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This week’s hometowns include a message in a bottle and a vigilante mom.

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This is exactly why we You want to tell you about a pie, cast that's going to kill you. Ok, it's not actually gonna kill you, but it covers plenty of things that can the show is hosted us ecologists and epidemiologist, Aaron, Welsh and an omen uptake and each episode. We tackle a different disease from its history to its biology and, ultimately, how scared we need to be tune into this podcast will kill you on exactly right network for new episodes. Every other Tuesday, listen and subscribe to this progress will kill you and all of exactly rate shows on apple podcast, stitches or what
Were you like to listen to the many sound of my favorite martyr? That's right! We did it backwards, trick. Tat, dna There is a very good chance. I've forgotten how to do many Serbs, very good jail. That's room like a weak enough to exercise the out now. It just looks your mind these things it if you don't really keep up a really practice on the daily Yes, you can lose it all. That's right speaking. Is this its day today. No one day, that's right, may eleventh happy birthday, wishing you again year and health wealth and happiness.
Some are murdered, earns its worth. I hear that mandate because I was perfect Is that what you got me? I actually did get you something: you're going away at it later. I'm gonna get in twenty twenty two, twenty twenty is, I think, I'm goin off the makes down to add It's trying to figure out how to make this more conquering style. That thing you can do it it's your birthday. You know you are not to be decided by carrying Georgia, Stephen, I pull bereave animals. When my elder sister was about tat. She came down the stairs in the middle of the night. To my mom threw him crying that she saw strange man at the foot of the bed. Describes them as a tall dark haired man with a handlebar mustache bring beans and an entirely new energy security software bring beans. The word beans born days like ratify
You can imagine when I started greatness emails like here is my favorite one of all my mom breasted offers a nightmare and centre back to bed the next night, she came down around the same time saying the man had come back. This happen over and over for about two weeks until finally, the visit stopped about a year or so later my mother, big Box of old family photos from her great at that it recently passed away. She hang them up chronologically one by one down the main staircase in our failure. My sister came to see her progress when she gasped at the sight of whether photos. This is the aim of my mom my own. I examined the photo and the man was exactly as my sister described Tal slam dark haired, and with that I cannot handle the bar mustache. My mom got the strangest look on her face and began to tells the story of how it was the only member of our family ever to be murdered him. The pharmacist in a small town in Ohio a few times over from us back. In
eighteen hundreds. There is a few happening between two ways in the town and They once I broke into the pharmacy and switched around a few of the medicines to try to mess with the other side. My great great great, truly, not gonna, keep going, because this is already lights of the circle and he thought was his medication and wound up being poisoned and kill holy shit. We ended up finding the death death rejects, get on ancestry, dot, com and everything. There is no way my sister could have seen that picture before, but also she was ten unknown to. As my dad says, story tell so who's to say, anyways, logo, peace, love beans and all men are really help and like he was. In farmer or their connection to beans, but that's ok, so dead. Only like me,
Maybe that was a thing he was craving like that's when you spoke after dinner before he took his medicine and then his leg european left in its turn, all you know whatever may be. The guy who killed him was his nickname was beans. Yes, that's got to be. Let us think of for more girls that could be happening in the shore erect. Ok, What have you got? A little girls name was being spent his she looked like a being one authority was named beans and these man, the dog, and protect him. Here's began. Ok, hey Karen and Georgia love you. What you do: love mental health visibility all right enough at the flattery let's get to it. I'm currently shall rushed through the flattery all the timely, rushing grass. Don't like idea. Currently sheltering in place with my aunt and uncle in Aurora Oregon. I had to get up. My five hundred square foot apartment all by myself in Seattle, where things are pretty rough, I've
for years to get family members to talk to me about murder, but they all look at me, cross eyed and tell me I should get into something a little less health heavy lay gardening. Anyway, I was going to walk with my aunt land through the beautiful organ countryside next to the river, and we walked by a house, and my aunt says to me: you know a man who used to live here was recently found dead in his home and he had been dead for eighteen months before anyone found him and then caps, I'm sorry what I say. Say more right. Now, apparently, she's been holding enemy for over two decades. One of the original members of the Mickey Mouse Club Dennis Day used to live down the street from my family and he moved to Phoenix with his long term partner Henry Caswell Dennis. During the original first episodes that Mickey Mouse Clever nineteen Fifty's have some videos and with a damn cute, tap dancer, Denison Henry Move to Phoenix and in their old age, hired some due to stay in the house with them and help with shores cooking all that jazz. The do they hired Dang Alberta is a dick. He was
down with the chores and slacker constantly so obviously Denison Henry wanted him to get the fuck out, but guess what dangle, wouldn't leave eventually Henrietta, be admitted to an assisted living facility because dementia. So any talk here takers that he thinks is husband is missing. He was dismissed. They didn't believe him that bastard Alberta, murdered, Dennis shoved him under a giant heap of clothes and left him there for eighteen months, I continue to live in the house with the dead body for months and he is clear, supplies to cover up the leaking fluids, because quote it smelled like death and then says what a dick they caught. The fucker he's been arrested on charges of secondary, manslaughter criminally negligent homicide, criminal, treatment and abuse of a corpse and he confessed. Thankfully, anyway, the story, Rapture role at least a little bit, because my job I was on the floor for days. Thank you for breathing Ya'Ll due to normalize the love of them. A calm and normalized mental health conversations stay sexy.
And please check and on your neighbors Kalen. I remember reading that story. Because, while we used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club everyday ever spoke those in reruns and and so this kind of stuck out to me, but also Darwin understand those people. I mean obviously there's a lot of issues going on how you could live in the house with a personal you killed its jobs, just sign of how cut off I definitely it he s, ear and then to complain that it smelled like dead bodies. Casa, you try to cover. Fucking complain about anything shut up shop and go to jail. Ok, this underground business, my mom trader handed vigilante is light hearted
low light, not these quarantine times. I've got a story for you. That's got all your favorite things, eighty miles hot robbers and people staying sexy and not getting martyr back in the eighties. My mom was twenty or twenty, while working in a bank as a bank teller. First summer job she don't even working at the bank for a few months that had already been robbed three times since the bank wanted to keep everyone safe during robbery. Protocol was just stay quietly and gives the robbers what they wanted and not older anyone of the robbery until the robbers abaft. This meant three times a man had just wanted to my palms slid and note. That said, something along the lines of this is a robbery giving all your cash casually walked out with the money. This didn't sit well with my mom has a strong sense of right and wrong and doesn't like seeing people get away with bullshit one is my mom was at the teller dusk, a very handsome man walked into the bank. My mom was hoping he had stopped her desk and she was elated when he did she
over the moon when he slid his phone number to her across the desk. Imagine her dismay when she unfold favour to see that it wasn't his phone number but another. This is a robbery knows. My mom gave him the cash and watched him walk out of the bank, but for whatever reason she decided she wasn't gonna. Let this robber get away with it. She ran out the door screaming some believe that man just rob a bank. She followed him for a few blocks screaming behind them until he turned around waving a gun at her and said, lady, you gotta stop where I had to see you We must say she handed back to the bank and shortly thereafter the police arrived. She gave them a statement and description of the man and while they laughed at her raisin nest, they told her under no sir uncertain circumstances that it was very dome and she should never chase a bank robber again. Anyways
you got the job shortly after, but I like to think that worked out about the crazy screaming bank teller and that robberies drop significantly at that branch after the incident say sexy and don't waste your life for minimum ways. Page shouts of my french Corina, we were together, but I haven't seen her since locked out. I'm MR tear of LA once again a shout out at the end. You do the work. You gotta shouted! That's right! Ok, this one's got message in a mother, fucking bottle sweets mutations in well wishes let's bright, and shall we recently, my talking with my dad Bob such a dad name about interesting things we found on our local beaches. He reminded me of this jam while out. It'll detecting one day, my dad came across a small white pill. Bottle sticking out from the sand. He's always been against picking up strange pieces of garbage and public bodies of rural
for some reason, scoop this baby up. Since the cap was still on. He shook it to see if anything was inside. He heard what he said sounded like rice rattling and decided to open it not on the rice in their along with some green herbs, but there was a piece of paper with a hand, written message: that's right, yell, a mother, fucking message in a bottle after freaking out I with my stepmom. He took the message to work the next day to see if anyone could decipher it. You see the message was written in Spanish and my dad is a middle aged white man who doesn't know a look of spanish outside. If you are shithead and other meaningless phrases, he learned back in high school one worker, try to read it, but couldn't understand a specific dialect that it was written in that's when his co, Jorge tried to take it about it. While reading Jorge started crying. He looked up at my dad. Said the man who wrote this is from my hometown in Cuba. No sir, not only did my dad mind a fucking message in a bottle, but the man reading it to my dad is from the same town as its origins in today's
I would say. That's one in a million the message was written by a man who had been diagnosed with cancer. He was wishing for good health and prosperity for his family, especially his wife and children after he could no longer be with them. Unfortunately, That's all we know of him, there's no way for us be able to reach out and find any more information or not sure if this man is alive or what happened to him, but I hope he is a peace wherever he is and then his family is very well in times like these. It struck a chord of my heart. How much is happening and affecting so many people all around the world. I want to do exactly what this guided and send our wishes for good health and prosperity to anyone who may need it and physically Those around me when I can look out for your neighbors and do what you gotta do. So we can all get through the safely. Sorry, his email so long, but I just had to share it. Thank you continuing this podcasting bringing light and laughter during this crisis say sexy and
always pick up the garbage on the beach. You never know it. You might find Emily in Florida. Now, while I love that horror is all touched in the air like that, how, whereas what are the odds of their coincidence, that's crazy area, it's unbelievable totally, full of it from exactly the right media comes the fall line, a true crime podcast that digs deep into the cold those that have received little. If any public attention the fall, is an investigative show covering unsolved murders and disappearances, and the South Eastern United States hosted by a profound sir and licence therapist, the podcast provides a platform defend These victims who have been passed over by other outlets through intends research and compelling narratives fall line built knowledge based on little known cases of the murdered missing and the unidentified. These are stories you won't hear anywhere else too
into the fall line on exactly right network for new episodes, dropping on wednesdays and be sure, to check out our back catalogue for both episodic and long form, coverage of cases. Listen! and subscribe to the fall line and all of exactly right shows on apple podcast, stature or wherever you like to listen. Ok. This last one is like an update miser. Remember when we talked about the light bulb burglar that was going to people's announced
in Sacramento, going people's forges and still no eyeball. Yes, sir, we got an update, hello ladys. I was doing the dishes and listening to the latest, many said when you read the story: the light bulb burglar in Sacramento Europe in Sacramento, and most of my family still lives there. When I heard the email about the label, burglar had to sit down the right immediately. My cousin is one of those very smart, very foolish people who can make two plus two equal five- some mash it, but it doesnt have a common sense to not open the door to a stranger. At twelve, thirty at night my cousin, listens our Sacramento in a house or to other single women in their chinese and two giant chocolate labs. Thank God! One Last year she heard some rustling on the front. Porch and the dogs began the low growled, a big doves making. So my sweet little cousin goes to the door and looks out the people decide
May the twenties man unscrewing her or lay this is where the normal person would call the cops that not her. What does she do? She opened the door, Luckily, Miss Green is still shuttle marked the two dogs greatly behind her. She asked him what he was doing rose and then stay heard that he was out of light bulb. So my genius causing told him Sheeny she needed that one on report, but she had more. She went, and I have one now opens green door and gave him a light, bulb he's dead. Thank you and left it wasn't until he had gone and that she realized how badly things could have gone. The rest of the family is just glad that she has those big scary, sounding dogs, Michel Pierre, I was born in Sacramento in the late 80s and my parents were up here in the sixties and seventies. It wasn't until I began listening to a podcast that I truly began to understand the paranoias and quirks parents have regarding
adults and stakes in windows turns out that they have. They must have some very justified PTSD from growing up in the hay day of Sacramento zero dollars, so delay, one thing I was going to say to a bunch of people, commented and said that that's actually some people, burglars. Will I had a couple days ahead of time. Take a light bulb out. Then come back in the dark and bird arise, the place, so that's another early, do it burglars, or you know, people that legislators, rail, haimaires, all kinds of reasons to get rid of the lights iq. They leave you what you why she gave him light bulbs holder, my second, your stealing from me. Let me help you steal you. Why, or do you like a bright? Allow look I've that sixty seventy while we can go down a beautiful thing, twenty walk oil does it for outdoors cause is ever the battery Is it for your murder? Ok this one's cod
okey Halloween inmates hey there a few months ago, my grandpa passed away and was thinking about him. I remembered this ghost story that he told us about a few years ago and I thought I would share impose a ninety nine year old World WAR, two veteran who survive to see an entire century. Nineteen twenty two, twenty twenty he could make as with any one and was also the most flirtatious man. I've ever met a few years before he died. My parents and I took an excursion, does hometown, so he could show us the house. He grew up in where he went the school and visit his parents gravestones a few nights, but We left on this trip. He had a strange dream. Apparently he was in high school, a girl to school was killed in a car accident. He knew her the way everyone knows every one in a small town high school. This girl appeared to him in his dream and asked him to visit her grave site her. Were long gone and she told him that no one had visited her graving years and that she was lonely the next you told my mind that this girl's heads with this girl had said and that's it its go, see her gray when he visited the cemetery.
I'm agreed and proceeded to contact the cemetery to see if they had a map of sorts with the plot names. My grandpa told that, it wasn't necessary because he knew where she was buried. My mom asked him to clarify, since he said he barely knew her and he told her at the girl in the dream had given instructions to her burial sighed. She added, drive her heads down and given him landmarks in the cemetery to be able to find her. Long story short after rewrite the cemetery and went to his parents headstone. My grandpa proceeded to walk almost directly over to where this girl's headstone was located. For a minute and set a prayer for her, and then we laughed to think that girl contacted my grandpa to ask him to visit her because there wasn't really any one else alive. Who could think who could remember her? Wild before I close out, I want get a special shout out to all Morgan Funeral Home employs their assent, Employees were being directly exposed to covet nineteen every single day when covered. Since die, they are sent to morgues or directly to funeral homes, and those employees have to either cremate or involved,
The deceased, while potentially being exposed, they are have to figure out how to arrange funeral services with the family members to let them properly grieved their loved ones without endangering themselves or anyone attending many general homes are refusing Kovac cases because at the risks, so small Only funeral homes, like the one my mom is worked out for almost fifteen years, are being overwhelmed. My mama's, super ban, as is being so cautious to protect herself and others, will do absolute best to make sure that families are being able to say proper goodbyes to their loved ones, she's truly the best and makes me so proud to be her daughter, happy mother's day, thanks for as Do S, STD Am Clare. I love That's all! That's that's the kind of job that people are talking about, that's just as definitely essential. Yeah again its death, so no one wants to talk about it when people act like there's the stigma but yeah. Thank you to all funeral home workers, people and net What an overwhelming situation a physician to be at work in that
besides carry out to be so brave enough. If you don't want to be yeah. I can imagine I just dont My cousin, an eagle window is that's: it begin to people for a living. She's lives easier, pulling she s last emancipation. So she is we are waiting. On the sidelines and was always been about used to be just amazing. I love my cause, many so just to hurt you. I will incredible arrogant. Doing everything
fighting out. Therefore, ass, now we're so great thanks. You sent us your stories, whatever they may be, to my favorite murder gmail or on our website or wherever yea and happy birthday. Karen thanks during its gonna be another great d. I generally my fucking fifty where Ireland Mega ethnic minority is this. Do you know what we should do is go to the island where they try to have the fire fast and we're going to make it like what they tried to make any ass ham sandwiches. She is, of course insecure, and models of all various Thorpe get all those little girl they sponsor. Oh my guide, yeah, everybody! Stu around writer. It's gotta, be we'll have to put a pen in setting the invitation until now
So people can stop going out and not wear, masks and pretending that ass their joy, raising it. Someone treated today that they saw they re open the trails and, like the hiking things around LOS Angeles, as you can certainly just don't get in those two joggers not wearing masks, and there is a explore, like a forestry lay a ranger standing there going, hey needs it and they both as the calves by those guys, but those
as the now that's the kind of people who aren't wearing masks the people who will slip off a fucking park ranger because they believe that they are less if they feel that their fire they don't have to, which is an implant. You guys. The point now is not to spread it in case you have two other people and you dont know symptomatic area its. Can I just have this one thing: I do it for guaranteeing the out began seasons for any ideas we keep talking about, which really does not I'm I'm I was. I went to target today in its like lines. The blot like. Did it right now, the worst time to go anywhere? If you stay home right now, because people who now think things are open and normal again are where
not wearing Mass and Joseph acting like it's not in its target or walk into a place and then just pull their mask off all his son. It's easy money has kept the parking lot say. Thank you to the area of free incited to border is, though this is like such high level denial because there are some people. They are so scared of this that what they're saying is it's not really happen area and they need they need to go out scream at people in use their anger to defend when actually there just got there just going. I'm so scared. I dont know what to do with my thoughts are compliant young, so Deadlines have been speak here as we remember they. Oh my god. What events like I start. The purge diverge against non most people alone knows your choice.
That's my only point: don't hurt anybody, don't even say anything to them, because that's what they want a lot of those people they do that. It's like they go out the me and it's like you know. You're, saying a clear sign of the years ahead, without saying a word, you're, lonely and scared is the one thing I would say: don't even say that now anyway, I screening process this on our Germany's owed. Thank you for all your stories and supports this. Eleven stay strong and stay sexy and don't get murder our Elvis you wanna cookie
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