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2020-01-20 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include an Alaskan mystery and an Edmund Kemper-related possession. 

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This is exactly right. And well. They re right irony so were bringing an action. Your letters, your stories, your urban myths passed down to us, then read back to you in your face in dear face for the year twenty twenty three go: first, one, no such subject line because apparently be it. The website doesn't take it anymore threat. I free food It also shows that the share who, when I was in tenth grade, we had a sex ed class once a week during our Jim period, and during discussions. Sir
what place immediately and during our discussions we got into the topic of consent and rape. This is when our Jim teacher shared the following story with us. That still gives me jewels to this doubt. You shoot a close friend during university who worked at a local bar. She had big red, curly, hair and a personality to match, so she made friends with the patrons really easily. She had one day. They came in somewhat regularly who she would talk too often and tell him how her classes were going and just other small talk. He was handsome and charming and always tipped, whilst of course, she never turned down a jot just by chance in all their talks. She never happen a mention to this man that she was planning on quitting her bar job and moving into her boyfriend's place across a city, and this what saved her life, because too that man was Paul Bernardo shy.
Your mouth he had found out where her parents house was that she was living in at the time and would watch her four weeks from the window and videotape her in her room only five, he wrote in his journals about her, referring to her ass quote big red, and this is eventually how she found out. She was the one of his potential victims, because this is how he would often greet her when he would come at all by God: we're Talkin Scarborough rapists, we're talkin the cannon, Barbie Killer, Paul Hernando, the worst thing to come out of Canada and some ban that could be of any reference right, yeah, that's canadian! The night he planned to attack her happened to be the day after she moved out, so she never came home to her parents. That night, therefore, saving her life Bernardo was caught pretty soon after I believe, and that's when she went to the police after recognising him on the news and they put the pieces together, she even into watch some of the videos he took of her. Oh my us to confirm it was in fact her God how and learning be yeah never feel safe. Again, I learned about your park ass from a popular influence or and fan shoutout, Doktor Pepper princess, whose memory zones calling me. Why isn't going as it did not remember print out over the dog, to ask her if she heats up her doktor have around the holidays and makes a hot topic is out of danglars every doktor, pepper princess right if she is
Oh yeah she's ordering them and an influence on our way to ensure thanks, doktor pepper, Princess Anna ever since, thanks for helping me get through my work day and make my boyfriend occasionally think I'm plodding his murder, so yeah stay sexy and don't make friends with serial killers just because they chippy well Amethyst excellent, that was incredible, excellent amethysts, good job. This is what we like. This is the staff I'll have my story stay our written really, while beautiful I love, I mean the one every single one I read not, even though I am the ones I'm doing so good job. You guys gave it up everybody's everybody's on doing there. It peak performing s time, everyone's writing like in their actual voice, which I like. Yes totally. We love that ruddy. Yes, This is called light hearted, but it crept out Alex Drawback, Yo
so two hundred and four you mention working in Alaska canneries as a way to get quick dollars and or get away from the message you have made my brother and I and many of our friends paid for college by working at a country on the Alaska Peninsula in the late eighties and early Ninetys there are no towns is two hundred and twenty people on the edge of the Bering Sea who and so many stories. But this is the murderous one. One of the years I was up there. There was a storm and fishing boats couldn't go out to fish, so they were in port, doing dry,
this being horny and starting fights sure carry workers and fishermen did not socialize. We preferred crown royalty, math and nothing assaulted to being assaulted, but one of them after fishermen somehow got into one of our parties and proceeded to aggressively hit on all the woman and used a modified later to try to light up the walls on fire. It will ok, that's not how you part in open the scariest Camry deeds. He was rumored to be an actual crept from L, a hiding out in the wilds of Alaska, and I can totally believe that started to escort this ass hat back to his both would be our so sorry, just really Clia. Whoever is going
right. The movie about the cryptic does less energy and I guess that's me, that's a voluntary work. That's you just sound your life's goal early eyes. Damn I'm gonna have to pull some other people, and so somebody can write accurately to them. Crypts life, Irish, oh my god that would be the funniest fucking movie of all time, and then he turned into this hero, because people are just like my way. Oh, no! No! No! No! No! No! Well cut me! There would be arson. His body was found at low tie off. They had been squish between two boats that we're raft it up to each other was he pushed? Did he fall the Alaska State Police and an officer out to investigate, but the weather delayed as a rival for several days, supplant managers didn't wanna, put the dead guy in the blast freezer because that my contaminate any eventual autopsy. So they put him in our general cold storage warehouse. That was not quite as called.
It was also where our basketball hoop and ping pong tables were no. So there is a body bag we kept them on, for it eventualities ensure amazing yeah if your job just kept body bags for just in case it's just part of their eventual things. That eventually happen that should go into the initial want, add up under its authors on his body bag job. It was against the wall and the pink on balls cat ending up between him and the wall and known wanted to go, get them so after a day or so, we had a switch to basketball. When we ran a ping pong balls that ask about bounce off the guy and roll back to us, I will never forget the sound. A basketball makes went downstairs off a partially frozen person mall. Eventually, the state police officer, right and energy had lots of us and basically came to the conclusion that whatever it happen, the guy probably had it coming. Hunt loud says how I was on jeopardy in two thousand and five, and this was the quote cute story. I told Alex True back when they do the introduction. He was appalled. Also during the game. The prompt was a nickname for a private detective and I gotta by then and proudly say what is a dig Alec they met a great is not the answer
They weren't wrong. Oh god I think would justify thinking. I was you get to say the words about it later, I have had a great and interesting life, but that's probably the high point: stay sexy and don't let death interfere with your basketball and, if you get a chance to say Dick on national tv should definitely do at least what mrs definite Stephanie. While that is a rich rich story, a menagerie, but I really could see that person falling between boats and, like being such a weird wait. That's a weird way to kill someone else re. If that person. I am, I bet you if they thought he was a crook that there putting that on him because they're, like oh he's right and is against its also like, would that I have walked him back to his boat or just out of the party re. He doesn't even I get out of here. It's not a total gentlemen rise, though, is amazing. Trinkets homesite, he's not trying to court, has occasionally get the fuck out of here right all the way and then the guy Thumbs or the water. That's what I'm saying I believe, because that's an order,
curse reminded us who death in this day and age and the added anal is off the great it's important to ok how about this one. Oh! This is a subject line. My and Lord from college was a convicted murderer. I care in Georgia, Stephen Infirmary Friends, ok, my hometown us from San Francisco at Karen. However, the actual murder takes place in Rattlesnake Canyon, New Mexico, but let me backtrack a bit. I went to school at the University of San Francisco and for three of my four years. I lived in a second story: apartment with two sorry, three other girls of you locked from campus. We had two landlords, one of whom constantly raised our rent, gotta love barrier real estate, this stories about him. Eventually, we all graduated, moved out when our separate ways flash forward to a couple years later and I'm working my boring desk job listening to another true crime podcast when they suddenly mention a case of a quote.
See killing and mention the name of my Mean College apartment landlord. This dude has a very specific know, him better than other comforting. Our lackey Bob Joe, is a very specific name, and it took half a second and one Google search to find out that my ex landlord killed
best friend, while they were stranded in the desert. Sorry for real, as this is not so I mean you should still do it. Should I well I'm about to die now back. Apparently, you gotta get internet auditing, no little green dynamic of apparently the chew or road tripping from Boston to California. In ninety ninety nine, when they decided to compile the problem, they only brought three pints of water, one pint of gator aid and a topographical map that they both didn't know how to read. They used one pint of water to boil hot dogs and immediately got lost hiking in the desert for a few days. Both were dehydrated and went to great measures. I'm talking drinking your own p. Folks course. You are people blueprint folks,
At a time when I arrive, they also made a terrible mistake of eating cactus route, which is extremely dehydrating when unripe and can make you violently ill. So by day, three after both puking their guts out, I'm seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. My landlords best friend asks him to stab him out through the chest my landlord. Does it stabbing him twice through a sleeping bag? Only there were no, sleeping bag, fibers found on the knife, interest This is where it gets fishy meets our. A fresh area, landlord them covers as friends body with a seventy plus pounds of rocks then tries to slit his wrist, but his quote two
sickly week to do so. He's eventually found to be only moderately dehydrated by a park. Ranger goes on trial and plead guilty to second degree murder. The judge sentenced to fifteen years in prison with all, but two years suspended, followed by five years of probation after serving a mere two years in prison. He eventually moved to San Francisco to be a landlord and had keys to my apartment for three years, which is a bit unsettling considering we knowing we unknowingly, were throwing way too many house parties in a convicted murderers apartment building, but honestly them Small issues thing he ever did was keep part of our security took off his Malaysia. That's all you can easily find the case online by searching the details for, but for anonymity and safety reasons I felt ass to leave out. His full name varies mats. What that's why I didn't do it now? You're mining me: he had a real African told you about this here, really specific name and he's out, and he served us time and I don't really think yeah. I think he, I dont, think hee hee
maliciously murder rate ram it's better to err on the side of he paid is dead to society. Has us all talking about this also much names people's names and stuff? It's like really when I don't think a cold, blooded murder, no there's well, there's the possibility. I wasn't right, who know I mean I got that a snack for two hours, I'm fucked auxiliaries as ok, I'll, stay sexy and always Google. Your landlord. Before signing the least Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, thank you, I'm done that's into bed either. So many questionable details yeah, but personally I killing eventually kept and ended up. They were like two miles from really glows yeah the Rangers that she, the Shell station right over the hill or care yes, Georgia. I want to ask you something care: how would you describe your style? Would it be simple sophist? it adventurous. Yes,
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Leaving the sandwiches there's a knock at the door when he goes to answer it's a cop. My uncle answers the door with a knife in his hands. They got given the house because he thought it was suspicious for the front door to be left open during the day so inspected and found a six foot tall, husky former marine at the door with a knife in his hand and three children and the family room fighting over that. My uncle tried really hard to explain that he was allowed to be there, but the cop was obviously skeptical still so my uncle called my sister out to help. I kind of love, this highly proactive police justly not getting a good vibe from this family usage or I will they refuse to walk away. She walks out and sees a cop standing at our door with a gun in handcuffs and she just stairs out of fear. My uncle try to get her to defend him, but she just stood there silently and now is beginning to look like he was feeding her lines. Yes, the cock up more agitated and my uncle made me come out and tried again. I skipped out all nonchalant and told the cop everything was cool. He didn't believe at all until we killed my mom and it had her give the ok.
They sexy and just uses bachelor. The flicker Grotius known it. That is so I'll area, like the sister was at his sister that flipped out or the oldest kid, whose that would throw us. I don't know it's someone sister It noted another call out my sister older, kill this girl. Like a common view. Ass is orange. If Ireland girl, I was the aims, are daring like held her eyes are streaming help me. What did I, which had just been doing something bad punished? Your brother music, not immediately the cops, let so good, ok can I get a little this one guy Campers bullshit causes child possession. Ok question were hired buddy I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, and while I was doing some murdering o sleuthing on road at last year, ignoring schoolwork, I discovered that I've been living one street down from Edmund Campers mother's house for the better part five, my while all the bad things happened well to his mother.
Do me marries when the bodies on that property, I believe just about letting our house God, I think the other women were. It was out in the forest from one- I remember God there so many stories like we remember all of them. I then Ok, obsessed with comparisons watching mine Hunter, our friend Cameron, our friend Cameron, Britain, that's who is now on. He was the therapies. Did you remember that cameo on the outside her homelessness areas that the cop goes to Syria and ease and yeah? I heard in recognising he so low key human? Let me you know cause he doesn't look so tall. They haven't kind of tipped back any so low key any. This look like and he's not doing the voice. It's a totally different ledger good either about Cameron, Britain, France and best of all you make us proud and now in the county. Oh my god and a lot of coffee I get here. We go so
I found out that is moms house was so close. I immediately drove over to stare at the house and probably creep out the current tenants. Like a true twentysomething, I posted a video of me freaking out about it on my instagram for all my friends to enjoy or find pate tasteless and Mc Cobb respectively. After seeing the video my friend Alina message me with a simple my uncle used to live in that house. It was so deeply haunt to which I promptly replied all caps bitch. What it turns out that only his uncle and his family had lived in the house for several years and that while they were living there there three year old daughter started acting really strange. No one three year olds get creepy. Why is your nightgown all wet and your hair? All aware, then? Why did you grow up from the sewer great, which is where your skin man, Stephen, don't put that mommy? At the end of allowing Frank asked, the little girl would get up in the middle of the night find
all caps naive. How did she reached kitchen counters? stand silently in doorways, staring at her family and justifies she became super fascinated with the kitchen and would talk about cooking people up and one time tried to smother her mother with a pillow. So she could Have her around forever, oh dear, on top of this creepy child shit, Alina always got uncomfortable feeling and uncomfortable feeling being in the house and wasn't told what Camper had done to his mother there until she asked her uncle, why the house always felt so strange. The little girl did that shit. For six years now the family had come to the decision that she was just a straight up psychopath and they, until they moved out of the house, and the daughter immediately went back to normal, never mentioning her desire to kill and cook her mother ever again, she's now seventeen and is well adjusted as a seventeen year old Candia Alina admits that the
could have just been some creepy child shit, they do weird stuff, but her family is three hundred percent sure that she was possessed by something attracted to the violence, took place in that house anyway. Love Europe Hog asked my friend Curate got me hooked on it and I'll use yells and example and I use yellows and example, for when I try to get her to consider therapy its useful kara. Here I that's on the basis of the bathing useful Gara in August. Things are all your hard work canna, that's! So gravy. I saw unsaddled by that. I trust the family. If they're saying she was a normal before and then she was that with the house, a normal after us like an evil energy, he was so evil bad things happen and elect the it it's such a long acumen. Asian of bad. How stuff happens right? Let's do it right now we re positive was a god. What I call him up left I like her. I inherited ok high assorted mammals,
another burger chef murder. This is not, but it is super weird, it's nineteen, eighty two, I'm sixteen years old and working at the Berger chef in new hope, Minnesota and yes, I wearing a brown and orange polyester uniform. And yes, I smell like an unholy wonder, fry that Greece, sweat and polo grass, nine on a week dna and it's been raining torrents four hours we haven't had a customer in ages. Imagine being a nineteen year old name Norman, you Norman, has sent everyone, but me home for the night work reclined, no account are attacking, got AC, Deasey and killing time until closing when a car pulls up and parks next to the door, not in a parking space but right by the door for a while. Nothing happens, but then someone gets out of the car dashes across the sidewalk and enters the store
its aim, maybe five year old kid, gender, unknown, dress, head to toe and a yellow rain suit and looking for all the world like the Morton SALT girl before Norman, I can even hop off the counter and think about taking an order. This rain, slickers operation walks full speed. The condiment, a napkin counter grabs the wooden straw, dispenser the cool kind with around glass window showing the strong and the wooden knob. You turned so that two arms would emerge cradling, a striped straw in their slots. Good writing. Aha text, a straw dispenser under his slash her arm like a football and runs fulsome outdoor across the sidewalk and enter the car, which immediately hits the gas on peels out of the parking lot holy shit. It's a family straw dispenser here, that's right, Norman! I watched him flash her leave the store then turn to each other and stunned disbelief than just start laughing. It was one of those things in life that is so bizarre in surreal that I would have thought I dreamed or imagine it if Norman hadn't seen the whole thing. So weird, no big crime, no murder, just weird yes, but I have to say I can only assume that in the course of time the rain slicker little shit probably grew to be a mass murderer, stays legacy and don't still straw dispensers Christian. Can you imagine, though, if they
If this family went into burger sheriff and the five year old uses Estrada Spencer and goes bizarre about they love arrogance, attacking the issues are obsessed. Can I have one? Can I get one whatever and then maybe I rather like go Eustatia again I'll drive you down there, but you have to get it yourself. That's on sick, absolutely something I get my cousin Stevie would involve us. Airlines have like orderly, hey here's, the thing steal it. They won't care, but I'm not doing just go. Do at sea shut outlets, so right or just some young parents apparent earthquake. Listen it's a hard world! You better start learning how to get what you want. My daddy's room smell like smoke. Sometimes I just know it's a five year old girl out of controlling the rest. Senator weird stories like that, where things that have happened, you that you can explain Levitt globally by sure my favorite, murder, Gmail and say sexy and Duncan murdered by all his Duenna cookie.
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