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Karen and Georgia cover the case of Jennifer Pan and the murder of Irene Garza.

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this is exactly right yes you hear the sounds of the park has train of the ghost pa gas trading allows in vienna goes park as drain inventory evolve eels voices gun totally induced southern bell area that it to where it doesn't belong i love it they're gonna stay there was supposed to be an old you're forty niner yeah but no i've changed scene care i love at their great thank you for your support in my favor murder yes we that's georgia hard start its karin scheele gara and we heard it
our two about a couple things called crimes and true truth nest he loved truth and ass we he also enjoy talking about crimes will never lydia look low get things right yes not intentionally re right but in my life but there will be time to we deeply mislead johan and we'll get you to say the wrong thing to your friends and co workers in iraqi voice the w because of your top right and your delivery or telling you it's all about town in in income incantation it's all about incantations and it's all about spells and about having short term jobs you don't have to go back on the same people after like two weeks lie down a marker hide you meet one person in the hole in the eight jobs you hide as attempt that's like you're the best person you ve met then they you will go on a merry that person right this is our guarantee as it was a lady a look around the office right now
is your eighth person you future spouse rape sitting near you have them you have fifteen second kick them picked out a whole family rather you kick them kicking them as a great way to start the flirting if you take it from me seven year old character of a good shit kick there is no better way to say i love you care and has stuck with her flirting technique and she'll never let it go on and we like your tenacity thank you i feel like it having a big but is gonna come insofar as i just have to wait it out there was a time where that no king people licence would never come into fashion in terms of flirting boom but some things how will unless climate has spoken in this rough climate of fuckin you know lady first dog eat dog
futures female but there is also there's a parallel future of nicias anders again neighing meum bialik is fuckin arguing about share that doesn't make any sense it's like now picking emissions gonna be the only way we let any one know you to break to say hey you matter to me and i knew of blossomed anew and not talkin anticommunist yeah asshole and so take and so prep yourself before you regulations and the spread of this over this has been an apprehensive rash little promo code merit idea really quick shouted to the two ladys due to pack in so we we just finish our last weekend tour of twenty seventeen yet in saint louis an kansas city was fuckin amazing fund we can we unless you guys think you we meet a bunch of awesome people after the show at the meeting greet and everyone
like every fourth person come up and assure homemade my favorite murder sure let s just funny and weird and shit that we'd all remember saying or is like something they drew it's it's ok funniest oh there was too those that had stay sexy don't get murdered in winding the that i and i was like do people on it was yet sd gm winging rays new and i was like does anyone is anyone able to read windings off the dome and then know what that says and they were like not yet perfect what are these great and then there are two other ladys and they had short such a said promo code murderer and i was just like you fucking subtle as far back as rich as we as so hard never even crossed our minds that thou was like a funny thing the wings also included a bomb yeah cause dunk i think a murdered must be bomb right
well there is again at the end like the little white cartoon bomb but i thought those he is only represented the letter yet wouldn't be murder but it but if i just thought it was coincidental lit a bomb would be in their cause it was ss i think it was the de was a bomb something in there doesn't matter is still great it was the bomb it was great a great looking it was the bomb also someone in kansas city by the time it go back to us we got so many nice presence and thanks you guys we got tons of stuff backstage there's a lot of people that were worried saying we gave you something and then they took it always has a shit you guys bring they both theatre is like you cannot bring not in here you can bring this severed head of ted bundy theatre please don't know but it's actually cake sorry you can hear so we got a whole tableful like christmas backstage for somebody made a plastic bags
filled with the best chocolate yokota i've ever had and i think there is either rice krispies or cornflakes in there so they were really small increase being whoever did god bless you are eight maybe six of them just standing i talking we got a full cheesecake oh my god people went crazy for that she is correct we got this a haunted scary clown that's all it's over there yes so these these lovely women these two women brought i don't know where fuck they must have found it like i think they set a second hand job yeah and there like somehow they suddenly like karen and georgia need this simple idea like what does that say about us it was like raggedy ann homemade clown doll from the seventies knitted knit ed that clearly whatever child god it was terrified of clear didn't look like an admin touched now because of one side of the clowns face was of the cloud was happy clown and then turned it over and work poster and it was the most terrifying clowns sad
see i've ever seen yes with silver tears knitted around in the face seven year and a half suppose that ok it is so upsetting and also the best part was the way the girl this wasn't saint louis the way the girl walked up close woman sorrows do that she held it she was also a ghost like she was really weird and stiff and kind of like really slitting she had been looking for it are giving us cause for at whom i should like finally it's here at the zoo was so good everything about the presentation she said to me she goes turn it yeah and then horror show we soon you are young you guys will see at seven i was in say windings the bomb is an island murder at yet no ray it's ok perfect just happens to be a bomb so perfect for us to wings made for us oh my god links things like mine
personal i didn't know i loved like as i've left a lot of fonts mostly times new roman but wings are you now i only is george of i know but from here are now i'm doing my fuckin bullet journal only in wind and thereby so perfect kay by life oh but you have i was gonna say what things about my sweet dreamer hackers i was talking about it over the weekend with little i love you because i don't i really care so much and i i know that there are people who like sped through reading it and there are people who responded like i thought we were going to do a global hold when we were doing a thing and then we were like nope guy you like it or not it this is up sudden ninety nine if you don't know that by now the flickering except for fine ray
we do it just taking me forever to read it because i have this book with i'm i'm attacking on two fronts which as i have the hard bound copy next to my bed and like an old widow and then i ate out above box of chocolate as i read it and then i also of the audio books was listening to it on the plane and i just would like to read a couple and makes me so happy owen also so many people have said you have to listen a teen creeps to save this great episode on this but i dont want to listen to that until i am reading this book so it doesn't influence what i'm saying in any way sure if that makes it so i will definitely do that has so many people are recommended at even our own stephen they didn't have a set of us would observe as it looks done my senior gina but i was just inside china have been on the pike has twice and really fun americans in color really sweet day they the fact that they read a book every week to do this by gases incredible that like i want it
it's what mostly way at all like our i'll sign in christopher biometrics this shit's little that's two hundred pages you have a holiday to read me a thing ok we write a book report they have to read a book they have to read a book and talk and report and reported it ok so the i'm now in the part where she meets i don't have his name written by our own boring allow dreamer she were boring old second best nobody like up adrenal you're not the dead one therefore you're not as good a drain on down our dream he saw her second best second places first loser first there were a second is the worst secondly worser she goes into the forest which is constantly forbidden to go into your stupid we ve told you my her family how many times she'll nine o clock reminder for people she's nine years old then she goes into the forest there's a home in the forest where
where's i'm picture it looked full on gingerbread house and in the house is boy his name is odd in and then his mother lives are too and she hides behind a screen watches and break the hard and in the book is talking about like areas a hot ass and shit out of years old i swear to god so easy andrews i mean i think she's just laying out a lot of like lets the let's break out taboos is she a pedophile no i think she's welcoming your mind to explore options you have up until this point told yourself you are not allowed to explain our pedophilia let well or just alike appreciation of a twelve year old boys ass in genes rightly so but then she gets being in the woods people appealing as harbour yeah a nine year old stalker so her father come storming an grabs her every
action with her father i get so nervous that's going to boil over and incest every time they talk or breakfast or whatever there's so much inappropriate in ike intensity but one point he starts he says sir common people will wield terrain your special bits ladder down as you say he sang like you're too good to those people in the world all you address and i who work making you the creepy is creeping creeper yeah don't talk to come people their fuckin yeah she's like take my specialness plea i am so sick of especial less but she is she
really quick reminder she's a nine year old and her hair is all colors and our eyes are all color what the fuck was that it jake it's it's like true it's like she's a kaliko child and that's part of her specialness o also the description when vieira get spanked by daddy area and its down to like her as burning through her thin underwear like it gets into detail where i like know this i think we need to talk to visa andrew available i dont know we need to have a little fucking quickie congo with her i mean it it just write it goes right up to the edge and then and then scatters back and then kicks it in the shed immense has i've a crush on you in south eastern runs away elizabeth ratios bruised shin yes oh and then i said this at the show the other night but my favorite i'm assuming its a misprint some
she describes somebody and appreciates cousin vieira coming down the hall clumsily clambering which i'm like i'm almost positive clambering isn't word clamouring makes so much sense though it makes more sense but you can't if you're gonna say clambering and not lumber ionia clumsy as will get clumsy out of there and get a different adjective wouldn't without the ceo at the beginning is now yours clubs we clambering as your borderline like rod dull why can't you just start singing a song opel opa style and it's like ok stop tripping area fuckin feet now who vera everyone should they encumber it's the girl kept spanish books about children i have one talk about ok but this is a bad one i mean that this is a matter this is a real one ok so last week we got in and r p o box a couple books from a woman who lives
ohio and gave us too like ohio true prime books you took one young and i kept the other and started reading it and i am halfway through not fucking obsessed with had so go this is more woman named karen something to us and its this one's called amy my search for her killer here i'll show you she's its is our true crime one her name's amy michalek she's from cleveland suburb and chief disappeared on in october of nineteen eighty nine and this do james runner who's the author whose like heat he like pitched it to his like newspaper in town and he was working on and now this whole book is written by him trying to find out in going through fucking issues backed and talk into the car the main investigate the fbi agents to fucking family and its is so well and he answered
himself in the book in a way that doesn't suck yak as he was the same age ass she was when she disappear in town over and like so it's part of him in the way that our diane guy the way that we remember growing up in seeing this person's face and but your men to us and its it is such a fucking good book amazing am i can't wait to finish it so it's it's by is called amy a search for my search for her killer by james runner and i'm totally obsessed with and in case you can't find it gives it looks pretty it's called it's a poem by gray and company publishers and w w w dot gray co dot com gnp why gee i'm sorry you're a wine so if you can't find it in normal ways it's on gray co dot com it's written so while james runner you can like you can t
how much it means to him when he's writing it and it makes the book so heartfelt an interesting and and one or fallen at really love it yeah that's awesome yeah he's got a good face he d you really do not using out of that yeah danger all weekend i've been reading that good now drinking that kind of like i can't drink too much because i want to thank those of kings james second in here and my uncle is now that's right teams james you should send them a starbucks guard oh on that i swear to god that wasn't an intentional subway but i would like to thank lagging yes known and out went to starbucks the other night england ale because i just running errands and it was the night before i get so weird before we leave their travel and i have to buy things i want to make sure there when i get back i get real rules he d where does he like you're like black dress
in a black dress and another no nothing i've actually need i do things like i need coffee so i have coffee here when i get my leg we're le whenever that mean it's just like it's part of my not wonderfully thousand aversion start telling myself like is i go i won't be ready yeah there's a liberal stocking problem but but it's not rina assist recitals that slackened and worse shady during our biased and ppm during the previous baby a stocking amor nine year old behind a rain tree when the fuckin probably robot madrina there's like a whole pick maxine or i'm like nine year olds on twelve year olds dont go on picnic nine thousand euros are a hundred years of her yes nobody wants no twelve year old ones tartarin nine year old unless she has here that's purple gold yellow orange and read ok so i went to the i went to the know this ex closer to the designer she warehouse and i went
and the only cover they had out were chris was christmas bland so the girl behind the counter if they italian that's my kind she says old on i'll get my car where to go look for a fascist a little bit i only i like italy just like nineteen thirty five to ride around forty three verona the girl comes out of the back holding like the one bag of italian and when she the door flew open she's like oh my god whose like hey i was that's for me and she's ok let me guess and then this is that's my favorite reaction when people seem genuinely bummed like they don't want to say it but they ve already acted we're here and it was reciprocate anyway long story short didn't act be a sunstroke channel she was very sweet and was seemed happy and surprise and then she gave me free pound a coffin and i was like wait hold on what you pay for my coffee and then just like no one can have free that every week
how she would have had a home with her roommates right i'd like to take that away from her rights a thank you to thank each mariah at the glenville starbucks frightened me your friends and family coffee as it that's what she said anyway friends and fascists humor i my mussolini sips i love it i love italians i love the way they make coffin you come home from your trip happy that you and coffee s pre ground already thing come on is the mistake always make his then oh forget i'll just get the whole being at the grocery store no no no never terrible lesson creed look it creates garbage on your counter they'll want that cat stevens got one seems pointing at affairs o good ok even almost deleted this entire episode magic the magic that just happen you wouldn't i mean you heard it how can any of that get recaptured i love thank you
people who start this podcast this late on and the way we start this thing is like a word puzzle like food without would know what was going on why are they talking about my sweet trina kicking revolution oh it's hum versus hanukkah oh yeah the junta chimerical happened today what was it so my thing my thing that i let them happy about this week at the end of april i was going to be that my mom and i are going to therapy on thursday she's coming with me the therapy while we're gonna send therapy together and work out why she's such a fuckin stupid now we're gonna work some shit out work it out as our fighting right now and not speaking but here's what have am i accidently told her it was tuesday or therapy appointment so chicago's like where the fuck are you not she was aquarium and so i made her come meet thence an eye for lunch we worked so shut our own ass heavily while here everything's god now are you still gonna go she can
she has to work yes that's not it wouldn't have had like it wouldn't happened because i fuck yeah what we talked in argued and vince being there made a really great because he such as mediator and everything so everything sino line everything's gonna human now are you what are you gonna get her to go where you think that's that no it's closed and i shall come she's been offering it for years and i have always been like that's fucking condescending fuck you you think that like coming to therapy in so you can tell what's wrong with i've been does she gonna therapy oh yeah we although there are no ok every one of my family goes back on it yeah so lousy like amerika amazed i think that you got to do it out of the author re here that it still we still were able to talk about what happened alaska and her mean text me so thank you your way yes and
angel gabriel her and ass governor and the first since by firstly thus adrenal that's all you that's all her wait here i believe white react it wasn't fucking changing color like a fuckin monsters who isn't a fuckin cuttlefish please ellen was what's the little oh my god jeez that's what's the women tiny tim they first because everyone knows that no you you just revealed that you then like a spy erasmus by deep
stay russians via z scrooge ok happy this summit as i said i was hardly chimerical elvis welcome this insane siamese cat scream i said it's a happy christmas everyone sorry let us remind me mine bert shirt of the weekend was the woman who was wearing assured that said make paul onions proud i lost my my i dont that is why i will be more robust people erroneous best who wants to go first i went first pull at the insane michel they'll never be posted that as one of my favorite shows times are guys will live if we sell at a show really really quickly are amazing wonderful tour agent joe shorts will be like you guys at a late show
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when he told me about i read up a little bit and i was like out to singular it's too like doesn't have enough i dunno bells and whistles or whatever oddy and then body body yeah but then i read it and that's not the case and i knew it was a good story because for me it that this laurie causes me more and more and more anxiety as i read it so i'll tell you about this is this is the story of jennifer pan oh you know this one yes and i love it so i realise in reading these articles what i found was the real like mother like the source of misery that exactly the original niece dome of this story was from
an article written by woman named karen k ho what name i'll remember for the rest of my life for i guess a magazine called toronto life because this new jennifer pan and grew up with her so was kind of giving a different it like a dog view how the of the whole thing i feel it it's always different when the person whose writing the story knows what the town was like where therefrom dna mean like as its can be like any fuckin small town or suffer whenever one you know what it's like yeah and where the person than with a high school is like and what the curriculum and with persons expect expectations are yet this given the context because contacts and this one yes in that like it's the family context especially on this story because this is one those stories about what they while the dragon parents so right there's tiger tell your mom's are one thing but
there's another term that there there were using and all these articles it was dragging dragon parents or dragon father i think it's the ones that are way more intense it's not just like is its this the kind that are insanely restrictive and insanely strengthen and tough really high expectations weathers kind of you have no choice there's their failures non option re ok on november eight twenty tan at around nine thirty p m jennifer pan locked the front door of our families home in march ontario which is a suburb outside of franco and went to bed shortly afterwards a three men entered her home with guns they ransacked the home it was a home invasion king for money they grabbed jennifer's parents hahn is her father and big ass her mother they too
i'm down into the basement basically the tv room down on their basement let them down the basement they were demanding money they looked all through the master bedroom they tore up the whole master bedroom to find money kept demanding money rubbing invaded hon jennifer father told them that he had come in his wallet he was trying to think of their places that give them money from and they shooting hon in the shoulder and then in the right eye and as a bit jennifer's mother is screaming they shoot her three times and kill her han survives getting shot in the eye the terror yes this i don't know he broke his oral bone the bullet grazed the the van that
goes down your throat i guess this is it your juggler or one of those know that our art highway the ivy in it bing tier duct it basically went through as i said earlier but then like al i think out the side and he survived jesus upset earth general they tied jennifer to the stark staircase faster and thank you to the ban is urging you stick your head through he held a hearing in sixteen she know at the time she is twenty six oh wow but she looks sixteen on her she lives at home yes she lives at home with her very strict parents so they tie her was shoelaces to the banister and they shoot the parent and then they always with whatever the cost but they ve taken living its and ended up being like through around three thousand dollars and they don't forget
out of she listens out of the their shoelaces she calls nine one one she's freaking out there ups arrive hans comes out of the basement he's able to get up and walk outside and neighbours the first one to find him and he gets loaded into an ambulance jennifer gets loaded into an ambulance she has a younger brother who is an hour away at college and and they'll get taken is she gets met crisis workers at the hospital they teller her fathers in surgery and that her mother's dead she's at the hospital for a really long time eventually they realise that that there is not even wounds like it there those aren't even read marks on her rest from though she lay there she is uninjured and she ends up they take her once she's a hospital they take her back to the police station and
the detective question her and basically just kind of start asking questions what happened is can you describe these people they maker go through at once there they do another technique where they make her also there are others from case file one of my favorite case file that's what that's the episode edison two of this of shapes i mean that i'd just as such amazing research it's just so dramatic yes here he this also pronouncing the moms name bicker but i only ass ever saw written that it was pronounced back so i'm well yeah and his australians australian our own what he's doing he's doing something with his voice so you were ok so asleep she goes and the cops are like tell me the story your way now tell it from above
like julia and then see what you can remember so i got so where can you imagine having to do that you especially the traumatic oh there you are telling the story overall resign as you see the people acting it out as so we're it's so crazy but then that second way does help her to remember and asked able to describe the guy's better in more detail she remembers them the names that they call each other different things that they talked about with the money whatever so it's a little but effective right before she leaves the guy says oh and we need to check your phone because if these guys may we think her mom had just come home from line dancing glass so they're like well maybe somebody followed her more like its she was targeted somehow so if it wasn't her then we want to see if it was you who are being targeted we need to know we ve been talking to and then in
inner yucas on the case file thing that that he has all the interview tapes so they made it starts with the nine when one tape where i was on the freeway does you listen on the way over and i grab that phone so fast whose cause she is freaking out into the phone of course you know screaming but in the police interview tapes she's really she's crying she's really upset and then the point he says you need to sign a saying so we can look in your phone then she's like so in all senses a bunch of questions about how the looking under a phone and what that might why he's basically going it's fine because you're not lying to us just ass looking at your phone if you are lying to us we're gonna find out like who even i can do and if its information we need to know and that's when like that preacher changes a little because up until that point she was the victim jaws you know like the us one of two survivors of a terrible home invasion murder romilly so that
you know it changes a tiny bit there and then they start looking into her past and the p that she's been talking to and other jennifer pan might not be the person that she has been presenting herself to be okay so basically her father who had been a tiger dad all started the beginning they her parents for both born and raised in vietnam and they moved to canada's political refugees nineteen seventy nine and they got married in toronto and then they lived in scarborough neighbourhood for a while that's where they had jennifer nineteen eighty seven and then her brother felix in nineteen eighty nine the scarborough neighbourhood apparent it was kind of rough at the time that they lived there they both han and worked at magna international car parts manufacture and they worked really hard so by tita
for they see enough money to buy a large house the two car garage in markham so markham was quiet suburb north toronto predict currently asian families and very it just kind of like where people when it is really just quiet loki and now big is driving lax as hans driving a mercedes like they're doing very well and they have reported they had two hundred grand the bank so they were totally dedicated to their kids and getting their kids into college getting there maybe our kids a successful you now canadians as they can do so they didn't allow jennifer then jennifer was playing piano from the age of four she won all these award should like a roomful of awards for how good you the playing the piano then she got into ice skating
she's a little older when chisel older and she did at every single day and she let's go she was like in training and shifts sites on being in the twenty ten winter olympics in vancouver than she tears a ligament in her knee and basically that dream ends or her when she was graduating eighth grade she thought she was gonna be the valedictorian and she basically found out she was getting no academic awards and she was not the valedictorian and that's like all this sudden she was just like i'm the point i'm not who i'm supposed to be an she kind of she had been working your ass off up to that point so it wasn't she can make a mark and she was shocked and couldn't believe it and that's totally unacceptable and her family rang her family was like all is all you do is like these extracurricular activities we ve chosen for you very specifically and then you're gonna be like you're gonna get a four point eight epa essentially
same thing now zeus's as to do the impossible until i got it so so some nights elementary school she come home from ice skating at ten then do hard till midnight and then go to bed in elementary school and an animal elementary school she started cutting herself as a pressure was so intent to be successful on all these different thing she was doing until she was doing little horizontal cuts on our for save yeah so oh so then when she went to marry ward catholic secondary school i skating was over for her she started playing flute in the school bans but every after school her parents were there to pick her up one one ban practice was over says she could go home and study but her grey and for the way there
and we considered it were failing tissue is only getting bees spoon gotta fight and paid for a man with my challenge shitty cello clang irene i dont understand why i got any the grades i got because i'd never tried and i would get busted full variety from air from ain t it was just like why try yeah i dont lord laterally it's very random yet why try why try just have a good time it so when she her first bad you know all these report card freshman year she took some old report card some scissors and glue photocopier and she made herself a brand new fake report causing worth straight a ollays yet that's how it all is in her mind she said universe dont consider marks from great nine canadian great nine and canadian grid ten so she's in her mind it wasn't a big deal it didn't matter verona
and i'm sure she's thinking by must have little time here's these aids and i'll work back up the asian while work out she was not allowed to have a my friend she was nine are not allowed to go to dances she was not allowed to get a party she was not allowed to spend the night at friends houses she was it was all about school and getting her school schoolwork in bring hard work and dedication paid off she grow where's my school and one early acceptance careers in university in toronto her parents were happy they wanted her to go to the university of trial but briars and university was still great for them here's the problem jennifer pan had early acceptance terrorists and university then that guy cancelled and when she flunked out of calculus when she was a senior so she that that
lakes happiness is resented now she's not in any color now so she starts doing what many people do you pretend you're going to college every morning so this is like now our into me when i live in sacramento and i am flunking out of college but my parents don't know so i'm doing the thing where i go home for the summer and ever dig it up and runs the mailbox like i'm a child except for the male trying to get the mail the report card before my parents do cause you can see i know you're not going yeah my work i was like a point three or something like i was only going to theatre classless your little girl s ears in saying no so she is doing the same thing but she's kind of doing a reverse so she's saying
she's going to school getting up every morning taking the train and then just chilling out a cafes she got a part time job waitresses pizza plays and she was hanging out with her secret icicle boyfriend daniel long day awhile so she had been dating daniel long since they went on a european the there in high school bands they one on a trip to europe and she had only been friends it up up until that point and she i think the story was it she had an asthma attack in a smoke build bar and like sought that she was gonna dykes can breathe and daniel kinda arrests and now came to harass law unlike talked her down and then they became see grin as there are no longer breaths shaken up it is that users so amazing what i oh my god in there is eager lovers so that
ben going on also shit shit she's got a bunch of plate spinning at once so sometimes she would go over to his house she only convinced her parents that she needed to move in with her friend topaz who live close to college and had an amazing name and had the best names was she is stripper will never know it doesn't matter that's what i'm picturing in my area topaz in the apartment had the pole to practice on i mean it's hard have using this is like some crazy outwork dude that's lake ink annabelle dedication a strength stand
stamina i just fell asleep as i'm talking so ok so basically that becomes part of it she's also telling her father that her grades are so good she's getting like three thousand dollar tuition scholarships so she it's just lies upon lies online so as is better than having to tell your parents they usually a normal human being right which many so sad just just if you like i'm just average may i want it just enjoy my life as a normal human is not acceptable right and there is apparently there's a couple times in this article are in that big her mom would be like her be herself or she's ok as she is and tried to like take the heat off a little bit but she was also first the oldest yeah and there's just so you know there is so much pressure it's that it's it's the same kind of pressure in like
oh i can equate it in the way of like in our family oh i immigrants lake lace lace curtains irish where they make sure everything looks really good thank everybody thanks their scumbag so they're like here's our beautiful land how well we're due everything's irons and everyone we have nine it's a bit everyone's closer perfectly iron because it's a thing like immigrant parents words like i didn't fucking sir i didn't go through what i went through for you to work in an office like a boring office or the pizza place where as you know even as an exotic dancer lake which is an acceptable fucking good the jobs and let everybody does not i will not accept it i didn't come here from vietnam to fucking raise a child to not be a super start you have to have like your own law firm you have to ya
i have to do everything perfectly and never trip once witches not only impossible but also that's not how you get good at them think out my parents had no expectations fairly whatsoever aside from i mean nothing my parents my dad used to live to tell the story that they used to bring home their report cards to my grandpa who they said decency deeds in a decent f cement doing fine and heat and she thought i was a kid greatly is like doing good every this is correct and they became civil servants and plumbers and things that can you know and then happier if you could make money by doing it's not like that more anyway i got no no nobody there it's just funny how they're there there are these pressures and some way it's like in some
cultures its academic pressure in some cultures it's like you have to get married and have a family i'm an immediately pressure needs it just depends by religious or being you three religious yeah stay in the click totalitarian pham toilet ok so jennifer's she's under the gun and now she's twenty two years old and she has been lying to her parents consistently sense like eighth grade essentially and being having laggards double life which is kind of amazing she's but she's never going to a party she's never gone to a club she's never gotten drunk and leave her one relationship as are secretly relationship with genuine so physically she then tells them that she her it was her follows dream for her to go to i'm quality school and become a pharmacist so she is i guess what everybody i could accept like she's and makes a thing yeah she was she like
is she tells them that she got in there old she hadn't but she's spying used books bringing home like pharmacology books and when she would leave for school every day stressing out has even though just the woman who did that for stanford pretend to be an stamford for like two years one thing like ass her family thought she hasn't she says she lived in like paolo alien she would like sleep in what was she like but don't like a fair dorm like a roommate dropped actually look i'm the new roommate and she would sleep in people's dorms and staff pretending that she was a student faking her grades all the same stuff oh my god here it is maybe i should get an honorary doctorate for getting away with yeah for like faking it for seldom arch enemy successful each year he had so much further far yes but also its taken take that initial hit of like i fucked up let the chips
all they can only yell for so long yeah and take the answer the initiative to lie and use that towards something better only room you're really good liar i like go get a job somewhere cool ray and build yourself up to management take that lie your way to manage romola legislatively clearly are not stupid if you're able to fuckin trick all these people for two years get into sales cannons fucking cell houses cell houses cell mobile phone on hollywood boulevard i doubt on the sidewalk right pharmaceuticals sharp around the corner in the area of my dad sold fuckin again soon eyes and viking homer and earlier at those things can catacomb canyon and he showed you how abu omar might already go ahead and so she is and goes for it in a major way majors and lying and tells her she had no pharmacology school was i just can't it's
like she's not even lying and going like i you know what i got a job in california i'll see you later or anything she busting out she's dislike contained to try to make it work like i still have to live here yeah and i have to me these people happy and i dont know how so i'm just gonna do it the way they the man so she's buying fake textbooks and not fake textbook use textbooks like the old pharmacology gray and then she's going to the library and watching videos and reading books on it and taking notes so then when she goes home she is reams of note so it looks like she's really doing why she didn't actually been going to school this whole time doing problem if she'd visually wanting to be soon she could have done through so so then she ass she asked if she can stay at topazes house during the week has its away better commute her moms like super empathetic unlike let's letter it'll be somewhat well she's of course not staying at topazes has she said daniel longs how danny
his parents she was lying to his parents and saying it was ok with her parents it she was dying at their house and then so basic there was no one she wasn't lying to you daniel one will do so basically when it was feared time for her to graduate from the earth you trot nickel pharmacology programme they daniel and to find someone online to create a fake transcript with all asian it and she told her parents when as the graduation ceremony that they there was an extra large class ends all the there were enough seats all the students only got one ticket and she started given it to a friend cash i think one parent one want to go without the other parent yeah i think that's when it might have started distinct little barrier to the parents but then when
and if i told them that she was volunteering it turn us prestigious hospital for children they i notice that she didn't have any idea no uniform there is nothing to prove that you officially worked there so one day han they drop her off or they insist upon driving her to work and so then she gets the current runs into the hospital and then han tells big go and after and follow answer she ends up going and running unlike hiding for hours in the emergency room or in the in the waiting room and basically there comes back out unlike doesn't find her and basically she waits amount until they leave and then early the next morning they call topaz to say hey
sarge jennifer and topaz who just wakes up as like she's not here here isn't in on it isn't doesn't know what's going on and basically they find out the jennifer was a daniels house and in the whole lie comes down or the whole house of lies the whole house of cards starring spacey comes down it bombing homes as of carcasses so since she has a confess she never volunteered at the hospital her sick children he didn't she wasn't a pharmacology programme and that she had been saying daniels house she she didn't mention that she'd never graduated from high school and that time it writers in university was cinnamon now that she didn't admit any that she she got out what she could of course have lost fucking shit showered down went crazy big had to convince him to let her see remain in the house and they this way said if its head
its daniel warrants and if you go with him you can never come back to this house again so then she basely had to break up with genuine does she didn't know where to go or what to do so and take away her cell phone and her lap laptop for two weeks and then after that they tell her where in a check your messages any time we want to make sure you're not internet having she's an adult now she's like twenty five so cheese yeah it's it's not it's crazy so she is finishes up just ass she takes a calculus class finish gets her high school like gdr with our she so basically her parents encourage her to apply for it for real she makes money as being a piano teacher part time and basically
can't go anywhere except for university or piano lessons miss she's twenty four hours about so when she breaks up with the annual this time says i can't see anymore kosovo get kicked out forever he's like fine like take it anymore anywhere he starts stating somebody else and they follow allow now and of course an earl doesn't handle it well evolved into a deep depression she attempt suicide one point she tells you well that some men had home invaded their house and had gained her and then she tells him that his new girlfriend mailed a bullet to her as a as a warning to stay away but she so insinuated that the new girlfriend this was all the her plan to attack jennifer yeah so somehow that story works ok because
i end up getting back together while she really little ire at this point i think she must be in the like that nine one on college so believe what i would have never doubted her and i'm sure in a way she was really i mean ray of answer just attack so i don't think she's a completely colds like sociopath but but men lying for fuck and fifteen years yeah has to be good at it and used to it and it's a normal it's not takes up a night yeah it's not in its like a second normal way to live your life is to start trying to lie learn something here that lake if you if you're not getting what you won't get that manipulation guy because you can't ever get anything qaeda the delectable fault is to tell some tell a person what they wanted here yes or
or really play a huge car raise other people go like hollow issue of everything why would anyone y yeah exactly so basically daniel and generally himself is a bit of he's he has been kicked the schools he he's a little you know he got caught dealing part when he went to that catholic school and they went to together he's a little you know low limit on the edge a little bit himself so when they get back together basically together they figure out then her parents life insurance policies would pay half a million dollars and that she the beneficiaries and so daniel sorts helping her make a plan to have them killed pack yes so he says that he knows a guy named linford cramped crawford the worst name of all time borderline these anders aim linford crawford daniel chasm homeboy they
setting up a thing where lake she can she's a separate sim card and whom i found so she can talk to him and make these plans are nobody finds out and secondly the plan as when you're done like watching tv for the night unlock the front door so she says she actually left the front or more than she went upstairs to her room she flicked lights in the study to give them the signal that it was time her had come home from line dancing was watching tv her dad was watching the news in a different room and basically the men came in and the the amendment that home invaded and and basically attempted to kill her father and killed her mother it was all her doing in a completely her said oh my god oh yeah so which you know it felt
we are getting to that is something the israel may about so sir it's so fucking crazy and over the top and then basically third time they bring her so the cops the first time they think they're just getting story i'm her the first interview i can never you they're kind of like let's talk about this again and going up almost yen and it's always you know it's like the family is what's looked out for right away ass the dad was supposed to die right yes now it was tat i was a mom supposed tat i yes they were ok yeah ok so essentially the third time they inner day interrogate her and they use something i think it was called i didn't i didn't write her but basically a guy named your german grimaldi as a journalist in twenty sixteen he book he published a true crime book about jennifer called a daughters deadly deception that jennifer pan story in that he talks about they use interrogation techniques that
i do not have been above board where they basically tricky and trusting them and then waterborne like it it's almost like one guy is good cop bad cop waterborne than the water and then they just waterbirds well so the guy is like each us may address major us me now angry and you need to make me not angry anymore because i'm your friend yes like they low they while her into a sense of kind of like she's being taught you like yes europe i'm too and i was really hard your dad was really mean instructing whatever and then just boom and they like it's that kind of shock and i think i d age didn't read the whole thing of but you can read this look where it talks about that now interview might not have been totally fair hoops at the end of the day she is the person who hire thus people and essentially at the trial her own father took the stand and told the story of what
happen that was march nineteen twenty fourteen he this they have to get up on the sand and tell everybody how these men came in and he survive when he woke up after getting shot in the eye he woke up to his dead wife laying their next m m unlike got out of the house thinking that everyone i've been kill ya like whereas my daughter she ok you're worried about her to probably worse and then slowly finds out that its he's the one behind it horrible so after ten months of this year jennifer pan dinner long humbling homeboy linford crawford and this guy's name was david mills again now man there punches elsa ghana man mill the government they all got there convicted for murder and attempted murder and each received a life sentence with no choice
pearl for twenty five years and then the third guy era cardy who is the one that tighter to the banister he's tried separately so there's yeah so basically red karen cayos article trying to life magazine jennifer pans revenge the inn i'd story of a golden child the killer she hired and the parents she wanted dead that's the article you're gonna wanna really get into cause they're pieces of this article in every other article at the end of what everyone's basing it on karen casual you'll never understand unless you have that been raised in his family like that yeah this is easy it's like so strict then there's people that have had parent terrible parents they don't have their parents callaway it's just that weird turn of lake it it just stresses mounts about it's like i have done that exact thing we're like ok that's fucked up now and to make up a new thing get fucked up and i will do that damn thing and like the
more complicated you may get the the more the worst making a first oh yeah pressure that's a good one then it's crazy thanks that's those bananas events have friends shoes a comedian from michigan now and to new york and she her name was goin and she came from that kind of family where she had been lying to her family they all thought she was going to school be a dentist and shoes show me the end and didn't tell any of them and then out of nowhere she fucking jump off the brooklyn bridge yeah killed herself i remember hearing about those ships so sad like she just couldn't tell them that she was doing what she actually wanted to do in life yeah turrible just like such a sad thing to me you can imagine and i bet so sad for the family yeah third applying pressure rash the right way to or or what
for their doing what they know right and i'm sure never in a million years is that the result they're looking for rather have their daughter as a comedian that now and not what they want to her to be then forget one internally as i write it of course always made me says even i didn't know her it's so tragically i remember a lot of i mean other people i know new hernia was there really upset yeah i well ok here's my turn this this is a timely story because it's a coal case finally hopefully at this is the end came last week a ha but this is a story that i've been interested in its a forty one of the forty eight hours in our weed i watched at its really interesting texas monthly i got a lot of this information from the texts monthly which i've taxes monthly best article called unholy act by pamela collar
seal l l o f f does the story second priest jain and fight a word or of irene garza oh i don't know that's all honey ocean i can talk all the fucker buckle down baby settle in like a lab hit your foot on account be tabled at the garbage enabling our can disable like you have a crush on ok hurry up so i green garza is born in nineteen thirty four she's this dark haired hispanic beauty from men mikhail in texas agricultural agriculture durio nope area agricultural agricultural area south of taxes in the rio grande valley five miles from the u s mexico border in haste
irene had been crowned miss all south texas sweetheart shit and mc gowan high school where edam everyone's fuckin why back then she he had been the first hispanic twirler and head drum major at last and she was like and busting down borders she's beautiful beauty queen but she's hispanic so it's you no sense of pride that it's it's she's wasting down borders and yes she's not i mean texas that's like a bit and blue eyes that's like usually what you're gonna get out of a texas beauty queen right and she is now she's not that and she's a first in her family to graduate from college which is a super big deal huge accomplishment a twenty five years old she worked as a teacher for didn't disadvantaged children which she took a great pride in summer her students were so poor and came from the neighborhood where she had come from and had been
able to get out of that they can the school barefoot an irene spent her first paycheck on buying those children clothes and books so hand and this is very day rights even worse and basically so she's a really big hearted kind person she is gorgeous which isn't a reason why shouldn't be a victim but there's justice warms coming from her in and you know she had a huge future that that that she earned yet i'm saying yet listen look look a lesson stop it had the sun over her life though is her devout catholic faith not like her fuckin thing on april sixteenth nineteen sixty the day before fact easter sunday ok saturday resource outbreak all the thing sake chill out saturday fell like egg diet is palm mad announce chill the fuck up
for you sir well go ahead well good friday could write a good friend is when you went up on that cross maybe the ascension chilled out on saturday here rolled on up another term in indiana and then he was risen on sunday about saturday desire will sorry was all of that to young people he's dead it's over and he was like you know i'm in high came knocking sacrilegious here we are now a legal matter me it's so sad because i've had this should drummed into my head but then of course when it would be impressive ec i can't pull it out here's the thing in today's wolverstone hanukkah we rebelled against because we hated it so much so evident wisdom dinner had really lucky i'm not numbering this young and now it out now you just don't now just the guilt remains its envy ignorance and the
really good songs oh yeah i got a bunch of those pieces slowing like a river anytime you menacing into i well ok ok forget islets secondly less male prayer ok ok so on april sixteenth fuckin lazy saturday nineteen sixty irene borrows she's twenty five she bars her family car to drive to their church sacred heart church she plans to get a confession she leader and six thirty that evening she's like mama be back bunch of witnesses see her get to church everyone's online for confession she gets online line as well but no one is her leave that church on that day she ever came home that night and then morning easter sunday that's right and as you know he is truly reason he rises and her car still parked down the street from sacred heart the
screw comes two days later when one of our airlines high heeled shoes spotted by the side of the road and three hundred yards from there is her purse it looks as if son had like throwing out the window passing car there's no fingerprints on it it's crazy huge search ensues including made lay dragged irrigation canals that our house to house through the town border patrol planes go fuck encircling sixty five national governments are called out to assist what became at the time the most extensive investigation and valley history well but that's not how four days later after she disappeared that iran's body is found floating in a nearby irrigation canal she's fully except for her shoes and underwear missing the right tat of her face is badly bruised she had two black eyes and the autopsy reveals that she'd been beaten with a object an suffocated stay
gee composition suggest that she'd been dead for fewer than four days maybe she had been kept somewhere for a day or so and she had been rates while unconscious yeah the local papers go fucking nuts with rumours and speculation everyone is like being fuckin targeted are fingered including this prominent local citizen who had died our heart attack days after she disappeared you know or that have been transience or someone who had crush on her cause she was so beautiful but should also in out not she was dating but not even out she was catholic you know their leisure d this question more than five hundred people in the weeks following the murderer but behind the scenes the text as they not
madison public and the newspapers are really talk about this they are focusing on a twenty seven year old priest named john fight ya a priest who cried fight its efforts he had recently finished his seminars training and san antonio and his name kept turning up in their investigation so he had recently come into town he was a bright well he was brain well mannered he had dark hair and horn britain glasses he looked like he'd be wiser in an instant s here he struck parishioners though as aloof and a bit of a loner and seemed ambivalent about his vocation when he asked why he had joined the preset he said i just want to give it a try sorry but if the guy i'm is an embarrassment or jesus some
because you can't say that allow is most he munich well since you gonna eat like be innocent women like if anyone ass either of us why we won do your grandpa gas be like a passionate plea of how interested in fact and crime we are both right and were not an talking talking to god re mostly talking but also like two not it's almost that very glib flip thing of catholic its here's my funding joke and like really it's none of your business right is where he sang right we should like to say that anyone who's asking you is like being earnest and being like tell me i want suit connect you you're a priest i'm looking for some fuckin guidance and some wisdom and i get a flag in amen please varying on the night of irene disappearance father fight had heard confessions and taken part in a midnight mass
also admitted to his superiors that he had met privately with irene in the church rectory i wrote the sea is louse because i didn't know what directory wasn't that was in office the churches office i thought it was where he went and rode out his right an office or house right it didn't know it's the priest thousands it but it's connected to the church so kind of is like an alpha do all the priests live there are just someone like head priests it's it's kind of like case by case like in my hometown in saint incense they live at directory and but you can also go there like my mom's funeral we went to town to the priest in the rectory elegant and downstairs office dozen rectory sound like it should be like a side room office lethargic factory where their direction out jesus snatch all day and night but nevertheless i mean i think it's like it's basically
the church hull is where people like you know sunday coffee clashes or whatever the rectory is where you'd go and you're like we need to plan a funeral we need to plan a wedding this is some serious shit happening here is the business and then upstairs the priest then it's the busybodies next door he is making thank him a couple of things have now gone now they actually they ban colonel long ago and i got it so directory is ok and now is viewed by other places really inappropriate take anyone especially fucking heart twenty five lovely woman so so your keys unless she has called like if it was parish business she would have called like the laid the lady that runs the office amend like i need to make an appointment was for confession specifically oh yeah no you do that in the convention but there's a there's a booth that is titled for the thing she was do it they had people build it
right into the church of people is civically you can sit there and pray and then look at people getting confession her the whole idea of confession when he took her to the rectory gross pass ok up its power romantic yes it is also several churchgoers who stood in his confession line which had spoken stalled out cause he fuckin picked her out and took from the rectories oc oh that night till detectives that he seemed to have been absent from the sanctuary for long periods of time and another priest father john o brien reported seeing scratch as on his hands when they drink coffee together at midnight mass who were then effective learned that on march twenty third so that's three weeks before irene irene disappear in her body was found a woman had been attacked at a catholic church twelve miles from that church the one where irene went two miles away twenty
their old college student maria america correira had visited sacred heart church in edinburgh and noticed a young man with dark hair and hormone glasses wiser sitting alone in one of the back pews in her mind she was like that i think she had an immediate reaction to him he made me nervous but she was like com down maria during the church in the fuckin house and god nothing can go wrong right you know she let her guard down yet which is totally understandable in a church of korean discharge young englishmen the altar and knelt at the communion rail man grabbed her from behind and try to put a rag over her mouth holy shit yeah she fuckin saw the shit out of ham and when he put his hand back over her mouth to silence kirk issues screaming he she beat the shit out of his fingers and how he drew blood nazis replied yes that's unanimous here she
rather side door the church she escaped and in her sworn statement she said that she thought her attacker was a priest that was the first feeling she got it was very controversial yams i bet possesses the fifties of the sixty issues like this is nineteen sixty so are technically solar fifty so i wrote about this that this is this is a long time before the sexual allegations against priests started to come out and people believed yes m that whistles and until the nineties that these allegations came out against priests sexually sitting children and wasn't even tell way layer the people believed them well and in the end of course horrible doc him i mean our amazing documentary i wrote this down there is is it he states deliver us from evil and there's a guy in the talks about when he got molested by pre stripe being driven in the police the priests car because he didn't have a dad and so is like i'll take em arctic ice cream or would ever gets a lesson
police car the priest drop some off he walks into the house says to the mom what just happened the mother slaps him across the face and says how dare you ever say that and then the priest continues visiting their house for years to come it's the most upsetting his children against adults and there's no everyone's like no fuckin way ninety eight children against adults its children against gods chosen people and these i highly religious people which i dont completely understand which is why i was excited turkey about this cause you were raised catholic there solid wall yet our infallible and you talking badly but against a priest is talking badly against jesus fucking christ that's right rights this it's it's like breathe outcome to shit where it's like its old lake when the hopes used to control everybody in they were the richest people and they fuck anything they wanted and it was just all about power and money ends
basically these yeah this is why people who were pedophile went into the very state can they went in with carte blanche and we're not saying that catholicism is about religion that pressure bad people that any ino than were not i'm not talking shown any of this it's just this reality of a really bad period that happen that we need to acknowledge morgiana me i think at this point it so been acknowledged most people that i know that our good catholics and that are safe beasts lake they don't need they still believing they ever relationship we're gonna spirituality but most of the adults that i know because of the stuff that's happened and the catholic church are incredible and i don't just mean like people my age i mean like people my parents aid that are just so it's like you can't look at that power structure and go this should continue this as yet this is going great neighbour handled stuff gray right and it should continue theirs and there are very few people that feel that way
because it's just so it what a horrible things not you can't give people absolute power like that known especially that access that access to families but but i have to say this to lake there are priests my insane fences that are some of the best people i've ever met absolutely and it's just that kind of like it's almost like the bad ones steal the good ass the goodwill from the good ones ass nightly because those ones that psych what what a great effect they haven't people's lives yes that's how it works definitely so ok so yeah so this is where before any of these things came to light so at sunday mass after amiens funeral just to show you how protected priests were the priest told the congregation that he knew there were rumours that a priest was involved in irons murder and he said quote
it is impossible at a priest would commit a crime like this dont speak of it dont even let yourself think it he said that himself to the chronic congregation her yeah right in late april d drain the irrigation canal where they had found irene body and on the bottom was a light green eastman coda slide viewer with a long black cord so like a i'd we were yeah i'll make sure we are like these touching teaching us letting mitya but life to the wall ok like side show the thing you go we call those quotas live yours but you know there is a god of online if you look at it i mean like on the actual one so long cord on it is at the bottom of the irrigation canal where they think her body was thrown in re christopher within they also find a candy barbara that belong to the church john fight is like oh yeah i bought
i gotta sliding last summer he like is that was mine as candelabra that candelabra blocks the church so what he public strangled her with and what he probably hair or the fucking head with is at the bottom of the fucking canal and he raises a second him like that's mine well yeah cause kind of in the confidence of knowing no one can do anything about it who fucking yeah maybe who knows so far the priest it's down the detectives in early may he provides aid of course meticulous account of his actions on east or we can he says that he had counselled i ruined the sacred her rectories and the i totally did because she had some information she wanted to give you that was private so i brought her that's why i brought her and there he had because the confession boob which is a muffled claw a closet the how no one can hear the from the outside of war private and ass she could only scream her compassion problem sees it now
he saw her leave though at whatever time and then he had these like dumb excuses for why had cuts on his hand and he is like and goodbye i graft has implicate him in both irene murder and the attack on maria correira a couple weeks earlier and in august father fight is indicted for assault with intent to rape maria correira oh shit yeah jerry though talkin deadlocks and proceed was end in a mistrial rather than face a second trial in nineteen sixty two father fight pleads no contest too discharges charges of aggravated assault gets fired five hundred dollars and that's it takes that right out of the guy he takes it right at the church like the collection play now losing all of my terminology area i mean g
this crazy that's the guy here this creates leg can't jesus can see and hear you if you're trying to re able ensure clearly yeah you fucking a lunatic area so it's now allege that the district attorney that the district attorney at the time and church leaders cut a deal to stop the investigation into john fight to protect the reputation of the church and also most elected officials of the time in the it's the hilding hill though that hilda go county were catholic the electorate labour snap and it was at a time when none other than fuckin senator john f kennedy is running for the press for president that year who is fucking catholic that's right it's he's dead he's there's never been a catholic president before he's the there's only one other capping of an ever been a nominee for president one of the major parties he had lost so anyway
doing it i didn't write it out but i wasn't at all it's got excited i wouldn't have known up an anti catholic prejudices fucking in time so that like we need kennedy to an were off bucking catholics and let's not give them isn t a catholic oh ok so like political for political ends yang levying than a j f k being second elected wound and let you know texas it's a big fuckin place have it so funny to think i just always it's just my own weird bias like i'd i used to think everyone was catholic when i was a kid that high just assumed everyone was catholic assange was whether alot account will you went to a catholic score catholic school but also our town was just small and mostly christian although than later on i learned that there is a big bunch of the woman was like one of the biggest receivers of of
immigrants after world war two out of jail push people who run from the war what few geez where do they live now he still live there bluish let me there's a couple temples and pedal ammonia looking because i think one or two the families had like chicken farms so like every illegal work and the work on the chicken ramp erika interesting and there could be a lie mount out you said normally that it i'm almost positive i read that somewhere it's true it feel so true really got into my heart great ok so basically that means no more and charges are ever filed against father fight and shortly the killing the church transfers him to a far a monastery so
sixteen he spent some time at a treatment centre for trouble priests in new mexico and monasteries and multiple sakes hold hold the phone please i will not i want go to and treatment centre for trouble priests and take em on the deck right the horror movie that means xvi written out and i mean like children come in attacking kelvin law allowing corn but at a fucking monastery for troubled quote both tremble priests words revenge the children come out of the fields its colleague wherein we traveled peace priests you're in trouble here in trouble i but you did spare summer break said jesus sages tiggle urban whom that's factor here everyone in the neighborhood where that place
just like move away will remember that when we watched i am what was really great documentary in on netflix over the summer universe the air and nay and he went visited the house where all the priests had gotten sent to day lived in their own cha monsters and shut yet keepers still button gray around should watch it so good listen if you want a bench weekend of terrible shit you should watch deliver us from evil which you raise your mind to unita watched its historical information that you need to know about it's just fuckin life lessons and you just need to like calm your pessimism a little that optimism it's going to say will it also there's a it's that thing of it it feels like a very new cultural thing words like everybody gotta get real with the fact that the two sociopaths psychopaths move in this world in exactly these unexpected ways they are baseball coach they are priests they move
did they are their noise they manipulate yet and there are good at their good you're not and you need to get ok with yes you got you got oh if you are a single parent you gotta keep her i double peeled you gotta triple check all the people that want to be in your trial rife all that stuff which were saying the people who know it by heart i mean like that you haven't you forget that shit man like when it's you in europe people in the sea no a guy you're dating yeah of course it's fine in i mean it's like of course you don't think about it in terms of your own life you think about it outside of you yes it's just so i remember reading that sports illustrated thing about how many baseball coaches little league coaches more pedophiles and is the most reasoning and uneasy i and i want to read died you gotta read it exists in saying i'm pretty sure was the cover sports illustrated like ten years ago we thy it's so crazy then there
or in the lives there right there though the sports and everything's dude in sports and couldn't be safer and games and we need to go to this in practices and then they then that's how they select the ones who don't have anyone that's gonna come and beat the shit out of them if they do anything that kid they like that's how they spot vulnerable children and people nor i mean it's just the most fucked up thing very iphone ok absolutely be spotlight which came out recently amazing is about that is so much so am i spend weaken and then watch barbs workers i am hague mouth to get yourself too a specific mouth is and makes us about the red x monasteries oh here's one at one point
spun here's a ears funders live on at one point he served as a supervisor charged with clearing priests for assignments two churches so the pressure that sense of the fuckin we're ear of terrible pursing get out of this town they're gonna lugging murder you the attempted rapists praise on they sounded this these places and monasteries and our fuckin friend john fight was on the fucking clearing house to let them go back into the goddamn world good this motherfucker healthy just good decisions all around being made act but it won't let every level we have one open sea who should we fill with john fight where is the devil not available ok then read so one of the men that he held clear for parish was james porter who isn't the guy from deliver us from evil but could be a child molesters convicted of assaulting more than a hundred victims who is a priest he was like back in their hearing the game is second dick ok john fight
the priest of the seventy two and moved to phoenix worked as an answer and sharon salesman got married had kids am grandkids lives fucking a normal goddamn i flew o meanwhile iron's parents nick and adjusted vena garza of pass away the nineties without ever seeing anyone prosecuted her irene murder but they were assured by people in the church that father fight who they always fucking suspected would be punished by the church if they found out anything have been i have been done and they were assured that this was a bigger sentence handed than any court can hand down ok great cause they some fucking believe in the catholic church where they were fucking catholic lawiya so april two thousand to what's jumped ahead oconnor it go for two years after the murder of irene garza a former monk named dale tash me who had left it
we said more than thirty years earlier to marry suddenly he gets a fuckin conscience he says in the summer of nineteen sixty three he was asked to council john fight while he's while john state at the monastery were this guy dale was a second priests monk during their six months of counselling john fight told tat any of the night that irene died this guy called the fucker investigator ones like let me tell you something he told him that father fight had asked her to come to the church rectory had heard her come and had heard her confession so the confession he had restrained irene maybe bound and gagged her he had found her breasts and before he returned to the sanctuary to hear confessions he had moved her to the rectory basement and that evening he moved to another location
then i'm easter sunday and so she still alive then an easter sunday he irene in a bathtub and place them bad over her set head and ass he was leaving the bathroom he heard her say i can't breathe i can't breathe and tat she said when he came back later on that day or early evening he found her dead in the bathtub and and that night here but are in a car and took her and dropped travel along a roadside where there was a canal too she had kept himself out of a sense of religious obligation for more than four decades he don't does anyone it's like he confessed to him and you can't do that in terms of peace it here fashion you're not loud to repeat it i mean i feel so great
oh then he came forward and sad staff but at the same time it's like some this person is a man murder this woman it doesn't that's linda not a priest than that's not waste any more the man who murdered someone is not doesn't get they have that nobody everybody gets it it's not just for priests and that's the let that's like they're talking to god through you and you don't get to intervene here because they're asking for forgiveness and so you have to be that no matter what somebody says to you as a person you have to say you're forgotten he was counselling him so wasn't confession i mean i don't have technical area boy i bet you did say it was just for the products rate but the other thing is
wasn't she found brutally beaten yeah so that's bullshit beaten and raped while unconscious so clearly he left so shut out here they distant tell you everything in this article iii i asked too much but i would bet you that like he's mostly saying why i just did a kyle allotting away and she died and then she's so i mean it's unfortunately he's basely telling the story to this other priests like to buy that happened as opposed to you finally fucking tat this was one of the things that daphne said was he didn't show what i would consider to be comfy compunction or sorrow or grief or anything like that so he came to himself and then he at this point in two thousand to ease and seventys any at a change of heart and he was like a flock and testify like let's do it the owl which is incredible texas rangers then begin to him but re investigate the case when he's contacted fight
whose now sixty nine year olds says that man doesn't exist anymore and he won't say anything else like the men who who read and ordered a woman aha he ate as do the ahead as sorry he's india so rangers also intervene his father o brien who back then was like i saw scratches on his hands and he tells the rangers that a few months after the murder fight he had prenticed fight about whether he had killed irene and the priest who told him everything so he too was like yep minority thing on second testify oh shit any shit he'll tell everything so and i would say this to this was back i think that very rarely broke that like if i'm telling you if i'm giving you confession europe like basely you forgive me the end you don't say anything that's like in a police team i is all that has not turning her will i'm saying i think
back then no one would ever break at whereas nowadays i think it's like now everyone seeing with the ring and that that rule is put into place maybe i have been for the best reason right or the there were many more people that would explain it than any one would expect yeah let's sure loud and catholic defensive that's ok so then in july two thousand to the brownsville harold run a front page story on irene murder and suspicion about john fight and so hilda go county district attorney renee guerrero with asked if you plan to pursue an indictment of the case could ever like we arose fucking evidence now including two people who he told murdered irene and their willing to testify the sky renee was like kenneth said quote canopy solemnly i guess if you believe that pays comply anything is possible and then he said why when anyone be haunted by her death she died her killer got away so he fucking full differently
this guy this guy renee guerrero he's a fucking hilda go now eight hell hidalgo thank you oh my god i only say that because of the movie stirring vigo mortensen about him in his horse held out had had although ya thank you jesus yeah he's so at the time so then he got this negative publicity and he's ok fine sorry he was the prosecutor though he was a district attorney ok ok so that so he ghettos negative publicity because her fucking family still alive her parents are in but there s or families we fucking care that she died yeah so in two thousand for he asked he has two of his prosecutors present the evidence to a grand jury to indict john fight but they don't fucking how either of those priest to testify the ones who he told that he killed them and said of course in two thousand for the job he declined to indict him and no build the case so that was chance to fucking finally perforce job
fight dies to get him tell her son look for the murder of irene and those shoe priest had said that they would testify they wanted to they were waiting by the fucking phone to be called up to testify and they just didn't do it they didn't call them and it turns out of course renee guerrero was catholic yap right yes up ten fucking years later in two thousand and fourteen to theirs mr territories race in doubt oh johnny and finally renee gets fuckin be by ricardo rodriguez and in in his race he promised he would re examine the case of elected oh shit so fuckin ricardo is elected wow great they spent a year in two months rigs ending the case in all the evidence and more than fifty seven fuck and years after the murder of irene garza eighty three broad john fight is finally fucking arrests in arizona for first degree murder former monk
el fuckin dashing eighty years old fucking testifying eighty eight years old when you say monk does it say anything else about that and being a monk eat there the photo on him with that hair pimentos ain't got the robes in their hair you like oh honey you must have been eradicated because my god he looks like he's on space walls i'm just trying to figure out what that is a view like a cushion brother what like his specific deal was i'm sure it's very involved that i dont understand him i just knew that it was like a monk but he was like but there was priests or hanging out with them yet i don't know he's just in a different kind of like the ceta catholic thing yeah ok maybe he made mine the hare thou my god said day what's up eighty eight europe dale testifies against him december eighth what's the dates the twelve
december fuckin eighth twenty seventeen four days ago oceania after us stay trial and that dog only courthouse in edinburgh a jury fucking convicted john fight wow now eighty five year old ex priest of murdering irene garza and here she's a life sentence and present oh my guy i suggest fuckin came out that incredible nineteen sixty ever happen and vacuum and what are we twenty seventeen yeah so today i really be eighty three years old in a letter written to a friend or rape of she died she stated that she's appear than she's ever been and said to her friend remember the last time we talked i told you i was afraid of death will i think i'm cured you see i've been going to communion and mass daily and you can imagine the courage and faith and happiness its given me and
that's the story of no murder irene garza by mother fucker john fight wow i can't believe it ended well know o re never happen in the catholic church every time it's a catholic church story yeah it frustrates you it discuss cases to those crazy ass fisheries like in one of those walkers income that are also chairs yeah you know that you see yeah trying to look our old and hee hee hee the things he said when he got arrested were like i don't understand this happen in nineteen sixty like he has excuse my relations is happening now this was so long ago and this woman says to him there's no statute of limitations on murder like he's
play it off like this was so long ago your way you guys making a big deal yet actually he's acting like a confused old man he's a fucking sexual predator and murderer will also it doesn't matter how old is it doesn't matter how old is it doesn't matter what his opinion relax rampart or an earth iceland is not relevant you ve already work confused that's why you're like this so you your opinion about it and how you see it is not valid because according to you no one's life matter ran any woman is unwell manage i again saying raw sixty who cares now no people people here a lot of people care and a lot of people are tired of people like that nigh exploiting possess and not just power but automatic trust yeah it's yang that's what's so growth can you imagine going to church erlich i can't imagine going into a church and
creepy vibe of like oh no the guy that works here is scaring me yeah that's the exact opposite about churches are supposed to work will there should be no such thing as automatic trust me in it sucks but even you know you're fucking pediatrician or your how can you know near m what's it called anything there's just no such thing anymore great and there never was we just let it happen right it's it's ok to debris just be aware be careful and thank god for the internet and check each gee turkey's hack everyone's fucking everything record yeah that's amazing here such a good story thank you hi hurrying urban turns up as you know the others there's a lot of feelings anything on this week for you
yes it was so fun to do those live shows we heads i had such a good time we can say we had said speaking for you but like it's just such a joy to have that be a job since and because i'm always prepared like i really hate leaving my house ailing my dog i get a little stress for that but it's always just that we have so much fun and then people are just like give us really nice presents and say really nice things one thing i guess gets me is a lot of people talk to me about my mom like spread up alive it gets brought up a lot of like its young women who are like i'm a psych nurse were i mining to be a nurse that there's a lot of my mom passageway recently to and you really helped me yeah just by talking about it yeah exactly it's it's i don't know you know it's cool when we get to go out and hear from people about like the meaning of things us it's like i just
oh oh i just did a o very interesting murder case in a mediocre man in our way and then we talked about a bunch of bullshit it's like just as very meaningful i just like such a nice feeling you know we have like lots of friends we don't know as is as we say then that irish oh it's like we thank you guys for letting us do this as a job the two of us are flocking blown away by the fact that our law turn into this incredible thing because of this plan has so we started on a fucking when its super weird it's super where it is and to fund we didn't expect this arm then all of you guys who are like these incredible people and be in like showing it like i barely leave my house to do anything so when i sat there and that gives like a cathedral full of people like one but the kitten show
up and some have signs and some have it's just money shirts they may cookies and crafts and mud then it's just really i just feel super lucky every time you come home from a trip or endemic gonna like an trip for the show its its mind boggling yeah itself on and yet so i think we're about to end the year with a hundred episode he has so i guess maybe it's just thank you guys for living us to this one thing this year has been fucking bananas an awesome and work it's incredible speed about we fucking appreciate it saw my t really do and i thank you thanks for a i don't thanks are behind the server thanks i can get it's weird those but sure thing that's it i'm fences i'm gonna go sam's is share or renew shares are wearing a shapes shame it a shame were ashamed share shame share ok i love it i data
well then say sexy and don't get murdered gabby aimee elvis lucky those a definitive here like a key
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