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2020-03-23 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include serial killers and a Tulsa race massacre survivor story.

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This is exactly right. Well go. While Commish welcome to my favorite murder, the many sewed but many sound remote addition. That's right, first time more, not recording face to face they wait. Skype were now Skype to Skype or Skype to scale, but the energy there's on energy loss there's an energy crevasse. That is what we're all dealing with in this here: a global pandemic. That's right! I'm sitting in my haunted, closet right now, Sir
by my beautiful clothes that I'm not going to wear outside, for who knows how, anytime soon those fine you can steam every single blouse that you own. That's right from the UK, everyone,
worse than you so no complaint. No, you know it. You can't complain, but you have to step into this closet to complain of your closet under that bizarre hat box, that it looks like you work at hot dog on a stick. Colors are off, but its very it's very level. Ok, this is the complaint causes Georgia's and the complaints. The complaint closet, I'm at the office was Stephen Castillo. Not just recorded, do need a ride so or rolling the Dyson stained together for the moment, but I'm gonna be a lot more scared than you do. Well, no, no, that's not true. I think. I think the cautiousness is the way to go in this. It s room all the scientific stuff that we're all reading. Here's what I love it when people are like there, the experts like look, we're all read the same articles com, the fuck. There were all stuck to our phones in the same way by less you have like a best friend, that's a doktor or like one step away. I don't fucking here, I know. What's the judge, Jackie and your house,
There was a shit, no one! You don't mean to do stuff if you're some weird work out person and lay on the ground and decent planks shut up. You're fired better than as I just did this by necessity, as we had to record that partners in the car and then I was like they now we just Lenny rule in and sneak in a couple before. I love that the full episode that we do this week of my favorite murder is gonna, be full on from each other's houses. That's right! We're doing
We're embassy or am send us your fuckin arrays for the weak. Oh yes plays, aren't like quarantine, weak. Let us know how it's going lead and what are the positive things that you ve been coming across hips and tricks young, but I tweeted the one today, which is, I wash all the windows in my house today in it, or else I mean it- was the vat I've never done that it really makes a huge difference, cause you don't realize, especially after them. Oh shit, I ain't well anyway, aiming right back, at least as on all dirty. Once you get and cause you don't realize, there's always a slight coating of dust on everything and we what could make your windows clean? It feels good or faring out so much about ourselves through my god. What filet were diving so deep I will go. Paper on the real episode. For now. It's we're gonna. Do it in a good old hometown like nothing is wrong and Mina rest assured their stuff wrong.
I'll tell you a story is one reminder of that. Lets focus on that. What's wrong in other ways: we're ok, you omega first of course, as per this is the sort of coin of this, as I survived a date with exclusively red flags that, though, my so it's as high from Canada with no prompting. I want to tell you about my worst date, because it's basically and I survived story- I met a guy MIKE. Was it at a concert through mutual friends? I was deeply intoxicated and remember thinking he was very attractive, all caps for sure he definitely smelled good and that helps really does. Does a guy that smells good. Man is not common The microscope stank! Well, it's just when they get Cologne right, like you know anyway,
the ban on the gate on that it's just a lonely pandemic. That's all I'm saying the exchange numbers and a few days later set up a date. The text I was going to his house for dinner. That's the first red flag there on a good. Don't do that now public place neutral space! I was going to his house for dinner and we were going to use, is shooting wrecking. Well, listen we're not trying to tell you that you're doing anything wrong. By going now, we all make these choices germ best to follow. Listen to your friend the app yeah. Who did you consult on this date? The apple
pull the girls and for stuff like this extra, so her neck sentences. Now this is Canada and we really don't have a lot of guns. I've never even seen again in person, but new adventures raid, the new adventures, k kind of I got to his house, an isolated bungalow in the woods, the middle of nowhere, and as I shut my car door, I immediately realized. I had locked my purse keys and phone into the car. Ah, oh my god, he walked outside to meet me and I realized how thick my bare goggles had been. He was definitely not my type that Fuckin Cologne got me again baldric. I I tell him that I, just like my keys in the car, need to call see a parentheses like you're AAA, which is, however, not the agency
a powered agency, and he just carry on as if I'd said, nothing we're literally at our ninth red flag and its yeah. It's amazes threadbare, Garson. Ok,
We go to the quote: gun range. It is all caps, a huge heap of toilets in the woods. Where did the toilets come from oil? This? What gun ranges are her at one point I mentioned how he could kill me out here and no one would hear anything. You know typical. First date, sexy banter, he D, I mean just growth. He does not end up killing me in the toilet heap. However, he didn't really teach me how to use a gun and the recoil on his monster guns. Smashed my shoulder badly. We walk back to his house. I again saying needs calcium, Tartarin ADA. He says definitely later he will call. I dont even pretend to enjoy myself unjust, alternate between sweating nursing, my shoulder and asking about a tow truck. While he prepares dinner parentheses which, to be honest, was actually very delicious, all red flag plus one. He tells me about his abuse, a relationship with his mother and that the last time he saw her he was holding a knife to her throat. I, my oh, my guy, China, I Mike ha wow, sounds rough. Will you call that tow truck now many many hours later he? Finally, let me use has found a Carlito truck. I raised. I raise the fuck out of their despite the appeal of the toilet heap. Racism and proudly violent attitude towards women declined a second date. I survived. You guys were right about staying out of the forest dating sacks, I'm so happy, I'm now Mary to a dude who was never even suggested. He may kill me in a toilet heap as
as we say in Canada, by Magna Carta- oh my god, thank God for Megan, because we got the term toilet. He toiled keeper Bank Year Island heap heap heap. Eighty eight p m beyond. That's all: that's our new mask Mass got the toilet, as we say in Canada by making killed it. That was good, bye airing. Also, here's the thing: there's gotta be some yeah this this stuck at there is such an unfortunate combination of things. I've lost my keys in my car tyres, but that's all I heard her. He had you that you can run out now. There's cant do anything that totally sucks
I am adjusting my levels even though I don't really know what that means. Ok, ok, thank you to Stephen for dropping equipment off at my house without touching anything right. Well, you know know that what you don't know what I touched on nice on that God only and I dont tell him, but I like and wiped everything more good lookin. Absolutely here you get this one's just called hometown story, readings, true crime, royalty, Eight nineties, to early two thousands I was a young teen living in the outskirts of battle, raged Louisiana. There was also a serial killer running loose at this time. Oh yeah, the paranoid murderer. You know that I was and still am, was convinced. He was stocking me and I was going to die. My mom works in a bar, Soyuz, latchkey kid. At any time. I heard strange noises outside. I would call her freaked out. In behalf and used to call your mom at work: oh yes, calm your elastic area or at the men.
Hospital me and my sister be like more won't. Give me the brush. Like I have other problem I will deal, I will kill you both when I get home the bat mors serial killer was named Derek tied Lee. He killed seven women between ninety ninety two and two thousand and three other. There are many others that are not confirmed. This case was first in history to use dna to determine and unknown persons race. The details are core interesting, but we all- we won't go down that rabbit hall. Leo's I sit in two thousand and three one, and you know it. My mom recognized him he used to come in and play a hundred dollars in her bars poker machine once a week. Oh shit ah, was bar flies later in life. I also read a book called I've been watching you, which taught me that Lee was raised in the house in front of my family, small, private cemetery, your family,
fucking, you of your own cemetery, o Boogie; ok, ok, queen of the Goths Susan royalty of whose creature crime royalty. Now your own summit- hey, that's right, up. You guessed it. He played an hour. Cemetery and climbed is trees, etc. Well, That's what I am stay sexy and keeping open about mental health. I dig it love your teeth. I met cemetery for me areas to the ground. Stone fortune who is she ok, your job? Let's see this subject: minors Amish schoolhouse murders. I am too I would like to and from two you find people
really good introduction very again I'll get. My neighbour is a former Pennsylvania State, trooper and detective. He was called out to the nickel mines Amish Schoolhouse in October, two thousand six, when there was a call in for him over a hostage situation. Amish people are generally very peace, loving and prefer to stay to themselves. So my very veteran neighbor had a super weird look on his face when he slipped off. The news at lunchtime reported that a milk truck driver had driven his own pick up into the schoolyard and ass the boys to taken supplies from his pickup bed. They carried and boards nails and a hammer because the driver had a gun
the teacher somehow got away and called the authorities, while the milk truck driver had ordered the boys out of school and nailed the door shut, he line the girls up in front of the school and puts proceeded to call his wife. He told her. He had molested girls when he was young, and now he wanted to do this again. He holy shit. Yes, he hung up as police arrived and his wife found for suicide. Note said he had left with her and their three children. My neighbour said it was the most horrible feeling as shots began when they reached the doors and the shots stopped, since the driver had killed himself. We found out later after the girls were interviewed that two sisters ass to be shot first, so the others would live. Oh my god, one dot one died and the other was injured. The police found rope and
This is horrible K. Why jelly in the truck five five girls died that day? Oh, my god, my neighbors said that there was not one service untouched by blood or glass or evil, and he asked shortly afterwards to move to a new position famously the amish families directly affected four gave the milk truck driver, but my mother famously said that quote. If that man had killed you and not himself. The pull This would not have had anything left to arrest, I'm sure, that's how every family reacted when they heard about that yeah. The amish community destroyed this site and built a new school near by and there's no there's no signature on that email. Holy shit horrible, this one's Cobb, great, Graham, Betty O K, hey Ladys, George
You are a hilarious jewish queen with a k and caring. You kill me. I wish you were my aunt nor is so lucky I I have been a motorway now, since I was twelve when my grandma gave me my first Stephen King Book and my other grandma had me watch CSI Miami with her every night when she lived with quick, shout out to her ratio came and then we do that who the part of the, whose only purpose on glasses on the avatar, like the googly eyes, glass, India, ok main story. After listening to a home town episode Wendy, I was at lunch with my eighty year old grandparents or from Wichita Kansas. I asked if they had any crazy stories about crime. My grandma casually goes well my mom state at a house right next to the BT, K, strangler and then caps, as is oh, ok, sure you have on South Korea's my mama or like. Why tell us more Betty, my
great grandma saw on the news that the BT case strangler have attacked again in the area near her house and when Butch her husband, Piazza Butch Amazing, was out of town for work. She got scared and ask your friend if she could stay with her while which was gone, so she wouldn't be alone little. Does she know that our friends house she was staying at was right next door and Denis Raiders how's? My comment ministry. He worked at. He was right. There oh shit. She went into the issue under the eye of the storm she'd tat. She took us all right, they're, nothing dramatic are crazy happened after this, but I thought it was insane how close she was to him anyway. He thinks you're giving me a reason to write again and for every story you tell STD M Casey,
You know I've been interesting. Tv show for me to write is because we have also had the story of the guy when Dennis Raider took his dog and wouldn't give his dog back down the same lock and key elder Dennis Rater punched him member. He got into fistfight and took his dog back from demonstrating that guy. I wonder if that guy, I picture him being down to the right of demonstrators. Housing and the reality lives to the left is the hope. There's a whole neighborhood happening. Maybe that's gonna be the next season of mine. Hunter is just that's. What's goin on under married history, maybe you should have a shower. You interview people who lived a couple doors down from murderer. Yes, and they had always the idea we didn't know it was gonna. We generally sent hissing, they seemed a fine, is very quiet, and sometimes you yell in the middle of the night.
Ok, this one! I blown away at this one, I'm so excited that I get to retail. Listen to this shit. Oh my god, subject line my bad ass, great grandmother and grandmother were survivors of the Tulsa race Massacre. Listen to their own MIKE,
hello, rad people in pets, longtime listener and big fan of all you do I just listen to your episode. Were Karen covered, the tells a race massacre, and I knew I had to write into share the story of my bad ass grandmother and great grandmother who are both survivors of this insane event. It's a bit lengthy, but it's worth it. My grandmother was about ten or eleven at the time and living in Tulsa with my great grandmother, Mally, an african american single mother. That morning the mobs were forming in front of the tools. The courthouse my grandmother began, complaining of a source, stomach Mally didn't pay too much attention at the time, assuming it was an ordinary stomach ache and her attention was obviously divided by the turmoil brewing in the town. As the day continued and the riots or up didn't tell Sir Molly found herself fleeing her home on foot with my grandmother in tow as they ran through Tulsa, my grandmother suddenly collapsed. It turns out that the stomach ache that she complained of earlier was an undiagnosed case of appendicitis. Her appendix had burst holy shit, it's worse case in area with no car or other options. My Mally carried her daughter out of the chaos in Greenwood to the first house. She found on the outskirts of town. The house was owned by a white couple and Molly explained that my grandmother was very sick and begged the couple to watch her, so she could returned to town to find somebody with a car to drive and hospital. The couple refused to allow my grandmother into their house but agreed that she could land the porch and wait for my great grandmother to return. Molly looked at my grandmother and said: if
come back! It's because I'm dead in turn, led to an eleven year old girl then turned to head back into town as she laughed she heard the owner of the house. I quote that end.
It is never coming back by the time mallet returned to tell Sir the National Guard had arrived. They had blocked access to the neighbourhood where she lived and intended to look for help she explained or situation to the national guardsmen and begged for entry to her neighbourhood. The explaining turned into arguing, however, and the guardsman ended up the ended. The dispute by stabbing Molly in the back with his bayonet, leaving leaving her bleeding on the street Molly laid in the street plain dead until the guardsmen moved on by the grace of I dont know what she managed to pick herself up continue into town and find the right she needed. She picked my grandmother up from the porch of the white couple and sped to a nearby hospital when they arrived at the hospital. The hospital refused to admit my grandmother and Molly because they were black eventually, they agree to admit my grandmother, because she was a child and an acute distress. They would do nothing to help my Molly, who was bleeding seriously from her stab loan. She had to leave my grandmother at the hospital during her appendix surgery, so she could find help for her wounds elsewhere. Eventually, she found the help she needed and both she and my grandmother healed from their injuries. My mom has told me the story about my grandmother and my great grandmother countless times, and I was always impressed and inspired by their bravery and determination. It was not until I was an adult and I learned about the tolls or race massacre, that I was able to put the story into its historical context and realise what an insane feat of survival it truly was. I'm so proud to be part of a long lineage of bad ass and brave women who refuse to let a damn thing. Stop them stay sexy and don't let worlds injustices get in your way. Tiana
I am. Got her yeah there is a real survival story, warrior nodded creepy dating survival story. That's a fucking straight up! I survived and made history. Unbelievable unbelief balkan speech laugh at certain credible ya. Thank you, tiana! That's really beautiful thing to share with us yeah. We really appreciate it. I'm gonna save mine, my last one for next week, because I can't follow that with grandma's and condescension. Officials are what we have by stories about. Ok, I refer here to hear our magazine. Let's have this inspirational, it's such a good. You know I'd it's also. Nice people have survived horrible things in this world. Very scary. Things have happened to lots of people were all going through a scary thing together right now we will make it we will survive. Everybody beast wrong: scent. Is your home towns at my favorite murder, Gmail Lee. I
we're. Gonna need a lot in the next and the next couple of weeks. So what else do we exactly? Everybody really get creative sit down. Take the time city, your computer right us an email reality. Let me now think of your fuckin hooray. What it really means you will read a bunch of those two and also go ahead and reach out call your grandmother's. Your aunt, your great your great grandmothers. If you are lucky enough to have them all, he call people in your family get these short gets awesome. Historical stories of survival out of them, if you can ask them now the bars homes that China has set the bar, but you might have a couple cancer line and call your grandma theme. You have the time stay, sexy and dont get murder. I allus one cookie.
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