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This week’s hometowns include a Ypsilanti Ripper connection and a drive-thru rescue.

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This is exactly right. Welcome to the many? So this is my favorite murder. We read stories, you tell us on paper and typing, yet we just reader my back. I areas, freedom, we are we're doing some. It's just just reach. It's fun for us. You hear that fuckin turncoat add its own. Are you crazy? You know it's funny lake. We always talk about. We feel lucky in this dream come true, but literally my favorite thing in school. The only thing I ever really liked to do in school was read aloud and claw, and now I can't.
Do that because you never get picked, you never get called on no or they do at paragraph each person to spare graph. You never get a shine. Karen I mean I have. I would have to wait. You knows forty. Nine to fifty nine other kids at sooner going. Are you really get a red like that's, not how you pronounce goose, that well adjective or whatever lie whom about not pronouncing shut it right? Believe you didn't pronounce Word Chester. That way I went up in the attic and it was fun. Human late honoured for forensic files. I saw recently one of the talking had experts pronounced it attics. I love that up in the attic there. My best friend I was like this. Can I should record it around, and I wish you would look at this. This is another Virginia hometown, weirdo Grey, I care in Georgia, Stephen Elvis, Mimi, Daddy, Frank, George, etc, etc. First of all, I want to say thank you for helping me get through my last semester of college. No,
I had a super long commute and a lot of really tedious projects and, listening to you, that's really helped me get through my long days and nights on graduation day. I listened to the podcast on my way to campus a good measure of how obsessed I am what this show. That's you, my hometown, weirdo has some backstory. I'm from Sterling Virginia a few miles from where the but slasher apparently operated, and after hearing that particular many so on my drive home one day and dying laughing over it. I immediately went until my mom about it, but she had an even better still. They always do she said
a few years ago in my town, there were few incidents where a woman would wake up in the middle of the night and find a strange man just lying in bed next door at the back after the woman, understandably screamed and flipped or shit man would just jump up out of the bed and run. This only happened two or three times, but he was dubbed the smuggler. My mom's theory was that he was just a drunk. I that a walked into summits, house thinking, was zone and lay down in bed only. We woke up with someone screaming and this year- maybe one time maybe, but but I kind of doubt that it was that innocent. We do too I think he did end up getting caught, but I couldn't find very much information about him, although, while I was looking him up, I found out was about another more recent case of a man and sterling whose snuck into women's houses to touch them in the middle of the night? Definitely creepy and he didn't get a hilarious nickname, but he was caught only a few months ago April. Twenty nineteen does It isn't, even though I laughed about it for a long time. I couldn't go to sleep for hours that date Lang Awake in
here of the smuggler yeah. Well, that's it stays legacy and don't get snuggled. Sarah, shipping is such a vulnerable. Second thing: that's where you put. Share under the door. Now, then you take it. The fishing wire string it across the doorway of head visible to it, and then you cowbells on either side, you started jam band and then you invite fish into euros every ok. This is coworker lives in hunt, hideous, Lanni, ripper, murder, house, hello, beautiful Stephen and my powerful women all tabs, I'm freaking out I've been waiting years, rightness story, I'm a new cook coworker. Let's call her alley, just shared something so wild. I immediately how to tell you guys the other day
where'd. She nonchalantly said the authority has I'm living in his kind of hunted. I marvel Georgia when it comes to my belief in goes, but immediately demanded her to tell me meta. She asked if I had heard of the Michigan murders and quickly realized that she was referring to the EP salami ripper. John Collins proceeded to tell me that her sorority house is the epsilon rippers uncles house. Oh, you have read the Michigan murders everyone. It's such a fucking good book, the Michigan murders by Edward Keys, its old that it's fucking like a great true crime, Buck Elsa such a fucked up story. Do you have it? Gabions gave it to me or first amazing. How you will you marry me? Ah, oh yeah, he doesn't like murder. Ok I won't borrow that one then cynicism lines your love together, yeah we shall get my I can get my I'll get. You want I'll get it for you ever my next birthday threat. This may seem an important first, like ok, cool, a relative, but this house's where his last murder took place. God, John Norman Collins, murdered care
bind men in his a ham police, corporal uncles basement. While he was our sitting opposite he clean up the Is poorly, for example, he painted over a bloodstain in the basement, The bottle of ammonia just to prove use the worst. Your fuckin uncle is a police corporal. Are you kidding me with this shit? This evidence is what led to his eventual arrest. Anyways onto the huntings Alley told me that, once in the middle of the night she woke up and how weird figure in her room she described it as the grim reaper but all white having at the end of her back when I asked what she did when she saw that expecting her to be freaking out internally. As I was hearing her story, she said I turn on the fair lights and went back to bed
that's actually kind of a good solution, because it looks so Twinklin, prettier you're. No Us Anderson movie. Now nothing can go wrong, hey what about? How about you wrong calm! Your way out of this goes situations, for example. If you follow with ago only though other maybe duh duh duh duh back to bed, I appreciate her candor whenever roommates also claim to see the figure that same night, she's that when guys have slipped over at the house, they have nightmares of a girl being murdered. Mother typical goes things have happened to like the oven, turning on pots and pans, falling off shells lights randomly turning on and lights, which is not working and then says- and this is such a second meeting- paranormal or faulty wiring method, or did you tell me how they have done many sage cleansers and even had a pasture commendable ass? The house and expel quote bad energy. You're thinking about it. I understand why she was afraid of this ghostly figure. If it really was a spirit of Karen Bondman who
freshmen em, you student at the time I wouldn't be afraid of her either she was just a sweet baby angel who had our life cut short too soon by total asshole and then I'll capsize was along. I love you. I dearly thank you for the joy you give me during times I felt alone, Exo, Exo Stevie, ah tv I can. I just say I know it's. Both Stevie in Georgia are big ghost cynics. Doesn't even how do you feel about ghosts of? We believe a go yeah. I would suggest that we said to against it might well in their ghosts: thou Goest, that's my friend doesn't believe it makes sense to us until Goddammit,
will. They. I've got this alligator about you and he believes and get less from last examples of data that regarding soon arose, so we can have a fuckin vacation, hang it up by when it's really like this is the real deal, but I was going to say you know my ghost experience and my big old ghost story that I love to tell and some connected things are dreaming about dream about before, you have the experience, had an inspiring and hearing dishes in the kitchen desert. All things Happened in our house, so maybe the dishes are hunted. Maybe we doubly didn't do dishes, so he knew it couldn't be Us Navy, air beauty and the beast may be live. Maybe thing, though, I am answering on subjects of this as I want to prom with a murderer great nice. How am I
s friends, you dont know they're my best friend also Stephen and sweets: fuzzy angel babies, I'm gonna jump right in years ago. My dad at a good friend, Ronald and Ronald, had a gorgeous Sunday, Chad who was a year older than me. I was in love with him starting sixth grade, and I thought Finally managed to snag him. Freshman year, you put in three work. Three years of work on child here, Honey Chad was my first real boyfriend lost my visa card to him in his neighbors barn, no less where we live as a super rural jihad sound that she had so little you're gonna get a raw antics, in the bar now known Al Qaeda. I was so in love with him as much as my fourteen year. Old heart could love that's alive. It's her more than thirty something Earnhardt can live. I am sent, I thank you, love less and less over the Euro three. This is the great site that we, as human beings have to face.
Love like a fourteen year old passionately constantly on the verge of deer. A little bit hysterical, try go fucking crazy, go all. They were fools, and not the guy you're dating right now he's a dick none o god that guy's January about him. None of your friends, I not him or her Chad was really popular enough. Let s play basketball and baseball and was adored by all teachers. As I was a weird chubby, hippy Gauthier, I felt like I won the boyfriend lottery. I loved spending weakens with his family watching cartoons with as little brother going fishing eating his moms girl, cheese, sandwiches and stealing we'd from his debts to Gaza. That is a God. Hippy girls dream life. They were completely sweet normal. All. American family is the only problem everyone who is with Chad. He I bought a very beautiful ivory. Garrisoned deserves our growth. Her heels to match. Had my hair nails and make up done the works, he comes of it
we have been khakis in a black and gray sweater vest over a white teacher nodded what the actual I was so upset, but he set his parents couldn't afford to rent a tat. Yet I will feel body which was which would have been nice to know beforehand. Good point. Blank white we went danced made out had a great night around a month or so later, Chad dumped me. I was devastated and bald my eyes out threatened self harm, the whole nine yards team age right. I could not payment of a teenager. I know its absolute, the worse, the worst, it's an assault on all your senses, especially your emotions, which are not a sense. As I said, I am a Norman He came over to give me my things from his house back a few. Weeks later when he asked if we could still be friends, I dead in Amerika. I you deserve also leg. Let's acute hippy guy
Cuba. Also don't turn to tone it down. A little yeah go high When they go low, you go. She died. She comes from the face of these three look at him. The angry and bleeding Elsa Cutters, Letterman's jacket into a million miles, shreds back a little added. Why I was so dramatic he's bag she's teaching a course she she's taking her and she is making an art projects and then forcing him to look at it performance. Are you learn at Chad performance out through the male cuts tennis years in a million garbage guys later? My dad calls me one Sunday Saturday morning, while I'm driving to ask if I've seen the front page of the paper, I hadn't and he said, go, get one asap. I I've been to the gas station and run to the newspaper stand there is
tat picture, accompanied by an article detailing the murder of his best friend that he commit- oh, my god, seems he'd really gotten into drugs after high school and strung out on math off to his. Over some drug money. The body wasn't found for over a month and had to be idead by a distinctive tattoo that I had I was in shock, but not really boy. Do I know how to pick on anyway? thanks you guys for making me feel less alone and isolated in my weirdness, yellow the stay sexy and don't got a problem with a guy wearing a sweater rather Amber. Ok, here's the thing were, I think his life went down the tubes when he'll last year on trade or as Letterman Jacket. That's all he cared about are always power. Was there, but don't blame yourself you're, not wrong. No cut some shit and also you know I reproach now the next time you go to date. Somebody say what about
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excited to finally buck up and write this hometown to you. My elder sisters birthday is June thirteenth. So I am writing this in honour of her birthday, happy birthday, Courtney, Latvia, but another that no stop using our podcast wish or re happy birthday. When he's like outlining and listen, I know how do you know? Courtney ass! You do court me! You love this pod colossus, diabetic any why? Ok, we grew up hearing actually bunker stories from our dad as a foster child on a strawberry farm in the fifties and Navy veteran Ex firefighter an e Ex ante, and
Traction workroom, Buffalo New York, simply not all at once. He seen it all yeah. He has more than enough hometown stories to go around, certainly wasn't healthy for us to hear all of them, starting as literal toddlers at least. We always learn to quote check our exits and to carry a pocket knife and then princes you never know when you're gonna have cheesecake now she's a dad jokes for life. Yes, dad. I will never forget the moment. I learned to look both ways when they cross the street. He showed me what happens when you don't using a horrific image from his anti training book. Oh no add dead, so are I was quite a party or back in his teenage years in a late seventies, hasn't totally eased up. Yet this is a story. Wearily think his check. Your exits catchphrase came from long before he became a fire fighter. Who is that, Us Party with some friends when to do they didn't know, showed up the guys harassing the girls, and so my dad and his buddies kicked the guys out. Little did they know the guy's hit out in the staircase at the apartment house,
the party ones down, and everyone goes to sleep at some point. My dad is in the bathroom when he smells and sees smoke coming under the front door and were hurt Sayer up, at least on the third floor of the house. He tries to get at the tiny window in the bathroom, but to no avail. He then it's out of the bathroom and rouses the rest of his friends they are in the living room, which has a large window him in his buddies, bust out the window and tell everyone the need to jump out the fire, the only staircase of the house so shit. There was no getting out the girls go first and I think one of the main broken her leg in the jump. All the people at the party jumped out safely, or so they fought My dad thought everyone else about the party, but one guy it actually fallen asleep in the stairwell, did not wake up in time and die in the fire. So sad turns out the guys who had been kicked out, we're so mad about it that they set the fire and retaliation. Then it says what the fuck And a new party, you fucking, evil losers. I agree
It's hard to imagine how this trauma piled on the many other traumas. My dad has experienced still working on that hey. Maybe you should talk with a therapist angle, but Luckily, I start by getting a subscription to psychology today, yeah, it's a good hint and they'll start to lend some shit say sexy in always carry a pocket knife or those unexpected cheesecake moments. Emma and happy birthday. Courtney the right of a regime that Brad Emma you nailed it. I mean Courtney, you're, Centre, Amazon, brat, here's what I love that check your exits, so smart, it really is its leg. Is spatial awareness it's like know what you're going into, but that's the thing about, and I got that from of course, Jim. The fireman too. Is that thing If you go in, you have to be able to get out a different. I there has to be two ways to get in and out of a place and because somebody,
just telling me this sweet tat. Please stop me if this was you and I talking to each other every I'm so scared right now one, but it was the thing of if something happens and you're in a space like say or even go to see a show and they are banned, is playing and something happens. Everyone will run toward the place. They came in front of us not not me when I'm fuckin learning some yeah going on this. I am repeating it sorry to whoever said this me, but basically in I feel was Cara Clank or someone like that, but basically that everyone will remember where they came in from and go that way. If you find the other exit and go the way, people aren't going so you don't get trampled or like caught in a the people right, yeah, good, to know who said that to me, I bet it was care clank achievement and gave her a full grown up, but I've been listening, so many projects like we added I'm having that thing like my friends, that's like nuts is higher for we do it too. You yeah. He clearly ought no you, ok, this one's light, hearted
Georgia, Karen Stephen J and furry friends. I also have a random story that I was reminded of when you read female coal bees garden, state killer story, awhile back this while this happen to my sister, she is not a true crime lover, so I get to steal her story. Entelechy, that's when my sister was about twelve or thirteen. My mama dead letter stay home alone for the first time she is with we're friends and our big scares of urban House when they live outside and saw a man trying to get into the window with a screwdriver. Needless to say, they freaked out grab the phone ran to the laundry room, which is the room with an without Wendy. I very smart. Instead of calling name online, she called my mom and dad on their early nineties car for all. They called the cops and immediately started back home during the the break in my sister saw Van, is seriously parked in our driveway and relate this information to the cops the is found this van and brought him.
Back to the house to be identified after my sister in her friend idea, the guy airy that that, like curious, again yeah real on only a you'd think, but after my sister and her friend I did, the guy is, would as the would be burglar, the cops started smiling holding back laughter. This man was not the golden state, she said garden state killer before, but golden state killer here, golden share. My old and young there could never be a new jersey, killer, there's absolutely gardens they killer of kill him. I don't know, there's gotta be The man was not the golden state killer, nor was he trying to break into the house. Instead, he worked the awning company, my parents hired to install and remove the window earnings every year here
simply removing them members errors and moving on about his do. Our work I met this happens a lot. Yes, you should knock em like hey. I'm gonna be doing this right now you are or how about your nineties parents with their awesome car yon. Let a twelve year old know that you're gonna be a guy swing in buying a lotta twelve year old now had to let a twelve year old, though I think it was a few more years before my sister was comfortable enough to stay home. Oh my god, I know you're so say twenty seven states sexy and don't call the cops on maintenance. Men, Aaron the Getty admirably, guy that he didn't knock em like be fucking around by your window. Right now, true, but I would
like. If you see a Van and Dr Weir, I there like an impertinent railway, more they are, will who the guy breaking in will, but I mean: don't you think if you work for an awning company, there was like Jos Awning Company on site that Van evident some way, what a great cover? No one such thing as an awning combo, everybody relax. It's the awning, the man he's you know he comes every year, has we're rich and have a fucking jawbone and our car? Ok, these people, just getting your awnings, remove the took out loud, wholesome off every country awnings, who has awnings? Ok, awning this one's call drives our stories hello and welcome to my letter. I'm sorry, that's my number one of the lily of my current number one. I worked at Mcdonald's for several years during high school in college. Most of the time spent taking orders and payment at these. The first at the
that first window. Sadly, most of these stories about coffee obsess seniors and creepy dudes grabbing at me, but here are two gems one once while my manager was speaking to me about something at the drive through window holding, in as she knows something going on em in the line of cars and the key behind the one. At my window, some dirt bag was punching the crap out of his girlfriend and passenger see when I stood there in shock. My bad ass manager, leaned down to the driver at my window, calmly, told him but just happen and asked him to stay parked in the drive through until the police era yeah. This particular drive through lane went be between set the store and embankment, so he would have entrapped in yes. He agree she called the police were right around the corner and the guy was arrested, hell yeah. I never found out what happened to the women in the car, but I think about her alive and I hope we did her some good that day. That's great membership.
Me same drive through window, my middle school, best friends, piece of shit, ex step, dad once drove through offering me all caps, an ounce of we'd a week. If I But agree our caps not to testify The time I found the Polaroid picture of his dick and balls spelled dick involves, dig him all he'd hidden in her room for her to find their way. Ok, you're, like your act, the drives let's count the brought your leg. You know it's a great day because fuckin big macs or two four five yeah that any of us and is not like prize all the time. That's right, you're fuckin!
it was an offers you an ounce of wheat a week like for life. I guess that also sorry, where what comedy realm does that dad come from words like this is a great idea. It's that culminated in Cairo Herbert, and I am disgusting and a lunatic photography. Child lustre target. A large number of photography artist in him, that's right emerges is probably the only time I turned down we'd in my life, Ya'Ll girl, unfortunately, I do know the unsatisfying conclusion to the story: staff no limitation box that limitations thank yous, most so much forbearing yourselves every week and making me feel like a normal person. If you ever send out a request for substitute teacher stories, I'll be sure to write in about the time a teacher acts, they left a porno from me, the showed her class at an end. New nail their an substitute teacher stories. Hereat saga
fucking weird. Yes, the weirder, the better of you ever substitute teacher he had thrown into some incredible crime drama. We want to hear about it, I'm creepy shit, arms and then to my favorite murder. At Gmail, or go to my favour, murdered com, you can submit them there and on checker radical website, and thank you for trying thank you for raising these in. Thank you for creating such wonderful content for us to read to you now appreciate I say sexy and Duncan Goodbye Elvis Tijuana cookie.
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