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2019-07-01 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a tip about eyeballs and a ‘last’ responder story.

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This is exactly right. Oh god, I'm too, but many so my favorite murder cases where we get it do you We re now hold on what did you guess? Where am I because what happens is not the euro, but that we read your emails? Oh my god did you guess it? There's no
Can you guess what I just said shockingly? This is not our first episode shall, if you couldn't, I can believe a shockingly dusters ballooning in what a hundred times Liza not going that. Well, I feel, like, admittedly, are aversion to ever making an intro that would actually be considered professional, solid or or helpful Lammers, Edward, professional, solid or helpful. I may never and we do not make that we may have a claim that you can't find it on a piece of paper ass. Our book is called a fuckin self how book in the self help? So we now is tat. We You can only not help yourself. Can I go first, so you can go last. Of course I don't want mental secondary level. No, it's like this is called down story. Ok, hello, Karen towards us, even in respect of animal types, my best friend open, a tiny town in Eastern Washington State, the summer in between the years of our undergrad working for the housing and dining maintenance department at the university fifteen minutes drive away.
As a result, fifteen as our hats, before easy, it must be for math majors it. It's called the job itself, was actually completely absurd or duties include in our duties, involve changing out every single battery in every single smoke alarm on all the campus own dormitories and apartments. Amazingly enough, there enough smoke arms to pay to twentysomethings good state money all summer, Long Pella. Why bet you that some kind of law, where I cannot have a half drained battery or whatever true, depending on the size of the dorms we'd spent anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks doing batteries? And we are almost always in the halls by ourselves. There was one particular how we actually drive having to go into our he be Genovese would start as soon as it appeared on our schedules and last a solid week after we finished up, the dorm cod still ends hall was built in the late eighteen hundreds and is true fact, the older
continuously inhabited building west of the Mississippi wow good fer. You good one place looks early like the house of the seven gables, its filled with narrow hallways with low ceilings and has almost no natural light permits from eighteen hundreds. It smells mixed dingy, wallpaper pink carpet and fluorescent lights and you ve got a recipe for the spooks. Sorry really quick has a semi, gables style House limiting. Can I ask you that make up this out? What is the house of seven gables? Well, in my mind, it's almost like a victorian or maybe even pre Torreon, its literature re it. So it's like tall Gables earlier gables are those things that come out on really fancy houses and they have their own little blonde gave all ya worth. It may have a little pencil than Moliere and there's a guy tower, I'm just
my thing is it's an old house with florescent lighting? That's demonic, also pink carpet, innovate, leg, old, folks, home pink carpet. He tied the thing. I do not call on I'm now so one our supervisor overheard us talking about how crept out we were by having a go into Stevens alone and was like you know. There was a girl murdered and that hall well. So I went on the internet and low. He was correct and the nineteen. Seventy is a sweet baby angel named Joyce. The page like to sneak into the hall in the summer play the piano and even stay the night in the rooms there in an hour or so, I'm stances, but it sounded like the DORA, was a place of sanctuary for her Wendy. Custodian in the half and a large section of carpet remove from the lobby of the building same time. Joyce LE page was reported missing. Sadly, nine months later, her skull remains were discovered in a ravine about ten miles from town on anything these have been explored only
it one element of the story is known to be true. She was most likely killed in the hall. Her killer has never been found, but some people are continuing to search for answers to find justice for joyous good. I remember the story hitting me hard because I was almost the same ages Joyce when she was killed in the building and also because the idea that we can never be completely safe, even our in most trusted places became a true that day. Thank you for will you do to give people like Joyce a voice ass? I see Gm Emily. Oh nine! Now thank you for giving us credit. I also have really, but I also like the fact that those it's like you should listen to your God. If you go into a place in it freaks you out, there's a reason and like the we do, have these instincts you know. Modern life is kind of deadened properly we reach out by on the job, quit or I trust your guide us. If you just don't like your job, yeah,
and get another job secure gives each piranha. That is a good idea. Unless you move back in with your parents, try something fine, like you, ve, always the get back there drink. While you make dress one for one for them to for yeah right, that's the old rule! So this the subject line is a pre first responder, hometown, murder, hello. Ok, so, each okay, while in twenty twelve I was when I like to call a pre first responder I was a nine one. One dispatcher were the county. October. I took an item, one call from male subject who had been out shooting in a field. With a few of his friends, he had stopped to pay a bridge and when he looked down he saw the body of a woman. Can you imagine the therapy he needed after that? I sent the pro. Authorities out there, the actual first responders, the poor woman had been in the water long enough that when they asked me to check local agencies for recent reports of missing women, they couldn't even specify a race as
are as dispatching goes. This usually is where the stories and, however, not long after this job, I took a job as a pearl officer, which is more of a last responding situation. You Alicia got your humour that about something to this job. During my training I sat in on a pearl route, revocation hearing for a man who had been really been a terror. As far as his parole was concerned, the positive drug tests, domestic battery charges, violation of protection orders siding with pro officers before my time, sadly, and finally, cutting off his gps, monitor and obscure conduct supervision, I mean how many it is three strike. There's gotta, be, I feel like that's all the strikes you could possibly have you there's only one strike laws apply cut off that Jp S, monetary area being it turns. This man was the Ex husband of the woman in the creek. Prime suspect in her murder. But how
not been charged for that crime for lack of evidence. His pearl was revoked and he was returned a prisoner for fifteen months in July, Fourteen he was released from prison. Approximately seven weeks later to subjects were found, shot dead in a burning house along with their dog. Our friend I know our friend from above was named as this. But in these murders any absconded his parole again, but was picked up soon after after two years of court proceedings, including one mistrial, could God he finally plead guilty to two counts of murder. Second degree, and the Council of the use of a corpse with the arson charge being nor process now processed and hello Di Pietro. Says he D. Never her Latin seem school look at it? Unfortunately, he received only twelve years in prison for these offence, the Good NEWS being that he has to do all twelve years in his ineligible for parole. The rumor is that
is to individuals were the only ones that could implicate him in the murder of his life. So sadly that crime probably will never solved, but official word is that he murdered the male victim over an eighty dollar drug dispute. The theme because she wouldn't sub screaming after he shot the man and the dog for making too much noise anyway, this has been the only crime that was more or less book ended by my career choices, say sexy and change jobs to follow a murder case Chelsea, is unbelievable. Ok, here's a list of things we need to change, We need a one strike law for pearl violations, and also you can't you can't get twelve years for two fucking murder see. However, I mean. I know you you, maybe ok, Tell the lawyers how to do this. Roquat. Ok, I mean you not write it up first and then submit ok. Cement in writing got it while that's crazy. It's ok,
that time, I was almost recruited for a sex trafficking called ok arts, ya YA, about it. The go. My friend Lorn and I decided to meet up for a quick shopping trip and an icy eyeball. Hudson, I think you did it ass, the eye all at a nearby mall, the something a very sixteen Europe to say, but we're very much grown ass women while trying to enjoy our variables outside three women approached us. They were dressed very professionally and asked if they can ask us a question we are both too. Light, so he said yes, I get it. Can we ask your question? No, I now, but also like what are they gonna fuckin same it ass? It is curious and interesting. Get one begin. Ask us random questions about if we had ever heard about God, the mother. She then proceeded to read some scripture. That apparently alluded to God the mother and was asked ask more questions and sharing. We both
a kind of glazed over expressions I kept eating nodding would not really listening. It seem like she was trying to put a feminist spent on it, but it wasn't really landing after a while. She asked if you'd be interested in coming to a Bible study class to discuss it. We both very quietly said now, then try to jump back into our conversation, making very clear we were done with the conversation then ass. They asked again if we'd like to give our contact info for this study, and we said no. That was my my emphasis, but I dont magically that's how it absolutely would Now what were they eventually laugh? We rolled her eyes but didn't give it another thought and tell today, on Haps Lauren sent me a screen shot of post. She saw it was It was warning women in Charlotte, where we, where we live, that there are EL dress women approaching women at malls and outside shopping centres in the area asking them to join Bible studies, to talk about God? The mother certainly look this epidemic Essentially, we have got a mother and Charlotte, ok that these
are part of a sex traffic ring slash calls it but they are approaching younger women. Why was I momentarily flatter when I read that I'm thirty, seven what's wrong with me? Look we we'd. We take what we get where we are at least what's wrong with you that you're a restaurant and that no matter what do not go with them do not say you want to go to the Bible study. Do not give them your contact info whirling notion. Many women sorted replied that they ve seen around town spoken to them and that as soon as the Bible Study, women see security or police, they scatter lunch slang. I mean who, among us one and the same escape water. So one woman respond to that. She saw one of these ladys talking to a man and a blackout ban and left with him who It's one of those things where we aren't sure it's a weird urban legend or what but considering it has happened to us we freaked out and then we
oh said, our caps, we have to email or bf Apps Karen and Georgia were we both are grateful for the love of true crime and Emma found because it kept us from being too polite. Stay sexy, and just keep eating your icy eyeball, Kendra Lauren, yes, candour and more n fer you, girls, airy good work will also that's that thing up. First, while I was like is this next year, I was thinking that so excited related. Recognize anyone from small villain that conversation, but that idea that people are fishing using women and in some kind of like the world together in this sisters, the names of vodka tramp, don't second, why don't I get away, get away runaways right, I'm student! Did you find it Oh they're, not sure the source they. So they heard these reports of this group and the warnings fence cricket pasta, but they haven't like them benevolent like track down
Your confirm, if it really is in their telling us an experience they have. Why would they lied to us little? So, just because they can't track down, doesn't mean it's not a creepy, they re, so it stays anyt. This states, Stephen, I swear to God. You had this I'll fuckin fiery. That's my new bet. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre. Measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make looking at home, son, easy and afforded,
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a Swat team in fillet of fish, a lover I love life, is high, and do you really like other soda and I'll, never never eat them, and I would never well again my entire life but the shit there again. Are they really it's disgusting? I mean you, and you know that I hate Finch yeah, you seem like wanna, try it I'm going to write after we him, but I am a firm hook. Cohorts years ago my dad was driving his mom, my grandma around town for errands, as any good Catholic Maktub in the middle of lent, is wont to do. She insisted on a fillet of fish for lunch it pulled in the drive, their procured, her fish fix and started on the way home. My grandma suddenly started choking as she aspirated some of that flaky fillet of fish. So I went having a grandma now might now my dad jumped into action quickly pulled to the side of the busy road when around of the passenger side of the car and started yank. My gasping grandma from the car in order-
helper once he managed to get her on her feet outside of the car. They real as they were encircled by a dozen or so Swat members in full gear. My dad and grandma, who was suddenly cure from her choking by the shock of having multiple rifles, pointed directly at her door. There, ends up, incomplete confusion and probably shot a brick or two apparent the Swat team had been searching. The area for an armed and dangerous suspect that Frantic movements of my dad behemoth of a man pulled. Attaining old lady out of a car grab their attention. Oh my god, I thought he was in the process of car JAG. They acted accordingly once division and cleared. My grandma took full advantage of the situation last
Mr all, the attention and unabashedly flirted with the members of the item girl girl. This grandma would have to seize living her best fucking liar. Can you imagine eating or laugh it out Swat? That's that's some high level response shit. All those guys have crazy. Biceps they're all on KEDO diets. There there lies raining, they have those like kind of sunken in cheeks whom they can do their San. She and Ladys, okay, of course. Of course, female swap member guys, I'm just taking just a moment or to leave it in to talk about this. The men of Swat This whole time, Iris argue about the division added. You know, that's Eureka! Maybe it's not! Oh! No! It's a movie with common feral, ok, great Israel that you do in show in Phoenix
that was a good show. The area is unsafe, excellent, cheerfully a fish carefully Christian p s. I recently learned that my dad, who enjoyed wandering through graveyards, forced my mom to accompany him to a cemetery at night in the dead of winter, when she was nine months pregnant now, just days before she gave birth to me to guess the murdering a gene doesn't fall too far from the truth. This is called eyeballs middle school. Oh hi Stevens mustache. Does Diana mustache does he does J behind. I think of him as a mustache purse. I don't either. I think it is like a vulgar five o clock shadow leg. You know, like a detective yeah. I don't know why
what, if he's an undercover cop trying to bust us for something the amazing we trusted. You J arrest me for eating. So many canadian kick ass. You know I hate me in jail. We think they're gonna kick cat ring with a drug ring. I witnessed smuggling it through smuggling came out into the country. Look was Andy. You have to tell us if you're a cop, I've some old episodes on episode, fifty five just how hard? It must be to pull out somebody's eyeballs. Oh, we did Absolutely, I can't even have been the first or less Well, when I was in middle school, I went to a summer camp for middle school. Girls called roses: girls, where we were taught quote things that adds usually teach their sons like this. Carpentry welding plumbing. Oh, my that's amazing such a great idea and love it. One day they brought in a crowd Magala than instructor to teach us Self Defense, yes, and they taught us several ways to get out of scary situation when your picked up by a man my favorite was just
completely limp and they'll freak out and drop you. How amazing is there, then that is her. You become deadweight there and then, when they fumble you? U kick him right in the old haunts, that's right, a lover, but in the event that he picked you up so that your facing him and you have your arms free. They recommend you grab their face with your thumbs at the her corner of their eyes. This is the part that this is right and one of your last ok push in an scoop up. What book apparently they just pop out now. What's what I swear we weren't, given the option to see a demonstration of this one guy as always loved the per capita. Thank you so much for all the work you put in to make those beautiful thing, so any of us can bond over and share. Best Clare Claire will well now I want to take a crowd. Magala class really badly need to have exactly right, crowd, Magog class. Exactly right.
Everyone has to come from the obvious that would be were the most irritating bosses in the world. After, like guys, you gotta take your problem. You have to hire like so higher and then you have to come to my kids, dick music and I use of James Shave, must I refer to that Stevens Bit. Get your own. Ok line is why we never went to Kamer Hail I grew up in a smallish North Louise a town, my mother, was very cautious with many things I am the oldest including instilling a slightly unhealthy fear of escalators. My dad had done some litigation centering on someone getting injured. From being becoming stuck in escalator Lou. And an entirely healthy fear of parking lots. My family, the church for the family who raised Jack Russell Terriers. Two of the best dogs from them. When I was an elementary school later in life I learned that their daughter, who had stayed in the area to attend college had been taken from the.
Kmart parking lot in broad daylight. She was driven away from the area by a man and woman a country road in another parish where the couple seated to sexually assaulted, slit her throat several times bandit her not far from the road. Fortunately, in Louisiana people love to hunt, and it was dear season to hunt found her near death on the side of the road and rushed her to the nearest hospital, the man who salted, her is currently serving life plus fifty the woman is serving a forty five year sentence. The call the cops are also suspects in the murder of a Jane DOE found, not from my hometown. Several months earlier and the
I had asked survivor now, has a beautiful family and still lives in my home town. Like my can you imagine, a matter follows up the eyeballs story. Doesn't the z how right yours is like it's almost like? We ve done this before this. It's like we knew, even though I was I am out of order was: oh, my God limit. She fucking live love her and she has a family of around now. I know that a ruin tells you how grateful they are four year for you, too, wonderful women. Nonetheless, I want you to know how grateful I am for your openness you're here, and your encouragement of so many you don't even know. Thank you for all. You do stay set the and listen to your mom about being aware of your surroundings, Hannah Hannah, That's such a great while good ha, that's crazy, it's so crazy and again that's that thing of just because it's a man and a woman doesn't mean your pay, your trust people because they try to look like nor on prevail. Yeah don't get in that car. That's a good plan well
amazing love is thereby restoring the best. So that thinks for writing those in you guys. We really appreciate it. We appreciate you guys and fuckin. This is awesome. Yanks now go, renders the Mugabe regime out and Gmail that turn, lie. Monsieur cookie,
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