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2018-12-17 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include mennonite murder and a city found in a wall.

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This is exactly right. Oh um, to my favorite murder, the many so episode, one o one, I'm drowning! Someone help me where my its acquired drowning on this side of the table sucked Georgian arriving a reg a conversation. Just an exchange of views think this and the way Georgia said no to me, maybe suck water up. The back of my nose, like a reverse, Nettie Pause right up in there. Now, I'm glad that funny
Isn't it a great feeling too fucking fills rate and maybe all make show people tell hope. That's the best, spinning choking whom any time people say you Listening to an episode now my computer's ruined I favour a silly activists, but all over the years got it the ultimate cause they threw their computer on the ground. I decide to snap my macbook and half because her so I mean this worry where a junior stuff, Emil's of all kinds, we ve gone now into after the last one, I've a ton of Safeway stories O had it he and I were just during Gent general Grocery store anecdotes. I mean what is this about our we? What has this will? Let's get back to basics re stuff founded, while the ass, an entire city,
hi all I was watching old episodes of good mythical morning on Youtube. Recently, shame plug, clearly its inertia and found a story. I think you'll lake in nineteen sixty three a guy in Turkey, found a mysterious room behind a wall in his home as he a further he found out. There is access to an entire underground city. His house, I've seen this one on the now politically incur, ancient aliens, which I didn't realize until we got emails from it the day, is very problematic, show, aside from the fact that they do not believe Egyptians could have built anything in and of itself very racism. They book people that are of very questionable holocaust didn't happen, people exactly right, so so Campi recommending ancient aliens anymore, except for the fact that that
and I guess good mythical morning- are the only places I've ever heard of this turkish city underground share? Okay, so this city is called daring to you. It's you her old built around the seventh century BC, saw before the Lord. It has multiple floors, stables, chapel and could hold twenty thousand people. The people built the city also built access points and ventilation shafts all over the city, but our the tools were abandoned. I guess most of the access points were closed off. Like you,
sky. There happen to be an access point in his head. Looking like you can't come mother, our you're like it's, the ultimate man cave, thereby City Jim. I give it my dear mind, cable tv way down there. I am recline her hair woods. Football is the best one it's in a small chapel, one mile underground away from their life. Clearly, this is something I have found in a while, but it just seem like something you guys have excited about exactly right. Now, it's open a visitor. So maybe, if you ever go to Turkey, you can visit. I'm I'm going there absolutely as E g m Natasha thanks
Natasha, really really well curated story. Natasha. Is that guarantee EU is right at my alley facts. This is a perfect pancakes, a fact based. This is a real place. You can go to you get a tour unlike the deep salt mines and Malta, where they say giants, are mining salt such either. If you go to sleep in the hope that the ideas are these lizard, they lizard deeper of core earth core people. They could be Elisabeth could be flatter. Soaker it could be journey to the centre of the earth is where just dedicated to the Disney movie from the zigzag Ebay. That's that's. Last past gossamer elected will pass this one over the markets and the boy that's right. Ok once called the headless Mennonites. Ok my dear bad, ass, M, M, family and then she says the beast and that's then says Pennsylvania Dutch, for what's crack and
wow beached. My husband and I was also a big fan corrupting conservative mennonite families and closely associated with the amish culture. That's why I think that can win exciting can pull gather yeah, we got the men and I we gotta Mennonite on our side to other. These aren't listen but thankfully came to appoint an early twenties where we realise we were in a halt and went home any ha, that's on purpose for any HIV area. They live and work in homes, cameo higher shoulder to shoulder with a lot of amish, Slash Mennonites, my husband is manager of the company s Father hounds and was interviewing a potential employ. My husband is asking this future employ about where they was from, and he said eaten Ohio, my breath and then because on this ain't my rather murdered our parents a few years ago, but I wasn't involved
That's right! Wash your hands and walk away. You know even those you're going to go via just like just go, get us out of the way you google me clear it I just want to let you know that I was at home that day. That's right just put the board out there and then just let it go. That's right! The husband of my husband, obviously sons, finished interview and immediately told me about this bizarre interview. We ve did some gurgling and were stunned to find out about this? Guy's men- parents had been found dead at their farm shot in the head. He had also decapitated his father, the cops down in West Virginia with a gun, a change in the car. He has been a trail three times and has been found and competent to stand trial did his mental illnesses. Even though chew psychology ditches psychologists have said his behaviors do not indicate he suffers from delusions. He claims to have oh he's lying abso. He sits in a mental hospital and tell his quote competent to stand trial.
Just a small snack, the odd and strange happenings in homage country that are often covered up by the dark and secretive culture. Hello, beard, cutters and rapist anytime? You it's a beard gather on par with a rate of parallel. That's a thing to be like when they cut your beer off when you ve done something wrong as jail. Woe to look, not lend here's invitation any generally like now. We want to come to any tiger owing through higher. We would be honoured to introduce you to got delicious cheese is amish, mashed, potatoes and all the weird creepy amish gossip wow stay sexy and keep your electricity carry. I I want here that gossip more than I bet it's the craziest first, you have to say a prayer stir straight out of his equal rights, and then I may I shaved my beard mama's dailies. I feel like I'm ready to go. I will I will cut my beard for this month special occasion. What was it did you have the air
let's crack in an enormously beast. Deviation in reverse. Here: ok, the subject of this one is: my mom was held at gunpoint hi my favorite squad. Let's start I've been bending represents per usual and one of your I survived. Episodes reminded me of my mom and grandma. Being bad asses, when my Mama seven or eight, she entered the door to a man asking for her dad. She invited him in said one minute and went to get my grandma. They lived in a small town. My mom wasn't primed to fear people coming to the door, so this was and out of the ordinary for her when she returned with my grandma, the guy had pulled a huge gun and told my grandmother giver all give em. All your money jewelry, Possessions of value in the house he made them, take him around the house to get jewelry from each room. My mama grandma wanted to survival mode. My mommy, I contact with my grandma and then just wiggled a ring finger, so my girl
but turned her engagement and wedding ring around to hide the stone and then improves. It says my favorite part of the story. That's right is an eight year old thought to do the genius at the same time, unlike given the fucking wedding ring yeah right, I mean if he asks for it now, flash around Java K what the Sioux here judge valuable raw grandma turn it in. He'll know we're rich. He then tells me growing to drive him somewhere about twenty minutes away, giving turned by turn directions. Apparently he was smoking, a joy in the back and high as a kite. So when they arrived at whatever creepy s building, he told my grandma give him her keys, he didn't notice her slip. The car key off the ring omega thirteen is he put the key ring on a fire hydrant across the street said
five minutes and then they would get the then they could get the keys back. The second you went across the street and turned around the corner. My grandma mom booked it out of their own and my family story of I survive. My mom didn't tell me the story until I was in middle school at as school shootings were becoming more our common I'm twenty one now and junior college and Was there a bad things that happened in the world, but that doesn't mean you need to be scared of the world and hide take the world storm like the strong woman that you are people, and safe, stay sexy and don't forget you're, smarter than the bad guys Cecy sort of the catch the eye they probably didn't are they would I bet that showed within there, but I love the idea that just like take advantage of that scenario and just like try to get like now. How did she do that advance thinking of get the car key of the ring from all the Kazi wants? There that's got that the ring thing and the keys are good thinking. That you don't. I feel like a bit
scared to try in our lives in our sea, but a visit, your high. If your fuckin stone at about in the back, see that's right, remember, stone people think everything's, funny eternal saw little ear low on the radio. What it does just seven minutes there so easy to trick and computers stake, stay present say, focus right. Maybe she got a fucking contact. I like I'm, not taking those snacking key. Ok, is called my mother's Ex boyfriend, the cocaine, cowboy woe and then it says you know to date, some want to break up and run into them years later only be like ie eggs. I really digestible at their that happened in my mom, except she saw him in a newspaper and he was dead. Oh a few months ago. She told me of an ex of Hers Andrew Carter's Thornton. The second definitely bound to end up as some kind of criminal without name they were inch. Is by mutual friend and started dating. He was dead.
Charming? Well, educated, successful work for the seven minutes and computers great restaurants. That's all I can wait. That's my only once in a word, ass, no question! Actually things are going well, but then the restaurants became cedar and senior. He started flaking a lot and install is never really seem to check out when she the deal was with. At shit. He said he was under cover for the de I couldn't be seen out or a blow his cover story. She didn't buy and have been in my mom except she saw him in a newspaper and he was dead. Oh humans ago, she told me of an ex of Hers Andrew Carter's Thornton. The second definitely bound to end up as some kind of criminal without name they were introduced by mutual friend and started dating. He was dashing, charming, well, educated, successful work for the d a
Andrew had jumped from his drug smuggling plain his first parachute and had an open for a mysterious, and perhaps the various reason will never really know his second clearly hadn't done the job and he was found dead in a Knoxville Tennessee driveway crash landing, earned him the title of cocaine cowboy. Why According to articles I read and lifted from, he was found wearing a bullet proof and Gucci loafers carry, browning, nine millimeter automatic pistol at twenty two calibre, thereunder ammunition, night vision, goggles books with names and codes, thousands of dollars in cash and excluding IRAN's, and then all calves treasure dream of only six yeah like that, you fell from the fucking, groundless hurry he's, showed them into the lining of his jacket, tat treasure he also food rations and vitamins and
And perhaps to various reason will never really know his second clearly hadn't done the job and he was found dead in a Knoxville Tennessee driveway, his crash landing earned him the title of cocaine cowboy. Why, according to articles I read and lifted run, he was found wearing I don't know where with you. Why do you need a compass at the jockey clubbing? Are you going to the forest? Are you going to Germany that would melt a meter? Is I thought only I set out on him at all and I also set a compass. You thought that, but I think I'll cimeters are in plants, I dont, that's my guess. I don't know, I don't never and I dont well. I never and then told anything of relevant information and that it says, oh also, seventy seven pounds of cocaine o issue literally millions of dollars. You know the basics year a few months
patient papers in two different names and membership card to the Miami jockey Club and the key to the airplane Miami Jockey Club like horse shocking. I guess what the fuck I dont know we're with you. Why do you need a compass at the jockey club? Are you going to the forest? Are you going to Germany's? I would melt away there? Is no we're gonna get that for a variety of data. The cocaine that had rudely thrown from the plane midway because it was guaranteed sewage way he's is going down. Is checklist? He's like Cougar ants check out imitate check a bare near on this planet. A barren coquet airport that poor bear out Andrew was a former narcotics officer and suspended lawyer who had not been under under cover for the d ass. He said that we had.
At one point. Instead had been on the Rhine from them. While he was dating my mom wow, you ve been working for a huge weapons and drugs smuggling smuggling operation and, according to one article, he became one of the highest ranking members. This whole story is allegedly part of a larger conspiracy regarding drug trafficking, slash the CIA, Slash and labour and major weapons that could be a many said in itself. So justly the story at that stage. Sexy and don't let your dreams were bears can get them. Sam shit, sound but but but Craig was legendary, is like a touch of db. Cooper. Hotel is a touch of that story that you did not attract yeah yeah- oh my god, oh my god, and then of course, Baroness and Bear Vero these sorry for those animal nature, people out there, but we have included
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I just want to share this odd story that happened recently. I pleased always always show your stories. I was in front of my housebreaking Liese, as one does when living in a north eastern in northeastern Ohio with a three year old steadily on the heels. I was keeping a very close eye on him when I saw him squeal with delight ass. He pick something up off the ground. I ran over and saw that he had found an old rusty heart shaped necklace. I told him, it looked pretty old and he exclaimed that it was so cool and put it around his neck. Oh my god, I felt it was totally harmless and finish my raking before we headed back inside. He continued. Clothing necklace all afternoon, putting it on various stuffed. Animals are Doug. Let me try on a few times soon soon it was bad time,
battle ensued of me. Trying to take this necklace off happen. I finally caved in just let him keep an eye on for about time, because sometimes you can only fight with a three year old so today, so we did our usual nighttime routine and after you fell asleep, I took the necklace and took a downstairs as working with it. I noticed it wasn't just a hardship necklace, but in fact a locker I was in the kitchen when I got the bright idea to try to open it. It was sealed, shut, pretty good butterflies photos inside of it as well as their minds, but it's him in a coffin come on it. I was in the kitchen. When I got the brevity I try to open it. It was sealed, shut pretty good, so I resorted to a butter knife to pride, open a regular eager. He wanted to see what sort of pictures it held inside. Only
my utter horror as I cracked open the locket grade dust flew everywhere. It was fucking ashes, mother, Father De La litter, disturbing my son was lying with this and he just got a fucking bath. With that day, I'd like to say that I tried finding me owner, do the necklace, but couldn't figure out how to tell them that I open the lock it, and eighty percent of them went down my kitchen during this issue, so I just tied in a bag and carefully placed it in the garbage outside I'm just Helping my house doesn't become haunted by those of you guys get a laugh at others. It can't we see in Pittsburgh in March on the
at the Friday shall stay sexy and don't let your kids play before we could see lockets Nicole, oh, why? Why did they put ashes and neck like I get us like a thirteen year old, I would again the kind and my grandmother ashes in and the values be close to my heart and then you lose some like they. Let you scoop, and now it's not like the family gets their share. Think that happens sometimes own linked to run a little piece of ram. Also, maybe you also maybe it wasn't that like maybe, was ashes from like a flower there's a guy had given her and she boomer Super God. She's really go. She was the first godly ass. It was eighteen, ninety two and now that little three old speaking times greater Uruguay, about mafia improvisation, that's a great that's, a great story for us. You know it's like
it could have been an antique, it could have been. Anything no is filled with. Human crimean remains remain. Learn that word from the spot cast. Ok, this is like a light. Hearted Oak, MRS called magic sped. Ok, hi guys. I recently listened to in many said about parents making applies equally forever, and this made me think of something. My parents said they tear for totally normal. That had a few weird traditions. When my sisters and I were growing up and got a bubu- we wouldn't go to either of them crying begging for them to make it better, but we were really asking for was magic spit. You see our parents would spit on their fingers and rubbed into whatever bruise or cut we had this miraculously cured, whatever we were crying or in pain about, because they convinced us at the magic spent was the cure. All and all I never secrete until I was in fourth grade and was alone with a friend, writing bikes and she found skidded her knee. It was bleeding.
Pretty badly and we didn't want to disarm, responded with well, I can try to put some of my magic spent on it, but I'm not sure where she was so breakdown scare, and I guess I sounded so confident about my spit that she agreed. So yes, I spent on her straight at lady now have and we called it a day after we got back to her house. Her mom ass would happen and she said, don't worry, Gimme spit on it. It's all matter. So that's when I found out you should not spending cuts, especially not your own, because its extremely unsanitary, and that my parents were actually pretty growths thanksgiving. My go to pick me up and I may need a good laugh stay sexy and don't spitten people's wounds, Gimme sheds so dont, spinning, thistles spare. I mean either because they re well. I the idea that it works like such an insane placebo on those children is pretty may as any earth like you have a crying kid in, and they just believe that everything so loudly
keep that lie going for as long as right into collar ravens. How is an infection yet have his Graham and celebrate the amputation? Brave parental spit is ok spit, play the family, don't happen in the family until someone gets gangrene literate and say: Saxon, don't ever eloquent cookie
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