« My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Live at the Belk Theater in Charlotte (2018)

2020-06-18 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover serial killers Marcus Shrader and Blanche Taylor Moore.

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This is exactly right.
Male did it exactly right, as is a huge theatre hearing gave me a look rivalry side of terror, because here the snake girl Charles, is that in general we do for a living. They pretend I'm is where you just can't hide within your hundred things. I've never been further humiliation and she got last night, oh mother, here we knew that which you guys would make up for it by being stoked about it. So you really you really reflected that here's the thing this is such a big theater. I don't think the front room needs to be. This close, I mean real. I mean I leave almost smashed to bear in mind the thing you did and strong or anyone scale like we're in fucking, Vienna or something like here and now. I see mild pennies sister. Some opera shit go here, which is greatly because did you know about Georgia's hidden talent? You know it's. My hadn't Alan is that I will never seeing to preach. Were you ever know that I should news, and I mean why can't we that's my new song ham honour? I am speaking of fucking note. This is our opening that we called what we did wrongs over this we get horrible. I dont think that she's here, but it is everyone's posted and she listens. Just polish totally forgotten about this today, like hands, are thinking about avian there's, a girl. There is a growing airport, but way back under great, yet geared years back years like like, when we were children on Friday courageously, like there's a space tat, you can recognize now that she and I can recognize of recognition that they recognise we're recognising and their recognise, we're. Recognising that we're recognising its recognize tat moment and there's reckoning yeah, there's a reckoning to be had right. It's true, I museum in you're like it's really the best we're always like it's with everyone. We meet as like everyone here is excellent. We would be friends with anyway, so you're never end. It's like what the fuck I'm getting recognise, there's layers, there's a land areas can mean always do but face like this is the best never been bombed. Then they fucking obey, never em, so this pearl gets. I see her doing their recognising and she she's like over there in an hour.
Oh- and I I do this cause- I'm like oh she's, gonna come see higher. Go! Oh! No, like really you no bigger than it positively right now, and then I will go away ass. My my blood day, that's no positive, positive, donate It hurts. But it's worth that well that apparent only seven ice now, so I dont think she heard you at length, as she did see. You're happy face that neither really moment mouthed, oh no alone now, and it's one of those things that, like it looked like, I was whispering to you like, and I was very unhappy facing. I oh no said here comes another on Minos like to it
that is bad, a fourth feeling for a right, which is all that matters, maybe not as bad as the first night. How can Durham, when we were doing our funny joke of pretending that we know college mascots in sport, and you know the first one that we did George a mentioned some school. For some reason. I was like, and there the fighting, because the scary you getting good on the spot like on my couch, is fine, but by but in a theater like this, it's it's a little pressure ie and on that one Georgia goes the fighting wake borders which made me laugh hugging ever and then get out for, five minutes later. So
college came up Duke and cheat. She weird I mention Duke you are right, then you'll love. This seems like what's funny as if their mentioning Duke but they're saying it like big name. Anyone you may want to work on that next semester, so he's they do and there the fighting and then I went and did it, but what they call an improv failure, we're just kind of didn't, say you think, there's a dead. What I want to say was hillbillies, I didn't, and then she said. Oh, I will only say hillbilly I didn't want it. So should I set a right to their fucking face? Is the thing had they had this same reaction so doesn't seem to be the problematic phrase. I thought it was an here's. This is what we thought we were like owing adding California on the tv rain hurricanes- oh my god, everything so awful. It must be called there. So we brought jackets. Mines are like out those long past, gonna, fucking, wool sweater. I need this is seriously. Surely one of the thicket dresses. I could be aware in right now
We know we don't bug in now and that we have got off the plane into sauna. That's on one or two or just like sorry. You're heat also has water what's happening, oh, I also last night said. I said it's not that money. I just said our has been Vince hours, embarrassing. I was very body, but we may be made it through. We ve made it through the rains,
oh yeah. Oh by the way, this is my favorite murder. The pod scaring go here. That's georgian Lord Sir Stevens, not areas ignorant or does it make it right now said he I feel a key. I think he came in my dad was watching the first few days and I think that Stephen snuck in Red The bag of treats at my dad left out with his pills in it, and so well was opened in, like odious, buying on it and ran out. So my dad looks really bad he'll, never fucking cats. I would not put that past Stephen and his deep.
Our passion for cap. He would absolutely set Marty up so large that your father would never be welcome back her apartment and that's now purely Stevens domain, absolute backing deadly mayor or I might I support a kind of
like. If you love my cats are much more. Do you want me Lucia, given those procedures? Rather, three gets up in a boss Christmas. We were going to give you a monetary bonus. We decided he like others that are here. Are three cats equivalent to do what you will take as many pages as you want and even would probably die of thirst, because he would just continue to take pictures, not feed or water himself. You gotta wonder because, truly like he ll send me one photo Mimi and it's the most gorgeous, but I've ever seen in my life and then I'm like. How long did you do like? I bet it's. I bet he seems obsessed with me. They somehow many photos of my guy see as on his oh, I was rude. I'm sorry negatives, as I think you mildly, like me and tolerated here's. The thing that I love everyone's, I think about we just we just have added Stephen at the top of every live show because you know that's that's our job. It's in the contract. The contracts even gave us an easy ceo of this company. I don't know who did that, but but then I love the idea that the first person ever listened any. These upsets Stephen alone, like internet Manton, nay my apartment, so that stupid to me right what? If all those little pill bags are just like have been pre perforated, what are they
just couldn't be what, if he's just mixing up my pills just because you like I'm gonna, get back at her, should not I've been, and I then he's like hey our. How do you feel mustache smile? I brought you some honour to take more pills, ready, Bert early to record What what do you want to know about the fresh out of Karen's ears, earrings, I'm wearing as broaches? That's the kind of funds we are yet I didn't. Burma or any bang, and they keep stabbing me I will absolutely be brought for questioning urgently and much dna on drugs?
What is this called? This borrow your body, called it a little clia locally and economical. Sorry, sorry, the Hillbilly Deco letter, the decoration area. Now this is a beautiful god. This is I'm so glad we brought up from home. Balcony knows what this red looks like an bath and beyond. Am I right so beyond? Should we sit and are aimed office cherisher lightly wanted to know how we're gonna tell the story is soon goods that areas when we meet people in the vip. Everybody has an amazing, a relative who data TED Bundy every single person. Every single prisons aunt went on one date: what TED Bundy, who was the seventies? Everyone works in the correctional system and has a secret about someone. Yes, someone. We ve got some good ones last night when
We had some people come through the line and a man told us that he he apologized and that's all. I had to run out during the show, because I had to go sign an arrest warrant. Because there is a man who got caught new,
covered in olive oil in a woman's bedroom. I was just like. I have an inkling that you're a judge. You just watch that shit we did on this is less mobile and we really should have brought you up, but he was giggling so hard about it like this is inappropriate, was saying earlier that conversation women of this audience would appreciate you laughing hysterically. He was laughing at that part full rotational chairs by the fucking rotation in around someone olive oil, these chairs, up before we came up there and I like
Also some the girl, who did that the woman who did the hometown last night has changed the rules of a home town. You can only come up here if you're, a dial bar bartender again you I can talk, nobody give diverse here, but they are all just like that. That, though Tender- but this is a true grime comedy parka- that's correct! Yes, no get it twisted. We always react to exclaim as its very important for the people who have been brought here against their will. How are you podcast? Are this thing that they invented about eight years ago, people to listen to while their jobs they he it's like a radio show, so they can be with their friends and I feel bad, and this one in particular is true crime also comedy, which can be a very complex combination. There's a lot of feelings that take place. There's a lot of ups Le Sharps up, Sharps, honest and trust us. We know we're doing and if you don't like it get the fuck out of here. It's all. We can tell you. Oh, I have family in the audience calmly in the audience, all your van yes, everybody, its Denise Morey. No, it's business, my favorite! I once gonna tweet about this, a girls and a tweet. That said you don't have to say your sisters friend Adrian. We know who Adrian so Adrian seared, and I remind you really got that sorry, that's aggressively nice. It was hilarious. Just like you don't have to keep explaining the people on this show, but I've known Adrian since I was ten and she was twelve she's, basically like my sister, but it's weird to say sister, because then it seems like veto were in next cm or some weird. It's not like that. But you look more like your sister than your sister looks like your sister did anyone she does. We look more or less everybody thinks she and I are sisters and also at every major major family event that I have missed. People always just woke up to her and say hi care, my favorite like it at all, but also her eldest son. The first born corner is here also and hold them up he's a grown up, but healed legality and he's got. But, as you said, we were night the baby headphones on beer, and I just want to tell you this. My favorite anecdote about Conor, namely, is so Adrian
I'm, gonna really young like, but she was the first one to have a baby in the group of friends. So Connor was like everybody's baby and con your great baby, aided, really huge blue eyes, ending, is just kind of like down for whatever and love those babies. So one time my sisters on the phone book it she there talking like their gossip eggs, are right there in it and there are just like them rather than an Conor is probably three years old and in the background my sister can hear every lake for two seven minutes she hears Connor Go Chee Mamma, and it's happening is Adrian,
is cost me on the phone not really being attention. Every time collar says she Mamma. She pulls off like half a slice of american cheese and just hands it to em, like she's, not paying attention to how many times he says, Cima, and so then one time and she does it multiple times and then one time he just walks up and throws up a cheese and eighty heads response is www high, your radio play for my sister and when she reads older, we were both like crying laughing. It's my favorite story. That's essentially what about guest is? Yes, it shows. You lazy, like oh, my god, it's illyrian, so I like to say that Conor now, even though he's gonna like what are you thirty years, something rose something to see dull. They let you in here
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Shade Madison dash red dot com and our listeners get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit. With code M, F M ten, that's M M ten at Madison Dash red dot. Com goes by. this You guys have a lot of murderers that we don't want to talk about. You don't owe me in this whole weakens been. I can't do that. murder I fuckin, hey pee, wee gas, Gallia, stupid mother. I hate that guy, I mean
think that's the whole idea, but so is really hard because, like obviously we want to talk about things- and you know it's there, it's it's just difficult to be light about many of the topics that the Carolinas bring. So this guy is among the worst I mean really unbelievable. Did you see my eyes right, o among the worst, but there that thing that success? There's not that much like information about him. So it's basically the really shitty crimes of Marcus Raider, everyone be quiet.
so this all happens in nineteen. Seventy, four! No acting back there. You are really Pierre FUCK, you, the balcony, securing on yellow roadway. What I don't realises, there's four of them just like keeps going up when you know which one about ok. This is all happening in nineteen. Seventy four put yourself there, the doors hundred so August seconds, Marcus reader at the time he is a thirty three year old, step, father of five and he's a marine that is based at Camp Lagoon in Jacksonville,
sure I could have pronounced a better. Let's move on you're getting comes in all fields, bad just see now in all fields, bad every city name. Every little thing is a horror to say out loud okay, so guess is its August. Sixteenth and workers is driving around with his step daughter, Deborah Deborah Ann Brown, the surname and they drive by the Post office parking lot and they see a woman named Cheryl Boyd getting into her car and without a baby.
Certainly a baby. Here's a fuckin fall on real baby. We Connor cry. Can someone give him? Cheese has American who carries american J slices and their partners? Ok, so so Margaret trader basically tells Deborah. I want to rob a bank and cheap old and to the post office parking lot and they pull up in the car next to Devers car and he gets out and he gets into the passengers as she gets into her side of her car. She pulls a forty five and gets into the passenger side and tells her stay calm, you're going to be all right, you're not going to get hurt you!
we're going to rob a bank. He then directs hurts drive to a different parking. Lot, however, knows: what's that will does she do? You know she is a nine she's. Nineteen, ok, so They he directs Deborah follows them in the second car, hey directs her to drive to this parking lot and then never gets out of the second car and brings like essentially duffel bag over, and he starts unpacking a bunch of shit from this duffel bag and he unpacked a blue jacket with a red and white stripes
no sorry red and yellow strike. They were getting Elio when you check Wikipedia later. I don't want you to be man before this gets bad because I know it's going to. I just want to say that if my step died, when I was a teenager was like organ rob, a bank I'd be like fucking like a teenage area. Like that's gonna, be fine young not like. I don't want to hurt me Y yeah, but it is something to do in an afternoon, but it's not like I'm not much to do in town re seventies. You can also, maybe that's the kind of September that white. Let you smoke behind the house or be cool about buying you Jack Daniels, before the big dance right so out of,
bag. He pulls that jacket, he pulls a pillow case. He pulls some brown gloves and he paused a green scheme ass, and this is one Cheryl, no she's in trouble, because around town for the past seven months there have been wanted signs up of a bank robber who, in January of the same year, had picked up a woman and made her rob a bank with him and he was wearing a green scheme. Ask and then, after that bank robbery he shot in the head or dead, and they had not solve the case and of course there was wanted posters all over everywhere. Oh yes, we're glad. I saw that stuff earlier, because that is not what I mean when is. When is the time? Why have we ever cared about the time yeah? So so, basically
he tells Deborah wait here in this parliament in this car and then he makes Cheryl drive to the bank with him. Oh sorry, that the woman's name that he killed in January was named ginger rate or she was twenty three years old, so that was an answer to that point so one thirty pm mark a trader walks into North Carolina National Bank with Cheryl in tow she's, obviously scared shitless. He tells three tellers put the money in this fellow case they comply, but they give him some what they call bait money like
bills, so it serial numbers that the bank knows these from us and they also activate has its nineteen seventy four and theirs. I guess no video yet or whatever so the activate cameras in the bank. Oh no, I bet they're video cameras in my mind when I read that lie at the very moment I would just like. I was a vision. There was video before nineteen seventeen fucking time limited. How can we just imagine for a minute that their bowler than they just spitting does it is like? I can just take me not this one, not this one. Please please do not make a critical during that's our conversation that every picture driver takes about immigration, Erika Omega filters on it and then, like that filters, I'm gonna go has that is, it is see our different. It is because I I don't do Instagram nodded unable so every time we take a picture like no, no, no she's like known and watch this, don't forget about
and then it's a Mimi photo. I see that I have a mustache. She s, whiskers Smurfit, that's all we want to do so. They take pictures of him what's wrong with me one little fuck it miss. Let's, like the big, that's the quintessence of man just boil down to one little thing: we're like really. I thought it was a different thing, just told a whole bunch of people with something else. So anyway, video wasn't invented and night and eighty six, when I first thought of it, I create the world's with my mind a right, so so they have pictures of him again and in the green scheme as they take the money he takes the money they run out of the bank get into Charles car. He makes her drive away. They go there
back to the parking lot or Deborah is waiting. and trader, tells her to follow them again and he makes Cheryl drive to an alley behind the AP store in Jacksonville and both car stop next to each other and she Cheryl throws the car keys out of the car and he gets out through was his gloves into the car where Deborah is turns around and she fell in the head, and then he gets into the car. What Deborah Ann they drive away and he has Deborah drive him to a fucking car in a different parking lot. He has his van waiting with the firm he gets into the Van Deborah drives off and he changes back into his military. Uniform goes back to the base yeah You fuckin dark so in,
in August, as so same month, but like a couple weeks later, the please get this lucky break. So they have these wanted signs up everywhere and the only thing you can see because obviously he's got the scheme ask on, but he has very easy, very frankly phase and around the eyeholes. You can vary definitively see that he is freckles right there. So a marine corps, men who was walking by the building as the like police station and where the military police they were. The buildings were near each other, and so this marine is walking by an he looks. at the one, a poster and he notices that detail, and he had just had dinner with Marcus Raider like a week before so he goes into goes. I know who that is its Marcus raider soldiers from the room, the freckles and then you'll see I've a picture and you'll see. So the cops will say that for the end, the has the it gets so
and it's so grows the cops go and raid Marcus Raiders House and like like in a couple hours. They just immediately assemble and go they find in his freezer. They find the cash from the robbery freezer her young some stupid, but then they go into the attic and right. That's where the bad things happen in the attic. You know he has a torture chamber
That's how it was described by season cops on the scene. I couldn't find anywhere where they describe. What was in that? Actually, you know it was because it never got out in any way was looking up like actual. This is something I don't do looking up like the court record and trying to find it what people said in the court trial and there's nothing in there except they said, there's chains on the walls and there is sexual sadistic sexual paraphernalia and basically come to find that markets had been molesting and raping five, his step children relation in Deborah who he for who he is centrally coerce to do these crimes with an too when later on, they were on trial. She was pregnant with her. She was sixteen years old at the time I never heard about. I've never heard this either. I know it's. It's like they were like lip, the every the cops auroras like. Let's never talk about this. That I mean it honestly seems it's like they were just kind of like people, don't need to know the details, others so disgusting after his arrest, his wife fucking
books it out of town with the other four kids. Of course, the only family she has left is his aunt, who lived up north think arch it somewhere to go so she went up their Deborah. Israel is arrested and she's charge will, because she is, she was look ito aiding and abetting. Essentially, she, this up in court testify against trader and saying that he had been molesting her and raping our since she was twelve and that he beater with chains with fists with a gun and and raped or with bottles sometimes and at the trial. So he's charge. He sentenced. oh sorry. She sentenced to fifteen years for her involvement with the crimes that builds a little. What's her name about her? Yes, thank you hear. The thing is: I think these days, the seventies or I think people are just like really
things happened, you are involved the end and there was there was not a lot of you know victim. Empathy or anything. There wasn't a lot of like. Let's look into this and like this whole, let's just get rid of his whole family Ivy League is probably with a mentality, was thumb she serve seven years. A relative took that baby when she had the prosecution fought for the case to stay in the county and the state because they didn't want to move it, even though it got a lot of press because they didn't want him to be eligible for parole at any point here, and so he's tried, he's found guilty of kidnapping and murder and then at the fucking trial. Deborah Ann Brown testify as and when she testifies. She tells another story of an unsolved case that the police don't know about, and dont know, is connected and that
is that one day they were driving around again by that Fucking post office. Parking lot same place and she sees they see two girls from that. She goes to high school with fifteen. worlds. Karen Amabel ends up fifteen year old, Cindy hours. There mailing something at the post office. He gets Deborah to go to offer them a ride home. They say as enemies and she says you can go get into that vat and, of course, he's lying in wait, SAM it's them and then them in beer in the bare creek area and those were unsolved cases until this trial, maize was like guess what else yeah, so the retired, District attorney at the time Bill Andrews said, he's the most dangerous man I ever prosecuted and after he went to jail heat up, he got. The death sentence, and then
yeah! Wait because The Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was unconstitutional in in nineteen seventy six. So then he got life in prison, and then he was up for pearl in nineteen. Eighty six denied
oh, no, sorry it never went to the board. It was like it. Basically, everyone looked. The paper came in. They were like just put that right over there. Rather over. There is a way from the Polaroid camera on the wall in two thousand five, he had its first pearl hearing denied and that's when Bill Andrew said he worked hard every year to make sure he did not get out of prison, so Marcus trader for real. I mean it. You know a lot of people worked on this case, but he died in prison of natural causes because he was only thirty three when he committed all these horrible crimes on July tenth, two thousand seven- and he was sixty five years old at the time. And how did the folks in Eastern North Carolina REACT in the days after Schroeder's death, a sign at a furniture, storing Jackson's in Jacksonville Red burn in Hell, Margus trader and that's the horrible story of Marcus Raider? Sorry, it's crazy.
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is not non yeah job we tackle. Thank you, some always thing the ultimate com. You are a well This one was like the safest storm I could do and it feels appropriate and just get into Yellow in a black widow Blanche, jailer, more shit. This chick is problem, maverick, shoot them acts. Everyone loves a black widow ready for this. Yes, I am, then. Yes, I'm going to tell you who played whom, in the ninety ninety three black widow murders the Blanche- Taylor, more story- ass, don't worry, I've got you so
there's like insane chickens grant all over this because right before, when I was getting ready for you I make up on. I listened to a case while opposite about this, and I know not where the fuck that guidelines info buddy is very going to leave among its Orient, though all the way over in Australia and I get in that in the town. So so this chick Blanche, Taylor, more, she was born in conquered North Carolina. There. There there she's a fifth of seven kids. They are pretty poor family. The father is a self taught Baptists. Minister Molly is positive, this
We can read hee hee hee even calls his own style of preaching primitive, its legality, Pisa Fundamentalists than everyone's like the fundamentals are like this is too much for us. Even I mean we like garden everything. This is parameter she's, born in February, seventeenth, nineteen, thirty, three, a in nineteen, forty, two nine years old. They moved to tar or to Tar Hill nope. They move from tar, helped to Burlington the CO factory. Exactly ass, we went shopping before we came here to get all of our coated. Super old, so so he her father is a super fuckin strict. He forces that he is in a womanizing he's an alcoholic he'd just loves to gamble aunt, the preacher, the preacher. Ok, so that's how you know yourself tat just like that's what I read it in its fine. Don't worry about it! So us so she says it later in her life that since she was around nine years old, he started to to use her to pay his gambling debts by giving her to the men, the older man, it's really fucked, you look terrible and she found solace and church though she thinks her mom knew what was going on, but she looked the other way and she D, this kind of maybe explained her deep disdain for men in her later life. Perhaps I could she thought men were worthless. She never learn boundaries with them and she just kind of had some weird shit going on like she would go from quoting scriptures too then starting to talk about sexual expect explicit topics in the same conversation. Well, man, that was the combo for her at all, surrounds I re like so those things gonna go over a lapse, yes, and so, who is she played by some I'll? Tell you she played by as corona? Ok, maybe she's played by Elisabeth Montgomery Hoagie, where there is a beautiful. She was an attractive woman, so shameless very white year was that tv movie ninety three wow Scandia, so she
No! She escapes from home by getting married at nineteen.
And so a nineteen fifty two she marries a man named James Taylor NA. Let you, sir, I hope so his middle name was Napoleon. I think the most interesting thing about he's twenty four years old is a veteran and furniture store he they. He had a short fuse, though I think kind of like her dad she was a veto drawn. The men were second dicks, they have to children, but the marriage is bad because he's an asshole and he rightly suspects Blanche of having unfair affairs she's. Just like after that, Dick, like, like ok, I mean in nineteen fifty four Kroger. I just come to town in Greensborough, so she gets a job for Kroger Greensborough. We don't have now. Let's kind it is like the grocery store chain is like a new thing. There too, where it's like it's there really friendly a nice, but with I go, you know, but it's like a grocery big last year. It was you. I just got why they halted learning so nice, so much fun, so he she Lesabre nineteen. Fifty nine she's been promoted ahead, cashier, which is kind of like assistant manager, which is the highest jive available to women in Kroger. At that time only now I dont like Chrome, because she's really friendly issues outgoing everyone likes or they like get in her line when they're getting checked out just a fuckin talk with her. Ok, so sorry can I just say what I think she always picture I am getting in my head. Now is the hairs tall and there's always gum in her mouth. Like always saw a cigarette at that time. Oh my god gum on one side and secure and on the other versions slave girl. Let's look at a boat, here's a photo of her and James Taylor, and there too, but think there to show me which James Taylor, IA, oh and our checklists, I've been one of their children. If you she looked so she's cute she's, pretty she's outgoing she's, really what that what's up abies name, I said all right: it's how you guys near this, sir. I know I did like it's. Obviously it's Jeanette you! Eighty seven is amazing. Ever look at what s sends us like slides like to get ok by three p m, the data that are more like a great at this one at that would take that went out that say it's always has Blanche Taylor more with our has been James and daughter, Vanessa Van Ness, even yours, so get your jaw hired your hired boots. Okay, so she e let's get up and walk around for every picture son. She simmer will act as if that she's a church going mother everyone's, I great, such as I said she likes that be and so designated EVA. She expunge she fucks around with coworkers she fucks around with some customers she's, just like everybody wants to get an her align. That's right! That's right! There s something about check, getting
act out general that great price check re project on this re easy it's funny, but bad. It's not like. She was happy at home because Mr James Taylor was outlay southern asshole. He was used explosive window. I'm like he dragged her down the street with her coat in the cotton the car and I don't think her body was in the car. Bourbon. Isn't a co like you suck Dino, so she was like you didn't do that. Currently, Simon Thou, didst nomenclature gesture walked into a broker like it was walking. That's all! That's nice really good! You gotta go with it! Thank you. Gotta look up! Ok! So in nineteen sixty two blamed starts a fucking around with a married store manager. Was she works at his images? Raymond Reed he's played by John M Jackson, no mean either he's yours good, he's younger than her use. Twenty seven he's married with two kids, but eventually they start fucking around. He kind of false hard for her. It seems James Taylor and bland nodes, greater just can't get his face or voice out of my mind or just like James Taylor was incredibly violent, like how put his guitar down really hard like the way they were married for over twenty years when James starts getting sick out of nowhere. He, let's just these, got a cold in their millions. By not time now he starts. Vomiting he's got the fuckin diarrhoea situation. He he's got a crazy cramping in so much agony and liar he seeing rain. Now, I'm a bad, don't you do it? That's very bad boy, and he knows it makes sense to those good
The land has, of course, taken caretaking beds. I waited in the hospital feeding him and everything about he just gets occur in forty five years old, Jim failure to do so by inches, it's fucking bad. What member him he sacked! She also thing even he'd molested her too, which is like not hard to believe. If you like putting her after yes, he it turns out that he had had a second family, as these monsters like to do, and unlike a secret second seekers Emily which, like when she was younger, he had later date them for this other family says she had like cut our contact with him and then a little later. he is so a couple years before James got sick. She had started that she had reconciled reconcile be reconciled with him
critical. It was good that they became friends again last minute because he immediately started getting sick too. Oh no, yeah right and tying our entire just see she slipped right in the last man. That's right! Ok, so she took should care, took him and Fino found and everything. But here he eventually died too, in both James Taylor and her father. Were there because of death was thought to be heart: attack, ok behind it, further and they would right before they would die. They turned blue which, as I see
Do you think I don't know leaden, then the book at the diva there? Ok, so this dude Robert Hatton, this guy is Kroger's regional manager for peace, the Piedmont Triad areas he's goin back. The triad is unbelievable. That area God on an area you got, you got the one area that is secondary, three other all when you combine them as a try as an aerial it's over there. I just like that. She keeps it all in House Kroger, oh yeah she's, just like she's brand name, all me again, Kroger's that you have to admit that gross users are sexy, but probably in that bag of animals like brand new YA, like those limber those open for users who, just like you, put your whole body into you guys are children who used to be like that. It is back in the day. So this dude Robert Hutton, as I said, progress regional, may wonder for the Piedmont Dry area explained by Guy Boyd,
Now this movie didn't have star now. Well, maybe they got a lot of people from the theatre, a little perhaps like Elizabeth Montgomery, so he's a known as a fucking, sexually harassing creep and all the women who work for Kroger in the triad area are like fuck. This duty won't leave us alone. Everyone thought can hates she's at one time. He like put his hand up her skirt and other women would say that work there were like. He gets you alone in a small room and takes his pants off. Well was like MRS, like some straight up nineteen seventies foot. This is like regular. This is always all the time. Yes, darling, no sealed its pants off brain. I think you can have a smoke break. You can have a lunch break or you can meet me in the back for raise outbreak. So blame starts flirting with him and eventually gets him to do the pants off break she's, like I'm, not scare. Those fuckin panda idea pants off break around here. She gets him to do it and gave them here's where it's gonna be hard later, because you're gonna love her it now. I promise you sugar,
Is this fuckin pants and runs out of the outbreak like a fucking, runs out of this or never comes back butcher, ok and also its the sorry? It's this simply sixty seventies or so that you only women and a grocery store rights. Women there's no that's right euros or shopping when those right and way than there like applauding her new imagines. Loma like running like I'm on users grow, sit back and Haines underwear. Ok, we have two sub loving are now yes, so she spoils the sexual harassment lawsuit against him, an Kroger striking groundbreaking. Oh, this is in October nineteen. Eighty five so get us it's pretty
but here's the problem with ass. If she's been fuckin around with her coworker, remember him, Raymond wreathed give her a long time. They can link dating site. I, the young guy, he's married, but their unlike she's. Looking around he's like our own link. Everyone's Buckingham, it's the eighties. Even data can together for a while. He helps around financially sometimes, and so they have to maintain their secret relationship because she had said as part of a lawsuit was that she was quote completely alienated and antagonism towards men and not been able to maintain any meaningful social contacts with the opposite sex because of harassment. So she's just like this is on the deal everyone zip too in the sexual Erasmus. It was for filed for fifteen million dollars shed. She was just like it is grappling, so do there's kroner, so the the regional manage cargoes regional manager for the try a month.
pigment, triad area, the Triad be area, yes, he's forced to resign and leave suspension when Kroger eventually settles two years later out of court for children's seventy five thousand dollars, which in today's market is about six hundred thousand dollars. Ok great not the worst, then another weird thing than than other than there's another like weird thing: wench, her Fuckin mobile home or her in her mobile home catches on fire and when the and burns down and when the cops go to check it out, they faint they were like that's arson and- and she was like you, ok, here's the thing: that's fucking perverts been following me,
and he little on fire insurance, warlike, ok, Brigham and gave her money. Then she did it a second time littering new book at home on fire. Ok, I guess shortly after she moved in their issues like that fucking permanent again, he is just so resilient pervert. So she's got some. Some of those issues go on right, so she's, gonna, scamming insurance, she's, like she's doing ass. She yeah she's gettin. Hers was getting hers anyway. She can the cheeks kind of like overcharge at this point, for other should happens, but her friend makes her go with her on Easter Sunday to church. I don't know, but it is too short animals a temple. So least I got that right and she goes and meets the reverend at this church he's a recently divorce good. Looking do not catholic. We can do this. We can figure it out slowly, but surely he's played by David Cleanin.
now. Never in my life have you not garden, I asia her bright breaking my heart, I'm sorry! I was lying David Clinton from MASH, so it bash because they know no one. You're watched really goes on in the background. I know you will state your very smart, ok, everything was died of intellectual is here. Why doesn't look I have written here? He was a divorce passer. The Carolina United Church of Christ, singer rule elements County between term and greens were really what you re talking about. Temple Beth, Israel. He so he had got kicked out of his old fuckin, where INA pastor place you down, because he had been having a sixteen year affair with one of his parishioners yeah yeah, that's rain, parishioners. I thought you were. You pointed like that, and I was like please don't tell me a giant Nova like one, even though it is all but when I say yeah he's way he's up there sitting down there, you know like gunnery, they meet in their boats like attracted, you know, attractive older Berliner fifties, let's say and in the end link into each other, but he's obsessed with her. It seems like an she stuff, you know Dating Reed, and so he just kind of starts nudging her date, but she's like I'm not in this phase, but they start dating secretly. Eventually,
He seemed like a nice did, I don't know he seems like a nice priest here and it's at this point that Blanche starts to get sick, her boyfriend, Richard Reed, and it doesn't know how to break up with people apparently and starts getting sick. You know that I know now, let's see here yeah so so she starts getting sick of him and he's pressing her to marry him at this point. Reed don't do that to glance. No, no, no research and she had sorted this new relationship behind his back, which was like getting serious which he suspected so Nigeria sex. He starts getting sick, as you said now, developing when initially as diagnose is a case of shingles, which is really painful rashes and did you
in the commercial the virus is already inside of you better really manners are everybody. Apparently it's like insanely bugging, painful and horrible. No, it's really bad yeah. That's it sucks. So he sought hospitalized. Ok, look at those fucking horrible for him, so his rashes are so bad that one gets infected in his Natalia area, he s it circumcised to get rid of
right, pork, I didn't it. Doesnt work, use them rash, escape happening and they do test him for arsenic at the hospital, though, and it turns out positive, oh, but the test got fuckin lost yeah, but don't worry Blanche by his bedside taking care of him ass. She is feeding him. His favorite things banana, putting an peanut butter, milkshakes strangers so hard to slip. Anything in as everyone knows, as anyone with a dogma and like made him so happy that she was caring for him because she could. You could tell that she wasn't as interested, newer and now she's here taking care of him. Oh no, that's the sad as yeah, but he dies on actual we're seventh nineteen. Eighty six, eighty sixth, no beanie sticks of October. You know and the doctors say that the cause of death is Gilias bar syndrome, which is a rare disorder which are bodies in which are bodies, immune system attacks, your nerves so like fuck shingles, or that they both bucking terrible and there are neither the worst one of all foreign. Did your girlfriend's your shingles already inside of you, let's rate,
I'll help you what I'll for? Oh it check out stand for Germany now and I put my money: any oil actually also evaluate, ok, so Finally, Blanche is free to publicly see reverend more and they starts going public after his death. They get married in November nineteen, eighty eight and they go to the most romantic place for honeymoons anger, Athol. No,
like sarcastically, I was being surges. Do you love it? Never really wanna watching them, MRS Weiler? Those less last part of the sinners like this is a really good news. Again, it's crazy like we should go. We spoke with negative may aggravate. I guess again: yes, Paris, your close, not sarcastic, allows, are cast a glance Vegas now,
sorry again, Sargasso, there's a lot of bad places in the world. New Jersey and innocent Sarasota Springs. They got a new jersey to visit. What dont know. Ok, too, is his son lives there? They just do you just had its first grandsons, so they go or kids, so they go there to honeymoon. You know you do yeah, and they they have to cut their trip short because
he gets my days after their married. He gets my only sick and they go home. He gets the New Jersey fluids and they end up going to several hospitals and doctors are trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with it and his condition condition just keeps deteriorating its threatening, multiple organ failure and death and Blanche like they're like what could it be interested? I don't know you know, I know that we were in the garden working with and there was a beside their. So maybe that's that maybe it's that that I put in his letter- and that is our fucking ass. She hadn't mention that she might have gotten away with another one really because her saying that it could be poison and like hoping, though just brush adopted not must be. What it is, is the thing that trigger them, because doctors ordered attacks, ecologist green to check for the put that poison, specifically like here, maybe accidently put in the sandwich or something you know. As you do know, gardeners Vulcan around there is the results are reveal more hours, more arsenic than they had ever seen and a living person twenty times enormous amount. It's the most arsenic ever consumed by someone who doesn't die from it. So he survives slow, that's the ice arrive I wanna see. He's is right. I saw some. This do is built from his genes like get in get get in them. Get inside of genes and run out of the great store eggs are already inside of you. That's what you want our doing really having been there like he's still does. This is what is wiping out. Like a you know, anyone else who died of life was a weird z like a weird sickness or so Miliband. Maybe you caught at or whatever and he's like. Oh my, my wife's Ex Data billion bar syndrome
like oh shit like what's check this chick and they also discovered that Blanche had attempted to change Reverend Moors Pension in order Microsoft. The primary beneficiaries should also become the primary beneficiary fuckin reads: bullshit our he died sure he couldn't I couldn't say I want her to be precise. beneficiary because he didn't speak at that point, so he just nodded at the lawyer, and she was like. I just
the lawyer to visit you, because I thought it would be so nice. Look at this paper work really quick by leveller, so much that he like at that point in even think about ass. She was like small talk with her. Like I mean, was she the most magnetic person of all time? I think that I think it's the women didn't like her and she was magnetic and flirtatious with men and labour like obsessed with her and her policy was lined with gold. Has I mean what could it be? What what else could it be? I'm just asking, and you can think about it in your seats- do isn't dating hard enough she's, just slaying left in the US. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! So we will not make her an anti hero. Will not do that. He's not he's not she. Also at that point she's, like oh shit, there only me so she cuts irreverent, moors hair off to try to make it so they can't test his hair for poison and then the like, oh yeah, we're gonna grab. Some future must work. I I just love her ego that she thinks she can dna shit in front of doctors and no one's gonna, be it's me like. Oh, you gave him a loving final haircut. Veal! Don't do that as if they go, doesn't only here, gasping Aunt S, temper boys and I well hang a error. The re machines not working today, so I guess I can't do it. I'm sure it's called something, but I dont know what testing machine the testing machine, voucher, gotta, be it that's! Ok, sizes aggregate more survives by the grace of you know the guy that you guys, all or in new during believe throwing employees interviews voyage states that both Roman more and her ex her there
her boyfriend. The time who said read they they were depressed at the time, so maybe they probably took the poison them several. Yes, that's probably himself twenty times the amount they were young girls. I gladly give I've got married by bays ago, but I'm really depressed in the light of these relations, of course, the bodies are examined, including her first hasn't James Taylor, longtime boyfriend, Raymond read her blindness Father because aims. Parker Keyser
thanks, Jane sailors, mother who had died before James Taylor had died, her name's eyelid Taylor and so her mother in law who she had fed through her sickness smell or she died. Two no away dang, so autopsy show that elevated levels of arsenic were in all three or four bodies, but the bodies it but Reed and Tailor were the most were actually fatal amounts dosages sclerosis. So there they classify there does as arsenic poisoning that city they lay lead. They said that more than thirty people arose as possible. Arsenic, victims of Blanche, Fuckin Taylor, more woe, thirty, but Pino though
can be confirmed, is just these for that they actually took like these are looking at everyone who ever died. Who went to the Kroger unanimity, so I who knows I did he have shingles write anything everyone was like. Look like you need to look at my dead person like. I think she did a gene allowance for lunch or something like I mean, but if that person is like this, you know hiding in plain sight,
She did go to touch. You did tapir, where parties to those we, like some people, really looked back like I dont, really sick. After only I, what about one time were also or even if they didn't just like how guarantee it would be or you're just like. I want you investigate. My whole light years has just so free ia, it's so creepy, ok, suddenly aftermath about. It was also found that the doctors at the Baptist Hospital, where Ramen Reed was admitted, and eighty six remember that they had lost his fucking toxicology report will happen. Was the resident responding for carrying resident responsible for carrying had rotated to another hospital and the new resident never pass the results of the chain of command, so it just didn't get their so called stopped. At that point, I honestly that you're gonna say that she came in and thought that resident, and am I see your files really quick. I just wanna look at your files, wily running their paper up man, but so, but his
X Raymond reads: ex wife and his son did sue Baptists Hospital for malpractice because in it they could do so because Blanche
Mary care of him, and so I don't ass though they think that she tampered with it. Maybe yeah count accents she's arrested in eighteen, eighty nine charged with we're sorry murder at the death of Raymond Reed, because I thought that was the one that they could totally prevailed and also a site with a deadly weapon for the poisoning and wherever nor the trial. The oak goes so in some Salem in October twenty trials up there, they really nine ninety ninety land, just fifty seven years old. At this point, I want to take up again make it clear how one problem and nodding to car as she did with their prison. I see I see what people are saying in this prison uniform and she put pearls and a little and plunge around at his side. That looks like nineteen. Eighty seven to me: that's caky, those big earrings shoe she's. She might as well be going like this he's my trial, she's fuckin thing. She was a fucking narcissist such ass. I think so. I am probably had a little touch of the by proxy. What's a little munch by problems lunch my browser, I now so every day I thank God. I don't have a job where I have to wear. Polyester pants for the bell is absolutely so unforgiving, an unfair that lady has a nice waste, but Jesus Christ and those in our either ones she got when she started the job like, and they won't give her a new paradigm is right logic. I raise such issues like she's at you, mother, Fucker, making it work, fine she's area pressure. He gets where when every wants, so after six hours admiration, she found guilty she's convicted. On November fourteen nineteen. Ninety and the judge us she fuckin get sentenced to die by lethal injection o share that they are not buy it around. She gets Zenza die by peanut butter. Milk should be that's great. Shame that doesn't send trial for the death of her other people in sheer is still at an inn. North Carolina correctional situation for women, she's elaborate now she's, still alive, Jesus Christ, she's eighty five years old and she's. The states oldest death row inmates second longest, serving in one of the. Only one of the only two women by beat you guys are not lead, they won't the death penalty thing is you know that don't make an up and be up because the doctors are like they like me, you need a doctor present for putting people.
The dance here and there the doctors are like hey, we can't leave,
the thing that we wouldn't harm people. Remember that thing that you want us to do so we can't do that. So it's not product and haven't you plenty of old age beforehand, she's, right, music, but now, Spencer Time, writing, poetry, happy to know. I am happy at another. She's religious, again and she's been able to like released straight Satanism, she's been able to avoid execution for over twenty nine years and to this fucking day and all through the trial. She fucking maintains her innocence. Yes, and that is your black widow Blanche Taylor, you was amazing, was hey. Let's get peanut butter milkshake gardening. Do we in turn led to a little hometown murder hands down? Now I can't tell you a quick reveal. I know you probably know all these rules, but basically, let's just really think about them and take them in its important. You know you can't raise your hand if you
let's say four beers in and you can't follow your own story, its crucial that you are able to concisely. Tell your story in an exciting and engaging manner. It can be very overwhelming when you're standing up here, we may get loaded so very little. There's these fucking balconies and people are staring at you and they hate you cause. You got Padua and you get really in your head and then you start thinking of other things. We don't know what you're thinking of those thing and then your leg was to tell a story, will help you through it. Don't worry, but still you know, handle your shit, make sure it's concise, make sure its local and was that it was the one from the other night there's there was a new ones, a new one, that you picks when we said that already everybody jewelry manager, others there are cases where there are then set up a pretzel waiting gross backstage after the show that was exciting, but has the words of wisdom. God bless workfare, always in their local work. You knows preparatory mania. Let's do this, I'm still on arrival or energy wanna, pics and you're gonna like that, but please, hair! Ok, you guys are like in, like the ombudsman s over here in your little box circle. Those are the rich people in these boxy money there about everybody. I know you don't worry, it gets worse sure and everyone laxity legs like C mon over here. Where are you you, I'm from medicine was gone. Somebody living concordant, some, what's your hometown, so when you said Mark as I actually thought you were going to do my hometown, that Canada is the murdered, Marcus Crag and has committed actually in Michigan, but he lived in North Carolina. Ok, so my husband went to high school with Marcus Craig ass. He and he always daddy, was like a little bit weird little by off, like one of those people that you don't know. If you should really trust there. Just one of those people
wait I'll. Never so he graduated high school and moved up to Michigan because he said that he couldn't find what he wanted to do in life and North Carolina. So he message my husband about a couple weeks after he moved to Michigan. He was like hey I'm thinking of joining the military. I know you're in the military. So what do you think you think I could get anything it's a great opportunity and, as we know is, light is great, but I dont gets four year wow unease like Y know. I think I would be really good. I can hold a gun. You know this will be great. Our goal overseas and it'll be fun, will see what happens so he never did during the military mocha in a week after my husband received that message on the news he got arrested for stabbing his grandfather did at being his uncle and attempting to also stab his grandmother. So what happened, as is his grandmother she
Tim stab the grandfather she went into the bathroom Molothrus, often called nine going ones that hey migrants on has gone completely insane. Please come and by the time that she got out and she recovered. Thankfully them all of her words and Marcus Craigslist opens the door for the cops and, like ok, come into my. How he's just totally excited least I come so he was officially deemed not mentally stable to stand trial. He went into a mental institution. Couple years later came out officially stead trial and now he's crazy. Only my home town, like Greece, do like ITALY car. That's like scrape dear car in the park, in fact enable Alexey. That was amazing that every rage you gotta, keep that microphone. That's how it's done well, how our first weekend of urban tour, you guys it's amazing. You know the first year that we did went on tour ended touring. It was kind of felt like it did feel like a bit of a weight. That leg was going to end their leaders like everyone's gonna, be excited and then I'll die down, and we will do that anymore and quite the opposite is happening. It's incredible incredible and we know you guys. I've had a really rough a week or so, and we weren't separating it will make it really pretty. Sugar is taking us in having Us- and it's been so great being here and meaning so many on some people its owner having ass. Yet we ve been on its. You have helped us kick off our fault. You're, the foul twenty teens. Her with three incredible shows like every single shows when amazing these audience has been so smart and so funny and so great to be with. Thank you so much for being our friends, the really appreciate it really per se and each other's friends we working mothers community, removing a part of it. So thank you guys are amazing, stay sexy.
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