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This week’s hometowns include a badass survivor story and a Richard Ramirez connection.

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This is exactly why everybody go and bananas for bananas on each episode of the world famous bananas podcast, we serve you a steaming hot pile of the silliest news stories from around the world. We got great guess, like Georgia, heart start talking, toilets that recognise your football, Danny, Fernand joins us to talk about a bisexual, blind goose, who is in a twenty five year long love triangle with two beautiful swan and a nineteen year old, future astronaut who said to go to Mars Alyssa cars and talking about a turtle who passes out his own mouth, don't miss what's coming up next subscribers out of bananas on stitched apple, podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen, bananas.
And welcome my paper murder. The minister it's me. It's so aiming failure, my God, what is happening with the Holy do everything we ve region. We read your staff at Yale. You know maybe That's Georgia, arts, tyrant. He loses the Kyrgyz care here and kill Gara Dotcom culture, that if you want to write to Georgia, its darker in Georgia, circuit care and care dot, com,
and please please go to Stephen Re Morristown Gov vote early and often First, let's do this such line of this is nurse slash, bad ass story, hey Pandemic, I'll scar a few episodes ago either has asked for a nurse mom stories, and while I am not a mom, I am and areas. I work very busy e r in Houston. I have so many stories, but I thought you guys would appreciate this bad ass survivors story. Let's get into it, early one morning a woman was brought into the trauma bay after being held hostage rate and beat for almost two days. I can only imagine what this poor woman went through on the second day, her attacker letter of some privacy and use the bathroom while
in the bathroom, the woman must have the courage to attempt to escape. She took the ceramic toilet tank lid and hid behind her back when her attacker opened the bathroom door. She hit him over the head with it, knocking him unconscious. Yes, my ass starting out strong, wholly show guy it man perhaps to the woman for having the bravery and wits to about her to use a toilet lid as a weapon hell. Yes, she ran for her dear life flag down, help on a near by road and was promptly brought to our e r. A few hours later on. Their patient was brought into the trauma bay. This man, and had sustained numerous facial fractures after me,
being hit on the head with yep, you guessed it a toilet lid. They attack on the victim were in the same trauma bay and neither of them had any idea. What are the chances? Houston is the fourth biggest city in America, and these to end up in the same year in a J sent room was what the literally said good, corrects. This same thing happened in the the british series, what the Hawkeye and Gillian Anderson O the blank lanky idea. How some eighty point all the money? I an alien Anderson, the fell. I follow you cheating, it's five dollars, a number that it happened in the fall. I don't know where that is here. He gets back I'm pretty sure and the victim watch him get rolled in and I was like, never never happen. It dead eyes wrong. Luckily,
charge nurse is amazing and put two and two together quickly. We were able to move the woman to a safe from another part of the year before she was further traumatized by seeing her attacker again We obviously did not let her know that are attacker was in the same building. Can you imagine the sheer terror of escaping a brutal tack only to find out the attacker is right down the hall. Thankfully, the woman was able to be discharged home later that day and a man went to jail after we treated his injuries. Hope you guys, like my survivors story as much as I do anyways. I love you guys. You're podcast has provided at some much needed distraction during this pandemic, where you're freaking masks, people s De Gm Tiff, amazing amazing. When would you not listening a nurse? Ok that's why I'm is called the time. My grandma saw the devil he and I'm not going to the rest of it, but it's from our friend of the family Celine Bath killer on the TED Bundy documentary friend who has allowed member she's awesome
ass grant. She says, hey all since there's been a request for grandparents stories. I finally got all the information about the time. My aunt and grandmother saw L Diablo. Why king pass their home in Monterrey Park, California, in nineteen eighty five, a man was terrorizing neighborhoods across set in California and seemed to frequent the EAST Los Angeles area. Georgia mentioned in her suit suit riot story. This part of LOS Angeles was heavily populated by the Tenos one afternoon and grandmother we're doing some work in the garage and noticed a man walking past their house. My grandma said she froze and could feel evil radiating off of him aunt and looked up, and felt the same feeling she also clay
a crow than cod, but lol. I'm not sure on that. One. The whole families has cinematic tendencies: yeah they nodded telling. As airily crows I hear he's creeping rikers were low, that while they could not figure out how and why this man could give us such a bad vibes, they continued on their work. The next morning, on July, seventh, one street over Joyce Nelson, who was sixty one, was beaten to death in our home where she lived. This was the third murder in their neighborhood in under three months. A few months later my in my uncle's hometown a boil heights. Richard Ramirez was captured by a mob of residence on August thirty first, which is today oh this- is the anniversary of the citizens of boil, hides rising up together, running through the streets and tackling Richard Romero Ray, and
catching the night, stocker themselves on their own incredible happy anniversary, boil height right. Why I've They go hide. I will boil heights resident for my uncle wasn't part of the capture. He still remember seeing people fleeing to the scene. I grew up always hearing the story of when my aunt and grandmother saw L Diablo, but I always thought it was actually than that. The devil himself growing up catholic you now, sure I didn't find. I was Richard Ramirez until I told my family I'd be starting a project on TED Bundy. Blank stairs and confusions. My mother responded. Why would you pick him and not Richard Ramirez? We were all scared for our lives during that time, come to find out, Ramirez killed in almost every single neighbourhood that my family members and lived in at the time from onto bellowed Emission Ba Ho Whittier rose, Mead Monetary Park and finally ending his free and boil heights. Then
was finally given the contact. The context of the delicate diablo story, and just recently in my aunt, told me her version, so she always thought it was the devil she didn't put, I picturing a guy walking with a really nice. It is maybe it's a bit where was of London of Meda right in a really nice sharks, ginsu on little tiny, her feet, walking by my grandmother, Esperanza passed away in two thousand and five so has never able to hear the full story from her, but don't worry. She played a key role in my interest in true crimes and she purchased those super graphic, latino magazines. That would show the most obscene content on the cover. Lena was murdered and there is a picture of her on the autopsy table. Show gunshot wound no and she says, oh, the joys of electronics, childhood stay sexy and make sure to research or families. History with well known serial killers before you research, the wrong one, sending
Let's have Haggerty all during this friend of the past Celine bath Galleron deadline, re Celine, nice get Celine needs to make a documentary about Richard Ramirez re Dead it Esperanza Esperanza, what a great name so good man- that's, I really I mean I just love that of just like spotted em. They knew who was Sunday were drive him down and have your guy or kill your killing. Your neighbors yet now Terrorize animals, old people, I mean I'm just a horror shown ok, this subject China's espresso martinis Anna Hometown hit man one. What's up guys as a murderer, you know in a bar tender. The recent shout about espresso martinis finally gave me an excuse to email. The general recipe has equal parts: vodka, coffee, Le Coeur, you're right your and a shot of espresso. They combine all
son of being drunk with the joy of having a cat. The calf hinge their super popular in Australia and New Zealand, so naturally the pretentious hipster bartenders think they're kind of trashy onto my hometown, I'm from Canberra City, with a nationwide reputation for being boring and small, but we have some pretty cool bars. There's a popular one in the middle of the city, known for its fun, tropical vibes, think Tiki drinks palm leaves and lots of hens parties. Recently, one of my My friends was working there and If the usual groups of young women and cocktail dresses, the bar was filled with big burly middle aged man, but hey no judgment, scary. Looking men are allowed, didn't joyful, sweet, sweet, Tiki drinks, that's
hell, yeah you're right, it's right now. Everyone else to go. Watch the kids in the Hall sketch girl, drink drunk, which is one of the funny. I got a fully plays a girl drink drunk. We can't stop drinking like big blue things, pineapples thinking about later. In the night one of the men was standing in the bar when cool common. Collectedly. Another man walked up to him and a knife in his throat, no scuffle nope avocation. Just a straight up stabbing a man who had been stabbed took us slip from his drink. Pulled the knife out of his home through this is so Australia and walked out into the street where he died. In view of nearly every single person in Canberra, trying to have a fund night outlying, covered needless to say, all my so this just happen. Needless to say, all hell broke loose in the bar turns out turns out he's dead, burly men in the tv bar were in fact two branches of large well known, biker gang. This says
a key gang lifesaver like letter, Australian, listen, Please let us know if you call biker gangs, a key gang wherever there is likely to try sickle what it's like the culture. Cyclones bigamy is there. It is the big burly do in a trice, equally egg burly, fourth creators, the man who had very calmly cut the other man Throat was the hit man of the group. It still a mystery as to why they went out drinking together, but just before a murder So is why they chose to very publicly kill one of their members when usually they just quote unquote disappear. However, what we have found, what is that Tiki bars are a great way for gangs to launder money to keep up more specifically I mean those arguments of drinks. Have you been here? That's true you're like whose how did you? How in God's name, do you spend six hundred eighty dollars to give our o t keep our right on that point
thank you for the all the quality entertainment over the years as the only female bar tender. My bar, the stories you ve told, have, may be fiercely protective of my customers particular young women. If you ever see a Canberra bar tender wearing an M fm logo pin please know that you're safe hands and I might even buy you a drink, cheers, Alyssa, opaque, gotcha look at you and a good play said. I know it's very sweet. I love that idea get anyone out there. Just pack has out right now about woman whose father was in law Hell's angels, oh and sounded I've been listening and like about a lot of bikers That's really got home on them. If I know it's a go back again, baking hang! Oh! No! It's called relative unknown. It's good! Ok! Ok! That was great. You had to fuck and hit so far. I mean I wrote them, I'm just giving a listen. Her friends, credit vows, great you're, ready for a pervert
story. Her I mean it's a long overdue. Ok, this one's called the Kirkwood tickler I'm sorry to laugh. It's not no. Obviously, my action. Is this nervous? It's like that? It's just so bizarre. These stories out do not disappoint in the bizarre nests of the fact that there are these errant per run off, people that are weirdo their criminals, but with a big serving a radio. Normally we don't, we don't, kill, shame and less hey actual Salter ear. Yes, there how it has two big consent: consensual reality is the key to king. You can write, it can't be a tickler, a ones In particular, as ITALY and Jewels swiss cheese
otherwise, which does not exist. Carrion neglect! Sorry higher! Oh boy, do I have a home town for you? I grew up in a town outside of Boston and come from a big family of mass holes. My elder sister Attendant Boston College, the fighting eagles with their Jesuit agenda and during her junior year she decided to live on campus with some of our friends in an old house on Kirkwood Road from tones eleven to twenty thirteen. There have been several reported breakdowns in the neighborhood, including many residential homes around pcs campus, nothing stolen there are practically no traces left in any of the homes. However, few cases it was reported. A dark figure was seen watching over men as they slept. Oh and twenty fourteen. These break ins escalated with up to five occurring in a night, with many b see, students taking up residence on Kirkwood and the surrounding area doors were frequently left her mocked, one
many of the men living on Kirkwood, including saw my sister's neighbours and friends reported similar break ins, but with a twist the shot we figure instead stood over these men and, in some cases, tickled their feet now, The criminal was then coinage, Kirkwood tickler and continue to strike across campus targeting the feet of young men. After my sister graduated there were no other reported run ends with the tickler. However, the hysteria of tickler culture shook my sister and the students living on Kirkwood. The tickler was ever caught. Some say that goes though the tickler still haunts the area, and so students, report, supernatural or not sightings of tickler out of their bedroom window, say so natural. Actually, I remember it couldn't be more read. It couldn't be more human. Days, sexy and lock your doors Julia MIKE is for real. So that's it. That is like the Mr Purvis
member the Petaluma tickler that my main Audrey Crandall wrote in that's it same exact. But young girls here, as you haven't seen the twenty sixteen documentary tickled- oh yeah, ya, relates to this directly. I highly, and I mean I recommend it. A mind, blowing documentary because it starts ones by and friends of the Pham, Dave, Anthony and Gareth Reynolds our future, because they did story on the dollar, which is a great it's a bizarre history. Podcast if you ve, never listened to it. It's very funny. Those guys are great and it's you know, and then the stories are real said defines the most insane hist Michael stories, and then this kind of walk you through them, but they are actually in this documentary because they covered this story, and this in this chamber.
Rapporteur, HU, is either. I think he was from New Zealand. He went and started investigating it an unrivalled, a thing that was so much bigger than the original point of the story. Its thick, I swear to you April Richardson and I went and watch this documentary when it was over. It was at that moment, Sundance Movie Theater in on Cresson Heights sends higher. Now, yes, yeah yeah yeah, but it but then it later became yeah yeah so there was, I would say, it altogether. There is like nine people in the theatre to watch this documentary, and It was over. We all turns to eat a shot like the whole audience turned to each other went like we started talking to each other, because it was said that mine glowing like yeah, so You haven't seen tickled it's from twenty sixteen highly irregular to Managua it so funny. We did this last night too,
constantly, making a list of things people watched and said they liked, because I always looking for staff to watch and can same our concerns so bored we watched everything watched it all much. Data ok elect a new one. If you have you seen the document as you, or at least that I completely forgot about it,. Hello, I'm bridge your wine. You may know that I hosted pod called, I said, no gifts and viewed no that's that's fine learning. Is a life long journey, but now there were on the same page, I want I invite you to listen to. I said no gifts. Thursday. I have a guest on the show with one rule no gifts, and ever We, my guest labour. Lay disrespects my request. Fortunately, I'm very gracious host and I never fly into a of rage. Rather, we discuss whatever my guest brings me. I've had all kinds of
terrific guests, people like I'm a Thompson. I have a slight obsession with, Q, cleaners. I have a lot of vacuum cleaners and any time actually I mean literally looking at one now came this floor and basically takes. If you kill yourself with it, it would just take your skin off yes or Lester Basketball shorts, go to hell when the gates, because there's just no world in which basketball shorts have come across her, life in the vast twenty five years. It is impossible as possible. I would have you know where these, while you're, like Canada,
the malaria, Andy Richter, you at your most relaxed is nice that pretty of speak for yourself, I ages, staying right like reclining, alabaster statue, care and care of is not another Patrick Wilson, horror movie. I think please I can to different series right he's. All these choices loves gleam in bits, Are you wants to fight them? He wants to be the Father around them, father of a demon. Lauren, Lapis, Zachary, Tyler Zachary tie brain is now the proud owner of a bee. W W is over the entire chain or something he started. Can ok, but you can say a lot of things on a party has come true, but he is not the sea I now and more. If you want to know what all these wonderful people have given me
after listen to, I said, no gifts, thursdays on exactly right scribe now on stitches apple, podcast, Spotify, or wherever you're like to listen. I don't every listen. That's none of my business ok, this last one. Is there subject line is postal worker because I think we called for an hour of your posted worker. Tell us where stuff hem than Chrome, I'm a postal order, and I thought I'd share a couple of stories from the processing side. Ok,
First of all, we are the biggest shipper of drugs in the country. You're welcome. We all know those coffee, beans and packages are hiding we'd props to the ones that straight up send we'd without any concealed sent. All you ve got some balls. I alone am I just putting pudding weighed in a box of deep on a given it to the male mademoiselle. While I was a clerk one of the funniest parts of my twelve hour day six days a week was when jail male came through Ladys, whoever is taking those pics of you is a good friend and we ve seen parts of you not meant for public viewing, remember not to overstep the envelope. Caught in the machines and your bits and pieces are out there for the whole post office does so Some people sees ending sending in its like hey, you know you need. This is what you need when Europe inside then, if you, if the envelopes too, there are too many photos and there it is just too many angles picture here: your favorite yeah.
One of the worst things to happen was when someone sent a fecal sample in an envelope and Jack it jammed in my machine someone shit was everywhere and I vomited in the trash can what the fuck? Oh, my god, listen. If your mailing in your ballot, this election male early, don't take chances. Your new voting date is October, twentieth, not November. Third, make sure your vote gets counted. We have an election, we have election coordinators in every district in the country or working diligently to make sure ballots in election. Male get clear. Every day, go by some sweet stamps or March and clean off your porch steps, sidewalk free her character. I never thought about the three pairs of theirs. EL carriers who have to run gauntlets of people's garbage and bullshit to get to deliver. May I never thought about that, say sexy and don't forget to seal that envelope, but not a b, be amazing. I love
what we wanted. I love I inside information. I love those outing info as well Yes, thank you so much for that. It's hilarious, ok, My last one is hero. Cat saves the dog. Scipio a long time ago. You asked for a hero cat stories and I finally worked at the ambition to actually send this in My inland move to a rocky mountains, Foot Hill Neighbourhood outside of Albuquerque just for ten years ago, the House can with a cat flap which they assumed whisper, a cat. The previous owners had had Nope turns out the flat was installed specifically for the car and cat that nobody own, but everyone took care of. Had toys beds, food balls and a different name in every house in the neighborhood cats neighbourhood, as my abbe rate, is a daily out of Iraq must be my inland called him Maui because he took
He liked to talk a lot, this Maui without the IE so Maui. He liked to talk a lot. I took. It took him all in one day to come in and climb all over my highly allergic father in law who quickly became his favorite person. My in laws took him to the vet and try to make him an indoor cat, but he was having absolutely none of it. Instead now it came and went as he pleased spending most of each week with my in laws made friend, their dog Brady and went for family walks in the foothills every single day me out the whole time as it was mailing. What do you say? As I love this is so great to get outside? Look I serve. God does there's two other families, it never leave the house. You guys get the girl, Cathy, that's Ireland gave up and down here one day on their regular walk. Maui did something Heaton had never ever done before. He started grovelling. He crouched
and with his hackles, fully raised staring intently at a bush that ten feet away and may this terrifying low, growling, hissing noise. Now this an awfully area and Brady was wandering close to that Bush. The way now, he was acting totally freaked, my mother in law, and she called the dog back this the least clicked on Brady's Collar Maui, the most blood curdling gallon noise and charged at the Bush, where a- and this is our caps fully grown by cat had been hiding more loudly and nine pound. Semi stray house cat chase. This thirty plus pound by tat over a hundred feet then came for looking back like the little king. That he was in the dark, as it would have gotten the guessing. What did I would marry live for another five years, or so after this getting spoiled with cans of wet food, the older he got the more he stayed with my inlaws until he was basically an indoor cat at their place. He passed
peacefully in my father and laws. Favorite chair, which they see I'll call. The malady chair stay. Sexy and invite the neighbourhood cat in for some wet food it might just save your dog rosy yeah is that the queue now. Can we please? I beg you off what it this is a picture, and it's about that. Guy is a guy Mozart. They were relatives they're having a family quarrel. There is no, no that's the best. Also I love those kind of that. Follow you when you you, I don't like flipped out and don't go other places or whatever methods that weird m I've cats are. Animals so when they do stuff like that, it's like because of its cause, the as yet like you, and they know that your dipshit settle walk right by evolved CAP Bush, as if that's your right and privilege when it's not like I'm back from bad cats, foot a good,
at this week, would then bash character. That is really good. Why the word you guys said last night, Europe needs an eye. What was it would soon? Strangler is the hours she was trying to say stragglers yeah. She go stragglers and I go now. I think you mean what I say so: do you know, and then I was watching her eyes had about it when I finally like waiting for you to be done, those like it straggling the aim is thirteen they're. All that I'm telling era with their correct word that I totally wrong. Then character is due. As Ngos just television in the most straight noise that was made that story about this seventh grade girls. You guys are tied him. They weren't stragglers. They were saddler so in character. For me, I don't like that. Whether I wasn't that wasn't a joke we certainly distance hang. It was one
it was nice Sunday, as has the my family, came down as as global warming refugees, because North Northern California is on fire and where there, from their fires, above below and east of them. So there was a smoke dome over Petaluma and then the smoke down fell when the fog came in so Laura was like yours, inhaling ashen bits of ear, there's coughing and it was terrible. So They came down here to less handles where the air is clear, concrete desire and hung out for a week of a super fun loving, and we had so much me. I think it was good thanks fur writing those and send more guys my favorite murderer gmail or on our website. Send them. There will be let em you're the best. We appreciate it, stay sexy and don't get murdered a Alice one cookie,
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