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MFM Minisode 135 - The Heartwarmers

2019-08-12 | 🔗

This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature heartwarming stories. 

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This is exactly right. Gotta Kragan, all believe rang. You look like a little baby to think you're going on your face. Youth work, now deliver them away. All that's nice to hear. Thank you. You won't come on
and so on. I run cold blooded grows, and so you know how that fills out your wrinkles and looks great. The bloated girls look blood really get on your drinking last night works well, and now that we ve started right is a year. So that is the way. Thank you. I feel like gum make starts, are the our best way think starts and compliments on the best way to start any. They were you in on me telling Georgia she looked like a baby. Was all therefore I just so people now those tiny you they were actually Lake nice. Now, while the press day nice to start with telling you, I think you
no. I have to say something. I love you guard. I did think when I walk doing that, you look for your view. Cheeks are really rosy your silence below III. It's because I haven't left the house in days when I actually gonna, like you guys here yourselves, are like outside. That's sad people. Welcome, my favorite murder: may, a delta jelly juice brows anyways, oh yeah, you're decided this is my favorite murder that many said: that's caring, kill Gara, that is Georgia hearts to her hi hi. So this is, renew your hometown murders that you send us this. Kind of this email is might best. Friends dad was Mary. Vincent's lawyer always share my hello a firm boss, Ladys POD, producing guru and plethora of pets, overlong weaken my best friend came home to visit from New York. We might have been
counting and sorry page apologies if all around and ended up having dinner with her parents at one of our favorite spots. I've always known her dad was about US lawyer, but I've. Never, They asked about US cases because I didn't want to sound too intrusive, while at dinner he told us, Then he recently had a meaning to talk about one of his most high profile cases where young woman had her arms chapter. I swear. I must have looked like a crazy person in this tiny restaurant when I squealed- oh, my God, was it Mary, Vincent DE indeed it was chosen rape. Her dad went on to tell me that he represented Mary pro bono throughout her case against her attacker and even worse, with Mary in front of Congress, advocating for the no second chances for murderers, rapist or child molesters ACT of nineteen. Ninety among her that fucking chose oak. Like I'm saying I've never heard of that. Unlike did I say it in my store. He might it s amazing! Ok!
when we return to their home after dinner. He showed me voters and Mary speaking before Congress, and he told me about how Mary used babysit my best friend and her sons and my best friend loved to play together as care. I am still blown away by the fact that I have such a close connection with someone who knows Mary. It shows us while the world is, but it also puts puts things back into perspective that these horrific things to real people, a it's so depressing. It so important to highlight these awful things so that we can try to prevent them from happening again in the future as it. A five year old Angelina, I have to think about from the bottom of my heart, for confirming my love for true crime. Isn't weird my neuroses, our and the constant reminder to lock my doors, all the best Taylor, such a good email. I was amazed yeah, that's very cool. I am. If you Taylor, took a picture.
Picture of Mary than I bet Stephen could find one. I let you see a picture of Mary, Vincent and testifying before relative. That's, I just the fact that she did not so bad a viable and what a great fuckin law that should absolutely always. We pass ass fuck you. Murder, rape as a channel unless you're one of those three things now. That's it's. A very special hundreds episode here to tell you about. My life is ok this next, when the subject line is beach. With my dad dad. I saw that movie legend, hi Karen Georgia, Stephen Elvis Mimi, Daddy, o the newcomers, you're, very suddenly, it's Ivy Iberia minting, intend level whereby telegram daddy, daddy, who the Hell O Donnell George and all the other, precious more friends everywhere, Woolfolk Frank. He gets nothing! Ok! First of all,
I promised this isn't a week in a burning issue. Secondly, I love your protest. I cannot wait to see you guys in Madison October. I can't wait. I naturally listening. Listening to the week after you were in Milwaukee I'll were amazing, make my days at work or by so much faster. Thank you. Here's my story started. The point, but it's not a scary one and no one was murdered. My dad When I was sixteen years old, we were incredibly close and I was a total daddy's girl. Losing him was really hard that such a young age to lose apparent. I'm sorry every year on his birthday. I would try to do something nice to remember and celebrate him by doing some of his favorite things, drink, martinis watch old westerns go outside eat. Apples highlights the I'm not like your dad. I don't go out. I'm ok so a few years ago is feeling especially bound on his birthday just missing a lot, so I decided to go on to town. I was living in green Bay at the time, and I found myself in manage to work is pronounce it
The one from murder think we re Manitoba Sheep It says yes, making a murder metallic. Ok, I was driving down some side, rode by the lake, where I found the tiniest little beach completely separate from Everything and ever everyone and everything the beach was maybe thirty feet by twenty four. I'm not a geometrician. It was smile. There were two. There were two chairs on the beach, so I decided to pull over and sit in one of the chairs and just watch the lake. There were apps there. Actually, no one around perfect, because I really knew I needed to ugly cry and I didn't want anyone to see when I sat down, I immediately started crying, but then I suddenly felt fine felt totally fine. I fought comforted and save a complete Eighty, after an hour of watching the waves, I got up to leave the beach and, on my way out, I saw clear as day my M written in the sand, Kate. It was at least three feet tall
I know I would have seen this on my way in it took up most of the beach. Do I till I got Charles. If I am a whole body, So no one spoke their name like me. Most people spell it with a k she spoke of the sea. I knew my dad was with me, but this it's just a slap in the face I needed to know he hasn't tully left me. Sometimes it's terrifying to know we're not low, but it also good Now that the people we also hang around so goddamn, you Stephen, I say that because even bigger than not re, you ladies keep it up. I have no quarrel with closing, I'm sure you'll come to me after some is love, Kate, PS care in your amazing on how did this get made in Georgia? You're drunk history gives you buy I got me that don't mean good hearing her name in the sand and then its spell differently in also
She walked in that way. Unless somebody snuck up and as a nice treat her name in the sand, and it's just creeping will ya. Then it goes the out of said, Sir actually went out and I'm wondering followed or from a concrete way. I knew her name and newer, namely the spelling as man. Let there were two seats there, yes and that she didn't she went to like purge it, but then like I know, that's not! Actually I feel and then children out daddy. I mean that was a beautiful get some new Lex, their dad bedmate Mecum same here. Ok, ok, hearing, ok, the best thing I ever found under a floor, hey all things. Much for the rabbi gas. You asked for stories of things inside walls, etc and weaknesses and creepy a weird. I have to tell you about it, my dad. S friend Roger Diet of cancer about ten years ago. Recently his wit. I was remodeling their kitchen and they had to rip up the old floor. They found, a born on the bottom side of which Roger had painted. I love you always
Well, there's a photo. No. I can't see that for all I know it's just the kind of man. He was the most selfless incurring person. You could ever me Needless to say, I love it says I love you. I was a photo on our instrument winner. Needless to say, it was a super mon emotional when they found it. It's still makes me tariff to see the photo. I've attach a picture you coming to see him Columbus Lindsey in Indiana. Oh, my god, I'm totally learn! Well, that's so fun! That's the barrier, a delay! I have to say I'm not Lois measure, but I have to say I have a juncture. I just telling you earlier how a gleaming out this morning, but the first summit claimed it out not the first time at one time. I cleaned it out and I
the card from my mom, because she was big and descending cards and all the time- and it was like not that big idea, but I found this one in the store and it She was being very self reflective and it is the loveliest fucking card, and it's just all about. I can't tell you how much you and your sister mean to me, and it is this whole thing, there's like a new again yeah getting on your mom. When I got it, it was like Ninety, ninety four or something I was like mere yeah I'll talk to you later here and it with asked so that lead. I think that put me right in that. That's like the same thing by our assembly, like that she never knew she had it in the first line of never known yeah. It then I have never known until he just didn't just to be honest, it's like the reverse of sweetheart. Come all the subjects of this one as grandma finds Frazier after Grandpa yea Hail.
A few years ago my husband's grandpa died and his grandma being an older lady on a fixed income, was planning on selling his grandpas gowns for some extra money she had. No business operating our owning a gun, so smart move, Grandpa does guns and again, safe but she had no idea where the key was. She asked my husband and me to come, help look for it should in all the obvious places. So we started searching in the less obvious after scouring. The house, my husband started looking through grandpas closet in a couple of the code, and pant pockets. He found fistful small bills, that total to about two hundred dollar I'll. Grandma was stowed, but we kept searching for the key. We finally found it in one of his shoes in the back of a clause, love it. Let's have a smaller place that lake. Then to tell someone you put it there. Yes, he whom you to remember you after the high earned search. We opened the safe and started inventorying the contents at sea point my husband noticed. A shotgun was next to the shot gun case
in parentheses, looks like a shot gun shaped duffel bag, and the case was oddly lumpy. He unzip debt and a pile of small bills came falling out them. A totalled just over twelve thousand dollar holy shit, mostly in ones and by oh, my God, grandpa from the small denominations we were able to piece together. Their origin grandma is an avid slot player they used to the casino regularly withdraw some cash split it and good their separate ways to play. Grandma grandpa
bad luck and he wasn't a beloved flamer her that's expertise of instead of gambling, the money every time he would literally, he would pocket it likely where all the cash in his coat came from and move it to the gun, say for a rainy day turns out any claim to always be losing. He was just being smart and saving. Grandma was relieved to have the money as she was stressing out about his funeral. I'm never forget the image of a pile of money on her kitchen counter and her cursing and thanking him in the same breath stay sex. And don't assume grandpa is bad luck. Nicole I love it, so my shirts leg.
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Well, here's this subject line of my next UK ashes in the trunk. Ok, everyone, my name is Mary Lou and I'm a semi, frequent email or very heavy less. But thank you for declaring yourself Mary Lou. So clearly and accurately. Yesterday I went to go see
de the dead and co and then, in parentheses, the grateful dead, minus Jerry, Garcia plus John. My Eric Array, John Myers Mayor, the woman, invented dilemma, things look at the Gorge and Washington Blue. So before I went in eight three grams of mushrooms and started tripping, almost didn't I as unnecessary drugs. I also don't do drugs senator drugs, don't you drugs, but then again, if you go ahead and eat some mushrooms in out of doors cause you're gonna enjoy some trip out music, where every other person there is on drivers, including the entire banned and the road and the road, is and a concession. Every single person is just gonna, be the cellist of the jail Kay
more and more on mushrooms, I lost my play any sort of tripping. Thank you. While I was watching the show and going through an intense rollercoaster emotions, as one does, who is tripping, I'm sure I realized my mom's ashes have been in the trunk of my car furthering stop paper. Oh my god, you put your mom in your trunk and you left her as if they have an explanation. I did say: oh no, it's Mary Lou! So we note Mary Lou has an explanation. Last year, on mother's day, my mom died in her sleep of mysterious causes the age of fifty of its arms. That's a literary, I was team and I a plan pay for an organised, my mom's entire funeral and such honey,
the law for a nineteen year old to deal with, but I gotta done and it all worked out suck. Yes, Mary Larry Lou well done nor moment be proud of that sucks. So my nineteen nineteen and that's the thing about when people die, is the people closer to the person who are the most affected? All I have to start making a shit ton of decision, and this is why you want to do before you and I make all your plans and you want to, but no endowing does want. That's. Ok. All right Where were you merla after spending most of the summer in Wisconsin worm from I realized I needed to change so uprooted. My life put my dog and all my belongings in my car and move to Portland
It was actually a great idea. I plan on bringing my mom's ashes with me and, as I made this long trip, I would stop and beautiful places and scatter her throughout the country where she would be Wist away over pretty landscape only problem I left home without the fucking ashes, but by the time I realize this I was already in northern cholera Way, so I made my dad said ex them to the heiress dream I was staying on on a farm in Fort Collins. That sounds them is so good right now. We're ok, when they showed up there in an Amazon box that my dad had just read: duct tape and scribbles. My dress on and purple sharpie I threw the box in the trunk and kept on driving, but for whatever reason, it never felt like the right time or place to scatter her that make sense,
a Portland and became a pre school teacher and have been living here ever since I kept forgetting that sue was indeed in the trunk of my car and then eventually I was going to have to do something with her until eight a bunch of mushrooms at the Gore. Oh, oh my area, this story is when you're on mushrooms, don't you're dead, moms ashes, like that's the worst thing to think about, but it's also like she saying, because these crazy drugs, yell aside and mushrooms, are an emotional ruler. You go emotionally crazy idea, so it's perfect. Just like the sea males and yes, rollercoaster. Ok, I there lies a year is way too long to have my mom, the trunk of a car and that its not ha ha funny anymore. It's just fucking weird. So today I want to my car and pull.
But the box where I opened it in my apartment, only to realise some of the ashes had spilled the plastic earn into the cardboard box. I go to dump it out of my window to try to dust off the box, but the wind blew it into my men at. Blue into my apartment at that exact moment and peace of my fucking moms ashes blue into my house and in my face lesson learned: if you keep your observations in the trunk for a year, she will retaliate. Where you are. My mom is the reason: I'm a murder, Reno so and she would have loved your blog. As so both of our behaves as as De Gm. Mary will frank, it's so good, a fat. It's like you
do death correctly, always is fucked up its of course. You're waiting spreading your mothers as its lake to have your mom die sucks. So bad she's traumatized by this terrible events within seats or isolate maker rang Cooper Typical. Just so good, that is a great story. Thank you for that very personal and very awful story. Mary Lou job, Mary Lou, so very got me no you got me good for me, get a guy did this is not a here's. A hero, Pat story, perfect, always always wanted, Stephen Slate Ease and Pat was like sleigh Ladys, I'm gonna do I'm all slay the IRA. Here's my hero cat adventure
I am highly alert you to cats, but I was at the humane society with a friend away from the other cats. Cages was a great cat with mange and she looked rough. My abused animal flags were raised and I approached the cage. Her name was smooth She was- and this is like a title- not good with kids, not good with dogs, negative, other cats and she was not go with the staff she put upon out of the cage. When I approached- and I thought your cat chooses year- was a cliche but that nine I went home with a blanket from her cage to test. My allergies are just picture on the whole way she seen love cats around their
fitting name, because she looked like a cranky chain: Smoking Butch of an old woman, but a new life, a new name. I changed her name to slay. She wasn't cranky, she had resting cat bitch phase sure she was a bad ass she'd bit the shelter for eight months. As I signed the paperwork to adopt her eyes ass. Multiple times. Are you sure, slate hissed and swiped as they try to put a collar on her? I picked her up off the ground and she stopped fighting. She only swipe ones, and that's the day she saved my life why it was a few months after I adopted slate color justly be an animal adoptions to work. I think I've ever got out the hero bar really nice, since the lovely- oh, what's this buck ass, it has no. It was a few months after I doubted slate. I worked third ship, but this night I have. I was home with a cold. I was passed the fuck out in a deep, deep, medicated coma when the fire downstairs broke out. I was so hard a out that I didn't hear the alarms go off
my friends, were evacuating the older folks, but they had no idea. I was home, cuz she's supposed to be at work right. They had no way of knowing. I was asleep in the apartment as a slowly filled with smoke. This was the only time slate attacked and it woke me right up. I got right fuck out of their holding the cat under my arm, something was good. Was the big quote, weird guy that every apartment has broke his arm, knocking down the door to the apartment, with the fire raging inside to save the pet that caused the fire is lumbering giant, ran down, the stairs saw the fire broke down the door when the apartment and save the kitten column lumbering eminence Ruth. They have one of these incredibly graceful suckin there. In the hallway she seen him lumber around their profitability for years. This is when his body took flight re. Suddenly the lead Valerie
was great, so dont discount, the quiet so don't count. The big quiet guy that needs to do is laundry and don't oh, I don't count out the old cat slate liver another eight years when she passed away a friend forged a special earn for her. She went from the cap and no one wanted to the beloved sidekick as
stay GM page in New England page. She didn't just go to the side. Kicks you went to a true here will give up. So you know what you need is gonna. Carry the union's desire to everyone. Also, that's kind of amazing that that cat hated everyone that worked there but reached out and touched of like listen. Bullock. Can you please get me out of here? His fuckin saw these people are insane. I love cat, so maybe your best friend and all the other cats you're fucking decks. If we, if I get out I'll, get a job and pay you back somewhere in a guy, get me the fuck out of here at least mindset that long time also get this blanket out here again today put her face, and I promise you love me: do you know that when we adopted my old anything from your life when I get out of ST things for writing. Let's hear from those biochemists, that's right, my favorite murder at Gmail O First responders first responders.
Was way in the back of her a horrible cage ass. She was just like forget. It keep going and when they give you the room immediately out you in a room to test it out, Why is, she behaved was if we were trying to strangle horizontal time. She was like scratching at like the wall was peed all over, but, alas, she lost her arrow, yeah yeah, and then we may in paper about just like we gotta get. You can say it as yes, where does like? No one's going to tat, she is going to die in a shelter, is also really old, so we just rely con Yale and literally took cause wire already had anglesea my big huge insane tat. And it took her like two weeks. She would choose just hiding under that and then finally, one day she snuck into the teeth like all right. I guess yeah,
aren't you I did not know it did. I said on you and wish you like a snugly from an on. Yes, she would come up. She would like everything was a test to you. If she came around, you have to freeze ia and just pretend like you're watching tv, and then she would put herself when she needed an aggregate patterns. Tat might have whiskers hooligan as a kitten on the street,
grand. Why lived to be twenty years old and I was like the fact and best yeah cancer. The best this has been the purchased. That's even spend kicked off the hook gas and its now on this feed. Thinking tat. We don't you anyway. His whole concept is thanks for letting their stories and smart hero, cat and dog and animal report parrot stories. Anything we just anything from your life when I get out of ST things. For writing. Let's hear from those biochemists, that's right, my favorite murder at Gmail, o First responders first responders. Apparently you haven't been represented. Only you hate hearing me your keeping all your good stories to yourself. Our aid will stay sucks. I don't get murdered, Guy Elvis Joanna Cookie,
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