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This week’s hometowns include librarian stories and some hidden traysure.

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This is exactly right. This is this one now now we're here for three and one day to you hello. This is my favorite murder. Many sewed welcome hi. How are you I were here to tell you your own story? How do you feel about that? You, like it re, love hearing your own voice coming out of her mouth? Why else would you have clicked the little arrow forward button if you didn't love it? That's very weird: What are you doing? Are you doing? Okay? I were with you, but at the same time, we'd love for you to take a look in the mirror right now and tell us what is I'll, say your name. I loved one, two three, Merida Marie.
I was doing some you're doing something else. I was doing me it's fun. This is how it it's fun. It's wild! It's crazy! Here we go. Are you ready got subject, end of story number one is librarian story ass and then I'm not stopped reading, because it's just a giveaway of what the thing Hamath M, F, F, and crew NA yes M offend light Euro librarian, my favorite nerd, you asked for libraries stories. Many said one nineteen, so here is my story from when I worked as a library assistant during undergrad. I worked in this library from eighteen to twenty two and as one of the student assistance, I was tasked with many library alone from six p m until closing at midnight. I know now is that nineteen seventy five going to five. Who would do that and now? This is a small campus and small town, and despite the fact that I was manning the desk alone, all night, I feel very safe in the World
library, incorrect yeah, you're wrong. I'm sitting around wrong outline light. The means nothing, nothing after mice shift ended. I would wait for security to walk up lock up the library and they would offer me a walk back to the dorms. When I first took the job. Sometimes I took them upon at other times. I would refuse and headed deck by myself, we being polite. Now it's fine so far taken the walk, yes, but also make sure the security guards isn't a psychopath too. Don't go down that path. All the way has to be trust. Ok, ok, and also at this point, if you went to that school- and you worked there- probably maybe would have known that security guard or had a familiarity, but ok, Sir, small camper. Let's do it. This is not. Actually the world is TAT State Georgia, which is what you always say, always acts. They always proven wrong ago. She
then ends up paragraph by saying this story plate takes place. While I was eighteen so basically saying I realize okay so now now this was the type of liberal arts college where you could know the face, if not the name of everyone who attended. Oh, that's, probably. Why so that to you, because I pray red fell right, but not an stupid, but even if it wasn't, it would be clear that this one guy didn't belong. The other library assistance called him movie guy because it was always trying to talk about the movie script. He was writing more filming, run the fuck away and that's not a personal safety issue. That's a boredom issue. As someone who lives in LOS Angeles for twenty years now, as they are about your idea. You haven't done, I'm sorry, I'm a lot of it. He was older, local man, rail thin, with an odd smell that mean something smell sea area. It means you're, not self aware you smell you're, not pay attention the right and bright, and yes, now,
his manners and spoke of someone either doing drugs or suffering from some mental health problems. The guys who work late at night called him harmless and entertaining her, but he set off lots of alarm bells for me, for example, once he stood at the desk and told me in detail about a film, he was working on where young woman's body parentheses, with hair, like mine, he major mine out washed up on the bank of the river and proceeded to describe exactly how he would want the bar to look and how he would film it. Oh, my god how he would have his protagonist cradle, the body and caress her face. This creepy description had me letting security, why We know the dorm, while I inform them about movie guy security didn't seem. That concerned are, of course, not but told me that I could always call, and I quote it would only take five minutes for them to sprint across campus. To me if there was a problem and quote as if couldn't happen. Environment around that in the email
now the library lay out was such that there is a large desk in the front, and behind that wasn't it the employer, or only room where I would sometimes have to work on processing new books are losing it. On this particular night, the movie guy had caught me several times. I made my round to the library he would try to talk to me about his creepy movie and I would make an excuse to move to another part of the library to help someone or I would escape into the employee. Only reception still three hour. I would have to come out of that area and do a lap of the library. After one of these lapse, I was just sitting down in the employee only area when I heard a sound behind me, I turned around and there was movie guy moving quickly into the employee, only room and in effect boxing me in. I can only assume it was the look on my face of pure fear in shock, along with the fact that I quickly grabbed the security phone that caused him to sheepishly. Stop stumble over his word saying something about a script and then back the employee only area I gripped
as I watched him, go back to his normal table and tried not to completely lose it shaking. I had to call security and they handle discarding him out of the library enough campus. I always let security walk me too. The dorm after that and a few days later I was informed. Then he had been banned from campus Yang, because I wasn't the only person he was freaking out. Ah part of me is always felt bad because maybe he was just a lonely, crazy person who met no harm and just wanted a friend. More of me, however, is like fuck that guy and fuck my coworkers you're making me think I was wrong in being creep out by him. That's exactly right. I love your podcast and all the others on the exactly right network that, above all the good work you guys both do and thank you for my new favorite catchphrase. You introduce me to quote: if you
make enough of your own Neuro transmitters store bought his fine as as De Gm. Emily. That's amazing I'd like to go out and say that we didn't make that went up, but we ve said a site. I want to take full responsibility in Cairo. Trans, yes, quote what I was going to say they begin. That paragraph bothered me part of me is always felt bad, because maybe he was just a lonely, crazy person, because there is a debt Hence there gradations of that, and you know the different ran. The difference is that someone doesn't look you in the eye and describe a dead body that looks like you washing up, and you had plenty of reasons as above and be on be like. I want this guy out of here. I M, even if you're not totally sure you there's only one way to find out and that's that and tat exactly yo you're allowed to follow your instincts, if it was other women who are threatened by him as while than your email, your cracked, yes dear, and it must be size, bank has ultimately, she was like. Oh yeah, not only doesn't my little petty problem, he's banned from
best you're, so annoying on heroic he's harmless and it's like you're a dude. He can't You the way he can attack guy! That's! U dont! Don't ask deeds, they dont know they're, not having the same experience. Man don't tell women. People are harmless when their threatened by them right. You're, especially, are weird rents. Ok, here's one called my sister, the prison, librarian okay, here, yo my sister's first job after earning their masters degree in library, science was, as they had librarian at a maximum security, prison and threat, as you do as you do, of course, this prison how's, the worst of the worst of society. But after months of searching for a job and to the horror of my parents, she decided to go for it. We could we could we spend hours talking about the origins of this job and the characters on my sister encountered on a daily basis. My work stories always pale in comparison to what she brought to the table at family function.
Well, I complain about people who couldn't get to work on time. She talked about sending guys to quote segregation for threatening to find her on Facebook after they got out a more for telling everyone that she was sleeping with her library clerk. Also prisoner Wendy well on our way back to her libraries. She was passing through a stairwell that is accessible to both prisoners and staff to wane confrontation. A guard is posted to lock and am lock the doors to the stairwell along for safe, passage for the staff. My sister got to the bottom of the stairwell. She the exit door was locked when she looked up at the. Our station. It appeared empty after we ve time debating what to do. She heard the door at the top of the stairs open and footsteps starting to come down. Cypher, ass being a generally frightening situation. At this particular time it was known that a gang leader was very upset, with my sister says,
obvious joke here overdue books. Perhaps- and she knew that such an early stage- and she knew that if a member of that gang or to appear on the stairs, it was quote not going to be good as she puts it. A person came to the landing leading down to where my sister said. She realised that he was a prisoner, but not again member. He explained that he was on his way to Bible Study and proceeded to talk to her about God, as she nonchalantly attempted to catch the attention of the guard, who'd return this post and had unknowingly let a prisoner into the stairwell. Without realising our shoes waiting at the bottom thing The guard quickly noticed for standing there and by us through the door. My sister made a habit of looking up the offenders she encountered in the prisons database. She did this because many of the men came to the library were friendly, only thee. Good ones with privileges were allowed to actually enter the library and some, if were actually consider part of her staff and worked with her every day.
Checking their history in the database, helped her to keep an emotional distance between herself and these men who seemed friendly. Despite the horrendous things they had done to earn their spot in the prison. On my sister returned from her encounter in the stairwell, she research, the man she had been trapped with their and all caps He had been previously charge with raping a man and a fucking stairwell, My fucking guy. Needless to say, the warden flipped, his lid and the stairwell guard gotten. Some kind of trouble can't remember now my sister shaken up or undeterred continue to work there for another year before accepting position at a much safer I'll be more boring, research, library believe it or not. She, MRS her prison gig as it did, afford her the opportunity to take part in the rehabilitation that takes place behind bars. She left some disappointed offenders who hadn't had a literary advocate on their side and quite some time they even driver a giant farewell card completely Disney characters and say
with their names and prisoner Idee numbers. She has some of their are working in her office today, anyway, You guys are great and make my commute worth. It stay sexy and don't get caught in the stairwell, with a rapist Natalie he's whatever veal like its later gas, not even like, as it happens so much later and still so scare. It would have been bad enough that she had gotten caught in there with a prisoner everything that is fine, but thats. Specific little detail is just insane. Because also then then the first thing I think, as does a prisoner stand by that door and wait because I love stairwell. So much maybe I mean like how you it's probably not that easy for, like a prisoner, just slip by rather Zack moment, I could use a stairwell fetish so horrifying. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make. Looking at home, son, easy and afforded
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Amazon Pham. This was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. But people really seem to love the story, so I thought you guys, like you think one night I was waiting for my friend to get out of her shifted the mall, the parking cleared out, and I was waiting in my car by the secret side entrance little more easy out of nowhere, a middle aged white. I started walking toward my car since I was parked by the sidewalk I assumed he was just gonna walk right by, but still have that feeling of quote lock your doors. Well, I was worried about what this random sir asked stranger thought of me by hearing me: Otto Lock, your dad. Yes, I get the same thing, to my horror. Homeboy opened the door and tries to get the fuck in I'd love to me. Health, oh hell? No mother fucker is gonna work for this bitch now Oh hell, no motherfuckers gonna work for this bad. I got a guy and I
but my car and drive and start or driving and half in and out of the car? So he was crab walking quickly with one lay in and one leg out ass, I was going to gun it when he screamed equally terrified wrong. I could tell he was Jan Genuine, so I start my car and we both apologize profusely. Can you imagine what he was thinking? Hughes, just thinking, sweet wife, Debbie, is coming from his trip to the ball and before he could even say higher, see who's in the car you're trying to survive having your legs run over well anyway, he went back to the curb to wait for his ride and I continue to wait for my friend and every once in a while. We would mythic sharp all cats, painful eye contact with each guile thinking we were going to die, I'm still kind of proud that I had that reaction. I always thought if I was in that situation, I would
squeeze my boobs and scream anyway, they sexy always lock your car doors of anything to avoid an awkward situation. Maria Maisie were I you should be proud of yourself. I think so too I mean like sorry, but you got in here. That's what second decision on you fuck it now you now, you gotta know going forward that you can trust yourself in your instincts. If something happens, yes, which is a really great feeling, I think for sure also what are the odds that this she's driving the car that he knows to get into? Oh yeah, I know it's its banana as I have done, something similar without those consequences, please you that you're getting into a left, which now you know they're saying like theirs, is not a campuses they're saying that you have to make sure like check the license plate number before you get em, because women have been killed. After or like those people who purposely wait near alive, so someone gets in yes, I could not. Thou may just think yeah. Well,
oh I don't that's! How I identify my lived, it is, is the license plate yeah, usually, let's just I'll make sure we do at every time or our fine, ok, Saint Louis, VIP, hometown. I care in Georgia, Stephen and pets. It was nice meaning or the Saint Louis Showed- and I was right and to tell you about the hometown murder that I wanted to tell on stage. I went to college at a weird small at liberal arts, school called Truman State University located in Rule Kirk Smell Missouri Missouri, misery and all that the town really has to offer is meth heads and a highly I don't know what ideas I'm ism guessing its internal at grocery store HIV. It's probably some! You know one of those a chain we don't know yet, since there is nothing to do in this town, the townspeople always got into all sorts of shenanigans, where Back in twenty thirteen Jesus, crazy shit happen,
police responded to our report of a vehicle on fire upon arrival. They noticed that there were also to apartment buildings down the road when they went, I think, on fire when they went to check out the apartment fires, a few witnesses were standing outside the building and objects for being launched at them. The police- a closer look at these objects only realise that. Or human arms Oh I remember. Oh, my god that girl that walked away. I goes this is what I was gonna. Be: ok, that's right! Here! fucking arm use. They got the fire under control and arrested the guy. Who was throwing the arms it turns out. They had murdered some do the day before, because he thought the do did something wrong to his son. Since you didn't know what to do with the body and was still full of rage about the sun bullshit, he decides, The best thing to do would be to dismember the body and set it on fire in his apartment. For some reason. He decided to keep the arms as weapons. Who knows perhaps even crazier than that than the fact that he threw arms is that he pleaded not guilty dude pledged not guilty like what the
he ended up with a bunch of charges anyway, one being first degree murder. I am soom he's currently in prison. That's why dont do math. Kids, have thanks for an awesome, show It has improved so much since and I am came into my life say: sex and do us our state aid and do gods mission. Lindsey P S, I tried to bring your gooey butter Kate, but the bakery was sold out guys it ever go to Saint Louis gotta. Go you better, take their fuckin guy, so crazy. It's like eating cookie dough ends letter Subject: line of this one as grandma finds treasure after Grandpa Hail a few years ago, my husband's grandpa died and his grandma being an older lady on a fixed income. Planning on selling his grandpas gowns for some extra money. She had has no business operating our owning a gun, so smart move, grandpa just guns and a gun safe but she had no idea where the key was she ass. My husband and me to come, help look for it. Looked at all the obvious places, so we started searching in the less obvious.
Scouring, the house, my husband started looking through grandpas closet in a couple of the coats and pant pockets. He found fistful, small bills that total to about two hundred dollars. Grandma was stoked, but we kept searching for the key. We finally found it in one of his shoes in the back of a clause we love. It lets us workplace that lake then to tell someone you put it there. Yes, you to remember you after the Earned search, we opened the safe and started inventorying the contents point my husband noticed a shotgun was next to the shot gun case which in parentheses looks like a shot, gun, shaped duffel bag, and the case was oddly lumpy. He unzip debt and a pile of small bills came falling out them. Hey totalled just over twelve thousand dollar holy shit, mostly in ones and by oh, my God, grandpa from the small denominations. We were able to piece together. Their origin, grandma is an avid slot player. They used
The casino regularly withdraw some cash split it and go their separate ways to play. Grandma grandpa was bad luck and he wasn't a beloved flaming, her that's expertise of instead of gambling the money every time he would literally, he would pocket it likely where all the cash in his coat came from and move it to the gun, say for a rainy day turns out any claim to always be losing. He was just being smart and saving. Grandma was relieved to have the money as she was stressing out about his funeral on. Never forget the image of a pile of money on her kitchen counter and her cursing and thanking him in the same breath. Stay sex, and don't assume grandpa is bad luck, Nicole. I love it so much shirts leg.
It's like SUI and sad and smart, and to me it's the romantic. It's the most romantic thing, which is someone thinking about you dare not like. I'm thinking about you turn again was credit, but just doing it like in the way that actually matter am I wrong. That sounds like something rents would do. Absolutely I but yes says the personages like yes, he's the take care of it big picture guy. He like he has me set of Buffalo while I fuckin blast. A bunch of money and he goes and place. Ok, this one's cod, here's a library hometown story starts ya. I heard you Coffer librarian stories on the most recent many sewed and even if you don't read mine, I'm Stoke to hear other stories cause. Let me tell you library and see some shit now back
Worked as a children's library for five years now in a small town in West Tennessee and I've dealt with domestic abuse, victims, creepy corner masturbate orders they sexual harassment and teenagers trying to watch porn, but them Scary events have been less than a year after I started working there as a fresh college, Rad there's a bank right behind a library and the staff driveway butts up to the drive through teller window, one when I came to work to see cops, swarming the parking lot. I went in part plaid guilty and was sentenced to thirty seven years in prison, while genies recovered and retired a year later and continues to be an active part of our. At an robbery, the pearl had apparently been staking out the bank from across the street and had followed genies home one evening to house there was less than a block from the bank. He had hidden her garage and car overnight and when she got to drive to work that morning, he held
direct gunpoint and first forced her to open. The vaults was his way, and this is not as because I'm fucking anxious, but I'm gonna have a garage for the first time in my life when you move into a new house and I'm like thinking of all the ways select make sure no one follows me in there when I get a job in a bank, ok great set, I'll stories that you have that you like to tell it parties that you want to tell it parties, but you think people are gonna, think you're. Weird! That's good! Tell the story that your friends make you tell the EU think is inappropriate, but your friends, your like no, no, no Tyler, guy and anti seismic, but you didn't include the part that whatever yes for the ones that you want to tell other people but you're a man, office window and took off running up main street Progressing guard who work the corner by the bank and library, saw him and alert police and apprehended less than a mile from the bank genius was
I am an amount in my bag and I totally four hundred out of it. I thought that is there and there are like man. What is it? I was like only please Don T, let go my back and then she held it. She was she man you for some reason: no, she those Buckingham area. It was later ya. Later later the founders of the perpetrator, on the news. We realise that he had been at the library all that weak and have it. On point, got into a fight over the phone while using our computers and had been belligerent with staff, had asked him to keep his voice down and stop swearing. As this is a library gosh Darya, he was frightened federal court plead guilty and was sentenced to thirty seven years in prison, wow Jenny's, recovered and retired a year later and continues to be an active part of our community through volunteer work, nothing else of that calibre has happened since then, and since my director is a former parole officer, there are always on high alert for suspicious behaviour lost,
they'll, trying to ride fairservice and open access to library, materials as librarians do ya, SSC, GM, Sarah, the library girl. Ah, Also great library stories, and yet hell yeah chinese referring through that share, always wear approach for some species of jewellery, yeah us Thank you so much you guys were sending their stories and send any and all stories that you have that you like to tell it parties that you want to tell it parties, but you think people are gonna. Think your weird that's good! It tell the story that your friends make. You tell that you think is inappropriate that your friends are like no, no, no Tyler Guy and Anti semitic, but you didn't include the part that whatever yes for the ones that you want to tell other people, but your embarrassed to yeah gross gross ones are. I'm gross under great look one time. I got stopped at fuckin ts egg. Should I tell us yes, look. I shouldn't started,
I am Anima my bag and I totally forgotten about, and I thought that you is there and there are like man. What is it? I was like only please on think that I can go back and then she held it. She machine you for some reason: no Chicago's Buckingham area it was later ya. Later later was Madame traveling as hard with the authority on drinking water, you don't think about what getting what should be viewed, what wouldn't be riding on. Take your vitamins, your probiotics. Susan those, and yet we want vulnerable. We want all of it. Please be vulnerable, we do it for you, we don't do it for us. I favour motor Gmail and says Ex Ante ok murdered goodbye. This she won a cookie
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