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This week’s hometowns include dad stories and a Detroit murder spree.

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This is exactly right. And welcome to my favorite murder. It's the many so worry review your staff dont you of it. We do wish you'd so easily. So easy shy! Kick this when I do it Karen hello, everyone, this first email in reaching this subject line as my seven degrees of murder separation right, I am I'm Pham that's what the kid say these days found. It means fair, great. Let's just Ivan.
What it says in this email. Last, that's not me. I want to talk about other bullshit here we feel, but this person wants to die than might have us helping me move out of my a yet another terrible, mid, twenties apartment and she'll. Be there. Can we just take a moment, been there then again and then, when there again and again how bout the first studio apartment you live in after you stop living with people who finally live in? That's when I got started getting cats. The best time of my life is in that little studio and hollow infection sent Santa Monica and Western the worse in neighbouring shit, but it was a curious department. Was it really ass? It was a hidden jam. It was one of those old brick ones that are super tall, so it was like an old time. You did you bring on the inside of your apartment. That's right up! You, mine was on grace in off Clangor and I really loved the apartment, I'd friends that lived on the fourth floor. I lived on the second floor and I really love my apartment manager Polly. What's up Polly,
He was the best and I would always be late late with my rat Mouselike Karen come on come on, ok and then one time after I stop drinking, I lost a ton awake. I wasn't drinking twelve, there is every nine ray and he stopped to say I was too then, and he was worried. Ah, I like that some most beautiful thing you ve ever say that any women that such room body positively affect the ride was an hour each way and we ran out of things to talk about on the way back. Naturally, I brought up Emma famine started sharing with them New Jersey stories from the podcast, since that's where we are from Turkey, This man is the seven degrees of separation from many high and low profile. New Jersey, New York stories He told me how him and his friends broke into quote that Asshole John List and quotes House and floor hockey in the ballroom. Where list put his family's body. All my guy over the mansion is only fifteen minutes from where I grew up. He went on to
say how my great great some relative neutrals Lindbergh and thought he killed his baby and tried to cover it up when one of his practical jokes went wrong. Apparently, Limburg had a fucked sense of humour the fuck up. Yes, this is a legit. I wanna hear more. I know right my dropped even further when he finally told me that he had once about cocaine, often enough notorious club promoter and murder. Michael Alec, oh my when my dad used to dj at the limelight- and I was sitting- is this: who is this male? My old? Is this man, however, global, as my dad has worn nothing but, firstly, iron dockers at a hollow shell, all my life- and here he is telling me how used by drugs from a murderer in saying, Oh my god. He even told me how we witnessed a low profile murder in my hometown and was called as a witness the store. Is kept spilling out. Over memorial day weekend, I went to my family s house and my dad handed me. A stack of super rad vintage,
true crime novel there in the collection of books was his annotated, copies of about the hillside, Strangler Bundy, mind Hunter and a bunch others finally learn where my true crime obsession comes sighed out when I first technology and my see my dad want me to stand on the subway platform with my back up to the wall, so no one could come up behind me. Protests which kind which kinds of groups of people are, threatening slashed to be aware of one walking around late last, is problematic and audible a knife and someone quickly, man, dad's, are great Stacy and talk to your parents about murder? They might surprise you much love be. Oh, my god, amazing. I think it's so true. Parents are untapped. Sorry as they don't talk to their kids about stuff like that cause. It's you know we're media, like it's scary, what when you're in,
your parents will tell you about fucked up shit. They now asked touch your parents, like adults and they'll talk to elect and adult to lay. I ask them questions about their lives, because you just don't do that as a good someone's child, you don't ask them questions about their eyes and then you find out always interesting things. That's right and you can actually say I'm right now. I am preparing your biography ray. You will die soon. Yeah. Please tell me everything. There's still have the chance exactly how's your arthritis do need some bony. What did you do in high school? I was creepy, ok, diet, bag pioneered. I M a dad one to my dad worked for a kid diamond my dad work for a kid diamond, bad yours to my dad work for a kidnapping, rapist, oh hey, what's up are used so jealous them all the murdering those whose relatives told them of their personal hometown murders and tell it finally happened to me: hey last weekend my dad We're going out of town on a three hour drive to visit my sick grandma when the UN's couple happened, my dad.
Ask me to put on my quote: murder cast. I'm always listen to and tell and telling him about nervously. I search for the perfect, debut episode ease him in finally decided to play my favorite episode when we now western Bush loved ass David about it after the now, you must know where he walks. Although this does he showed in the zone. Eighty one window details a satisfying story of how Doktor Jeffrey Mcdonald was caught from during his wife and choose we baby angels. I cringed and try to talk over the more gruesome details of Karen's Peter Curtain Story, so my day wouldn't freak out and changes might in wanting to listen and bond with me over this quote taboo subject: we got through the episode and I decided to play a many said. The episode and I decided to play many said to get some laughs and, in the middle of the many said my dad says to me
Something like that happened to me as I am doing Marty's ways and Burma. I couldn't believe it was finally happening to me. I paused podcast and tried not to seem too eager. My dad tells me about this. When horrible supervisor he hadn t eighties, when he landed a job as an assembly line worker question Mark who cares, she says he said he hated a supervisor because he never did any work unless the big bosses came around and was rude to everyone who came into contact with my dad left the fact, are you a question mark deservedly the air force and when he came back, his Mama grandma asked him. Did you ever work with George, my dad rolled his eyes and said? Yes, then, grandma proceeds to tell my dad that he was arrested for kidnapping and rape. So less fucking guy a kid. That's a young girl from his neighborhood tied her up. His home and would rape her repeated every day, sorry, when the poor
and held a search party to look for her all caps. This fucking guy would be looking for her alongside the rest of his neighbors yeah after a few weeks of being held captive, the girl manage to get away and tell authorities everything bad. Ah, yes, she wrote, after the first you besides ended my dad, turned to me and said wow, so do they haven't episode about Jean Monet? Yes, we do very absolutely do I'm sorry. This is such a long email. I just had to show this exciting bonding moment between me and my dad. Thank you and SSC Gm Brittany, My congratulations on. Finally, cracking that case a threat that dad case that's right. It's an exciting feeling is happen to you too. I hope I am now referred to that can happen to borrow on the edge imaginary, the subject high everyone first off things were made. Our princess
we're tag, teeming authoring this work days, so much more enjoyable, we're ladder, coworkers, don't know we actually listened to a murder podcast all day instead of music, but finally make the day more enjoyable. Second off confession are not the protagonists of the story, but it was way too good not to share with you we live in Chicago, and this last winter was very cold one near the end of January, the temperatures reached minus twenty seven degrees with a Winchell. It felt like minus minus fifty, but global warming is a hoax. Literally colder than an article Alaska and the North pole. Because of this, the entire city shut down and most companies let their employees work from home. Pretty much meant drinkings. I taught chocolate and watching movies bless Wilson
Our friends also work from home and during the day began hearing weird noises from their attic, this better not be accurately pasta and what they said. Friends yeah, I believe them so far most they believed it was just some animal trying to escape the cool temperatures so to get proof for their landlord. They stuck a selfie stick into the outer wall to try to get a photo of the animal when they brother selfies, take back down and went to look at the photograph. It turned out not to be an animal, but instead the photo revealed a man crouching down in the corner, trying to avoid being captured on the phone in all caps. My worst nightmare turns out This man had moved into our friends apartment before they moved in when the union was empty. Our friends moved in September, so they had unknown cohabiting with this man for fun. I've man? No, no, no! No five months turn when they would go to work during the day. He would come down from the attic and live in their apartment. He
the shower ate their food and wash their tv. Who knows what else holy shit worse part was that the opening to the attic was in one of their rooms. Thank the Lord. He wasn't creepy sexual predator and I'm so glad you never physically hurt them, but he definitely emotionally scared of Jesus. Out of that, can you imagine looking at their boat that followed, I lately and then everyone turns and runs out the door and here's the thing we're doubting that this could be a creepy pasta. This could be based on other stories, who cares, picks or didn't happen it seems like they have backs lobbies or get a bull pick re if pass. Yes, thanks realistically this Mary and Katy to think they kicked him out or distorted charging him run their leg If you shower a couple. More has a weak. Mrs, a fine situation like we're, not gonna make you pay like part like half of it, because you're only thing in the crossfire yeah you just have to crouch up. They are even like a quarter earlier of the rat yeah right sure. Why not? If he's not
It's been that longer you haven't done anything creepy, then he's a good, pretty fuckin. Go to remain, haven't you build some fucking stairs, fear Marian candies era. We ve had bathroom aids. That sounds like a great room, yeah, exactly wait till your guy, like you have your life. Does he do the dishes he must have, or they would have noted ass a complaint. That's an amazing point as we I wasn't stand off one time when I lived in Sacramento Nod and House yeah, we were not do the dishes and we all blamed each other like inner than one that never does it and the that kitchens was just filled with virtually all our time today that I really at the time. I had a similar remit situation and we are out of paper towels and, as like, hey we ve all about paper towels. It's your turn who is to my favorite house, and she goes. I dont really paper towels and men. She leaves me a note about borrowing something of mine in my bathroom. I'm gonna pay now as it was,
she was too stupid for it to be on purple yeah that would have been fucked up. This is from my friend Brook Van Poplin, so she's as hanging. I sent them to Georgia over two years ago, when you still read about hometown murders and I'm so thrilled at after many excellent stories about things found in walls first responders stories, and I thank you- sing cause. You returned old fashioned murder stories from where you grew up, and this is that since my hometown murder story from the Detroit suburbs. For my dad was a cop and I was more than likely blasting JANET Jackson's rhythm nation Cosette from my boom. And rollers getting my basement. There is some concern details and stories, but this is the most reported version I found. It was November one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, when two teenagers Joseph Piceno, seventeen and Bruce Michael sixteen when on an armed robbery spree that claimed the lives of Rochester, Michigan residents, Glenn and Wanda Tarr, the
chose their victims at random, which is an extra layer of scary bullshit. After finishing dinner, fifty one to tar a life insurance. It agent went to me. With a client and before doing so soon, to withdraw money from an atm where Bruce and Joseph had been lurking around waiting for a victim. They followed her into it quiet, neighbourhood, she was heading into and cut her off and held her at gunpoint. Shoes three miles from her home. They forcibly at her for a sum total of fifteen dollars and then kidnapped her the monsters. Over into a parking Pontiac, which is a neighbouring city, the Rochester Hills and fatally shot her in the head and does dumped her body there. They neatly actor insurance forms next to her body, what's up about Pontiac in that area. Is the sound of gunshots? Was nothing to arouse attention or suspicion, then using one as Idee. This is a fucking worse Joseph. Figured out how to navigate back to the tars residence or they broke into the house and told fifty three year old, Glenn tar that data abducted, his wife, black
jam Chauvelin executive was tied up while they ran the house for jewellery and electronics than kid been glad they shoved him into the trunk of a car. All the other two cars, a shabby cavalier energy, a prism, great car the Gm Prism does exist anywhere gives are being used as gift boxes or a lot of hope for a lot of things got the two Glenn to chew other atm machines in the area, but apparently failed to get money out of them, says one source but another source as they got five hundred dollars total plus. Fifteen dollars they took from Wanda so far, fifteen total maybe just fifteen oh source, wise, yeah yeah. I got it the assailants drove Glenn. Others are some of us back to the exact place in the park or they have shot and killed Wanda. Who was lying there murdered in front of glad when they shot him six times and dumped him next to him.
Its body lay. So they made him look at his dead wife before they can downsides, evoking the definition of evil embryo we asked for home towns, we ve changed or my right several hours later, at five p m and neighbour called the police, noting that the the Tars House look suspicious. The group so ban and anti, but the lights on, which has not typical later that morning, a woman walking her dog and Pontiac Park found the tars, lifeless bodies, a sort. The killers and stolen cars ensued, and my dad was on patrol. He actually found one of the cars belonging to the tars abandoned on the outskirts of Rochester in a really rural part of town on the dirt road, normally reserve for teenage under age beard, drinking
and she had again and then she writes guilty. I asked my dad if he remembered if you found the prison, where the cavalier any Seti honestly couldn't remember being for motor city. This is inexcusable to whatever true ass for the killers. They were clearly young endowment after robbing in killing the tars. These two psychopaths went to a dance club and brag about what they had done. They were sloppy and every rests in every respect and picked up by police quickly. The violence closeness of their acts, really rocked the community and the two received maximum sentences of life without per or even to gear turns out are good family. And was at a Mcdonald's near the Tars house on the night they were murdered. She was with her her young boys eating inside when two creepy teens came into the golden arches and they are but her and her kids, in a way that made her feel incredibly threatened. It was just ten Bruce as she found out a few days later, when their mud shots appeared in the new LAO after being arrested, she went cold when she recognised them instantly the way them Timeline works out
the murderers stopped by sap into Mickey these after killing Wanda, but before killing Glenn woe whether it was before they had abducted, Glenn and put him in. Basically, it could have been with while he was in the trunk outside or not there at the time, and she fuckin saw them and exiles and was creep by them you're eating food We're getting a snack between minors, the tars have children, one of which has spoke out that his faith has given him the ability to finally forgive the teenage killers. After all these years, scary, fucking stuff, thank you for the many hours of twisted companionship, mixed with advocacy for victims, mental health awareness and tough talk about how we women are a force. We come together for good love. You both and stay sexy, and
to be the victim and absolute bullshit. You have no control over from Bergmann Poplin and shares upon casts a bunch of friends of mine concept work, but let waitresses about wait, you're, saying and gaming tables and they in restaurants and restaurants. F, that's great guy! That's so here's the thing it it's like the two: how did they find each other, thus to tee and re? And how did they it's like they? How did they both realize? I want to know the dynamic between a tool that is like the Deasey sniper where you're like this isn't common. Now, how are the two of you together oath pond glee? Ok doing less right like commonly combine shooters, it's just like your both yep and moving forward without the fuckin. Second thought right, it's it's insane! It's in there so many chances to start to re to go. Oh my god! That just happened. That's the worst thing of all time, I'm running with something in it. He doesn't it's just it's just a classical eight yeah.
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Here's my last one and will fold Mcdonald's back and because we did ask for drive through stories. Remember had this is where there is if we are going to couple get one good ones, but this this, when I love I can georgian sweet furry angels now have I gotta creepy fastfood story for you? Okay. So when I was sixteen, I just gotten hired Mcdonald's in the car. My first shift my mum, my Canadian. My mom says to me: did I ever tell you about the CIA agents in the drive through I said no and she proceeded to tell me the story of one. My uncle worked at a burger king drive through in the town of Surrey, British Columbia as well I asked my uncle to fill in some of the blanks in the story. When I knew I was going to write a great checking re should sometime. This is it. This is basic through crime reporting and leave it on a great who when warehouse, that's it. It was some time in the late areas in my uncle was working at the front counter when a woman pulled up to the drive through and handed the girl at the window and note that said,
this number and tell them I'm being followed. The lady sped and the girl open the note which said something like I work for the CIA and I'm being followed. Call this number since This is Canada. The manager called the good old Arcy MP to have them investigate soon. The small town burger king, small town, Burger king, was swarmed with cop cars and Arcy MP officers, who are all deciding whether or not to call the number themselves forget about it. Since the lady was probably just a crane, the person. Well, they end up calling the number and it turns out to be a all cats direct line to the CIA or the secret service. Like I'm, an imprint disease. My moment uncle can't decide which one, but I think, isn't secret service just for protection of like the present and stuff. I think about what my answer is. It's I don't know who will be wrong? Yeah right, I'm guessing see. I look at the
officers gave the Americans, on the other and all the information that they asked for and interviewed everyone working that day, including my uncle who says it was one most thrilling days of his career ass. Looking back on it. Now he said but the lady who came through the drive through was probably just some disturbed. Woman happened to have the direct line to an american intelligence agency. But I S will never know. I worry hey, guess what uncle it was. Your experience in its your life, but you are, fucking wrong. That's crazy! You guys you guys you don't understand how hard it is to get the phone number to the CIA? Canadian? That's right! That's like being He will do. Call the media right yeah, it was totally with the aid of the cartoon comedian, morality insulting to everybody,
Thank you for making my commits to school. So much more interesting and also your book is the best birthday present. I've ever receive stay sexy and don't give crazy people a direct number to the CIA. She wasn't crazy goddamn entities in Kramer. She was also the agency was absolutely acy age and maybe greatly, but you go deep cover because you look like a sage and you don't like that care. It's not some woman in black morning to do the hand to fuckin. Like your hand, money like that. So easy. I yes, that straight up CIA. When I won- and she called the number- was learning to be he's a place next door, and I love that you fuckin, like bombed her by calling getting at the hour stampede a fuckin show up instead. Yet, however song her was like we that was absolutely her in them, and anyway, states accede on concrete. Oh, are you said that you are the only way I didn't say is the signature, which is just the letter a oceans in this problem.
That's association right there. Some identity, hiding mother of gambling, ok, minus this one's way last mercury than mothership okay. This is called the marshmallow incident. Late heard it Hello, long time listener. First time, email, I'm, the youngest of four children, were all very close in age and a pretty physical bunch. There are plenty of stories from my childhood that ended in the emergency room, but I could tell you about, but when infamous stories took place when I was only about a year old. I know the details because it's been told to me about a thousand times. My whole family is roasting, marshmallows and prowling around in the front yard. One summer evening the time my brother mica was three and my sister Naomi was for MIKE, I wanted to, they with one of those plastic yellow the football bats. You know the kind everyone had growing gap his little toddler arms couldn't handle holding the metal skewer with his marshmallow and the bat at the same time. So
pointing an obscure in his mouth to free up his army. No sorry how old three three own you know now and started cheaper that baby kebab up Voices are riding around her tricycle, unlike any brandy, older sister decided that she wanted a yellow bat when she noticed mica going for it, so she rode over and try to yanking away before he could grab it in the process that bumped into this cure in his mouth and, put All the way back into his throat, so so far that it actually poked through the flashy skin. Under his ear, Oh, I remember, zero is even worthy. That's Ok, I haven't that's. This is incredible. I I forget that your ears aren't yea connected to your mouth tender bits, ear, nose, Throwed, doctor please no tender vets, ten three year old bit like chicken cutlet cut up
And secured delicious summertime tree, that's right, my parents, who are presumably busy pouring themselves, another glass of wine wall. This went down a year immediately jumped into action through my kind of the pickup truck and my dad started. Speeding hinder the closest e r may I was I'm afraid to remove the skewer himself good. I ever remove skiers, but little like. I was like I don't like this, and I want it got any yank this cure out or my dad was driving. They are. The doctors explained that the skewer had missed his carotid artery, the one that's As all the blood to your brain were less than a centimeter it has in punctured. He probably would have died. If my brother hadn't just pulled the skewer out himself, it would have been an extremely risky surgery to have removed at tat. Lady, like was on our side and MIKE. I was sent home half an hour later with the mandate and a sticker to this day. Metals cures are strictly forbidden from our house.
We can only roofs marshals with very thin and flimsy sticks. We find in the yard, But- and I always tell gets tears for almost killing our brother over a baseball, bat, think Forgive me entertain during long commutes and boring daisy, Grad School Suv am Hannah Holy Shit Hannah, that's lake! That's why people believe in the Lord or a God, Ryan Kind. I guess that's cream Amerika! It's a miracle. Didn't: kill motorway N and then a three year old performed his own throat surgery and lived. I would like to congratulate Hannah Fur eliciting the weirdest noises. I've ever had Stephen make I'd yet and lie if Stephen, what was done so sorry, it gets worse. Every time he asked the the flag, and then there was, I think, like falling off the the can hear somebody I slew, are you gagging? I think I just uttered yeah. I think I just
Since you feel hurry, I must like yeah. I was like feeling it in my head. It's happening to you, that's how amazing Hannah story TAT. I had a great renown: Dounia, an unbelievable yeah. Send us you're fucked up, not fucked up fucked around. With stories Oliver Olive em don't send fucking story, no fucking that we're not this part not lower about that's not what we do. You know that about us Davis and stays x and dont get murdered, Elvis one cookie
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