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2020-03-30 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a badass aunt and a Canadian murder.

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hello and welcome to my favorite murder, the many sodden Georgia's closet by trade and caravans, second bedroom, that's right. When you call that room together, an extra cause, there's only two, so I don't wanna start counting off extra bedrooms. Visit ends at the list ends at this one. Will you actually had guests in your mouth? I can bedroom. I I think I have to call me a second bedroom cause, there's never been a gas because its purely for the bed, that's it. I guess good, there's, no bad theirs. I think there's a it's like almost like. I do not sit here if you're not been sort. Georgia sign. Oh well, then look, that's how you want your house to be. Why
our time than the pandemic. To have a house like right. No one's. Why perfet our young person go to her. You good I'll, be honest. As you know, I just had to take Georgia you're. No, our he placed on take negative attitude to take my dove georgie to that, because she's The tell she had like a bad tooth. She looked unhappy. She was sure she does. Some low moans and she's been drooling a lot, so I had to drive her up there and on the freeway up to the vat. I had a panic attack on the four because it all kind of started to start sitting on me of liquid tapping and right is it. I was like, oh no to pull off the freeway,
and start breathing, we heard or whatever and then this voice I dont know where it came from cause. I never m this nice to myself. This voice came in that when, of course, you're having a panic attack what he saw these, of course you are and then it all went away almost immediately nice thing now. Is it and be like cats are aid? Yes, what the hell are we supposed to be doing tree yourself? Like Georgia's? Georgie's tooth page. And with your agenda, draw alive, cause you're, suing monsieur rotten, the core I just looked overturn laughing and then she started she started I think we. She Wagner tail. Can you see that the G your tail honour the day and a better idea there. It is hey, ok, we're going Franklin to arrive. This is the many. So now I'm sorry I forgot Recording
Yours is holding up my skype to my dogs on a pod cast whisper. My upon me, I know how you guys do We're here, hurry everybody, I'm in my closet cause it sounds got in here, but I think I don't like it can do this anymore. Now, you're gonna have to search the cinema. Your homework assignment search the rest of your house for another spot. You can do it. The ongoing ended up fanatic girl, that's the third bedroom actually the cross man should we read, starts you wanna go first. I think it's time this This line of this email is who killed? Big daddy. I'm a firm gang. I've been listening to your podcast for years, and I have always meant to send in this story. It's not my hometown, but it is about someone I knew Fabio summoned. Tele was a hare stylist educator and the VP the Hare company originally from Canada. He split
his time between Toronto and allay, he had a huge welcoming smile and he was known in the hare. Industry is big daddy, partly because he looked like a big friendly Santa Claus and also for his big friendly heart. I only meant only few times, but he was seriously just a good guy. Everyone who met him liked him. He just said one of those awesome personalities. Ok, we get it so something that's gonna happen to big daddy's. Oh wait! That's it set it in this subject line. In January twenty seventeen we were shocked to learn that Fabio had been stabbed to death in a brutal car jacking outside his Ella home in broad daylight. He was discovered by his own daughter, that's horrible. Everyone who knew him was devastated. It was a huge loss, it was a brutal crime and it seemed a bit fishy. His expensive car had been stolen, but then did not far from his home. Why would you kill someone for their car only to digital couple blocks later shock turned to anger.
Five months later, when we found out that his wife of twenty years and her lover were arrested for first degree, murder, the two allegedly had an affair and decided to kill Fabio for as one point six million dollar life insurance policy report say that two were partying in Vegas shortly after the murder, even though publicly she was playing the sad widow, both alleged killers are still awaiting trial, apparently slated for this spring or summer. I hope that The trial is over. Justice will be served for this amazing guy, who was taken too soon, he's truly messed. Thanks for all that, you do Virginia from Ottawa, Canada. Ah, but so sad, and to have his daughter Finally, I was part of the plan wooden evil acts will that it
that would have been the mothers plan so happy I mean that mother, maybe I was like God, but but also just like so short sighted and awful horrible. Now another horrible email. Thank you that, in what it's all about app clap says Stephen Maya, uncle, was murdered by a serial killer. Yes, I did Dorothy S. I just channeled. My most Youtube ask click bait title, but I promise it's worth it at alive, showing Columbus and Georgia beautifully covered serial killer, Donald Harvey. However, a specific murder was left out. Arguably Donald Harvey's, most violent murder. That of my great uncle, who the am greater Georgia, you fucked up, which is a really great way to tell someone they fucked up. I don't feel it act at all. Very oh good is difficult because I am from them
Fuck, London Kentucky which, apart from prides itself on giving colonel Sanders his start and opening the first case C restaurant yea. What more do you want? I now which is celebrated every September downtown in the annual World Chicken Festival in which they bring in the world's largest skillet and serve chicken in it. I swear. I'm not shitting you right now. You can go this shit, London also gave Donald Harvey his career as an orderly Mary Mount Hospital. Oh yeah, and he was the angel of death who killed like eighty, something people and he was awful. I definitely left some stuff out because it's hard to talk about that stuff on stage and this one is also by when people have eighty when their victims are up in the eighty when it gets that high the research becomes each so intense it if it becomes the problematic, because there are so many people to name and talk about, and our show is only two and a half hours long. So,
ok, so merriment hospital. While he was there, he unfortunately cross pass with my eighty one year old, great uncle in nineteen seventy. This was actually unfortunate for both of them. Their relationship really kicked off. When Donald Harvey tripped over my uncle's drainage, tube and rip his catheter out of his penis shortly after room, I now rumour has it that my uncle started paying attention to him and frequently calling him a demon from Hell The room was that, for some reason my uncle was suspicious of him and when Harvey entered his room in the middle of the night, my uncle it behind the door and hit Harvey over the head with a urinal g. He not I he knocked Harvey Unconscious and then poured the contents of the urinal on him. Eighty one year old, yeah. I was taken to the emergency room on a stretcher, while my uncle told the orderly is that he thought he was a burglar fuckin with
serial killer. Now we get to the mariner. Why are you sneaking into an old man's room in the middle of the night, cause you're a serial killer tissue her Keller right Once Harvey was released and went back to work, he once again snuck into my uncle's room in the middle of the night, George amount in that, when a parties, favorite means of punishment was to use improper size catheters on patients, ok Harvey proceeded to give my uncle Assize twenty one catheter intended for a female instead of the standard size, eighteen for males and then I never do this either, but I'm not reading the next line, if you want to read more fine more about his awful deeds, you can do so online. Uncle immediately went to shock and fell into a coma shortly after he died. Forty later from the trauma he suffered. The entire My uncle story has featured in the book defending Donald Harvey written by his attorney. So here's a few updates for you. As you all may now, Donald Harvey was beaten to death in his cell in prison and twenty seventeen by another inmate James Elliot, who has since been charged with the crime.
For London. Merrimac hospitals now closed and not only did they closed. They tore that bitch down, not long after I get. That's our way of saying: hey we're. Sorry we knew the sky was causing deaths of patients and swept it under the rug. To avoid bad press was just here. We'll play sound and pretend it never happened. Sorry for the big fat, fucking bummer Ladys. I love you all dearly and you'll never ceased to make me feel better when things seem to dark. Please keep right on the good and don't you dare stop recording stay sexy Sarah dwell. Sarah Sarah airline probably easily our most capital based email, but we ve ever had which automatically uncomfortable for everyone involved lands at our stories. Skies senders, your catheters they argue about out our gas and Catherine stories words.
Like those late night reruns, I used to constantly wake up on the couch it like three in the morning with the care really loud, catheter commercial. I just Billig. Oh my god. It's happening in my life don't you get when you watch all die me like detective, shows just Catherine Mesh sponge. I don't know what they're called truly heart to heart and then
Don't worry you? Are you really Omer Misa Theo Yeoman? If you are a loved one, has Misa Theo, my right around re for there's no one more badness on the way, my bad as aunt stayed sexy and did not get murdered. Pillow amazing lady Stephen Infirmary creatures heard the request for survival survival stories in the latest. Many sewed and I figured I'd, send this one. Last week my mom and I were on the phone, hello, social distancing, boredom, and I was asking her what it's been like living, so many places that have acted active serial killers during their collective reign of terror. They moved a ranch or coat Cordova, which is a subtle Sacramento during the height of the east area, rapist golden stay killer from the the area where the Zodiac Zodiac had been active, effluvia earlier good old, nor account Seventys on my right. Yes, you are, then my mom says to me. You know your aunt was kidnapped as a teenager. Re was all caps
apparently, when my aunt was sixteen, she had just gotten her driver's license. She wanted to run to the store one night and my grandparents reluctantly, let her go. She just needed one thing and it had it had been called so she ran in and left the card door. Unlocked says that she could jumped back and quickly. After she got in and started driving a man sat up in the back seat and pulled a gun out, told her to keep driving her. He was gonna killer. He had he had our drive to the beach about an hour away. Forster onto the beat re, raped her and then started. Choking are so my hook. Thinking aunt pretended to pass out and played dead. This asshole then got in her car and drove away thinking. She was dead, leading my aunt stranded naked on the beach she made her back to the highway where she got help the police car
the guy in my aunt's car, and he was arrested, found out later that he had raped and killed two other women in the area. Shortly before he tried to kill my aunt. Many years later, my grandfather told my mom that he had a bad feeling that night when she was leaving, and he almost got in there other car and followed her just to be safe, but he decided not to because he thought that she would be upset and then in all calves. It says always listen to your gut, aunt stayed sexy and went on to become an amazing human who, despite having many awful things up and her some always manage, managed to be one of the most positive and kindest people. I know love. You, ladies give us a cookie for me: stay sexy and don't get covered. Nineteen Laura. The guy web heroin. Story? He added so crazy. What some people go through in their lives and can still be positive afterwards? He now makes you not the workers, the fight, your with your neighbor rate, exactly exactly is nice perspective.
This one I was gonna reed last week, but then you read that one beautiful one and there was no way to follow it. So let me ok, this It's called man as condoms, Nice call nice editor. I call on the fly Georgia gear like. Let me follow that up with manners condoms. Let's try now this continent hi, I'm such a family pod, pass what ya created an you. Each is human beings. Thank you things. This is mostly about ass grandma brag story, but in the theme of grandparents swirling things away, my Nana Bonnie was widowed at thirty seven losing her forty Earl husband to pancreatic cancer. She strongest lady I've ever known got a job raised our three kids on around sent them all to college and never remarried, or even really dated she said she married her husband for life and was an interested in any one else.
I'm in a crash. I know she was the kind of lady that walked a mile every morning. Well enter eighties, made the best grits quilted Christmas stockings for my future children. She wouldn't get to meet and always asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee ass, she made hers. Even when I was like eight. Go on and on about her whom but I'll get to it. We want a cup of coffee, eight year old, it's that so my aunt coupling the catch on coffee, unlike the always having some kind of a lake answer: men's danish on the table: ass ice, a danish yeah- oh my god care eight euro. Karen! Have you take your coffee? I may I just have a though everybody else is having at them and get me a beer. Do I rather that cover my dad's beer after her husband died. She found out that she no longer had a need for certain items. My thirty seven year old Nana walked in their backyard. Beginning, shovel, my
thirty, seven year old, Nana locked into her backyard gardening, Chauvelin ham and proceeded to bury her unused condoms, and then it says an l caps, because obviously I wish I had asked her more before we lost for seven years ago. All my sister mom- and I can figure out, is that she was too much of a proper southern lady, their risk making the garbage man blush. Yet when I saw the condoms in the trash honestly, don't even know, but I smile to think of her digging in their backyard thinking. That was the best place to dispose of condoms. She knew she didn't need. Since the love of her life was gone, am I smile thinking of the person who I hope has since discovered this buried treasure states. At and be like Bonnie Anna in South Carolina, Funny I music well, it's just not. We just can't have people looking at these. I know it's my business. It's
proper. You can't fly down the toilet, oh, that trash man, he'll, go right down the street and start talking about my comments to the bathroom and they go right under the geraniums. Ok, everyone in South Carolina dig up your yard and see if you can find nineteen. Seventy condoms in their dig, our old they are. Their Trojan browned, but their filled with later. Ok, the makers of quip, electric toothbrush want you to know the one single discovery that matters most freer dental care. If you I have good habits, your good. That means
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I mean honestly. The rack sounds more of a restaurant in the rock you know I was thinking like a son place too, to drink and dance and show your rack off to people, but don't don't take up, put pull pull tables.
Wrecking the balls are some. I don't know he. I recommend recommend anyway she's talking about the rock the rest on the rock dangerously fancy bar bitten fancy bar food pizza with strange hipster ingredients. They have these drinks that are made in little sand buckets like the kind you give a five year old. When you go to the beach that's the way of using the Instagram, we want plates, where they just it's just photos from restaurants of people trying to put kitty food on kitchen plates that this would be perfect. For UK you, some eggs ever these are their drinks, are in the bucket. That's where mixed drinks are was like this, a party bar for sure. So how does this persons as our one night of a few of my friends and I had too many buckets and we were of noxious Lee Buzz after we
Don't worry, we had to designate a driver, we hit the back roads and drove past an italian restaurant, as we drove by I looked at the window at the exact right time and saw a girl collapse outside the italian plays a scream for my friend applying to the parking lot, and I was basically out of the car before she put it in park. The girl I saw collapsing was having a seizure. My ears, my years of grazing, now to be training kicked in turned her on her side made sure someone was calling nine one, one, etc. Paramedics came and helped her turns out. She was an employee and was just trying to have a smoke break after her stressful night. If I hadn't looked over at that time- my friends and I work responsible with a silver driver. Things could have gone so horribly and someone could have lost their daughter sister friend, I don't
remember her name, but if you're in, but if you're a murderer, you know listening just now that I think about you often and hope you're. Ok, it's nice to know that even after mass amounts of alcoholic and act correctly in serious situations, that is the best feeling say, sexy have a designated driver and big watch dingy watch medical shows that you can be a doctor when you need to Dell. I love my grades. Anatomy training it wasn't like ending used is training by easing divine, very proud of you. I love that you got involved. I love that you're drunk but still paying attention other people, but you won't die from a seizure, there's a person whose had too many of them it's very noble, but you're you're, not a fucking nine, eleven hours fonder so just relax
I'm just getting just getting just getting area and take it down. I would I literally I woke up and she had come to call an ambulance. I would again like what the fuck I have to pay like seven grand now those I used to always so people ratifies even slightly thought. I might have a seizure I'd be like do not call nine one one. I can't pay for it as their freaking in a vague out like too bad. You have Craig out it's worth seven it out in dollars to me. Let's talk about the health care system right now. My guide and this one may sons called Corona Right, corona virus bright spot. I all Spanish listing the mandates, Maxie said where you asked for uplifting stories amid this time of fear and uncertainty. So I thought I'd chair. I work as a nurse and a level for neonatal intensive care unit were very sick and very tiny babies are cared for and as you can imagine, many of the nurses and staff working here are women with families and young children. Now it
the schools and day cares in Minnesota have been shut down. These families have been left without child care. However, as soon as it was announced, schools were closed. Other nurses in the unit without children immediately started volunteering to provide childcare for their co workers who are left in the lurch the front SEC. I now her aunt S. Secretaries are now working on putting together a spreadsheet to coordinate people who are available to watch kids and those who need childcare. Needless to say, I love my coworkers and I'm so proud that we have built a community that is willing to help each other out in the most dire circumstances. I hope this story up to feel a little less like the world is falling apart and makes you feel a little bit better about your fellow humans. I'm about to cry. That's me. Not the letter states accede. And do something kind. Today, Jane Pierre, you have quaint unique qr serenely here on our unit, who knew that people who help care for the tiniest and most vulnerable patients would also have such a fucked up hobby
thank you Jane resembling mad. I love. I owe you. Just having been raised by a nurse nurses are so no shit and they're just about like we, let's take care of the problem and solve it and get it moving forward. Like heads cut very similar to teachers, where my sister was like yeah, they told us in one day that we were no longer like go. To be teaching that the kids are coming back to school. She goes in four hours. We had an at home teaching system set up, so it's yeah, there's nothing at powerful woman. I swear to God it's dislike. If people get the fuck out of the way, we could really get some stuff done. Its doers were doers in Europe as we have a choice. That's what we were raised what society expects from us, but at what we expect from ourselves shoe, but does nothing and also then
because some of us have had a ton of doers and servants are ready to go with a larger we drink so much doers and our life cereal leg. I was a fun pon, Georgia, you didn't, I gotta have far away shit say it again do arise. It too is to top shelf. I only here and kill Gara within a time of crisis. I got any regularly. My lord, regular rob rack em up at the rock at the rock get a bucket and drink it with your friends during a dirty bug from the party supply, store drinking your old long Island ass to eighty out of a judge or audio mother fucker in a book it didn't. I tell you right now. Thank you. Whoever is in charge upstairs that I don't drink anymore in this time of crisis, it would have been me on the phone with people, S
be calling and telling what a neighbor stuff I shouldn't be saying, and my God, the out control, robe in the street type a shit, I would be doing Ruggles unilaterally trying to be careful that they try to bigger vodkas yeah, I know me, I know better than anyone. I heard my neighbors next door for our second, the other day that they're having a party, but they were just both singing put your head on my shoulder at the same time, clearly drunk yelling, like a yell singing it, so it pursues a cucumber having a party right now and then I'm like, oh my god, they're just doing it together until you start screaming singing back with them. I said she, but now I'm just gonna sat here like oh that's funny like I don't know why that made me so at first, I will take up. Stop gathering in groups of ten or more know. It's like a couple. Slow dancing in the front room draw two p m yeah. Why not? that's what you gotta do it lesson
hair all in this together, whereas Elvis cameo Elvis Rome is together and indoors I'll get my against now later, while thinks for these right in please send us your catheters, tell us more about positive stories. Industries in Europe, a thing and what's going on, we money here stories of positivity from the quarantine. As we know there are there, we see them on social media, but it's more fun do tell everybody at once. So if you have em, let it even- Little things little things big things we like it or what We gonna, do precisely at my favorite murder, Gmail and you know and stay and don't come murdered, got Elvis Duenna, cookie
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