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2018-12-31 | 🔗

This week’s “New Year’s”-themed hometowns include family skeletons and solving a murder.

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This is exactly right. Welcome to the many sewed up. My error is the one where we read your emails that you sent to us while you're crazy, different interesting story, sparely its new year's eve right now on, for you guys, that's right. Goodbye. Twenty eighteen go fuck yourself with a truly and deeply just let's fold that Europe, let's light it from the bottom, with a big, lighter watch it go up, don't bring your thumb, please drop it right. Is it really starts to tear take light
and then just let's look to the future of twenty nineteen being peaceful, beautiful excess, satisfying Gimme a agitate, happy. I feel ok, And dogs and unhappiness yeah, Here's your stories guys happy new year about one of the better interests and diverse. Can you tell it's late at night nears what you know we're going to do frontiers right now and I dare you I never notable. Last minute I have to tell you. I just got invited to my friends party and its a party well that I like that are like a dull. Titian kind of cool were like
could be the near as E. That turns at all around gray me I'm coming, but the thing I'm an agreement, my nails are real long. I get my addressing events and I will stay home and watch movies. Think Sonya I've been treating the past I'd, say eight new years, like they had nothing to do with, but just like that, there are none of my business. I mean that's right, yes, because what am I supposed to do if you're sober you really have to you really have to do some. Some internal worked right near Do you like bar thing and you like twenty year olds bar thing on the sidewalk and will then get out there and get into it? But if you don T like not mail, the park anywhere and other people drunk driving an error rates up in the three things, percent irate. Ok, so let's
this is it. This is an interesting email to kick off. It's a new, your story. It's a ghost story, OSHA and then there is also a tech aspect to it for all you techies weird, this budget line is haunted. Apple watch, whether report Karen Georgia, Stephen Menagerie Associates here's a little their story for you. For nine years we celebrated New year's eve at a family friends house and because we all have kids, we due account down at nine p m colic, good love. It had so funny. Everyone goes home because no one ever once over wired kids, a few years ago, the host family husband took his own life, but we have continued to have this party anyway, because spend such a long tradition, its bitter sweet and It was the second year he wasn't there this year when we get home, my mom called the wishes a happy new year. Socked MIKE is etc and be Has this been super cold? She asked the weather, since I was
a phone look for the temperature on my apple watch where use an app there. Does snarking whether updates, for instance, right now. It says you're gonna. Take me. Clouds younger, like them, verses, mostly cloudy its Fun than the basic. Whether Abso was hardly my mom. She asked whether I my watch and the update had nothing to do with the weather. Instead, it said I, and a ghost to haunt you tonight. His name is Jerry and Jerry The name of our seas friend, whose house we were just celebrate. I made my husband come over and take a picture before
It went away because again I was on the phone and couldn't do it myself and twenty minutes later, the message was back to the regular, whether updates you know what's cooler than a million dollars the weather outside. I immediately texted my close friends knowing Jerry was and who was an early adopter and love tech. Those it knew him decided that he if he was going to send a message of snarking whether app would totally platform. I know check the whether all the time haven't heard from him again and I haven't seen any non weather related update sense. Any as says Dj Age say sexy Duncan haunted Gretchen a ceiling so do I will act? the FAO. That is a man of honour and surrounded with this post. Also because also it's like use alike, try very tragic deaths, happen and people
I have to go on and there, and that is that kind of thing like no, you don't stop doing. You keep on doing this tradition and yeah. That's what a lot of people just do you? You you make do here, so that's kind of amazing and then it's like a little weird little message: super creepy because it's like now I get someone at the opposite midnight ominous Anna goofy thing. It's like nine! Fifty on the clock. That's not a goofy. Whether now doesn't have anything to do with anything of this fucking ran the name of the person right, Jerry, Garcia. This one was sent to me and I just it's not nears theme, but I just I but so much, I think, you'll love it to go along My favorite murder story that I help solve Lou
I care and endorse it, and just seen I got permission from Israel to read this so good. Ok, first of all, your pot, guesses, maize, I'm a huge fan and fellow serial killer, murder, obsessed weirdo, I'm an artist and all my art actually has to do with that, bringing p to women who have been murdered by under the real reason. I'm email you, my favorite murder story that I totally helps arm so because a manager at a restaurant Brooklyn New York, I have dealt with anxiety, depression for years and early this year, decided to start micro. Dosing with sight goes simply headset, say silos, Sibgin, mushrooms troops. The suicide bacillus. I don't think you as a way to cope now when
great you dont, actually trip you just fill little energized and much happier so mid July of this year I ve been micro. Doesn't her couple weeks in everything had been going? Fine? I woke up late one morning. It didn't have time to eat before I left for work, the still decided to micro does. This was a mistake because I took them on an empty stomach by the time it to work. I was full on tripping, I was manage against and calm and things were going fine, so the bartender one of his lunch break and I got behind it bar to cover for no all next thing I know to anyway, PD detectors with guns strapped their hips wearing fancy suits, walk into the restaurant. Come over to me at the bar and asked to speak with the manager me. No, this point I'm starting to panic, but managed to remain calm they and they then introduced themselves as homicide. Detective in my face lights up I'll I literally obsessively watch true crime. Listen at your crime, reach your crime, etc. They proceed to tell me that a couple days before a year, female nurse named Samantha was murdered nearer home in queens. She had been right,
strangled wrapped in sheet and then shoved in her claws, and her brother and father had found her. They broken her apartment and she did not respond horrible detectives going to tell me that they believe she met the man who murdered her quote on a popular dating site and that they had just started dating but had not yet met any of her friends and family. They tracked down check the last no place to victims, credit card has been used, and lo and behold it was at the restaurant across the street, from ours there the police. Tell me that the other restaurant does not have good security. Footage with a couple had walked were in right in front of my restaurant insecurity, camera and restaurants. Cameras, skinny They get the footage so that they can run facial recognition software on it in order to identify the suspect let me remind you that I'm still tripping laws and all I can think as oh, my god, this is real. Actually crime should happening right now, right in front of me, so I can't shake this freak of a grand off my face. Legit. They must have thought crazy. So I manage to put myself together and go downstairs the detectives to look through secure.
Before edge after about before demands of searching are timescale was awful up and actually allowed me four times are coming down from my mushroom trap, yeah they were able. To find the footage they needed in both. Given the murderer walked right under our cameras. They then thinks me took the. With them and told me to stay up data on the story. Flu Two days later, I followed with a story and find out the detectives ran the foot it from our security cameras, refresher, recognition, software and identified him. They then try come from New York to guess, where LOS Angeles Zulu now this is a really other crazy, really crazy. Other part, they rate is hotel room if I am not only him but another woman tied up who was being archer. Now they said if the woman any is currently in prison. California, facing charges of rape, kidnapping, torture before him
extra dated back to New York to be charged with the murder of Samantha, while his most recent interviews with a reporter who visited him in prison, he said that voices in his head till numerous Samantha on with four other women Connecticut in New York area. While he met on dating sites he, said: he quote, liked them and didn't want to kill them, but the voices and had made him murder them so that my favorite murder story and the story of how I helped Thomas had detected identifying catch a killer. While I was tripping balls on mushrooms, the orange or my story- and I was like this- is bullshit- I wouldn't heard about this, but then she's like here's to fuckin links about guidelines or under resent truly I even fucking crazier loud bananas thanks so much best regards Kelsey wow, that's oh crazy. I now I just the idea. It's hilarious, an insane and also caught. It makes me panic the idea that use trip that India and then have,
have you ever been around an actual or a detective, because I had a homicide. Detective knock on my door one morning. Think I was like, I think, I'm already miraculously taken a shower, which normally would now. I was just around the house and was we can but but this somebody there had been a shooting like down the street from my housing, and so is just a guy asked if I had heard anything or seen anything- and I have the exact same reaction where I was like- and I was like- I was
I heard something the dogs barked. I checked my back fence to make sure no one jumped over. I fancy and that's it, but it was the it's a whole different realm of per se, because my Pa Fuckin halls its s hollows little psych tat. I have a lunch conversation with him and I was just like. I can't speak. Yes, there is a there's, a gravity ass to the people. They are there in the shit. They do the shit, they turn a thing The shed its end, oftentimes. They were really good sue. Yes, so Iris Howard suit suits and inhabitants, but then they were guns a gun in his with ears me, I'm scared of IRAN guns it sexy and scary attraction. Repulsion. It's like sugar sacks magic.
You're, not ready, because also you couldn't see listener. Oem Georgia, like looked down at her hand and listed as off on her fingers. Thank God like its clearly. This read out Chile peppers album anyway. Thanks comes, I detectors around the world and you're wonderful, it's from the men's wearing over your service than yours, it's an years acts it ensures that accessing your magic in my blood sugar, ok, here this one doesn't have a subject like hell, a beautiful people and animals. This happen in ninety, maybe eight, graduated high school and I thought I was grown like our old title number one. I met a guy in a chat room online, nope number two. We started meeting in person. He was in college and lived in a dorm, so when he invited me over, I thought it would be fine. Nope number three
went at night I into the dorm, which was tiny. It consisted of two beds and a tiny kitchenette nope number for this guy walks into the kitchen at and is in for what I thought was too long. Suddenly he turned around and is holding a fucking butcher knife and is walking toward me with the most maniacal look on his face and smiled smiling from ear to ear, showing all his teeth. I can still remember what he looked like at that moment. I just took off my shoe, which was a steel toad doc. Ninety nine days and hit him in the face of art, as I could and just booked it out of their I've, never told anyone the story but decided to share with you guys stay sexy and don't me people online hope, Pierre
I still have those dogs- and I wear them when I meet new people hilarious. Is that an sorry, this subject line, which I didn't read you because I didn't want to be as it were- my dog Martin saved my life? That's what this really, The things that you are always you would do you tell yourself to do is to not wait till he's like just kidding. That was a joke. You fuckin hit him in the face because you, how dare you fucking, pull a knife on me even as Joe pull? Also, if that's a person, if that is a person who would do a joke like that to you that's a dangerous horse analogy, you dont, know Gamewell and not a joke, actual I've as a person who has been studied jokes for quite some time. I can tell you right now of paternal.
And people who were half strangers- that's not a Joe. Now, that's a personal trying like errand, I own, you know someone so fucking. Well, is not a flag. Indo yet have hit hate your sister in the behaviors after dogma, ordinary people they live. I knew you the practice of, and you can say this to, you can be like this is just a boundary I draw for myself. If you walk toward me with a butcher knife, I will kick you in the face totally. That's just my personal rule. If you dont want to be friends with me, because Serbia and the end I have my boundary, is life, and
and you know you hit the boundary when I hate unified your basic measure, I'm not against also hating people in the face of this you if they smile and show all their because you don't need to do that issue. Many that's too that's your doing, Stephen King Shit when you're sure all your even your back teeth when you're smiling. No, no, no stop it. I need to see all of us here know ones that happy the two and broke convey the message. Yeah that I tried to. Do it like me, where, if you're worried about your yellow Coronel, it teach you can smile as if you're always not that happy with the situation. But it's a smile because wish it wasn't like that. You for making Mueller, ok. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make looking at home son, easy and afforded
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hello, Karen Georgia and Stephen, you guys mentioned recently sorry cats. He isn't this person- doesn't you guys mentioned recently the holidays, where a great time deprived long, hidden secrets out a drunk relatives, there's no better holiday for drinking the new year's eve in my parents house, and it was actually child's play to get my mom to confess something soda voiced. What does that mean? Sata voice, its whispering? That's a theatre, major right there. Thank you after astronomical levels of wine, while the men in the family were safely tucked away in the garage to better access to the beer fridge, I could fucking picture it. God our friends when I was born, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, my parents on the small town in Iowa, with a population of about four thousand people. Everyone knew everyone, but the way she described it more menacing and then
the cheers, vine, everyone was all up in everyone's business, might advocates a butcher and was handsome but shy, accommodation that charmed all the old Ladys in town into needing me, baby, blankets and selling me quilts, but apparently there is one customer at the me counter hit the took things too far. One day shortly after I mourn the police shut up at me, coward tell my dad that he'd been subpoenaed to testify in divorce. Hearing for a couple in town and my parents didn't know he said, must be some huge misunderstanding because he'd never met the couple in question here. With their husbands lawyer, who showed him a picture of the wife and though he recognized her as a customer, the store? He was adamant that he did not even know the woman, no, no, the lawyers and showed him hundreds of pages of crazy, says. Sex Capades at this woman had written about up in her diary, supposedly went on between herself and my dad. Oh shit, like crazy level, stalker fantasies just whole diaries filled with kinky ramblings. Don't get your
If, though, no amount of alcohol, as was no amount of alcohol made, my mother gave up the dirty detail. Stress me, which I think is probably best for you don't want to hear. You were gonna, get your mom until you dirty shit about your dazzling up anyway, needless to say, my dad. My shy dad was mortified and the lawyers no in no uncertain terms that the lady was making all the shut up Ray all said and done. He didn't have to testify and he got a restraining order share ass, my mom, the woman's name was, I wonder, where she's living now, I e it better beast freakin, far away, it's been twenty six years and she no longer no longer remembers. I personally would have prioritized that shit. I something worth remembering, though I am also swung to secrecy to never let my dad know that I now he was the subject of a crazy, ladys erotic fiction. Maybe I'll pull the story out of him. Next new year's Eve Stay sex.
But not so sexy become an unstable men, western housewife's unwittingly. Eighty I'm sorry but it's true, like pot shy, butcher Oda. Just like geared to some ignored housewife, that just kind of trying to make it make your day to day, work totally and then you're dislike. I need pork shining got something I need a hard part departure, hard others and sexually window there that I don't feel like, but their sexual innuendo, all around them, but the whole butcher situation Varick Carnal literally, it's very you, know its basic. It's almost caveman yeah we're just like look at em cut that nailing make this thing for me and rapid and a pretty package, but he's all like eyes down like humph excuse me MA am and then your leg lashing wily cuts her pork shabby likes me. He liked me body
she's got defiance disorder. Yet I daddy dispute, but my lab amazing butchers everywhere. Now, I'm in rights, a virtual fan section butchers, Aren't you ready for this light hearted Christmas found in all story, Sir: hey when my grandparents, those regions which are shy, butcher high, that's a shut. Oh, my god. I have to get to go, get a couple of its dosages: hey, hey, hey, hey! When you go in the back and Chile. The way the real means there, but I do know, is that sexy. Therefore, let me where are. They where you want to do is show me where the real media companies, like wholly cries Harry. You forgot. I was shy scenario deserts, I'm not shy. Let's go looking,
The first such as wheat, bread show me your gives a big boy up. His will continue practising their high. When my parents return sorry when my grandparents retired they sold the house, my mom and grown up in to my parents right, keep it in the family got it we live there. For fifteen years, until my parents built their dream house, moved out and started renting the old House to France, several years later the house was burned to the ground in a wild fire. Basically, the only thing left was the chimney able once the ashes cooled, my parents and their tenant picked through the rebel one of the few intact things they found was a little ceramic figurine. No one knew anything about the figuring, but my mom brought it home. As a momentum. Others so later. My grandma noticed the figuring and started to laugh. You find I found it, she said my mama certainly baffled until grandma explained when you were little, you loved, playing with the figures in the Christmas nativity sat where we that we just
laid by the fireplace one year. You lost one, the wise man. I was so mad they're supposed to be three and you just can't get to replace her wise man, but you just found him on closer inspection. You can see that the figurine was moulded into old fashioned clothes and was painted until the fire burned it off They figure mom must have dropped the wise man into the crevice, but the chimney and the wall making him irretrievable until the wall was destroy. My there's a happy ending to the burned down house to my parents, donated the land to habitat for humanity, and now a family lives in a new house built their blue. Let's not bullet sport lose the name. Ok, but
where's that an evil fire starting wise man- yes, but he waited years in year. She desires Roma. Make a quick funny joke about why creepy Hemingway everybody? The related to losing me moves aware here. That's maybe I there isn't a good like in that. Then I just go crazy thinking about, like all the things hidden in a house yeah if it's a family house, it's passed down and all the things are just like this was in a crevice one time at our old house. I remember looking into a heating vent
and seeing something wound: air so much shouldn't heating guns and pulling it off and finding a ring down down there. That was like it was either minor, my sister yeah. We had lost it like a year before, but then being like. I think that was one of my first treasure experiences. Vining loss things words like oh yeah, you don't think about is something dropsy didn't notice it with everything she has been. Something should be somewhere and disappears. Like my mom, my sister was a little baby. Toddler drop my mom's wedding ring. It was never found by beyond the floor when time I throw barbie at my sisters, had a shoe flew off into the closet and we never found it was like what. The shoe. The shoe should have been there. You now I'm always figured we find it when we move. We never did you where to go. But that just made me think of my favorite picture. Iverson Tumblr was someone put barbie issues on to cigarettes and looks, let me know it's like a personal monkey ministry. It's my fate,
picture like it's really. I love Barbie issues, see other really read that no such choking hazards at right, because you had to chew them. I tell you that that they had done. They still had on time dont now is very solemn, normal. She is choking averages kinda like a seven year old right and invest. Tell what's the parties who sat as right. Now we re issues still in permanent high heeled version is poor fee. That used is just mean. Oh my mom do let us have barbies. Oh, she was against ha Malaysia been guess. Someone gave them to us. We got to keep them if it was a gift, but she wouldn't buy. We were obsess like that's all we did as played with barbies yeah. We got we
heavy like this- is a family than their own army, their own therein, organic farmer real. I says you're gonna thing one year and we are hopeful looking at it like what the fuck we never seen in commercial villas, family were, the mom is shaped normally R. U turn a means like no one where the course it in this family I used to steal my brother's fuckin gee, I Joe, and he and borrowed Bang hell. Yes, I would smash those plastic by using other there's, something so says my about smashing barbie dull bodies together in you, whatever weird Meda sex idea that you think voting is written. You gotta work through it. It's kind of. I feel it in a way they can and gave them to us. That was part of like get ready for this weird panic, that's coming in four years, and that is what sexes just smashing your plastic, fuckin bodies, semester, plastics together, I gotta get scammed. My plastics mash, pretty sang. I am I plastic smashing back and ever oh, I haven't had much less measure. The wit of wild play on how to get a new year is sucking Mary Mary. Unless I promise each other right luck and now at set. Our intentions were twenty nineteen now we're all going to make it happen ache. It have been, let's make it happen, and twenty nineteen everybody's all smash our plastics Shawnee Night JAM night but safely but say save safe and consensual classic smashing. All may I say this in all twenty nineteen ya say sexy and don't get murdered a guy Happy AIR Ellis. Why cooking apps a fact and heavily.
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