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96 - Live at the Hard Rock in Orlando

2017-11-23 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover killers Aileen Wuornos and Judy Buenoano.

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this is exactly right
whereby the land i got benzes so fired you locked inside glasses i honestly about you like secretly brought them on stage larry is joe this land out now demonstrate our laps required smaller meeting after the show buyer divorce everything i had to just tell you guys right now the second wave of screaming again
that kid and new high i never i don't think we ve heard rock n roll the hard rock at bay and their screaming outside cause there's a roller coaster but it's really weird if you like don't think about that others just screaming outside i mean i'm in mid something to you have we got out of the car to go the back you know
terms and i heard some distant screaming and i was like guys guys will see you in a second and as i said earlier to goes like this like the whole lost my mind getting to be such an already you guys got a screaming which is called again stamper got us inactive serial killer yes i was made up for what a give me what an amazing on brand gave us we were honoured here and made a good points was like a vigorous
if you solve this and find the guy you're gonna be here yes imagine and then earn was like all we haven't seen stephen inactive serial killer in the same room at the same time let's just set him up for and i get the glory i believe he's an active syria must dashing around he's not here so we can say anything about family that is just what my cat so too they wanted him to be under here so sorry sorry guys
welcome this is my favorite son i'm hearing held there ass georgia hard star where we member what we did this afternoon know dude so we had to drive here from tampa like a couple hours between when your hotel room kicks you out and then let's see whether the next one other point do we do waffle house marvel house all place it was it was my first time yeah yeah it was unbelievably regular hours is most like to go you're gonna regret it i don't regret it here's a dane those this gets ida biscuit without gravy honour and it was i was like is this fried because it was really fin and it was filled with
butter oars cristo or some ever butter flavour christa it was really good yeah so let me and then we went to there's a town called lamp
lamp sitting we have new love plans setting only oda we waited show it was nice there were so even to all these like my dream just a town full of antique malls you know so much vintage tupperware georgia piggy bulls and going it's perfect for flying a nice big ball from nineteen sixteen floor but it has the classic never find it may well be amended or another great idea well we're wander around she's like let's get weird creepy present for whoever does the hometown murdered tonight it didn't happen so then let it let it go don't get connected immaterial in this life that you majorities mediately like let's get a haunted picture in our innovation something on let's get something like there you go now you have to keep it up so we were like searching for a thing but at present is cup holding up we are charged with iphone salt and pepper shakers of
too little shut down the back as i can figure out what it was it was like that big blue eyes then green heads and they were holding their knees like this on the back had just said melon children there is a lot of like the quaint creepy racism that they had back of an their job like this money being entirely new can't neon and you shall take this out of the store please like i don't wanna swastika memorabilia we pass was bigger dirty goes first last a guy like that hot everybody plato governor high so we found karen vow this gorgeous jewellery box locate zella you are
from the seventies like miss they had those jewelry boxes that like you open them up and then the ballerina flicks up on a spring and those who talk about fucking haunted it's like the scariest thing as a child where you're like this is absolutely murder soundtrack it's like a ghost is absolutely making this happen yeah pressure put on your rings little girl like a movie we're like if you're bad you get trapped forever as the as can ballerina various now that she gets close thing every night going to someone take dictation that's amazing gorgeous version of it perfect condition ballerina everything was a cautious about it was it was like way bigger than a normal one and you opened it and then things went out like that
then there would have been a bottom drawer things up is it from the fifty is probably frame on the outside salmon pant sammy hang on the inside man on the un's like velvet untouched it looked like some old lady bought it for some one and was like fuck them and put it up and i never gave us anybody amended died right so filled with hay which attracted me immediately and i picked and also it was way back i was on the bottom shelf way back what this my fuckin favorite experience and those dinosaurs rumbling words so i open it to georgian issue we have again it we're looking at it and on the back in in boston gold it said lady buxton it's from a company couple lady bucks such renaming our company were stealing now changing the name of our company there's no way that companies still in business or are there some started crying in the front row just now sorry what happened there was little probably left
her from like who played here last night let's gas just j guiles ban aunt jane s been a piece of the letter and fell from the sky hating perry rayner lap how big is it will surely shit can i have that thank you i like you know that's not later baby raising way if we had bachelor box she would get it one for me man please don't come toward the sage unless you're called you believe that shit you did it exactly right she's rushing this stage like a lunatic leave you here oh yeah did you like it no i thought about it but i can't imagine it's me
ass there now we are we just get beam the fuck up it s best to be with the heavens gave we don't have a record this episode it's gonna go straight into stevens bring this is not to be tv insider but when i worked ellen this you do one give away where like it's like we're gonna send this soldier and his wife on a cruise and then they have confetti cannons that exploding in the audience and out onto this industry and this for the next lake seventeen shows every once in a while this happens and i at one time they got open but to come on that show which was a very big get because they both shows still existed on regular tv and at the very
and opened his dislike taking this huge christ like bow like you're welcome from my presence everyone and this piece it can get this and landed on her head like or issues like so also anyway anyhow wagon davy bucks three so get standing in line it was really cheap we're standing there like we gotta think where the person and apparently bay we have the best idea then this woman comes up behind us is real sweet like you know really normal person weeks or not and so not from a really nice normal woman she's like always the lady biloxi like what did you she said see i have that one back there that's it's very similar it's for my daughter and i have to her daughters i'm trying to get where did you find it and i was like it is
bought himself i was doing a full body blotted out himself to worry about where i felt confounded lady was like i still find from when i was in second grade of your fucking kidding she still has an i'm trying to get a couple from my whenever there did you say yes she was very so georgia good looks and ngos and i was like she just ignore it vince was like can i was anyway you guys finish off so we can get the lady buxton georgia turns around and goes you should have it and the woman goes oh no now giving her the fuckin holy grail who know and you just put it into her hands could you give me a nod i've got an idea i did i i don't want to seem like i'm like an amazing but my idea i broke i did break a pianist then she goes immediately certainly backing away cheap start occurring
wives are eyes liver alike were the best people to let us know one gets a prize suffer that lady that lay i guess a prize because we are good people and then we are running scenarios how she's a con woman in that thing is worth like seven hundred dollars on ebay and she does that to everybody where she's like they got the fuckin buxton let's see i have daughters that's i have dollars and the woman who works there's like judy we told you bother the other customers anyone or duties a pirate dirty judy you nuts theory i just want to mention someone was good edward you made it cookies tonight you're edward they were delicious we got some cookies sent backstage you could have done it too but this is my favorite thing he wrote a really nice card and then he wrote ps i almost got fired
writing stay sexy don't get murdered on our positivity board at work maybe they need to be more specific about being positive means i mean not the same thing for every now we're all different national snowflakes in this world and everyone has positivity angle yeah yeah it's and positive i did not want to get married or for sure and then like now i'm obsessed with edward where do you work she works with the station items where is it diet on early universe euro area you are so lucky they didn't bugaboo bag overhead and pull you out in like dump you out over the county mine
there are now your life he turned to as those de gm harry potter everyone knows that i wrote down the word head wound right here jesus talk about edward and talking about turkey are working under hotel lobby to blacken the check and after our little drive and the second has a straight up had wounded in the lobbies yeah he's mine he was my talking and walking everything's ok but bleeding fully bleeding down his face words like walk past him and his moms the father i've never i didn't poses a real thing that people actually said to each other she held that the dad who is this thing about the second front thus in watching the mom freak out don't just
then just somebody actually said those words are loud and the data like they're getting eyes it was just like the most unhappy family planning vacation here in orlando happy fine we were following them to get into the elevator and karen knows let's not get on the elevator with rage family and i was so bangs they really wanted to get on with rage just hear what they have done each other i am such lake deny oh based irish catholic where it like you and your family could be strangle each other in front of me and i be like anyway so what are your thanksgiving plan madam i bet
you're doing no i'm asking the wall and when they were getting on the elevator we heard them say what this has been a disaster that was the mother bennet disaster now let's go to die gone alley for christ's sake but there are positive there ever and we'll get some positively over their lives finally also when we got a when i got upstairs i immediately went back downstairs to buy a diet coke and where it is i pressed the button for the other this lady comes out of the stairwell and she was kind of rag she had a huge eagle tattoo on her bicep whereas like who are you she looks at me waiting for the elegant parent goes i wouldn't get in there we just got
i swear to god like we have been here fifteen fucking minutes and everything is happening there is trouble cs the does all the weight orlando nice thank you so much what we do or should i make my excuse about my outfit i really did want to i have new black dress that i wanted to where i guess subconsciously i didn't want to wear it because i forgot my tight in my car at the airport i dont know i did it i didn't want you did it i using an that they didn't that's not true love i offered you might take lifeline like it in shape my legs but you can think of martha you ve done for me taken further do is like an old is where my pajamas then i remembered i had diamond
bearings and i was like they'll do all the work they draw the eye away nails around us and we work hard for you listen look it's so hard doing alive podcast really travelling to natural relying too your voice this is so easy unlucky listen i can't believe i just wanna nobody's linking europe my husband he's the guy he's our tormentor he sets everything up gets shit down and taken care of and we know it and he does so perfectly you'd be a fucking mess without haven't i just love that he left at sight on data this rug you made us this rag he works really are you really does he does these are the dispensary too
do you have those here you don't get too now you do there's the us is a no someone knows something about you guys don't now they're not telling you that some people are living i wanna do they have they ve just one dispensers anyone while you guys gonna get their yeah and get some sunglasses sonata california sunglasses are made of part don't tell tee i say yeah i couldn't remember that second also speaking part you guys have course here that gonna dui or something like getting that there's i actually looked a story up so i could see the lady its best mug shot if you look it up it was in lake lindh and she wrote her horse you know this is your we're not tell you your news seven days later it's gone she's writing down people call the cops species
this drunk on a horse wishes hearing the horse horse isn't gonna be like no i'm gonna fuckin walk off the road the worst is just like it lady your call i've only on where you told me to go she's lying double over the limit system has a point one six one who two ass nothing i can do that fucking two hours if you care if you care you can do it it's the wrong message you ve got to see her headshot she shot i mean we ve been away for she is my favorite agora it was plain dinner is not crazy shit
sheila clay it's one of those things and you guys are familiar with this where the hair is young and the faces old that is the saddest description heresy faces that's the saddest forwards i've ever heard together well because she had kind of like i think an accidental andre in advance like this part of her hair was one color and then down here was a different one by great here her life got heart like she was doing great six months ago wouldn't this part was here and then some shit like down again here was no longer a priori i've been there
to god that woman isn't sitting in this audience with a single tier rolling down her cheek right now well if she is i hope we're here looks great she does she went to the after that she was like look i'm gonna get it together i put my horse at risk i'm going to the salon can get these root stirrup bleached have everything looked the same he could to not looking like that is just to always have brown hair her cousin and no one knows how badger second month is going you know its term worrying to say well that seem judgment all sorry everybody mrs tree grandpa can i guess that's right tell you that i had a time true crime with a touch of comedy but there are not you mean they're like we take him apart you could put him act together
we are not doing that some people don't like it so say you're those people tonight keep her tears we now don't worry we may however we now let us know online they tell us they need lots of people are like she brought me i never heard you guys before you pretty funny that's what happened however was past should we sit down yeah the best part truly the best part
these are nice e cards my swan towels here my i'm gonna do this like my mama thanksgiving my mama thanksgiving would get dressed in like a really myself it then go downstairs to cook southern she always said this on her shoulder and should be like could you girls make one appetizer please do the most disgusting rag then there is the man and use this rag very rich that's the sun it's a deep cut all right let's put everything in order the glittering rosier goes there i left my men take great care we guidelines yours that's the orders from edward my kleenex there is actually a napkin aright who it's me it's you me i turned us that's right here
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it's hard when we are home from these shows and people don't cheer ass constantly for every single thing thing we do all day long i have a hard time how do we know we're doing well or not i am i look around me like excuse me i just sat down why does how do i know if i'm supposed to down or not all right so my murder tonight and my story i'm about to tell you about a little lady judy bueno on all the black widow kill our love a good black widow point along yeah probably still instead still i sat at the way i said it pick us up and throw them away to make it look nice i got money my information you know when you go on youtube to look up a serial killer you need to know information about and theirs
that is posted a tv show as if it's their tv show so i think it was it was something like it was some kind of a play on words were looked like his name was leg it was kicker in the ass or something that it was broken up so it looked like a guy's name rivers great anyway but he didn't make a show i'm pretty sure it's a show called women on death row in the little thing up in the corner said see i but i've never heard of that channel before so i dont know what was happening but if you go on youtube that was where i got most of this information plus there's a website crime museum dot org that's really good that had a bunch of information about her too ok so jim one when you on yo who was born judaism and loyalty on april fourth nineteen forty three and forty a texas answered the shortest sentence with all the names i can't pronounced get those out of the way we started off strong okay so her mother
i'd when she was too she and her brother robert get sent to live at the grandma a year later the other remarries brings them back they ve now live in new mexico and gee then has a whole childhood of abuse by the step mother and i guess there are five step brothers were all dick so she has it bad and then when she's fourteen she snaps throws greece on the step brothers and attacks the father answered she fuckin loss to remember the fact that you just cared for duty cause you're going to regret that later do you think she had a thing like this and eventually find it yet extended through serious like there were like this bacon isn't crispy enough and she's like oh yeah let me put my town down really quick ok so she
digg is sentenced to sixty days in a detention centre and then she decides while not going back home so she goes to a girl's reform school she grabbed it's from there and then she studies to become a nursing assistant in nineteen sixty once when she's eighteen she gives birth to her son michael out of wedlock she never says he the father is in the following year she marries a guy named james good year he's an air force officer they have to our kids and then they all move to or lando she in nineteen sixty opened a place called the conway acres child care center you guys went there was it fun did you ever did everything like omens because there is a poisoning aspect to this so her husband james good here and to vietnam
in nineteen seventy nine he comes back from vietnam and september of the same year he starts to get really sick he's vomiting he's really week he can't out betty ends up being hospitalized she doesn't is it some in the hospital sits by his bed every day hands of dying here so she gets his life insurance money as a widow will then later on that your house catches on fire burns all the way down she gets little insurance money for that too she begins dating a man named bobby joe morris and in eighteen seventy seven he moves to colorado so she packs up all her kids and she moves to colorado and move in with him within a year bobby joe is in the hospital dying of a mysterious illness links with its vomiting and being very weak you know about mystery its failures mystery this is back when
didn't know what caused anything so when she would go visit him in the hospital she would bring him why in punch from home in a continuous and like a tougher where container he just loves why in punch dumber where he loves i bet it was poor and maize yellow yes dislike like to the nurses like hey just ass to have his hawaiian from out of this specific container poured by me only don't drink any idea oh in january of nineteen seventy eight he dies over this and none of the doctors have no idea what it is when they do the autopsy nothing shows up five days for he dies she caches three i put assurance checks from the policies should take it out on him a couple of months before he died that everyone's like wow what a lot
key coincidence congratulations duty so genes are buying a house in whisper bay now it's it's near pensacola are you from pensacola because you didn't know what whisper bay was so i think you might be fucking lying everyone from whisper bay is really quite pensacola just won't stop screaming always like me specifically moved here because we don't we course you don't know knows from whisper bay mapping now judy changes her name legally to do
y know on yo which is spanish for good year which you might remember was her dead first has last name creepy it pretty gripping so in june of nineteen seventy nine her son michael drops out of high school he's like seventeen he joined the army and before he leaves to go to for bennington he stops by her house oh sorry bending georgia he stops by her house deserted say goodbye and she gives him some sort of some that he eat or drink perhaps a delicious cup of hawaiian punch i'm not sure when he gets to fort benning he becomes gravely ill vomiting weakness not he is found to have high levels of arsenic in his system so his limbs begin to atrophy this is one of the side effects and he beat paralyzed in
his legs and then he he can't use his hands we have to wear braces on his legs and his hand he basely can't uses hands so he's discharge from the army any moves back in with his mother you know his mother can take care of him in his illness i got a bad feeling about her do you who judy duty so in may of nineteen eighty the day he comes back from being too charge from the army with this paralysis and his illness she plans of fishing trip same day think it through no she's not gonna i'm not gonna could you man you're like even if it was like your college and you came home cause you got the flu and you you like walk in the front during your mom's like here we go if you like
she gets a canoe they get a a folding chair and strap him in its share in the canoe and michael the younger other james and judy all go on that canoe fishing trip in the east river that's like even if you're at second top of your healthier you're feeling great but now you took tons of vitamins and you're like i want to get not fucking canoe we went on i just remembered we went on a canoe trip in the russian river when i was like ten years old and it was our family and our next door neighbor the hospitals who are like our family and my who is six foot forward probably two hundred and eighty pounds and my cousin charles husband at the time mike who was even bigger than my dad they were like transit alert like we're gonna get in our own canoe and bring beard did you know like our time they lifted
in that can do that i'm not kidding like probably thirty times as going it was supposed to be like this lazy canoe trip down the river just every five minutes it was gone and all their shit would go everywhere and they laughed and stand up and drink beer what kind of also was fucking areas where we get finally get to the end of the trip to turn the canoes and they turned the canoe to decide that says like max wait three hundred pack those idiots the little family spun sidebar before we go back into the horror show that is this family you look so one point the to the canoe tips over and some fishermen find james and judy treading why like trying to hold onto the canoe and duty else them my son i call braces on his legs and he went down and we can't find him breath so they find
michael's body a quarter of a mile down the river because he was he had brazen his arms and legs so he basically some right about so judy tells the cops she tells them one story was the fishing language cotton trees one story as they hit a law a log bumped them and knocked the canoe over a floating log and then one story was there was a snake in the canoe this like that have enough we at the same time and could you imagine a snake filled log hits you're basing lying around the younger son james says he has no memory of the incident because he was knocked out when the thing happened and unconscious so it turns out michael having been in the army has a twenty thousand dollar life insurance policy purely from just being in the army there wasn't just the army life insurance
there were several other on her son so she collects all of that money and she goes and opens a beauty salon called fingers bases are if i can carry ray yeah i'm pretty make me pretty make my fingers and faces brady item pingaree and poor pay someone help me faith that's not gonna place if i thought i would take a picture of it and try to think of a good tweed about fingers and phase is ok like those in trade on one of those things that it was the other not a nail salon in a facial place caught never the twain shall meet like can you
the near they are trying to get a facial would like cucumbers on your eyes and then not like nail polish smell centre it's like relax relax repealing off the top three layers of your facial skin in the meantime there's something there the like i'd like fingers and face photos by the way we can show about us now i pick i mean not yet o k create ok i'm sorry she's two hearts dating a local business man named john gentry so in october of nineteen eighty to do i mean do they said she had a really magnetic personality of course clearly should get any man and poison any man she wants his he was a local businessman toes and wasn't deco little shows an elbow toes lavish good he
his business was shaving men's neck beards and seventy and pedicure promising this your fee and just being like where those bergen stars you gotta get rid of that he'll shit so they were match maiden have none of this is true he probably did taxes okay so in october of nineteen eighty two judy you do when you start dating someone convinces john but they should take out life insurance policies on each other we met a next step yet romantic next step yet you date you fuck take out life insurance and artisans eyes i mean maybe i would it let's get real let me she tries to start but she gives him a special vitamins that she said her to be very good for him they're citrus based in it as most things are here in florida and you know
there's nothing wrong with embassies like idle looks like you needs so of course he's taking them starts vomiting feeling weak the whole thing so he stopped taking them and this infuriates her these are all good signs that young getting poison yeah you're just like so you're mad about the vital or is it something else no it's the vitamins so on june twenty fifth nineteen eighty three she tells john that she's pregnant and she insists that they get married which i think has something to do with the lessons false its funding insist that you get married or someone yeah then it's so romantic now that insist i demand that you love me ever ok the same night she's hosting a party for an employee at finger faces with some of the specialised or face if it was the face side that the basement and all
europe's peoples that on one side of the room and if there is any other than by their really caddy but she tells john that he should drive as own car to the party and park in a very specific parking spot ok and he's like sounds good don't question you in any way and thanks those vitamins judy so at the end of the night she says on the way home will you stop by the liquor store and get some champagne and bring it home for us is like sure no problem and on his drive to the liquor store car explode but survive you i don't have it this car i said but bring its bricks payments to open up the picture elder paint your penetrate i met these early these early one of those early eighties cars that looks like it's erected
with two things cut out right now a child withdraw car exactly there's no earlier than anyway this is before the ford torres when everything was still real boxy and i think it's like kind of a creamy yellow color absolutely bugging what are they bucket seats sunflower son our color but actually sunflower bench seat saying yes that's the confetti lady she knows everything ok so envy entire back it so it turned out there were five sticks of dynamite in the trunk only work connected with copper wire to the rear light so the first time the buck and put on those breaks the back of the car exploded five pieces of dynamite worth waiting by dynamite acme
they were now see also got a couple anvils but that was for later when we actually got home and then of course just a big black spot choosing to put down on the ground on into i could keep making road runner references wherever everybody abandoned child i was raised by tv ok so of course the car since you survives are like hey you know anyone who wants to kill you and he is like now is not also we did have a vitamin instrument at our house a couple months ago so they looking into it and they get the vitamins that he she'd been giving him at turns out there's para now the hide in the vitamins which is the chemical
but you use at nail salons timely instruments abolition beggars faces the police like barbarous all stone men are now whatever whatever pair formaldehyde i should our and you shouldn't have one listen lower thank you so much and they find out that when judy and john had their romantic life insurance policy take out the pressure and she had secretly behind his back raised his limit of five hundred thousand dollars so then he was like maybe things aren't as they seem so cops then have like probable cause i guess they get a warrant search the house and they pined there is copper wire in the teenage sons room james that map
the copper wiring that hook the tea anti if up to recover sorry but that is just the way i mean that car bombs are bad but that is putting home larry i dislike gassing gassing at all or maybe i'll break no i don't have to like i just wish i could have seen it in the cartoon way not a real person why ok so they also find out that duty had made plans to go on a world crews and john not invited no ticket for john so there this doesn't seem great so do my two maybe three judy's arrested for attempted murder as is teenage son but he's later acquitted on trial and because this is so nuts it raises suspicions about the one thousand other dead people in her life so they
start examining bodies and it turns out her son michael had also had arsenic and his system and jane good year had in his system and bobby joe morris had arsenic in his system heavy doses it is described as so then she's charge their murders also so the first trial was for her son michael and in prague in court the prosecutors actually show how based on the things that got dumped out of the canoe with where big makes it all the stuff in the canoe was dumped out where james and judy war treading water and holding onto the canoe but where michael's body was there is nothing so that it couldn't have tipped where he was found so basically they dumped him out of there new and then rode away and then stage the accident wow
can tell all yeah cyprus loading bags filled with like fucking vetoes and stuff does they kept all the stuff around yeah where he s so she's convicted of the murder of her son michael on march thirty first nineteen eighty four and then in october she goes to trial for the attempted murder of boyfriend john gentry she's convicted of that murder her third trial begins a year later and for this she's facing the death penalty for the nineteen seventy one murder of her first husband james good year by arsenic poisoning on november 26th one thousand nine hundred and eighty five she's found guilty of that murder and she's sentenced to die the electric chair beyond so of course gee denies ever having anything to do with any of these death it's just a series of terrible coincidence fingers face fingers basis cross yes your fingers across your face that everything
so book but she never says anything when she's on death row but twelve years into her sentence she decides to grant it entered to a local news woman named sue straw you know soon she's gone because sue was a customer duties nails along my anger and sue says in this show that are marching she was like i even then i could not see her as a murderer because she said she was just so soft and i was like dammit sue she's a sociopath leader do that's the whole gay act like the thing that you wouldn't suspects who killed people soft people yet help people to that's right the young it better to access then in everyone's like hers such a lady with her beautiful fingers are gorgeous phase but then they have this clip of
interview and when sue brings up the charge that duty had dumped her own paralysed son out of luck and can do and drown em she goes from talking like this of this has been very hard for me and she's kind of like one of these ladys and then sues like how about that canoe thing and she's like and who said that what witness said that no weakness prosecutions and she like turns into booked and wicked witch of the it's scary it's like one teachers were like they're nice to the class and then you do some weird thing in their like dynamite it's you can watch it it's real good and then the reaction shot of straw she's like this we face in the thing ok so than a march thirty nineteen eighty eight do
he bore is put to death in the electric chair she's a second woman in florida state history to have been put to death her last meal oh dear this is for me not to be not to minimize the insane human loss in this story but for me this is one of the most upsetting parts the story her meal was a salad of broccoli tomato and asparagus go you jude vow to begin yeah that's an array of fuckin gross things that nobody wants to eat asparagus like what you're just gonna chew on a bunch of asparagus for an hour and she had a hot tea just my natural enemy this woman and she
also told the reporter she was looking forward to seeing the face of jesus you don't work like that eighty one actually saying that members of the day i am reality not the faith of jesus do diseases like not going to be there for you she told all over with since draw orbs another reporter but she did tell a reporter before it happen obviously before happened by that like a while before when she was ass she set her final words are gonna be via congo's but may actual day when she got walk to the chair and they asked her she had any final words she said no sir
here's a poem written by june went out on yeah ready everyone close your eyes enclosure i just want to soak this n masks judy boy on vehicles i gotta go before by me don't be fooled by face i wear for i a thousand masks masks i'm afraid to take off and none of them are me pretending an art that second nature to me but dont be fooled for god say don't be fools that's beauty when you along everybody there where
oh my gosh you i get answers please look at her she's like seriously go fuck yourself if you think i'm guilty she's like hot tea and vegetables i loved tomato so my maid wait i think there might be one more here there is also really good footage of her glaring at when witnesses would come up and test by against her she would be glaring at them she's got very small eyebrows and inclined beady eyes that's what you look like one sees draw interviewed her much later on i see her snapping by duty
budgetary line i know these are more firing steventon hiring these little liquors i'm not really gonna do that now's gray thinking agreement i thank you for that it's all judy judy judy judy
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this is ladies night florida the already for your girl i lay more knows i feel like it i feel like the very important to say right mentally angry i'm full use of the hard rock at bay and any any partners and loved ones that are here that have never listened we are not sharing
for a serial killer that's not what tat this is screaming like except for whisper county this is now this is not for murder no it's about knowing about her yeah it's about staying up at night and scaring the living shit out of yourselves reading about what she did and finally you're not alone while you're going to be hearing about this is one of those this was from january second ninety ninety two when i stayed up all book in my watching dateline has ever this murder i saw her picture am i stopped plucking my eyebrows there's just thought of emotional connection our aid reference because on one hand you have as a female you have so much empathy for her and tell she starts really murdering people and and then it's gone so it's a tricky
that's a tricky situation as life is that so between november one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and november one thousand nine hundred and ninety aileen wuornos killed seven men along the highways of central florida let's let's rochester michigan though ok so she is more or less is more an officer michigan february nineteen fifty ex her mom diane was fourteen years old when she got gets married to the dad they have a son then keith is fifteen eileen when she's sixteen falcon and agile and think yourself when you are fourteen years old having a fuckin babe nope barely handled doritos i couldn't alone i had i've been taken out of my hand i still have to say take these away from me yes available online gaming something and at fourteen
furthermore restarting attired ok we're starting their legs back and do it only wants to see a photo of her when she is basically a girl and she pretty fuckin dark thank you lighting person i know zones on it like paying attention level we are at the hard rock poking her in there are like yeah we do this every night this isn't the last resort we'll get to that later oh shit northern score i wanna go party at the last resort mar so bad ok i leans father let's hear about him too we're only has borne he's incarcerated he's diagnosis gets a frantic later convicted of raping and kidnapping a seven year old girl
don't worry hangs himself in prison when she's twelve years old she's never she never meets him my guy now it's with their guns clapping about january nineteen sixty when i leans almost four years old mom diane abandons them the kids leaves them with them their grandparents they legally adopter i think it's one of those situations where she didn't know that and tell she was older i lean so a lot of this step is ever everyone in our past is dead all the men that she killed two camps say exactly what happened so it's all based on her own story so we don't know completely what's true but there is a lie collaboration but based on the kids she grew up with says she says that her alcoholic grandfather sexually assaulted her beat her she was a child and by age eleven she starts engaging in sexual activities in exchange for cigarettes and drugs and food
also engages in sexual activities with her brother yeah and then so they would hang out and all the burn out would hang out and i'm sure you had a place like this and sacrosanct because i fuck and had a place like this an earlier california so the pits and it was like in the forest the fuckin like just the growth area where they like the burn out and hang out you know i mean yes you and others can i tell you works petaluma and we called it the rock and it was this there is a ill behind like our cobble has now hospital gratitude poland the parking lot and then you'd walk up this hill for like a half a mile now and then there is a rock that we'd all go sit on in drink like fuckin keystone light or whatever what turned out and i never put it together the rock was in i could see my house from the rock i could see like my parents watching tv from there but it was like i would say half a mile away
finally one time my sister goes yet we can here you got every word you guys say out there because there's nothing between the rock and my parents be out there just like bergen bonuses they heard they knew exactly what we were doing and they knew exactly what we were talking about the entire time and so smart it's kind of jean i mean not on no stupid you get home in your mom's like i know you're eating to readers are you had had been taken away from you karen that's actually when i caught smoking clothes tat because because i was so god because you smell like a fuckin space cabinet seemingly hey hey christmas how once she she came into the classic you know psychiatric nurse move on me she held up a clothes that she found it parliament but she's doing the laundry and she goes you can see
please if you want but they put glass in them and they cut your lungs which is a fucking straight up lie but i've never smelter clove again or that it's not fun when your mom's like go ahead and do a shit what you fuckin do yeah oh i was hearing the line she cared she cared she wanted to quit ok so you hang out with them she said that she you know there was a lot of sexual activity going on that she was raped later people from the town in this document or as watching said that she was treated very badly here's a phone lake fourteen years old which is like looks like me when i was your age like the skinny kind of awkward nerd did she ever own bow why
life really sorry but she did have our own boat lucky nineteen seventy at age fourteen she gets pregnant possibly by a friend to the family an older man she gives birth to a boy and a home for unwed mothers and the kids place up the child's place for adoption guys are used fourteen just like her mom yeah that's insane two months later she drops out of school her grandmother dies her grandmother kicks or out of the house says she's sporting herself as sex worker lives in the woods for awhile than hits the fuckin road at sixteen hitchhiked around the country for five years would where's that baby it adopted oh god and i know she ends up eventually in nineteen seventy six and daytona beach florida here she is ok he needs a sixty nine year old the yacht club president name louis grants fell she marries him
i think she's twenty two at this time shows no age you he's sixty nine they're just put their discourse out by this what is it something december romance o made us embryo and they don't like of turns arrogantly but she still getting in confrontation she's kind of a brawler she's the loose totally shit and ass she knows is hitchhiking and fuckin staying alive so they get these there all the time she kind of loses at all the time she has he's a burst of anger and eventually hits him with his own came and
he gets a restraining order against her there marriages and all after only nine weeks i'm just picturing anna colsman wedding picture but slightly different yes sets exactly what it's like a picture animals with a little met beer ok he's a little bit younger like snobby you know he's got is reacting cap on he's gonna rich okay so it's thurston elbow third gas guess and air and mathematical smell nice it's not funny at all ok so then brother keep dies throat cancer devastating to her there actually really close yeah it's it's weird it's a we're relationship obviously probably same brother then her grandfather dies from our apparent suicide so she's on her fucking on after
her divorce she has tons of runs with the law she's arrested for drunk driving florida prison forearm are robbery she rubs liquor store in a beginning the inspiration for the film spring break or shoot she does it indicates she gets the book out drives away her career breaks down down the road she gets cause she i know that she ends up being a very bad person but she also has the worst fucking walk of all time ass she is not mentally day about re clearly them up about bikini paroled and maintain eighty three returns to sex work around nineteen eighty six she meets what would become really the love of her life twenty four year old tire more they meet at a daytona beach gay bar in she's a hotel made sure
in the movie monster she's played by christina richie she does not look like christina reaching that was a stretch even when they cut all of proceeding reaches hair off she does not christine eritrea acute young thing in on him in use gives everyone de luxe they meet entire is a lesbian and weirdly islands and not really a lesbian she just finally has some one who loves her for her she is she wants to be loved i say how someone wants to stick by her she has someone she can take care of it almost seems like that's what she always neither could she had had relations men the past disastrous etc etc they go home that night together and they move together and i lean really controlling over her so she makes her quit her job and she said she's going to earn money with sex work to take care of her and tyler didn't approve of it but you know what i mean
so there is a book called dear darn warn us in our own words so this chick dine bought cans was her like best friend from when she was a teenager and when i leave ends up in prison she just sends her like four letters a day of like it's crazy stuff but think published a book about it so she asked she says to dawn when she was in a gay relationship he starts getting triggered by all these awful things that are happening to them because its florida in the mid eighties lesbians you now not allow not allowed so they say like one of the neighbors kills their pet because they're lesbians living together and she said it fuelled the fire with an they couldn't find a place to live and let them live there together and if they did they like raise their rent really high because they were lesbians so i mean physics have to hustle she carries
with her she's just really unstable she starts hitchhiking and she starts stealing from people ok so this is what our first murder takes place november thirty eight nineteen eighty nine clearwater richard mallory the fifty one europe electronics repairman he picks eileen up outside of temper she's just hitchhiking and she propositions him he agrees they pull off the road and they drink and talk until dawn was also where it and again this is this is based on her side what happened her that we don't know eventually she shoot him four times in the chest in the back she takes his money hides him in the woods under a carpet and it's a car back to tire she tells tiara that she killed the student took his car tyres like i didn't believe her so she says i mean now tells recently
than two weeks later richards body is found in a wood it area in and i wrote this fanatically ilusha county now is a solution in the middle east somewhere there are six month break acts are killing richard mallory on gene nineteen ninety the body of david spears of forty three or construction worker in winter garden is found there's a lot of cities here and get ready to cheer bring your amenity or any city you never heard of he's found nude along florida state road nineteen and citrus county he's been here six times then sixty six nineteen ninety charles scott in he's for
part time rodya workers body is found in pascal county he's been shot nine times with a twenty two nineteen ninety peter signs leaves jupiter florida for arkansas he is sixty five were tired of merchant seamen who devoted much of his time to christian outreach ministry on july fourth nineteen ninety his car is found in orange springs florida and then so tired and i lean are seen abandoning his car and
they actually get my car accident and began scarred for making the car accident like people are lacking can we help you and there are like an open just remember the fuckin wilderness because our labours she prize the license went out with a beggar buckingham and they book at heart of families just standing there man man are you ok and so very like twitter is what she look like and they and at this point there like we don't know why are these men are turning up dead with the same guy they can another's a serial killer at this point going on so find out the car is come from this this guy went up went missing so they have their photos in the drawer in the paper at this point and they get islands
your prince off the car which were on file because she done so much trouble before under the bikini dissident so they're looking for her this point so then she kills troy burress he's fifty years old sausage salesman from oh collar a power what they say ok i'll have you are able to get ok out o the second out of that because i knew i was one of two things and i knew that i was probably gonna get it wrong they should accents over these vowels that are so important i mean it would be nice and then on july so he on july thirty first ninety ninety he's reported missing august fourth nineteen ninety has bodies diamond awarded area along state road nineteen and marion county he's mature twice girls that come pre fifty six september 11th eleven ninety ninety retired eu us air force major former
they child abuse investigator former chief of police on september twelve nineteen ninety his body has bodies found a marriage counting it is fully clothed have been shot six times in the head and torso and his cars later found in so on county now it seems like you didn't write or not enough people care they're just say what you while we don't like our place that much walter antonio aged sixty two he's a trucker security guard police reservist november nineteen nineteen ninety his nearly nude body is found nero moat logging road in dixie county he'd been shot poor times five days later his correspond as well so then finally there are like looking for her they track her down to a
baker bar in poor orange called the last resort helped it still there for real healthier and there's a picture on the wall that said like i lean more knows how to relax beer year like we were too after party he gave them a kind of most there's a bar somewhere that's like us all barville drones that's just what they were like this are you freaking out i've freaking let's all freak out sir yeah ok so they they grab they find tiara who at this point was like and get the fuck out of here go and what gone back home she may find her and there like listen you don't think you didn't anything so you need to get a confession and we won't prosecute you so she's like our eight calls are
if i can have all these calls for the fucking motel finally islands like i'll come fast so you don't get in trouble for it so do the hell operate as they get abetting she i think that she ain't she says she only knew about the one that the first one and she didn't believe island she didn't believe the other eight team because she says i lindorm honour on never told her about that i will she was just getting cars and money that's all she knew about should thought she was stealing my but wasn't she there when they ran into the woods after they got into the garden she's a discourse online we gotta talk ok ok i design don't buy it yeah ok so i lean and confessing to all the murders in detail but she along with the help of her defence claim they were all in self defence at all the men had attacked our and tried to rape her and tell her except she six to nine time india and
were clothed there is no yeah yeah all right so then that this the fuckin trial blow dear member it like yes absolutely dry and people trying to make money left and right off for books and movies even like some of the cops are like trying to get movie deals out of it and then this woman named arlene pray all she's i just saw her on tv and i needed to a new she was innocent man i'm not sure southern and unable to be friends with her it's the best voice yeah yeah i just knew and my heart leonard jesus in whatever and she's like and i needed to know her and i think that money ass if she was gonna like help her with but she's like and i wanted to talk to her but the only way they can get into prison talk to her was if you were related to her so she and her husband adopts what can i tell you how excited i was when i heard that today
adele is this like buried alive that part dogs her and this woman and not surprisingly turns out to be a fuckin crazy person ends up making like two thousand dollars often liked once did you like an art showed a like put up all of my leans drawings and staff is selling other shit to the media and alien lenders like fucked up at her out of her fucking my it's almost like a bad version of the blind side it's like the blindsided was fucked up super dark lay eggs bless her heart bless your heart okay so so eileen you see these videos of her and there's just sits she's clearly a million different people she's so crazy sometimes and so sympathetic and sad sometimes she takes that the psychopathy checklists checklist test thing
me and which have you got thirty points here legally psychopath or whenever an she gets thirty two yes ass she fuckin nails ass the tests i leave em it's the first time that you succeeded in our life by then like that are they really do this fucking side are you on maternal taking over you're right you're she is diagnosed borderline anne and myself will personality disorder her love over lifetime era ends up testify against her yeah which she just like that i don't think she realized tat she was i'm turning on her like that so yeah home and then she gets sentenced to send sentenced to death convicted and then did you first degree murder sentenced to death says to the jury as are walking out i help you all get ready
you can't say that no smoking border and the way she says that when they connect turn them the next day they have to go back and for sentencing when she's like shirt probably like notice the borderline that's what happened yesterday today i'm buying dont be about that rape tone ok because to subside i take it back really be that way sometimes that's like when you stand up at a table and like tell people off in a walk out then you're like i'm sorry i didn't get my purse i let my percentage i believe in i now come on
stop it stop it that's cheap comedy and i don't want you to support me in it please horrifying so after most twenty years in solitary lockdown undulate first two thousand and one at the age of it when she was convicted she was thirty six years old high that's a year younger than me and we see these photos of her you're like down that could be my dead mother what back ok which it did she do math answer no real yeah yeah yeah out extreme alcohol ok she's a lot of these things were done in blackouts alcoholic math
hey man i gotta say though as a black out alcohol i didn't get anything done so the idea that you'd be like proposition a guy getting em too then pull over have some drinks and talk about shoot him seven fuckin times like this right you the money women are wrong that's not happening your leg and i say here because i always thought like maybe i'm just a bad blackout draw no little black out often but if i do it because i felt like asleep yet that we're going out like a weird taco on your child source i dislike i wanted to have that at the time and now it's just a talk from jack in the box i guess where it's all over the world and i could talk like not you didn't go to the taco truck and get a good talk justly negative or the one that they have met with the egg pataque oh that's it we're talking like a fuckin
spit i spent so much this all talk it it's like you don't want to know why it's like an egg like our let's say a hard friday and then they used to use the phrase as the talk osha what for breakfast sack i don't understand i ve only seen photos talk about asia is like it it's talk about their breath hustle bell cannot make eggs that should not be legal that shouldn't they its language that whenever you like an egg and unlike nor oh it's not scrambled you're like oh it's a real i know this where this came from like what did they do to that egg to make it look like it's a real spelling saw does that's died why how many people die because of exit talk over like thousands and thousands are like but those in their the refrigerator for nine months now
maybe we can pick up ok we should you like from now on at this top of the we should go over any new fast food that i haven't heard my mind is alone right now yesterday when we when we were in temper and i was telling care even there we have even active serial killers
it was time karen and everyone else here the audience about murder that happen in lando lakes and care and loss or fuckin mine i didn't know that was a real place where the butter came from i became legitimately star struck by a city that produces butter i'm not putting you down because i didn't know till i was doing my research and i was like
god bless it there are good things that happen in this world nice to remember that every there's a lake filled with butter somewhere in florence i love that i love that but that on the positive at a border put it on a positive anymore next sign that won't get you fired probably don't forget land the lakes everybody edward get in here now stop using the positivity board it was at work here so after almost twenty years solitary fuckin lockdown ah phobia riding dawn crazy fuckin letters for four days four times a day and these are bananas letters sometimes are coherent sometimes are not totally fuckin for a moment i haven't really read
a lot of this and for a moment i got really bad for her and then i was like a wait a minute she fucking killed a bunch of people you held what for not buccaneer isn't ok i got it ok at the age of forty five he goes up to the state and this like can we stop it with its mandate and appeals and can you just tell me no it's like i'm sick of all the fuckin taxpayer money going to this it's bullshit and they like hey remember when you said you wanted us to be raped the answers will she was like people every time that i get that the appeals ghetto return some fuckin bigwig politician gets like his bomb because if i can t sir yes r n and that's the guy who's hard on crime and like she's she's kind of over it and crazy the clear so she said she says look brows does the murders more itself depends i'll fucking kill them because i wore
them and i didn't want any witnesses so there are like ok let's go i'm so happy i'm paraphrasing at the case you're like what happened or our legal system and because that in and of itself could be a liar i mean like there's a grey area and you gentlemen act later but i don't know feel about her forty six years old october ninety thousand two she is put to death she said on the stand that when she is doing this thing i kill again i have hate crime through my system and upset two thousand too
the right of asylum when she had a real bad but there's lots of people that haven't we that is the thing he wants a jewelry box we don't have time for a quick homes need you to tell them the rules there is no girls they're really quick let's just see some rules really back it would be nice if your hometown that you have is it from florida is more fun right than other people can yell whatever city you name it's good if you're not so drunk that you lose your own place in your own story but that's up to you and you can't read off paper those are the rules with that in mind its georgia's night torture ok ok go over their senses orator they're bringing sunglasses how are you gonna get out just come over this can she clung to her oh my god save some time
love is yes right down there thank you thank you i saw her face when you and you can't be that she was earlier and then you go you can't be that drunken she goes that they got excited but she wasn't that dr where'd she go why does my sunglasses so much pressure which go there's she's parting backstage annie persist in this is increased income over here on the magic rug here we go
where are you from orleans nice so this one is about my mom's best friend when she was like twenty twenty one she went over to her best friend catherine's house because they were planning her wedding she was engaged catherine she's a gauge to this guy named key and when they went over their catherine was missing perceived like us to go on get heroditus something but she never came back she's cops com and they have found her body in it the car she's been beaten stabbed and it turns out of a mega pretty short it turns out that her her fiance catherine fiance keith's best friend actually really hated
catherine was in love with key yes this is a new one yeah yeah and it gets even better will not better workers that we definitely worth doubly worse it turns out i he's too like make our dear used to make catherine all the time because apparently we find out what happens why she also used to call her the lazy peg lay close you eve cholera lazy peg alla time that's on upon they found her car and a restaurant called the lazy pity is that here in orlando or any longer but it was a restaurant wasn't go barbecue except spells adoption something but i mean that on purpose like to sound a note of the total stands
they actually did not find it was him and a really long time after we're just ashton he was part of the casey anthony he started a whole cold case thing in orlando in she was actually the very first hold case that they saw well until long time after by like whammy guy here i want to say how do you get fifteen because this happened in their early seventies air dated financially more towards ladies why action this whole time with your friends i keeps like fuckin crying and his friends helping emma then it turned out that the amendments we are right to you i like you said he was consulted
in everything in crete yeah it was like definitely like passion murder like and what was her name catherine catherine honey which is what really matters back but about was the horrifying believing lazy pig is the falcon worthy man you would have loved that jewellery box i go about like what we give it to someone never gonna want to break along with us again i was so well done if you keep your eyes peel for the friend of the boy did you does yeah there's always something boys so my dear friends we dicks your girlfriend's and mama's don't let your babies groups be careful i would say that more importance about our diet
orlando me mad really looking incredible so thank you so much for getting to doing our thinking on having us florida was not the state that i didn't want to go to you i wanted to come here because you guys just have so many murder i mean so excited praising the choices it was an embarrassment of riches oh now you guys have to like christen sit down but ass she passes tell her what a great job she grants we really appreciate you guys are being hermosa because you are enabling us to have this be our only job which has a dream come true were so like a thank you grants for supporting us through this whole scene looking day that's been accurately and thank you for being here with us stay sexier
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