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This week’s hometowns include a local haunting and murderous ancestor.

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And we're gonna make never murderer the many so lax Karen Kill Euro. That's Georgia! Marie heart star only aims only thanks for joining us. It's getting ended boogie, although we that's right here and we ve made a call to have you. I send us your spooky, Halloween and fucked up Luigi Board stories. Any kind of pre beats, perhaps paranormal or maybe ass. Your sister fucking, with you rate coincidence, signed by raising yeah. No dreams like what what scared you the most when your tongue, the that's, not tv empty. I thought what a real life experience and ushered creepy dreams, wheelchair no, no dreams, don't count. Yeah! Does your personal business, I'm gonna, make it murder dot com or it might
do you know. I think we're gives you like a special hollowing episode about yeah that trade, and why and basically you guys, it's Halloween take over area the radio. This is and tv Eco yo. It's all a thing. You know it's a hollow intake over your stories in some decline of this is hometown story. Dear Emma found people in pets when I was a sophomore and high school. Ninety seven through ninety eight, I received a type letter in the mail asking if I wanted a blow job just as strong, starkly authorizes drug. The letter ended with instructions that, if I were interested, I should leave an orange sticker included.
Included in the envelope on a specific stop signed by my house. Wow complicated, verb, loaded yards it several steps, convert the Rube Goldberg of three blow job. I must have put the sticker on a day on a daily, because I never received a second letter. What can I say? I was a sixteen year old, catholic virgin. I thought this was how sex happens and my friend you walks away, however, received multiple letters its each designed to build trust between the writer and the recipient. One. We're here received said that to show but the letter writer was serious. They put an envelope with five dollars in it under a very specific rock, and my friends is a
a yard. I wonder if that's when you have the bushes or cut into the shape of animals, that's my guess. I'm in a guess that it's a lot like a good water resistant garden, but we'll never now cause will forget about it. Immediate well would have Stephen remembers. M looks at our affairs zero escaped ex e r. I ok and then the end will have the big reveal. Luckily, no blowjobs happened like those black time and time vast. Until one day I saw on the news a local priests shocked.
I followed the crowd was arrested for soliciting oral sex, the mail to boys who went to Saint pious Highschool, my alma mater go Spartans without pre. I recognized him. Sophomore year at Saint pious, we were required to take a comparative religions clause where we learned about Judaism Buddhism and for one day out o the semester, a priest would come and talk to us about Satanism. This letter writing suspect this was the letter writing. He had been coming to this theology class for years and must have snagged student directory during a visit holy shit. I believe, was d frocks. May actually see jail time due to the fact that some of his own, abuse occurred. While he was a chaplain on a local air force,
meaning knows: Diane were taken, yeah, yeah yeah, they got the. U S, military got the right idea, it say sexy and don't have sex by snail mail, one of your many fans and Albuquerque Scott, oh, how my God, how twist and turn now I was telling Georgia this earlier, and I am sorry that I'm like this, because I know it drives a lot of people crazy. But I read twitter like in the middle of the night. I often wake up at four in the morning and just pick up my phone starts grow on their own, go to sleep, I'm next door at Instagram at boreal. Yes, so I saw this and I dont know someone sent it to me, which I think is like ninety percent lately, but I saw this story, I believe in them all the night last night and he's
I believe, if it's the same story, this pre signed these letters Joyce supporting the most hilarious unless rents letter writing priests. But I can't imagine that if anyone coincidence there's a coincidence that we talked about that, we want to hear from you we love coincidence is: are they just coincidence? Is hosting the answer? Ok already forgot about zero gay, yes Aeroscope. It's basically like if you wanted, use tons of water rocks good working geyser until I said very say wrong. I don't remember what you said. A water resistant, oh good, but you may answer. I will ask you that was drought result, I think a good job. I really wanted it to be weird green giraffes. I wanted me, I want you to be right. Thank you! I did not want you to be well. Thank you. Ok, this one's com. Isn't to lock your fucking door. Great. Ok, hi everyone, tired of
hey. My husband and I got her first apartment together in two thousand and eleven in Kansas City. It was a very small one bedroom ground floor unit with a walk out patio. It was in a much more urban area than my husband, a man from rule Look Arkansas was used to, he had I had a constantly reminded a lock the door, something he thought was overkill. All, right, let's not show on Bianca is leaving we're its we get so many locks a year afternoon has been returned home from work. He was startled by a frantic knock on the front door. He jumped up and look to the people to see our across the hall neighbour? Looking very anxious, my husband being kind. Southern man opened the door, something called northern women's issues. Myself would never have done an irreversible, parliament and my husband immediately realized something was really wrong.
Ever was frantically looking up the sliding glass door. He asked to saying that he needed a call. Nine one, one, the neighbour begin explain that to the dispatcher that, upon coming home from work that day, he heard noises in the storage closet each apartment at a small closet attached. The patio Deca had what was only accessible from the outside of annex to get at your there. In your mind, yes, I thank them for a kind of like your old patio s right up. There was like a yet the neighbour, arctic to his light and glass door and began to pull the blinds. Seeing what looked like a person running away from his patio human outside and open the stores closet to discover that so my had clearly broken the lock and had been living there hunt empty bottle cigarette bites, fastfood containers and his patio furniture cushions made into a bed. Someone had been partying merrily at the living in parting, married every moment say to the police arrival sirens on. They quickly began taking off the area. Several more cars arrived. The police smoked.
It has been in the neighbour asking them to recall anyone and everything that seen after that thirty minutes, my husband has asked. If you'd be willing to let them look at our storage closet, he led Officers over and open the door which my husband had left on law is AL in, with the same seen as our neighbours. He sent me a text message that started ok, so you were right about locking the doors we were asked to. Please be alert and told there would be police at our and parking on till this person was caught, seem like a lot for a pretty basic break in the neck say we were told by the management company that a serial arsonists was suspected german hiding in our complex and the police were working to capture this individual ha. When a little research we found out that this person suspected of setting fires in at least two other complexes in our area, causing millions of dollars and damage and injury to multiple people hat. Needless to say, we moved to render the deadline, but not before
Sub, letting to a friend of mine that we never told all my colleagues who may be effective, absolutely stay sexy and lock your fucking storage closet s friend no good friend, it was, I seem like oh recover, someone like campaign outright, but fucking arson, arson animals just like you. If your house's the house, where the arson spire starts right, it would a nightmare who, from ok I'm not gonna, be the subject of this one hi friends and then, in parentheses, since inclusive to the point. When I was ten years old, my parents took my thirteen year old sister and I too Charlotte North Carolina for a week over summer vacation. We were still, in a palatial estate right on the lake Norman that was owned by one of my dad's business partners.
One morning in the middle of our stay. I woke up to find a note from my parents saying that they had gone out for a morning: walk my sister was asleep in one of the bedrooms on the third floor, palatial remember how that eighty data array Reggie Ranch, I decided help myself to a snack and investigate the television situation. No sooner had I walked into the den slash living room situation. Then I heard the front or being unlocked. There was about A lot for my parents when I heard distinctly southern voices talking disarming the alarm system and how quote the owners are out of town alma it quickly clicked in my and you're old brain that this house had been cased and some burglars were looking to rob it while the honors were out of how home alone share a year. This is how malaria, while my first answer It was to go get my sister. The staircase was passed the front door and I'd risk being seen. I immediately thought of calling the cops, but I didn't even know the addresser, the location of the house, let alone
have a cell phone. This is two thousand to also I'm ten thinking. I could find one return address. I think they meant thinking. I could find it turn address on one eye: located a stack of bills rifling through them frantically, as the voices started, getting closer eventually decided to drop down and hide scooting behind an oversized arm chair by the window as I crouched down. I some movement outside the window and noticed a team of landscape hers with large shovels, renovating the garden of the property next door. I tried waving in getting their words should and when that seeks to do anything, I paint can we end up the window inch by agonizing and so on? to alert the burglar, she's, so pray and I now have been just scream as it may. I urge are just like blinked out entirely YA: lots of planning lots of lay like a strategic thinking I guess I whispered. Yelled is desperately, as I could
I was so whisper, yellow you others and must convincing, because they drop their shovels and took off, as did I, I sprinted front or where I was met with my confuse parents, a team of sweaty landscape errors and too sweet southern housekeepers. Who are there you, their weekly cleaning too Oh Jesus. This is a place of the owners of the house and neglected to tell us to expect their cleaning team way. I know this six adult smiled and chuckled at the dramatic ten year old in the oversized. Why I'm seeing a t shirt later that day, my parents were quick to applaud my quick thinking in face of potential danger. Now I'm still dramatic as fog, but I am also a great problem: solver and high stress situations, yeah, so fucked politeness, but also thought pride, because I'd rather look dramatic than be dead. As
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Grit Detroit and early nineteen twenties. Prohibition is in full effect within to try. The canadian border provides a unique opportunity to smuggle huge and a Michigan via the water. Yes, my great grandfather, frank to send to make some extra money running booze across the border and in his car and selling it to locals. He made over himself and, unfortunately, the attention of the notorious purple gang who ran the city, eventually a gang member murdered Frank, leading my routine grandfather as the new head of the household crazy is supervised and the story has been passed down through the family and I've heard it a hundred times. So in my now has been mentioned, the purple gang on a date. I know pillar talk. I couldn't way to tell him my connection before you got that Hence though, he mentioned that his great uncle gas was a member of the gang after TAT with his parents. We learn like gas was a lower member of the gang I have
idea how Gang Hierarchy names work little didn't know who is in charge of the messy jobs, including ridding the city of the competition. There is literally no way to know for sure, because the mom doesn't keep a diary now, but it's not unlikely that gas would have been responsible for offering Frank. Yes, I love being a part of this wonderful community. One of the first things I searched for all. We got the internet as a kid was serial killers, and now I M not alone sexy and don't smuggle booze in Michigan II, But that is like the Romeo and Juliet of Michigan, my guy, your great grandfathers uncles each other areas is tat. I like I did Well, let's go back even further and the subject line of this he mail is my ancestor. Was the shit is due on the Mayflower back? Hey all my aunt Izzie Genealogy hobbyist and discovered at some point that were related to it
you people on the Mayflower ink, including one John Billing, ten America's first messy bitch who love drama made John and his family were opportunistic devout members of the church of England and were quite disgruntled to discover that their fellow passengers on the Mayflower, where religious separatists he was great I'm stuck on a boat with all these? He then so, naturally, he decided to stir the partly before they even dropped, Anchor and Plymouth. John almost sank the damned boat by firing a gun near a barrel of gunpowder. He also that fire to a cabin one time to question marks once on and John started to utter quote: discontented and mutinous speeches about how their independent pilgrims, who can do what they want He and some other non separatists protest it for a while until they acquiesced and signed a pact saying they would abide by colonial law. But did he
of course not John was a hot asthma has refused to be tamed by laws. He insulted the military commander and he was sentenced to quote public humiliation by tying his neck and feet together, which honest now I know I know how I inherited my king blue blood, where the king o my girl, biz. He had a few other fields for no other reason, besides being a real housewife before his die at all culminated with virgin new common when building tat came upon new comin in a field one day, presumably coining the phrase this town, a bigger. For the two of Us Clinton shot new common dead. He was tried in hand for the crime and thus became the first person in the Plymouth colony to be exit. He did for murder family pride of here's. The article aware I found most of this info and there's link Exo Exo, Maggie wow. How amazing
he great writing good job, Maggie yeah. It's must be similar to the time. My mom told me that my great grandfather was a crooked cop so go in with super rich Has he just? He was on the tat he was on the take an he in the like turn of the century, so there plenty of money to be made in San Francisco I off, and then he died first and his wife who hated him. All the money and donated it to the s pc I mean Gopher her we could, then we can have all been crooked, rich, bitches, rapid. Instead, there is a god. M dogs got to live. Now my favorite murder. You know that I was on geographical you're up certain dog emails. Okay, this is called a hometown hometown, wanting good old hunting Ok, ok, hello, murder, girls and then front this uses as that's what I call you when I recall your shows to my husband every week I live in a Severn the suburbs,
Probably I live in a sovereign north of Boston, it in Arizona, Q, New England, town, but not exciting until about six months ago, a resident to the question on Facebook community page has anyone else seen. The ghost in market basket apparent this person noticed an elderly woman. Strangely, at a place and dressed in victorian era, clothing wandering around the frozen third section of our local Superman, the strange woman apparently vanished into thin air, leaving ghostly vibes and goosebumps in her wake and for some reason, the Spaceboat Post about the hunting went viral life summaries any advance like local and national news story, front page of the Boston, glow kind of IRA Lou NEWS Vans photographer, showed up in the parking lot and I was getting extra tax from my friends asking. If I needed a protein pack, nope approach on fact grow up,
you need a protein bargain with new protein or up some report is connected. Her goes to a Wilmington woman with a strange sensation on death. Her name was France Heller. Her nickname was the lady of the caskets incredibly well He thinks her husband's medical career, France hired contractor to build nesting, coffins and sarcophagus for the two of them so that when they died, they could be laid to rest above ground should affair. Buried underground Frances dress up in her funeral clothes. Yes, picked up her own fear her, while NGO Lions eyed her coffin gazing at herself in a mere shit installed in the ceiling above when Husband died, France remarried a much younger man and made him legally changes. Name to that of her late has little affectionate and as sweet romance, she became the first woman to hold town office when she served a term on. I can't make this up the summit.
Our committee was when France Hitler died in nineteen hundred. She joined her husband on their funeral mound above ground until the tombs began to leak and they had to be buried underground in the nineteen thirty. So she doesn't want that. No, no she's! That's going to upset her goes up classic haunting reasoning. This is the beginning of every haunted, move that right is France, Miller the market basket ghost hunting, my hometown. It's gotta be her a murdering before her time, she's, probably piss. She ended up buried and she's, taking it out on the frozen peace. Sympathy stays as in don't bother. A ghost is just trying to get the shopping gun. Kate, La Creevy RE, even also I get you know, she is obsessed with death and dividends, and that then she marries a twenty four year old, idyllic lady, your problems are solved, habit living in the here and now he got a good. You got a good young man's re. Did you hear that thing where there are trying to make up a story about how,
with more and was having an affair with a twenty four year old trainer. Now the funniest dumbest fucking fake story- and it's just made everybody level- is with more and even more. Please you're like a girl there, like somebody tweeted like how does she she does four hours of selfies and then goes and has an affair with twenty four year old advice should be leading this country, Mokes, Hervey, yeah term, relax it by a good, yes at in everybody, get added and send in my baby, murder and gmail and stay Saxon. Dogan are governed by Elvis. You lack a key.
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