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This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia cover Jack Gilbert Graham and the Son Of Sam.

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this is exactly right welcome to my favorite murdered true crime podcast for people or into tax percent of that in itself is not backed that's right that's cankering era that's georgia hard stark unwelcome than we are back in my apartment it is quite an adjustment i now i'm like really looking forward to this to just below in our element i was gonna clean up the pot cast off what i mean
are you to do is look at it too now it happened it's like a fucking bomb went off in their an australian gift bomb australian gift farm a we watch wrestling fuckin merge my shit there's empty funds our cliffs bottles up there i was forget that there's two part ass being being beamed out of this apartment area so there's a lot a lot going on not just ass yet and both events and i like are the keepers of the things so it's you know there's also kept our former to be now ok yeah good i welcome that honesty there have been a cap on the coup in my house at the moment although i did open the door to a new dot might our walker when i'm occasion and she told me she had a replacement but she didn't say the replacement was automatically coming she just gave me the number the person i call and so like eleven in the morning when i was wearing one
where my black pajamas they become black with white and yeah pajamas and i was sitting there were hand something and the door before those like what could possibly be happening right now for speeding on the door of honouring its the word i sneaked to the door quietly and look out the thing pilon than em like yeah but i'm like front or on the sidewalk ratio is whoever and a lot of times its people who are shilling for a church or real estate agent see everything around telling around hey i think you should sell us piece of shit else from get out from under water
usually that one time it was the bug man did i tell you about that when i opened the door and the guy goes hey i just wanted to introduce myself i'm and then they stood back a little bit and does the bug man i just shut the door it was like he started to say my neighbors used him to lady aurex and exterminator something but he he was really young and good looking like a uniform on assessing get out of here i don't try to charge me you're gonna bug term you know never never so this time was weird because it was too beautiful northern european looking people with accents gonzalez like and george immediately goes out because they have that the door this story but a long way short of it is i met the dog worker that i had no intention of calling is i want to talk to a new per se i have to make some kind of you connection now i was amulet final do it myself
and then they she she showed up now every day to like it is her pen you can't while her lies leave me alone now she's already they ferdinand they see in the worst of the words something where you like now that someone is counting on the money that you're paying them in that position where you're in a show of no matter what where eat i thought that i was getting this much money this week from this job but i thought i have and then someone tells you you're not in your so broke that you're like will now i thought i could cover ran my cat like that's happened to me and i burst into tears cause i was like how you cancelled on me and now i'm fucked what you went and did something no now i never did it but it's like i know i wouldn't want to disappoint i wouldn't want to do that to someone who i am here like i'm supposed to being like no actually i can't take this week i fear i mean i can't i'm a genuine paying rent with like i don't know if that's a good plan jail do i have to say mighta walker makes me
because she has a bunch of dogs aside from my two anti i stuff like stairs stay the night for us our lightly higher re that's where the money is yeah yeah anyway i didn't i didn't take away i didn't they ran limits i let her in her husband come in and take my good of you that's really good metzler it didn't feel great though because it was like i was hiring beautiful gray eyes thing danish people love to walk my pets while i sit home like a little pile of dirty laundry and right on my computer wallet kind of skipping germ saying that we have a lot yeah really quickly for the tour where we're going on is torn out started in australia and who knows where and when and who knows when and why and how
why and why and it could be i mean state and i mean so that the two that i want to mention that we have a light shone detroit that's coming up on the twenty ninth and you'll tickets for the late you're still to control its own eyes and then toronto there on the thirtieth there's still a couple tickets for that and then so if you go to my parent murdered accomplish live i'm not gonna fuckin said the dates and tell if you hear your city go to my here comes laszlo because nobody wants to become less and less cindy agar anaheim monopoly madison wisconsin tampa houston dallas and kansas city give her i called your name go to the second maybe they all have tickets left yeah oh my hands i eat these people get so mad at us and sell out but i know that that's what i'm saying you had a really walk in that lie in it like that i can imagine
well let's say you know maybe you know when i come to no act as a thing have to compare your anxiety allotted shit goes down i mean what we can guarantee you is an event for there are now nights you not school about that is like i have of issue is going to any i maybe more saunas younger like any event alone like just showing up anywhere allow freak man i've seen a movie alone once like as experiment so so scared and rain i fuckin ex boyfriend his girlfriend i mean that's how great it where you let it was there will be blood you don't want to i don't like you need to talk to someone about yeah there's a lot there's a lotta only them around me loan you could hide behind cause it's like a good movie with a good directors who could be like i just had to see this film archive it like my eye was it my friend but they got trigger and ran out the other's right i just ran they hate milk an jangling lots of things so yeah
people are always people who we meet at the shows tell us that they came alone at such an event concerning go home anxiety and the like and it was incredible that awesome people yeah that's true that to me as like the people who are scared of coming alone like yours maybe sat next to someone who your enemy best friends worth it's really trail yeah it's just everyone or all and then because free ones the same pretty much on i got the same has the same field person is hilarious to me and also and people tell us there alone when they come to meet us at the meeting agreed i was we'll be somebody that's alone and i'll be like that girl over there as we always like yellow horrible i don't touch her an like if you were like a sure that's like funny but like relates to something murderous someone can help you like where did you get that the best ran someone had a short term on one of the main greets had said the husband at a dinner out those and i bought us both i bought a swell than yet cause that was a very short and i worked authority to city like
here's how in your face and then my service this is how i can sweetie is he was leg oh oh yes it's always announcements autonomic no the husband murder little he just didn't get oh he might have merely idea that no noumenon row and i went i bought a car this week o young yesterday which was like exciting onawandah levels and scary and the car dealers like a super normal did and we were like looking at the car and he opened the trunk invents joke like but which i love have been said this are you give him a few bodies there and then he points to the emergency latch and just goes just make sure you disable that oh my god like salt yeah ray that's a good say here and i am about the carver how old is he was he doubly didn't listen thereby goes like this ever tweeted envy like you must be a no action was taken
family ma am lots of people have good sense of humour yeah he was like twenty eight or less malaria like that style i do too now you're just going to like you don't know if i'm not i'm gonna be i've had been locked in a trunk before in my life but you're just picking you know what it is its if you ve been locked in a trunk before in your life the fact that you are making the joke first means you're ok riots which means he can do it he was right and that its actually additional relief that he would join in and not leave you hang right or go oh my god what's wrong with dr it's just a classic like bullshit salesmen personality aids why i like people like that and i hate myself liking i'm because it such an obvious like those smooth talkers are my favorite and there the there the most full of shit people who domicile be right i don't react how thrilling yes exactly they go along with its like concept
hi and improvised that makes you have to be smarter and quicker to but it also is like your being her that's exhausting it's a thrilling we were talking about this the other day and the many but i cannot get us sense of time or place of because it back being back to think i know that it's too long to complain about jet lag i'm still complaining about it because i'm still there was i just jet lag it's just that it wasn't a vacation and we were constantly busy and most people don't fly three times inside of their flight to and from home no no the travelling that one on within the travelling re was very intense studying some when i went to write my murder for this week it was not enjoyable because there were so many that we have to do for australia and somebody
i research for australia has not made clear as they were so intense there's some fucked up fucked up store like five that our half written than i was gonna do from australia yeah it's almost got though because now it just like my how i have three in detroit enter rate as that it gets back and walk in the park it's no big deal that's a cake walk in the park and we never done toronto now we ve gotten tons of suggestions since the beginning from toronto like theirs lots of choices it doesn't have to be there's something a bell strain the crime that is very dark it's like oh my god s leave for some reason maybe this judgment feels darker regular feels like the only matters there are huge murderous yes you know like me guns turkish dry
if my eyes no it's like a guy that's got like picked up a handful of red clay and painted his face red and then hidden the bushes intentionally kill the innocency i get a lot of that over an hour failed us family on the next level a family yes but familiar side or yeah yeah i just picked the story that's the best to tell in terms of you're not fucking believe re write a council i've dipped intellect go stories and share on when i can't go directly to it which is the thing that like i know a lot more reigners or like i'm a marino have been since day one this is my job which is great but none really does it twenty four seven and like i personally can't do it so i am i definitely have like murder fatigue right now because i just don't want i dont want to read about another axe my magic can you get him i still can't get enough i had to researching a murderer
and ended up lena watching six others on youtube which is like a has the most factor and then i was like this is uneven what you're talking about this we stop i have like make myself some watching oh i did the same thing where i kept there's all kinds of the assembly treated this actually there is a buzzfeed less thoughts like sixteen of the most fucked up murders you ve never heard eyes us which as someone treated us an elm radio marina say yeah right leg yeah try me beijing and they were most of ones that we ve heard but i always i read those i go through and i'm like of course i've heard it hurt it hurt at her heard it and i feel like now i'm at that point of lake it's almost a magic the gathering level nerd murder nerd thing where i've i feel like i've had my hands in it for so long that i just in light for a little while i gonna wanna play this game anymore it isnt wine and maybe
just the travelling it'll get em before we started this park has i would have to take along breaks from a murderer staff because i would get really depressed so the only thing i've kept me from that now which because but doing at nonstop is this is a job now but i fuckin would get dark and deep and depressed and sky part of the world yeah cause it's scary scary stifling scary a positive now self care everybody she ran to talk about oh yeah a new march so we designed a shirt thirsty on behalf of sea that pays tribute stevens surprise he doesn't know about that as i have no idea has been in the works we ve been talking about it even thinking about a woman talking
thinking about it and then so i asked the great chris fair banks who is my co host on do you need a ride my other pod capitalist and she's also assess the whole area of comic software company and a but he's what's funny it the most interesting thing i think it's easy brilliant graphic has no idea relator we should talk to preserving the assets he fucking do you need a ride and cover i have no idea is the most intricate fucking awesome cover i've ever seen as a monster eating a freeway in it and not just one of the thing that's happened it's just psych its banana and when you told me that i was like oh fuck yachts on ia says so i asked crested do us stephen cut that out design and minors and he's done it for us and this is it showing stephen lying now click click areas where i see when there's this through with my
in its stephen all in red like tracing along my hair is silhouette that stephen and then it finishes on the other side is cut that that is my favorite murder on the mustache it's basically stephen silhouettes areas hair silhouettes his hair mustache i browse nation hairs silhouette with steam but yet seamen cut that and my murder in in the head why intertwine an air and which should be up by the time they the time your hearing these words and if any face this should be upon my favorite murder shirts blocking out i joined a year that cut off my finger murder shirts icons even how do you feel i can never change my hair and also very honoured that a fellow mustache brother sir why it's all right it's so can you send it to me i was like yes yes yes it's so
seeing it's really good and will cause at its subtle on people who know will now yet actually i will like any other sure you have to know it another showed i haven't made sandia even lies the fun of it it's great i'm so have we ll have a totes and blackened mugs and stickers and i'll read and it's not even from the weird face mass jackie maybe try ass he s very rather ain't he gets embarrassed online seamen was was heralded unloaded at all all through australia people lost their she basically at a secondary meat and great line where people would walk away from us and them walk over to stevens meetin great here and will present pursuing like i am i need to go to give this deceiving helps him sign the caterpillar like can stephen beyond this photo and we made him the nasty and has a signature pose yet which is on one knee with his chin honest this line of us child nineties lady out star prom thing the ads perfect but now you have murray of them let them
again the admission our citizens than i am a farmer and he's care and are now that equivalent i mean it's fine here your basic wake and then the other say oh can i share a fuckin pog has today been listening to that i really love podcast corner of course the fall lime it's a whoop female investigative journalist who every season is gonna talk about marginalized consumer crimes and marginalized communities in georgia woe yeah as i think that's where she's from so that's kind of what she's doing she kickin offered the atlanta child killer now she's it she's like doing ones that we don't know about that are have been like bungled
oh yeah so this is the nineteen ninety to her the first ones and ninety ninety disappearance of these twin sisters to net and jeanette millbrook there are fifteen year old african american girls on their way home go girls they weren't gonna be done the typical not runaways luck and disappeared horse quoth the runaways and never got looked into and so this is actually like reopening the caisson there are looking into it again now and it might get another one of those ones again and george i work mica saw yeah that's amazing on the same trying to do runaways in the nineties yeah i mean it was a poor neighborhood in georgia in rural and island georgia african american community but like the girls caesar medication and didn't have it with them a likely you don't run away without your caesar medication sure don't now and then girls and not that bad girls out also good disappear ripened that's part of the when it's the disenfranchised culture i the people the larger
media or the larger interpretation is always they were asked for ass i did you are i'm sure as they did something and they d urgent and that's why it happened right but then there because i think that people think that way so they can just break off any air emotion responsibility in its like not problem one hundred i'm here anyone i love because well this is a really good one because she she looks into all the possibilities including out like a couple serial killers and that in the town one of which sounds so fucking likely wound and it's just a real it's one of those in a female investigative journalism paca podcast has a ton of fuckin empathy so it's the beef tell it to that's crazy that's the father terms amazing far lightened following any think there's a girlfriend a campaign trying to raise money to help with like either in our
a reward for information or to fund you know something i thought that's going to look into it that makes me think that is our friend joe thorn lonely iser last name when someone just tweed at me she's number i know that got the number one part castro now with her pike hazael it which is about cults she was at the she was the home tat the end of the lives and nature which when at last week she was the hometown murder which we originally brought up because she said she can moon walk and we need be a heavy heavy episode lay because of what we're talking about so i come up and moon walked by the way they were hometown and she totally dead and she was charming us back and she's i guess i'm a pug haskins zealot about called and i looked at her in cigarettes and it was like i gotta number forty six have a comedy she's also it's about called
let's comedy what you like so of morality and i'm number forty six i'm a come i can call you pack has and then i looked at it like i got some are three right below us now she's she's alive i'm there why girl we're all gonna how it happened with as lucky i owe my message to iran and syria was i i that i know if i can feel right now i can enjoy their cause than ever happen that sogo yeah i'm so happy for her yes she's she deserve that so funny and it was purely because she sent perfectly the car some of the tweet was you guys my feel like talking by the time you get to the end let me now come up and moon work for you and just the idea that was so hilarious you can imagine that we would have picked that because it's not what we do know is just like a sidebar but it was so funny that wasn't so finance definitely men walked too are you not as i do that following she moonlight in high he'll oh my god regime was great it was great happy for her anything else
i haven't horse a confession tapes i don't wanna talk about it i guess literally forty tweets a day and saying watch at commission level professions are not my thing because they trust me outside miles just fine i care at my house around them even though i understand the ins and outs it's just so heart i get so angry and thrust out i can't watch that but i am watching our jessica beale wasn the sinner among episode three i'm really suddenly getting under way like at the first episode as like mad second ok third of fuckin there yet escaped about that dirty dirty bill pullman so sexy only a dirty o mike he's a dirty little sly dirty bird it may it wants to be shamed and submission i also love that woman that places dominatrix org
friend or whoever that woman as yeah just looks like a normal woman in this second i see women like on tv i'm like god they're just someone we all antique they're letting someone not emaciated bianti that you know it s i love about her character is that she works at a classy restaurant instead of like her she looks like should work at a dive bar and on them in off the drag threats like noakes yours a high and restaurants like you're not fuck making her this care extra than everyone thinks she is now she's like us self possessed self actualized sex worker slash ex girlfriend slash something else it adds to the interest of i get this is how complex seemingly has actually less really no matter what and i think i am i think i'm really under but even if i am not the characters are really interesting
i'm really into it dont fighter just like an almond oh i bought if i bought the fuckin season pass a man a man a get my money or his great now really it's really will act area i am launching something because as i announced that i was just taking a light gray light acts break there is a show called test of london mistakes we don't make me all the more you have if you imagining it right now d or do i keep show and showing love pagoda ok this item ass bury who the vigour guy from people are i know no has not from peach reality just eight reminds me of when you what was sometimes when i brought watch british comedy and it's so it so intelligently funny that it makes me it like it makes you
you like screaming as i watch as you dont you have to be quiet the whole time because you're going to miss a fuck anything see how i fell out there you know last yes you of your just listening as hard as you can there so dry there's no like punchline and it's like saying everyone wants everyone to be this funny like we're doing it here why won't you allow re do it there anyway called toast of london he is like kind of awash actor it is here that i will hilarity rum places yes garth marine visa happily yes ok lovely again new sea is please go watch them where they just mentioned i think you have to go online probably right on that flax fact dark places and people are to the vatican we will see if garth wearing these dark places is on that place just exe also there was a clip we have
sometime methods but their incomes as seen from melbury sketch show where he goes and is going to help this girl she's carrying it bigger have you seen it and their walking used like let me take that for years is being super fake sweets or and then she does is you go out there and she finally goes like oh my boyfriend's apartments are like a soldier and throws a summit it is super cut of all the times he does that any just thrown kick drop kicks adore them then is a girl a woman's as i'm a boy for mining way my only friend my way out of you is so and the fish the fish tank had fish in it and he broke it and there on the ground yet he smashed to disasters occur listen so once again gotta you to readjust of london is on netflix an pictures on stolen netflix right and you know keep showed their coming out of the new season oh my god yeah there like doing here i thought
called something it's it sorry it's not picture but they're coming out in your gut hey should sit down yeah sure turn ruhmer it let's do it who the fuck its first and when we basing it off of i mean sidney cynthia lasher and send me the exact show at the opera house on the house to show it at the opera house who went first that time i believe you and as you when you at last you did the shark arm short arm wasn't the nasal wasn't at and i was first attack at night so it's your lets me ok this is the fires for what i was doing this is the story of jack gilbert gram and flight six twenty nine i write so jack gilbert ground the strong jack
was born i flight six twenty nine like dirt ignore that aeroplanes flying and others too we have some like a black box i did we get blown out by an airplane i announced that they can find a safe and i don't know i don't think this survive higher right now just haze give the apartment has a black box that's all the apartments came with black bright's that's the thing that you came here vintage ship painting that's a black box overcome what so said jack is born on january twenty third nineteen thirty two in denver colorado i was given to this for done rather than unlike i'm saving the shit out of this he's asleep can child of daisy gram and her second husband here jack is born during the great depression in nineteen thirty seven is dad dies of pneumonia which is what thing makin the great depression it cause daisy daisy then his mother sent him to an orphanage cause their poverty superbum
it was a thing back then yeah and sometimes they did they just didn't like it was a pawnshop wars like stay here for awhile that's right back and baby farmers rate weren't they baby farmers in england night and know that i make sense for you just kind of drop em off in a girl your baby him and you can pick a bag of they grow your baby poorly they grew your baby but a lot of times that what they would do is kill them and i the money i will take the money can be like sure sure will totally take urban and get money from the state or would i know so but then daisy goes and married and i had a quote this could also good well heeled moaning riches fuck yeah daisy marries a riches fuck around your name earl king and nineteen forty one she's now like fuckin leavin the highlight still hasn't got jack the orphanage oh yeah well that's her old life she won't hear that behind our she doesn't like stress out rancher thy in his
mansion he ran away several times to be with her from the orphanage what she always brought him back which is like you're gonna razor oh that's so he would actually get to his mother's house and schuman and back the mansion the values like something an orphan would make up like my mother lives nearby and a man tray and shoot you must not just be able to come get me something to make it easier for her and go go there and she's all no thanks neil then when jack was eight years old daisy she brought him home to the ranch to celebrate christmas from the orphanage like come on home from christmas buys pony and he's like bring me a pony am clearly here to stay nope one christmas was over she takes an ad hoc an orphanage can you imagine living a lavish whatever weak life weeklong wife mansion that your mother gets to stand near mug gara pony and she
there was an older half sister so i ended but it doesn't say i wonder if she was actually living there now so why don't they just send him to boarding school way to be in an orphanage sure yeah so there has been the richest suck husband dies and she takes them money for inheritance becomes a successful business woman and still does in fact aimed at improving the oregon egg and i now dare you to tell me a zipper sad story this week that that's it because it is all about orphans did he take that up now ma not worry it gets worse when he sixteen he forges papers and insurance a coastguard and that is real ages found out and his discharge which is so sad where it's like he might have had a good life if they had a cue he want it should join the coastguard and and be part of
the military and they were like sixteen which back man was like twenty seven in terms of like being on your own you could probably drink already i mean but but was still during its list is a little after the depression has maybe it's like no free lunches yeah come back when you re the air on free lunch until bia go get your friend should the orphanage tis maybe they would get in trouble for you know that's true dangerous ninety so violent nineteen he forged for four programme and checks to four answer road trip they got him ended up though the czechs have in two months and a texas jail for bootlegging and running a police roebuck block at a hundred miles per hour which sends a fuckin fun yes bootlegging yeah at this point like who gives a fuck yeah i'm gonna go one in charges crazy nominal of live my life yeah he's extradited back to danvers mom pays his debt and probation is granted so
he then goes to the university of denver which is less like he must be come some left a kind of smart yeah in a way i get into a youth feed the university system martino fournier one of our over driver its hellas wouldn't we were involved are there was the night before school so darn ready for the ball university a bolder yes i think that whatever whatever the knowledge all older she's gonna she's i'd do us nosey
he said to us here wound boulders now voter college is known as a pretty easy begin into school of engineering that everyone there was the jones just like i don't feel so bad about going to community college and dropping out now i went to sack state where they were like please come here please come and be one of the two hundred thousand people they go to the lean mean you more than unita yeah like eleven goes out but we should add this to them after our show and we all went downtown to like try to find a party here and where people told us over and over again don't go downtown hamburger like you don't want to go down there because it was college kids partying college kids just running a mock industry all of them lovely polite oh yeah my sister asked for directions at one point in the boy was like practically walked them to the door of the place of libya some are not listen bolder collins she i mean i just i figure i put that out there to have colorado
that's very fair of you i wasn't condemning the cholera very stupid and walk away but the more i did do do ok so attended generosity meets his wife gloria daisy them on jack were a strange until nineteen fifty four when jack was twenty two years old and daisy at this point is running a successful restaurant in may of nineteen fifty five she builds a crown aid she builds crown a dry them which is what i was called for him to manage she just violence and places a hill the fucking job that's the big that's the big get back that's the big sorry out the orphanage your high remember my abandon the shit out of you forever able than habits and middle management yeah how you clean up french fried grief every night good luck with that manage like we're roller scanning waitresses in hate your guides love mommy love your mommy slacken
could daisy and jack they sought a shitty relationship there often seen arguing and the nineteen fifty five daisies restaurant her other restaurant has a gas explosion causing causes severe damage clauses her restaurant for good the most interesting kind of explosion gas line when i bring it up if it wasn't relevant probably not probably maybe not maybe not we always that we will know ever know there's a third joys secondly we don't know that's ok it's a daisy this points at fifty three or without fifty three at that point is fuckin oldest share last year like for the elderly and done for your attire already lydia so so it tells jack checks twenty three at this point he's got a y a wife maybe he's like made good and made a family and works or his mother like he's clearly trying to fuck him we all need to make her want him still in our and she's
oh by the way the holidays coming up even they have a new baby many go instead got all ask and visit year older sister i hate burglar it's the people closer the ones like in her you them all for handling here and why do we let them cause you just that's life that's like us it's a series of insults and injury the air and you trying them as yourself so that fit into what they are from you even though they have enough i frankly what they want for me a canary broken tail then you realize you fix yourself for yourself need drive through a fuckin police roadblock looks like this is my mandate as my mother i mean your life you have fine that's right you drink and blackened shitty bathtub jan yes your wagging his past life you just going for a year and then in texas of all places which had to be fun yes go
everyone garage paper moon i bet that's what his life was like them libya's so amazing or friday night lights oh yeah there are though lagging a but there is one season where the brothers stole copper wiring there isn't one susan where they had what's a con prohibition what did you say i just bought some part they took part that that ok and that error and that as they say was the final fucking straw for him the man i was like or maybe it was the pony years and years ago that was the hidell straw and he just like her planet yet lit it the straw went in and then it was sweden is nine until it became millennia yeah it just got heavier over the years ok november first night fifty five jack's like ok you wanna go to alaska great let me take you to the airport or who are taken at airports to alaska
so loaded because i just was like it's a literally loaded it oh emily devouring there why just just going to the airport by itself the morning we were leaving for our trip you are like come to my house if you wanna ride with us come to my house where seven thirty data then i was just like i am a stressed and now i'm adding another thing to be said are there waiting for me and i'm in a screw this i know i want to be on time thinking about that you not but you would have done anything wrong where there are exactly why i was us it's that thing of we were which i think they did very well with the anxiety of travel oh my god we'd its we had such a good friendship trip it was so far it was sogo had the best even thank you for making a kitten in love in the group
just stay years even mad when siemens it's like here where i think we're both aware but also its that thing of like just travel anxiety not knowing fangs walking up and you never know what fuck your doing or where useless to be asking events who could not let who could not be ensure not be in charge of the tribe yes and so the bethia he wouldn't if it was up to one of us he would lose yeah he loses mine and may do yet media between them and then our australian dominant and your neck who were ingeniously love you you're never gonna listen others by guy he's those number are here she doesn't he was punk rock gap here's the west is the best i him to always travel with us yes i'm sorry i'm just setting the table i now have tried travelling society just hearing travelling finally sex can you ok i'm picture this year's
everyone's a little scared of fine you're anxious at the airport travelling as new its nineteen fifty five like passenger travelling pretty new and sitting at the in the airport before you get on your plane is a fucking like cigarette machine that instead of cigarette cells life insurance whatever we both you get on the plane also aware itself backing god this was a thing until the eighties supple fake so you go in there and in this case jack wits in a dollar fifty and gets out life insurance policy for his mother's a butterfly unalaska brill thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars which at that time as if this time it would be almost surrender fifty thousand dollars and it's just like good luck like everyone just bought some and it was like hoagie die it's so perfect lake it so perfect if he has any bad intentions he didn't fuck
put that machine there well he's just using every man to everyone's like it's a thing of like better do it for good luck though you know damien legally hours when i dont do it it's gonna it's like having your numbers on relax words that you always do thirteen here by like this one time it cycle but of thirteen comes up so i just always parrot on third hand zammit renting a car he can only the time you don't get rental insurance i asked and i did the i did that whereas like why did you bring a parental insurance did because now i have to get it right sir but i think they did away without on purpose cause it's terrifying everyone that's terrifying it also it opens the door to people who should not be able to just by life insurance policies in there and yon but also doing that wasn't i gotta think i've never heard that that i know what you meant it didn't really apply to what i was saying but no hither and thither it's like here and there but no i know but i
onto now see all those machines that they mean in the fifties when they were like making like life is gonna be easier because we have these machine i barely a photo like drawing up like a having family on the way to what can be the cause you to walk on the tarmac on the other that we could find it but we can find one unlike american pickers an engineer and on them they must have kept them can identify our son that have like it's some mechanic airplanes can i go there are closing down that and they he took it hogs again because he's a harder and it still has the papers you would get could you imagine yes i need that for them cast laugh at such a good idea you need put that up there can someone please bring us actually we hear it just around the same time as otto mats which are the most hilarious there when
if a terrier as they handed to be how to maintain that it was just people putting dishes into those like me who is like pressing do seven and like a hand coming out in handling hugo lights out of cream the horn and when i was just on air yeah see just have a bunch of play it like one of my one of my time travel like plan is i would go to an auto max i love cafeterias more than anything yes a thousand percent i would have you any accident and meantime travel and then we're gonna go shopping at fuckin may company oh look when they were on the things like but these around the money along wires of law drop down anyway ok but i want dresses yes you can go to that were high go look at the traffickers and girdle go ahead i'll get great of a book ok well here's where it gets crazy then ok sure before ok here's what happen wait let's go back before we know access to daisy that he left a surprise christmas gift
in her suit case boiler alert it wasn't a puppy and i wrote that says gonna corny start instead and daisies large tan samsonite suitcase a set alongside the photo album of jack and glorious wedding the days he was gonna show to her daughter in alaska he had placed a neat bundle the explosive sluggish less than an hour after the flight took off the united airlines fly became the first confirm sabotage of a commercial air craft in the united states when it exploded mid air o five not seen this crime to remember my arm it crashed into farm land and sugar beet fields mere long mont colorado and daisy and the forty three other passengers and crew all die said the youngest passenger was thirteen months old james fitch patrick the second the eldest
eighty one year old lay lemme claim children lost both their parents in the crash pregnant i need to your own carol by name and her husband both died it was the worst mass murder and u s history at the time and remains the worst in colorado and was one of the largest investigations and at the f b i history my guy now the fbi obtain so can i say really quickly i just want to say osanna stuck inside carnation over here but i just finished though it's weird about this that i was planning on doing this and then i didn't realize and told today when i finish this audio book i've been listening to that is so fucking good but it's about apply crash that sir avatar that
the whole story you don't find out what happened until the very end and in my car at like two o clock tat i found out i almost had apollo workers as crying was also good was a true story now not undoubtedly and half an hour it's called before the fall by noah holly a j w ellie why oh spoiler when i say the said but the ending was what did you say you said that was the explosion oh oh it's i'm explosion now it's just that it's just a plane crash oh ok that's not known ass the explosion is part of it it's a plane crash that that they have to then so i got talk about how they figured out what had happened on the in the plane crash by putting in the hangar so the same kind of thing happened while they had a piece together to figure out what happen in the plane crash and after what by interviews and then going back to the day of the crash and who did white and what happened now the characters are really good
explosion focus look that's the spoiler that's it you're right i don't know why i just i believe the boy it's called before the fall the audio because great than reader is really guy you know it's hard to find her name sounds familiar noah holly it's something really cool i feel like it's the guy that i could be wrong but that might be the guy that does that does fargo now yeah ok coming back carriages fuckin only guy your memory is bananas is it though your memory a certain way noah holly is highly it each year holly adrian w ellie why but he's not he does a lot of things but he's the reason fargo series is so magical
its being written it's a novelist writing a tv show us like a may i have your well now i mean more proud of myself a final aspect and puts the specialised what he's he's got other ones here so i'm gonna download all of them great audio bark which sometimes hobby like dont get body about read the book it's better that way it was a great idea back and it's just weird that i'm doing the story at the same time as this because i literally i don't cry at books and movies and i've almost had to pull over cuz i was just like so taken aback by some i love a good a third early does it ray i'm so happy that we that we put that that epithets gather up up up up so the f b i obtain use em in nearby bar and they re assembled the fragments of the airplane collected from the site and they were able to determine the ex that the explosive was re use which is so incredible to me that a flight a plane
blow up an crash and they can still put it together and figure out what happened they put it together like a huge puzzled incredible it's me raise i that is people must be so smart they went my premise owned i'm a bad can download folder data and that then and then they an they determine that in which peace of luggage it had come from low fat guy like that when often not pisa luggage and they figure out what pisa legged came from and they figured out was daisies tan samsonite are it they so they started looking and her family and looked into jack when they found out about his criminal passed with the bootlegging shit they are determine that daisies restaurant have been damaged by quotes a suspicious explosion as well and the jack had received in the insurance settlements which is like
it change around now allow young and i remained on keep exploding things here it was also suspected jack of deliberate causing his new pickup truck to be stuck by it to be stuck struck by a train that year forums since many of the sky was like after insurance money and into explosions i also found that when she died a large part of daisies estate would go to jack insurance money again here after a few the questioning jack said okay you want me to start and now in great detail he described building and planting the bomb that killed his mother and forty three others on flight six twenty nine it was directed of twenty five sticks of dynamite a sixth battery to electric primer caps in case one of them failed and a time are set to detonate in about ninety minutes after he plants finally on working in electronic shot for just two weeks he can give
jack all the expertise he needed to build the bomb so this chemistry fucking smart yeah i then he said i then took this as they then took the sack of dynamite with the battery in time or attached and place it on my mother's large suitcase based on all the evidence santa jack's house he was arrested tried to sabotage and later that was changed him murder after there arrest there is some some newspaper people radio station people were able to sneak were cameras and recording into the jail and jack told them i loved my mother very much she meant not to me it's very hard for me to tell exactly how i feel she left so much i'm herself behind which unlike now she fuckin dead and i mean as an insensitive it's insane of him to say yeah its super bizarre i think he must have
had our emotions are feelings that we have and i want to call on the sociopath because people are like that's narrowly it may or may not apply but he's definitely ins was insanely like damaged and abused as a child i wanna be a marginal attachments you have our were broken yeah some point his mother repeatedly rejected him like there's some serial killers that that it only happens once and data and they'll dazzling should he didn't love her it could mean that he loved her more and of will in a way that we do not feel love that like love to someone else wallets eileen near its i mean i lived in an or he had a thing i like you if you dont have emotional catchment too to not just your parents but to lake a caregiver as a young child you can't those two anyone or really hard to change that that's right
it's sad yeah but is also a murderer and murdered a bunch of innocent people i mean i the aid the plan of that coldness of the plan of revenge on his mom but then just like tat we'll devastation on all these other a all many families it so either so evil yeah when asked why he had signed the confession and confessed he said that the f b i threatened to point out inconsistencies and statements made by his wife gloria but he wanted to keep her out of it he just like didn't want her to have anything to do with it so he was like i'm in a confess she doesn't know maybe she was lying for him maybe those covering for him he so told prison doctors that he realized he said he realised that there were about fifty or sixty people carried on the plane but and that the number of people
to be killed made no difference to me it could have been a thousand when their times come when the time comes there's nothing they can do about it so much he's god yeah in their time at clearly when really he had just decided julia pretending that that was he was some kind of like the arbiter fate or some rang or just like no did you ve just now i'll resulted in colorado becoming the first state to officially sanctioned the use of television cameras to recast i'll trials no federal statute at the time of the books then made i'm to blow up an airplane because it was so fucking new and that led directly to federal laws criminalizing airline sabotaging the formation of the federal aviation administration the time on the day of jack's confession they wanted to quickly prosecute jack the symbols awesome away was premeditated murder of a single victim his mother so
the other victims they couldn't they didn't try him for those despite rebecca he's charged with only one conifers decree murder he were can't confession but because only evidence he was found guilty attempted suicide and on may came six he was convicted the debt of the murder sentenced to death executed i'm in the gas chamber in january of nineteen fifty seven and before his execution he said about the bombing aside this feeling remorse for these people i don't i can't help it everybody pays though their way and takes our chances that's just the way it goes and about his others murder he said i wanted i watched her go off for the last time when she's gonna plain i felt happier i never felt before in my life
arthur and jack gilbert ground and fight six twenty nine i like in those kind of quotes where you can really you it really surmises the insanity of the persian our it's like you are too really come cut off from empathy you don't give a fuck about anybody but your revenge not even our way of like yours to die it doesn't matter apologize to the family is even if you don't fucking mina like you can't even give them some kind of no pleasure he doesn't care isn't it action to care about s family it's always it's impossible for us to understand well and also its but i think it's interesting is like family is the source of his insanity or his his damage so he doesn't care about those found you never had a family he's like fucker he's probably more mad that they had family he's probably thinking that they feel the same way about their families as he does about his yacht doesn't know what it's like to feel
any feelings let your family i only just negative urge shitty or like shit marries owing go look him up go look at us photos did he looks like if our friend matt brung map wronger was playing they yoga neither widows pig oh my dream after the our friend comedian that browner playing a role as a local nice here i was gonna thank you thank you its funding based on tv shows you oughta give here i very hard work is done for you and it's just a retail did nothing when at an up so i knew the opposite stupid thing we're unlike eminently this hard won and then it's like it so hard that nobody there remain a document or about elixir represent a fuckin person who has like there so you would then you too for your murder and there's just these people
dominance of other people but i am they make these like story they tell the story on video with pictures and things like that but it's a computer voice and then the murder when it's so we're that will i feel like it might be a lot of theirs like students it feels to me like you didn't have to presentation four o clock is often the wording is very odd but it's almost people are trying to sound news per se but its though its headed appointments it's the automated romania which i'm like just be any human can really that we keep hearing aids it doesnt matter someone's gonna like your voice just rita maybe ever weird high voice navy or a strangely low voice while i mean i'm a fucking lisbon emma what's it called a tune know what's a cod
when you have like the agreed on a year from california over lisbon and honoured i've never had a problem with the voice this entire time without it would be to feel what we already have to keep it natural when ok i now i gotta be told a story a low going first cause i'm gonna sit bad i know right can be told a story and you just get to relax i i went i dont know what i was doing here's what i actually did catch hey you're process would you money go behind the scene i do and just go behind the music for a second it is welcome of that i wanted to do a supernatural murder who but that's like a made up it is essentially a but that's what i mean
i just wanted to be a little a plan and a little bit and so i eventually found the story of a man in karl poet who fat and this is like in the thirties he found his wife in bed with the men and other man he strangled or whether russie chain then commit suicide the family has been buried far away i wrote this whole fuckin up until i found buried far away and then a kid people start noticing that their rings appearing on his it's stone rings rings and concentric rings are linked like a chase clay like a chain so a bunch of kids are playing in the cemetery and ate the boys for was a rock at the headstone great place to play by the aea sword against times arts if there is a regular has sown chips it they're all go to write their bikes home he falls off his bike and the
jane rapture and strangled and so in the middle there is the season to entertain the mother finds out and there's all the town gossip of every cause he was he desecrated their heads down of the pillar of the chain killer and so she goes down with an axe to take the headstone apart the next day you sound hanging in her own close line biomass so then it basically goes on and on i'm like this is the better this is going to be amazing i get to the end of the article and the person who read the article begins to deconstruct go stories in america and this is fake like carl proved never existed whispers and never existed can't find any these people in any public record and that i had to start over i was really mad because it was so perfect and yet it was such a creepy pasta like oh and then the than these people
every single thing when you i'm only ran with a chain if they tried to touch that zone jesus i don't know how i don't know how you can find a murderer that gets you out of the murderer world will know each i just i don't even know what i'm doing so then i went all the way and i am doing son of sam was not whether action i was gonna then i just got can turn that car around but you know why i'm ok now i understand it's because he doesn't mutilate anyone that's what it's almost like he listened murders murder and it's fucking horrible often son of sam is a monster but when you don't have to talk about something when he is for us i don't mean like there sir but when we don't have to talk about women getting their boobs cut ah yes and being raped and and savage much i'm doing right now it's almost like a relief is because it so qualifies needs very famous and everybody knows who he is but he did he was on a murder spree in the seventies
was so strangely distant and my disconnected this totally disconnected and yet very specific ideas like i don't have a lot of people know this i certainly didn't before i started reading about it he he only shot women with long dark hair neither another i did neither use a total fuckin ted bundy in that style so it's just interest ain't like it's it's it's definitely a thing where you can depend but you don't have to go into that not even a stab which with which is then let me stop you had let me know what you should do it or murdered and stop you do and selling it that's what's interesting so he also was the product of an illicit affair and his mother gave him away right up he was born to couple a pearl and nathan berkowitz who lived in the bronx and he the troubled use neighbour say he was a bully he was here
an asshole he was really spoiled he was really difficult and he from early age began engaging in petty larceny and arson are an hour sin are reigned so there's no i can't find anything actually looked up specifically of like did something happened him that he never talked about but is breast cancer is fourteen matzoh man that's gonna be a huge oil shock then his father remarries he doesn't like his new step mother so in eighteen seventy one when he's eighteen he joined the army and he served for four years he's given an honorary discharge in nineteen seventy four and while he serving in the army he has his first and only sexual encounter with a sex worker ha the reserve of that encounter gave venereal disease share and
the psychiatrist search whoever say that after that whoever word on the street was that because that experience civic experience he became enraged with women much we know campi true like you had that boiling down somewhere ready the verse it's not like i'm right where the women and then you're like a shit crabs know exactly right will ya it's probably not crabs meets already a problem he's one of us yeah if you're a bully than that rather than a line is now sold everybody you're not also a lady killer probably not right i just love it can blame it on this one legal thereby made on the woman rating in early may which is just like of course
also when he gets out of the army who looks of his birth mother and his birth mother explains how she gave him away because he was illegitimate a forensic i'll just elliot layton described this as the primary crisis of his left leaning out that here illegitimate child that his father didn't want him shattered his sense of identity on of that the old vd crabs that he started a spate of arson fires in the early seventies that he actually old we can talk about this later but that was his his first crime was arson any would go and like these fires all over the bronx and and the surrounding area if only i knew what that cities that the manhattan someone's call no we kept it over in like in his in the bronx your ambrose other borough other burrows in another he furrows brooklyn
let's say brooklyn there's queens there's queens and queens comes up quite a bit in the ceiling on long island i don't know i doubt he would make that drive her did become a madman so christmas of nineteen seventy five he two women with a hunting now on the streets of new york city s us but they fight back this is christmas eve night they fight back and he fleet please the scene they're not killed that's his first attempt and that's when he switches over to a forty four caliber bull dog snubnosed shaka now and again it's a fortress calibre gotten that he uses for the rest of his time so july twenty ninth nineteen seventy six this is in pelham bay the bronx one a m and donna luria whose eighteen and jody volunteers nineteen are sitting jenny valencia car outside i'm done lawyers apartment and they're talking about the night they just spent
peach tree is which was the local disco pete trees this is if you see the movies i am despite gloomily starting john was amo is actually really hilarious and great because disco exploded like in this period of time and so you know around new york city people or just discos every night lifestyle was like a big jostling it assists clubbing either was at his music it's clubbing with polyester man bombs are glad i i hope when we go back and i mean i end up there i mean i further my hair so i feel i will pay a morality again of good disco queen i might be good but i don't want i i dont want to show my arms and also be that's a big gonna be a big problem at the disco by hate disco music and cocaine yo ailing i just feel like unlike the sitting in the coroner being like coming go or such opposites clear dive bar please okay so
repeats trees there sit in the car talking about it jody open the car door to get out to walk up to her house and see is a man walking really fast toward the car that's scary image she'd so scare a man walking past towards you is like just punch at one in the morning at one morning right outside your house hunt she pulls of forty four caliber hand gun out of the paper bag niels down and fires five i was in the car donna lawyer was hit in the neck and killed instantly jody valencia was hit not i and then she leaned on the horn and the attacker turned and walked away which is also creepy yeah that you don't run you know not to run cosette suspicions and you just walk quickly away like business your business is done here ok so journeys are strives them as a white male and his thirty's with a fair complexion about five nine way a hundred sixty pounds short dark curly
air in the quote maud style for her for now and all that like remembering alleys detail so also laureates father also saw him and told the police a similar looking man was sitting in a yellow compact car how all night he had been increasing the area of our before the shooting and several neighbours actually saw a man in a yellow car crews in the area so about three months later carl deniro whose twenty and rosemary keenan the old italian irish combination my arm eighteen they were talking outside cannons house when me keen in it felt like the car exploded so what had happened as the car was fired on five times dinner carl deniro was in the driver's seat puts into
driving speeds away and only later do they realize he's been shot in the head like i've he ended up get it he's survive only she ended up having to get a played in this had disappeared to replace the skull the part of his skull was black the police did not attack that link this attack to the lorry valencia attack because they want to the precincts suffer so they were just separate shootings here and re crazy man but i mean this is new york in the late seventy said there are tons of criteria lecture but rosemary keens father was a new york city i can't member of his detective or please our concern here but basically once the daughter of one of their own may day i turned up
the intensity on this specific investigation and she didn't die she didn't it neither of them down but they could they didn't have that much evidence there was no a lot to go on right so later don intimacy and joanne let me know i just walked home from a movie theater and they were talking on giants front porch and i see a man and army fatigue approaching them i guess vietnam says not that where i mean not really but here but we are leading to i hate he's asking for directions in a high pitched she most where he finished so he starts ask him a question before you finishes a sentence he pulls the gun and shoots both donna shot a neck but recover giants hitler spine and
paralyzed a neighbor clamp claims to have seen a blonde man running away from the scene clutching a gun okay so january thirty nineteen seventy seven this is at the forest hills long island railroad station in queens forty in the morning christina friend and her fiance john deal had just seem rocky and there to go to a disco inside a dance hall on wikipedia but i would assume that means a disco yeah and as our sitting in the car three gunshots in there's someone shoots into the car three times in a panic deal drives away he suffered minor superficial injuries but chris in a friend was shot a friend was shot twice and in several hours later in the hospital neither of them saw their attack or so now the police make their first public acknowledgement that the front the deal shooting was similar to the other incidents and all of the crime
could be associated because all the victims have been struck with forty four calibre bullets to shooting seem to turn young women with long black hair and they please announced that they were looking for multiple suspects can you imagine link lesson happened right now and allay if that was going on i wouldn't want to leave the house do you know that actually were it wasn't here but it was a little while later when after a couple more of these murders when they went the that fact of that it was women with long dark hair there was a rush rain on women getting their hair cut really short like dorothy hamel and died lighter and that's why that trend
i mean i'm learning in new york city the all women gather hair cut and died off and they said that there was a shortage of wigs at views ice doors because everyone was just going batch of religion one day once they made that announcement everyone gather erika i love that idea ok so march eighth colombia college is still nineteen seventy seven at seven thirty in the evening virginia those shirt folks sure aegean walk sound from her classes at columbia a man toward her and when he gets close he pulls out a gun and fires into her face she put up her to protect yourself but she was killed in star in months later a neighbor one of her neighbours round the corner he hears the gunshots and then nearly collides with the person who does he described as
or husky boy aged sixteen to eighteen who clean shaven wearing a sweater and watch cap sprinting away from the scene and other neighbours man during that same description reported teenager loitering in the air for about an hour before the shooting in the following days the media report police claims that this court chubby teenager was this aspect there are no direct mrs to her murder and she lived about a block away from where christine framed and her fiance john deal workshop ten nineteen and seventy seven nypd hold a press conference stating that weapon used in virginia vote shirt sharon's vaska regions i think is thus caribbeans murder is also a forty four bulldog weapon used in all the other shootings and of course
this whole story the our daily news and the post go crazy on the honour its just constant concern around page fan and what's it called fearmongering while you should be my why mean they were finally like justify it also went international labour gnawing theirs they name in the wikipedia article like all the of the vatican had an article about vatican newspaper whatever so april seventeen visible a month later basically in the bronx it's three i am and valentino sir jani whose eighteen and alexander esau whose twenty are sitting in valentino car kissing and twenty shot twice sorry honey died instantly isa data fused a few hours later in the hospital and it says again it forty four and they were only part a few blocks away from the lorry oval anti shooting so then
the crime scene they find a handwritten letter and from the killer and its addressed his captain joseph borelli and this is where the sun name son of sam comes from his letter ok so basic it reads i'll do i'm just going to pieces cause it's really long it starts out i am deeply hurt by your calling me a woman eater i am not but i am a monster i am the son of sam i am a little brat when his eyes when father sam gets drunk he hit key a gets mean he beat his family something he tells me up to the back of the house other times he loves me in the garage sam to drink blood go out and killed man's fathers sam behind our house some rest i don't know this it's just fuck crazy nazar sphere but if it ends like this i to make love to the world i love people
i don't belong on earth return two yahoos to the people of queens i love you and i want to wish all of you a happy easter share may god bless you in this life and in the next and for now i say go buying goodnight police let me haunt you with these words i'll be back i'll be back to be interrupt to be terminated as bang bang bang bang bang ugh yours and murder mr monster that is i can't even yeah it's nuts that was like even scarier to them that were like oh we're not this isn't a calculated person this fucking lunatic how are we going to track down a limousine cause you can't use logic that's right also
yet that that wasn't male during it was lashing murder scene sewed somebody that kills people and then drop something intentionally elevated sees them here she's us so several psych interests are consulted and there's a psychological profile drawn up based on this letter and he's described as neurotic probably suffering from paranoid schizophrenia who believes cells to be the victim of demonic possession so method nineteen seventy seven so at that time did the daily news had a columnist is very famous man him jimmy bresler who is like a famous in new york a lot of people are not that many people outside no hamburg his leg he was like one of those like tough reporters of new york that i was hard boiled he was here column heart boy someone economy hard boiled wonder who will they were so
son of sam sends jimmy brazil and a letter osha and on the back of the love he wrote the phrases blood in family darkness and death salute depravity an just forty four the dot fundamentals are like forty fork out and then i'll just read you how it starts cause it it's just more blather but it starts hello from another gutters then my sea which are filled with dogma newer vomit stale line urine and blood i mean as iran i know he's fucking dead on summer time sir he orally very frustrated right from the sewers of n y see which swallow up these delicacies one they are watched away louisa rises sweeper trucks hello from the cracks in the sidewalks it n y see and from the ants to dwell in these cracks in the dried blood of the dead the reset it'll settled into these crisis poetry is it j b i'm just dropping you line to let you know that i appreciate your interest in those recent and her forty four
we're killings i also want to tell you that i read your column daily and i find it quite it tell me jim what will you have four july twenty nine i see this one she seems heart rate says if he might be putting on and ass sure of sometimes ok so the daily news publishes this letter a week they get it with the hour column from jimmy present urging the killer to surrender himself and this article made that day's paper the highest selling edition of the daily news ever they sold more than one point one million in its after that that that we jimmy brezhnev's com this is one of the women get their hair cut with nets in the movie to yeah and its color i saw it when it came out with our rights clear its government i like that i just from ted bundy to elect a new venture girls yeah
to have the same erika hella change that fuckin shit i'm hey highlights everybody but a highly i lit mob here i'll beloved son of a summer of sand the movie because it's it's almost entirely focused on disco we're the murders almost seem like an after other murders on this in my hair towering disco the known like disco response to the murders as rate or this goes because the murders creating disco must and shall my persano is the dream listen did you wanna vanessa look ok work no it's i interrupted you too then say nothing ok so our angela june twenty six nineteen seventy seven this is bayside queens so yeah it's like people i am from california so when we talk about all these
parts of the all these different burrows in new york queen the borough basis is a part of queen so they re right now i mean i maser bronzes borough and then the pot the bronx i was talking to the foreign sales long island elevating the upper east side as part of manhattan yet its own neighborhood rate yeah manhattans a bureau and then the upper east side re heart of that bring williamsburg is a shriek let's go and find an hour and never i'm going to say the wrong thing for sure here and knowledge picture the people i know who live in new york being very madame while sitting there rather than us also maybe i'm doing it for attention maybe i want you to be out at me he i b i like it in the morning of june twenty six nineteen seventy seven it's three i am you judy placebo and sal loophole which that i think loop might have been the main character in summer of sam oh just sounds familiar took but i could be
now i trust you name recognition this is where that all salzburg ok they have just left the elephants disco and are sitting in the car and the cars by three got three gun gunshot glass so judy salary is wounded in the right forearm jim people pseudo a shot in the right temple in the shoulder and in the back of the neck they both survey which incredible these people who are surviving these mortal close gun yeah banana it's crazy so elbow tells the police they have just been discussing the case of son of sam right before the gunshots hit ok so about a month later july thirty first nineteen seventy seven stacy moscow it's who doesn't knows
stacy moscow enemy unlike the second i read that may rise like i want a junior so stacy and her boyfriend bobby violante are taking a walk in the park late at night the very brave but they go back to their car when they see a man watching them or now but then when they get back into the car there are so into each other they start making out so they don't leave right away their kissing in the car when their hip bullets stacy moskowitz was shot once in the head bobby violante had been shot twice in the face state he was killed while reveal anti would survive but he lost most of his vision but he survived he's been shot in the head so this people again furrows have some survivability into for real i mean it's new york city baby yet
ok so this is the shooting the brings out the most witnesses of any of the other son of sam murders among there is actually a direct i witnessed so during the shooting nineteen year old tommy's ino was parked requires down or three cars in front of me reveal anti vehicle and buff moments before the shooting zeno cut peripheral glimpse of the shooters approach and then happening in his rearview mirror just in time to see the actual shooting my god he clearly saw the perpetrator for several seconds tudor bright street light and the full moon and later described him as being twenty five to thirty years old fight seventy five point nine inches with shaggy hair that was done blonde or light brown but he said that the shooters hair looked like a wig so about a minute after the shooting a woman in her boyfriend's car on the other side of the park saw a male wearing a light colored sheep nylon wig sprinting out of the parliament get into a small and he
into a small light colored car that drove away and she said he looked just like he just rob a bank she also that part of his license for gee you are or for gdp are or other witnesses one including a woman who saw light car speed away from the park twenties after the gunshots and these two witnesses to described ale volkswagen driving quickly from the neighborhood with its lights off one of the neighborhood resident here's the gunshots hairs bobby the nineties calls for help glances her permanent window to see a man walking casually away from the crime scene while everyone i was running toward the sounds another screaming and we also examined right now this is like listen oh tat and multiple other residents of this key was seen by tons of people that night and they witnessed scruffy looking man with dark stringy hair and stubble driving a small yellow car right
leslie away from the scene he almost cry into a car he ran a red light question no eight the guy started following he was so pissed that the guy almost killed em they are but he he could only he only followed him so far in any lasting and then later found it was some of them ok so on the same night local residents sicilian davis is walking her dog visiting this is like the one it brings an altogether i love cecilia she's working or dog at the sea of the mosque what's violante shooting so she sees ro officer michael catana ticket occur a yellow card by a fire hydrant and then moment after that that cop left a young man walks passed her studies her with some interest and she is concerned because he's got a dark
in his hand so she she said he was wielding a dark object doesn't know what it is she just runs home only to hear shots fired me its later so she calls police she doesn't do anything for four days and then she calls the police and lay start checking every car they got ticketed tat night in that area are king chances man and not only do they chicken but some one saw it happened yet and then new about the murders and some one saw but she saw happen was a guy that gave her weird by totally and then she put the olive it together where it's like you you got away from the man that was deemed endangering you then you stayed with it yeah something and then reported etarnal i love it level of it because sicilian azalea and her dog
are the most of the dog admiringly there he made so excited the boughs actually rugs like she made about limiting all sorry to dancing okay so next day police investigate they go and they check burke berkowitz as carts and it's one of several that got ticketed that night and they see it parked outside his apartment building building at thirty five pine street in yonkers and they see there's a rifle in the back seat ah hide your rifle me i write so they say the car there like that pregnant women as they search the car and they find a duffel bag filled with ammunition maps the crime scene a threatening letter addressed to inspector too see down of the task force so they know they probably have their man is certainly other they put it
request for a search warrant but they know they there very concerned with going in this apartment without having eggs they don't want to lose rang a case re so they stand they wait outside david berkowitz his apartment until ten o clock at night and when he comes out and gets into his car and he had a paper bag with him and the forty four was insight of all my colleagues in the car sits down and then detective john a foul fallow tito approaches the driver side and puts the gun right against bright and extra berkowitz temple and then detectors william guard covers the passenger side with his gun inside the car and david berkowitz is taken into custody for the sum son of sam murders they say its reported that he was very calm and very serene almost seemed happy so when they searches apartment the next day seventy they found
the walls are covered in satanic graffiti the whole apartment as a complete masters liquor bottles everywhere and they also find greece demographers no books where berkowitz had meticulously recorded hundreds of arson fires that he had sat hundreds yes he had been recorded since he was twenty one some sources allege that the number of arson fires he recorded was over fourteen hundred yeah you were courted or set will he wrote them into these no books air and they believe that they correspond to real fires that happened around oh my god bronx and queens and manhattan manhattan brooklyn dumford certainly don't forget one island is lie when a bureau we think so what well coney island i think it's a neighborhood and when the islands where the statue of liberty lives you mean
however the ilo remit freedom island right now large luxuriate mad angry like even they now he is question for half an hour and then immediately cops to everything and explained so the cops in great detail will all of crimes that he perpetrated and when they ask him why he says his neighbor sam cars black lab harvey was possessed in ancient demon and harvey made him do it because he wanted the blood of pretty young girls see anyway okay so that's what he called himself son of sam as the neighbors name was sad sam car and sam cars dog like it was cuba's but i'm not gonna so but later so you know i'm i've been listening to the audio book of those fight monsters we raise the guy from the who basically started the fbi if i cap
john g douglas i think has made us but he interview david berkowitz lawyers later on when they were putting together there when they decide they're gonna start profiling serial killers so get proof evelyn whenever he basically got david birds to admit that all of this ship was fake the whole now dog came to him and everything was made at lately worry it was completely made up so that he didn't seem responsible and that he could get off on the insanity plea and it was purely because he was so angry at women he had never had success of women he
he's an angry man he was very angry whose verse likes a spoiled child i think it was that thing he didn't know how to handle he wasn't there wasn't any laws vol and didn't get it and so he just wanted everyone to pay for his lonely less and and lack of popularity machines like such a narrative of a lot of spray colors just like they feel entitled and their pissed off than had ever asked doesn't know yeah there should be getting everything why it makes me think of that boy in santa barbara just thing i can't thou those kids in santa barbara ya it's the exact same thing where everybody else it's not anything that has the i'm they don't take any personal responsibility everybody else at everyone else has to pay right is i guess narcissism and you know the collateral aim fucked up shamelessness anyway he he basically he is tried guilty on genes twelfth nineteen sony his sentence to six
i terms totalling a maximum of three hundred and see five years in prison he they send two attica in nineteen eighty seventy becomes a born again christian other and before him pearl hearing in two thousand to he sent a letter to the gulf of new york he lived out how did i just still alive sorry you so i saw a wire no he was only in his thirty's when he was there but i would suggest that put him to death or something no it's here minutes everything selenium given the derive eight ok go jesus christ use blew my mind i know is not created here sent a letter to george pataky who is the governor of new york at the time asking to have his pearl cancelled he so in all honesty i believe i desire to be imprisoned for the rest of my life i have with god help
long ago come to terms with my situation and i have accepted my punishment then in nineteen eighty three he went into this weird thing where he was claiming to be sponsible fur satanic called killings i think he may have bored board he was trying to say that he didn't he was the only one responsible for the son of sam murders that there were other people and it was because of the satanic halt and blah blah and when that story came out jimmy bresler himself made the statement when they talk to david berkowitz that night which is like the night he got arrested he recalled breathing step by step in wisdom the guy has one thousand percent recall and that's it he's the guy and there's nothing else to look out for sure so
oh how is your sentiments sauce and head are heavy hitter which i always avoid because it so much researchers i know i miss big things and you know sorry speckly i was gonna do a heavy hitter this week actually erlich i was given i was gonna do have later this week i'm gonna think we're shaking this one is an ally finishes out many eyes yes and then with just like no georgia you mean more than sixteen hours before you decide to do a heavy heather i mean you really do and i think my wikipedia recitation proves that the no that was grey people it shoot from a disk there is something very we obviously were saying this of its just so lame it's just so cowardly too like stand from a distance and shoot a person and then just be like i am the son of sam is an emotional detached unaware that you don't expect from us serial killers right who are just like in it for
or the suffering and seeing the suffering of others yet he was he wanted to end lives because it was about his failure rising lan ray we could have been mafia yeah you got suddenly in his apartment gotta shit together stopless dogs yeah poor dogs like did fucking love everyone don't bring me into his bed all i want our treats i just want to bring me inside everyone's while a gap working why am i in the back gimme a scratch ryanair every once in a blue and then bring me endured the story i'm not send hammock i am i love the idea of being possessed by an ancient demon nodded recent deem i mean the doll baby was an ancient remember it was also like but i'm pastime i'm born again here yeah she got unhealthy yeah well shit man that's that man we're back asked the road for while we re in a week
yeah but still here at this hour edge of undue i'm looking forward to the day you know detroit toronto that's gonna be fine and then we're too soon is like fun weekends alike calls are really ends yeah weakens our goods or weaken that's that's the enjoyable kind gett n we get out here have fun we get out here i think shall we say one thing that makes us happy no good ideas it sleeping all week cosette smile dude sleeping data cannot either has recently oh my new car oh yeah cannot be mind this area okay this is the first new car i've ever had my life nice it feels so luxurious citoyen occur which is my north korea her hand with my mammy down shitty car that was just like them the most basic you can get at the time
and this one has like back in a moon roof and a fuckin and automatic like your seat moves automatically i never had a car shapes it to you as you get an yet or it has like the one you need to move forward it just like you don't have to do that while you're driving an academic mammals heterogeneous and others at your anyway or crash re or crash feel it has like it has adult things that i never thought i would ever have in my life but it's a toy animalism picnics craze expensive as its former which is like to me the next level of fuckin class you can have those all the time it's just you don't wait to get your car when human beings slip certainly do an icy past right in your underwear charting a really useful if i can't it's just like you feels grow up and i like
i didn't think i ever care about snipers and i'm really just like pleased in great ball it's great it's it's nice it's nice to lake be like allay earn something i'd earned it at the errand and i'm really happy about it yet let's get outta here i guess mine would be so this this is thursday so tomorrow night i am playing a show with friends the band sure sure gray satellite in ella so if you live in the area stephen i will be there these guys are coming i think only i can only put one name on the goes i'm coming with you are around in one eye absent lately guarantee that you will love this ban sure sure they are so fucking good they're going a famous age yea them for me and i was like
it was one of the things like this for myself a little of this and it was all a classic bans at you love yes really fucking yeah it's not i told them cause we did a show together four years ago and was just cause at my frank heaven is in the band and he was like do you want to do is show with us and i told him after the show i was like i was so scared to see or ban because when do you go see abandon your like that was the best thing ever it's not that often yet intimidating when you go see wink none too many when you go see a friend like comes he media this thing like oh my god you're so talented yes it's just so excited people are great and their their music is was so listening i mean i've i've already given the recommendation and you're playing music crying i am opening for them yes i'm gonna do a couple of my old mouldy oldies caught you have some you have some light six songs than you have some comedy songs here a year are you gonna do i dont think i've classics are indeed onto a lot of like nothing
like sad ones or drugs like like good bye yellow brick grown ya know just like not not outright comedy some of my comedies i'll make you saw exactly and yeah but i can still hide behind the comedy part as our that's good we i'm only gonna do a handful if i was at the show and someone did like if there i would will i get off this i just want to see this man please oh i see you play i'm excited to play because i haven't done it and why i haven't seen you places i've known you earlier i want it so happens i i didn't show when we were in denver i got to hide planes comedy festival i got to go to a variety shall after our show superfund in a bunch of people that were at our show came to that show too and i
thought it was gonna become a shitty because i've played publicly in a really long time and it was superfine so i'm super looking forward to it but more than that if you like good music i reckon being at this i think i think it's gonna i'm excited i mean stephen along with seven steam it back i like this episode let's get on their things listening then by ironed out good design are removed subscribe and at a time we already done that you do that some only appreciate that it's so nice linking us for listening thank you for being here with us and say sex and don't get murdered by us god of a cap la hague oh yeah elvis one will cookie ok
a recent here what do i do you give asking me
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