up right the scene
feel is such a good friend and he loves my cooking. She said Durham neighbours. She really does the reality as she just big of arson. Milk yeah, like guys guys gather around, meet again, develops how so I'm trying to make a pie and fell owes me the time ago scheme be stroganoff at my house every sucking night for two, we hot okay. So the neighbors, though all around the house, they split up in my mind and checking doors and windows. There all lots, there's this house's locked uptight, theirs. They can't get in, show a girl finds a loose window screen impulsive open. They figure out a way to Jimmy the window up they basely break into the house. She climb. The window they wake be sore. Fuck also made up. They weigh screaming. Screaming
It turns out that she upon the murdered body, a cell Peters. He was half dressed. He is horribly beaten. He had more than twelve wounds and his skull. I feel so bad that I was like ok, gonna come over for a partition killer. I think that's what I thought was the man. I don't come over when she and talk about second, whether until it murders are merely a really bad. Sorry, that's ok. I just got a message from Phil He says it's fine seems to happen him alone. Ok, refuse really treaty, they find please find his watch and cash on the dresser. So they rule out robbery as the motive, but they also realise, and our told in check, and see that this house is locked up, tight included.
The chain being across the front door, which means that there is a chance that the perpetrator is still in now. In my movie version of this, they all realise that at the same time, the neighbours and the cops there in a circle and their lack of that re, sorry you're, like someone go in there and so should go and here's my gun, the cops legs of the girl, the went through the window honey go upstairs see. If there's a man, I'd ask your own I'd, stick the up so cops start searching the house They they scan. It they look every single place for somebody just murdered- tell Peters that's hiding in the house how quickly without me now, but they can't and anything that the whole places emptied. No one is in there. The only thing that they It's even like of interest is- and I like it,
door for an attic, but it's so small that there's no way a person Kate. I get up there, so there, like a rate, will we I would happen. Well I mean whatever so their best. And the case comes to a standstill. Now, meanwhile, Missus Peters, whose name I never learned a who gives a shit about the wife's name- is she's joking. That's not what I'm saying it's. I literally check like seven articles and she was always. Mrs peters- was nineteen. Forty, let's I'll, be grateful that we live in twenty seventeen, so so Miss Peters, has been in the hospital. The broken have hurry? We have her husband, Maria, a nurse is like. I have some news now open your mouth and put a pill in it. Take this window know your name is, but when you there s, nobody knew at our neighbours. That is why they should MRS Petersen,
her name was Missus there, like you, re, not sounds right, so she has to go home now. Indeed, the amount of time between the murder and MRS Peter still being in the hospital. The neighbourhood starts to get kind of freaked out because neighbour start hearing noises in the house and then the cops come and they check the. How allows and there's nothing. There are also forget about that thing again in the ceiling. Kobay, oh good call, good cup, bookmark that one than theirs, but kids walking by when one morning I won snowing morning.
Was firing now lies and they look up and they see ghoulish face looking out the window time or look up. Children should never look down. Always, nay again call the police the go and search the entire house nobody's there, so so and basically the neighbourhood starts talking that the Peters Houses, haunted by Phil Peter so that murdered inside the house. He still in their it's gotta, be his bodies to owe you It was winter. Human goes looks like, we're just gonna leave him here, figures and shit. By the time MRS Peters returns, Gladys Peters returns to the home,
I think that is a nice low to glance eaters. I think that's it by this time she gets back the whole. She knows that the whole neighborhood things our houses haunted, but so she stays there. Art and I think the real thing that happened issues there and in this article I read it said, while she was in the house, she was startled and she fell and re broke. Her leg and Gladys she's had hard I wanted it like the startled thing. I was just like started by way of phase in the wind. So what you re, probably shouldn't, hey there goes to the hazards in the house. A shipping see later going Arizona things you don't you like that in the present era, the shit out of an old woman would have about Pembroke yeah. Well back them,
in care thrilling. We don't care what your name is, and we don't care about your hair at all. So she hires a nurse to stay with her and mass. You of them start hearing noises the nurses like no the nurses. Like I mean it sounds, were so at night. They both our hearing. The nurse thinks there's something in the walls their hearing something in the walls and at first. They think I like every what everyone says when you hear noise, as the house is set at no bullshit, it's four hundred rats lies over a guy way, herbage bees, so many bees living inside your home or its. But everyone in this audience are right, and I bet they're correct, I mean we'll see, see page
so. I if I must back ok here we go, then nurse gets up one. Cause she hears a noise and that she walks. Out of the room and down, and she sees on the back stairs a thin filthy wretch, and when she came upon it it shattered
its teeth scheme, you see there are gaps shattered, it see. How do you do horrible? It's nice with beards. You because you have my tea goes too short and scary picture, then my their point. While the machine down- As for the movie, I read this and right after letting the police know what she saw that night. She peace doubt as far as she came and we pass on issues like no thank you so much. She laughed and Peters more,
Peters is buyers so kindly neighbour, perhaps the same when making dinner for every fucking buddy comes over and she's like I'll stay with. You now take the integrity, your house there, like it's like every it's like every haunted house movie or it's like you know what we're going to make this work. They always do that go to tell their like I I know we saw child would like all black eyes, trying to give us a message, but let's make it work, but maybe I well. Maybe I won't see that, like we'll her, oh her in her gurney us or you like to cook maybe take her against so well in gurney. Worse, he dropped down venuses peter- and I say this not an individual. Why solemnly ones is like garbage Ok, so
here's the nice neighbour and MRS Peters like come on real, several nights later the neighbour here something rattling around in the kitchen like are you surprised, but then she surprise at this by well know in factories. Quite brave bijou gets up and she runs to the kitchen without turning on any lights. Yeah yeah, please tell me she has four knives and around. I guess the only way I'd be impressed me about justice. Ideas deserves she's, with knives taped to her. The only thing that was going to make a different like hopes, you didn't, have an edge on her pace that anymore.
She gets to the kitchen. She sees a ghost standing at the foot of the stairs. You said it was a filthy wraith like thing that vanished when she screamed vanished goes you ran to decide just like I did didn't. I sidestep she's advantage, but you just say: He crab locked out there a year. And then I wrote a long story Short MRS Peters went to live with their son and Western Colorado. That was the last one was that they gave up their like this noise all over the place its autumn, that from the beginning so miss the point You find a dead body in a house, don't sleep there anymore yeah, it's true, but I think back then it was like you by your house, and you pay off your mortgage and in your retired
You and your husband that used to work at the railroad yard or whatever who's not than the one just turn. Okey through as a man I mean I'm clearly only to see the logic and staying where multiple time people have spotted ghosts and heard terrible things. More terrible things happen to say living there. I guess I've only with them like apartments and my life, so I dont get like handling and attacks to these must not in any way change it great. Ok, week. Do we dont know why people make the decisions they make, but this is what happened so finally, now the house just sitting empty theirs, but because of the rumours the paranormal or something going on there. The cops take the house out every once in awhile, so one night on July, 30Th, one thousand nine hundred and forty two
Ray stake out in the forties. Take out the forties. Imagine the coats, smoking, sunflower seed, piling second biggest a huge car car that's three times the size of any car, now a sloppy size of like popcorn want things size of hot black. A baby s policy. Popcorn and are used in the coffee, cervix conniving Grundy Black Popcorn copy extra butter stir butter. That's gonna be a bank okay so as their sitting and watching the house, the mail becomes walking up the street light of day. All day, on July, thirty, nineteen, forty two and as the male man walks up one of them. I've seen look still looking at the house. He does exist about the male man he's. So The house he sees the curtains.
Open face, look out and right as it happens, he not just the other comp and the other cup turns to look as the curtains close to their boat like it's fucking on like that he can they get out. We're point: is the first cup change the pants that he peered? I all I can picture is the face of that face. That comes I really fast and goes away the exorcist. That's all I'm saying when I think about this really fast, but this time with, like flowered curtains lady. Our authorities curtain may even a paisley paisley print urges faded, linen
in the film now the two cops ghetto, and rightly so- the house, while three to walking on sunshine, plays as its myself and Hey guys, oh they whistle they whistle their cop whistles for assistance which is precious and then can you do? What can you asshole? Will they have this. As I was saying, I don't know her aunt with seventy audiences like we were so they have a whistle. I get again maybe they had whistles do like this is from nineteen forty fucking to ask all I've got it on Ebay if, on the one hand, the monitor
they go into the house immediately. Hit with a wall of Oda has like an animal smell inside the house, a supposedly empty house for three months. They start they had upstairs and they start searching and as there is a walking down the hallway scared. Maybe No one's owes money. You Jason! That's have obeyed like myself a baby to have a baby, this one's about to retire too old. For this shit you seen it you love it as they pass. A doorway one of them I like to think it's the one who didn't see the face, so it's either. One of them passes doorway. She's a closet door shut, so it goes in as a door, any looks up in there
trap door open with some dirty dirty, see hanging out right, then open door told them and they didn't listen, Oh my god. Oh your eyes, the I forgive for not doing I mean other matters. I forgive you. Boys are now ok, so this cop jumps up and tries catch afoot, thirty dirty Betty. Thirdly, dirty see he answered catches a pat leg and it tears off in his hand, and it's like super tattered, it shitty disintegrates, tired, shitty pants. I mean advance the new look, the new style, tired ban, yeah he's
so again both of his hands catch, undermine those feet and he's fucking Yank sit down. I added. I now feels like a victory: running this night and day, come on we're gonna make a stealthy elimination, aided man in view Are you tattered clothing named Theodora Commies who email Lee passes out onto the floor ball share, let's Ike, pointing are we these they can? We could we could play but that in the cell yeah, where you're not sure, if he's really lost consciousness, marinate keeps opening one eye, but that is like a little kid pretending to say, whereas eyes are moving around here under his lid good. I like this I'm gonna stay very written down are serious script; okay, so This man is in its midst. Sixties, he's five foot.
And any ways: a hundred and thirty seven pow, quite thin yeah. So all of this trap door they say was alive. But less than three times the size of a cigar box. So it's like think tank. Dank, however, you imagine so this fish, no, I think, like cigar by sector, will bigger I thank the council wide they're, not, The end are the square and you re together cares the it's very small. Listen, I don't know man. I don't know cigars idleness cigar disarm. Those are my two only things I don't know shit. Sorry issued a brief. Do it's. Can tiny halls eurozone so they go up
so they go up in there like we. Can they can't even get up in the attic. The whole is so small because their normal size, men driven pictures, which is three pictures. Oh maybe throw picture up. Let's see what happens, there is our cleaned up. That's the cleaned up, the ghost she looks like a bomb he's really, dry and sarcastic band real angry. I actually looks like Mimi looks like most of the time does. Grumpy is run me. Ok, they look up into this attic. It's got a single light, bulb hanging from a wire he's, got a bed that's made of an Ironing board mass none are not less he's got like a little bit,
he's, got a bunch of mangled torn up magazines everywhere. Just said magazines in my movie, those are straight up triple x, porn man, he's he's looking through like boys, life or whatever, or what's what some of the like nineteen forty is like movies. It's not that you will call it movie star, because we won't be able to clear anything else for delay, ripe solely hooker and it smells so bad that has been shown in their hands and the Incas he's been shedding pissing up there. There's a toilet downstairs, push, ok, so what the flesh. Of course you do it. Why would you say that what the flash? Now I know- that's that's me. Ok, so they have to. The hospital because he is so then they think he's going to die when he is released from the hospital he's broadens the police station for questioning. So he tells the story kid. So,
as a child. He suffered from such bad health that doctors, well just parents. He wouldn't lived to see his eighteenth birthday for some reason they told him yeah they're like don't get attached and don't let your kids there's a guy like don't sweat the small stuff, and we really mean leg, really are the big stuff? Try not to swear it's bad for you, so though he quit school, which I would do somehow he learns to play the man, the win, which is actually kind of perfect s great. He is in the mandolin club in Denver, which I'm sure a lot of you are in also and that's how he met so Peters thirty year.
This prior. Why so? He was very sickly kind of young man that didn't do that margin. You know how hard time breathing is like leaves, so these are minor, zero, even murder, your responses, ovarian minds, or I rolled my eyes very calm down down there sickness, he. When you got older, he one point words and add sales. He was also a bookkeeper at the Denver brasswork sacks sales say spotty spray sales. It was invented it in nineteen. Thirty nine adds ails, you said this proactive, smelled like cigarettes back then retire. But his poor health prevented them from ever establishing a career, and so he basely spent most of his adult life as a transient. So by the All of nineteen forty one
years later, he had just been had been out like on the road travelling around and been doing it for so long and just getting sick or sicker, because even spending winters outdoors we know what he had just like it just shitty lungs, in in my movie, the doktor will slip opener like a thing. Can it be like we're so sorry, theatre, You ve got a case of shit long, then he'll cry airlines that technically spoken suck yeah There's no there's no upside no care, so he was back in the Denver area around October. Nineteen, forty one- and he knew he could not survive another winter outdoors. So he thought. Maybe if I go to sell Peters House, he will help me, but when That's the House
nobody was home in the front doors open because Mildred and he was a Mildred in the hospital that's right way. Where is it Is it going to our dna? Wait. I have some voices so he opens the door and he's like I'm just gonna steal some food. Yes, I'm fucking starve five ten and I away one thirty seven. So that's like what I wear that's what I went again, but I'm five shorter than you'll live shorter, so I would be real ban would be tough. But you can go into attics whenever you want to handle strewn upside, so so he he went on, he stole some food and then I realized this was this opportunities. You started looking around the house
and he saw that trap door and he was like this could be. The way that Dont have to be outdoors for the rest of this winter or you can have waited for fairly at home in them and hey buddy. I really need a place to say yeah. You mean you, can maybe so was just like half a day, maybe it was just like he was like kind. But human hold it over. You so he'd be like sure you can. You can stay and have a banana. Many need any then just stairs. We will put it in the movie. Fag people have spoken. Ok, who play a spell: I love that work with this one burma I mean off the cuff. I wanted to say Bill, Pullman isn't goodies owner. Isn't he in order may think is older than the woman now think fit I think, he's in a seven east rate. So
That's right, you is seventy word we're doing Tommy Jones as fill that ray of care and real, it's gritty. And I just like him once I'm in a way we were driving up. I think it was looking at me like I'm a register, namely through the well. I mean that we're going out that would be the fighting cawing less fearless when area it will anemometer Domine where the Boers Seasons is gay and where to order Giving up a and there's limited traffic and the four seasons hotel. Just Terry Fancy, as you well know, is right: there are lots of celebrities goaded. Staying out.
As we were stopped and traffic. I love them. There's a black Mercedes Melinda rolls down it's fucking Tommy Lee Jones, and I went like this and he was like he gave her the sailors, that's a good one, and even in L, a you guys think is safe, but, like we don't see a lot of good ones. Those very few few few get well yeah. Really, there's you'll see some people from the Sea w. We got back their beautiful there very beauty and similar. C: o j you're not getting an everyday magic. I saw Simon cow. But out the window of the car. I was in those in the masters. I'd see, I saw him, he was pulled up next to us of his window rolled down, but unfortunately I didn't see him before I had
ouch too loud car window right as second Simon cows, holes up and is like whatever, like you know, of car, that mother no mother right about people drive that if the Emma everybody dies, my surroundings forehead. I don't like it. Did you love? It It is like a little city ignored. We will then I just will say producing it will just keep doing this. Boys, I'm on moral, can m I'm trying to take a left on to enter a you know: Its world studios are literally called studio, city and
As you know, it's very nerve racking to make left hand turns in LOS Angeles night, just move there like probably two years before us very scare you have it is you have to really you have to attack the intersection. You ended ambled. What you're spending this to you, but you can't win you always do it wrong, it's bad! So I'm out there are really trying to like it. Take my place in the world of this intersection. Well, who comes up in a light blue JAG, but Mr Clint Eastwood, all the hot or cold, or why it is in their own land, and he was because the sun was shining in his eyes so use like he looked like he was doing, Clint Eastwood Impression is being so rad. It was so ran Billy about thirty. Ok then grow fuckin disease,
seeing as may know, I saw him went spit out. Yeah watch right in him right, we're out of book member when there's a borderline, unless amateur we- and you guys, remember- remember- I was walking around around the corner. Right into someone. I'm. So sorry MA am We can't lose any result plight and then an alien judge gives you think I was she walks. Why are you they re importer? Like you, try to walk into my husband, yeah you your eyes and not did you know? There's a pile of your blood is discussed then so goes against everything we're doing at tat period. They wanted a book on just keep your marriage same or they're. Just getting like one of those like macbooks about hiking, don't tell anyone we bought this nature will lastly, most beautiful ever fucking. Seen in my life in person. In my life I mean next laptop clap
just that with article eight, not enemies. Where were we? oh, oh Angelina Jolie, you are building up to that person. Who could it be? Yours also like five? Three though Oh? Really, I'm sorry that she was tall. I now may make it in that way. We are not all very small, tiny human being when you go there, if you, if you run into a celebrity, go to us actually run of slavery or you will think they're in grammar school at first ailing, Alice Mana same deal shows what the first celebrity errs on our way to immediately made me want to quit what I was doing so just like. Oh, you have to be for food aid and they re sixty seven pounds. I only reason we're not famous I've. A huge head persists. We're persisting right back. The film
everyone's been talking about Sundance. Ok. So when he's being interviewed by the cops He basically says he'd never met it's a harmful, but once it's in there he like his thing was here for the first, so he out altogether. He was ups up in that added for nine months eyes as people's house. Oh, my god, for nine months and at first he would just stay really really still, and if he heard anybody downstairs, he would just freeze and stay still all day but and it was still fill in the house, After a little while he got bored and he said he would sneak down
at first. He would sneak down at night and eat scraps. He would eat the garbage. Stick his finger in the jelly jar go back upstairs who eats jelly raw. Like I mean it was the forties, though, will establish out at the beginning that everybody, each jelly I'll fuckin, love and preserve the spoon yeah, that's dessert. That Ladys Ass, ok, everyone gets spoonfuls jelly. And after that, can I play the lady who cooks Burnham. Of course, lady. The cooks dinner. A hundred, you have to read for it. Okay, now it is down there as show business. Look I love you. I want you to be part of it, but the exact I mean it's because my joy is there. So many line producer has to see the guy. Our work is not fair, that everyone dying re now now get ok
Ok. So, but then it gets bored right. So then, what he does as eastern sneaking down when Phil is still in the house and shadowing him as he walks around the house. Everything up until then was like ok, that's but now I'm like oh you're, fuckin, crazy, yes, because He said that is that he didn't want to hurt him How can we find it is I've I've gone, who fall into show business fantasy, no idea where I am in this document. Align p. Oh that's right! This is my movies. Like you, he basically, Sir, there it is there, it is
sure about the norms, readings myself now great story. This is crazy. Is you just stop brooding to the audience? He said that a bolder and I used to shadow him from room to room. It was sore The game gave me a thrill. It was the first time in my life. I've ever had any one at my mercy, Turkey is at your mercy because he he's choosing the watched. Thanks. Zella then or whenever he's living as lively, doesn't know you're there, not that's so Theodore but then here's arrest of that quote. I didn't want to hurt him. It was miserable hot summer at my feet, froze dead in the winter and that attic, but it was all part of the price I was willing to pay. I guess you can I can't tell you why I stuck it out. I guess, because I was in a world all my own. I used to go down.
And look out the window and watch the postman go by nobody's written me in twenty five years. When ever I saw people on the street, I hated them and I go back to my attic. I relate nobody is no less than one gotten one letter only those like ours this for you even just a bill or somewhere and now here is mad about mail. But the reason you now and then he said about the night of the murder. Everything would have been all right and so Peters would have been alive today at the end and caught me robbing the eyes. His fucking thought that you broke in India. Murdered Phil is asking for it was him or me. I thought he gone out, but he was taking a nap. I hit but the stove shaker, which I've looked it up so I cannot figure out. What a stove shaker is, is that you or something you should take. The server in my
Ok, it's just going to it's gonna, be like a huge like iron statue. Ok, well, The kitchen angle, low, maybe maybe could It concerns Geller, ok listen, I'm suddenly it's my movie do with this is all you. And you know you. I want to work with you, I I think this is an amazing. What is his skill at work? I don't know how but dish trade that he had gotten from Mean star. It comes back around. She makes castles in a cast iron square. Weighs two hundred bound ray, return as when you're done, Phil don't break a bone So I had him with the stove.
Tired skillet when he tried to run for help when it was over. I ran to the attic. I was sitting on the trap door when you were pounding on it from below the night. You found him, so they actually like when and where like. What's this and then we're like, though we can open it and probably so then that means it doesn't matter all right, guys follow through everyone life. Lessons follow through fellow there spit I'll show you theatre coming. Do we have any. Pictures even sent em, you might not there, bearing on what is in this draft or house. Oh yeah, this the attic look at that guy's forties hair augurs there's the light on the on the wire guys. Greece isn't it. Sudan and his hair fearsome system p theirs. I knew board bad over there and depressing
he confessed and he was Victor's and sends her life prison in Colorado, state penitentiary. What if I pronounced Colorado, he went on November eighteenth nineteen, forty two any remain there for twenty three years and eventually became the prison librarian hurry I mean He died in the prison hospital and may sixteenth nineteen sixty seven and the press dubbed him, the spider man of my place, which is the street you lived on because one detective freds aren't. I looked into the attic, which is probably that guy with the red hair, he said a man would to be a spider to stand it so long up in that play a star everybody else? I can tell you how glad I am. I don't have to follow that yeah right.
Right. It was you gotta go to those old, creepy ones. I now I never did. The previous ones
here's a new and old bomb. You, the fuck out, because its reason, one of your really related to this very real we're gonna hate or should we do hometown, aren't or do we have to take the person, not he's raising their hand, but you everyone around them is pointing at which we should take the person not whose raising their hand, but you all their friends, are going. Kids are like this black anger. When you know there's a they ve had enough time. She doesn't. Let me see you in the way, sir. It's just become a rule that I don't get a pig is events on the siberian others. You have to go this way,
She said just turn it on. They lose just use the microphone the way it's supposed to be used. Lenses ear. I swear to God. There's no owens went on that thing. We're just the Lisbon. Do you carry hearing then using my college skills to cram, but I felt most the tests when I did that. But maybe I can just remember just talk, it you'll be fine. We journey my name of Megan
my last name. No earlier have knowingly steel seamen, yeah, that's our job where you from I am from Ogden. Utah great. I tracked here with my cousin care, led the bare. Ladies. You ve been a fan from the beginning and say you gotta. Listen to this part. Can we It's me. Thank you. We owe you twenty between Ebola and my favorite murder, where the weird, Indeed our Mormon family. You can, You have a me like a disease yeah we like to read about it and then pretend what is it is? It is deteriorating bad shit? Do I love your eyes? Will believe? Then, if you survive ten days, you're in the club, I tell the story: ok, then you tat is This is the really big time murder in Ogden, I'm good.
To brush over it cause it's pretty grisly great. If you want to know more near here I'll give you some links. Happy mother went to high school with the survivor of the high five murders. I like this fact I've never heard of this site. I line I find murders to do that. Twenty four of the nineteen hand to my lips, but the owner listen to a later date. I took a cookie today. That was in that was noon? We have great video of me worried that Karen's gonna yell at me just slow. That's all I'm talking to you got it. Just is nineteen. Seventy four, we God we remain Shelly aims: leashes, eighteen years old, she works,
with, sadly Walker, they are the high five shop that sells speakers music. You know Tuttle, Nineteen, seventy four thing going on yeah closing time little sixteen year old court, Ni Ni, walks in and says hey thanks for letting park in the parking lot. While I had two runs Marin's he's down there talking skies and that's when these three bastards come in, the learning he'll be people they tie him up. They dump drain o down their ears, let's and even a male down their mouth and ears, their second, that it touches their mouth. There burn their minds and with this we just right away right away, ok, initially the guy that did it so that they I had some good staff Anderson things, but because they're in there and they ve tied them up he's like hey, wait a minute. I got something in the car. So clearly
got an idea. What you want either low, but a pre planet keep torture. You know you're, eighteen year old, doesn't come home from work, yours sixteen year old, doesn't come home from running errants, so coarse their peers, It's come to find them and you, where are my children, Karel Nasal comes to find her six year old Son goes down in the basement. She is tied, given drain oh and shot San diameter. Yes, Why do the or in Walker he comes to find you want? Seventy cents, Stanley who never came home, work. He comes down there, they are. I him up and they kick. A pair and don't want this part into his ear using the October. Part. I currently going. You can't pause, corneas power through it. Corny beat in the end these men decide they're going to just shoot everybody every
but he dies except for Courtney Knees, but now This is some bad shit. Clearly, but after weeks investigation. They find the three guys that did it. They are put to death are executed, except for the getaway driver who, without amongst dust and I've, tried to Facebook the shit out of this guy. But I find you didn't know anything in the military run. They were. They all worked on. He'll air Force base, let the witches the central part of you tat. I mean it's and they station there. They said they it had money, their pay sectors, military and we do know our military needs to be supported, little more child of a servicemen, but anyway cord me has lifelong ailments. From this year he gets married. He has children, he graduates from college.
He lived a full life and he died last year and I think it was pretty damn amazing. He still went to high school. He still accomplish things and, of course, became an admin.
Forget the very well. That's me borough. You went there, I'm proud of you. I take it in take a second now, your girl. This is hard to do very harshly with that story, when you're high and that nine I know you have. You have a song you and if you want my by sir, I need that Sir pages are what you? Yes, that's how we do it here. Well, I bet they of signing somebody in this audience. That's not high!
these very, very, oh sure, very low. These days, I but people just get up in the morning in there just like a boom boom. My are over driver. Yesterday's amazing, like hippy chick who polio goes the burning man was what we're talking that actually works of dispensary and she
A guy friends you wake up in the morning and have second we'd butter on their toes tat like how toast any end smokes. If we know you fucking ate it and then it lay comes on slow and then all of a sudden you're, like just walking around at work and you're like a smiling dogs, tat, smiling everything s speech. So someone asked the question just say: yes, said your desk bones, I didn't realize that song turning your neck sign. That might be like how to deal with being high. Can you do that Monetary union to write it down for me outward soon? You guys
and this is the first weekend over twenty seven to imports or we're needs to follow out. Oh, what a great sucking plays the surname were seriously in its varied searching eyes, very lovely, how much support we gave you guys and love. We really appreciate and we very much want you to stay succeed.
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