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2020-01-27 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a badass great-grandma and a very close call.

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This is exactly right. I welcome my favorite murder, the men. Yes, so who are you read you back your shit? Do you love it? You do then say: look I got up and down and you're gonna be. Ok. Are you ready for the first one already subject line as the ghost
Root: twenty six, the merry night murder- I am a thumb family, I'm a little late to the murder party fits than women. It's not a party that, since I started listening, I have infringing like crazy. My hometown, murder is a pretty crazy one, mostly because of the ghost of the victim has been seen many times over the years anyways I live in asleep a little town called Poland main, I wonder, is like that such Poland, springs from a delicious water could be, will look into it with just a few thousand living souls and possibly a few other spectators. So it's a tiny town. I love allow. Every year, when October rules around the stories come back to life about the murder of Mary night, also known as the ghost of root twenty six Mary night was gruesomely murdered on October sixth, eighteen, fifty six by her husband, George, who is twenty years younger than her hull,
Mary had been ill for quite some time before her murder. Many people, including her doktor, believe that her husband was poisoning her fact that night on sixth Mary was murdered in cold blood, while she was lying in bed with Georgia's eighty three year old mother said it for some reason she had gone to bed with his mother that night, maybe because she felt the evil that was soon to occur. When marries body was discovered, people at first thought it might be a suicide, but it was soon clear that she had been murdered. A few days later, George was arrested for that murder of his wife said the word murder fifteen times a while the scene of the murder is just down the road from my house. The home is no longer there. The homestead changed chance many times over the years, but the house is no longer. This leads us to the ghost of root. Twenty six, who is believed to be married. A woman in a white dress, sometimes resembling a wedding dress, has been seen walking or hitchhiking along route. Twenty no way, many times once my mom was driving by a cemetery on route, twenty six and she saw a bride in the cemetery getting her photo taken. Maybe it was a real brought in a cemetery without a sound like a goes action
no she's got one foot up on a tombstone, that's amazing, Garth yeah, guys the avenue nineties got off high school students need to go somewhere and it's not gonna be the Fuckin MA. It's gonna be the cemeteries. Although I've never personally seen her many locals have some people believe that she searching for her house. That is no longer there. Whether the ghost is real or not. Marry night was still gruesomely murdered in my small town of Poland and her memory will never be forgotten, stay sexy and don't get murdered, love Nicole. Ah, that's so like a thoughtful tribute. A thoughtful ghost based classic hometown? Yes, bring the mine the crime and archaeology the idea behind missing children. Unmet cartons, ok, sanskrit, let em family I've been wanting to write and forever, but since you guys covered my hometown carry saner in like episode, one and nothing much goes on in that small town. I've been waiting for something else across my path and luckily that
today I work for, and archaeology firm in the Bay area today. I'm doing lab analysis. Both my passions collided, archaeology and true crime, and I was so excited with what I am coward and I knew how to write in. We have begun recently the analyze, the artifacts that were recovered from the nineteenth century. American period features. I don't know that means one artifacts particular caught my eye because it was a clear glass bottle with the words Charlie Ross written across the end and the image of a little boy, underneath my job was to figure out a date. Ranch for this bottle sometimes take a great deal of time and a ton of research, but with this particular bottle it was simply as typing in the name, and this is what I discovered on July. First,
eighteen. Seventy four Charlie and Walter Ross, who are foreign five years old at the time, were kidnapped in front of their families mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wow. This kidnapping marked the first for ransom and the United States. Well, the boys were approached by two men who offered them candy to take a ride with them. They did so and proceeded to a store in Philadelphia were Walter was instructed to go by fireworks inside the store Walter, inside, but as he did, the man left with his brother, Charlie, leaving alter behind Charley, was never seen again. The boys father began receiving ransom demands from the kidnappers not being able to pay the ransom. The boys father went to the police which led to the kidnapping, making national news, flyers, reprinted and posted, but Charley was never found. Cologne or per few bottles were made with Charlie's name and photo embossed on them. This was to help
read the word of Charlie's disappear and LO. The idea behind these is that they would be on someone Strasser for an extended period of time, not tossed the trash, like ordinary items, that way to leave an impression of the poor missing boy. Although Charley was never found, it is said that his kidnappers were caught according to sources online. These bottles are very difficult to find and I feel extremely lucky to have come across one while wasting away at work. Wow anyways. I hope you enjoy this interesting story that Charlie Ross. I want you to know it took everything at me not to begin this letter with for babies, just because I know how much you hate. Also, if you do this out loud on episode of Quick Pierre, say that archaeology is nothing like Indiana Jones and no, we do not dig up dinosaurs. That's paleontology, much love jewels, but thanks are clearing up Julia. We ve all been talking about the confusion and how much it's ruining our lives. Ok, I'm not gonna. Do that. Have declined in this case. I think it is too good read how YO
Are we still doing grandparents stories? Is that a thing? If so, I wanted to tell you one of the many also stories about my bad ass, great grandmother to set the scene. It's two thousand six in a small steel town in Pennsylvania is airy. And my then eighty three year old, great grandmother is behind the bar of the bar and restaurant she's own for more than thirty years is a quiet night, and my great grandmother is alone when a man she recognizes from earlier in the evening strolls into the bar. This time, however, he's wielding a shot, gun and demanding that she gave him all the money in the cash register. My great grandmother calmly reaches behind the bar to Robert Chip Jar and throw some ones and the robbers direction. Demanding more money them
threatens her with a shotgun and tells her to open the cash register obliging she turns around to face the register, but instead of pulling out any money, she grabs the pistol she kept behind the bar and turns back to confront the robber full of spite. She tells him if you get out of here, I'll shoot you right now. It's not I'm not about to put up with any shit right off the street to do so, unlike in her family and family, rather than coming in for awhile and slowly start the Shit valley friend not fresh off the strain of no reservations. Lily, not her fight of a woman nearly six decades older than him. He was twenty three the dude runs out of the bar and as later arrested that night, the story was covered by local newspapers and new channels, but I think the one detail that never made it to the public is it the pistol? My great grandmother pulled on that Robert was actually a toy God. I write it was made of plastic and completely harmless, but that woman could put the fear of Jesus into any one. So it again
it didn't really matter. My great grandmother owned and worked in not far until she was ninety years old. She put her heart and soul into that place. I'll, never forget, literally growing up in that bar. She was there. She very recently passed away at ninety six and was full of life and smoke and swear words until the very end she has hands down the most badass woman. I've ever known, thanks for all that, you do stay sexy and always keep a toy gun behind the bar de that's good
I always wanted to finally be called to be part of a like family restaurant yeah. Yeah. Now young is like a hang. A hang every night, yeah there's always be kind of people in the MAC Gray, unlike generations work there. I love that hey. If you're gonna write in everybody else, if you gonna write him in and about your about ass, great grandmother, the decimal something give us a name o, let us promote Europe, your grandmother being what's her twitter handle, but I mean that with such a whole story, I love I let her come and say: Edna its Edna is a very good Garcia from a small steel town and Pennsylvania Athena, a door I mean or a classic Doris storage is a good one classic Doris right. This is short question mark and light hearted. Ok, that's a nice combination and it starts. I love you guys, but I'm just gonna skipping intro, I'm sending this from my work. Computer, nosey coworkers! You get it sure my mama's working at a college at the time and she had to attend her classes. Graduation. That night, I really do have to do that. My my regular babysitter cancel last minute and my mom couldn't find a replacement. So she proceeded to tell me. I was finally ready to stay at home.
Seriously out happen. They alike are old enough. Yet no, no and then it's like one, that's kind of building on four zero. It's like a you're ready. She says it in the subject line that she's eleven right now, so that's my mom was like filing hey after the whole. If anything happens, commie chat. She patted me on the back and went on her way after an uneventful few hours. I was watching tv in my parents bedroom when I heard a whistle come from outside the bedroom door, not just a flat whistle but like the. U who type of whistle kind of If the one in the twitter notification
Lou made perfect. I was incredible dont really at. I thought it was something on a tv I turned it off, but then about five seconds later I heard it again. My first instinct was to call my mom landline was in the kitchen which, when I would have had to go through the whole way to get there. There is no way and how I was doing so using my eleven year old brain. I grabbed the old Shaka that was probably about ass tall ass me from my mom's closet. Eighty, the lady just shot guns, lion Hither and thither. I had cocked than pointed it out the door Bell. I a door open and shut somewhere in the front of the house than her footsteps coming towards the bedroom door. I jumped upon the bed a little eleven year. Old girl was fuckin.
Ready to lay waste to ever comes around the second evil whistler area and set up on the bad, and I stood there pointing the shock at the door the moment the door swung open. I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. I'm sorry, that's a basic gun safety thing. If you're gonna, pull the trigger eyes must be open and also don't put black and guns, where you're eleven year old, consign them don't make the eleven year old, make the choice of. If I have to do some, then a shotgun should be involved. We all know now and guns safety as such a huge issue- and you know all that stuff, but we all know we're laughing at this, but keep hearing you don't need Lockyer builder, and it no non its non negotiable then throw away the key stop. It ok the gun click. I opened my eyes expecting to see some creepy guy bleeding out on the ground. To my
surprise I see my short southern mom standing there shouting at me. What they had done. It says, pronounced, hail. Do you think you're doing She had hung in the hallway exuberant burg, noise and our like, and I still have a mom because the gun was loaded. Needless to say, ok with that that's good now we don't have to be so upset about those people guy out. We don't have to be so upset about those people, because there late there not keeping loaded guns right now, that's a good, then the eleven year olds ass great. Needless to say, I didn't stay home alone again for a long time and she re located the gun, anyways, SD, GM and don't buy sucking bird clocks marry her
well, I mean, then, is that own, enabling its menacing its and also if you're gonna buy a bird clock, send out an email to the fair. I know people know that's right. Kids, can you come in here for separate? This? Is the new family talk, we're having a family talk, family, meaning about the bird clodagh could hold while she almost shop you could have shown monitor, I mean that's. The thing is like even if you grow paragons, even if it's a vapor, it kills. People now Hill Pew passing out, because because flawed humans are the people who are now we'd wielding those guns. Sometimes our eleven as we all our nation b, I mean JANET, not dammit, mom jets, gotten a big loud, find it a pizza, restaurant I've ever gotten control as early great, that's great
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replaying, my sister was keeping an eye on Zaire. She explored and ran around the paved driveway, MRS Durant Chase after Zoe ass. She made a run for it and scooped her up just before she stepped off of the pavement into the yard. When my sister looked down at the spot, where my niece almost fell, she noticed gaping hole in the grass that seem to go down forever. We Flashlight and shining down the whole, but saw no end in sight just a forever widening tunnel. We put a cold on top of the hole and continued with our game, not thinking much of it except the fact that Zoe almost fell so the next day. My aunt had a friend who was a handyman, come and check it out. What she suspected was a simple. Her friend took one look and knew exactly what it was. It was not a single but a bear they'll say no, not that kind for bodies, but the kind that,
who used to use to get rid of old things, they no longer wanted the handyman swung at the grass surrounding the whole of the shovel and immediately fell about ten feet into the ground. When we looked down at him, we saw that he was standing on a mountain of old school desks and share like slight likely from the forty or fifty I'm just so jealous o jealous to witness that
he went on to tell us the back in the day, people would very things that they wanted to get rid of, but didn't want to pay to take to the little, but you're not convey thirty bucks to get rid of those Omar AL. Apparently this was and is pretty common, at least where I'm from, but it completely blew my mind anyway. It was a crazy sight to see so many old school desks and chairs piled up twenty feet: high underground preserved almost completely the friend ended up just pouring cement down the whole filling it up to the top and ceiling it rather than just fuck. A decent man does fuckers on at sea four to fifty upon easily like a shitty old school share. That gets refer. All my that would sell like down on the breyer that would sell out like a thousand dollars a sad, totally or more. Each who knows the shipping of this at least a little bit interesting. You guys. I was day sexy and don't barrier old shit in the ground, because one day someone's niece might fall into the whole Caitlin
We did a story once where someone had an old school desk chair on the wall. Yes, Something happened with it. It was go. State was goes de where it was a child ghost that was there because of the chair. I in it with you guys that owned like a bed and breakfast or something as BS measures the chair from that story. I mean all connected and here's Lastline Hallo M M Pham pets included when I was out three or four years old. In order to speed up the process of me getting ready and out the door for pre school. My dad would return to race me to get ready that such a good idea. Of course, he would always leave a sock off or his tie, so I could win each Shea one morning. He had too rash to get out to work and he was ready before me. Of course, my four year old pride couldn't take it and I was delivered to preschool falling by my mother earth. If you lie, Peter ass. What's wrong, I sobbed her lady.
A beat me, as my mom is petrified in scrambling to explain that I was beaten in a raises and not physically abused, I'm still crying. In the background. When my preschool into my serious allegations, they did determine that. Indeed, my dad does not physically beat me because he's an incredible human. He just happen a winner, a sector that is comforting that they would look into this allegation and then was the nineties, and this was the same preschool that have an entire class of four year olds alone in the back of a school van with no seats to make a quick trip with the teacher for an errand. No, luckily my dad got something off and caught the situation before our dangerous. He volunteered to watch my entire classes. The teacher had to go on an emergency Erin solidifying, his incredible human status and also solidifying that teachers very bad decision make all my eyes they would be put in jail today, Lou Insane just throw them on the back of an that's. You have twenty four year olds, let's just pile him in the back of this really meeting and I have to go get new nail polish look at this anymore. While this is not a hometown murder. This is a hilarious antidote about how kid say the darndest thing stay sexy and don't get your dad arrested. Katy guide us and as any kind of story at my favorite murder gmail. If you think it's entertaining, if you think
like it if its horrifying, we just needed to be the truth. Anyone means these dance even slightly well written yet another after being none. I am certainly not. This is not an essay contacts, not its story telling you aren't raided, then are you? Ok humankind, good luck before known pressure stays and don't get murdered. Get I firstly want to cookie.
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