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This week’s hometowns include a sinkhole story and an Australian grandfather.

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This is exactly right. I am care clank. I believe the trigger and we're comedians ass. He used to prevent and the hosts of that's messed up and ask the EU podcast permitting December eighth on the exactly right network. Every juice able take you through. Conic episode of law and order special victims unit and do a deep dive into the true crime. It's based on. We also interview actors from the episodes. So if you love an S view marathon or you're, just looking to add another true crime, podcast to your roster, we're the pod for you listen and subscribe to that's my step, an Svu podcast starting December eighth, an on apple podcast, stature or wherever you listen, don I'm Kate, Winkler, Dawson. an author and a host of the new show tenfold more wicked on exactly right. Take a group,
some trip through history with chilling campfire stories of true crime in this first season is about one of the most intelligent killers in America. How would you describe him serial killer genius, evil? Ten, fold more wicked premieres on Monday November, twenty three rd on exactly right, subscribe now on Stitcher Apple podcasts or wherever you like to listen and welcome. but my favorite murder, it should be listen. it's a miniature! It's a miniature it doll house, oh so cute
you should see the baked goods in the oven, but imagine anything, doll, houses, victorian. Second, or mid century modern shoe the tea Fuckin doll housing. It's gotta exist within motto. That would be very helpful a mid century modern dollhouse. Instead of this usual victorian bullshit to deal with, I don't want to We are closely bathtub for my how ironic and doing it by enabling, if Ok, what George you do it, but I fear out therein you make midcentury modern doll houses. Let's can see it. Let me know: is there a hashtag on Instagram and it's like a whole world? I don't even know about, I probably going to find it. That's amazing! That's the beautiful thing about this world that we're all discovering through social media is every there's a there's a fan ship for every literal thing on the planet. You know what I was just looking at the other night. When I couldn't sleep black mold,
bars and there's a huge fan of black hat like how spot it no like invasive how crazy invasive it gets, and so like the photos of like look at how crazy invasive this guy wow that got crazy invasive? That's fascinating! No! What is it the kind of where people have to like burn their house down, it's so bad yeah and there's a lot of abandoned houses which is like. So it's like a crossover of two of my favorite things that people had to leave abandon their entire. You know almost like chernoble style, because it was so infested with black mold that they couldn't fucking, take anything with them anyway. This isn't the regular episode oratory whenever the fact we want it, because I want to go to any. What's your new lobby, maybe in green malls, perfect
this is the episode where we read you. The emails you've sent to us at my favorite murder at Gmail com yeah. Here you gonna, be business link I'll, be fucking. Business like you want to go. First I'll fucking go first, okay, of the title? Hey, yo, you guys are great. I love what you do let's get into it. Well, I was listening to talk about this shooting in Huntsville. It reminded me of a shooting that happened in my hometown that same year, Clay Ellen, Duke whose wife was a teacher and had recently been fired, attended a school board meeting in Panama City Florida in December of two thousand and ten he stood up pulled out a can of red spray paint. Very that's so disturbing painted the v for vendetta, symbol on the wall. He then pulled a gun and let the other attendees of the meeting leave as well as the two female board members. So, basically, up to the Male board members,
as one of the board members was leaving. She tried to attack Duke with her purse, but he knocked her to the floor, but still, thankfully didn't shoot her and let her leave the superintendent of schools. Bill Hughes felt tried to negotiate with him to let the rest of the board leave, but Duke would not listen Duke ended up firing, four shots at point. Blank range, which more accuracy all missed by this time the security guard began, firing upon do hitting him several times. Why once he went down Duke took his own life, the craziest. about this to me- was that the entire thing was streaming now. Yet I
It says I had teachers watching all of this happen in real time. The story blew up and got national attention and the female board member sold the purse. She tried to disarm him with for charity. Oh ginger that went from you. I forgot the name ginger, oh ginger, you bad as she's a tall red head with a big ass purse and a serious attitude he's like how dare you try to fucking shoot? I fellow board members for her and then It just says anyway, hope you enjoyed my tail. Std am Bryn. I definitely your tail bring its it reminds me of member the shooting in front of the the Court house with with the guy in the tree, and he just kept dodging the bullet. Only got a point
some of the gun in a room trying to kill people. It's like yeah, dramatic nightmare amazed, good job in thank you. Okay, this one's called an early nineteen nineties abduction with some solutions, hello to my murderin sand. I was born race in Rochester New York, my parents raised my brother and I, by watching the news, unsolved mysteries and rescue nine one, one leaving us obsessed with all things horrendous anyway, I happen to remember and incredibly said, hometown murder that I wanted to share on November the ninety nine be three eighteen or a college student Jennifer Cone was abducted from a suburban mall parking lot after using the atm in an affluent town near Rochester, New York Jennifer desperately. called nine when one with her cell phone, while they abductors, were driving. She please with the nine when one operator to help her. But since it was the early nineties, the technology to pinpoint a color wasn't accessible Jennifer Coon was
Apes then shot and killed all while on the line with nine when one she was I'm dead two hours after the initial call and the cell phone was locked on nine when one one of which our generous Killers Willis night was arrested. Six months later, there's a brief mention of others involved, but no conviction or follow up as to what happened to them. What the Rochester police, and I looked it up and you, I guess, there's like people talking to each other on the nine one one recording, and they said it was only one person the guy wrenching, nine. When one recording was played in court and the nine when one operator who Jennifer spoke with, took the stand to convict night, he assented Two thirty seven point five years to life in prison- and I am happy to report- is still in jail following his daughters, murder, her father David Coon, ass local officials to install security cameras in such parking lots, but received no response. This lead
Mr Kuhn to political activism. He he successfully ran the one hundred and thirty Fifth assembly district seat and a special election held in February night. He ninety six and one that shit tell ya when it The legislative priorities was for full funding of IE nine one one system used in North America to automatically provide the collars location to nine when one dispatchers, Kuhn and wife Suzanne were also instrumental in creating and managing the Jennifer Patterson Coon Peacemaking Foundation at their daughters College, Saint John Fisher, the foundation recognizes and honours people who have made a significant contribution to peacemaking. and who foster and stimulate a commitment to peacemaking in our society, the the love you all and then I saw I looked him up to see where he is now and I couldn't really find what's exactly happening. I guess he lost to he lost his
next month the collection, yes, but I did see his Wikipedia and it says Con is in favor of increased penalties for violent crime, including the elimination of the statute of limitations for criminal sex cases. So I'm wondering where he is now. If anyone has any info, I mean just while in Crimea. That's a horrible story and again like when you're like, then he ran for assembly. It gets me because those people are in such pain, is suffering such a horrible loss and then it's like and now I'm going to go. Take action- and I mean it's a beautiful part III now, through the grief you can actually use gray through to help you, through his great he's, trying to keep other people's children safe. That's what he's doing it's like! He is trying his.
Whole point is to make the world safer, because he can't do anything about what happened to his daughter. He wants to do something that for someone else's daughter, which is just an idea and the idea of peacekeeping yeah, it's so nice that idea like what. If what, if we in the EU open concept. None of us had to deal with this yeah shit in any. way in any part of me, I'm an or, if you like, just try to do better things for the world, even though it won't effect you in out it's like traded, you better for everyone else right, but what a great concept yeah to kind of like I don't know the more. We do the show the more of these stories we read and we read things like this parents that then take up this unbelievable charitable action for other people. It's like the solution is not revenge. The solution is not hurting the more people it's like to then go out and try to lessen,
the hurting under it's very beautiful and inspire yeah yeah. Ok, Well, are you ready for this one sure when we now going over to our friends over in Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, the island, let's do it I care to Georgia and then parentheses. An Stephen, my girlfriend is a long time Marino. She told me about your many sides and encouraged me to send in this story about the crazy shit that ever happened to me. Hey, why not listen when you do what you want? You do what you want you to know that I went to college in Dublin Ireland one week, one we
A classmate asked if I play soccer and invited me along too, as once a week kick around with some friends. There is a core group of about fifteen or so guys, and I became a regular playing with them. Among the group was a short bearded, sicilian, sicilian, guy called scenario. He was good it Soccer, quiet, never yelled or got too angry, never lost temper. When he got fouled, you get the impression he was a little bottled up but on the whole seemed like a nice polite guy. weekly games or organised via a big email chain with with everyone see seed one week there were a lot of emails in the chain and a link to a news article most of the time these emails or meaningless. So I just skimmed through and mark them as red. Later that day, though, I read- and to my classmate any said, did you read the article I hadn't here? over to the nearest computer in the lab and opened it up. For me, the headline read italian
lodger charged with murdering Dublin landlord right next to a photo of severio, there lived with this guy who was a member of a notorious organization in Ireland, they were a right wing catholic activist group who campaigned on the wrong side of history on issues such as abortion rights, gay rights, same sex, marriage and they even doubled in some climate change denying so the night before Severio, and this guy were playing a game of chess at two in the morning. Why play chess at no one really knows, but this whole story is so fucking crazy that that's not even the weirdest sing. An argument broke out between the two of them about whether a move was legal and Severio lost it stabbing his landlord four or five times with a kitchen knife and eating what he believed to be his heart, but it turned out to be his long yeah
various called the police on himself and confessed to murder the cops they came to the house. First were so traumatized. They were put on indefinite paid leave afterwards. Ireland's a small country about five million people and murders are rare. A modern case of cannibalism has never been seen here before. Local police had no experience with it. So investigators with some expertise, were brought em for from a name neighbouring county. It turned out scenario, had schizophrenia and had been taking up taken off his medication. Today's earlier he had He thought his landlord had come to embody evil and that by killing him in eating his heart. That here could end the evil in the world. The weirdest thing, though, was how well are sock little soccer group adjusted to finding out one of our ranks was a cannibal. It was like it was so preposterous, so outrageous that our brains couldn't register it. It was surprisingly easy to be quote unquote, light hearted about it weirdly. I think, if he'd just
and just as in quote just murdered someone we would have been way more shocked. But with all these bizarre details it passed into the surreal and it was easier to come to terms with they wore out. Are you didn't? I wouldn't have any knowing friend go into full straight up irish denial today kid your data held drama, who you are, you are pushing it down. It's gonna come back wrapped blast. I'd heard scenario had been found not guilty by reason of insanity and was Anna Mental Hospital, say sexy and dumb. play chess with a cannibal, Patrick wow. it's just sad all around here. That's so heavy and also its that thing,
It makes me think of you know we have all seen like say a beautiful mind movies, where you can see the inside of the experience of like a mental illness, a delusion like that here, where actually in it haste, he actually thinks he's helping young boy as soon as it. I had all these comments in my And then, when it came to the fact that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, it's like okay. This is yes not this. a completely different thing yet, and I think it's completely inaccurate to call that person, I mean he technically cannibalized the victim. Yet it's not. It was an oppressed. Darius, you ve known me, and it was like him. It was an exclusion. Yes and I was extension of his. Mental illness right, it was almost like this story at wow now just yam wild. I promised units from last week so here is abandoned underwater locales accident
depth and bonus sinkhole horror. There you go hello, ladies hope. This bullshit year hasn't been too stressful on you. Thank you. I'm from twin polls, Idaho, which is built right on the snake re Rocanon. While the river, beautiful. There are a series of lakes in the canyon system that are less well known, one of which is Derk's lake, and they spelled out how to say jerkies for me, which, which I really appreciate very nice legend Legend says, was not always lake but used to be an old dairy farm. At some point the area was flooded and is now a popular swimming fishing and cliff jumping location. Some of the other lakes in the area are a bit harder to get to and are colloquial and oak, loyal early, just known as I'm going for as the hidden lakes and are also popular for cliff, jumping unfortunate
because your legs are harder to get to anyone, it was injured. Cliff jumping at these lakes is less likely. They receive medical care in time when my high school friends was at these legs and warned a boy that he was on one of the more dangerous jumps he scoffed at her side. Minutes later after my friend had left and was back to the road and ambulance went past, her the boy had hit Iraq on the way down inside Another boy from my parents church hit his head jumping last year at a different lake and drowned severally years ago, the city finally installed a road all the way to the most popular lake in order to reach it quicker. Finally, a family and a different Idaho City had a sinkhole occur near their house, which caused a partial collapse in the basement. This revealed that their house had been built over essence. Dan know why, what
The family later said that they have heard slithering in the walls over time and that their water ready for this, Had tasted like the snake smelled Can I tell you that I had read this events. He would have divorced me immediately. That is, that is in So there's a single and then it's just fucking Indiana Jones straight straightened, Indiana Jones and taste. Did their water and drink ensnared, water, which I would think is like prelate good for you like they could find bottle and sell that shit. I mean what do you think it's good like your skin or veriticality colloquially for your skin? This is the most fucked up thing. How is
this possible, I hate it as a hearing with our agenda to my sister, who introduced meteor, podcast and hates me for seeing you live in Manchester last year, Leia leaves sister sorry you were there. First, ok, We also snakes and walls. Where do you think you are going in Syria at sea? Thank you to sit here that, because it honestly smells sounds smells like sounds like bugs our water or something devil I mean. I don't like this at all events, I go one. No, no! No! It's amazing! I mean like fucking it because also when you buy a house, it gets inspected like yeah, there's guys that come and look at every single goddamn inch in the house, but it wasn't their sink hole. It was like a single nearby that caused it so like, but but the pit was
under and among their house, every houses built on top of something right, but snakes like come on. No, I know it doesn't make that illegal. Please right now. Boy, that's not even your last y know under senders, foundering walls stories or snake pet stories. Everyone why it was your house built over that many of you have a nervous breakdown blackmail.
Would you rather would you rather have your house we built on a snake pit for a black mold it W Y r? I would pick black mold all day long, a black mold pit, though that's different yeah. You fall into it. It's all soft and you're like wait. This isn't so bad and then the spores begin to take over my water tastes it like this. My water tasted, like snakes, I'm so thirsty, hold on. Let me just stand here from, I made my nine. Why am I here shall shiny lately? I love you think snakes outta, the greater the hell. You know how like they used to nail like snail sly, Amber face the same concept to me and, like you sometimes I'll put you to eat the rattle of the rattlesnake and it'll get make you want. You know like an end, some some like me. scowls or shit kilos area lay and little it's supposed to make you like get a boner whatever right
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chop, a holiday, his home was always filled with ridiculous treasures from the department store floor, stale and his grandchildren always received many impersonal, but weird and wonderful gives for Christmas and birthday. Lhasa edge love it. I had the same my aunt Dorothy, who was not an actual relative, but she was friend of the family. I had a gift room at her house. She couldn't not buy anything that wasn't on sale and when we were a building, a house that my family was unknown peddling we had to live with my aunt gene and Andorra. Thick would be there all the time and so on holidays. We would come out of our rooms and go to the front room in a door. He would have like a gift. For me, and I give her Laura and and was a one time I watch lore open up this- it was a necklace that was. easily from like nineteen. Seventy eight like that really thick gold and came down into like into like a shame, a matching matching crust
No! No! No! It was not like it was. It was very corny, enchanting looking and then I just had twenty dollars can I thought would be. I could easily become that person, especially with vintage stuff, because I'll go find like a set of incredible sixties like drinking glasses, that I don't fucking need, but I hate to leave them behind its only ten dollar. You know I. I asked stop myself. From doing that, I mean that is that that is the thing of thrift thing is I can't this is a true treasure. I can't just leave it here and it's only ten dollars. Lady Yes, I have
garage, that's right with like fire, king bowls and dishes and plates. Oh, my gosh, the cutest coffee cup, or what I'm shopping at your house is our start shopping. So much. Can I just go to your house and do it? Oh yeah, a a little store down there for you right now. It's all still in boxes from when I moved I'm working on it working on a pocket. Okay, sorry, I'm in the middle of an email right. I knew vaguely that in his youth, he'd been a navigator in the royal australian AIR Force during World WAR two shortly after that, he had graduated from Sydney University and became a well respected doctor in Sydney. That was a sum total of my knowledge. Until a recent google of my uncommon family name turned up a surprising newspaper article from nineteen, forty six, Google, your name, everyone get in there on December
fifteen of that year, the Sunday male reported that three medical students were about to spend their university vacation in a pretty unique way, attempting to cross the six hundred miles, stony desert in Central Australia on foot. Oh, no
among them with my grandfather, then age. Twenty two who was putting his skills as a navigator to youth, plotting the course across the desert. This desert is notorious for having beaten Captain Charles Sturt, who had attempted to cross it one hundred years earlier. Unfortunately, I've been entirely unable to find any other articles from the end of their trip. In fact, the only other article I found mentioning my grandfather was from a few years later, when at the age of thirty, he apparently got extremely drunk and decided to drive home anyway. According to the paper, the car quote: unquote got out of control the passive voice, clearly he's not responsible overturned three times and plunged forty feet off an embankment. The car was wrecked. My grandfather, on the other hand, came away uninjured and was fined fifteen pounds guys don't even when it's old time don't drink, don't drive, don't in the past drink and drive, he drove over a forty foot cliff and walked away unharmed insane. I came this guy
while I dont have any evidence that the desert crossing was actually completed. I like to imagine that only such an experience would allow a man to drive a car of forty four cliff and lived to deal with the resulting fine stay sexy and don't drive drunk back code, one back love it grandpas aright my friend was: what will they do next? Oh, my god tell us by sending a email about about it. Okay, swans called hometown story I M, SAM I'd like to tell you the story of my aunt seemingly haunted house when I was in elementary school. My aunt lives in Minnesota, snakes in the house. I'm gonna get so mad at you. There's no snakes or next time. There's snakes in the story that to trigger warning right, snake trigger warning where you just go: you're ready for this story, yeah! Exactly when I was in elementary school. My aunt lived in Minnesota and a town of about seventeen zero people.
Her house was on a nice corner lot near a park, and my younger sister and I love to visit and spend weakens with her as like onto my early teens. I started to become more in tune with my six cents and felt uncomfortable going anywhere in the house other than the new edition of the Sun room. I even button there, instead of the spare room when I visited I had just. I just have this weird feeling when I spent too much time in any other room like someone was watching me, what turns I wasn't completely wrong about that feeling. My aunt moved into a new house right before I started high school, which didn't seem too weird. Everybody moves until I heard why were hanging out with her at her new house. I asked why she decided to leave and she proceeded to tell me that, while she loved the supernatural, the house was just too hunted for her, and then excuse me: what light to turn on and off. She would see hair whipping around a corner as if someone was running and your footsteps in the attic
Ok, so cool my creepy feeling was right great. I had assume. This was the whole story, but then A few years later, I was left stunned when I learned the truth When I was in high school circa, twenty tennis we're having thanksgiving with aunts and uncles and someone cracked a joke towards my aunt about someone living in an attic. I didn't get so I didn't last feeling dumb. I asked what was so funny about that. Well, it turns out my Hence ex husband was unknowingly living in the attic of her old house. No, why? What's worse, he had insult cameras all over her house and was essentially watching her and our every move whilst stowing away. So yes, my feeling of being watched every room without house minus the Sun room where there are no cameras found who was valid. Gina
more valid than I could have ever imagined. Obviously, the adults decided to keep the story for my sister, and I, until we were older and honestly probably would have preferred to keep it from us forever. As far as I know, my answer, Ex husband is still in prison, and my aunt still swears at the old House was haunted by goes not just her act. Husband She is now enjoying life with her cats in a non haunted house and has neighbors that always keep an eye out Thank you for bearing with me during this long story. Access to Eu Gm Taylor, Taylor that was a great story and a horrifying story, and you do have a sixth sense like had to be somewhat not That is why you now have proof of your instincts. Are razor sharp that you are of Mary Smart in almost a yes peacetime away totally. I would have so much more self confidence after learning that, even as disturbing that story, it does this
worries about how you are about. I would insist that everyone around you start calling you vanguard if I re it just based on this alone. I don't know I think you're, the true vanguard turns out I like that, silence believe or nightmare, because you I've had those feelings before that is some than what. If someone this video like, has a secret hidden camera, because you can put those in a fucking pen now it's like they're, so tiny, yes, there everywhere, and then you would manage yourself for being so paranoid, but wait now. Would you would you rather w? Why are old snake score or at some fucking gratefully? Obviously snakes with cameras now snakes below its criteria? creep above camera snakes, the snake. I still, I think
oh yeah, I still don't wanta snakes. I don't want a snake pit and snake water you wanta than mauled. I promise you that the waters the problem here. Unless it's like an institution, going to tell us good. For so good for your kidneys and venom drink it drink, and become young again allow my right right down. The law suits elegantly, allegedly, my lonely. Allegedly, we are not doctors, we begin. We are known, Doktor largely exceed alleges that freight seen the craziest thing. That's ever happened to story, please if it's anything
like Taylor story or any of these stories I mean great batch people are really honing in on what we love to hear and writing it really. Well, too, I feel, like so good yeah good job good. Thank you thanks for listening to it. If you just want to listen and don't want to write anything in, don't feel pressure, that's fine! You can, but please definitely don't be like Patrick and don't listen and still write in I'm still mad at Patrick is typical. Irishman just does whatever the fuck is. Our only rule it rambles right up in Tessa did you have anybody that has so much on walks? story for you oh also, states x, don't get martyred, got Elvis Duenna Cookie oh,
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