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MFM Minisode 148 - Live at My Favorite Weekend in Santa Barbara

2019-11-11 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include serial killer connections and a neighborhood stalker. Recorded live at the Arlington Theatre.

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This is exactly right.
Exciting everybody. First annual, my favorite, we extend exactly right, looms, that's row exactly. How was the murder squad tell us the truth or they so amazing, isn't delirious like whatever to two years ago is like Paul. Holes was just this just in area dream, and now it's like these do in the way again with them on everybody or I'll. Hang back stay in about the bears. The best stuff like that. We're very excited to be here with you tonight. Exciting lot of fireball feel what they were like. We need a specialty cocktail hour, the weak, and I was like not. I want to do that anymore, mega cocktails. So why said lets you perhaps blue ribbon and a shadow fireball that level of power now where, when we say that specialty drink is perhaps we ribbon and fireball everyone does. Let us make that happen. I'm sorry about your hang over tomorrow. The ear going to hate your life, I am are legitimize in advance- is that decisions that are going to result from you having a third travellers need not apply are unbelievable. The two to minimum maximum men among many lives ruined some lie like this built, like can its very first thing we're gonna do tonight is you is like we're cord many episode like we do like we do at home life for you here right now. Are you ready, for this is made of a hundred percent cat fur? I didn't realize now clearly were in rich people territory than terrorism like it is this? Is it smart water visit? That's the only water we
that's really nice rotation layers of good things: everybody's argon, let's hear Dj Dante Montana, Dj Gps, their good friends of the past, where we all we were online Journal, it's been liberated. You men on make out a link our web journal. You know all the heads of the early arts
remember what I don't care, what it does is it like? Oh, I get to shout my feelings time and you know that you know that if you're here at the weekend, you know that so we're gonna pick hometown. I was saying we should do it, how we do at home, which is currently reed and go. We wanted just read in front of you like twenty two minutes, which is what happens to Stephen when we do it there to circle, circling throw it is true, but instead we're gonna, do show staff and actually read the story or you and then then we're going to your hometown. Episode were the least drunk of you. Gotta come up on stage and actually tell us around town. So it looks like it's going to be to members of the sudden and then say: I'm just gonna start drinking water. Now, ok, gray, you'll think hate him during the first,
absolutely I get right nice guys, raindrop silent on the subject of this email is a very which he first responders. Email hate seem that's a new one, eighteen, eighteen, you asked for all things very studio is so I hope this home town delivers, if not wealth, fuckin very wrong. Sir. I work as a first responder in a rural county in northern California. Six months behind, so there came a thorn as a former home down to a couple. Naso victims. There is no short of weird
Ok now so asshole such as a mannequin, dressed as Hannibal Lecter poised at the end of a very timely lit, deadened street while which is displayed year round. That's not seasonal! There's, always a mannequin of Hannibal Lecter! Just leave your Christmas lights up, which is worse. While I was on training long before I was accustomed to the bizarre occurrences that seem to occur daily. I was on patrol when I saw an elderly woman screaming in running out to the roadway the woman who was all of four and a half feet tall ran up to me screaming in a language that I could not understand. Her daughter ran out of the house and apologize profusely. She said her mother was suffering from dementia and was confused. Her mother became at a more enraged and grasping my arm as the tiny woman help my arm she held her daughter, translated,
person you and she giggled awkwardly, I assumed that she meant cursing at me. Until two weeks later, I was in the emergency room with inexplicable, swelling to the same arm. The time The angry woman had been clutching. Yes, several nurses and doctors examined x, rays and poked at my arm, but could find no reasonable explanation as to why my arm was swelling to twice its size and sadly, workers compensation does not cover witchcraft ass. It was nearly two years later when I had my second encounter with a person of the which he persuasion. I was conducting a coroners case of an elderly woman who, prior to her demise, was an end of life. Caretaker she'd amassed an entire family of loved ones left behind by those she cared for and was by all accounts a gem of a human being. Well, look: through the house. I found loads of homeopathic remedies and a book about white witchcraft.
I assume she was an extremely curious retirees wrong. You now, as I made my way through the residence, I turned the corner and found myself standing in front of a black alter adorned with figurines dollar bills and burned photos. The walls and ceiling around the altar were painted and inky black. After my first encounter with the wacky world of witchcraft, I put on my gloves and back the fuck out of the room and then in parentheses, as if latex glove protected against Wu Wu. Now I asked her family if she's, if as she was a brouhaha, her broken hearted, adopted, daughter, smiled and said yes, We don't go in that room. They don't say that before he asked it's like that Oxfam at my ass, you say: where's don't go in there Sancho and it's none of your business. Really she told me
the trips to the store for ritual, is to chicken feed and how she would burn photos of her granddaughters boyfriends, whom she did not draw our ok after learning more about her life in her bracted, I'm sure she was a benevolent brouhaha, but I kept my gloves on the entire time. Stay sexy and remember that workmen's comp does not cover which brought a belated injuries, no name a guideline sweet. I was a good one that was nice. How about this? Hello, ladies gentlemen, and furry friends.
I mean gonna. Do it you gotta do is beginning to these ever tax. I thought you might be interested in this story because it takes place in mine in Georgia's hometown of Irvine. California, me like I'm on board. I mean I'm not moving back but constantly rate consistently rated one of America say the cities of you years back, a new family moved in our neighbourhood, a mom dad and their young adults son. I started feeling like the new neighbour son was watching me and I was pretty sure he had followed me while walking my dog and taking our daughter to the local park. Multiple times Additionally, I started suspecting that he was walking by my house unnecessarily and it started parking his car so that he could signor House Look
love is a strong emotion now keep reading. I sought, after I told my husband, my fears, energy erected until literally the biggest spite of our now fifteen year relationship because he said I was making this up in my head, because I read too much true crime and then I was concerned. I was concerned because someone was walk. Just walking around the neighbour is just walking around the neighbour. I feel like this guy's gonna get his come up and at the end of this email I think so too. I have a good feeling. I ended up calling the cops the day after this fight, because I thought that he followed me home from a park once again on the cops said that they really can do anything because it is just walking around. A week later, the Urban Police Department called me back and wanted to talk to me about the report I had made the week prior. Apparently, this gentleman had broken into our house near mine. While everyone was in the house and sleeping and climbed on top of a twenty one year, old girl,
woke up and scream and her male room ran into the room and startled the assailant jumped and ran out the back door. The cops caught him later. That night I had to Despite the trial and found out that this grow, it also felt like he was watching her four days. She
almost exactly like me at one point, I gotta read some of his testimony and he admitted that he had been following me and that a big black dog barked at Hampton Court baby sorry leg. I can tell you, but you know what sorry we read that back, please I don't think he heard always trust her got and lock your doors even in the safest city. In the? U S? No, no name. Amazing oil come up, and I mean the idea of someone telling me that I am overreacted ever yes now, especially in the height of an overreaction. That's the worst time to do it, but not mid scream or you I'm I'm alright, ok I'll, just read this,
they just starts like this. Karen Georgia, Stephen Elvis Mimi, daddy, Frank and George, then should get a shoutout as well. He said yes, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend family and I were out to lunch in my mom, and I were talking about what her life was like growing up in southern California. Given she lived there from nineteen fifty six to nineteen eighty one, a k, a when all the ship was happening. She very casually mentioned how she discovered she had a broken back, while writing horses ouch. It too
out she fucking road horses into writing. Lessons from one of the Manson family members at the spot. Conrad Y know honey. I set you up for horse right that is set out in the desert and you have to take this to have of answer the first. I don't know, I don't know why I just do it. There was my character, the mother and I was a girl. I thank you. A year and a half of acting lessons at sack state universe is one of the great one of the greatest. My grandma shook her there once angle, the fucking he be GPS untold, my mom. They were never going back. People lies. Ok, that's good! As I was trying to pick up my jaw wanting to ask all the question she then proceeded to tell me. The hillside. Strangler was also active in one of the neighborhood she lived in, and then
and this is seriously how the fuck issue alive in nineteen eighty one, my parents moved from allay to bend or again, which also happen to be not so which also have enemy not so far away from a little town called Antelope, where the Raj Nay should move in all its greatest. It's my mom shared agree that there was a time my grandma was visiting, and they wanted to go to the high Desert Museum, which was the only museum and bend my girl, I decided to wear a maroon blouse purple Panther and when they got to the museum. Now the refugees with the refugees was also there. My moment a panic and concern my grandma was going to get mistaken for being part of a sex call left
before she could ever explain anything to my grandma. My boyfriend usually never has anything to contribute when my mom and I get into our talks, but as we were talking about the russian age, my boyfriend turn to us and said My dad interviewed my on Sheila at the compound bless, my mom's eyes almost burst out of her head and she screamed tell me every day. At this point. My conversations all I could do was laugh. My mom is the one who I share. A true crime passion with so it's not uncommon for us to start talking about this shit when we're together, she's no g, murder Reno, my boy His dad was a radio news reporter and while the resignation was active, he would go to the on pounds a cadet interviews for radio segments, he still had several tapes that have never been heard or were used by the new station when he was the talking with Sheila. He all still has the welcome guess that they would give to those.
Division once we open one and I'll? Let you know: what's inside a once: we opened one. I thought she was just yeah intensely fucking with us has said about to rip it in half the things are all your deal for empowering women for being honest and open about your own mental health struggles, and now it's ok to not be ok, really pay more than ok, it's pretty standard. Actually, it's a must for this is a must do for America, because of EU is doubtless a relationship with a therapist am conquering my anxiety. You, ladies always make me, laugh every episode and make me my commute so much more enjoyable, stay sexy and be sir to properly met equestrian teachers and don't get murdered with gratitude more and they really ruin maroon captains. I can't wear my maroon shirt with my purple: dance, Larry and aunts alone, without singing like I'm, in a girl who or looking like a human bruise, grandma ones last, and then this one second and then ok here about ten years ago and living in Portland Oregon was still affordable, whatever still affordable. My ex husband in and I rented a wee rickety house with a giant leafy backyard on an unincorporated road.
All the neighbors were students and or criminals chickens, random, makin, several busted cars and trailers, world waylaid in the dirt road, riddled with vines and moss. It was a great neighborhood in and I are lax in one night with beers and our big overgrown backyard and are wild eyed severely drunken abreast aboard. Avarice Arborous, I knew I knew I was gonna get around arborous. Thank you, Arborescent amazing sub group of them armrests. His name is Brad win
our very nose. Oh my god are you being Syria ruin everything in our brain is an apparent really. That's all I've ever weaken is all about arborous come into galleries and murder, trees and murder. Yes, what a diverse community his name was Brad when the real sorry I something someone is really in the already arbour missed: oh yeah, mixed together, yeah yeah
ok, we're out their neighbour. There are severely drunken arborous neighbour, bragwaine, crushed her back gate and yell. Do guys have any drinks. Is it me and ninety? Ninety one g active beer here, drawing care mining area, yeah yeah. We ended up here because that's what you do. I guess- and he proceeded to regale us with the stories of cutting trees for other crazy people before he told his best story. He lurched out at the end of the yard, under a giant Douglas FIR and took a whiz, he came back and said man. I've been pissing blood because at this massive kidneys down my exit, eyeballs each other, knowing that Brad when it just piss blood under a beautiful pine tree, anything that if the story I just want to love, it's like nature and nears Brad when this minds they wanna drink too much coffee in the morning- and I start writing males alone. Just like it starts about one thing and then, unlike you know what else I had just like, you need to know about Brad whence kidneys. Don't we do so, but now I dont whole trust we down. Ok, we started getting up to go inside but Brad when proceeded to tell us his claim to fame arborous story living in California years back. He had been hired by a prominent lawyer, whose name he did not mention Bradley.
I've been a big tree, cutting branches and the lawyer was hanging on the ground below him, enjoying a cocktail and regaling him with his crazy lawyer stories. Brandon was chopping away. The lawyers daughter came outside. She was about eight years old and she interrupted their conversation. Sank, daddy, there's a phone call for you. The lawyer said Please don't interrupt. You can see I'm busy great parenting talking to the arborous Craig. He started talking, the Brad went again and the daughter became impatient daddy. The phone is for you, he said again sweetie. I told you that interrupting as wrong now go inside and take a message. Then the little girl Yad back,
daddy its body Shapiro. Do we running into the? How does it take the car? Apparently this lawyer was on OJ defence scene and Robert Shapiro was on the horn. My accident laughter ass is often Brad when gave Brad when another beer yeah, it was an entertaining night, say sexy and don't let your drunken arborous neighbour piss, putting your backyard. Do let him bill you in one's OJ connections Jessica, you, Daddy Lake, that's amazing areas, now little girl new interrupts, but if it's an emergency safe that Liberia, based on rules of the house, no rational use their lawyers, otter, yeah, real use. Your words. Please also me, oh Bobby Shapiro,.
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We did subject one thing: it is whether you know what kind of alma high to all heart beats furry and not create a range of political Grady. I it's all very creeping. I mean what are we doing rain? I could not be further from your target audience. I'm a single man, fifty years old, I also happen to live by myself in the forest. Please please come and take me up right now. I am beg you looking brawny man is writing my homeless. Warm o encounter California Calaveras County. My home is miles,
my home, is more miles as the crow flies or from the sight of Leonard Lake, Charles Torture and murder bunker tax. I dont know if you ve done this story, but it's a bizarre one. We haven't because its were if they just yelled. Yes, you have to be like super sorry. We have down I'm a big area native born in the city born in the city city. During the summer of love raised in the EAST Bay and unincorporated portion of contracts to county, Torah Hills
when I was six it when you fuck, you got your daddy is on that you hate when the yellow love you, but if they OPEC here, please learn what I'm about. Thank you when I said. Ok, when I was six or seven years old age established myself with my large cousin group, is a fearless child, as I did the same thing as this is the mid seventies. I can best like myself to ten or from the bad news bears, including his varied and colorful use of language. It was this active fearlessness that led to one the most shocking fear, filled memories that is scorched into my psyche for life. He tight dramatically in the forest. His bald head gleaming Karami had his paper towel covered ahead, gleaming in the sunlight,
what must have been hollowing nineteen, seventy four, seventy five, although I can't be certain, I found myself being led through the neighbourhood by my large group of older cousins. After a long and successful tour of the neighborhood, I was informed that it was time to return home. Of course, I refused loudly, I demanded to go to just one more house being loud and lazy. I chose the house closest to the current position. It was a corner. It was a house shrouded by darkness, a house with not one single bob burning. This house appeared to be tat of the port steps. My large lazy ass went my my fingers found the door Bell and rang in rapid fire a dozen times when that failed to get a response. My pudgy fist found the shortened and bang doubt a rude knock on.
Would have been the fifth or sixth fifth cyst fall. The door disappeared. My pudgy, this never found the door again in its place were now a set of craggy legs. Skinny enough to doubt our stability holding up a pair of dingy, blue box or shorts. The instability of the legs was belied by the strength of the book. Oh, my God, skier poet kind at that now, boomed down upon me with what seemed like cartoons visible, sound waves, get off my porch, you little young lazy and pudgy though I was, these terms, did not describe the grace agility and speed. I displayed, as seemingly appeared back with my cousins. I arrived on the sidewalk just in time to hear the loudest door slammed eyes have heard. Still to this day. It wasn't long. After when we noticed a new family living in the corner house, thank hastily, Mr Blue boxers had moved away. What's like a very long time, passed between my childhood trick or treat terror and the data
that we saw that man again miss a blue boxers had gain weight when we saw again on the evening news making story was that of the rape and mutilation of a young woman YAP. Mr Blue boxers was in fact Larry Singleton created at Fucking, Larry Singleton says on the door until Larry Single guys I've seen stories like this in the Zodiac tonight, Stalker trail side, lake except her with my daughter, who was literally been a murder EDA. Since bird she grew up in Benita said. The zodiac happened in her backyard, her natural inclination to chew prime led, my daughter, the murderer. You know I created to turn me into a murder ino, despite my location, at a hundred and eighty degrees from it.
But go murderer. You know and being alone in the forest, stay sexy and don't get murdered, but maybe give the forest another chance not be arborous. Cyril again is again this week I'll night, one of the weak and tree Power- and this is the end of that. Not all who wander her beautiful cannot be our serial killer. That at least one of us is a murderer. You know sincerely Donnie, that's gotta, hometown hairs out, it's gonna! Go! Let's see, I pick. People first was I I picked. You ok, look and I believe the lights up early ways you're gonna be going out here is meant this ok you're going to meet him right over there. There's rooms to this whole thing. Yes, as you well know here- and this is an important thing I think for continuing on in in this evening- and in through the weekend, what you can pick and choose one of two lines you can be fireball drunk or you can come and tell your story. Those ceilings will don intersect and if you jump up here and then you're in the fire bowling, we love you will hug you and you get pushed us out as Khazars good stories to town and they gotta get old, but the battle and no booing and no yelling. It's scary at Yale Zone reality that other people- you? U yell at us, for your own reasons by the no yelling at the lay people, and we get to do this more than once. Yes, so if you don't get picked and I dont worry, you'll have another. Chancellor fireballs will start with the little asylum next animal here. Unless everybody here Jane, aren't arena Banco. I love it high time, Alyssa, I'm from Atlanta, Georgia rattling so far. It's my had our life made Nicky's fortieth birthday adventure grades, so I am from Marietta Georgia, which is really no they're just doing now, power through a barrier the suburb about twenty miles north of manner we birth, making region. I'm really really sorry about things here, so in two thousand for this
I just a John Hutcherson and his best friend Frank, were at a bar drinking having a good time and decided that they needed to drive home after me. Very intact and they were driving in his truck and Frank at one point apparently got sick and he was like feeling really. That's what he leaned out the window. And they were driving on this very winding road, which has You know power. Now I saw this movie way business culture at his go. How they may have got the idea from the so at some point: he's swerving and gets too close to one of the power line and francs head right and apparently he was so drunk that job
Didn't notice that this had happened drives home, the truck in his driveway with his hence, bodies sitting and I'll go upstairs covered in blood and passes out in is that so eight a m the next morning. This is the neighbourhood that I grew up until now, Dad and his little baby daughter walking down the street. Seized, the truck with the body in it calls the cops and they upstairs and wake him up and our like hey what happened last night and they had to go back to the place, the scene of the action to fight his head. Oh so
This was the neighbourhood I grew up in. He is his little sister is really good friends with my little sister. So this was a unit area. This really happen and it wasn't an urban legend or anything. One hundred percent lived less than a mile from my holy shit, so awful so he
went to prison, obviously the war manslaughter, but he's out now, and I checked Facebook and he's like living life. My and our know how ok I mean, I'm assuming nightmares, are happening at he. I sound now, that's it the spooky hollowing story. Well, I started out with a bang everybody Marietta showing up in flames, nay Jamie everyone else's Jamie, shaming every by an army forgot to mention you can do your hometown from anywhere. It doesn't have to be my own California. I hadn't bringing up sorry unprotected
she brought us. You see her river legged, spread unpleasant reason. I just keep going and Bieber balls. They are really really reasons. Ok, we're us, so my migrants, mine my sister is a she's of about ass she's, she's ass. What member miles active onslaughts? Spain, EL, on her fourth? Well, how she told what is our neighbouring her name's, Andrea, ok, wait to go under a guitar, as you will all like. He went in during the holidays like we're Christmas. Does she come in leg? Kick the door open crawl belly crawl through the backyard type, is the sort of what we already with worker so and she,
He didn't work on this case, but she told me about this case, but is actually kind of famous. So this is the Louis Phil chainsaw massacre. As this was two thousand ten in which both access, which is right outside, Alice and yeah so. This man is AMOS. Jose Coronado had his father happily married nice family man, and he suddenly had a strange period where people were saying like. Oh, he might be having a little bit of a nervous breakdown that he was actually starting to get into Santa Maria and he had some suspicions at his wife- was cheating on him Oh, I am not you know. I don't know much about this religion or anything, but from what I understand part.
That religious experience is that if there is an demon The way to get rid of the demon is to cut off the demons had he disk. That his wife that's for measure, so he suspected that his wife, the cheating on him, so he somehow got all of his children's. You go to arrest rods, and this was that, like a Sunday afternoon like Al Eleven got his family. A restaurant. His wife to come home with him where he had this all planned out. I'm not quite sure the logistics of this, but he had chain saws than he Duct tape, each hair and then
chased her through the house with a chain saws running sorry. How did he chainsaw duct tape? The second assistant was the devil with him. At that time I like to that, did he have a machine whither? Ok, so that take the two changes to his hair. I don't like this at all at once. There is not a lot like about this. Yet what my sister was able to tell me that that some insights group was that well hit she.
Run away from him very fast, because he was able to cut her multiple times throughout the house, also its on her Andrea. What does get a return on Andrea? This is why there is a trail of evidence of the bits of Hawaii. This story. You don't want the insights group on earlier or that raise use, re read, but so there were yeah, so she makes its basically to the front door. Where he's I you to do her in the house, and I am I think at this point she was dead, but then he he drew I turn out onto the frontline. So this is. Broad daylight and then decay its hates her red line and very clear.
Are no actually it was in the street, so he dragged or through the frontline onto the street decapitate. Sir, somehow it was his little arm the situation. What's that on his bed of his pickup truck and then call me drives away and the families other car, while so the pier the person you found. This was the male man who when the first to come out on the scene and seas. Something in those the road and is like was up, and then realising its head and then, when the police arrived, that one of the in size was still running back. I don't like this I'll go about that. That's heart is that so he tries to alone. I don't mean the best part. No, we gotta anyone gets out. We gotta tries to a car dealership where he deposit
I don't know why. I'm looking at you much you're you're, also Margaux hurts divide that I like deposits, the car and an just, I guess, testify another car than drives that to Mexico, where am I gonna, he's freak to this day. Everyone access to thank you very much for the full story and wandered streets. Ok, Georgia is, can we take a moment ago? Applause to say Georgia, randomly chose to be heading story is how willingness? No ok, we're not getting a third grade more
ok Warner and everybody essay high born. Where are you from I'm from Sanctum? Any California are so okay, so eager opens income any California. My friend, who is an audience with me as well, we knew as such ends who Their family did a mass suicide. If you all five point, five percent suicide, the twins four twenty one we went out. For them. They address the same through high swarm. You know they were recluse. So little bad their fans all the sudden. Nobody, from them. They live in a gate, a community, Wretch family and the one day: the family, that's. It was like where
they were now and nobody was like. We don't what's going on and three we later somebody was like a kindness, and so they go into the house and adds a mass suicide. Five person suicide, but the twins, art in bed, everybody's in black, the twins, tucked in the bad and there they were poisoned with like it. I and the grandma also poison with vague it in and then the mom and dad but dad was shot. And the mom shot herself in shock she commences as she was like the mastermind about how and nobody's say, nose like why They did it they it's like they never
interviewed any friends or family like it was just kind of like that's what happens?
yeah, you're, right, it's terrible might does a deeper meaning there by, like nobody, cared to investigating yeah. I don't know Orange Orange County where China this is like, whenever sweeping exactly our Lord God gave it up. Oh my god, you guys aren't I we're gonna. Do some? Are everyone's gonna have their head on the whole time I feel like. I know how much we ve covered all citizens rights, but I was a really strong kick off of the terrible terrible story. We hope you guys can sleep? Ok and I don't have a hangover smart will see you in the Bronx tomorrow. We'll show tomorrow will be a lot of one stop. You were so excited. Thank you again for becoming aware of my being. Our friends were so excited to see you and we will see tomorrow. Are you guys thank you
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