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This week’s hometowns include a helpful rugby team and an 80s mom story.

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This is exactly right. How and welcome to my bare murder, the many sewed misses. The many version of the episode enhance the name mine, so you get it yet. This is it's kind of like a cypher where its parts of words match with other parts. Words- and you are the one who has to put all the count. Close together and figure out what we're talking about when you figure it out tweet at US tweet as many sewed solved, hashtag brilliance, you guys so smart, that's the Perhaps I can again leave one letter out you're off the thread,
but what does that mean? I don't know you over. You covers and South Carolina, Radioset mining area ready, go how policeman these bodies that have gone missing in the water and it creates young murdering, owes ok high Emma people and animals I have written and previously about a few hung towns. But recently I had this holy shit recovered a memory moment that may have just been my murderer. You now origin story. I grew up on, beaten extremely tall. No,
that's very familiar, MA small wound on shore. I want to live in a tall. It's it's area wise, it's not big idea, but it goes straight up twenty by way of feeling. Ok extremely small college, Tanner, Rhode, island most homes were just summer. Houses in college students would rent them for the winter months cool. There is this tiny, unassuming beach at the end of my street that people would just leave our little dinghies pushed up onto the sand. Here then she's as I have the beach coordinates tattooed on me. Let's see if I regret that in ten years you will it's cute. I dont think you, whereas in on your neck then yes and yes, so basically anyone could grab a thing and pull it into the water if they really wanted, but we have like basically no crime other than college party, so no one really cared anyway, one February night,
College students decided to take out a dingy in the middle of the night. I know what this is New England, the water is thirty seven degrees in February. Also drunk driving rules apply in the water as well good. You know, I know that very true, Berkeley. All five students fell the boat and drown in the water no, but only to other bodies were recovered so fast for to this to the spring, and I was eleven years old, walking down the beach and saw a rock question mark that was a stranger like a femur and also one that was curved. Like a skull bone question mark. Naturally, I picked them and they were very much not rocks. I literally ran up the street, get my mom to be like holy fuck just on one of the bodies, and she was like: let's go fucking work, she came down and looked and was like. We have to call the police cause. You found a body the police came in court, the specimen and brought it to the station. A few days later,
We got a call from the station. I was like what you found was not a body but pieces. I dont mean that the friends, a team throw in the water to see where the currents would take the body. So please tell your daughter to start telling people she found. One of the body is a menace and small town. Remember he as own. No, but actually, as I write this seems like there, they may have been telling me slash my mom this to stop us from excitedly sharing our story all over town, I believe, Since the exact moment, I became obsessed with true crime anyway. You, ladies, are amazing. Also Georgia, always like your car doors when you get into the car. I got a story. What about that? One too, when two grown men trying to get in my car late at night, not once but twice after I got in and stayed and started the car. So at and always look out for bodies on the beach Caitlin sounds like to me, like Caitlin Eared, giving Georgia advice but locking the door
because you didn't like it twice, but meanwhile the whole issue of a new car and I couldn't figure out a lock the doors. And yes, I get it. Ok, she's like this, the hard work, hard earned wisdom. I have about locking the door this subject line of this one is eighties: moms don't give a fuck I'll you are calling for some quote accidental kit injuries, and I thought you would appreciate the very eighties approach that my mom had to one of my child had Miss arms. I but eight years old- and I was for reasons I can remember standing on a chair- and I had one of those small american flags in my mouth. Why? Why why, when I read it to myself owes money were reading a book of natives? Just it's the beginning of every terrible anything all. I remember why put an american flag in my mouth, of course, non citizens on a chair descendants. This that's like the definition of being in child totally
I was trying to make a month ago Mosaic of american flag, I'm pretty sure he's trying to take it to the ceiling. Brunos kinda weird anyway. I fell off the chair and when the flag went into my oh, my God, oh, my god, you're gonna die. What's that The word and part of the story is that I had a somewhat biggest challenge for payments again, so it wasn't that this was causing me a ton of pain. So I might have ignored it, but when I pulled the flag out there is some blood on the line we always got. His kid was don't bother me unless you're bleeding, so I figured that I should probably tell someone I went
talk to my mom, who was sitting and our kitchen table talking to friends, drinking playing cards and of course, smoking was just like eighties, my entire target, the eighties anyway, I'm I went to tell her what happened and she shushed me because she was the middle of a conference signature. I said but mom and she yelled at me that I should not interrupt adults. She went on to finish whenever conversation she was having and, of course, taking longer than normal, so that she could teach me lesson. Finally, when she was done, she told me, I could ask her what I wanted to. I opened my mouth, which is now fully that that's like what you always. Why re like reviewing the lightning the bet on fire yeah, I fucking till I do this world. You listen to me. Listen kid! Not your stupid, drunk friend! Now I'm knock. I haven't read the rest of this, but I will say that if this was me I would
not have opened my mouth entirely. I would have just stand there staring and let the black eyes just afraid your Mama neurons african back with us and Perry Dramatics at all time. Ok, it was now full of blood. It turns out that the doll from the flag had gone through. Might council, God yup, so
as I was telling her would happen. Blood was literally streaming. Death is, of course, in typical, eighties mom fashion. She said why didn't you tell me sooner Eleanor. It turned out not to be a big deal, apparently in it he'll just fine. I still brick like to bring this up from time to time. Just about my mom, just a pope, the mom guilt. I have kids at my own now and the rub dirt in it and walked off attitude. Lives on to this day say sexy and don't ignore your kids. While they are bleeding from the mouth or do it builds character, Jan lag? Is it any wonder also factor for real? Truly we? I just did this car brothers, dumb people down the inventor, expand custom people down and there they were doing a. It was a took twenty eighteen round up of all the things that. Found in people's different orifices, Edmund urgency rooms, and I had a recovered memory. While we are talking about it or unlike oh yeah, I went to the ice
a piece of like foam from like like foam rubber. Basically, I up one of my nostrils and then left it. There are now when I was like four and then I just had at like after a couple days. I just had green link right greens not running out my and when my Montague Hooker early emerges, zero would ever thinking I had some br infection or whatever they just tweezers up there and is pull out there. I mean endless are so Romero were grows and our kids are girls, but then there also like the child logic words like I'm standing on a chair. I've got an american flag of my mouth and I've got a bunch of important things to do our utmost. Gonna put this up here and leave it there yeah. Let's just see what happened. Yes, what can we? Improvin science. This is a science experiment, young, I'm a petri dish. You don't get me. Ok, this one's a con, another killer, dentist story, yes, hello!
queens furry. Friends and Stephen do hash asshole. Thank no! My like ok, I was seen too many said: we're someone's mom almost dated eight killer dentists and was remind interment any vaguely of my hometown killer done two story. My first then when I was a child was barred carbon based out of Hamilton mill. Georgia Thirdly, confusing when you say your name base out of Hamilton Male Georgia and Rural totally write a book about it and were- and I regret it for my second great book project- I very cool also. He always seem like a little odd, but the man knew how to clean teeth and do route can now. So you didn't think anything of it. My aunt s play tennis with his wife's sister and they seem like a normal family, husband, wife, to signs. Why pick offence that That was not the case because in December two thousand and four there oldest son, who is really at the time, ran to the neighbor's house and told them that someone had shot his mind on police arrived at the scene. Carbons, wife Jan, was found
a gunshot wounds. The head suicide ask was quickly determined that it was a homicide, framed a suicide, the give away was it the handholding? The gun was neatly tucked under the covers: oh yeah, it came out their relationship at gone south. She had met someone online and he was having an affair with his secretary. She was in the process of serving him divorce papers and he lost it and killed her. Oh, my guy came out later that he had done the same thing to his ex girlfriend. He hadn't dentistry school. Dolly she broke things He put sugar and our gas tanks stole her cat and destroy your final project before finally shooting her in the head in framing as a suicide. In the same way, I feel this has been a forensic files, I'm sure it had a dolly the name dolly as the first girlfriend aghast story. The only reason you didn't get caught that time was because a rookie cop responded to the scene and picked the gun out of her hand after seeing the shot through the head
needless to say, he was arrested for his wife, smarter and was no longer my dentist, but I did but here's rested for his way smarter. So I began to draw tribe re prison, rated Atlanteans owner, and what else was I going to my dad was in the middle of a route canal and how to find a new dentist ass, a p he loved the new guy. We went to untold my mom. We should start going. Their sins are old. Dentist was a murderer a week later. The new dentist was on the news for child. I now have done just who has never been convicted of anything. Thankfully knife love the show and are you do man from Georgia? Oh man, do that's your dad pig dentist anymore. It's hard enough to go to Dennis Plain yeah without all those threats and weirdness is. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they may looking at home, son, easy and afforded
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sub Karen and Georgia and Stephen my dad and I were on a road trip and we swung by a little house. He grew up in with his seven brothers and sisters, his mom and dad, who
the only police officer in town you, their house, was also the police station that New Zealand, ok, that suddenly makes Saddam's and they re seriously the front two rooms or the police for police business and the family kept the bedrooms to live in, and I think they shared the kitchen migraines amazing. When I asked my dad what the hell they did when they needed to lock somebody up. He said there is a shared in the garden. I dont know if he was joking as it is so good. Can you imagine growing up in a police station? I asked dad what it was like four grandpa to be the one and only cop in town, and he said he needed to improvise sometimes than he told me. This story late, one eye grandpa spotted men with flashlights inside the tv and plants repair shop, obviously robbing the place back up from New Plymouth. Take over an hour to get their grandpa didn't want away, because, of course he knew the people who own the repair shop and couldn't just watch while
others ruin their business. That's when he saw the lights in the local Roby Rugby Club, where I like to imagine that he now said thought Protocol before he took off running for the club he burst into the room of Drinking Rugby play my guy there and if any one would like to help him catch some bad guys they were into it. The town didn't have street lights back then so Grandpa had a shepherd. The ruddy players, through the pitch dark desperately trying to keep the legal position them at the front of the shop. Then he's around back, took a deep breath and kicked in the backdoor shouting. Freeze police, the robbers dropped what they were holding and bolted out the front door Roy into about a dozen drunk enthusiastic relative lair, none, as my dad said, quote they weren't
so they didn't have to hold anything bad wholly share. I feel far sorry for the robbers they had not signed up for anything like what happened to them and it was dark, so they literally didn't know what hit them. They were scraped off the pavement and sent to New Plymouth for processing, and the Ruby guys would talk about nothing else for days think we all dream that one day will get to help take down a criminal, hopefully, will be sober and not one of the twelve other huge ass men when it happens, stay sexy and help out your local carpal array. A perfect story is not I mean you can see it all of it happening and as soon as you said, rugby layers of oh yeah, oh fine, yes and drunk once to the best kind, are there any other kind? Are there any other kind, be how good are they attack land and punch aunt Jane punching in tackling this? What they do- and it's like you, kick him by the now- that's their whole job now is to keep you from getting by. That was a brilliant story.
Bull S, Lorraine, ok, this my last one attacked in the bathroom low, half from Maui murdering. Oh, I love stories are beating the shit out of awful men, so here's mine Well, at a bar with a couple sorority sister is: we went to the bathroom together as a team, because the world we live in makes us feel safer in numbers but the line for the women's room was too long and this is fucking. This is me in my twenty is so I do. My two sisters with meat in the men's room since no air set an overly competent, drunk or a voice. We went We use the stalls, and I heard a woman crying in the larger and further stall. Still in my untie mode, they looked over to see a man towering over her with his pants down and her sobbing and obvious distress. Thinking on her second, I leaped over the stall and attacked him from behind wow maker
where's. The handicap saw he smacked his face on the handlebar and lost a tooth. Yes, I yelled at my girlfriends to take the unknown woman aside for safety, while gripping my tiny arm around this guy's neck. The male bouncers came in and told me to get off hand, but in sheer defends note I told my wouldn't get off of him until quota fucking cash come and see me. I love it around. I manage to keep my me on the back of his neck and twist his arm. While his face was on the floor, she must have taken us out Defence Glasgow's. How do you never do that? Sometimes you know that you're, the music just like comes near view of vessel a mile at your vessel of long island iced tea and unlike a bunch of cut procedural, shows that you watch out other people, people up and take them down. That's right from what I remember that night. I got lots of horrified stares at the bumper, my forehead, which I think she meant she fell in a moment
the bumper, my forehead blood on my sweater, lots of free whiskey and a new, thankfully short, lived cigarette addiction, probably because she was intense and I need to take the edge off drunk, say That's man, I mean anything about it. I bet you that's how they were invented and why there invented and naturally drunk people as they are at either one inner changeable. My therapist tells me this came out of the rage I couldn't express in past abusive relationships, which totally makes sense. Right side of the story was at the women. He was. Victimizing became great friends with my sisters and I braved her Hacker in court told her story to the men and women on campus and went on to become a lawyer. Specializing in domestic violence advocacy s college sexual misconduct. Cases are under reported and brave people like her are sometimes the encouragement survivors need to share their story and or he'll for any of you who need to hear this. I believe you, a lot of other murdering us due to stay, Sexy and strong m yes,
good job and you too fully written so true. So, all around yeah yeah dive over that fuckin also, if you're in a place like that you're risk look here then get a bump on the forehead you might lose. It is sure could break a bone, but They'll be bouncers there within minutes. You could even get in trouble, yeah get it scrap it right, ladies and we'll have each other. We need to convince others, eight a m, or we can that entire right, yeah, ok, I'm not gonna, be jealous of decline of this monkeys. It'll give to act here.
As a sordid other animals, humans and Stevens mustache, I think actually that's redundant. Stevens mustache is a sudden assorted other animals, but I'm not gonna start criticising right away. I dont know why have hung under this story for so long, but since I'm recovering from the mony this week, I guess I've got time anyway. About thirty. Five years ago I went to the Oakland Zoo with my parents, who probably had no business being parents. To be honest, that's what I was only five or six. So I don't remember anything about this trip, except this. The zoo had a baby hippo name mugs, because you know very big. He was sponsored by my group, the curious error, my living room fear it's like AIDS, the most creative thing, you're just link, mugs for my group here. Ok, luckily,
named an w because that would have been a confusing and hard for the children or act O prentices. I would love anybody could confirm that they had a baby, namely bugs, but I swear I'm not making this ok coincide. Graham comments, yak someone Lancet, every somebody might even have pictures. I threw cause. That's what I was looking up before we started. I was trying to make sure there is the Oakland Zoom, then there's also place in Oakland called children's fairyland. That is, I think, sixty years old loud- and I couldn't remember if those two things were connected, as I don't think I've ever been to the Oakland Zoo, but we want to children's fairyland many times so fine, it is the best fucking place. My sister recently went there with her class and sent me pictures and all the stuff the same link is it's not brand s, so it's just like theirs, thing where there's a whales mouth open, and then you walk into the whales now to get to one of the like to the show area or whatever I don't remember, I'm underwear
and there's o o her fountain, that you stick your head into a hippos mouse to drink water, Piazza mainly thinking maybe online, is mugs, maybe heir apparent using of all water fountains, like children's places like dogs or die for currency rota system hundred Tang coming out of one of those is now again anyway. Of course, there were signs. That said, something like do not put arms and legs over the railing of the hip open. So of course, what is my dad do, but look put me right on the railing with my legs dangling over. I guess nobody knew how dangerous hippos were back. Then they apps Lately didn't really are things they pretend they are separate and there are the number one killer of tourists in Africa or the Congo, something yeah where people go to look like
animals, you know in the while Africa they kill tourists the most because people think their friendly and ballerinas, but they're not wait there not ballerina hurry, but yeah. You ve been introduced to many a cartoon hippo by thinking that it's a big female hippo that also wants to be a ballerina is not funny and great. No, no! It's not real George. I'm sorry! We listen because this will make you happy well. Mugs being curious and probably hungry, came right up to me and swallowed me up to my ways. Oh,
oh dear, I began screaming my mom began. The screaming at my dad and my dad started. Pounding on mugs is snout. I distinctly remember being covered in hippos lover and the feel of the hippos teeth clamping down on my legs. Everybody is losing their shit now and it seem like forever, but it was probably only a few seconds, but mugs who was probably confused is finally let go of me. I guess I didn't taste good, the even crazier part was there were no zoo keepers, or at least not that I can remember totally traumatized kitten kid me, but pretty funny. Now anyway, I love you all at em affirm thanks so much for the show, stay sexy and don't get eaten by a baby, Hippo Jane
from Oakland. That's why I like what? If it had been a full grown hippo, I know would have written. I was travelling in the funny thing is set of mug like a pint glass together, leader bottle yeah. I know it's I mean if it was a full grown hippo that little kid went on. I think white guys like what are you doing you just dangled food. In my case, you basically gave me choose stakes with knives on them. You handed me a smack. What am I supposed to know our daily me about? You know what I'm not doing ballet anymore. I quit equally goodbye nutcracker this year, sir. I can find another can have a lance, your goddamn dance for you don't get to eat a five year old. If I feel like that, while those were what a great battles are great batch, send your great back to might never murder Gmail Owen. Also, you can go now on our new branding, pretty sparkly website and just submitted their somewhere. Yes, that's right, Inga directly at W W W dot, my favorite murder,
calm slash. Listening and sending in your stuff and states accede younger, murmured, goodbye Elvis you I cookie.
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