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88 - Live at the Comedy Theatre

2017-09-28 | 🔗

This week’s My Favorite Murder comes to you live from the Comedy Theatre. On stage, Karen and Georgia cover serial killers Ivan Milat and The Brownout Strangler.

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We would lose you like right, you're, getting a little bit graefe Zu during Rio, my nervous its cause, Joe. You been waiting so long. You know so much. This is right.
Now the worry really we're executive. We ve got a lot of stuff already today, you guys have cute saying: yes, we some quality. Well, can we just start commissioner. I need to go. I want to bring about. As I know it was mine to bring up and you are just some Georgian. I were just sitting back in the dressing room. You know, and one of em white of mirrors like they have backstage theatres like this, just we're just putting on pounds and pounds and make up and talking about so often whatever I like, it is slowly as were chatting. I just started, to tell little bed to the right and in my mind I was like either
tilting to the right or you have a very large brain tumor. It's about again the actions about to start now and right as I was about to turn to Georgia to say, hair, you tilting to the right, as I am share. I was sitting at all dead underneath my leg is of it broke and I go all the way down to the grounds, but I fell first my hands towards Georgia like contact, always me, and it was so slow and so sad, like an area that problem away laughing when people's hearts. What are you know like like a business? This was your way of like L B reader does like this
was barely extend now was laughing way on me. I think I just went to you personally chemical. While I kept thinking that I was going to be able to recover Cosu much time was passed back in January February. Mired. Does this end, but instead of just can't you just going there lay eggs out here and get me a little bit folded up. Men Vince!
to come in and pick me up off. The ground was that major about today earlier hold down now, because a share of thing that happened to me, I now I just need to fully process mine ass. Your has your tourmaline s, I'm positive minds. Worse, the waves of shame are still hitting me. No shame know so much. It was like the chair had been broken before clearly and with now duct tape together and I was like a story or go away when you bend meddle with your would have me. Did you fall down
filling dumb frontline people. I was an hour. I would like first to shaping organs of vintage stuff and I was like a maniac us. It is about myself and have breakfast like, whereas for her sake I don't just up and make upon- and I was like leaving the hotel with my funds and, unlike all these like due to parkers very sellers- and I was
like. I was very em like sex in the city, and then there is a step I didn't see when I you know like when I do anything. I make a lot of combating step by step and not know it's there, and I can treat me back and I turned and looked at the window, the guys to stimulate. Can you believe you know just to be like I'm? Ok, and he was just staring at me like he was disgusted, is we're gonna get him fired, so it's been a clumsy day who here and then and then just one more just hit me just gonna keep happening you do and selling Pringles in my hotel room tonight. Oh, do I owe you guys what it amazing trip we're in Australia, crazy? It's I had to tell you when they first
suggested this idea that we come down and This tour, both of us, are like can't do it. We can we catch apple. Getting eighty go far away. It seemed impossible. Like a joke, elbowed out. Ok, you're, tell him I'll, be there
but then it actually worked out. I think a big part of that was that somebody and I'm not sure who was flew us first class jealous. I feel there is definitely no Bangor we'll go anywhere yet you flyers first glance will really help what we like. We ve, got to go to hell and do a capricious today, how they do they have a menu. It can take a look during a lounge all the people. We talk about her there. We might actually be very dangerous for us today, but to make things spare and like to make myself now
get a big head. I stole something from first class sets right. Georgian Georgia kept it super real and first class, like the man who, knowing who pencroft all areas without also, but can I get another champagne? Please, yes, and I need a better pillow you, so you got really excited because they service food. You know, I love that now that I got really excited they surplus food. Everyone gets excited up then gear in turn are nursing. Did me? Did you see this conversion earth because they were a little? or in a big salt in the shape of the Sydney opera House. Yes,
like ours like forty adorable. So so then I am for wine dinner breakfast. We don't know what time it was was still doubt they closed the shades eternal lights down. There is, like you know they put like thick twinkly lights up some dinner great wine year. I believe at dinner, dinner mine and then I after dinner, I go back stage too
to the bathroom and called it. That is because the current like bustle your I'm working. It reminds me of like what you know what you think life's really languages like this everything snake were not really on a plane and air raids simulation and your brains. We go that stage. Yet action happens. That's her all the clock, work, re, spore, hamsters and a thing making them play NGO. Exactly that's what we call help is just hamsters women's working and that are such that everyone's working bustling around and I went into the bathroom and the laboratory, and let us give the laboratory first class now and I'm like stretch into a corner, and I look to my left and there's like a big tray full of salt, pepper shakers. Everyone suddenly is like turning with her back to me so again for poor
since and the sites back into my scarf
took care when I walked by Karin. Thank you, oh no, the police. They worked by Karin. I was because the giddy, while I was I even paying out with which it can allow urgency for spoon, early imprisonment for a first. I can't do it. I can tell you now so we worked I'd like through them at her and I had already was trying to figure out how to look them up online to buy them, as I quit that the UN's time all epithets virgin have their own version, unlike like this, of course, there's no way by the czech anything so just all appear and then not squirrels guarantee walks by Ngos like that and puts me in my hand. I almost started crying. I went. I tried to grab your face as quietly because everyone else's asleep then for the baby was screaming infers LAO. First,
baby rare a rare bird screaming first class or eight years last baby you get here the other people who are used to being a first class who live there and that's their normal life there. Just like is the be leaving already take those whose taking view where night nurse wet nurse somewhere tat nice making bade your way, and we await a wet night. Nurse await nude nerve tribute to my words that I just tried to at once? What was the other thing? I haven't the shirt. You got me oh
yesterday, you mean so then I walk out in the mail you do. I do have to admit. We were in Oakland for forty eight hours and I saw the insight of my hotel room and then the inside of the theatre It's not funny! Because most beautiful country on the planet. They don't want to hear that appear care O Day Lake Erie dodgers versus the giant total vicious here or there are the ghosts versus the middle of the current. Our country ran state police data. Is this some intense political should I just stumbled into work. Anyway, so ugly. I stayed inside zero organic.
Stevens. You look at areas now give you that spotlight, Stevens Gonna sing a song. Somebody making them sleep in someone else's car. No word here, lay the most delirious elders as drug over. Here I come out here, get away even anyone's older sister is we have good training Let me assure
there's a store that you guys have really the best cope. Dangerfield Dangerfield back its Ok, I, like I gotta scarf it's like flower print and then those just flying squirrels little bundle over it and then one that's the same thing, but My back's it's like so you're a ground bats shit. I met thoroughly backs implying squirrels, but no you daddy got that's that and then you came back from the hotel. Why was the industry I once she was showed valleys things I'm like now? I have to go so I,
because it at every point somebody is either daughter. I has to be laying in their bed you so she went. She took the first shift and went out into the nice day, burying bonds and she came back and then, when I went out to Dangerfield, whose like I wish, I was thirty years younger, is aware that some of these wonderful, pigeon, prince or whatever is happening here, but I'm like looking through the tears tat, so many q, tiny things. Like what size is a small or medium which sends a medium here. I don't know it's all small and the tiny shop girls like will I'm in a like. Well, then, I'm a fucking, forty Maggie you fucking bad anyhow,
No, but I'm going to be assured and everything I pullao has little friend wonderful, like a Koala with a gun or just great ideas everywhere, or hear your mascot with a guy. What you love flip live flip. And there's a shirt and it has a great cat sticking out of pocket wearing a babushka. Looking man just like I text, I took a pictures on Georgia MIKE Why do you and by this I would like thank you and I put a bad clearly. I didn't think so. Then she came back knock on the door and I I brought I brought it to her, but Georgia. I don't know if you know that's about her. Georgia loves to be new its attitude or how stresses my like a preferred form of
being yes, herds, data being it's fun. My preferred state of being is slowly falling off of a fair for the rest of my land. Due to the new poverty that it's not a pervert deny its natural. We as science don't make it I like to use it as a joke. What's this, I hear you're scared. I wear Tatum, get your now put to death with pants. It's kind of EU expenditure like people you just severe female megatons buddy, it was funny. I was very fond of each other very well, Here's what I was going to say so when we got here When we were impressed on the first day
but one of the first so another we're just gonna you talking about first knew it is true, as you very well to name them, and perhaps you do if you ever go to the Fuckin first class loud it they have all the steps sitting out. That's like the nicest step to eat like before. You can get on the plane there like he don't worry, ought to hang out with. Please go upstairs get out and therefore don't eat. Merkin come up here. So they how they jars Lang its hungry jack. Hungary's acts hundred guy gets so
These little jars of yogurt with Mew Slim Extend, which is very horn, and we don't have really that America, you have it, but it's like a whole foods and its four hippies. What are you saying about music? Not yogurt, yogurt, granola yeah because have you grew the union's news and dry smelt yogurt served by the goat, who gave you the so termed, do stew fruits tied in a ribbon stuffed into your music? So I was like This is my new lifestyle undiscovered measly yogurt for us, my life, and then we were joking. Around knows that we were like oh no cause we're done. We. They gave us TIM towns and we were like oh shit. Here's. The dream can sometimes are clearly the perfect suit food. Second, only to merely in the ogre. We were like what, if there
the TIM Tim murder. That would be so a main either. That's the weapon nor its you know they fight over to people is, alas, box or whatever. Well I'm on the internet we like to do there, has been a mutually murder. Did you hear about that spring this on me? Oh, you did not. I told you when ok listen to this. Could you give us a second can honour, as where do you, the owner of a famous mutually company, a seventy five year old man stopped his business partner to death? You know about this. There's a murmur very recently, a murmur from the mutually community they had to shut their their specific, mutually company. I think it's called the mutually company, something like that. They need.
That's so weird and now the murder I did in Brazil in this area. This shit didn't chick confess because they gave her TIM terms. Member, oh yeah. That's right minded up incorrect when I signed in one article in areas like them. No one cares says I'm out miss this by the way is my favorite emerged very clearly. Is Georgia harm jargon? Sorry, that's guarantee their rights. We is its, it downtime exists. I think that's you done everything we can we don't you think we can scare. You sit in doing this. Which chairs just in case I mean. Will it help? They do look? Ok, just
if I start to slide to the right you there to stick your hand up just to one of these inherent. I can't do it again here. Retirement age is put a lot an acrobat poor girls not can enjoy the shone out like this, I thought you were like a gas to something. I said it was almost like Michael Jackson, kind of love, but then I ended up on my ass to make it clear that I did I just laugh at you and not try to tell you. I came for you to save you. I just haven't laughing. All terrorists is so slow. Also, I just know you couldn't help me at that point. I was beyond help is I'd. Why here's the thing- and we all know that once you fall in public like you, can
artificial anywhere, and if you can't yourself, you can just walk away. Yes, I'm hot cheeks, but that's all you hit the ground. It's over you're fucking done you're done for here the person that sell. On top of that year. The girl that broke two legs of a chair, goodnight nurse hallo my here right now it doesn't make sense. We knew him. Oh, how happy meant I should not put them, before we left your first me right, ok, acetylene, guys I decided to
go for it and pick one of the most famous serial killers in australian history. I then Mallette, I spit hello, river busy here? Similarly, this committee, there hitter Tater Taylor Titter Titter, teetotaler titter. I went to school, what, with even last grandson with his nephew my mom used to be in the office where this wave of the secretary turned out to be we want all those people to email ass by the way where that's right, you had best that that cheer,
We always feel like we need to say for the people who are here for the first time with people who forced them to come ass. Yours, never yet the people at work here. People have never listened this park ass, we're not caring for murder? We're not I mean it seems like we are, but I swear to God we're not that's notwithstanding number in going on, we were meeting people afterwards and these two girls came up and that we had them, and then I looked at the girl space and unlike this is the first time you ve heard the Pike S. Letters like yeah, like I could tell by your face, because you are not happy to see you are a little nervous, but your friend is like you're like hey you guys, a scary wherein acquired taste to MIKE people like but the count s arm my yet is that your mother, sorry
to some girls hindu us. They gave us regiment and then they go. Don't put it on like an a teller, everything, that's the mistaken raids discoursing. Basically, you ate a fuckin spoonbill. There was even a spoonful of main resuming like ugly buccaneer on where do but, like you put on everything like him, to tell him we're all going through like like. I bet this super Delicious, exactly like Mandela, no matter why, even though it smells like a fucking nettles, I mean what's up Australia, ok, I would like to say that my sources for learning all about even more and the backpacker murders are a british yoke.
The crimes that shook the world's congratulations. You shut the world, a show called crime scene investigation. Australia is God it's really good, except for on Youtube its rips and eat. So it's backwards. It only takes up like a quarter of the bottom of the screen and the audio is sped up. So, as I watched it, I began to go and say so. I took the history you on that one and then also website just called news: dot com dot a yo here your computer is on fire Agatha. It's all just russian people in my computer. Look at this wish, we're how she likes violent solely.
Late eighties and early nineties, Georgia. I don't know if you know the Islamist. I know this was really my time when I was when I was really at my profit. I hardly broke any chairs and I was doing all kinds of drugs and drinks. Well, people who weren't total losers, like me, were backpacking all through Australia. It became such a huge name, because you could come to Australia cheaply and then you could muted on issues budget? You could backpack all throughout the we're just country you could go to the gorgeous world famous beaches Actually they started building youth hostels so that people can do this in it turned into a billion dollar industry of backpacking around Australia. While in this time all changed now on September teeth. Nineteen, ninety two too, augurs.
Running on a trail in Berlin, Jello state forests, ever run on a trail, but Lang glow. Oh, I added to me in their sorry Angelo I'm homesick Lang, Glow state forest, so their job. Imagine ass, their jogging on a trail, They smell some strongly that they know it could only be a dead body, so they go off the trail about ten metres. I dont know how far that is in America. We're busy shopping all day, we did our guy, but do can. I was as in shopping and falling me too and so in the brush buried under some sticks and leaves they find the body of Carolyn Clark. The police are called these. Research search area and the next day in
doing one of those walking searches works like thirty police officers arm to arm they find of Joanne Walter she's there she's found about thirty yards away. Ok, I'm gonna, go Metro! and american tall throughout this parliament there what's up yards ok, so these two women had been missing for five months. They were both young british. Students who had come separately to Australia. They both were had always dreamed of coming here and backpacking. Here they both love travelling and they met at one of these he's hostels and they had decided that they were spend the summer picking fruit to make money and then like finance their backpacking around around Australia, so in April after they had kind of Donald they had decided to hitchhike hitchhike back to Melvin and it was the last time anyone saw them alive. The police to
that Carolyn had a sweater tight around her head. She'd been and shot in the head. Ten times we share, Joanne had been raped and she'd been stabbed. Fourteen times both of the women were bound and they had found a wind Esther cartridge cases near the bodies, so throughout ok, but other than what I just named. There is almost no evidence that they could find, and so essentially the case one cold, and so a man who lived near by and who knew that forest really well. His name was Bruce prior and he had come checking the newspaper to see Any other stories would come up about. These two bodies have been found there and he didn't see any, and He decided since he knew the forest so well. He was just gonna start going out and looking to see if there is anything else to be found. So for the next nine months foolish he searched around a thousand meters of forest and then
one day he spots human skull upside down in the dirt. He picks it up, he didn't know it was the nineties. He brings it to them. Police and so He had good intentions. He met at least uses an ashtray yeah, that's a couple months for he didn't go like. I was right and throw a fact shows that this will show them. Ok, so Luckily, the police are like holy fuck and they come out and they set up a perimeter, and these searching the area and then a second is found well that would this Fourth body is found twenty two metres away from where that skull had been in the ground. So these are the remains of James Gibson and Deborah Everest. They were to students who Melvin, they decided that there are
hitchhiked together to music festival in all borri, and they had both been missing. For years James is Bones- had been marked with multiple stab wounds. Deborah then found she was savagely beaten, should a lot of broken bones in her face and and she had been stabbed, thereby these were six hundred metres from where Carolyn and Joanne had been found so the police set up a task force of three police officers and they start coming the entire forest so relatively soon after that they find the remains of german tourists. Simone. Schmidl she disappeared while she was hiking from Sidney to Melbourne on January twentieth. Ninety one and they determine that she based on the marks- and this is how it happened with a lot of these- remains because there is so little of the left that they just had to count the stab wounds
the boundaries that they knew. She had been stabbed. Minimum eight times Her body has found the police made an official statement that they had a serial killer on their hands and that statement of course make international news, because Simone Schmidl was german. The first Women were british. It just goes everywhere that date that now tankers are going missing and then bodies are being discovered well then Birmingham England, a man with my her name in the world. Paul onions, like my dear dear We'll find him. I mean my you don't know me and I certainly do not care and onions Mrs Paul onions
so Poland's right. He gets the paper and he sees the story and he fucking freaks out because for years earlier he had a very interesting experience. Very The bull Anglo National Forest Bill Anglo it's really scary, but then, as far as saying whenever you say that a place you get this like scared, killing because you are waiting for a scream. Imagine that that's why we have started our new programme spell it like you say we just they would help us so my ass, if people just How can start spelling things fanatically gap and stopping assholes. So here's thing,
he caught there's a hotline number in the article that he's reading. So he calls up and he's like hey I'd like to give an official statement cashiers, what's happened to me four years ago, he's hitchhiking. He was hitch he was in Liverpool, but in Australia, and he's trying to hitchhike a thousand kilometers back to Melvin and he meets is. Like trying all day he finally meet a guy named bill, super nice and cool and bills oh Harry Front Hitchhike, where you going and Paul onion is trying to get to Melvin and he's like so my jump in my big old tree. Listen onions, didn't like elements is like hey illuminating and that's how the outback steakhouses born sorry about that those rights we don't go there now, ok, their image truck Missouri itself,
I don't know it at all, and so you are there in bill else: truck can and driving for a while and then bills. Like oh hey, I cant do I want to do it so bad. I can't do it anymore and I love learns yeah I had to watch more tv. I tried to make a joke about how people here say the word Snicks instead of snacks and I tweet And then all these people are like that's a key. We accept- and I was like oh Here- is an american accent. Go fuck yourself sounds like snakes to me, also its hispano Saunders. Would you like me snakes? Yes, I would like one thousand snakes. I mean I want them, even if they were snacks. Yet we now I want them all the more because their necks, ok, Snicks neck. Let's go
guys. So many pages left. Ok, here's the thing they're sitting in the truck he's like or about there's going to be no more radio signals, so I'm gonna pull over here and go on the back and get some tapes cause. It's late eighties, early nineties, and and Paul onions, like that's cool man, because he is so check here, and so he goes to open his door to stretch his legs and bill suddenly gets real rude and is like stay. Where you are put your seatbelt on an Paul onions is like hey man. I just want to start one likes he's like stay there. So then, it shuts that already sitting there and he looks down there's a whole bunch of take right there in the council between any, like. This isn't good. Maybe you just one thousand maniacs ten thousand. Thank you back when they were only about that's when you like, but there are only about them
It's scary. Yes, so he's like that, just when I was watching whatever one of those backwards. Fucked up shows auditing that idea, you'd be sooner like. Ok, like that thing, or the first thing, a person does that's weird but you're like ok. I guess I'm still going to sit here because I don't want. I don't want to be rude to super weirdo whose yelling at me out of the blue or doing a super normal thing, worse, open, Karlov, our doors, bad sign, and then it's like how right well bills, bills, pretty cool, and just like they stomach writers. That's all that's happening. The driver side door flies open, bill comes and goes you know what this in any hope this year, two fingers now it's yeah pretend gun real gun he sold. A real got on my blessing
beloved, Poland, stupid thing to say to do you know what this is yet am I just say I have a gun: Yes, I know what it is like now I don't recognize that I have a strange brain does to aggregate nice things. I'm a pacifist recognise your weapon night. Does don't exist to me? I dont see he weapons. Many thanks get up early on areas of exploring was assigned a blonde hair in her. You know what that is turning into an asshole, but the the ironic part is Paul. Onions does not have body odor and that's why I love the most god he got tease so much. You know. I know he smells like delicious flowers, so we have a picture of onions of Poland's now
Oh there's only I only the picture of the reactor and that's not the many beautiful for his you're beautiful to have his picture taken so right, like do you know what this is because, like I sure fucking, do you know what that isn't in jumps out of the truck girl bill, Bill start shooting at runs up the highway away from the trust and luckily, like a driver. Pull over and let's beauty Nepal, onions into his car derives away, thank God. So this is always a phone call on line two hours now that story. I forgot them so that Eight minutes taken he hangs and doesn't. Hair back is because as one. They set this hotline up. What they didn't realize. That is that in the first
Twenty four hours of this hotline they get one thousand pieces of evidence, people recalling in all over the place with all kinds of stories and the police work. Completely inundated and were not prepared to process that much information, so meanwhile, they're trying to set up hotlines and you know, get the word out and do all of that there still searching the bull Anglo National Forest near man at them. For I am now I'm worried if I did I'd be defined by the time, MRS Over. But this is the drama of the story. Ok, so as they are searching, they find the remains of joy students on your hops need and good boy a note about they. Add They had left for a winter holiday. They ve gone to Bali in ninety ninety one and they had decided that Lincoln around December she had finished up her school. They got she. She was on one
break. They decide to go to Bali and then, when they are done with their time in Bali, there are like, let's hop on Bert Australia and go to Bandy Beach, so they spend Christmas somebody it's Monday, now where's it Bandy bond I and I M snacks. Can we next speech? Ok, snakes, beads world famous snakes nagging there there do home in January of ninety ninety two, they never I hope so and when they process the bodies they find that the boy had been shot in the head six times on your head, decapitated and her head was not found, but the police did find forty seven cartridge cases at the scene and they were able to match this.
Cartridge cases to the ones bound near Carolyn, clerks body. So up now Seven bodies have been found in the bull, Anglo National Forest, so they, the police, get of I'm sick psychiatry is to make to profile of this killer of this right and based on the location based on the violence based on the weapons based on everything? He basically says this killer would have grown up or worked in the area of this forest. He would have had passed criminal behaviour. He would have shot guns with his family. He would have a big family would have insulated him and said It had him from the rest of society and he would have had major control issues and bent a real macho type. As they are talking about. All of that the police are like. We know guy like and we family like that, it's Ivan MILAN.
Are, they were just like? Oh, we know that. Yeah, so they had a kind of a kind of only that was well known in the area. Maybe we say it like that, and they were they had made. For themselves. They live. So even the lad was a road worker he spent most of the six years in jail. He load unless he had a four wheel, drive truck. He had thirteen brothers and sisters holy shit when they interviewed his neighbors. They said that he was friendly outgoing. He was always washing his truck or tending to his garden. But like us, some guy millions are subjects like I do the same thing the murderer. I heard somebody just go murderer, media. Murderer
loves a garden. We know your type, so all of his neighbours, like we really like it, means friendly, but that they go to interview as Ex wife and she's like yeah yeah, you're talkin. Even less well, it was He was married to women and Karen Duck. We married when she was a teenager Karen duck She described Even the latter is a brutal controlling husband. Who was gone crazy about that. You left her now she says that he often took her to apply. Implantation too. My Anglo National Forest and to the general in caves, which are, I guess, a tourist attraction
Thank you so much mom, my mom about that sounded. Like american accent typical, so they start then, with all of these things kind of lining up? They start looking into evens early police record and they find that here convicted of an hour eerily similar case nineteen? Seventy one April, good Friday, nineteen, seventy one he picked up to him? hackers nearer Liverpool TRAIN station. He pulled a knife on them. Bound them guide them told them. If they screamed, he would kill them. He took them into the arrest and rate them both and put them the car and one of them convinces him to pull over so they can get a drink at a gas station, any lets them and she gets out of the car. They both get out car and go into the gas station and get in there. Like you,
I can guys help us and everybody gets them, and then they go after they got for him. He got away, but eventually he was arrested, He was facing, don't clap, yet he was known, monsieur counts of rape and robbery, and he does. Was he faked his own death by? Yes, he left his shoes at a renowned Sidney. Suicide by suicide spot called the gap, which are you The work at the guy. You aren't gonna suicides, it's not that, stepped on air. No, no! It's ok! I think it worked. I think you built it. So anyway, he escaped to the place. We all hate so much New Zealand, but he returns and nineteen seventy four, because his mother had a heart attack and she was hospitalized, and so they route Rearrest
that again, they address him the first time, but then he of course baked it his own death that the gap, but you ve, got a sweater Take this dad left town left issues and unchanging room. They were the slick, oh no. I guess he's gone for ever go back to folding these sweaters. Have I ever told you my sweater folding story. I don't think so. This one is a little that classic in its worth me stopping this horrible tale. I used to work it. For real in San Francisco is my first real job and it was also when I was really also working very hard at being a did just a deadline,
it alcoholic so then, the day after Halloween, where my friend and I went dressed up as to people who worked at the Lamb combed draw stands. What exactly are we just going to our black clothes and my friend got to land com name tag? It was pretty red and then we just beyond shit. Faced the next day was a full down day. If you ve ever worked retail or words at the gap. You know the full downs go into work like four hours and literally re fold. The higher store every single item store is refolded with or so at all, looks perfect. Just a break your soul, just just because there like hey, you are paying you six dollars an hour when are you earn at noon
So we went in. We woke up we're supposed to be there at seven. In the morning we woke up at eight fifteen to the cause of our manager being like you, fucking asshole, get down here, but luckily we lived one block who we like in our land come out. Fails we go in. We start folders, I of the back wall, and it's all never forget because every time I see these sweaters like it, a thrift store, I'm like air and is one of these letters, a gap. It's a gap sweater from ninety, maybe one I'm folding down this wall of sweaters and so hung over like it's just
still a little drunk. I may cause she doesn't drink anymore. That's right in Lhasa, manifest! I I've never killed anyone with a car go to jail. So, let's celebrate my uncle. I fell down a line of this whole Wallace sweaters I get to the bottom of the first row and then I just lay down and fell asleep and that my manager Colleen came up and she's like go home. Like Colleen Eileen. She aided and abetted my uncle Asmara. Where are we falling away? We making okay, so he ever he's rearrested, but he he is acquitted of both the rape and wrong free charges, because there was not enough evidence. I now checks are like this evidence, one in evidence to show the police
speak to the rest of them lot. Family and the interview his brother Alex and his brother Alex's wife, and they talk to them. Over an hour. It's just there not gettin much the police, get up to leave and analysis I've got a hold on yeah. She goes and gets a backpack determined goes. He gave us. This is a gift. Could you lead with that army? I guess there are some issues having some problems, the police, take it and find out that the backpack that she gave them that I gave to them below c mon Schmidl, the german backpacker. So then simultaneously, or at least that's how it seemed on. These shows that I was why they go through but they're going through all the statements that they had gotten than the first. You know month of the hotline and they fine beautiful, Paul Onion statement from all the way up in Birmingham, and so
They call him back and they finally find out that his story is real. They they actually the Birmingham police interview him to make sure that he's not some nut case. They end up flying him down to Australia and Paul. Means identifies Ivan MILAN in around in a line up and so Please can now arrest even lad for the attack, Paul, onion yeah. So on May twenty. Second, ninety, ninety four six, a m, the police, surrounded blots home, it's funny in the reenactment. They called him on the phone. We're like hey. Can you come outside recently, due to many years download on his perfectly manicured? Why they re faced verses? You like skirmishing, that's right! He likes things just so. When the police enter his home. They immediately start finding trophies from all of these murders. There's there's all this camping equipment. There are
there are all kinds of personal belongings just everywhere they the police are identifying. Has they look around the house and they also fine rifles, ammunition, hunting, knives and a sword and then hidden inside a wall in a plastic bag. They find pieces of a router twenty two rifle when the ballistics expert reassembles those pieces test- fires it it matches The bullets used to kill Carolyn Clark, so even lot is charged with the murders of all seven victims, July twenty? Seventh? Ninety ninety six, following a fifteen, we trial the jury returned after three days and found him guilty on all charges. He was sentenced. Six years imprisonment for the attack on the most
if a man in the world Paul and seven consecutive life sentences for each of the murders of the backpacking. When asked, if he had any comment, he protested his innocence. He said he didn't do anything for sure, but his younger brother, Richard told the police that there were quote heaps. More bodies are to be found and there are There are eleven other unsolved missing persons, cases that are extremely similar to the backpacker murders, going all the way back to February of nineteen, seventy one holy shit, I'm just gonna, go through. These are real, quick. Karen Roland was driving behind her sister. They were driving up to a hotel in Canberra when, you're? Not gonna. Do that
friend, whose camera hammer camera. Ok, really quick, just a suggestion. How about you smell at sea a and b array? Ok, I'm not matter you, I'm not mad at you! Ok! This is so creepy. Two sisters take two separate cars. Why it's not as fun I must have had workers something it makes me so mad. When I read that I was like what what Hearst their dry bring her sister loses sight of Karen in the rearview mirror her car. Just isn't there any more? She continues onto the hotel and then when she gets. Our current isn't there and she thinks maybe Schumann. Calm. She doesn't understand what happened so they search they find the car with an empty gas tank on the side of the road gas yeah.
She ran a gas and then fifteen metres off of the trail in the fair burn, pine plantation, they find her body. She was lying on her back leg straight out. Her arms and circling her head clothing pulled down indicating sexual assault. A beer bottle was found near by so indeed Nineteen. Seventy two Wayne, Gayle Bartram at Anita Cunningham, Eighteen and twenty respectively they were student. As they were roommates and they were gonna plant there and spend the summer hitchhiking around Northern Queensland they set off from elbows on their way to Berlin. There really is arrogant. They were never seen again in November, Robins body is found under a bridge insensible creek. She was shot in the head with a twenty two and need his body was never found. A woman told police that she and her mother had shattered, but those girls at a hotel that July, and the girls told her they had gotten arrived. With a man named cowboy
Stephen. Do you have that one picture of Ivan Mallette? Oh no! It's actually very in fashion. Now. What is I can't say I really had no idea what I just said: ok, ok, Friday, October, fifth, nineteen, seventy two Gabrielle Junkie and Michel Riley decide to hitchhike from Brisbane to check out a party on the gold A week later, Gabriel's body is found at the bottom of a steep embankment on the side of if a k way at or meal ten days later, at six p m on October, twenty third Michel's body is found twelve metres from the road in the Bush lend off of the Mount Tambourine highway. They both had Mass had injuries from fractured skulls and both their clothes were pulled up and just had been covering their bodies on October. Thirty
I just seventy eight twenty year old. I'm good all was dropped off by her brother Warren, the muscle Wolberg train station. I thought she was taking the train back to Sydney, but in fact she decided to go to swap see, once seen near Newcastle to see her parents. She got The train and broad meadow in Central Newcastle someone spotted her at three thirty good afternoon at the STAR hotel shoes ever seen alive again. Her remains whenever found Robin Hickey format, actually I'm girls disappearance. Eighteen year old, bourbon Hickey leaves her family home in swans you to meet friends at the Belmont Hotel South of Newcastle. She's, never seen again, Amanda Mention is a fourteen year old girl who vanishes on her way home tooth two Swazi from a school dance, even more
that was named as a person of interest in all three of those disappearance cases is. He was working a road crew at the time, but there were. There was not enough evidence to arrest him and then there's I mean look at this Three more pages is people who had the Zack, it's the exact same Emma he's. It's always fifteen metres off the trail. Back in the bush. Same area generally lays the same age, its other he its girls, that he meets at hotels. There's always a whit navigator same like general area. Claim of two yeah: it's along the old coat straight. No not sure either highly innovative by confront that separates. It's basically that the answer this eastern coastal side and all because basically this this, I did look on Google maps it it takes like
seven hours and thirty seven minutes are something to drive from Melvin too the bull, Anglo National Forest, and so that thanks, that's like the basically the area that he was working on any was a road worker. He also deliver tyres truck tyres to leaves always he was always on the road and he was always leaving work and coming back where, unlike having people cover, or haven't statues us now really quick. Sorry I mean those are just like there's, there's six more people who have the exact same Emma in their dead there's fifty total missing people like me, who there there's pieces of of their money. Details are their murder that can be related to even lapping, but because he will admit to anything
ever. Has they can't get him on or prove anything and they had their families? You know have no no satisfaction. They just don't get to know so he's in jail right and It decides to cut up here only three now still and jellies and Supermax was going to be there for the rest of his life, Two thousand ninety cuts off as little finger with a plastic. And be a jail, decide they're not going to re attached, I mean, isn't fucking leader, I interpret it. I'm sure there was like a medical reason and a whole decision, but it in my mind I just like they're like no. You did that tears, it previously and injured himself by swallowing razor, blades, staples and other metal objects. He went on a hunger strike because he wants
play station. I wasn't twenty eleven and now his in twenty twelve, his great nephew, Matthew, MILAN and his friend co incline, who were nineteen when they were sentenced, the were arrested for murdering David Archer Loney on his seventeenth birthday, with an axe the boy Anglo State National and he ass. You killed him and his friend taped it on the farm recorded him on the phone, that's how they got caught on my They were sentenced. Matthews sends to forty three years in prison and common sense that thirty two years in prison and in and now I'm seeing this thing to a may, fifteenth his older brother, Boris, told Doktor Steve Apron, that MILAN was responsible for another shooting in nineteen sixty two he shot
driver in the back, because you I d. Rather many ended up paralyzing him and that's it. That's a they were just a special about that on tv recently, and now my friends is the story of Ivan MILAN, the backpacker, sorry! So that's what he looked like a while. He was cutting has been here, he's he's like I want to play station, I'm only the worst fucking person in the world may not know the yeah, it's so clean. You just can't help it. I don't wanna police, shame but like didn't buy Thank you, sir. Why do you look? I didn't I didn't give. You know only pick up my glasses. Always like she's, police shaving again is getting sick of it. This is a walk out. It's just that
Why didn't you figure put its again, but there were other bodies where it even found nine. I would just missing and no details whatsoever plus does the whole thing in all the old school like, like my set of lake woe. If we, start saying all these back, that cars are missing the tourist straits, gonna fuckin, that I know exactly where. Maybe it's that these new crops came in and we're like yeah, but we can't let people disappear. Why this. Second, they start a funding bodies that thou ever they shouted down here, hopefully more night. That's what yeah?
I would only like to supper control wax three specials about it. I'm an expert. I was such a thing, your face Mona put in your mouth and I've never seen anyone taking a final word men's. Oh, no, even demanded that gets the minced in every everyone You guys have someone. We went to Auckland, we were just like well, we have two murders to choose from, so I guess I'll. Take the sending you take. Thou I'm in here now is not the case whatsoever. You guys there's reason we're gonna be here for three nights, not because you don't want to see a growth, because we just couldn't pick one. The governments making us all the murderous character gets a social service. You're welcome
this man. This is the story of the only american man ever executed on australian soil. It's the blackout, strangler! You re right right, that's the correct height of world war. Two, while Melbourne Melvin, was sending soldiers overseas to fight there like heroes and shit and as a brown out in order, so a brown this means that, like there's a reduced availability of electrical power, so like an at night street lamps and carmelites they're, all like lowered said the Japanese, the japanese fighters can't bomb the shit out of you guys there, like. I don't see anything let's get out of here. Instead of me, I click on this beautiful lights of Melvin, which is like a thing. You know yeah, they're known for their labour and over there like a guy, goes the city of life. Oh I've heard of that ok, so also
Employees, employers were letting young women live in daylight. So they could get home safely before dark. As you now dark a bus of U S. Soldiers, your station and Melvin after the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, always make sure for american soldiers or popping up and see me. I forgot my tissue an untold you guys. You realize that now look at that White Beard, who's that bottle scurry. My nose release them in their house, and military establishments called compel today its Israel park may third nineteen forty two ones like Rail Park Royal Park,
Sorry, I didn't audience. Do you usually made their names retail forty year old, Ivy Violet Macleod, was waiting for her tram. Can you see I copied and pasted this from Australia in articles waiting for her, tram. In undertaking an avenue and Albert Programme too, I am when she's attacked you do that. To attack it out of your way ever gonna. Do it? Ok, body was found by an hotel cleaner, whose hosing down the footpath outside. Hotel. He saw an american soldiers get up from a stooping position in
Hereby shop doorway, he was gonna run after him, but decided to try to help the women, but it was too late. I we was dead. She was partially naked, badly beaten and strangled. Her purse was still in the area. So was obvious that robbery wasn't a motive. Witnesses said that they had seen her in the company of a U S, soldier late, the previous night Weena photo of her wallets up. I'm suddenly My why minors, I'm address
My errand angel there's tissue happening. She has a knave. What does give these suing? Why don't you just take the tissue that just like you should by semele? Thank you. So much doesn't happen before security against every sure. There was a danger feels today thing. I think I am decide, hair and real. So that's Idee Macleod so so she is killed Sorry, sorry niece looks like Grandma a week later.
Let me buy you guys out more a week later, thirty one year old, Pauline Thomson, she's a synagogue refer she's married, a police manages a mother of two. She strikes have a conversation with american soldiers at a restaurant. They go to a bar after dinner to talk and they spent several hours talking and drinking that morning, she's man lying on the steps of her Spring Street home her closer in tatters. And ok. So, let's there's a photo of her. This Pauline Thompson: ok ready for this creepy thing, ineffectual in first police created a photograph police, created a mannequin dressed in her clothes and put a photograph over her face, hoping witness, would come forward Stephen, but that nightmare up Why? That's that's what that it look at her its mannequin hands holy fuck yeah
in that's what we're in it for a re outside awful creepy creepy hands, look at the hands. Did it Did I ever tell you the story of my soul. I was at the store. My dad he's, like just don't touch anything gallery which I could never do as like. Five, no you're a child who child- and you always take me like the hardware store since it up the din of candy or toys, are, I think, a good environment review. You went to get something and I just walked up. There is a mannequin worrying like like em I can't extra- and I was just I just want like, like my finger e t style tonnage automatic in his hand and the whole, and then I resist alone, holding a mannequin aren't like do I shove it back like my dad came around the quarries like Jesus Christ
Karen you shouldn't be alone: retails real Brad Menu. Then you lay on the floor and fell asleep. That's right. I was so drunk the junk as five year old ever ok, so they did that poor woman has. I don't want to turn back our harmonic him good night. Everyone have sweet dreams tat. They did it work, though now but you know, people were like where we saw her with an american soldiers are the main before so, but I'm of any but came directly from managers gave a lot of people nightmares so shortly this, a twenty an american soldier admits to another soldier that he had killed two women. This dude, is Edward Joseph Stalin, ASCII yeah and
is twenty. Four years old he's a former New York Grocery store clerk. He had brush there's an strong hands and they had said by the by the looks of the way, the guy and strangled women that he had large hand. That was like one of the things I said about him. He was well, like by most who knew him, although other american soldiers reported that he liked to drink heavily and then He did. He became particular really aggressive, especially towards women, EL described him ass, the soldier from Hell and he earned their notation after attempted to strangle a young woman in San Antonio Texas. He was caught charged with assault but never prosecuted. Instead, the! U S army is like send him. The Melvin, Are you guys sorry about that? So he arrived on February second, nineteen, forty two and that first murder happened on me, sir. That year well, yeah so
Ok, so that he told his his brow that I killed. Two women is rose turn yourself in Sayer claimant sanity like nope and the soldiers like? Ok, unlike didn't, turn him in so again. Apologies Melvin he's like well, I gave you the one suggestion I have I got for I don't know what else could be done. A guess, I'll see you in the mess tent here so the final victim. Oh, let me show you put off this did Edward that's him based. That also uses total alcoholic and I want to be like he was superfine and I'll be like he attack women, but the ones you said it was Superfund. One of the things that he would do is like gets super drunk and then get up on the bar and walk across the bar in his hands. Then another labour requirements. I would on your hair
that's crazy son of a bitch. His forehead is so low its tiny. It's too small, it's more whip with a three I would like to say his one and a half head. That's true, barely is there or is it just dumb hair. They could. It looks like both ok, I both Mama has been overcome. Fortier Gladys husking on me, eighteen for walking home from work in the chemistry lab at the University of Melvin, just like what about ass, she, is caught in the rain. American soldier offered to shelter her under an umbrella. He was carrying old, Edward her. Now he had answer. He strangled her. An she's found inside the royal park boundary not far from camp Hell, just three hundred and fifty metres from her boarding house in just
for two weeks from me to me, eighteenth nineteen, forty two three women had been killed and I have said A murderer becomes known as the Brown out strangler, because its during a brown out me strangled people, and they need to explain our part fearing cut that out. There was actually symbolic and something else, but you wouldn't understand, reading zero soldiers, Brown out, that's what they call to their total bombers. Em Fuckin brown out back just let them make, does anyone Anthony Hydrochloric Hungarian. During that summit an australian soldier, Gunnar was discussing Australians police soldier, okay, so Gladys gets killed. Australian,
voter tells police. He saw U S. Office are slipping under the royal party fence on the night of the murder he's shines. Here's shines a torch, that's all they call flashlights. So clearly I copy them. To that end in the. Face it was all might eat. He ask: why is covered head to foot in yellow mud? He's cover, different, yellow mind much lake was now area. Now it's my images, yellow now, because it's time because there's a brown out so there's not enough Brown began to the the hell. That's gonna, be it no! I didn't paradise. Ok, don't even look out what meter Psmith, so clearly
we're shopping. Okay, so the did says to have. I fell over in a pool of my going across the park. That's like his execution. That's ok go ahead. There get that right, description of this soldier. The matches the individual Pauline Thompson was seen with the night of her murder as well. The description given by several women who had also survived recent attacks. So I guess he's been fuckin attacking women. Our town of people had been surviving yet so after days at camp Hell, they're going from Fuckin soldier, the soldier being like there. You murder, you murder, like interviewing peat bog, I guess I don't know about that, could actually they did it, and I bet that's how they did. It could have been police, invest, get to be thinking Oh Gladys actually did already there. She is ah ray. We could then out that that's up my are, but ok
Ok, so they're back and only two soldiers, EU police Investors gets Edward Monarchies Tent and they yellow clay matching. The crime scene is found on his tent issues and has been so you just play ilium up all over the fucking pike earlier so yellow I e how this That's ok! So he's around that's charged with the murders, pine bars. He confessed to fuck and everything He tells investigators that he is a doctor Jekyll and Mr Hive and his motives for the killings was a fascination with female voices. Especially when they were singing worthier creepy so all those whom it had been singing well here, as he claims that he killed women to get at their voices quote
oh now kind of like a little mermaid thing here is a fact and original regional. He just see which heap he wanted to. He wanted to be the case stupid crazy to yeah yeah so he said about a second victim Pauline Thomson. He said she was singing in my ear. It sounded ass if she was singing for me, she had an his voice. I grabbed her. I dont know why she's up singing well cause. You grab fucking idiot. The investigator was like goodbye, when I got out what's gonna, go to the gap. See you guys later engineering using someone saying that, according to a psychologist, to interviewed Edward during his trial, he grew up in
use of alcoholic family and one of his brothers have been committed to a mental institution for life. His there have been over protective controlling. I bet she fuckin saying alone banging our and say that, but it's like more clearly That's my what's this profile of yes, murder have profile to his mom saying she was like the most horrible sound of all time so said centrally. I could show you right now at last by just singing. She put. Linda badinage me, like array, what we do here in the corner, the man who am I to night night, Edward Island, opium alcoholic which is also what she was
This letter was over border control, ideal, spiritual azure, setting new childs bedroom door. Tonight, I'm gonna go being out. You stand here, ok and stare at my man and convey whoop childhood right there. She had also been in a mental institution, but she also favour Edward more than his other fuckin crazy brothers. So he got bullied by neighbourhood caves and call them Mama's boy according to the psychologist, he said, and you know fifties forty sympathy. Psychologists run well and there are like that. It makes sense Oedipus complex. No, symbolic Maitreya side, and I was like that sounds familiar our friend s game, oh yeah, I like kill people because there, like it's, my mom, and it was like it's actually a woman. You don't fucking now there they just want to kill their mama over and over. It actually actually So is it because of the resentment and hatred up his mother sing
bad singing is really irritated. This is why about small, reducing, sometimes limits. It's just do a lot, Ok, what should I say just sing, I will always love and have a look at this stuff me, I'm just speaking complexions comely oi didn should think I'm back he did not doubt TAT, was It's that movie bore a thousand times and I was a child. My only friend. What do you call it? She's? Ok, that's! Ok!
during the trial. Evidence was presented that indicated that Edward had possible view will personality. I just love the word dual dual dual personalities: the court heard that so and ask a drought got drunk his voice changes. He talks more like a girl says stuff about this is a court. I wouldn't talk stuff about poltergeist. Where was demons creepy stuff toxin himself Kloster there he talks about the kind of stuff they have on the close at with this interview danger deal that would have been good if I could ever over that time. Other times it was like he was talking to someone else talking to someone. I hate good about it. Although everyone ass his crimes were committed on australian soil, the trial was conducted under american military law. Yeah, that's Mark style?
and see I s baby. I said yeah. I know that one member watch that job they have. I want true, cried passes to the crimes convicted and sentenced to death or the United States Army General court. Martial in July of nineteen forty two, but it's here in Australia, he's executed at pentroof prison how you guys because standards, sometimes you love it- is it the best present early results
you know. Normally. Heckling makes me really my favorite thing anyone's every year and you can get breakfast she'll have been usually are being hunters within right. Georgia loves a nice breakfast being you ve really got her over to the big being breakfast thinking you so much for the. What's con g, don't answer now. It's on every menu, those languages, but it's like Kaji with an I'm like what Could this be and then it's like with shrimp linger hoop? Oh, isn't: grass, I don't just random stuff, like I can't put together what this breakfast item. I mean it's, not french toast. I know that even a measly, she don't want something: Beckett, ok, the
The details of his execution were asleep. Sorry we had to eat represent that prison. Guys ministers will be there they share is over therefore crying when I just feel that I'm sorry, I can't do as a real mind fuck as we supported yours and we attacked you, sir. I may we go so bad. Now, look back tat tat, tat he so for some reason the details are a secret of how we got killed, but the hangman had a fuckin journal which is like to read to my plea: yes me immediately as, and it says that he was hanged way.
Hang Rams Journal of they published. So like a book, do you think the insight flap of the picture of the author either have is man? You know the hangman asked where Thou hast dancing well to start no areas, guess what What's this its being they in. Are you kidding I'll, put your glasses on hold on everybody, How has it been you now so I really like, but now she Anthea, these men can't see shit and I were the airport MIKE. You came and I was like a cat everything away. She said. I know, I know that you have to wait here before. You see me really funny, because oftentimes I'll be walking towards people and I'll watch. I know that thing is like a big wave I'll see a movement like this and then I'll see the mouth get smaller and smaller web. It looks like I'm just icing, such as like they're, like I'm dislike market
and then she goes to deny the dispersed, and there are already sad sorry. This is like the hangman's journals like its spoken scrap book. Now, let's take a picture of upheld this it, as you can go wrong, somewhere around this town. Ok, we're probably at this present ramming brunch out certain inter branch and I'll have a moment so He gave all the details of all the hangings. I feel like a diary dear Diary Day. I hang the person I feel pretty about it. They were bad, it's my job there making me do you so ok, so they think that he was hanged but ledge. I just innovation. It also adds that that the locals were permitted to provide the rope and gallows. Isn't that call what like the people so, fuckin pissed off about this guy, murdering their people. That
They were like here's, the rope and here's. The gallows. That motherfucker! Oh they like built the gauchos and more just like their basically like look we'll take care of everything you just get. Your hang man appeared on Tom Tom you bring his diary, is gonna, be right there the gallows. So that's the story of Edward Lebowski, the Brown out wrangler. Where I saw you, I was good, you did it, we did. I did it was that was there was an american special that we brought it to you. You can brown hair
Is it down for a sign for hometown murder time for town homeland? Is there a way we could get a little bit of lake superior there's only one that has a story they like to tell nobody here: let's do what kind of a brown lightnings so that we can really is gearing. Does you if you want to do it, come here yeah impacts lovers, even as I think that we probably I dont, don't trip
drove all down to earth and now the waves careful during their stay out stockings- and this is now you might have a cue to stay in the fourth thing before this danger here here. We're like the ones or we ve been too is the only one place we ve been urging, and so many others, men Rebecca Rebecca. Where are you from everyone ulterior owning the air Valley? Hometown? Ok, I have a few been honesty one. It's really good. Do more organs, really bad idea. Go. I weren't use exact names because I still have next autumn my mom.
Sorry we are. You can't see anyone out there, Sir Creepy hour after hour, just look up into the latter days. So basically my mom and dad move to an to count. I don't know if you know cause called strain out along the marine. The highway say basically high traffic area and building this house and there's an old autobahn out there minimum crave Asian and basically whether going the house there's a big tree at the front big chair. It was a mass of cherry blossom. My dad's, like I, really think Anita they stand well with Ass was going to be so ran, okay, so the night. Becomes ever in he's these big massive guy big bid, my dad's, like a skinny kind of
without a dandy, but this big now imagine these other guy- that's Massey, reminders kind of skinny under control problem. Guy tells him don't cut down the tray, no matter Do you not cut demonstration the accelerator hands? I dont, like watch me The next day comes in with tobacco, but the tradesmen cut down there's a big hole right around the troll. Now This is really saw studs like what the hell's going on sir anyway the trade talks of the guy next door doesn't know anything apparently did you do and then so we build over the top of the tree was straight away.
Which is ends up in my bedroom. Now now bans are being horrific. Hauntings sir starts with my brother, so he's first in the rain, so this ten years between my brother and so my brother Adam wakes up, this is horrible Hariri noises in the room. Basically, discards musical instruments. Don't have your blame? but anyway sure does it matter my birth hell, yes, and around the Qatar. You learn the recorder at primary school nationally, and you got to the Qatar say by great thinks he's like mass moth, this guitar every night Emily likes. Strong another ten years on, I'm I'm sport and basically my deadlocked ukulele.
Come in you as this does not have strengthened so basically working happening. Is these horrible things came happening in in the inner family things? keeping the Sharon. Shampoo bottles would come down on me like one after the other, like crazy as Bach legs anyway. So eventually this this, these things cape happening and I'm about four or five and I say to my mom: I but the something wrong the neighbours. There's something really strange by setting an choosing nightgown and why I don't know. What's so? Basically
next day, we're all sitting there for dinner and actually sent you in this emails. While bout of any read it we loved. So basically, the next They were all sitting down for dinner play. Come writing for a house sure I had so basically like if have somewhere saved for the kids, put the kids brothers are Oda. We all went in bathroom stay there a fire tat gets out he's not literally alive you go about, and I am nicely replace ride. Grocer three, our house, to the next door, neighbours that going through the back paddocks. We call them paddocks and run a gay gain gotta and by play a body is found in their backyard this year, two guys but yea big other Frankie Guy Hook, YAP and
other points that are found on the premises as well. They blame- I will buried. There was tree rates through it. My dear I fancy please Papa said the fathers being put away at this point, he's daughter is about nineteen, twenty and a body is found. Coach. Shame tv show. Is almost decapitated. She's been injector, audio video, That's your acid in a sleeping bag bound up with in court when we actually have Franco its yeah yeah horrific. They can't move the body, because this daughter, which they do not the time and Karen sheriff share thing where she always comes back to the body and every single time they ve mister.
They ve moved the body and we sat chance of her coming back and trying to bury, get rid of evidence said: Lightwood got away. The boy said everything that the tone of the mother and they lack the comrades Abbadie I'm so sorry, quantum Martian on the whole town is like this girl, like we don't know I was a drug. We don't know anything about a drug I haven't heard of a mannequin with a fuckin picture takes on its misery was anyway, sir. Basically, Karen comes back with dynamite the body, and this is really way: you're, not a compulsive liar higher matter. This is like later once you have again with dynamite visiting with dynamite. Ok, sir, these go had been it was: a drug deal gone wrong, caramels a dealer China has died,
This is the daughter of a bringing me ever since I was a really bad guy that hit the body underneath where s house was. And then had a body in the back yard and then come the daughter who, in a nineteen twenty one. So, basically, drug dealers gone wrong. She was living lily, thou she made backing where they died after this girl was killed, yes, the dynamite comes back to block this body so when she comes back Basically the cops jump on tissues. She's arrested, her boyfriend, fighting in the car. Now She does her statement, so basically she rats had a boyfriend. You got less time because she was I can. Sandwiches is in the kitchen, while thou torturing this girl for forty eight hours repulsive among laddies. Yes, she got less time so disgusting yeah, so
yeah. I know your eyes and this is happening next or more. Your growing wonder you say this is said the daughter she was mostly living it Lily out. Some suing allays drug, doesn't support not whereas ain and move down said just his wife was still the poker So basically Karen. Thing is how to jail fees later her boyfriend still in jail. She gets done to blow up. Boyfriend, outages. Other thing in the world rise more like what you did the dishes use. I got the perfect Dinah Maids machines are going back into jail, obviously hate us more time passed What about things we have three of four ago. She ends up moving backing next autumn, my mom
sorry. Cage is born again Christian, given Jesus forgets like all that shit wired thing that really works Jesus does love dynamo, love it. So, in the end I get my mom,
next to guard the member Christmas. What sport in July that here again ass the story of the jewels Rebecca you guys, I mean
are we well you that was very powerful super alive, but what's real journey were all of us? I believe and goes into believing goes before now gets horror playing goes through. Some scared, rhymes great, show that those appraising up here you got. This has been an amazing show thing: there's a kick for you, so my men are so excited in Australia and you guys are so happy to be here. We're so happy to be here and of course we just want you to stay sexy.
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