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This week’s hometowns include a Loch Ness near miss and a rural Ireland murder.

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This is exactly right. Well go to my favorite murder the menu. So we read your shit. Do you listen? It's stories its home towns. It's now. It's turned into a whole other thing I'll just tell us about family members that you want us that you think we should now about. What's your favorite story, it could be that anything. It could be the little red hand, member that one chicken did all the work you may appear. Do that my family's was to Jack and hatching. Should you have to tell you about? seven years ago, Gigi, chalk and honey did you check and who were there
I think there are little chickens that lived on a farm. That's my grandma told me. Ok and my whole family. Like that's the story, we were told this growing, so is it was hard stark, cider, your mom's, I must say so, was it lower like they have made the story up or was it an actual EC folk tail? Someone tell me it might be an odious folk tail. Have you ever do to talk or hustled Ujiji? We'll? Let us let us now at my vermonter dot org, please! Your first. Are we ready ready now? These are these ones. Are Ireland right? These are Ye Ireland and UK. I let her Manchester these we're gonna be in the UK and Ireland this coming this week. Various anti ass, so there's live, shows gonna, make ever murder dot com check out if we have to get left or not, and then, if you, if you have any civic issues, go to my favorite murdered ago, ok, so my this first one at the subject: minus fucked up hometown murder, Rural Ireland rate. This is what we're here for
How do you know partners an irish acts like vigour? Deniers aggregate partners is terrible, I'm from Ireland, so I dont know. Why did that? I'm just very excited to be emailing ye long one but worth it. I am from a all caps tiny place where there has never been any crime until this happened anyway in December. In early December of ninety ninety eight, a seventeen year old girl was brutally raped and murdered, and her body was found later the following day on a near by beach by a man walking his dog. She had been driving around with her friends when she decided she needed to go to the bathroom and tried one of the local pubs, but because she was under age and the public's closing they wouldn't let her in a mistake. I'm sure that HANS them to this day she told her friends that she would walk to a nearby chip shop and try there, and that was the last time she was seen alive, ashes
working toward the chipper, a local man who was she would have known, because everyone knows every one around here in his late twenties, stopped and asked if she needed left. She said yes innocently and got it. I don't know the exact details of what went on in the car, but I do know that she went on a drive and somewhere along the way, must have realised what was going to happen to her. He brought her to a local, very secluded, beach nearer home and proceeded to rape, her with an object and must have beaten her pretty badly and left her. There are hoping for the tied to take her out. Luckily, I didn't her. Cause of death was put down his drowning and compression of the neck
the man went back to the local night club, indifferent outfit and started fighting with people to cause a scene so that he could use it as his he was taken in for questioning and the guards found fibres from her card again and socks on his jumper and in his car he was sentenced in two thousand and one to life in prison for her murder plus another ten years for her rape. He is still in prison today, but rumour swirl around every year that he will be getting out soon say sexy and don't get Martin for the love of God. If a young girl needs to use the bathroom just let him do it and don't let your friends go off on their own love. The shout keep to what ye do. It makes me laugh and cry and allows me to ignore people by oh, my eyes. I owe name that maybe the heaviest when we started with the US
now get into. This- is what Ireland is all about. They tell you the truth. They tell you the whole story and guess what god Dammit terrible, are not drunk, not drunk irish care. O Jesus, drunk Irish, Karen I'm gonna, have to get I'm gonna have to be hypnotized back into her wrists vicinity of state. I asked on a word, is it is? Isn't it
This means we are this one's got creepy Christmas, take care in Georgia and assorted fluff balls. Now I love it. I have not got a murderer story for you, I'm not gonna start from Manchester, I'm not gonna murder story for you, but have a must have story. My dad told me, which I just have to share I'm from Manchester. In the U K my dad was a sergeant for Greater Manchester police. Yes, his job always sounded so interesting and I'm sure that's where at my love of true crime came from anyway my real stories about a Christmas Party for my dad's earlier days on the force when I was just a baby dad had drawn the short straw and how to work Christmas day. Normally Christmas day call out for the usual family fall out, overborne turkeys, and there is always one woman who tried to chop off her husband's dong because he bought her an iron for Christmas and then she said I mean I'd, be pissed too, but that's a bit too far. This one call out was about suspicious activity at the local funeral home creepy, already rate, and so my dad Miss partner, go to investigate the building and see that the lights are on and they can hear Christmas music playing pretty loudly as they walk into the morgue in the basement. They find the mortician sat at the table enjoying his Christmas. Lunch with a bunch of dead bodies properly
now and then all caps and wearing Freaking Christmas hats own The guy had no families decided to spend the day with the guys from work while they're not know they're, not the guys from work, I'm not even sure what law this breaks, but hopefully a shit ton. I know the guy lost his job, but I have no idea what happened after that might have always love sharing is weird. Ass stories on is definitely a secret murdering. Now, even I passed away a couple years ago, the family keep retailing his stories and it's a great way to keep him with us as well as creep out new people, yes, which he totally would have loved hope you enjoy the weirdness day sexy and don't get murdered at Christmas. Amy me home,
group up just a vision of a year because coming up on hearing the music first, there is something very sinister about Christmas yeah. It's that kind of thing like it's. Only two yeah inappropriately Christmas music, as our horror movie, I already had just sets the perfect scene of I'm so crept out. It's just Jangle Bell. I can't hear you Dingle bells is too loud. Wouldn't you say I think the law isn't the Lala defy laying a glass? Definitely there's a highly here's. The DAS, you probably have to have some kind of certificate or something to do with unfairness promise not to not to be a bad thing, a king, not to her great. Ok. So the subject line of this one is times my mother almost killed us. Ireland addition. Yes, this is what we ve been waiting by high Elvis Mimi Daddy Frank georgian staff, amaze area, namely execute
Long time listener here answering the call for times our mother almost killed. There were many times we just about escaped with our lives growing up in the seventies and eighties, but here too stories that were a bit close for comfort. And Seventys, my mama's driving up the street in our local town on her way to do the weekly food shop. My brother, my elder brothers, aged two and three at the time, were bobbing around in the back seat, with neither a car seat nor seat belt between them. What fire they let them be free, mom noticed it had gone suspicions as a quiet all of a sudden, so she glanced over shoulder only to see one of the back doors wide. Oh no sign of the two. The three year old, his arch nemesis, was sitting looking upwards practically whistling. My mom slammed on the brakes swung around drove back the way they came, and there. The two year old sitting in the middle of the road covered and blood whole unclear,
trip to the dark later to confirm it was all superficial and the skin on his face would grow back then straight to lock the child back door. Oh my guide to and then straight home to child lock the backdoors wow,
So now, under my story, when I was five, I was playing in the garden by myself my Mama's indoors, washing up when something told her to check on me a miracle as she never checked on when she went out there. I was hanging by the neck from an access piece of cord from the washing line. Oh, my god, I had started turning blue but was still conscious. She couldn't free me, so she had run indoors to get a knife to cut me down slowly. She sat on the lawn all afternoon as she hadn't strengthen her legs to walk back from the shocked. The only thing I remember from it is having to wear a giant polo neck all summer to hide the mark around Muffy, I'm getting chills. Also, I love you, I mean, I know it's because she doesn't remember, but like how'd, you get up there. What were you doing right? Why was this the situation we are? These are just two of the many near death experiences. I remember as a helicopter. My own parents net, a my own children, always anyway stay sexy and don't hang out on washing lines, Martina wow, oh those or maybe to the worst.
Ones in one story: Young pushed his brother a three year old push. It you're allowed the car ia. But some men like like in raising Arizona liberation, go back of kids just sitting in the middle of the road. I always like to the best in what like shortened: sweet for yeah, ok and our fine. I have one along the same lines. I got it's called tender baby kebab, Slash nine when one operator, oh no and then the greeting is all Finally, all they used to be a no, no, no that's nine. When one in British, as you know, an operator when I was in my early twenty is based in Glasgow. Scotland, where I still live with.
The calls from all over the UK for Particular South on company, so you never knew what kind what you're getting into weight. So you never knew what you're going to get that ninety percent of cars were pocket, dials or old people. Looking for a chat with some other real call, stuck in my mind, nearly twenty years later and the most recent many sewed brought this month, flooding back to me Fortunately, wisely afternoon, I take a cover Mary COM, English, lady, asking for an ambulance. My rose to connect her to someone at the end of the service and then stay mutely on the line to make sure the dispatcher got all the information they needed. Sometimes it was an interesting call, we'd linger to hear the details, which is how it came to hear the following: the despair sure, ass lady? What had happened- and she very calmly said that her two year old son had been helping her in the kitchen as they were, making some cakes. He was standing on a chair, lemon says all caps red flag with a wooden spoon in his hand? Then it says red flag and
achieving Tyler when he inevitably slipped, the spoon went all caps straight through the roof of his mouth and was now lodged their oh, no, oh, that's right! A tender baby kebab the ambulance, dispatcher remark that she was very calm and she said. Oh, I know it'll be fine as long as they don't look inside the king wasn't even crying and seem to be supremely unconcerned by what was happening by this time. They could hear the ambulance arriving, so we had to hang up and I often wonder what happened next, but the image is never left me and it makes me once every now and then I'll I'll tell you, but the time I heard a guy getting shot in a supermarket parking lot and had to give a witness statement for another time well stay sexy and for the love of God, don't suck on the end of a kitchen, utensil, Clare
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Ok, the subject of this was, I thought I was going to get murdered on my way to Loch Ness. Yes, hello am FM crew and Animals Herring Karen talk about Nessie in this Boogie Halloween episode reminded me of an incident that happened to me in Scotland. I to Scotland? Last year to fulfil my grandfather's dream of visiting the ruins of our ancestral castle? She says TAT Zau Castle, which he had unable to do because of his poor health. I had a great time I was there and of course I took a tour up to Loch Ness. Loch ness is gorgeous, but a lot smaller than you might think. While it certainly very dark long and deep, it's also very narrow. Loch ness. Is the lake itself re? Yes, the word law. Is scottish relate o got it? You can always see the other side of the lock. As you drive along the shore,
took a crews on the lock, but there and there was no nessie sightings on the sonar, just pass Blanco on our way. Up to the Loch Ness, Arturo Guide pulled the small twelve cedar buzz off the small winding mountain road into the long driveway of a construction site in the middle of nowhere. He said he was making an unplanned stop that he didn't usually make and told us all to stay on the bus. While he got run every one else seemed really excited, but I wasn't looking out the window at the three construction deeds carrying shovels, walking towards our bus and thinking. Well, it's a good thing. My travel insurance will pay to repatriate my remains. If these guys murder online there's gotta, be someone think another of reality, yeah hi, it's me
it's all about air. Suddenly every one else started gasping and screaming. So I turned to look out the other window to see what they were. Looking at Archer Guide had managed to coax three wild dear over to our by, and we all got out to feed them, carrots, bread. They were gentle and gorgeous. It's an experience, I'll, never forget, and I'm really glad or tour guide didn't to be heard. Her say sexy interested if a tour guide was almost idle. The company he works were probably wouldn't have, wouldn't have four point: five STAR Review rating online, no name them love he wore screaming about dear yeah man. I thought those shovels will come back into play for sure they didn't. This one is called MA, am he's gonna, say it's: it's called a story from a feminist museum. Ok,
Karen and Georgia time. I was excited to listen and many sewed. Eighty nine am here your call out for objects from museum workers, and then your latest episode that ass short for stories of cat saving people, because if there is a van diagram of the two, this is it yes, I work at the UK only Accredited museum dedicated to women's history Glasgow women's library, nay, the name is a bit of a misnomer, because, although we are a library were also museum and archive and we specialise in celebrating the lives, histories and achievements of women in a very intersection all feminist way, but anyone is welcome to visit. We are based I ask that we work across Scotland and work and welcome visitors from around the world. The object I'm sending you is a story of a cat saving, some one which I know you'll all enjoy its initial
clipping that was unearth from our archive during a recent project. Looking at the work of scottish women's aid, a groundbreaking movement working to challenge and prevent domestic abuse, the cooking was found by our archivist Elizabeth and has become a firm favorite here. Guida allow someone must have kept the clipping when recording incidents of violence against women, but luckily this particular women hadn't max the cat on her side, seminary to the cliff ignorant. Oh shit clipping reads cat for it. Attack on owner maxims.
At thwarted, a sex attacker sinking his cause in the face of a man who attempted to assault his owner ass. She walked along a pathway. The cat was trotting behind his mistress in rack now Berkshire when the attack took place, police are looking for a man with deep scratches and his face us. I don't know when it's free, but as a result, the cats long owner, like a dog, yes down a little there, they're gonna nighttime, walk also my grandma used to say to Elvis when we lived with her go to your mistress. She call me his mental hospital out, but I love that go your mistress. This out bugging me finish again that sweet. I love it and then it says we don't know if the attacker was ever caught, but we hope MAX's savage attack meant that some one was able to identify him. This is just one of the many objects we have and I think that the work we do is up the street and every murder. You know we're working to erect eradicate the gender gap that continues to widespread inequalities in Scotland, and we provide safe, welcoming space were always trying to get the word out about what we do and ignore the haters who believe our work to be unnecessary, dude equality being a thing we ve already achieved. Where do they live
I want to go there. White man landing sounds like a her on extremely tight budgets, but last September we celebrate our twenty seven birthday and we built ourselves up from being I totally volunteer run, is placed on having a staff of twenty one, bad ass women who do everything from working with adult literacy, learners, decommissioning, artists and cataloguing books with our own feminist catalogue system to tweeting and install ramming all that amazing work that they do. That's me: keep up there It work and come and visit next time you in Glasgow Hannah Amazing yeah, that's on so called so let me say what it's called again. It's called Glasgow Women's library yeah, but then just a library remedied. They do so much more. So much more thanks for sending. Thank you. This episode brought you by the Glasgow Women's library, the last I women's library, where everybody has the greatest acts, ain't you never heard and they will go drink with you. There have new Erika, that's right. We can give them a shoutout wondering Glasgow Leisure, whose Gaza,
when I lived in Glasgow. That was my favorite thing, as every woman had perfect terror. That, buzz overtly like died or treated in some way, and there were hair salons, I'm not kidding like three of law. While there was there are so many years lawns and it made me so for some reason, is like women here, just like I'm gettin my shitting curved on the daily. I don't worry about it. Yeah and I'll go over there. If I don't get it right over here. Only a month ago, the last guy women's librarians second be politically act. Dave and aware that's right from love. It send us your stories, my favorite murder, Gmail and see us in Ireland and the UK on trade and stay sex in Tokyo, murdered, go by concealing a cookie.
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