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This week’s hometowns include a nun story and a serial killer connection.

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This is exactly right. Hello, unwell, guy, my favorite murder, but many sewed walk its many. We welcome them here what
more kindly introductions you need for this, one can't keep making bullshit. I can't keep telling you it's many and you're not getting. I can't keep telling you that Georgia hard start. I can't keep telling you that that can heal Garrard. You guys write us in letters and we rhythm deal now it s. No, you know what this is the wrong attitude. What if there is a person logging off for the first time? What has a person downloading from the mainframe today for the first time? What's up Jerry thinking for joining us high tell your way foresee a year, a J, that's gonna, J yeah, that's taken in this long. He thought boys don't like this. Yes, they do Jerry, just get just u way their lady Jerry's aren't there yet with jeez, but there s a J O cried another ochre gettin out up. Don't
The emperor of the Moors thing you can do. I just know, dear guy, that you invited under the show shit yeah. What do you I'm trying to flirt with an actual jerry? That's it you wanna go first, this we should change it. Let's do it, that's less. Make Jerry think that this is how it's always, I would argue, is he's fucking confuse are gonna. Girls were regular again winning asked a bench listener. Every episode out learn how it is their all this I thought the voice it sounds just like the second voice was. The first worries us I've been the mixed up, there's all time. Ok, this is called slept in the lap of a serial killer, o became just starts growing up these son of a church of Christ. Preacher. You see a lot of shit.
And allowed is one word it's also such a guy thing did just Buick, there's no hello. No, I don't have to talk to you about your pet. No compliments! Of course. It's about my story because her go ahead. Are one thing happened in eighteen? Seventy six! When my family lived in Jefferson Bill, Indiana that I will never forget. I was six years old at the time My father would often council people with typically the goal of baptizing. I e saving them, which is basically the job of a preacher, one of these cases. I will never forget it was a man named James locked in he was thirty one and married to his pregnant wife. My folks took them, and my younger brother and I to dinner one night as we drove home. I fell asleep in the back seat in MR lawful lap after they were both baptized a few weeks later during a Sunday morning, sermon mistress often stood up in the middle of the sermon and yelled
you only listen whose man, because he is speaking the truth. Yes, yes, now losing out in church, is my favorite. No there's some go, and I know one does now these. As now, this thing was wasn't normal for your average conservative church of Christ Service, knowing your number being extremely awkward. Yes, people get scared when you yell, ensure even extra world is like that's not how this goes. You're supposed to be paying attention. The guy up, they're, not people in the middle a few weeks later laughed and stopped coming to church. His wife contacted my father, saying she was worried about him and that it was acting very strange and not coming home at night within a few days is locked in a younger accomplice, took a car salesman from Louisville Kentucky across the river from Jefferson Veil, Indiana, on a test drive they drove onto the Louisville Bridge and shot the salesman, the back of the head, or he fell into the Ohio River.
A few days later, laughed in this time alone beat to death a couple with an axe and set fire to our house. After that it was kept sure by police and put into a jail where he would soon escape just a day later. Well, he then of my dad who pleaded for him to turn himself n. I remember the pool staking out our house to both protect us and also capture him if he decided to come by, the police did actually catch him within a few days and he was convicted of one count of capital, murdering Kentucky and shoe counts in Indiana. He received three. Second of life sentences. If you still alive, he would be seventy five years old. So that's my story, love your show and you too,
sexy Ladys stay, I stay that way and don't go murdered by looms. Matt god dammit I clicked on is linked to the signatories is like and sailing talented graphic artists turns famous insanely talent, and we should not have talks in this happens. Every time we talk shit about somebody at the top of their email. We were guided by the end. Does a great story about wait a? Why did he do it? Why did it go on a killing spree? I mean. Why did you stand up in the same thing that made him stand up and church and scream? Something is the same thing that made him go on it. Just like your unhinged name It is like the devil and he's got the devil in em, but he was at its height. Is it's that simple? a hometown story, hey all perfect, I just finished. This week's episode was delighted to your Karen talk about stole cemetery Europe a few miles from there in a little town called Le Compton
thought you might like to hear from someone with a personal connection to the place. That's the whole point of what this is. That's what we're here in four were said now: those those red thread to connect to your picture from the picture we put up three months ago, get back to us, about this stuff when I was a teenager in the nineties. The ruined church in so called hanging tree were still there by that I'm drunken looky lose her basket. I don't make me look so loud so loud and it's always timing and scurry unwanted turn. Whatever is into a restaurant, is like that's coconuts. Well, one leads to real error: drunken look. You is done enough damage to headstones in cemetery grounds that the community got fed up and surrounded the whole thing with a fence well thing, sir bad enough that the local shares posted patrols every Halloween that actually
makes sense here, for lucky. Let's just all in all over the world you destroy headstone you're, not a Lookit Lou, any more, that's called They are a menace. I dont have drunken men at sculled, sorry to certain loop it altogether, but that's called you got the devil in you I mean. Am I raise a man is super. This is of Methodist episode of the many Naturally, it was right of passage for area kids to sneak into the cemetery and scared the shit out of each other. Some of my classmates had ridiculous stories about it. My personal favorite two boys will call them J and Ryan who claimed to have found the legendary staircase said you remember. The staircase disposal goes to hell with lots of stories around it at its apparently very difficult to find it's not obvious. From what I remember. You can't be any looky Luke covered by
especially if you're drunk irritably looking in the completely wrong place for a staircase. You think it's spiral, it's not it's not by air or not as Bio Staircase to Hell they plan to send J down, but only after they looped a link. The rope around his waist untied the other end, the bumper of Ryan's truck, I'm sure they meant to tow J out of hell or to use them as devil bait teenage boys basically bless at any rate they never. I'm through with it. They said they heard growling as soon as J went down the first step and they ran for their lives, bullshit the devil wreck. Disturbed by too damn, as is I'll. Let you decide I never bought into the law, because my parents say the stories it only started circulating when they were teenagers in the seventies and because I have family connection to the cemetery. I'm Amish just descended from german farm stock, my dad's grandma may and Grandpa John or buried there. I never knew John, but my great grandma may live to be ninety two dying and ninety ninety one. When I was eight years old, maybe
a tiny sweet lady who burn the shit out of fry bologna sandwiches every time, each memorial day until I moved away for college, I visited the cemetery with my family till you flowers for my great grandparents weed. Often stand in the shade of the infamous tree as we pay our respects. Dad's always frustrated by the legends about stall because they ve two people fucking up the cemetery grounds to me: He still cemeteries, just a peaceful, sad place like any small country cemetery, but its fascinating to track how these kinds of legends come into. Being thanks, the hours of entertainment and for bill fabulous. Community moron sweet as a heart felt matching story. Yeah I was a little behind. The scenes are still cemetery, the gateway to. How many may me remember that events made me my first ever fried bologna sandwich cassettes, totally admit western thing. It is I've never had a fried bologna satellite. Did you like area course,
the right wing ony. It's like, whereas games like a flat, fried dossiers that ever your girl cheese, but with Fried Bologna Anna Hook and spray yeah, I'm seeing at Icu yeah can picture now a pet Mimis, active meme. Then Mimi, ok, This is called ground scream for the microphone may mean scream, their sheer laid out please. I think we're gonna post these. This has a video on the fan called set. Your will to see me just going cat here all over me right now. This is called mothers things amazing, video and know that people haven't seen enough of Gatt,
ok, the scholar mother in law was Patty Hearst's escort for her trial. Yes tell our empathy crew. I did meaning to write this story for some time, but it wasn't until I mentioned it to my ex husband and wife and fellow Marino Mattie, who said she hadn't heard the story that we ask our mother in law to tell us all the details over a socially distant mother, say: brunch, that's what mothers I'm just horrors tell us about Crazy Snorers with here husbands, new wife. What modern and bold- and I like it- it's very emotionally intellectual. Yeah emotionally intelligent, mostly electoral, is like a little bit. Slowly, that's a little. They your bragging about around the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths, so actually, Oh! This is money, our mother in law, Jerry do it. I myself picked up the Jerry.
Was hired by the. U S marshals office in San Francisco. As a secretary upon graduation from high school, she was higher for the job by a bunch of old men and she says she got the job because well facing a while her boobs hit before her toasted yeah a four seventy cents, re point. That was the job interview. Well insane, do you think Jerry DO is being sarcastic when you do that story. This is a literal, this is how she got the job. I mean yeah their high yeah. They probably hired her because she looked a certain way. Yeah his email, it's like dollar. Here it's like ninety five, Dolly Pardon Secretary Culture eat yet axes, I'm culture, those rights against the wall, the wall. It wouldn't work for me, this acre while these arms in any
The paddy hearse case was the biggest thing in the news and when she was arrested and tried, she had to have a female ask her escort or matron with her at all times during transport and the trial. Being that Jerry was one of only to women and the entire place she was assigned Eddie patties matron. She was required required to remove Patty from her cell. Take her children from the car back and forth from the jail in redwood city to the trial in San Francisco. IE there with her on on any breaks, take her to the bathroom, etc. Our mother in law and all her naive twenty year old wisdom guy in trouble for many reasons during this assignment, one being she let Patty kiss her boy friend and fellow S, L a member state, even so Leah through this, EL bars romantic she's, let em smooch, but also let I'm a guy who kidnap her. Oh yeah, I see.
I see the problem with that. I see what the powder problematic I'd say it now during paddies nineteen, seventy five or ass, the police use Jerry as a decoy in the marked van to distract the media, while they took Patty out through the back in an unmarked car during the trip, Patty and Jerry crocheted Alot and became friends. Spend a lot of time together. Patty would ask Harry to buy her cigarettes and promised that her family would pay her back. Jerry made very clear, did not happen, but that's in the very rich. They always forget to give you fifteen dollars. They don't realize that fifteen dollars is so much money to you. Not to them I have to say to them. I listen Patty. I need this fifteen dollars back because to me two million accurate yeah right, Jerry says that party was just like any normal young woman, but she does think Patty had been brainwashed and the nineteen eighty merely Patty made about her trial. She name one of the jurors Jerry. Do it.
The tiny, not our mother in law, we asked her eye. Not we asked her if they toxins the trial was over and she said no, but that she had quote twit, at her, but Patty Never twittered back. You know any We knew that we have to share this amazing story with you, ladies, and also want to thank you for what you do. We adore you Sd Gm Rachel and Mattie like you. I like that's like history in Europe. Crushing the like in history This is just startle, this Dad story, my dad is a boom or which means he was able to pay for his education at using Berkeley by working a few side jobs I mean my guess. Is that all the time, but you see Berkeley it, it would like costs five thousand dollars back, that it was so cheap and then What are you like that? You pay your way through college now and gets cause it's a hundred and fifty thousand dollars fur found one semester.
Then the interest on that student loan re make sure that you are going to keeping the soon learn what well after you pay derisory time. Don't worry the job market when you gotta colleges fact and your opening job is fuckin. Thirty Grundy, ok, the other jerry, stop Fuckin Jerry, stop it my dad is a big eyes. So one of these jobs was the security. Was a security guard for a warehouse in Emory veil? there had been a string of warehouse robberies, so his job was to patrol the floor alone. Until morning he was us two to never under any circumstance let anyone into the building the I was going well until one shift when there's banging on the warehouse door opens little security wondered appear out into the street, and their standing in the light is a nun. But she's in full habit in a bad part of town in the middle of the night. She tells my car broke down. Can't she come in and use the phone really at my poor Catherine, dad feel so conflicted he, but he asked to tell her that he can't open the door until morning. She asked
Please please, can she come in? She just needs to make a phone call. He tells her he really can't, but that he will make the call for her. So he goes to while the police, when he comes back to the door, the woman, has gone the police, survive, and there is no broken down car and no none o my eyes. Was she really unknown in trouble, or did you have a costume and hidden accomplices who would have robbed the warehouse possibly harming my dad and the process will never know? Maybe my dad will find out when he gets a catholic Heaven and makes a piece of actually read. The gates are like remember that nine you didn't help by going around the waters lied straight to Hell. We agree that the stalls humanitarian by stay sexy and don't trust someone just because they have a uniform Emma. I love that because idyllic some All of us would have open the door like your first instinct is to open the door and he refused to an end I'd, especially as a cab,
like which I wonder if they looked up beforehand of like what would work on this specific could be a you know, those who promised to to a disguise it sound Where is reminding me? Is it a Marquis mark movies like the italian job? Is there something like the Dan? Was there one with nuns was at the town? None masks, but then the masks, warlike zombies and I think, you're simply lack. What's the one with Whoopi Goldberg from her eyes or at the great Cathy me Jimmy such move it hey Karen yes solving a crime. I wanna play on solving a crime in bonds, paying attention to the smallest details and putting together all the pieces of the puzzle. Monday dot com brings everything in one place, so you can focus on the big picture, whether you work with a team of five or thousands across the globe. The project management. Platform, Monday dot com is the easiest way to keep everyone connection and on track its even suitable to park. Its production contain.
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Huge fancier podcast, which is honour that museum is so fucking cool and that ass I'm so, but I've never been there in your most recent episode, the question of how common was the practice of binding books in human skin came up and we wanted to offer our expertise hell. Yes, you term museum mutter historical medical library. Just happens to have the largest confirmed collection of anthem, anthem, a company at this and throw poohed answer, put Dermot and like Dermot Karen you're. So Sir, you re an island words. I love words: Anthropic Dermot, books in the country, so we thought we'd share what we now. We want a common for nineteenth century physicians and surgeons, to tat human skin and subsequently used the leather as bookbindings traditional.
Nineteenth century tanning began by soaking in animal skin and lime water after the skins had soaked any flesh, fat and hair was removed from the skin by hand The drinking lashed skins were soaked again in Lyon, water for a few days and soaked in baths. Tannen, usually derived from tree bark that were made progressively stronger over a period of weeks or months once tat, The skins were dried rolled and pressed until leather. Of course, this brings out the course whether the doctors had their pay, their patients permission which many cases can be confirmed. Three of our five anthropic books came from the skin of one woman, Mary Lynch, who died of chick analysis on January, sixteenth, eighteen, sixty nine at old block in Philadelphia, one of her physicians, John Stockton, how removed piece of her skin from her thigh sometime between her death and burial. In June
eighteen, Eighty- seven, how use the skin to partially bind three books all with women's reproductive reproductive health, we don't know, if how had Mary lunches permission or why he chose to bind books about conception and child birth, with her skin, these three book In addition to the other two anthropogenic books in the library collection represent a unique convergence of text and medical specimen, the boxes collections of tax main valuable sources. In the history of medicine, the books is out Ex force us into uncomfortable considerations of the use of human skin and bindings, and whether the use of human skin diminishes the value of the text, rendering them mere objects of mortal curiosity. So smart, if you're, ever
Philadelphia, we would love to give your private tour and take it. Please stay sexy and don't let your skin be turned into a book without your consent, the staff at the meter museum call of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and then I remember that I have a friend whose is really smart librarian, who was working on a book about this practice. So I looked it up and actually comes out next month in October, is called dark archives, librarians investigation into the science and history of books bound in human skin and her her name's Megan rose and bloom oh well, he forgot, but Well, then, scroll, let such Good NEWS that book is coming out, because I would love to know why they did that and what that I mean like TAT, apparently, doesn't it though creepy assume, gets into all of that how coolly? I have heard a couple stories about creepy doctors, where I'm thinking this doctor that did that, with this story that you just all right may may benefit
Could it sounds like I broke it? I don't know, sir, then, maybe in this book and explains- and it was like great sum- and are now what would the explanation be. That would make me feel better. I'm not sure, as there can't be one eye means history may be early history sake I mean, but it's a book Just use can paper. We people why but you'll find out in the book dark archives by Megan Resin, bloom, here's, my ass one is just arts higher. I grew up in He's been conquered California in middle school and the beginning of high school. I used to walk home with my brother and one day I started receiving calls from. The unknown collar, the only sound. From the phone calls would be heavy breathing this the living shit out of me for years. I would receive these phone calls at random times, just heavy breathing into the receiver. At first, I thought I have a stalker at thirteen
for fifteen years old. I thought I was going to get murdered, but also thought this would be such a great tv lifetime. To reach its I mean they are not wrong, I never told anyone in retrospect not sure why I never said something but whatever. Finally, two years after these random phone calls started, I received the last unknown call. I was walking home with my best friend Hayley, expecting a phone call to come through, but it Nor did we find get to my house and I get a phone call. The heavy breathing right into the fucking phone. Then I realized I could actually here the breathing in the other room there was Hayley, breathe,
heavy breathing answer her. It turns out my best for nearly had been calling my phone blocking her number and breathing into her from four year since we walked home in different directions. I never caught our vote for my believe. A heavy breathing didn't stop there from then on. Whenever Healy would leave me voicemail, she would just heavy breathed into the phone and that tradition has continued throughout the last ten years. I now live in San Antonio, Texas and highly still in the Bay area. We're both most twenty, eight years old, who still my best friend, even though she terrorized we four years. She grew up to be a beautiful wife and fantastic mother, too sweet baby angel one and a half year a little girl, Hayley I have personal favorite: U S postal service employing trumps.
For: U S? P S has been fighting a rare that that was on the peace paper. Just read has inviting a rare form of leukemia since quarantine started, legit right in the heat of Covert nineteen she found out and has been kicking. Looking is ass. Ever sites is currently at Stanford receiving a stem cell transplant in order to avoid her leukemia from ever coming back, we still normally and frequently, even if sense of humour has gotten slightly darker loud, a death jokes, but whatever makes her feel better and she's fighting through it. So I, like to think, even in the darkest times its super fucking important to remember the good times. Even if those good times, are tormenting phone calls from your? U so keep it
with their loved ones, socially distance yourself, support the? U S, p s vote and, most importantly, block your number call your best friend and heavy breathing to the phone, scaring the living shit out of them. You never know how much I appreciate it later as LSD, Gm Lex E o weaker, that's so silly! I was like mad for her little like that. So no that's a good prank because, like dilatory along and I beg you drove, I bet You drove her her friend crazy that she never said. Anything whole point is probably due to get her to freak out than she'd be like it's me out of laughter mill. I got you, but it was like yeah years again, but like Alexey was just trying to be like a real soldier about it earlier, like ok, I guess I'll just keep breathing and your phone you idiot like a guy thy love that stir what's going on vessel area on many levels the around it is why and highly keep
King leukemia sallies. Do please do while that was incredible. Those agreed last story send us your stories. Butter like that or are not like that. Or like whenever you want them to be Jerry can be anything you want. We do grandparents, we do stuff, Stephanie all's. We do, of course, traditional hometown just the scariest murder you, when you are growing or any help us a funny story from the set of Seinfeld that, like he, no one would know about my eye. When there's a one time a lane couldn't stop laughing Jerry Stiller did you ever hide anything in the cat and the cupboards? What was really in the cereal boxes?
ok! If this put gets posted in anyone, snitch TAT, Jerry Seinfeld, your kicked out of being a murderer. You now for real, but this is not something we want to get back to him. Don't be a nerve he's, not gonna. Twiller he's not gonna Twitter back at us. Just like a Fuckin barriers mon either. None of them you're gonna get Ized out. So don't approach, it don't approach it. We don't need it, we're just having fun, let's all keep calm cool and day sexy and don't get murdered by Elvis you wanna cookie.
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