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2021-01-11 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a survival story and a close call.

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This is exactly right. Oh, my god, my favorite murderer the many sewed its Benny farrago here is a little pocket. I tell you a story, It's gonna draw your eye away from current events and Del view in the world into a world. That's life, scary, it's turning! I twenty five minutes of full of not doom scrolling and then you're. All right back into it, do you wonder first this week will change and goodness sure, I'd love to
Why would you always loved you and you just offered to me- I don't give a shit ever greater. Can thank God because it's been five. You know my great great grandfather. was a murderer, expert work, ok, Karen Georgia, Stephen and all pets, I'm thirteen and my mom got me hooked on your podcast during quarantine Mamma Mamma, lease remains is hurt you in the hallway. Yes, I am one of those young word arenas and all my friends think I'm super weird yea since I started listening, I've debated whether or not to send me stories, but this, but I decided I should I was looking through old, photo albums one day and came across a really old photo dating back to exit the eighteen nineties. Oh, I thought you were gonna fuckin, say twenty two thousand three her through her airlines. Nowhere in the eighteen nineties, right from this
Miss thirteen year old, knows what their time he's right from my dad side of the family. When I asked him about who it was and how we are related to the people, he casually replied that the woman was his great grandmother Inez and her husband, Raphael Nazism, great management, Inez younger than the uses part though, and his wife, a man may is that from here is big events. Are everyone you have basement and how they are internationally Alabama. He then goes on to say that in as his father had killed her mother, I sat and shock for about full second before demanding that he's. How me the story- oh you all for your continued ural, voting, you're gonna write. That's right, they actually are really well written email. The story girl is that when Inez was about one years old, she was living in Scotland, where their father and mother, her father.
Who was very jealous and possessive and women allowed the mother to be gone from his side for long. Her mother had decided that she would take the baby to see her side of the family, and so she got on a carriage without telling her husband. The ride was along one, and so when she was going arrived home from her trip and had been a full day, she right back home with Inez in her arms and when she walked through the door she was promptly shot turns, that unnecessary father thought her mother was having an affair and that she'd been out with him all day, to punish her. He shot her with her one euro with one year old, Inez in her arms and ass. His mother died and the family of, and, as is mother, were very worried that the father would end up killing her too, so they choose. in her last name there the family sent her out on the next ship to the Americas with a couple of servants escorted her a wholly ended up in Mexico and her last name was changed again to start,
due to how long ago this occurred and the fact that her name was changed twice, my family has no information on what her actual last name was and what her father and mother, whose names were so she How can that sent away and they lie in Iraq? Of some powerful grandmother was like NOME are these yeah and then and then think out how expensive, probably that their that boat right was, but yet she sent the servants along too. So it's like you. If you have servants in the eighteen hundred probably own that both for acting out of my way as they bring baby and as on board. It says we avian as on board on the back of a bow horribly. I e that we also
We also have a great creepy neighbour story at our previous how's, our next door. Neighbor was an elderly single man. He was nice enough to us, but didn't go out of the house. Often my guide wanted to cut down some bushes that separate our houses and asked the neighbour one day if it was ok, if he was okay with us, cutting them down. He said to my dad: care. Those are old bushes and I, like young Bush. If you know what I mean. caps tag anywhere things for keeping me entertain during quarantine. States acceded, don't get murders Zita when Zita the idea it is it's. The eye are a h, you e n, and then they spelled it fanatically z ease dash d, a dash w h. so does it. I, when I think, is the entire first name. Why, of course,
Z, Darwin. But I am not positive, and I apologise for that. That's the thing is there. People will often spell something out chief fanatically, but they won't do it. Like a dictionary correct, if you want to really give some on the phonetic smelling, something put the part that you posted accent in Ok now, Zita one, I'm sorry too even mention a correction to because that was. A beautifully written email, Arthur Steel, great store outright and do you ended on some solid comedy just Good start, you know what I love with. That would have to say it is sounds like what are you know then sounds like like it like you now at work, What when I see the ones I dont know so never mind, let them work, but in general years had a better as a rule, if possible. Please you gotta Jill Zita, went on your next email that you sent us and you're going to further progress. Lagging Ayman, Gmail,
at least until you're able to drive then you'll be all care about us anymore threat. We go. You have in your life it's nice to spend quarantine with use either one thing listening, Thank you for listening and I'm sorry that your thirteen yeah surrounded by my niece, my niece, just turned fourteen right, today. I had a real profound moment, as I was doing the dishes thinking. Oh my god, this is her Tina. It was like I just didn't want to exist on now, and everything was so terrible, terrible and confusing, and you had an all many more years, stuck as a fuckin kid he saw many years ahead of you that lake, before you could get out of your town or your home or you're a lot. You also started to realize, like the simplicity of like writing your bike. You know planning Greece rise up in the street, all that stuff. That was fading, you're still a kid and used to
like it, but you're, not it's cool anymore, not spoken ass. You have to do this, not that's way when they said. Oh, my friend think I'm where the bed thing in the world that can happen to you at that age is to be the weird. Why get used to it? because when your nineteen, the weird one rule for us to me on this one, that's right, you can either haven't met ones, the visionary you can have a normal childhood or it can be funny. So The other issue pay like everyone. I call a parties or do you want to be then take the hit take they had now, while you can't weird is good pain. Is better Emma other says I survived. Ask adventure hello. if I'm crew and assorted pets. I love you casting. Can we can't wait until live shows our thing again MA what was your noise and what a dear annoys me is noncommittal. My boyfriend has already promised to get tickets as soon as you're in Portland Oregon, again
hopefully very someone said that we owe it to George at its go there. I our first stop, aren't next horror when its ever allowed again after they say why. The big, when the thing out for us and the house what have I done it, oh to Georgia, the state that you as a person I was like. I thought you met we they we owe it to you as a person to go to Portland Oregon, just like what happened there, I'm so used to see them has couple months, I'm so used to seeing my name used as a place that it doesn't hearing recurrent of anywhere. That's my name. They mean by writing for you like. Why will you know that's it now that I know what's happening agreed one thousand. How? But we just go to Atlanta and do like two weeks there,
gray. End of story. Ok, ready enough! Pandering onto the story, I used to live in a small city and sent for Washington. That's a major hub for drugs for the Pacific Northwest on. I lived in the area most of my life, so I didn't think anything of stopping for gas on my way home innocent. what shady area at eleven p M against Eureka California yeah, I'm tired today, but you know, if you enter, gives any city in the United States puts it where'd you get that. Does the Eureka Eureka while I'm pumping my gas and spacing out thinking about my to do list for the next day, a guy walks up to me and asks for a ride. I never have trouble saying fuck politeness and told him no love it. He then pulled out a fucking six inch knife and said you're gonna get me, oh, my god. Now I'm not trying to get stab tonight. I had a tie. Learn an infinite home and I asked where,
we going and gotten the car WA. My thought was maybe if I comply who either let me go or I'll find a way to get away, he D. me too, a superseding motel in the worst part of town holding a knife to my side, the whole time holy shit. At that point I was sure this was how I was going to die. I parked the car and he got out ass. He turned back to the car. To grab is backpack an order me out of the car. Three men came out of nowhere like avenging crackhead angels and jumped the kidnapper. Didn't hear much of what they said, but it sounded like the kidnapper owed the money I saw my opportunity pass. The deeds backpack out of my car and sped the fuck out of there my this guy in this city.
the crazy, as part of the story to me is that I got like six blocks away and pulled into a parking lot call my one one, the Falcon nine one one operator tells me: that's really not a good area to pick people up in. Looking sorry did I miss. Did you miss the part about the night? I got home to my babies and then had a full on painting a damn thing. Sir reading stay sexy and don't stop forgotten about part of town in the middle of the night Jody Jody wow I wanna make it lets harrowing. I'm so glad you may that out a well alive and great job, quick thinking. Can I make suggestion for for everyone in the future too ass, the guy your keys and get and get the fuck out of here take just they take the car. Now what if just gotten one of those Mercedes. A military like vehicles that cost two hundred thousand dollars, and hopefully you have really good insurance
drew that's right, because you can replace a car, rail and then are you are I can the keys and thrown them in the other direction in you could run the other he would allow for. The key is not you, but may I non judgmental counter to that suggestion, which is now you're in the bad part of town, with no card eleven o clock at night, you're right. I when I come gas. Sadly my person, the car, so you wouldn't have your failure rate bs, a scratch off. crash. Any suggestions. Do you gotta hammer lake and where more, this isn't listen, we're not advice.
I shall add my scammers, so we take no responsibility for your actions. Also, this isn't I survived story. It's not ask it's a straight up by Survive story and Jody you did it yourselves or so. We have nothing to say we have not been. We don't want, or even that nine on one operator to you, I'm being plastic and judge mental and what I like, that nine alone operator its ears like thing like. No, if you should go round picking people up its slipping, I'm not allowed to be like you shouldn't have done that. I don't think I know we are. Maybe they were now we are, I guess, there's the an we're friends. It showed this one's cog posts and the Nashville bombing hey. I am I'm sure you ve heard about the bombing that took place in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning. Yes, it was another huge shocked to our city and the end, though, thankfully no lives were lost, our most historic block of buildings was destroyed when I
move to Nashville. Seventy years ago I worked as a tour guide on Second avenue and the same buildings that are now crumbling. I was a ghost tour guide, so I knew a lot of the history of that street and a whole lot about it. Spooky residents, doesn't it doesn't? I was a ghost tour guide mean that doesn't sound like she gives chores to ghosts or that she's, a ghost followers who I was sitting room I had died at the time I thought back now I've got a chair, a story from my tore days in honour of our city. One of the spooky is places we stopped at on. The tours was a bar called benchmark temporarily closed the planning to reopen as soon as they can Upstairs area was once an apartment over a carriage building business. Where am married couple lived, I don't remember the exact dates but think early, timid, eighteen hundreds one day the wife was discovered at the foot of the stairs leading up from the apartment to the bottom floor, though, police could never
prove up a husband. Did it and many people assumed he had pushed her down the stairs. However, on one of my chores, I had a woman come up to me at the first stop and tell me she was a medium apparently, Her extended family had thought the ghost sure would be fun for her and her husband and bought them tickets as a gift, but she was clearly uncomfortable here. She would tell me what she saw after each stop, but I took it with the grain of salt. After all, there was no way I could prove if she was telling the truth when we reach benchmark, I told the story as usual, including the part where many of the bars employees had seen the spirit of the husband standing at the top of the staircase. When I was finished. The medium lady came up to me again. She informed me that the man had told her that he didn't pushes wife and the reason he hung around the top. The staircase was because he was still overcome with guilt that he hadn't been there when she fell. Oh, I was about to take that with a grain of salt as well, but then she paused and added also that
where the staircase originally was. It was in the center of the building, not on the right side where it is today. I was taken back by that and ended up asking my boss is about. It later turns out she was right and there was no way she could have known that without scouring old building records, like my boss had after that, whenever I would tell the story of the man and his wife at benchmark, I would always include the bit about the medium in that tour group. I want to make sure that everyone else gave his spirit. The benefit of the doubt. To this year, Nashville has survived a deadly tornado, the loss of our tourism economy, briefly being the covert capital of the world, and now a bombing but through everything its amazed me how the people of the city have come together again and again to pick up to pick each other back up. We are Nashville, strong and we'll get through this too. Thank you, Much for all you do with this podcast in this community, providing a bright spot when we need it most stay sexy and respect your local bar ghosts Rachel from Nashville
Why do I love that's a tribute and cool go story all in one that last part candidate make me while up a little bit, because I do remember the Nashville Tornado, which was just insanity leg out of nowhere is it I mean, that's, that's gonna turn Etas for you, but yeah. That's quite a series of disasters to happen. I am you know in its true that then the decreasing day. Bombing kind. Like came in and out of the news, because I've been so much other insane shed happening were just like that. this, because no one guy doesn't mean that wasn't a hue, a huge, awful terrorist event that have now in Nashville in its good. I love that she wrote, that is to say that people are picking each other again southward when a Georgia, Portland Nashville. I do love you out. We ve been there a couple times. It's fucking foolish share that city that the audience so we got to have her at the grand
the old Knight Guide, what an idea and one in audio ice yeah, oh yeah, it was also make me think I kind of love that the because yeah, it's like. Oh the classic story, is Like the reason you know there's go Senate's because there was a murderer and there like hunting has whatever, but then yeah, but normally it would be because you and it would be the victim right. That would be the haunting right, so I kind of like interesting that if it would be the murderer and that's a cat, that's not the MA. It's not here he's there because he wants. Everyone give him the credit that, didn't kill us. Why here take the credit away right he's been Given there's a new series on Netflix, I was trying to finding actual title while your wrapping that up- and it is a it's basically, about whether or not there is life after death
an AIDS really fascinating it really fascinating and it starts of this woman telling a story: the spoiler but it starts with this woman telling a story about kayaking down some river in, like I think it was close to regard somewhere and they were out the males nowhere in this beautiful area and she they went around this curve and they were supposed to go to the right and somehow she got blocked and she had Gerda left in. She went over a waterfall in a quiet, got ten ten feet underwater. Was there we voted in half and then she was dead for thirty minutes. No, I don't think you could do that. The only reason that her body was recovered is because one of the other people went down, saw her light check it and went to get it thinking. Her husband might want it as a you know a remembrance of her and then he did. He pay By her body floating in the water, they pulled her out. She was like purple and drowned they,
try to resuscitate her. They start resuscitating her You can hear people Yelk, she describes where she went and its awesome yards great to watch. People do that, and but she can hear someone gangs going stay with me, stay with me if they work on earth dig, put her on a kayak and then they carry her out of the jungle and their she'd. She was like it. We were so far away from any city or any on anything they come up of the jungle, there's an ambulance sitting and she's, like the odds of it, our job as Europe has its like, and she didn't how rain damage, because not having any are not genuine to your brain is they said. She. She was she herself as a spinal surgeon homes. Yugoslavia would have zero percent chance of not having brain damage for going for living at all, but they're not having brainier minutes is enough is, is the bad and she's dead for thirty minutes and came back? Ok. What do you call it surviving deaths were
surviving get, and so it starts with people with near death experiences. But then there's a couple theirs episodes at em deal with mediums and people who, in it must really beautiful, because there are tons of people who have lost. Unlike bloodier out, isn't stuff, they gotta mediums too, to just ask how people are and then they get. Illegal campaigners, and hence I kind of they had just makes. I love it. I remember it I can do without more than yet, and I think it's pretty it's pretty up and positive. you got. The title is a giveaway soldiers start with sub cagey yeah well, it's for one person when my parents were on their third day, they went out to eat and went back to my dad's apartment in Illinois State University to meet some friends. They walked in the open front door and saw two men with masks on rating their drawers and my dad's roommate on the couch, not moving the robber.
Your armed, so my parents did, as they were told and join my dad's other roommate sitting on the ground and they were tied up, My mom said she remembers. Her hands were tied with the seventies beaded belt she could easily get out of, but she humored them. The robbers took what they wanted and finally left and my parents rushed over to my dad's roommate on the couch. He then woke up, From his now he he had slipped we slept through the entire robbery, it sounds. It sounds like something I would go further still oh my, he and my daughter's drove US friends. I dont think they ever cop at these, but my parents have a good story from it and lucky for me. They stuck together thanks for keeping us saying this year. I appreciate the vulnerability it takes for you to open up like you, do stay sexy and sleep through your robberies. Emma think I would not trust myself again. Is that I can handle it. Looked like a precarious situation. If you like you are you are
worthless and a situation. You're not worthless, you're, simply asleep, it's not your fault right, you're, a heavy, sleeper, etc. It's more you every time you want to take a nap you'd have to turn as somebody else around like. Can you watch my sticks for about forty for his own way? I'm gonna leave the planet right now so funny. That was a perfect little story.
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A few years ago I was working for a sports, barring girl, a guy will call. and I got promoted to the front of house manager only a few weeks his promotion. He was suddenly fired. It's a arrest. So these secret story, of course, spread like wildfire. So what happened? camera was closing up the restaurant one night when a phone call came in, he answer immediately closed and locked the door to the office. He only open the door to tell everyone else who was still there to go home as soon as they were done. Closing Apparently someone posing as a government agent convinced Tanner to take all of the money in the restaurant. Five thousand dollars go to these- are known K across the street. all of the money and a gift cards and give the guy the card numbers, this hardly as a scam. I was a scale way of FBI doesnt work through the circle, Kay Organ or gift cards
hold on this. Furthermore, there's a twisty tanner was fired immediately, the next morning course and then all caps, but wait. Okay, There is now Ex girlfriend told us the real story tanner had apparently gotten into some serious dat with coke dealers here took all the money from the restaurant to pay his debts. Then he may at the bogus scams or to try to save his job, hammer was not a bright purse horizontal. You would have made that amount of money in a month with your new salary working in service was harrowing and definitely took a few years off my life, but at least it was always entertaining now a few months away from graduating, with my masters degree in education and becoming a certified high school math teacher, give us give a teacher in your life, some love. They all beta right now, amen until it says stay sexy and don't do too much Coke Jim Jim Jim JAM
It says they them there's Jim Jim, Jim Jan. I want a party with Jim Jan. We If there is no matter how down don't think too much, oh so, basically, the circle care gift card story was a scam in an eye on questioning our fry was actually friends. Parents that
that scam going there. They are fuckin line him and they went to like Boca return with no I've heard child had say or his savings. I I actually have a friend who told just texted me said the same thing happen and that gives she'd been listening to the shown we were talking about this, this element of most scams these days. Is they rush? You guess they make me. They say you have right now. You have your right now and this this happened to her and she literally did it and got on his Itunes gift like this crazy and she was like it happened so fast like him. I was kind of amazing that one person I actually knew like any other and not an old person who doesn't catch known, I'm not! I'm not gonna regent sideline. Once again, hello gales there's a little better is but used with the bracket. So it's like a baby at our smile, and and it says that's the way
my mama has always said. Girls jokingly of my money too, I, like your health ill coming from me. I allay or something ok, so anyways. When I was twelve years old, I was having you sleep over it. My friends house. We grew up in rural area, Apple, Appalache, em, so sleep over consisted, and they did give me a fanatic. But do I need the fanatic now you Fernando Corona Night around it, and I know how you Carol. I dare say so, tired and it's been a long. We can know you didn't care, or maybe I don't care what that's like your way like go girl but its girl, you ve, no Carol, you go Kara
Europe in Rural Appalachia, so sleep. I wish insisted of roaming around outside this. Just like parliament walking through open cow past years, yet splashing around in here by creeks and literally just walking around outside and Jennifer. That's my entire child of it. My friends house was close to an old cemetery school. Sorry, my friends smooth laid there will uglier an apple azure? My friends, I was close to an old elementary. Our phones are more accurate note. There is hardly any little skeletal fiscal that that was turned into a small community center. We would always hang out there because they had super old playground equipment and there was literally nothing else to do. We were hanging out by Pepsi vending machine like a nineteen fifties and Y see Street gang when this old rinkitink car dries by slowly about two minutes later he drives by again now he pursued
It had to do this to more times, and then he stopped to my twelve year old self. He looked sixty but in reality, whose probably about thirty or thirty four to thirty four years old, at brown, hair and a five o clock shadow. He was wearing a brown jacket. He asked does to come over to his car because he had a question and we just stared at him, and he started to take off his seat belt, Well, I guess my ass Sd Gm kicked in because the first thing out of my mouth was no. You pervert. He could
you could tell he was surprised by my reaction, but that it made him more insistent any asked again my friend yelled. I don't want to get tetanus from that p. O s coat, you call a car like what the fuck you mouthy little lives, or my party earns followed by my I dont care of your last or whatever. It is year, weird and weird looking and we're not felt thinking. If ok, listen, I don't really want kids, but if I were a guaranteed, they leave little slackened. Malady can do it This is this, is it his face changed instantly. He got angry and then offended. He started putting a seatbelt by God and my friend said by loser
he sped away, and we never saw him again to this day I like to imagine he cried ass. He drew knowing dear twelve euro. Girls just owned is, as this event seemed minor to me as a young girl, but now is a twenty four year old mom to a little girl. I realise that the event could have ended much differently. However, I'm glad my mama inadvertently taught me that when it comes to men, be a bitch first and apologize later with when you grow up in areas like ours, you tend to have a mouth on, yeah shrugs, shrubs and asterisks stays excellent. Remember the bullying is never ok unless it's too a potential abductor in a piece of shit car, Charlie. I learn weird and weird. Look here right. Here's what they're right that he turned around with him in here is: why is the child at the first thing that they yell at you is pervert? You dont continue to talk to them, because they're scared of you
yeah? No, I mean you don't try to hold on a second now gals, like I think, I'm a pervert. I better get scaring these children. I better get out of here night, let me can you to try to talk to. You know, I'm not a reason with you to cut all say any time, and we have touched on some like this, but that idea that a man sitting in a car hey come over. Here You were weren't, do an ardent over here like what are you doing, adults, don't need to talk to children or ask them for directions or help in any fucking way in twenty twenty one, and that is the year by the oasis,
adult shouldn't talk to children unless there their own children, or they have a note from the parent of children that that child knows them here it is bad, is a bad idea for you to talk to a child at all. There is no reason stay away. I don't think I've ever heard you I've spoken to children and they talk today. First, like my neighbour caters like like one what the cap, my cats are daily without one time, I think I've told you the story. One time. You know that street. I think it's Silverlake Boulevard, but it's the one. It goes up behind Hyperion whereas all residents that's Griffith Park here, Griffith area, so it's kind of a behind but like if you aren't going to the Lira, Hyperion you'd part may be part of Europe that strong, oh yeah, that's Griffith Park. Ok, So I'm driving down the street at night because I'm gonna go to the lake. Iberian are trying to find a parking spot, and I look accordingly. I and there is like a nine year old boy run not the sidewalk. I got an idea
king and I'm like- I don't like this at all, so I rolled on my window and I'm just kind of driving along any run. He's looks over me as he's writing and I go. Are you? Ok any goes. Oh yeah, look. I just try WWW. I urge you to think it was like he went to the car and then he was walking like running back to this house is an alarming, but it it was I'm a thing one jars and you seem like a young kid running alone at night. None of that was ok jarring. It's like when you see a dog without a leash on your like something's, not right, there's no Spokane allay. I guess maybe only there's no reason for it, and it's just like a person's annual purchase took a dog on a leash butcher and also put yourself you may
one download mailbox gums? Ok, anyway, now time for me were dealt with through your heads, we can skip beds oak think we have to end the shelf, let's not discuss care care and and smash antibiotics fencing. Thank you both Carolyn, Karel its Carolyn carols signing off regime max you and don't carry when we love you don't get married care they get on Elvis Tijuana cookie.
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