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This week’s hometowns include a suspicious dad and a mummy. 

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This is exactly right. I welcome this is my favorite murder. This is the many, so many episode, that's right, you can tell by the time, is shorter and the day and that what we started Also, we just set out how, by what its explain everything, but we have said it- listen at least one time. This isn't a many sewed we read yours. Do you want me to start daily allowance, you boys, to say because it's a leading question, but what are you gonna do fight me on it? Yes,
always today, the day take I drove through my neighborhood, dear Karen Georgian friends. I was recently listening to your lives show in San Diego and Karen mention that she had covered the tank dude, that drove through clear in the previous night show. I have hometown letter saved on my computer about that very incident and I knew then I should have sent it in months ago instead of sitting on it thinking it I wasn't gonna now don't sit on your story. Must don't judge your own story? How? How would you know well judged for you ever? Not the receiver. You dont know anyway I thus run deny it literally says it anyway. My best friend and I were fourteen at the time in apparently totally clueless as to how much math was in our neighbour. Looking back on it now, the guy who cut his grass using a pair of scissors, totally makes sense to me. It was therefore school and, like always my best friend Kim called me, but this time it wasn't a talks about the kids. We went to school with this time it because a mother fucking tank had just driven down
her Cross Street headed towards my house like course. I didn't believe a goddamn word. She was telling me so she told me to turn on the news. We both sides that it was headed towards my house and we begged and pleaded our parents to let us go watch a destroyer de Roo. Our parents were, of course, totally against the idea of one of the few times my parents were actual barents, so we had to watch the whole thing together on the phone while watching news. As you know, eventually, the cops did get the tank to stop on the freeway and they shall kill them right there inside the tank. I remember the Seduce India was collectively sat an angry about his demise and that night on the radio, the dj at ninety one acts dedicated the song. I thought the law one by the clash to the tank man. Our neighbourhood wasn't terribly destroyed, but he did run up onto some people's YA yard. So for months afterwards, you could see tank tracks in the front and crushed fences that he had run into anyway. Love your pod cast iron. Portland Oregon now and I work from home as an illustrators. They spend ninety nine point, five percent of my time alone that you kind of me
I feel like I have some cool some of the coolest coworkers love Clare. Ah, clarifying Claremont, careful I feel like if it was a car cheesy. I don't go out and watch it, but it's a tank. It's even jump out of its way. Ten minutes before hits Georgia you'd, like to think you would like to thank die. Not no tanks, you dont know taken, have analysis, which is what happens to you when you jump into because to be less than half an hour for the day, Phronsie staring into going Novak away the tank. It's all we'll have to oppose that episode. Are that live show on the Fancourt Piazzi. Your story is incredible that to get the words that story any like you
get a computer in her on Youtube. You can make a video of a computer talking yea and we should have a computer, tell you that story and it would be the best very dry. Her give yourself more credit than that. You are better than a talking again, their damages, so the AIDS so permanent. So deep, ok, let's see, let's go. Let's start heavy! I'm gonna do ok, this once called hometown and a half and it addresses s dude nice. Loaded, I tell you about a strange tat in my hometown of Knoxville Illinois, far before my time, but I always heard about a growing up. This is the Mummy House, oh Carl Stevens was diagnosed with diabetes at ten human be careful in nineteen sixty six, I'm guessing after he was ten you I will. They had two kids, Indian Craig and I obviously fucking love the letter, see
in the seventies, they spoke. Oh that's. What did I say Cindy? Oh I'm not borne out in the seventies. They join a holistic society or called call your dad and he attempted to treat as diabetes with diets and supplements a nineteen, seventeen and nineteen seventy nine. He died of diabetic shock face down on his bedroom floor. Surprise, surprise Why didn't believe he was dead but that he in a coma, his body turn black and swelled up, as you do, and after keeping his body and the floor for two months now, she prompt him up on a chair in the basement will look at source. I mean that some serious denial yeah. Ok, that's like I then Brainwash yeah the family. We intend to another bad and regularly changed his clothes. Embedding. They such with him ass. If he were still alive, as the rod. Ngos have like that again I'll talk with a course, and I am indeed answer- that's the question I want to know
play here yeah located dear CAT, they respond to you. Ok, they told people. He was six it that's why he hadn't been seen in a while, but then a family member finally got into the house and found him. They said bright red hair made him easily recognisable, because otherwise he wasn't fucking recognise along his body, captain the House altogether for almost nine years. Why and a fellow cult member Richard Koontz moved in and cared for the body as well. Now that whole time, ok looks indian Richard were arrested and the kids placed into foster care, I'm sure they were significantly fucked up at this point, Carl's mother attended his burial in what Tonga Illinois another small, ass town. I posted workers case on Facebook, and someone told me that the opposing teams used to chant not
still mummies at sporting events in that room. That's me, teenagers know exactly what to say. No bullying, we even know bullying policy fighting mummies. That would actually be the best society. My me, the best Moscow birthrate than she writes Yikes my brother's, and also used to cut the Stevens families. Hair Anna mine stingy ham, Jamie that in saying I and II hears the smell alone. When does a smell? Stop, I wonder, can condemn what do they call? You know people in France, X and shit. Let us know, oh, when a body start smiling scientists yeah, you know what I mean Can someone is hang it up? they're just so many aspects of it were it's like also move. You know months later, moving it yeah. Seeing other people. I mean he's the one thing, and maybe this isn't just weird of me, but when
when you are doing that. Other people that were kind of came in I at least the whoever was doing it wasn't alone. Yeah, there's something at least there's like I'm kind of group, We all were in the same. We all thought it was normal. I mean sex for the kids, you know there's a way that gives us unspeakable horror. I don't have. It was more of the people from a holistic call were in on it and acted like that too, and yet is told people outside of it that he was sick, but at least one other adult, be ours like yeah started work in Cairo. Yes, he sees he still here with us because I believe invite what's changes out that he's been wearing that outfit. I mean the funerals and I've been too, and there has been a lot in our family like even if it's right, after the death of the body, weird yeah, it's not it's disturbing from the that is. Idea that you're, just gonna put somebody chair
and ignore at all and that make up and on that you see that that's repay debts highly treated. Not even I mean this was a body that still had all of its parts inside o guys. Let's not tight, we talk about the staff with most of what is wrong with you. This is what you want with people who sell perceptual, I feel like I would love to hear from corners corner or some type foreigners more know about what the Sperience of that would be that we re this one. Fine, almost home intrusion always call the cops. Hey are about a month ago. My best friend calls made around one a m and tells me someone's knocking on our door. She says it was a weird type of knock as if they were tapping the door Knocker very light that is least vague on the door. The worse,
thing about time to keep sidebar? Did we already talked about the guy that link the doorbell for three hours? Does not was it three hours? I just a screen grab a captain, and I was just like no yeah. I believe it was in allay re same Doorn Ringer. It was like a ringer bell or more yes, something was Stevens Gonna get it he's gonna filming the crucial details. By from when I remember it was a doorbell and he licked it for three. Like three hours and they and because they haven't on one of the gas, those front door camera and it's just a guy licking had thing. I ever get a video camera in US security system. I'm gonna make some Vince watch it cause. I don't wanna fuck and see whatever of naturally comes on it just nightmares. So this is in the sacrament O B. A security video shows a stranger approach. The print Dormice Salinas California, home early Friday, then look
directly into the camera. Before proceeding to link the Doorbell four hours, may I contacted and on purpose whose ring doorbell camera yeah sponsor, simply say we wouldn't happen with simply say yet. I would specific ours that they just say four hours for hours the ice. I read that it was three but who now ok so anyway just put that in our backpacker, how we listen to this story. Haggard and Katy slapping were now to the weird alight tapping front door. Horrifying
She said she heard at first at twelve forty five, a m and immediately turned off road living room tv and went to the kitchen where you couldn't see her from the front door. The caused her door has wonders at the top. She heard the knocking again at one. I am so fucking fifteen minutes later. She was scared because she wasn't expecting company and whoever it was had stayed for fifteen minutes outside her door. She tried to color mom, but she wouldn't answer so she called me. Wouldn't it's a curfew. Thy immediate reaction was all caps. What the fuck bitch call the fucking. Ah, she thought I was overreacting. I tell her. No, you live alone and some could easily figure that I'll call him. Fucking cops still refusing I text. There are other best friend and start
the conference called, then I put them on hold. While I called the key ass, she was insistent that it wasn't necessary, but my favorite murdered didn't raise no fool. I call the Huntsville bullies and ask them to run of welfare check on my friend. Well, that's junior yeah. She had been hearing weird knocks on her front door, and I want to make sure she was ok within five minutes, please for there and she felt more comfortable. We mostly forgot about the incident was well, it turns out. I wasn't overreact, oh my god! Oh my god, there has been a guy breaking into women's homes and watching them while they sleep, he had broken into some other girls apartment. Eight days after the knocking at my friends door, three doors down her apartment. My guess is that his fucking creep was probably knocking lightly to see if anyone was awake and after that,
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My dad might like to smart, crazy stories to see if we can outdo each other. He usually And since he has been stabbed twice and chased by AL, I am sheds one night we were doing this is about like the cartoon commander, that's like when, in my day I think our children do. I then standpoint eyes and nothing was rocking Bullwinkle when they are doing this- and I was talking about the time adore Othello me my dad. A quiet and told me not to joke about it, and I asked why I was at the time. So I didn't remember every detail, but basically my parents worked in an open office tight place and they were splitting up the hallway by installing adore the specific attractions words do not run through the hallway, since a door frame since the frame and door was there, but the hinges more annoying. Yet why? the hallway chasing my dogs, and they were both able to slip through the door. I wasn't in the door fell on me. I was crying
because it ended with a broken leg. Oh shit that my dad was screaming frantically not to move out and you turn and look at him, but he was actually yelling at the top of his lungs not to move, and I didn't know why and how about a year ago, when I was eighteen, the door a coat hook on it I just barely pierced. My neck it turned to look at my dad. I would have effectively impaled myself and severed one of the major arteries in my neck dad confessed. When I first started yelling, it was in hope, because he thought I was already dead. Fuck off universe, because I'm still alive anyway, I stay sexy and don't run through uninstall doors leave, I predicted by amazing. Oh my god. I love that story, so modest shit. We did as kids that would almost got us killed constantly. Also the shit where, when you're hurt, if you just don't know what's happening right, doesn't hurt, is bad Miley, its
I've told you the story, but when my mom worked and Santa Rosa, which has north of Petaluma and is going down the feline she saw guy fled his track right and walked up and down the track. Upright when she got to it, but the windshield was broken and which it and up to the guy is like a pigeon need type truck and the guy was sitting facing forward any a little bit of blood on his like had never. In my mom said, I'm a nurse. Is there anything you hurt anywhere? You need to tell me like what I was going on and he went, I think, I'm fine, I mean my head hurts a little bit and then, as he was saying that he turned her any Eddie.
Each piece of glass embedded in his forehead, but he just didn't know it did he die because using shock known around this time he was fine. Bogus was like a you know. If it's a skull, so is just like a thing that, like the sticking mare, but if all happened so fast, that sounds like a nightmare and then this is it's the crazy story, but it's one, those family ones, my mama's in her nurses, whites when she was talking to the guy. So when she turned away to walk back Her car, shed blood on the front of because it was on his door and then our family friend and lily was driving up. The freeway sees my mom walking down the freeway with blood on her first thing in the axion she's crazy over is crazy, small, don't fuck with me, but Sea ice one. Ok, I'm not going to do this one as it gives the whole gives it all away. Ok,
no greeting, which I respect the master in eighteen. Sixty eight, there was a hidden run in the city, a fault in New York, not to be confused with Fulton, Montgomery County. I was never Thank our desires right on average This person had been driving down the main road, in a city on hollowing night and had hidden killed a four year old girl named Caroline. Ask me who was crossing the street with her older sister? I mean rigging her body, was thrown a hundred and thirty three feet in a driver, took off and was never caught monster horrifying forty four years later and twenty thirteen, a man named Douglas Parkers, confessed to the murder but was charged as the statute of limitations expired. It said that he might have been drunk and thought he hid. A dog apparently had never apologize to the family directly, here's where it gets, while, oh my god, oh my god, those parkers had since move to Portland Main where he lives.
This family in twenty eighteen. He was at his grandchildren's literally game when all of a sudden, a woman named Carol, Shiro drunk he drove through the field gate driving recklessly on the field. Children on back there, different accounts of what happened next, but parkers was either in the midst of pushing children out of the way closing the gates, the field and shit. When Cheryl struck him killed him he was. The only person who died sheriff has since been charged with manslaughter and previously charged with tee to deal eyes. If you didn't notice the little girl, parkers killed was named Carol Lee and he was killed by a woman named carol- oh my god. Oh my god, I'm fine chill and Nathan, he was drunk and she was drunk. Still in awe of this story, it might actually be aired on European as they did. An excerpt surrounding Parkhurst heroic sacrifice, quantum quiet,
the little game. Thank you very my stories day sexy and don't drink and drives you MA am crazy how it that the train. King everything you do will always taint just taints everywhere at certain really through its angle, your life is covered in time. That's I mean, but that's why I'm so careful when I'm taking a left and look, I always check that fucking crosswalk, The last thing you want to do it like. I said this before, but if a bunch of cars are stopped and you go around, I'm two speed, Padua. You might when I consider their stop for a relay and before use gun it through check the crop Lock and make sure people on stopping for people crossing that's how people have killed like children crossing the street and it is in nightmare. That's its horrifying swirling at advice thinks no I mean I mean I really mean it and that of them, that's really good advice carried but was actually like the rest of us at the fiddler say I'm just the kind of guy
this last one I have it's God. I almost got my dad arrested on suspicion of murder. Oh hi, Karen Nope, I Georgia, Karen Stephen in various very friends. I was upward tick. Only precocious toddler, a k, a very easily board and very hard work, and one time when I was that she were three. My uncle is meant to keeping an eye on me, but probably wasn't giving me as full attention somehow got hold of the house phone and rang nine nine. Nine. Are you in Australia and spoke to the emergency services when the operator ass, where my mommy and daddy were? I said that my mommy had been gone for ages and my daddy was in the garden digging a very big hole of being, quite rightly suspicious of this. They sat round a police officer to my house to see what the hell is going on and to question my dad, and it turns out that my dad was simply digging upon in the garden. While my mom was just at work. They also had a ring of a nursing home where my mom work to make sure that my dad was legit. They the.
But didn't seem to see the funny side of it, and I got a very stern telling off for my mom and dad, although now that's one of their favourite story to tell stay sexy and don't let toddlers ring the emergencies over the subtle, Lucy sure thing it turned out that way because it, the real version of what they thought was possibly happening, is so bone chillingly horrified and actually is like the teachers pet pocket. It is like the story of yeah. That's no way out is digging a law making, and I ran my husband on rolling time. They send us your emails, my favorite rhetoric, Gmail. We just looks good stories and doesn't matter what it's about. We just left upon, cast your many leading, truly and stay sex and don't ever heard, thereby unless you want a cookie
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