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86 - Live at the Enmore Theatre

2017-09-14 | 🔗

This week’s My Favorite Murder comes to you live from the Enmore Theatre where the ladies discuss the "Melbourne incident" and cover serial killer Auntie Thally and the Shark Arm case.

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this is exactly right what finally got right we finally do right now
what what's up with you guys they raise your weekend exciting to be you have you ever had every single one of your triggers figured out one i'm in a start this show by saying this is my favorite murderous true crime pot its that's also occur many brown is a difficult and complex nation yeah and their there in third we'd gaffer in use simply must trust does we're good people here that's just for the new businesses through the people
our fourth year or who saw someone the newspaper and i were like let's roll the dice gap ilo pike ass this american life love comcast let's go to this one guy mark merit my guy i'll greater lived to see what i've been so we we wanted to tell you guys what happened last night just took on a address it unites us at this point the rumours are so in saying that it's a little it's a little bit crazy words looked on the way over your daughter phone chagos oh now they're saying i walked i'll stay hold what is happening i did and i wanted never wanted more than my life we started the show by talking about plucking jim hairs
you do who doesn't do that again contrary to crime comedy live podcast and then karen derek gray light hearted murder how we do it sure thing and then i didn't i was soon this thing we're like i did i did you more than they are yet that we are actually yeah yeah so that women a moment ago in a different direction and not looking to stop by saying that anyone again who might be knew she do did joe mark and when we did our meat and greed which is where we get a lot of feedback and we love to hear feedback and people tell us what they think every single person was like i was so scared that you are doing that and you did it
great in it it's obviously no no no no it's ok but i mean like the one thing we talk about all the time as they were here to represent and support the victims as comedy is not around that yo i think i'm ok with the way i did but them i i touched on earth was yet the next last may yet there is somebody mounted into clear he was having wears out for the weekend and made a bad entertainment choice do you know what i've got happen some seconds we hardcore murdering i was like fuck after worked my uncle i've sedateness angelo you'll get you guys love horror movies you're really my horror movies you guys let a comedy i feel like you might enjoy this thing and that murdering and was wrong
deeply wrong yeah really at the end of the day what happened is and as a person is done stana comedy for right one hundred years we just got heckled i mean that's at the long and short of it it's there's been there's been a lot of words used to describe what happened that i think are inaccurate it was a guy yelling visits shite and although its rude and jarring and upsetting it's still not like a salt or anything you don't owe me and like it's just a person in fact this is the only thing we really think he was mad and also he had like the lungs of pavarotti i he was the loudness person i've ever heard speak of you could imagine others murderer who like that like this
you know in their minds but the fact that you are all like what the fuck everyone's like what the fuck for awhile and whom an he it seemed like a went on for twenty five minutes is probably twenty seconds and then they just ideal there and then we had the like sit in it for a little while i don't work of artists well it was upsetting because he was yelling at her and also it was this moment where like it happens all the time it's podcast we were talking about something incredibly sensitive and then one of us fucks up and the other one make fun of that person they interpret that as us laughing at someone's death which makes sense logistically you know i mean it's like these these but it's not reading argue it you know domain because that was what was happening but it also was not what was happening in the least so and then parent fuck eyes looked at her and i was like
and did you fuckin like it shall took over and lacks the most eloquent wonderful thing and it was immense so much to me listen i have to say i'm so fucking happy you're my team and i am so lucky that you have my back me i'm not handler hammer and at the improbable limp for twenty up i'm just getting a nice just like you know it in my for me i come from a family of incredibly loud yellows like oh my god thanks giving again are you done we get your volume anger lima like but now it's not hurt mills bigger so there's lots of people are like don't pull the plug causing we're like are you i just
quit my job i have to do this painted myself into a corner seriously we're never gonna posts that up i mean we suppose you're the part that we usually whenever anyone so i ain't never gonna happen out of context people would be like that was a weird speech that was so weird i thought about how hard life can be that was just a magical select moment for us the funniest part o in it the vip mike there were people would probably be like it so funny decides i'd be disorder and and we're like oh shit doesn't like a worst case scenario for people already like it was hard for me to come here then
the man started yelling like them and angry man we're like power releases and its ninety nine look around its like all women our man you guys have to ok listen don't tell anyone we told you this don't know i will return to this but they said to us please don't tell sidney about housing they were really i mean about here's the thing they were very embarrassed every single person that we met and that the appeal was so lovely to us they were so and then we had people part of what georgia story about was a prime family who ambushed cops and we're trying to kill costs and that was part of sensitivity and about the fourth people who walked up in the visa p line works were the victoria police department and one of the women was like my
past told me to listen to this podcast for for the health of my job and we are like are you just say it and then i was like benefiting did my home like hey there was a cop here last night she likes our part so you know she gave us caution tape yeah and a little bad but then australia you you guys responded in the fucking coolest way that make a glass so fucking happy and you get ready you i'll get greater ninety melbourne we rebuild like the mass of this progress with i feel like i have a like a tie her head on and then like words were like cart wheeling and then everyone does the mobility yeah exactly doesn't make any sense here and but why humanity at midnight to murder he knows it was danica and democrats
her name's medea navy dean and dynamic a bear our social workers and bridgman and they started basically oh yeah campaign there are worrying gloria and so we had stephen grab a still of what the total of money raised for this having happens when you say that you guys this was as is the clock today nine thousand dollars that women's organisations in prison in belgium and in
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