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2019-02-11 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a scuba-themed funeral and a shower-based sex cult.

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This is exactly right. Out there to the many sewed up. My favorite murder The many set up my ass many ass, a this is the money, so that many Karen Cook era and that's tiny Georgia hard Stark over the baby and the little pocket sized Stephen RE. Moreover, even a re, more even a single Marine Steven Reign re use,
down engineer, this show o guys. I was real late today to get to this. Recording, I'm very sorry. I mean I gotcha done man, you didn't like eating of funds. Eyes quotes Knickerbocker. Was it fun, last one I've ever had my life was a larry of areas. Hey you wanna go first, yet This is the thing I reach it to you. You know the subject. Line of this is scuba funeral light. Hearted great. I thought we start off light hearted. Let's do ok here. Georgia, Stephen Pets, my family has a long history of having small things go wrong during funerals, my mom funeral procession got last heading to the cemetery. Half of my grandpas ashes ended up in my uncle's mouth when they were spread. That happens a lot. That's very calm and young people standing on a rocky cliff in a wind up and everyone, the big Lebowski erected that's ones, guys really big and he's got those. Yellow glasses on
things. We can look back on and laugh about now, but my ants boyfriend Art really said the bar for fucked up, funerals, ART was ill for some time. So we had time to plan his funeral. He was an error Scooby Diver and arranged a funeral at sea even slow a company in Florida who could provide the services. Past. My aunt followed his directions to a t. He you think his through she didn't know better and I don't know what the fuck their catches Its mortuary was thinking. Chaos Kansas, Kansas Society, him? That is a thing. So my and two of arts buddies Fly has casket to Florida, must have in Kansas fires, castigate casket it to Florida, and the funeral at sea company took it from their phrase funeral at sea as input they boarded a boat, had a small ceremony and launch the casket into the ocean prenticed
is they probably lowered it solemnly, but I like to picture some sort of catapult mechanism. Only problem was arts, casket bobbed along in the water and wouldn't say I feel like. I am not an engineer. I have never made a casket in my life I feel like. I could guess that yes, right. Yet there it's just gonna sit there on the top of the water for okay, so Astrid. At the end of sink and then Astrid. Underneath with this, I did some research on this. Caskets are prepared for a funeral at sea by having holes jailed in them and waits are added inside to to help the casket sink not happening. He now she s a diver God in the water and tried to get the casket to take on water. My aunt said he ended up climbing on top of the casket trying to push it'll underwater and money, I like to think he was jumping up and down in his slippers and when it turns out art had requested. We buried in a wet sue as a final nod to his scuba hobby. So, instead of
assessing the body normally and potentially releasing chemicals into the ocean. The funeral home just shoved his lifeless body into a scuba suit and tugged him into a cask where he expanded like a neoprene below, and that's why the casket wooden was. Oh, yes, so, in the end, the boat captain sold his anchored to my aunt, no shit. They wrapped that sucker around the casket, an art finally sunk, looking forward to seeing you can't even Mart say sexy and just be cremated Emily that incredible rest in peace, are, I loved. You know I tried to go for a concept. Lots of us do it here. We can't know. Luckily he was already dead. There's probably laughing is ass. Often have assure you control everything and who cares. For everyone else, not for you. It's for everyone else and we're glad you, like scuba, diving, earnestness cry in like this
if you have a nice mortuary and go home, how about you know we'll get a fishing boat, learn a little scuba guys opening this treasure chest. Air honour habits, symbolism and manner for exactly art and habitats. The last thought that person fuckin has a view. This is called my grandma nope. We were just yelling in a dead man by the ogre. I think I would have appreciated. Ok, I do to whom you another Corky ass. It is not yet my grandpa hijacked his spaghetti recipe from a murderer. Karen Georgia wait. George, Karen Stephen Jesus. I carry Hi George occurrence. Even Jesus hey, I grew up in a small Wisconsin town. His claim to fame is to maximum security state prisons, while these prisons have employed a shit on a local people, including members of my own family, what am I swear
Grandfathers works in the prison kitchen and tell his retirement he's known in our family for his love of horse figurines and his amazing spaghetti soundly to Carmody suggestions. They make a thought: what does your grandpa ambrosia gadflies beggary all use both let's ago? This is great, I always suspected hit. This quote secret. Family recipe originated within the walls of the presidency, and it makes roughly twenty gallons of sauce at a time. She says. I meant I imagine that perhaps he got it from an old italian ex mobster. If only this pass Christmas, I learnt this recipe actually came from the horrific piece of shit. Halloween Keller, who murdered sweet baby Angel nine Year Old LISA Amber Ranch and nineteen? Seventy three in others, man this is one of the worst cases. Estate saw an essentially change trick or treating laws in the area for the next forty,
years. These ass bad, ass mom is still working to keep this fuck face behind viruses. He's due for release this year, and we have the entire story is terrible enough, but now even the thought of eating that spaghetti makes me want to hurl and that it's delicious smiley face. Veronica is fine. If it stay sexy and another, some secret family recipes are meant to be kept secret. All my love s. Oh yes, I, like tat story, yeah yeah, it's like that. Like that old thing of like make sure if you dont like go to the carnival don't something you love has with you. If a ride makes you throw up, you'll, never want to eat that thing Ray it's a saint. When food is ruined ass, much like when bans are ruining their ruined forever yeah, then they can Europe, emotions and feelings and vomit you can I can't listen, Elvis Costello without hearing my theatre, major musical, a roommate singing along with Elvis Costello in a musical theatre voice, not funny.
I love you. Ok, some decline, canadian full dancing, murder plot, their care in Georgia and all free Beings- Stephen and his moustache include. Ah I'm here, I'm from a city, that's at the southernmost Tipp of Canada right across the river from Detroit, when I was younger. My parents enrolled my brother and I in full dancing as an attempt to keep our eastern european culture alive, go for it right, the through dancing. We met our core group of friends and ass. We get older, are troop started travelling across North America for performance confess sea. While other groups took their dancing seriously. We are just in it for the fun we had three dances that we recycled for foot. I mean who's gonna, be like I've. Seen that, on behalf of us all bullshit, we know we were more focused on hosting the after parties in our hotel room age of fifteen. Yes, that's what it's all about:
that's! Why you dare that's why you travel? That's the passion of the dances beer in the hotel room after where it was so bad that our coach would have to bribe us by saying. Ok, if you don't get drunk before on by you guys alcohol afterwards, as you said to me basically when you're like laundering proportions, I'll buy you drinks after yet, please say them all up, it'll be more dying away. Kiley you buy mutation, disease them. Ok, that's all areas in our group was a guy named Peter P, R. A sort of the outcasts because you smell the little funding, always had clammy hands and in based, they looked like his family enjoyed, liver and onions for dinner, mould, we'll times a week earlier. What he had beautiful scan and a luxurious coat. Is that what you think? I'm not? I don't know, I think, as we hit college age, the group stop
answering you, think, that's a good time required, but maintained or close friendship all except Peter Peter. We would see him from time to time, but no one really kept up with him until done London. One day we saw his name in the news and that he had been arrested for trying to kidnap and murdered two sisters from Archer Dwight Peter sang and our church choir. He was also the altar boy for, like ever the girls Father was the choir director and good practice at his home, Peter is to memorize that use it's time to memorize the girls house and find out our schedule leg when they would be home alone or when the house would be empty, then he went on the internet may be the dark. Well, and
form of other would be murderers and ask them for fucking advice on how he could go about why she's snapping and murdering these two sisters. Little did. He know he was chatting with an undercover. Conversely, war arising on and thank filling all the dark web is just undercover caught. Yes, it's a bunch of purview. Undercover cancer, like I love this part of the job totally. Luckily, thankfully sorry he was arrested before he could do anything in his room. They found multiple shrines to the older sister rope, knives and other murders. Paraphernalia tar was sent to prison and his sisters wish and these sisters were shipped off to Europe by their and no one has heard from them so lax. I remember always telling myself to be nice to him in case he lost his shit and attacked assault. Guess my fifteen year old, murdering herself self was right. Stay GM maize, why The guideline is how you hometown. That's repeat this one is called Bt Kay.
Sisters, light hearted, oh she's is high everyone. When my little sister and I were growing up, we spent the summer's with our God in Wichita in summer. Two thousand and four the city was in a panic, because Bt K had suddenly reappeared and remember. There were lots of theories being thrown around the time like that human in jail for some other crime, and that's why you ve been quiet for so long one, Reclaimed that he target houses with multiples of three in the address of the address, which between my sister, the fuck out, because he lived in a house with losses with lots of threes sixes and nigh. Oh shit. So my eye number three: six nine Review Signal Sex Ninth street one night when it was way past our bedtime. We were hang out my sister's women, somehow convinced ourselves that Bt K is gonna, come in our house, so we had to arm ourselves. There are bunch Obama is in the room because we didn't lived on most of the year, so we started digging around for a weapon and attention. He found an old Canna mace
but my sister was examining the maize is to see if it shall work to run its gas gas. Malaysia accidently sprayed resolve nothing like your own gruesomely, their relations with Brazil. That's awful! We both sorted freaking out, but we're too scared awakened to be the anybody up, because you weren't supposed to be up so late. I definitely weren't supposed to be playing around with weapons and words. This be sprang yourselves and the Euro may not. This is not a cartoon. No. We try to flush her eyes out with water as quietly as we could. She wasn't. The pain and I was secretly terrified that she was going to go blind fully that mace must have been very old, because my sister respond in the morning- and we didn't have to tell our dad- we ve been up to the night from far they got away with I just fucking. What would I mean? The sister made that may space I gotta go
Perhaps I mean what doesn't kill. You makes you stronger girls rights like I would have written screaming into my parents from save me, I'm dying help me help me and she was like you're, my sister. I can trust you world Howard through this go to bed. Hope I see you in the morning, let off the hook there. What? If now she has a vision like a lie where she can see in a different direction. I loved the Bt K is his fall and my sister is the one who got me hooked on your podcast and the fact that we can share it together and compare our favorite murders with each other is one of the reasons why I love it so much as Sd Gm hope, oh ho, o hope. Jesus, I mean truly, just kind of and in bed. That night would like your eyes slowly I shot. What did they d broken into that moment? how many lives these like us spring. I regard as the terrible guys got your on shit. I don't want a bunch of baggage.
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This subject line of this is my fabulous and Eleanor Assent. John list to jail. Yeah, hey my favorites on a smiley face with a semi, colon and align and paragraph closer. I don't know what those are split, parentheses cook close friend, that's ok it's just the em? It's the Winkie smiley face with a weird knows that looks from like burst from Sesame Street. I don't like that. I just want colon put close possesses standards. Might I don't need a nose now, the computer. Now, there's no time like the nose. Doesn't it doesn't convey any message. No, it's reminds me a little bit of Bert from sesame charges. This is not the time or place talk about them. Second, big got it, children are listening Joel. Oh, is this the children power hey my favorites
Let's pretend there's nothing after that. I was on the phone with my dad today telling him about the Conan, the secret murderer. You know episode when I got to the part about common sitting in the John this trial, my dad cut. Well, you know your aunt Ellen are prosecuted John List and then silence blind silence line. Oh my god, weight was just like you said. My aunt Eleanor is a bit of a legend in my EAST coast, irish family, but not for what you think she d, it's too business casual Christmas at my grandma's in her fur full co business casually, the foger jet black hair freshly died. She glanced at you with piercing blue eyes. Yes, darling them quickly, get back to her book. Every thing was fabulous, bring her run so strawberry dessert. There is upsetting, disarm and deciding to others in a house full of children and alcohol. It was everything you wanted to eat and just
you thought she wasn't paying attention she cut in with a hard North Jersey, accent and say something hilarious. She was extremely intimidating. She was totally delightful issue. Is a fucking bad ass. My aunt Eleanor worked as a real estate agent, a writer and in the MID seventy she cofounded and anti domestic violence nonprofit. She didn't go to law school until later in life, but as with all things and Eleanor, she really went for it when she did how I was seven years old in ninety ninety and now I know that I enjoyed her during Christmas earlier earlier that year she led the prosecution that resulted in John last receiving five consecutive lifecycle. They share tat. She called him quote: hideous angel of death, weighing the options right up until the night before killing his family. End quote I never saw my aunt Ellen are angry, but I can only imagine her delivery of these words in the courtroom to be righteous and chilling she retired in two thousand five and it
travelling with my wonderful uncle. She was a grandma too to really cute kids. She read everything now, I'm taking this to you, and I guess I dont know what I would rather have seen a young Conan, o Brien, watching my aunt from the back of the court room or John list shitting his pants, while my aunt Eleanor convinced the jury in her word, tat quote This should not be denied because of the delay and I go with both hands. Strawberry dessert, stay sexy and send murderers to jail, see how do Follow the zone will never do it. My many side again, oh many says, are cancelled because labelling or Eleanor Badass wholly share, so awesome are well all end on a light. Hearted do it. I work for US called man. I learn a lesson. Names Stephen wrote this, then,
Stephen, they bay more ass. A re Marino is another that marine remorse I didn't pick it because of how he saw how he did the introduction, but it helped. Oh, I love you George. I love you so much Jaime me. Can deal and uncut to me me with her tiny mouth going like mine. Why do you want to know off my leg? I use them back on the bed three times. What we were out of luck and down doing lives shows is possibly going me who will not have any of it ever. Yes, I to her first, and only only Jaime me, I mean I used to be a tree or first small family run are are a big
Our Bree, our breast, our Rio culture company, had as they have to be fancy at it. If you're not helped a tree work, but it I'm not. Whenever you see a bunch of doing high visibility, shirts tied to the top of the tree and totally wailing on that tree with chain saws, those are tree. Workers tat are hung over. It was ok work, but I had a quick because I hate the winter and kept almost cutting parts of my hands off My boss was a gregarious middle aged man with a few corks like how he was always drinking, but were it rarely drunk. I think that once just called having a sweet ass time yeah, he claimed to be friends with the guys in Bow House. He wouldn't want his wife have a career. fellow, is very german the hand he spent his name backwards for no reason. That has never Bob. Now
and he kept encouraging the guys on the crew to take showers back at the shop after work. Ok, we hire ago, like he was like he brought up taking showers. All the time in the warehouse wasn't even supposed to have showers it that my boss personally built them. Don't you like shower so my Joe, I asked my foreman about the showers thing and he told me that under no circumstances should I ever take a shower the warehouse, because my boss was in a sex called. I did a little snooping and the sex called my boss was in was called, then Dick Farm, it was started by arrow and Wolf, both second german name right in then Dick in the sixties, as a hippie typified, RO revolution that mostly just so bumper sticker that farmers markets and played psychedelic jam music. Their version of free love was to enforce a round Robin style roster of sex partners, so that by the end of the season, everyone was
King everyone, I dont, know why. No, I see I see the thinking here than in fact lovers. Just zero, they're doing just that: the combat my boss had lived and was in Bass, Troop Texas Kind of my Austin. It was supposed to have had to spend it in twenty thirteen, but I went to a Labour day party at my boss, his house and all the sex call guys were totally there and they were totally still on board with the whole sex call thing. My boss got a few sodas in him and he started loudly insisting that everyone can match the backyard and take a bath and accustomed hot tub. He had built my wife and I went home, but one of my co workers took him up on it. He said it was nice, but not a very good hottam don't make a hottam, who is partly a bathtub. In a record, store, now store in the store. I was here and record adjourned store now, and sometimes people send us old, Zend ACT, farm or or organic orchestra records there actually pretty
I can guarantee that they sexy and don't take a bath with your boss, Stephen and access I loved. The thing about learning about the inner lies at an arborous set him I am authorised. Why couldn't I pronounced? I mean my mask Emma insides, not really an arm in arm gnomon. Nature remaining Jaime me. I mean a box and assertion of my favorite murder, gmail rate batch. Everybody agrees that much easier S last year, Then, when we read them, it's love ass. It s the best. Thank you. So much checks say sexy and don't get murdered again, Elvis you wanna cookie,
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