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This week’s hometowns include a family murder and an alligator attack. 

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This is exactly right. Welcome to the many so my favorite murder, we read you your hometown, martyrs and set. That's happened near your. How to you near you around, you will do your grandparents spear ups upside down from Yale. Whatever it is. If you're in search of lay, we want to hear about it. Yeah and J R, a fuckin, incredible assistant picked out the most I mean I can't There are so many good once it's it's a plethora. Of riches everywhere at the old, exactly right studios! That's writing! Bearing let us tell you, then I go first sure this
the subjects line as regular old hometown- oh great, nice, dear Emma Film Crew, my hometown murder is from Westchester Virginia. It is I'll town known for their annual apple blossom festival and not much else, our story begins in my son's kindergarten class. My son had made his first. Friend, James and James, invited him to a birthday party at his house. I brought him to the party along with for their parents. James is a wonderful kid, but his family members or a little less than savory his mother LISA, had removes the scream from the front door. So she could hang out the door frame and smuggle instead of going off, who gave up like one of those doubled have split George. Yes, you turn it into like a Mr Ed whore store, but for smoking an umbrella, tat epoch. That's like a bug in eighties mom right there for real cause, she's been considering not getting at smuggled into the pancakes as she makes them off.
Uncle Billy belong to a motorcycle gang the war locks and gave each child a dollar in between pounding Keystone light. He has set us up a favourite of mine and my twenties keystone line, who, at ten a m at a child's birthday party, look some two parties where more. Do you need a keystone light and add a child's birthday Party branch night call a branch, don't act like or childbirth is already so much fun with the screaming the dad James Senior had the longest pinky. Now I've ever seen, it was a real work of art as a parting gift. This lovely party grandpa made sure to show each child how he could make his false teeth, move up and down, while still in his mouth I mean what else around password. That's amazing. I would be at these people's house every of you like when you gonna start shown us the gun right you adopted, make us well guess what I'm here, Furthermore, I won't be here when you go for wheeling. I want to be here when you all start a weird fight over a fire.
Fast forward a year later, James and my son are still good friends at school. When one day my neighbor told me about a murder in our subdivision turns out. Lisa had arranged to have her current boyfriend Chris and an accomplice, murder James Senior according to our local newspaper, James Senior and lisa- we're in the middle of a split biggest she'd, recently gotten back together with Chris James Senior, what stay with his cousin God. I hope all these names or have been changed to attack the innocent. Are there any innocence in the story from the children who knows think of the children? Let's? only the children so James SR, one to say with his cousin who lived in my subdivision, James Senior rooms. In the basement there and Chris Nick his accomplice broke in, stabbed him multiple times and ended slitting, his throat guys horrifying James C, cousins were upstairs asleep, Johnsing years, the Pinky guy Right or the keystone. I know I think, he's just the dad got it yeah
James got my always kind of character was an interesting Emma, a sorry, you're exactly right, James Senior had the long picking out. Thank you. I apologize. I think you apologize and I appeal I think, you're. Ok, though Jane seniors cousins were asleep upstairs, they heard nothing but but when they didn't seem the next morning, they went down to check on him and discovered his body its horrified at once. The body was discovered in the first place. The police headed was leases house. Found her increased asleep in a shed behind the property. Ok, what why Yes, that, like me, falling asleep on the couch cause, I'm watching tv well, where they do not have profession there chamber. Desperate british procedure also got if I had not met out over funny, because everyone else in the family would give them too much shit. They have to watch them in the shed. Get ass. Ok, ok up here,
the rest it immediately Chris was convicted murder and received to life sentences plus twenty five years much later, LISA was convicted of being an accessory to murder and sentenced to ten years. The motive was murder was quicker and easier than divorce. It's horrible James assume! the school, my son until third grade I dont, know what happened in a poor little boy, but I can't help it think he's, probably better off, not being under the care of his mother. Say sexy and don't let a drunken warlock give your son money to children's birthday party. Beautifully done. That person makes themselves completely anonymous as yet, but then everybody set just like up those now India, where this once called cigarettes, kill but can also find a killer, ok pegging. So I've had a couple of crazy fucked up things happen in my Small South Texas town, I fuck about United aid, but feel the close connection with this one. So here we go with peak periods that wasn't my emphasis, love it
back in the spring of two thousand and six, a local cps worker, which we all know is child protecting services. A train were who is fifty three at the time disappeared from her home. The next Her body was found still in her pajamas and field, still her pajamas and she had ligature marks on her neck and rest There were also signs of sexual assaults, immediate the person of interest. Was you guessed it her boyfriend she'd been pretty well known business owner in town on and off for the past several years. He has to happen. The father of a guy. I went to school with we weren't you, we're close. We had mutual friends and he had come to some of my party's back in high school, the boyfriend. Ended that she had come by his house early that might discuss rekindling their relationship but claimed have no. Connection, to the martyr right, the cops or enabling him to it. Either people then started wondering if the murder could be related to the one of her cps cases that she had worked on. Oh yeah, The case go silent, at least in the media. Until five, and later, when I was home for summer break, and my parents, house and news broke, that there
then and arrest? Apparently, when the peace she dumped her body in the field. He had flicked us out a cigarette button next to her, and then it says what does this amateur our lives I've had been surveying. There's aspects, not sure why they decided votes on him when one day, while following him, they were able to scoop up a sick, he had thrown out the window and it was a matched to the but found at the crime scene. Wow ready for this turns out. The killer, was then it says drum Oh, please them fucking son of the boyfriend, yet the guy who used to come to my party's at my house. So perhaps you think this is like the best written like casually mentioned. Like all this is my connection to and then it like. Yes, well, they ha ha. He tried to claim that they were having an affair and we're having rough Saxon. It was an accident, but everyone thinks that's bullshit. It has to
the possibility of the death sentence. He took a pleading and is currently serving twenty years for kidnapping and a life sentence for the murder, so thankfully he will never be able to attend one of my epic raiders again, thanks for all your hard work. Ladies, you provided. We have countless hours of entertainment during work, traffic and community service drink and drive people yeah, that's right how hatch alive so the next time you make it to Texas until then stay sexy and don't smoke. Six J,
J J you gave it you gave in that when you're all left a little something of humility at the end, humility in great advice graded about deriving I'm sorry about this before it shouldn't even exist anymore. There's lift, there's all kinds of ways you can pay people to give you a ride. I don't take it events and I like we're going to dinner. We won't take our car anymore, raise its like we're. Gonna have to drinks, that's too many for me to dry or him the drive. It's not worth it s, not its now and but also good dimension, because there's there there's there's all the repercussions. Afterwards, you could hurt somebody badly. You could kill somebody, you gonna cost you a shit, China, money like ten grand or somewhere he's all much money. You could go to jail watches then there's the emotional facts then also community service. Isn't that fine of how to do it? Have you really IDA community service for, Hey now think it was the the drug one did you have to wear. Collective vast. Now I had oh, I had to work. It is fuckin creepy dudes, like
like metal yard. What's the Kaliningrad I our yeah yeah, he like was tat. He was a creep like friends had gone to him when they had service yeah. I had great friends: that's our l. All the girls went for community. Where are they went at so I was there. I know it and then he was hammering something in the hammer slipped out of his hand. His Polly drunk Me in the toe- and there was a good thing- if still taboo time- and my fuckin didn't like it was about me- they Stevens aim. Ok, just says hometown story ray we're getting back to base its round. The many sides. Hi Karen Georgia Stephen pets in any one? I also missed well done, I'm a new murdering thanks to my girlfriend, who has a huge fan of you guys. I always react my brain for home towns to send in the ground,
up sheltered and South Orange County led me to not being very exposed to any crime happening in my area very familiar with South Orange County. I am from South Orange County. Technically is yours by Like Irvine is like the beginning Orange county uptake. San Diego O line, also were tiny little ahoy area attacking we're Talkin Sand, Clemente Laguna Beach, Richie Reggie Salmon and there's also math like it's a slave there's a little everything that at least one I live there. Ok, when so my parents about your podcast. I ask them if they had any hometown crime stores, they could think of both of them growing up in southern California and being children of the Sixtys and Seventys. My mom, remembered the hillside, strangler fears when she was at Ellie Valley College in the seventh la the threat there yeah. She said that she was very aware of the story, but didn't know many of the details. One day when she came back to her home and Burbank she had seen a car waiting in front of her house with someone inside she waited
nor car for fifteen minutes the door's locked to see if they would leave, but they would Esquire worried she the car horns or her parents knew she was home, and so they might come outside whom they did and my mom ran past the car to the front door before her smart, such a smart person. She remembers watching outside to see what the car was doing. It would just or to across the street, down the road one house and then back to the front of her house just periodically moving their parking spot. They called the please, because my mama's freaked out when sirens could be heard down the street. The car bolted know why she doesn't remember how many people were inside or what kind of car it was. So I dont know if there were two people or if the car was the two toned sedan like you mentioned in episode, one fourteen, but you definitely remembers it happening at the same time and being totally freaked out that's my hometown! Think I'd nothing happened but still think it's a fund, scary story, stay sexy in Dhaka, kidnapped right in front of your house, Johnny from California P S that's on the new book, May one
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This is called well. This is a drive, their story and hometown murder yeah to whom it may concern. You asked for drive through stories and well. This didn't happen to me. It was in my hometown and twenty six A guy through alive, three and a half with alligator through Wendy's drive through Linda, says, of course this is in Florida. Barely at one thirty in the morning, he ordered food at the speaker drove up to the window and when the employee went ahead and Ms Drink, he threw a gator inside and drove away. This is look at three feet that put three feet up in front of you: put your hands just outside of your shoulders and then, but you don't have a fucking teeth. The coming out of one end of it in an like a yellow, I, with a split eminent like the devil, have cell. That's right, God damn you drove away, he claimed it was a prank question mark. I thought the person working the window is the guy's friend, but I looked up articles on it just now. It turns out no the poorest
as food worker was just trying to make it through the night shift. He was a swift, oh my god, oh my god, let me say: there's the ok, it's bigger than three feet. So you know what we are seeing just held up the picture from Facebook and he looks pair past, but they this this is a problem with the lake modern, prank culture right, it's pranks, our friends and people. You know people that will understand and are into it. You you throwing an alligator too fast food worker laws as full on us all and unnecessarily bizarre. Did he its rise without assault
there you go with you and then is even you're fired, but it was my engraved in keeping giving. Also put the shame is a good part upon a curling experience. I can't sell my mouth from saying. We must know what I just thought I can you put that photo and instagram as well that, because also you don't care about that alligator through and left behind, alligators becoming addicted them yeah. I thought the person working the window was the guy's friend, but I looked at the articles on it just now. It turns out that no the poor, fastfood worker was trying to make it through. The night shift was a stranger bullshit. The judge sentence. This dew fell to seventy five hours of community service. Slew theme didn't do them over within a five hundred dollar fine and gave us this quote. In my view, there is actually no excuse for taking an animal, particularly an alligator and throwing it through a window at a total, stranger and then amen, judge hold on this heat. Who now, if I was in front of their job you like, but how ever is you.
That fast food worker and they were wearing crocodile she s, and then you were from Peter yeah, so you're, already kind of on the edge here on an you go and you're like is, as are you feel about alligator your honor, I'm I'm trying to lighten the world a little with love and joy and funny stories. Could you imagine I'm just saying picture my near the Scarlet Board? Ok, thankfully, no one was hurt, including the data which was really is back into the wild. Oh good, ok, ass for my hometown, back gator, linked to other friends, just like I think I was kidnapped by alien. You won't believe it really disturbing, and it's not like french riot and the like check. We don't believe and alien Chuck. Your courageous on you don't be crazy and they'll look exactly like the alien from Alien, it's cute As for my hometown, I gripped on the street from a cemetery
with a mom who was a marina since before I was born, we went to the cemetery lot, despite not knowing anyone buried there. Personally, because it was a quiet place to write our bikes and rollerblade sure my moment always point out there. Mom sounds amazing my moment this point out the graves she knew. The stories behind which rubbed off on me when I first dating may now, fiance I gave her the murder tour of my town you're, not running away sweetheart. I remember the most was the grave of a teenage girl named Rachel Curly on March 17th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety Rachel, without voting with her friends and was supposed to meet her mom in the parking lot of a nearby beach. She never showed up family and friends search for her for hours in the rain, and I finally found her that evening in the woods on the shore, she'd been raped and strangled, and she was just fourteen years old, the thirtyth anniversary of death is coming up in her case is still unsolved. The local sheriff's office made a twitter account for her at
Rachel Hurley. Ninety we spell that are a c h. E o h: U r l e! Why and then the number ninety. I hope that the online community of sluice can help. Finally crack her case yeah Mommy's. That story is a warning for me and always told me to stay away from the woods, a fuckin telling you guys if at the beach, no matter how far they looked, I'm thirty three now and still look at them with suspicion. Anyway, thank you for putting into audio form the conversations I've been having with my mom since childhood stay out of the forest. Sarah, yes, Sarah, while that was agreed, Thank you! Yeah, Greece have so much That would be amazing if citizens lose, who are solving cases left right and centre anyway, would take up because That's the thirtieth anniversary would take that up and see it's just that. It's just a fortune. Our girls, rape and murder, and solved without I just there's no reason the site.
Not having evidence, you know but gun. Our air is dna because I've been watching since we're off the road. I really must frantic file, and so I went to Netflix into started knows what I am not way, but it so funny cause. It sounds like that's right in that time where it was like just begin. I dna thing was just beginning and there are no little bits and then they destroyed like evidence for trying to get that. Yes right right, so it's like the reproach and testing stuff. I wonder if that could really make a difference. Do we say to name one more time: Rachel Hurley? Ninety, ok on Twitter on Twitter, now as then, this subject line, we didn't stay out of the forest and we almost got murdered what is happening to the edge of this yellow. But, like me well or yellow, I know one of the first rules is to say before us and, of course, as Sd Gm. But when I was a junior in high school about ten years ago,
My friend if I may have broken the sting out of the forest rule and I'm so happy. We stayed sexy and in fact, in Aachen murdered. So it was a week and on an early summer day- and I was on my way to my friend Chloe's house- we were planning camping out nor backyard and and having a fun girls night with high schoolers essentials, shady weed and a handle of ten dollar. Four after that, can I just say this about the bad vodka, what you need to do whether it be just save for another week or steel, ten dollars out your mom's purse, which I'm not in advocating. Yet at the same time you just send it. You don't have to bottom shelf the VON yes and do get up out of the winners CUP area and get into some decent bran it'll kill you. I feel like the my years of hangovers from shitty. Alcohol has made me drink less in general
like even now, and I can afford Tito's. Let's, oh, I see no names like I don't ever do it, because that one may only twenty first birthday when I drank just absolute fuckin bottom trash covered in dust in the back of the fucking shelves at the liberals, are an vomited in the gutter. Yet so don't do that again, Georgia! Ok, you know what you're right. These are guardrail said in high school. We put up for our house where it's like yeah, I will never drink gin again ray. I won't drink anything member. I really that if I had to go back, I never go. Don't buy this shitty whisky because that'll give you a fucking, hang over by the shitty What are we talking about a machine like us better than the shady whisky? I'm just saying you too, you deserve better than this shitty by going about not if you twenty current job here and as says thing said: output tank lemonade us Miss Zepplin, pin pants. Ok,
It was midday and we are having some lunch before we were going to pitch the tents. That's also smart, put down that base layer over a hundred percent if you're gonna drink ten dollar back there you go and being a U Chloe bury being a year younger than me, and not quite as rebellious as myself was worried that are, parents are going to smell the we, because our tent was going to be so close to the house. They would have I told her not to worry, but if it made her feel better, we could move further I can do the yard there Aunt Chloe had the bright idea of camping in the unoccupied summer camp camp around that the entrance was right, naturally or how soon a horror movie I mean there were like you want to stay here and safety zone re want to go into the living horror movie. Oh my alibi, ok, amazing. Of course I obliged I was used to camping in the woods I was waste out at the time in parentheses, I'm a girl, I loved moving. So we told her mother our plans and we loaded the ten, the back of my truck and drove down the long camp driveway deep into the fora horrifying. This ring
as they getting ever, let me for being in the summer camp there many open spaces- and it was quite wooded- we found most open area. We could near a cabin and set up camp before long. It was getting dark side started. A fire, including myself, had started our night of doing bad things like that high schoolers shouldn't. Do after a few hours, we were drunken high and decided it was time to go into the tent and fell asleep. I doubt the fire pretty well leaving a small small flame, so we didn't so we had a little light. Don't worry and from New England. Everything is wet and I wasn't worried about. Whilst droughts do. Thank you our than Orleans in us that if you can start a fucking fire in the woods than you know enough about it to take care of it and I couldn't sort of fire and I shouldn't be left alone with a virus, so it all started yet. Therefore, there
for it look, you can rely on a girl boyscout to get in there and handle shit the clearly that's what she's about that's right: she's, a truck yeah hell, client! Ok, so we were laying down for a few minutes still laughing and giggling. When we heard a stick break like something or some one was walking outside that's when we notice the sea. This is what one ten dollar vodka does not help. You train: that's when we know is, the fire was much bigger than it had been after I through water on it, I don't care, not to worry that nobody has re lit itself like fires do sometimes retraction rapid, but when I picked out of the total I noticed too our three new logs I've been placed on the wire and then twenty five exclamation clothing. I started to panic and my truck was, as it was, a good fifty feet away and we were not about to print that far with someone outside our tent, then we fucking laughing and at least two male voices club.
He was crying at this point and I told her we had to get out of. There is fucking soon as possible. All caps thank the good Lord. I had one bar of service on my phone and we were able to call her mom to come and get a gone long five minutes of my life waiting Virgo to pull up. We grabbed our backpacks through all the water on the fire, her Hopton, Chloe's, mom's, car and note the vocabulary. We then came back to the next morning to get the tent and my truck and I as I was too fucked up to drive the five minutes down their screen hold back. The coup is as right, sate and saying. Yes, that's really is a really good call me. We never found out who or what their intentions were, but I will absolutely never camp in the forest again unless there is at least ten people say, sexy and fucking just stay out of the forest to avoid potential murder, bales hilarious rate. Really epic stories are so good. Ok, here's my last one look at them! I will tell you the name of it, but it's light hearted hedge.
Reject Karen Stephen and all furry associates. I've been there, near pot got since January and have now completed all the current episodes. I'm obsessed, I dont, have a home tend to share, but I figured you too would love to hear about the time my elder sister, Anne Eyes, dress up, went horribly wrong. Yes, we originally from, and we see that we moved upstate when I was nine. My sister was twelve, so we can have a better life, a k, a my parents. You don't have to worry about us being kidnapped. We walked home alone from schools. Guess I do both My parents are in the end why PD and an army knew about their jobs at the time was that they were basic cops and sometimes we would be left alone in the house while they worked overnight onto the story, MR. I were home alone. During the first few weeks we had moved in or a new house since we come from an apartment. We are fascinated by all the closets and our new home that my pen, three using for box storage till they could unpack, acquitted thing that you don't think about that. You're, like
for an apartment. In then, suddenly her colleague saws space, and why there's only door yeah being the nosey little shit, we were we snuck into our parents for him to go through the three closets they had well under my mom single closet, my sister and come across a bag? We had never seen before upon further inspection. We realise the bag. This filled with all caps, wigs, so any colorful, wig
Obviously this revelation meant one thing: I'll caps fashion a night and twelve and like you stop fighting for ten minutes. He can fuck and have a fashion. So you can do a full on wig shells right. We got all dial up in our Sunday best wouldn t on wigs. I'm not answer the house to old jailer song, hell yeah. It was magical until my mother came home early to find my sister and I not in bed and each sporting, a three foot long blonde wig up. I think I want to do that now. As an adult, we should hang party that we thought she would be mad, but she burst the laughter and took a million embarrassing pictures K. Please send us one of those proposals would love it after she calm down she's out my sister and I doubt to explain where the whigs had come from It is then that we learn that my mom was no basic cop. She was an undercover narcotics detail. Yeah she used the whigs to go under cover two clubs in gang parties to burst nope to yeah
diverse drug dealers and says, and she meant by fighting, sets or burn them. I believe, burst their egos low, both low level and king pins. How it I wasn't my mom is a bad asked, but I had no idea she was out in the streets keeping a safe while also rocking the perfect lavender Bob cut stays axiom. Maybe don't go through your mom's clause in play with wigs at most definitely have gunpowder on them. K o my god. I love somebody this week. So many guidelines you guys. First of all, please, if you have Whig Party this week, because that email that we Reggie, please send his pictures, place. The Whigs Whig Party,
thanks for listen, you guide and urge it to my favorite or gmail, and also our brandy beautiful website, my favorite, not com. You can submit your stories there and it's so gorgeous and take a look at what we're doing over there. There's some poles you might want to take their there's. Something called you might want to join Hankow is so much better get its awesome. It's so exciting. Thanks guys, say sexy and don't get murdered. Guy Ellis, looking
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