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This week’s hometowns include a show-and-tell story and a body in a window. 

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This is exactly right. And woke up my bearer murder, the many. So let's care, I'm Calgary, that's Georgia, hard start. I hope- and I welcome this- is where we must reject your shit. It's really great, it's emails, you send us and because it scored gourd seas and we're getting more and more spooky emails and hollowing themed emails which I'm really enjoying. I don't have any of those in social or leather. I got em all area, you wanna go first, I have a really long, one to start
and then I am ok what it doesn't matter. Solutions are alive. We need to get this figure only to tell you that fucking timetables wouldn't think newly oh sham, where it well jam vow. That means you I'd pay. I cover your rock with the Sunday running. Firstly, regarding ash didn't decide what it meant a longer time go. First, The very now like clockwork, like german clockwork, show the summit nine of this one is the one time I lied convincingly and it saved my life. I am a firm Pham. I was recently introduced. Your podcast I've been listening daily for a couple of months have had only to murder inspired nightmares. So no regret. My hometown murder happen in two thousand five. When I was seventeen I'm from long Beach, California, the part the borders
Compton, so I definitely have more than one hometown murder, but this is the one that impacted me directly. It was three days before my senior year and I just picked up my textbooks from school. I was walking down the sidewalk middle the afternoon. Mind you. I was approached by a man, probably in his fifties. We said hello. He asked me
If I was a teacher at the school I had grown up with people telling me that I seems mature for my age. Show the seventeen romaine didn't think there is anything strangely, the thirty one year old me knows. Otherwise I told him no. I was just about to start my senior year already too much for me at it doesn't know anything about, doesn't need to know shit. You owe him nothing. He seemed so surprised by this, but there was something in that response which set me on edge. So he told me that he thought that I was very beautiful, which was uncomfortable but also dangerously flattering, because I had incredibly low self esteem. I gotta write me too and pointed out the by the hour motel down the street scumbag. After knowing that she's a senior him. Yes, yes, he said he wanted to take me there it's fourteen years later, and I will never forget every detail of the moment when he said I'll make Feel real good. I won't hurt you at all there.
Bad men out there, but I am not one of the long blowing right past that invitation, I said. Oh, I know there are definitely bad people out there. My dad he's a cop will always drive around when he knows I'm out to keep an eye on me. Do dad sewer cops. Actually, do I don't know my dad's, an electrician God Emma Oh damn universals on my side and that moment, because I had never before and never sense lied so smoothly. I laugh when I'm nervous- and I trip over my words if I'm making anything up, but in that came out like it was as nonchalant as the guy was his reply. What was your dad the cap. I have to go
and turned around and ahead in the opposite direction. I ran the rest of the way home as soon as I turned the corner glancing over my shoulder to be sure, I wasn't being followed afraid of this guy. Knowing where I lived very smart, I told my mom about what had happened and she wasn't happy about the experience. Almost. It was almost a surprised by me by my sudden ability to lie, and that was that
a few days later after dinner, my non police officer dad who was watching the news I was reading, so only half paying attention my eyes, flicked up and on the split screen, was a video of that very motel, with crime tape across one room door and a mug shot of the man who had approached me on the street. My mom shouting gibberish to distract me leaped to the remote to change the channel. She wouldn't answer me when I asked what was being said, but I can guess anyway, fuck politeness learned Alai enough to save your life, stay sexy and don't get murdered, Aubrey Ivory. You should be so proud of yourselves genius, Aubrey Genius and dull and you're wrong about you tripping over your words and nothing else like eat. That was you yeah yeah. Exactly we all have that strength within ourselves. You can trust yourself enough to know that you can protect yourself radios moments in that she, and you know she could, because she had that instinct. The second he started talking to her tat. Her insights were like get the hell out of her out of here am her her in such warlike. Let's get out of her hey heard, let's get out of here
this. Why do you want the craziest ones I have ever got no and that I am really saying yachting along ok, but I promise is that? Ok, ok, I'm it's called me. Dad urban legend or true life vigilante. Ok, it's its intense, ok, greetings from the Pacific Northwest you're right about the insane amount of bizarre crimes and murders that happen, you're the Washington in Oregon coast in our small town. We have dozens of unsolved disappearances and crimes, and I swear to God. Last year, my neighbour cut off his own head with a chainsaw annexes hashtag Crystal Meth, off How do you do that? You got it. Could you start but then you have to keep going. Oh, maybe you know, ok, throw yourself It will have to go down story? I'm sharing with you, has certainly really quick, raising just He threw himself down onto the treaty and I,
that horrible organised, Lancaster am sharing with you is circulated throughout our small community for nearly forty years in the early nineties is my mother was attacked and raped at our home, while my brother and I were at school, are mom and easygoing neighbourly happy heard a knock at the door and hollered come on in thinking it was unfair. Girlfriends visiting were morning coffee, she was brutal, a beaten raped and the attacker hit her hard enough to break bonds in her cheek, and I saw God before you left. He warned her not to call the cops and he threatened to hurt her children if she did, and he called us by our names, as he has obviously been stocking her for some time back. I warned you live
I called my dad as soon as the attacker laughter my dad rush home and brought him to the hospital there. She agreed contact police and, because of the man's threat to us, kids are grandparents were called to pick us up from school and be brought to their house. Of course, we wouldn't be told these details for many years. I was in kindergarten and my brother was a middle school at the time. So you tell my mom had an accident at home and would be in the hospital for awhile. Police had mom look through photos of known perps. She instantly recognized her attacker. He had been I stood and convicted of attempted rape and assault and prior years, but currently sort was currently serving a jail sentence in a county jail hours away. My mom was adamant, however, that the man the picture was the man who raped her Small town police officer argued with her and said it's impossible that he was the guy. A few days later over my parents, deep to visit from the local sheriff.
They can be made and the man had let my mom had idead was in fact not just out of jail but had failed to report to his parole officer. For the last few days you fuckin instead of arguing check and do it right at my Mama's. I stated scared and hysterical, but when she looked up at my dad he had a smug tight, lipped look on his face and he said we don't. Have to worry about him Of course, most of the story has come from come to me from friends and relatives in bits and pieces, but rumours went around for years it as soon as mom had recognized the man. The photograph line up down german hours away to the town he lived in question and investigated anyone he could and took care of business, the very next day, my brothers, and to do that down open up to him one night when they were having a heart to heart and confess to it. Uncle drugs has started rumours about my dad bearing the body in the woods sinking in the river using it in crab parts as bait or hiding it in the car and pushing it over the cliff
I do remember my mom's car being stolen. About that same time. My dad asked when twenty seventeen he was a lovely kind, funny compassionate man who was endlessly and lie with my mom and who everyone our small town looked up. Do I certainly never asked me about the attack on mom and in the back of my mind, I wondered if the guy really did just skipped town or of dad had got to him before the police did that or go a sitting with mom when an old friend stop by it was the sheriff from our town long since retired, but we all chatted about things for a bit and he brought up the subject. The attack. He must have to assume that I knew all the details because he started talking in depth about in Oregon State prison inmates who had confessed to multiple rapes and attacks and nineteen eighties, before dying in prison a few years ago. He looked at my mom then said he confessed. Being in town. You know the details of your attack, any even name the street. You lived on my mom, face was stoic, but she didn't any comments. Just nodded and kept drinking coffee after our friend laugh.
I was still sitting there dumbfounded. I asked her, but dad what about the guy? Was this the guy did dad. Really. My mom didn't give me any answers, so different scenarios could have happened. One dad killed the wrong guy too. And killed the right guy through, dad didn't, kill anybody in the rapist who died in prison. Was my mom's attacker forward, didn't kill anybody in the rape of student. Prison was not her attacker, but had been given our street address, Yanks or five hours, our friend wanted to squash any rumours of dad being a murderer, so a pin this crime on a dead convict? My brother? then, his mid forties now and still adamantly argues that dad really did murder the man who Mamma do the photo. He said to me about it. Sis best case scenario to rapists are dead.
Thanks for reading, I might be the only man who listened to your book an audible before even knowing about the Emma Vampa Cath. I just met in the last few months catching up. The episodes, thanks for all you do, Sis wow, is that the most intense Buckingham kind now. I mean and there's no. You can't tell who it as aware it is, or any of those Details- Medina dad's alike, It's all! History is all history, but at the same time it's that kind of thing words, donors as family stories and family in its hard, not to absolutely cheer vigilantly. I in a situation like because rapists get let out of jail. The tie, their their sentences are not long enough, especially when their repeat rapists and it's like after awhile what each of us to do so yeah you're children's names. I mean it. Is I don't know
I know we are not stick. We don't have to an opinion about it, not at all, I'm or at the great second sorry. It was really well written and it's so fuckin person. I am all for A hundred percent support it. Oh God, this just as hometown. In the subject line high speed dear friends? Yes, yes, yes, That's it that's from shits creek, that's my risk will always take member when she goes when she's, when she's telling Stevie to take naked pictures of herself. She was oh, and I know you think, oh I'm too, spooky member that my role line of every any television show of all time, just like basely, giving her like a self esteem like you're hot now. Take pictures. Do ye warrant lead our life authorities that it oh and I know you're thinking. Oh I'm too spoke.
That's good comedy when you're gonna be yourself up over again eyes. I spooky friendly moilers writing to us. Love love! You all. Let's get started, it's Halloween, two thousand four in the suburbs of Chicago. For the first time my friends and I were allowed to go trick or treating alone, that's a big that year, big big deal it. Just past Sundown lover, guys blood red. Turning blue, We are told not to loiter, don't forget to check in on our Nokia foam and, above all else to say out past sundown. So of course that's exactly what we did it, but soon got dark enough to freak us out, and we started back towards my house for the requisite deep dish and candy counter what'll life and of the moving can
The end like three inches of melting cheese, cargo, FUCK, India, dash D, so I just read something somewhere where a person from Chicago was like. I think people need to know that we don't eat this all the time special occasion, food Maria ok, cut to my parents, pacing. I haven't checked in its dark and are grappling with letting me have independence, verse, Turk versus turning the whole neighbours, hood upside down, cutback middle schoolers, walking on a dark straight and I'm the only one who's paying attention is my entire life. My parents, outside fear, base parenting. Had me on alert when I locked eyes with an adult man walking toward us head down big hood over his head hands shoved in his pockets even at eleven. My baby, murdering herself, knew that I had her. I had two heard our little group forward and watch for stragglers bless your home once you
ass, I looked over my shoulder good job baby, Sarah to make sure he wasn't following us. He was. We turned to see him stalking after us, in the scariest mask weave we'd ever seen. Suddenly, eight eleven year old girls are shrieking crying screaming at the top of their longs down the block. It is to this day the fastest I've ever run. I wiped out my Nokia to call my parents page to cut too my mom already on edge, gets a phone call. She answers it and all she can hear is hysterical crying like so thinking about that. Now, that's so scary, sorry mom! We finally make it back to my house where we really explain what happened at my mom quietly goes everybody,
the Van O mighty. My mother Virginia is not to be messed with. She is tough as nails when she has to be and there's no one else, I'd want with me in an emergency. She got everyone in our dodge, minivan and drove straight to where we said we saw the mass online. Like I love this as we pull up, we see the man on the corner and making crying and screaming comments once again. This man sees our car walks over to it and has the nerve to put his hands on the window and stare into the sea I will never forget the image of my mother Virginia looking back at the window, throwing them. Dodge minivan into park were right in the middle of the God, Damn street and getting out of the car. Thing we know she is virtually slicing this man and half as he panics backs up and take.
Of his mask turns out. It was some idiot dad from our class who was pulling this prank in front of it his house to make this kid. Kids laugh inside my maybe five five mother came for this man's whole life right in front of our eyes. As this much taller, man fell over himself apologizing, wincing and backing up slow. He stayed inside the rest of the night and never pulled that shit again, even though we were having a really bad night at the time getting the scare of a lifetime and then watching my mom just obliterate. This dude makes it my favorite hollowing to date, stay sexy and don't stay out later than your mom asked you to Sarah, the house. I was waiting for it to be too long in the mass of it were junior. I love moms actin like moms gently labour. Virgenes that tell you do demands agrigent. My mom's do not mom things back in our aim
someone's got home. Towns are also pillow. All In the early eighties. My older brother was in kindergarten. He had distrust your task every kindergartner faces. Picking out of what to share for show and have it just so happened that a murderer recently taken place at a local fastfood restaurant murmuring, before its time. He decided this is had all the ingredients for a story to tell a little glass. I am unsure with details the actually shared from what I've heard. It was mainly the location I mean if Astrid restaurant come on. Almost any kid could relate to the setting church and that a murder had happened. The real story is extremely sad. A twenty seven or a woman was killed by a group of teens during a robbery- oh my god, having a flare for dramatics in wanting to make sure this was the best show Intel for his attentive audience, a fellow kid nor gardeners. My brother finish with, plot twist of four memorable words and I did it. Do you
I got my humiliated mom and was very concern. All my mom explained they had been talking about the murder and how many wasn't abiding psychopath, after that it now and my brother did not grow up to be a martyr that he can still tone engaging story days. Axiom, don't let your kidney gardeners confessed to murder for showing dal Sarah and I did find Africa
New first started said, show until it immediately eighth flashed like second grade and standing up and just bold face lying about something I can't remember it was, but I was just like it was the exact same thing where I was I I have nothing has nothing going on plant and Billy was my plan as- and it's like this. This is the plant that I poison everybody rag. That's the! I have zero memories of gentle. To a point that I want to say we didn't do it, which must mean I have to have a fucking memories, showing tat what I d have blocked, I've just being miserable and so much pressure for a little kid to be like gap and and entertain a bunch array, the kind of kids like there, the age where they can't pay attention. They also camp articulate anything much like I can't these days soon, and I share that view. Was like not paying attention and a dozen way, Spitzer Coffee Man, that's amazing! Ok and horrifying
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Secondly, Europe opening. Do I have a true ghost story for you that will warm your soul. My grandma passed away in October. Twenty twelve in Rochester Minnesota, my grandma has seven children, but my mom and her we're especially close in the days before her passing my mom and my grandma and my mom ass, my grandma, to send her a sign that she's ok when she makes it to the afterlife. Being that my moment, grandma we're both religious, I'm sure my mom prayed first say passing and assign from her as well. On the day of the week, my mom distinctly remembers turning her phone off out of respect, but during the week she heard her phone go off at full value. She was really surprised by this ass. She went outside to check and saw a voicemail from my grandma church, an important detail for later. The church is affiliated with the male clinic because the church is in a male clinic retirement community, so it was a male clinic phone number, the called when she listened to voicemail. It was just classical
playing for two minute, specifically string quartet number. Twenty one indeed K. Five, seven five prussian number one shares our five five five ALA grotto. No, I dont remember this detail, but I did text or to ask at the time she, Brussels brushed it off as a technical glitch. Then when we arrived home at the end of the week and she checked her landline voicemail and she noticed voicemail from the same number at the same exact time as voicemail on herself, what else and guess what she listened to the message and it was the same song playing while freaking out. She called the urge and asked if they called her during the weekend and the minister replied that he didn't call her one. The church, also never heard the song before and said that they ve never had that happened to anyone else. The minister said that must have been a sign from my grandma here's. Where
things get even stranger now. What remember how I mentioned this churches from a male clinic phone number, the only time she's gonna call from the male clinic that resulted in music playing on a voice. Mail was on the same day that one of her close friends passed away coincide. And where does my mom get voice mails from Heaven, routed through the mayo? Clint love you all of your progress and I hope you of my mom story. Michel though we are a little. You know. The main point is pretty ray I may, including the very org. Heaven. Also, apparently, does great worry me. There were told in could maybe they're Cahoots friends. The last one. This is called the body in the window as honest No, no, let me talk about Let no intra w
they can remember. My grandma has lived in a small town of Prescott, Arizona and then says, Pronounced press cut. I know it. A spell it like you say it: I can literally nineteen hundreds. There was a traveling salesmen who came through town about once every month or so selling pans paper and thread. He was well known around town, but people only knew him as MIKE no last name but come in on the train. One day and leave the next afternoon and one of these visits and nineteen eleven MIKE was apparently attending an event in a local park. The next morning his body was found dead sitting under a tree. There's no sounds of sounds of foul play. There was no signs of foul play. He was taken to a local funeral home or is determined that might be there suffered from a heart attack or stroke assert. Her belongings turn up no identification or science pointing to where he was from the funeral home, decided to embalm MIKE and place them in open coffin and hope that his body would be identified, and so the body sat in plain view and became something of a tourist attraction to vote.
To town just to see old, MIKE as he became as he became known, while nobody ever claimed old MIKE or was able to sex successfully identify him. Until now, Seventy five when state officials order that he be buried. That's right MIKE sat in the funeral home for sixty four years before finally being puts arrest, he's buried in a local cemetery with a headstone. It simply says MIKE died August, twenty first nineteen eleven I attached, a couple pictures of in bond old MIKE and his creepy painted on eyeballs in your interested loan. I am interested in sidebar, my great uncle Chester Hooker also lived in Prescott. He was brutally murdered in a hotel that he ran a ninety. Ninety seven at the age of seventy seven, the crime still remains unsolved. Ssc Gm Keller K La la I was so my shoe fur about a skirt Prescott present cut Prescott, Tirzah Mona.
Wow, look up those photos, guises old, make an Prescott Arizona. So he a body was basically laid lane and state. First sixty excite losers, because no one knew who was made in one area, and I guess I painted on his eyes Stephen, oh oh eight! Oh no, oh now all areas eyelids painted it looks like there. His glass it yeah his eyelids are painted, looks like where the top O You know that looks like a member and gamma thrones, where they belong. The main dad from gamma throws He was lying in state man rocks that had eyes painted on them. Put as I think that was a thing wasn't, I think something finely buried him and they like stood him up near caught a car and say look at him. Poor make I mean oh well, I'm glad we got laid arrest. Also. I wished it Chester,
hookers murdered would get solve yeah. Ninety ninety seven are going to that too, I'm sorry, Mr Stevens erroneously, there s men. Or censure letters guys, especially spooky, while spooky Halloween everybody to my favorite murder gmail. You can do it through our website Macmurdo com yeah. We want here all your stories about your hometown, locked up or otherwise, yeah you're near misses and hollowing hijacks. We love and shit your mom s done yeah do any time or your mom has like thrown the minivan into paragraph and gotten out to yell at somebody. Will you want to hear about their right say sexy? I don't ever go by issuing a cookie,
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