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This week’s hometowns include a kidnapping in Australia and some buried alive stories.

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This is exactly right. Restart. Great fellow and welcome to my favorite murder, her many so de readership. Do you? Are you ready to hear your own emails, its mirror work and it's time to do that, stir pretend you ve never heard this or email did and before yeah geopolitical fresher, Hooker knock it reaches the South Atlantic gives it a black eye. Men's Patsy moustaches love it. I got an. I survived style hometown for you I'll, try to be brief.
They're not breathe whatever adding my mother in law will call her duty. If that's the name I used for all moms, that's what color Judy Nunez interesting person I've ever met. I dont have and for all her wild and wonderful wonderful tales, so I'll cut to it. She casually revealed this particular story. With the opening line. Did I ever tell you at the time was kidnapped in Australia. No, the fucking didn't I squealed. So she poured a glass of wine and told me it was. The sixties. Judy was an adventurous woman and her twenties recently divorced and spent her settlement on a trip to Australia Nap She was walking along a road close to her home when a car pulled over and the driver asked for directions. She started explain that she was new to the area and couldn't help when he pointed a got her and told her. It was loaded and he would shoot her if she didn't get it. She was so shocked in its the sixties. She did what he asked and got into the back seat, still pointing a handgun utter the driver,
Did you do to cover herself of the pile of blanket and proceeded to drive around four hours ranting about how awful women were, and he going to show them here. I pulled over and told her to remove the blankets. They were Parkinson secluded area and what looked like the book? seemingly in the middle of nowhere. That asked you, it formulated a plan whilst he was ranting and decided to tell her kidnapper all about herself and her family. Try to derail whatever he had plan has, which is that what you're supposed to deal with three? He then started talking to her about himself. Revealed his plan to kidnap rape and murder, a woman, oh dear. She told him in no uncertain terms that he could not re per yet because she was on her. He looked gross down and clearly knew nothing about the female anatomy as he was starting to ask how long they had to wait. Com
replied o at least a week. My car apparently unaware certain products are usually require during this time, do didn't realize anything was up and kept her in the car waiting for her mythical period to finish for to day lights during as time Judy kept him talking and finally convinced him. It was best to let her go and she wouldn't report him. She reached put her head in blankets and he drove off after a few where's. He told you to get out after promising him. She wouldn't report the kidnapping, of course, as Miss he drove off duty went straight to the police, gave the description of the kidnapper his car, including number late she memorized and all the info, she had. I am police picked him up with. Days and he was arrested. I don't know much about the true. Or full sentence. Parentheses Much wine by this point in the story, but I do that piece of shit went to prison for kidnapping and attempted rape. Judaism incur really strong and wonderful woman. Her stories are usually much happier and about wild things. She got up too often involve
drink drugs and the London seventies music, seen home this story only earned her even more respect the title of bad ass and explains why her hair went to The gray at twenty five, but at least it has happy ending and she got us talking about our mutual love of true crime. She loves your mantra. Sd Gm clipping does faking a period can yeah, it's so fuckin, lutely Judy, says loved. You especially the cat stay sexting faker period, if you get kidnapped Emma? Oh, my God, Emma thanks for writing that in June Jody. What a bad! I see! No, if you get raped by a man who says he doesn't like women, have a cut straight to the thing, I think, is the grocers about women and say that that's what you're covered in a real. Good planets bananas. Are this one is, I'm gonna get near the title cause it doesn't give it away hometown story. I see here hello,
my favorite crime, podcast babes things amount a light, hearted but anxiety, real story as much as we like to think that I'm strong bad ass lady, I'm TA total baby when my partner is out of town. I owe you rode into your own as works here. I often doktor crash with friends and leave my cats to cuddle themselves, because I have such bad anxiety when it comes to sleeping alone. I looking at it but since I quote, Brown up. I forced myself to sleep on my own. Occasionally when instead situation well my most recent stay at home alone was the worst. I fell asleep just fine, but I was woken up around four, a m to what I can what's myself was a sound of someone trying to open the front door? I stayed frozen in bad until eventually decided to call my partner who talked me down to rational level of do irrational level of fear. It was just the when he said, and I started to relax again password five minutes. I hear
as very obviously someone walking just outside my bedroom window naked petrified. I grabbed the ninja stars. Yes, Ninja stars, but make it in bad. No, along with my cats managers, The vote in the Jura. Forty covers front and back with the dogs and procedure lock us all up in the bathroom. I call a non emergency line because I'm a moron, that's ok, yeah! I get smart and explained everything a few minutes I guess you're not so busy at four a m. I noticed patrol lights, undecided safety, the bathroom I hear some people talking so I get closer to my bedroom window to eavesdrop turns but my neighbour, whose front door is outside my bedroom window was having a smoke after a night out, ok it was a Wednesday, but I digress the police lots and then received how from the police to let me now always clear, but they patrol the neighborhood for a bed, moral of the story,
as follow your fucking guy, even if it might just be your neighbor, also where close to bed. Thank you and ensure sheer he doesn't it. Breathing or they, but you know what that's very true. I think they handled that perfectly you call my Lord Montfort for it's something that you're not that sure of and maybe you're late we can give them a chance to go. You're safe, are ready. First, failure in the bathroom locked up assure and then Why, then, you do then they're not. It's not that thing. They're like hey, look or here that's what they're there. To do, I didn't really are scared and you do think, there's someone inside called. I not calling was usually so you can, but clearly, I think that person is more in control of their anxiety than maybe they even now. I agree because they make great decisions and it did work out. You know ass. They, the police, I to feel safe in your how late she saved the cats he's here. They say the cat, that's replicates an ip. It's really good team think here just yet,
some pyjamas near Emmett, hey, what's up a dozen into stuck If you're a ninja, you don't have to worry about: oh yeah, that's them the be cool off in India with really bad anxiety was writing in mirth I'm training, but I can kill people with my finger time. Writing this in the dark right now, but it's business goes. I am about to kill somebody all right, but I also have exile just ninja! That's the new cartoon coming to you. It's real. Let's face it, yeah! Ok, again. This subject, mine getaway soldier start with hello, let's jump in my mouth Oh grandfather was a marine who retired after Korea and became a detective in my hometown. Back in the seventies, So even if this, tv show. I would venture you this, our single you would marry you're, a single, I would make headway he was a short italian man who could like it
I'm, so it oh on fact his grandmother was Jack London's personal chef wow. This is just a plus but was also obviously into your crime, growing My sisters and I would go over to our grandparents house and while my grandma watched pvc and chain smoked, we would say, listen up least scanner with him, as he could for everything about this from Kubi see to your grandparents. Smoking indoors sounds regarding play scammer, my this my dream childhood. It's the best. No wonder I've done solve mysteries and watched forensic files all the time my mom was worried about us for a while. They are in October of nineteen anyone. I was just a baby in my grandpa was working a murder case. Some farmer's wife has had disappeared, apparently the farmer had been bragging to folks at the bar about how the police would never catch him, Gina Smart Guy Will that pissed Grandpa often he eventually discovered the decapitated remains of the wife fast forward together, By going to the perpetrators home, to arrest him and my
Grandpa had a mass of heart attack on the guy's front porch as they're trying to arrest this wife killer that these are also having to perform CPR on my grandpa who flat lie here. Put on life support and a man and a medically induced coma for three months. The doctors will come up on Christmas Day and the first words out of his mouth were: I need a nap love. You wife killer was arrested, though another quick story, my took her mothers brand new convertible Mustang out for joy, ride and crashed it when she was sixteen and guess as the first cop on the scene yap her dad. I grandpa stay sexy and don't take partaken brag about it, take care of your heart health and never steal your mother's car. Much love sues soon.
Oh PS, I'm a teacher and my students painted a mustache on Iraq once and I forced them to name it. Stephen soon sounds like the most fine Mig soon hardy thought he would acerbity. I now yeah, that's she's got a great family nature, awesome! Ok, this one's cod and showed how story light hearted sweet. This is perfect info all at this point in there's lots of hunting stories. There is. This is good. I just finished wait, sorry says: Hello Ladys non Ladys and animals that have been perfectly. I just finished. The episode sprang cars, which reminded me of a terrifying haunted house experience. I'm sorry. Sprinklers is as funny as the day at how and when we put an exclamation work IDA. It's called sprang. You have to say, sprang careers as they are correct. Its corners areas. This isn't it ok.
Just what initiatives does it not sprang? Curves spanker met some I'll. Tell you it's not gonna play. I just. Let me repeat what I said great. I just finished the apple. Where's rikers, which remain if a terrifying hunted house experience northwest many, plus is well known for the soap factory which host a haunted house in its basement each October eight years ago. My then boyfriends last now, husband and I went with another couple on what was supposed to be a casual double dave, but can couples dates?
the hunted, how started with a self guided walk through complete darkness in which we found our way by following a rope man, there were a few jumpy parts, creepy guide, chasing us and still more such as bigger over her, but he kept better one geese Gary. He went further look and come out, but he can get further lie. Family in despair, push that still that ended by ok. What about an interactive family dinner with an alcoholic father holding a gun in my father S, Father, who ever made that haunted house at some fuckin issue, as they were just drawing deep from the will of their own fear catalogue Charlie with The scariest thing you ve ever experience, I fuckin damn near the end of a hundred house. I was directed to face a wall. I was an blindfolded and taken away from my friend, no
after being pushed into a new room, I felt my body being turned around now is allayed flat on my back, a woman remove my blindfold just fast enough, so I could see a solid wooden door closed in front of my face. Yes, Ladys, I was in a coffin oh, no I completely frozen kept repeating over and over myself. It's not real. It's not real. I see me I simultaneously heard the other woman you can like that in my fuck upwardly up, then, doing goes to note the ties wouldn't let you know it takes me. Three chances essay simultaneously. Let's leave it in by Samuel taming, asleep heard the other woman from my double date screaming, where life after we all got out a cough, and my boyfriend informed me that, after a few seconds in his coffin, he realized He wasn't alone there was a woman waiting in the coffin who whispered his ear,
war and then put a rope around his neck of will move us to say. We have not been back to any haunted house since, I've got to my murdering oh mom lorry who introduced misleading king. When I was way too young and survey murdering a mother in law, Julie, lonelier, first introduced, she said your phone Wisconsin, they have the best serial killers, stay sexy and Duncan hunted house on a double date up Danny with an eye. Oh, oh, my god that stressed me out so bad because- and I know we ve talked about this before I said this before, but a haunted house situation as seasonal. Real is set up. Those are just actors, so you have to trust the person the coffin with. You is sea area o k enough that they would want to do that, re for seasonal work and yet
they'll, be no that they aren't allowed to harm me. I mean isn't that we're too like be what, if the person who you're trapping for fun play in a coffin. Has this: like: has some fucking close if only I issues sorts beating Russia's neighbours. I like has an issue with. I dont know a rope around their neck or has a knife in their pocket. Anything could happen now I'll stay home candy. I was already in the drama department. I dont need that kind of interaction with people who look on whisper, creepy should and also must have been a warning of the Ankara Protocol thing near the sign away to be like. I know this is a bit ike. We can imagine the behaviour that I would be exhibiting if I had to walk through the dark following a rope, and that was the beginning of that of it. Now I go home, I'm Susan I'm getting on a roller coaster. I dont want I'm not even go back with Libya. Why
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into this week's Iverson about being buried alive. I was reminded of a story. My great aunt once told me about my great uncle. A lot of people have buried alive stories, Jaska they do in the nineteen thirty. My great uncle worked for a local funeral home. His job was to pick up the bodies and transport them to the funeral home. In this particular story. The old man died at home was pronounced dead by the corner and my uncle was sent to get his body about twenty minutes into the right back to the funeral home migrate decided to have a cigarette. This when he heard a voice from the back say how about you like one of those four meets. My great uncle slammed on the briggs. Looked in the back and the corpse into he'd, just It was now sitting up in talking to him. He continued singing. Light woke me up a smoker, not my great uncle, who I'm sure incredibly shaken lit the man, a cigarette drove back, The funeral home with a now very alive man until turned
his keys and quit. Apparently, the man had a very weak pulse, and this was not the first time or the last time he'd be accidental. Apron out of the seas always make sure the guy is really dead before taking him to the funeral home Ashton, and then it says its old ash team, but important parentheses. It says balanced Ashton: my mom was clearly on drugs and couldn't spell one naming the good stuff very am very six feet however much that so odd, so good at saint, so good. I want the kitchen in that tv I want to live in that kitchen. Ok, that's that's ones, buried, alive story of gray, happy, ending explanation, work and then This may be the greatest injured action with the call when they say you know, like first I'm yet hello. Karen's teeth
There's no bottom ones here. Not yet they look good, omit, better big, looking Hallo Kerensky, hello I work at a historic site and part of my I was to acquire interesting historical objects that people can touch smell, listen to and inspect. It's really good for older visitors to reminisce anyone with sensory impairments end just generally for telling fascinating local history stories and those, as I love my job, great I'm getting objects for Halloween sessions and I've just acquired a coffin bell. So imagine my excitement. Listen to our latest. Your latest episode when Georgia's talking about stories of people being buried alive and safety coffin. Yes, the reason I wanted the coffin Belpher my job was so I could share with the visitors one of my favorite stories from my hometown. Well, hometown but close enough. Here's! How goes the nice, is loser again count?
he Arma Ireland Great and she bit fanatically. For me. But I mean Irma it's the least anyone can do for a truly the area Sixteen ninety five and Marjorie Mccall has caught a fever and died in her family mourns and berries her in Shank Hill graveyard, while the grave is still fresh In the middle of the night gray, blogger robbers dig up the coffin and try to steal jewellery from Marjorie s body. They attempted the ring from her finger, but it wouldn't badge they decide to cut off the finger. You guessed at the cutting starts and Marjorie wakes up the gray robbers power, promptly shit, there's the grave robber promptly shit, some seventeen, the century bricks and run off Margie, during its out of her great and walked home. Her family is gather other fire when they hear a knock at the door. The story that Mr Macartney said to their children. If your mother were still alive. I swear that was her knock, but in Ireland speak, so you do it. If your mother,
It was perfect, It said he opened the door and painted and his hair went white overnight. Apparently, everyone got over it eventually because Marjorie lived on for years and even had another child she lifted. When Marjorie died for real, she was buried in the same shank, he'll graveyard again and her grave Rees, Marjorie Mccall lived once bury twice as soon as I see it today, yeah. I can't wait to see you in Dublin. Stay sexy. Check. That woman is actually dead before you start slicing at her fingers, LISA Gag. During my call, owes those grave robbers a huge tat, truly because This is crazy. It turns out crammed as paying the sea, but you can save lives you get when you get very make sure that you tell your family put our all my all my jewelry all my rings then pairs of areas- bathers expenses, expensive bagel,
arrest, bands and yet ever like I want bracelets up to my arm, had put every dress on me that I on bury me in a piano case When I hear you don't backer senders your stories, I think that hunted, how stories are great, it's getting into be far an halloween and shit unless you're like trick or treating stories of skin. If that happened. Yes, we want any into it. That's a great idea, Halloween stories, hollowing theme stories. Any of that we would love. Will let's do it for two full month. That's my old room word who I think we got it on a card and then she would sit all spooky hell. We remember it squad gourd seasons, guys financiers, story answer I get into it, be part of a squad word and now. Let's talk about Holloway. Now, for the next sixty days might ever murder Gmail or you can go to our website, might ever murder and to submit their gap
and stay Saxon. Don't ever go to this? cookie, game.
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