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2020-02-10 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include family murders and a ‘haunted’ hamburger.

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This is exactly right. They hit Parkhurst up and vanished, is coming to tv on oxygen, join hosts pain Linsey each week as he takes on new mysterious cases of missing women across Amerika. Don't mrs special to our season premier up and vanished Saturday February fifteen, at seven six central only on oxygen, the true network for crime, good eye
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Loud and woke up my favorite learner, many so and where we re do things that you written to us is not fun. Listening to reading this one better things to view in this world when you're a little can you couldn't really was a mystery? What those letters Mandel smash together right? Well, where your mom's organ to redo horrible bedtime stories it down, stop squirming, sit down, stop eating your brother lips together, put something apart like every right now I can write rain open, receive it believe it take our love
I love your goddamn. Occasionally, start area govern hello, cats, dogs, people, great man, image, you thousands! I was a bar tender and a pretty sleazy gentleman's club and northern Kentucky hell. Yeah. Can you smell? It can use menthol cigarettes and air right across from the river right across the river from Cincinnati. Money was great. I was in my twenty nine many crazy stories to share here's one area most of the dancers used calves to get to and from work. This was in the ages before October. At the end of the night, some cabs would be lined up out front waiting for the Ladys to get off work. A young lady in our mid twenties will call her Selina. I dont know her real name got into one of the calves to head home for the night, just like she did every other night. This night
this extremely cold, even for Midwest standards, snow and ice on the ground, negative temps freezing during the ride, the driver pulled off the road to quote: go a different way to avoid bad roads. He then pulled over and attacked her. He beat her sexually assaulted her. So her throat, screwdriver and dumped, or on the side of a rural realm like this
bad ass and woke up in a ditch and crawled to a house about half a mile away, get help holy shit. Thankfully it for em, some kind person answered the door and called name on one. The doktor said the bitter cold saved her life because she was lying knocked out in that snowy. Ditch the blood and the wound rose saving her from leading to die. Oh my god, they did catch the driver and he went to prison for rape and attempted murder. It turns out he was convicted. Rapist had only been out of prison for a year wholly wherever you are Selina. I hope you're living your best like la mon, no name, I've show is not incredible. That is, credit, unbelievable clout start the show boom lair. They're gonna bet the sun's called my aunt
black widow hope Miss starts high people in pets. Ok, here we go first. I want to say that my boyfriend gummy hooked on Emma found the best part is his name is Stevens are naturally I address them as states anyway. My hometown murder involves none other than my own and in sweet home Alabama. I know that Georgia loves a good black widow story. Do I yours at you? It's me it's awfully so here we many people still don't know the difference between life. I am Georgia, I'm really mystery right now I am Karen. I have almost the same voice. That's too bad deal with. So here we got my aunt. Fifty three at the time was dating fifty four year old cease all for around five years. They were married for only six months before Cecil passed away on May, since two thousand and one Cecil died in the kitchen floor of their home. My aunt came home from shopping, found him and called nine one one. The coroner stated that Cecil died of a heart attack. My aunt insisted that he be cremated, always bad sign here, just a red, but his adult daughter said fuck now and he was buried instead later
his daughter, discovered that is well had been changing, turns out. My aunt have forged his will and life insurance policy only a few days before his death to leave her with all his dollars. Airy suspect will not hold up and now you're alone, an owner, Cecil without being examined and an autopsy discovered, a lethal concoction of twenty five or thirty pills in his systems of supposedly my aunt drugged him later out there and left him to die. Goddamn
Each am I right so my aunt went to trial. It was all a villa canoes and she was called the black widow and two thousand three. My aunt was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison plus ten to twenty years sentences for forgery and that, while ready for some twists and turns yes, after countless appeals funded by my mother, stating the prosecution failed to establish a sufficient chain of custody for samples extra extracted from Cecil's body and that evidence was improperly presented at her trial. She was awaiting a second trial and she pleaded guilty manslaughter and twenty thirteen. By this time I have been behind bars or on twelve years, she was to be released from prison and twenty twenty one, but she's actually been out for a few years now. Oh, I assume she's on parole because she couldn't travel the Tennessee with my mom recently, but unfortunately they don't talk about these super interesting thing up at a higher off, but other than that she's remarried and living assembling, seemingly normal life. Now, as sixty five year old grandmother,
I'm still sat over the loss of cease on about the trauma his family endorse those around twelve years old at the start of this shit. So I guess you can say I have my sweet aunt to thank for my premature anxiety and May Marina interests anyway. Thank you for being my daily entertainment and for giving my boyfriend and me endless conversations puns and laughs. We love you I'll, stay sexy and don't let your aunt near the Medicine Cabinet Whitney weight, jeez yeah, I'm Interest family, like that's, tough, yeah and I'm sure that mom it being her sister. I was like there's no way and we don't fuckin talk about this and we don't talk about it. But, oh, my god, if you change the will- and there are twenty five to thirty pills- editor system demanding next day cremation here not actually doing yourself any favourable and the hulks
custody thing that so interesting. You know like that's, basically getting her off on a technical, only total, entirely totally and completely totally entirely incomplete. Ably grandma tell us about the time I got up on a technicality of murdering your husband might think. This is a good area to go into as mine actually cut. It goes with those are guided bit, but we're basely going into the breaking down the the husband. Did it mentality of shit? Ok, hello, em, I'm crew. I wanted to tell you the story of why my family believe my grandmother killed three men in her lifetime. Let me start this off with the fact that my grandmother is the sweetest old woman. You can find a question mark
And I realized I put that in and I love her dearly but she's a bad asked which makes these murders believable murder one back in the early eighties. My aunt was sexually assaulted when she was fifteen years old on the way home from school. The police caught the dude. After only one week of him being on the run, the man went to trial and all charges were drawn. As the story is told, my grandmother went to a pay phone called her ex boyfriend Randy and the man was never seen again were handy Andy. May we all have an ex boyfriend Randy. We can call on a pay phone when things get dark. A man, a man, murder to This one involves the same aunt when my
It was an early twenty. She had for children with her abuse of husband. Her husband at the time was also a heavy use user of drugs and commonly come home and beat this not at my aunt one night. My aunt showed up at my grandmother's house, with a fresh black eye and Oliver KIDS, with the fear that her husband was going to killer my grandmother set them all up for bed then took a trip to my answer to pick up some thing, but perhaps well the next morning he was found dead house with a needle and his arm interest. A shot murder, number three of my grandmother got married in mid forties to an alcoholic, any threatened to kill her a few times. Finally, after about ten years they separated, and about a month later, he died of liver failure. After my grumbler went to his house to pick up some fail, what's my God
this report is a black hole it out, for us straight heard no sort of person as Randy there's, no brandy and there's nobody she's, like you know, I just have to go pick up that the idea of going to pick up some day as a euphemism for strain at murdered. My grandmother is now seventy seven and lives with the family and is an Oji murderin. Oh I by hope. So it's in my genes, I work as an m t and see some crazy stuff. So during my downtime I love listening to your podcast, because it helps me distress thanks. You guys for all you do Sean shine, lock it or night Sean your grandmother's. Alleging I mean this is absolutely the double standard. Yet we are totally guilty of witches, but it the thing, AUS vigil anti Israel when it comes to abuse of man, because we all know they get out of jail at all, they never get arrested in. It You don't wanna report because he's high up in live whenever the fire in the whatever the fuck. Let you know yeah,
I mean it's hard. We take it more lightly, because women darned aren't as scary and the eye is adding the system, and then everything can be fair, yes, and just then and tell them sometimes you gotta call Randy, that's just unbelievable. Just after while I'm sure there's a lot of people are like yeah. Let's not got near that family was because she might have come and pick up some balance sheets, Gemmen or Lincolnshire. Like can I just go over and pick up a couple banks feeling out.
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This one's got the hunted hamburger. This is I'll. Ok here we go Faced with these kinds of stories, ok, a big hallowed, all my favorite people and pets. What the fuck! I think people are adjusting their game. What the fur babies thing I ever she ADA, although something
double down iron. I respect at me. I think they're looking for alternate attack, and I I love the creativity Kieva coming. Here's a quick story dating back over forty years now, back in the late seventies, my mama's growing up alongside six other children in Miami with the kind of hard irish Father who never said. I love you and made them share every single thing: they. Ireland luck. There is definitely one of those child so that less that left everlasting effects on every one of those kids to escape their small crowded house. They spend their time playing outside stealing we from their friends parents and wandering around the neighborhoods as the local bicycle gang, be sure I love it. One of the many long day spent outside my uncle Eddie was planks up all with a bunch of kids. In his cousins front yard, the brick House is located at the end of the street, there was a corner turn crowded with bushes, just a few yards away when I kids through the back a little too far, and in applying straight into the deep brush of the corner.
Leaving the closest gave a quick jog over the area and began making his way through the branches. Their kids heard him screen somehow hidden, deepen the back corner of the turn a name. Old car lay upside down holy shit. It had slipped in plaid straight into the back light Paul but remained covered by the brush. The windows were
given my uncle side decompose man's body upside down in the driver's seat, on his hand, was sprawled out of the open window and he had you guessed it. A half eaten hamburger in his hand, any ran out and after all, the boys had their chance to stare. They call the police. They say that the man must have been speeding or drunk at night and haven't seen the coroner turn in time. I'm still unsure how no one had heard the noise airway safe to say my uncle did meet hamburgers for a while. After that, above, the incident was just another mark on his childhood into something he just can't quite forgot, which is why I'm pretty sure he's a hot dog personal thanks for giving me San throughout the long hours of my office jobs day sexy and wait till you get hummed either hamburger Jackie real those stories of like you know that when recently the Google in the Google Earth image that showed that there was a car submerged in like a like an towns only at a lake, yes- and it was a guy who went missing for like twenty five years or ever. Yes, those are our fast. Whenever this I feel like that was a woman that was submerged car, I think so. We should actually look it up and talk about it. My show, because that is a crazy. Why, whenever their stories of people going missing after
like on their way somewhere. Half the time I'm like they might have just can fallen asleep at the wheel on veered off the road and second debt she'd, because if no one's around here like in on that situation like out just them. Firstly, I thought of his: like was at the time of year where people are on the case re or they heard it and they may look transcendence anything the other illegal. I guess a car crash in that drove away or son no Gazeta, unlike little kids, just being like where's, in that it also by the time you got to that part. When you are like you, guessed it and uneven hamburger. I was like why, like I'd forgotten, they provide somewhere lilting flare. It is their right. Here's my last one eye friends right back. Twenty fourteen, I was recently divorced and living on my own from for the first time in my life at twenty seven years old I got married in college, do not recommend
living in a first law apartment in the suburbs of Wichita Kansas, just minutes from where Bt K lived and operated anyway. One night I was fast asleep in the middle of the night I was well: by a small voice, whispering daddy
something's wrong. I opened my eyes still half asleep and in the moonlight shining through the window, I see a small ghost child whose faces covered in blood standing next to my by wide sigh screen. What the fuck and nearly kick this goes dealing child back to Hell. When I woke up enough to realise it was not a goes demon child, but my four year old son. My then came the realisation that my four year olds face was covered in blood. I asked him what happened? He ain't just said my face. When I checked his head work, any cuts are injuries and couldn't find any. Then I realized tat. He had had a really bad knows plead in his sleep and wiped it all over. His phone have thought this. Child was literally covered in blood entire head pajamas arms and hand. I looked very suspicious the next morning throwing away blood so sheets in the apartment, complex dumpster. Six years later and I'm remarried with a few more wonderful children and damaged if they dont still walk into a bedroom in the middle of the night, whispering until we Waco now that it's not worth it
have no idea how closely how close they have come to getting round has hit it. In those few moments of terror. Before I realized they are my own children, and not some hell, demon or intruder, stay sexy and tie a bell to your children. Corey opening up in that a story before you knew he had children you're. Just like way. That's what that's! Why was a perfectly till he? I worry totally wow something's wrong, it's like it, but I was a girl in called yeah we're assuming its runway bloody children. Ok, so the long puts my last when it's called hometown story- hello, I love you. Here's a funny when, let's get to it, yeah me and my mom are family story. Attics we attics attics, you did a ok,
We love retailing, funny, anecdotes and making people is nor a crazy shit. Some on this one's for you in the eighties. My Nana and Grandpa moved into a new house with my mom, who was in her early teens. They instantly got on with everybody. Nana was a crazy, talented, hairdresser and Tupperware party. Queen nice mom was rocking Doc, Martens and begging for a vast by which she later droves, robust shelter and grandpa. Well key may the lady swung his classic cars and surprisingly consistent tan. I mean it's the UK. How did you get it in the first place, a real anyway point as they were the dream team, not long after they settled into their new home. They heard from the neighbors about mysterious goings on in the garden down the road. Under the cover of night disguise, nomes were going on a walk about. Appearing in strange formations on the front line gaining funny. Hats are accessories moving onto the adjacent adjacent neighbours, property or disappearing enery appearing the following night. It was hilarious, required a heap of dedication, but no one owned up the nome
escapades went on for years. In fact, once I came along and ninety one, my mom and dad, but the house next door, and that I still haven't gotten to the bottom of the mystery. The happenings just escalated these nineties nomes or cheek year, bolder and they were doubling new nomes- are arriving on a monthly basis. Until one morning there was a little girl, NOME Army, waiting on his doorstep classic. Sadly, amid ninety is my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, and during that time the nomes appeared to slow there flow and I came a little more relax. You got it detectives. It was my grandpa than no master yes shortly after they moved in on the way home from the pub grandpa thought to be hilarious, to moving NOME to a new position. After a few weeks, it just became a tradition, a tradition that lasted nearly twenty years at the thumb he became. L. A few of his friends must have realized. It was him, and instead of telling everyone who it was, they carry on moving the nomes and I'm pretty sure they continue to do it do so after he passed anyway. I hope you enjoy this silly little story. Stay sexy, remember to move your neighbors nomes Georgie. I had
joy, that story when it was the film Emily and I enjoyed in luxury. I feel like there's a bunch of those stories out there of people doing as late as the best late victim. Free prank right are very silent, dynamic, your grandparents, Vampa being awesome and tan and his friends are like we're, not gonna. Let anyone find out let it live. What muzzle loading net neighbours too specific it's happening there like. We have to keep this tradition or you could just stop feeling. I gotta give the neighbour really didn't like it. He would have just gotten rid of the nomes. I would actually feel kind of honor, like some India cared enough to prank me how lonely and it's not like egging how certainly to cleaner rate just now ness NOME. It's come on. There's upon their
NOME Chomsky, NOME harm no fat, know very well that there was a media somewhere going on, but I dont know man. So there is no room for seven years, always make ever murder Gmail or on a website like eight remoter dot com and stay sexy, junket, murder, Gub, I allus long cookie. yeah
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