« My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

MFM Minisode 210

2021-01-18 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a family suspect and a dangerous neighbor.

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Prizes. how long and welcome in my favorite murder the Mammy so loud tat caring, he'll Gara, that's Georgia, hard stark! It's Friday, night work! That's a party that going now going down going and it's gone, my you wanna go first You wanna go first needed authorised again. They d like a sweet, a sweet. Little ending liner. I, like my ending one. Ok, if you want me to do that, we want to go for a lot of us over twenty two anyone. Ok, this is
called the one with the Grandpa murder highs, Stephen Georgia and Karen love the part, etc, etc. I m here to tell you a good old fashioned hometown murder. In fact, it's such a classic. It's on the original unsolved mysteries, nice. I was like your famous It's a season! Six episode, ten it's the story of the time my grandpa got murdered! Oh no, I know on the net it may fifteenth nineteen eighty one, my grandfather was attending a political fundraiser when he was shot in the head point. Blank and killed, despite the roughly four four hundred people in attendance that night no ones. a thing and mostly People interviewed refused to disclose any information because they feared for their own lives. Now here's where it gets fishy. So I'm gonna get theirs.
its sorrowed. I know right, there's a name in it, but I'm just gonna use the initial of the last namby has its alleged, but if you watch them I said, I'm sure they say now years worth get fishy, though he was off duty when the police arrive. Deputy chief John C was already on the scene and throughout the investigation he gave several reasons for his attendance at the fundraiser that evening the bullet is in the killing, was recovered and sent for testing. But even though it was being kept in a lock drawer in seized ass. Could that the lab was having trouble processing it because they said the bullet had a whole plan into it and an effort event: tracing the bullet had a whole punched into it in an effort to prevent tracing what kind of weapon was used. Despite ass. They managed to identify again used and guess who's, the only fucking officer on the forest who use that kind of Gun Johnson. Yet
John C. I really wanted to get you re yeah. He also fail to polygraph tests, so yeah low, his death is labelled a cold case, a cursory study of the evidence makes it pretty fucking obvious. Who did it? The law, I spent is just some spooky stuff that happened after the murder nights his father was murdered. My dad awoke to a bullet being shot through their living room window. Well, they also got caught in the middle of the night. With a mysterious voice saying, I know who killed J the name of the Grandpa, my Go also claims he once paid for something at a coroner store and one of the bills he got as change had quote. I know who killed Jake scrawled on it. No one of my Emily talks about the murder, so hopefully none of them are listening. When I asked my dad about it, he doesn't say much, but I thank him for instilling fear of policing me at a young age and always reminding me that quote the cops, can light EU snake.
taxi m. Please get my dad and authority therapy her. We It's awful so awful. I hope. I hope that our only it sounds like it sounds like mafia stuff, like how's our four hundred people right in the room. When something happens, and no one thing I mean exactly it feels I dont should have the same where it's from, but it feels small town, but it could be like boss them, who now united mean yeah, but small town would make sense, because it's like everyone knows not to Saint Rang or an emerald, those kind of things- scary, ok, my first email, it's the subject,
panamanian mom out crazy to bugger hello, all in all caps. When I heard the scottish dad head butting story, I knew I had to write in my mom is from Panama, basically the opposite of Scotland and that's had an opposite approach to self assessments. She and her mom, my grandma or walking in Panama in the 70s, through a bad part of town in broad daylight, I'll, be it alone, with me, a baby, my sister, a toddler and my brother, who was probably like ten when they noticed a man had been following them. They tried to say it up and make odd, turns to get away or fine safety, but with three kids an old lady. I haven't had any success. Bad as mom had the sense that he wanted her and told my grandma to take us kids and work. The other direction pass, the guy she did and the guy kept following my mom now alone, like she had predicted. Knowing this guy was probably going to rob her or worse
started acting all caps crazy. She immediately started kicking over near by trash cans, pushing the air jumping on the buildings and screaming at the top of her lungs, both plain old screams and curse words. She started pulling at her hair and hitting herself them. Oh, my and freaking out all well walking forward. She turned around and made direct contact with the man. He looked freaked out turn the other to turn down the other street and job the fuck away. My mom it back up
us and they proceeded home to safety. My mom is still a total bad, ass and kind of an insane wanted that, but you know financing and we love her so much for it. Thank you for everything you do because of the way you two of these stigmatized Araby. I finally found the courage to go for the first time about two years ago, and I am now increasing to two sessions a week and then it is we who market I agree with. That sentiment mean two and then it's just signed suck politeness and Ss De Gm wow. What an incredible tactic like that, but why fucking brilliant, perfect, perfect yeah, look like someone. They don't want to mess with cause. You just don't know how they react. Guy, it's it's really! smart and good, totally get analyzed airlines? Not gonna, go easy. Can now
successfully its basic saying come at me, mother fucker, but in the without INA indirectly, basically have little play. Yeah lay like them and it make your life hell. I more predictable than you are like the love. Ok, so called hometown story, oh and then just stop. It starts like this. I know that I'm too socially awkward to even try and write a greeting that won't end up with me getting yelled at either, so just her tender charming and eloquent it'll work for all of us, if not condemn it. Congratulations! It's really easy to pretend, because you make it easy, ok, so back and ninety ninety three, I was a six year old girl in Australia. focusing on whatever six year olds focus on animal. Answer me: there was a serial killer in my local area abducting slashing and sobbing teen girls and women and killing them and their cats. What where
My dad became a suspect in the investigations. Darrell dad had the same. Make and model of car seem at the abduction sites frequented the area where the bodies were discovered and has a criminal record, and then it so not for murder. And had no alibis for the times are the different murders and abductions. With these suspicions and the investigation and the rumour mail, it was useless trying to keep us five kids out of the loop and my dad spoiler alert, not the serial killer managed to get a murder groupie when it my sister's friends, sixteen years old and an adult to me as a six year old, Coming into our house and following my dad around and asking questions to us about him, the final straw for my mom was wet. Is that the murder groupie started to come into the house to watch my dad sleep, my mom, I'm found her standing over my dad, fast asleep and staring, and my mom promptly grab the nearest broom and aggressively swept chased at her feet.
Yelling at her, then never set foot at near any of us ever again. Certain goods- Mom was hospitalized abruptly during this time, which did not help my dad look innocent. but I and my siblings, were separated taken out of school and plugged in many different family friends homes and tell whatever process needed to be done was done so he must have been a major suspects if they were taken out of the home. It's not good. but he had the same make my car that, even though you like, obviously the stories about that the fact that that turned out to be a coincidence is stuck doesn't bowed. While none of those things do now, I d, rather it adds up rail guy. Yes, thank you. for helping me more than you'll ever no stay sexy and don't break into your friends home to go at a sleeping murders. Aspect ass, I mean
This was a weird enough story, as it was an ef. I would just like to say, and I don't mean to attack you knowing how sensitive you are and how eloquent you are. It would have been nice to hear how the dad got off. How do I go out, but that the words like hardly got caught? Can we have a little closure before for the beginning partners Doria? Then you introduce this total lake random, where she now I want to know where she is now. I bet she's like an investigative of law enforcement or something like that. I hope the Rubia or you The person rightly believe Ruby. It's almost the group is now she's like financial, clean, the asked then she clean herself up in her life together, went the school and now she's worshipping Christ. Somewhere, I mean That's we look
she is borderline issues? Basely a murderer. You know, that's writing that lie for full depravity. It's almost like that. Would the ones who who are merely marina like us, then then there, but I wrote letters to serial killers in prison on like O Koyo built up, That's not what we're doing all that's it that's do, although, but it could have been linked. The fascination of like did you think, she's a detective. That's what I was thinking that shutting out he's gonna figure, something out. I thought I bet you got some. Nancy drew fantasy. Is it's just that and I want to go with that, so bad news watching him sleep now takes that way. The vogue over the line, but an hour an hour on horrible. What is sheer and I feel it price lose a little too old for this, but what if she thought he was gonna like make some sleeping admission I killed in on it. I mean that would be a good alibi for,
Her he, as you have said, oh this is justified and I love the mildest. Like no bullshit fuck. Sixteen year old girl, you get it, I'm not gonna. Get you help, I'm gonna get you get the fuck out of my life. think this is a podcast series waiting to happen. So what's sorry, they sign must from somewhere in Australia. Please let us now as please please fill in the gaps for us, the outcasts, all it could Oh so many different ways now really is this the best or ever or is the most disturbing story of her? Ok. This is just as hometown story. I friends A few years ago, I was on my way home from work. When I saw a dog running loose near a busy street being an being the animal lover that I am. I stopped to pick her up. I knelt down and called to her and she ran full speed and jumped into my arms. Her name was chile, pepper. I called my dream of it now by the way I want a pet like an animal, so bad that I'm just saying I make please come here, but my arms someone just some stray somewhere. You know you
I have to stress, that's true is there. I wanted animals, like you, dont, have to in your house, probably lacquer colonel with me. I know you're not on my lad, because there don't understand how lucky there and they don't appreciate what they are well Mimi is around her said, sir. I'm sorry, I called my cats motherfuckers. I must defend, meaning rowdy is daddy, is who daddy a threat but Mimi. I think it's It's like me me me, as like. An impact to authorities is always in a bad mood: ok, ok, Chile, pepper turning was surely better. I called the number on the tag and got no answer, so I left a voicemail, letting them know that I had their dug. The tag didn't have an address, so I took her home with me and till I heard back from the other At the time I was living in my first apartment with my axe. He was it and I was out on the shared balcony potting some plants with Chile, pepper our neighbours, don't son came over and asked if he could have some laundry detergent, I left the door open and had him wait there. While I
since I getting the detergent. He asked me if I was home alone, I instantly got crypto. I lied, and told him my boyfriend was sleeping, says I actually was home alone. At the time I scooped up chile, pepper and went to my family size to wait until my ex came home. Chile peppers owner finally gave me a call back and I was able to reignite reunite her with her family. Later that night, I told my ex what happened. He insisted that I was overrun, my their fucker. We went the Maidens LA website and we saw on he was listed as a violent rabies. good thing. I knew to trust my murdering senses and get out of there. I can't help but wonder if Chile, pepper being there had saved, had sake, and I believe that this is. As you know, I always use a sure, but like that it was your yes, yes, I was picturing the way this story is told it. Maybe she didn't give Chile,
I regret as like Chile peppers over in the coroner like chilling so still to be out of traffic. I was either Chile peppers can attack the guy or actually peppers can the wrath the door, and so she won't be in her house apartment alone. To be a terrier, but now a true Oh sorry, oh here's, the peers, sense, gonna, pull it together with other less. Maybe the I was afraid that she would attack him or bark and draw attention to yet so that yet seeing it you're right, Chile, pepper ultra solving. All of these are always hometown. We
shortly after the building management gave us a hard time about breaking out of police early. But at least I knew that it would be safer than living extra, violent, rapers, say sexy and pick up that runaway Doug they met. They just might save you two Nicole, oh my God, Nicole, I think Nicole's giving the credit away. Though we love, Chile, the air and God bless you early. That was all unicorns Alyosha call. I am glad that you preemptively told us that he's your acts because someone who doesn't believe and gaslights your realistic fear is, yes, isn't someone! You should be where you or if they If there are minimize her and you go over the maidens I website and then you're right, you have the ultimate card to play. Every single time. They doubt you by any anything anywhere anytime. Do you want to get mozzarella sticks and another?
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he told me, he received a call from a man who, through dna matching, I had recently done. They ancestry, dot com, dna lineage thing had discovered. My father was his father me. I have an unknown half brother. I being a mystery, loving, murdering, oh and an only child was floored and so excited after quizzing, my dad for details. The story seem to check out my dad offered to give me contact details for this. Mr mysterious brother, but I was on my way to work, so I had to call him later anyways fast forward to a few hours later, when I decided, I could not wait any longer called night add, while still at work to get the contact info, that's Things got weird my dad's, May the guy on the sound? Didn't? have his own email address, but instead you used his mother's. We're right. Yes, I started getting concern that my dad was getting scammed. I am
If the amount I found ass for money, or might I really believed his story, he didn't have a great answer, so I decided to get the email from my dad and investigate myself. I down and took a look the email male red April. Thursday at Gmail dot com driver not to mention this all happened on April. First, then, it says big sigh. Dad is quite the joke, sir and zoom those coming, but he really add me my mom,
I apologise for marrying a psychopath and the rest of my family called in be rated him, meaning you told everyone called him, be rated him four days after on my behalf, can you are giving us an only child which is hard enough and then it s funny as this is the funniest airport froze prank, and I am completely on the dad's. I re entirely not on the families. You'd never had apparent to play an April like if any friend called Mount April fool's day. I'd answer the phone neglect fuck, you fuck, you fuck, you fuck you, but right, their heritage, a its apparent who figured out how to sign up for Gmail, which is like a miracle ray and it's hilarious to be like? I was basically like a male slut. Now you have a half brother guess your whole mind is blown and then he's like, because a little sad, it's a little like one. If you did
like your dad and be one step too far, because the promise of a disagree, the promise of a sibling assembling after being an only child, ripplings light some weirdo that you don't even know that kind of has your nose like now. Don't worry about it in our own, like you have to remove yourself that reality was never there. It keep your dad just put up hilarious like like a road runner, a king. You know what you're right and you slammed right and you don't have a sibling, but you have the funniest father on the flag in place of the earth which is accessible is basically as your father's doing. Sibling shit, we're gonna, let siblings do yes. That's your dad saying. I love you this much that I signed up for Gmail. Then she says thanks for second handedly, experiencing this trauma with me. It's not your days actually and don't believe everything your parents tell you may again Megan,
don't believe everything your parents tell you on world day you gotTA ably said Deirdre Guy. She also genocide, didn't have a siblings thank you a little not traditionally. I don't trust anyone, because my siblings fucked with me so much as a kid so should have that experience too in honey. We know you're right. That's it's a difficult thing when either when you're, the oldest or when you have no siblings, you go into the world like such a dipshit, but here's the thing I'm I dont think Megan is young. I think maidens better on the block a time or to, and at the very least on March, thirty first put an alert on your phone says. Prepared should be thought to us in some way tomorrow. It's not gallery thing, you read doubt Reading your told there get ready, because this is the day people are allowed to do over and your dad is a prank stood. There's. This couldn't be his first time absolutely
absolutely right, as that was high level here, you have a half brother he'll, never sad and rural areas, and the wonderful listened, not that not. Actually, I just realized all my story we're fathers stories. happy fathers day. Georgia think you might well today and that we take it. Smoking hot, like doom, even though its January, maybe that's what the eighty eight degrees in LOS Angeles, it's the middle of January. This is just hometown story and it says high all moving in. Eighty seven, I was five years old, celebrating some girl scout event at Chuckie, chief not sure how I came to learn this, but I used to slip into the ball pit and slowly becoming now what slowly, what
and slowly moved my feet over the bottom waiting to feel lumps of tickets and prizes than in fallen out of other children were beryllium, human being. How did I dont know how to do that as a kid you're a here? Our also have so many germs and bacteria on your face right now, but what area they don't care because their eyes are literally on the prize, secular, their feet or on the prize of given that we are staff, the animal can. I say I always cited here really fund like clean up after a festival or like a big show like I know them The party it at you see be son. You C B Franklin Comedy play sneers, even nine other people, cleaning up the Fuckin sat interns found a big tobacco cotton floor. Oh yeah, so it's like MRS, like the kid version, not an unopened baggage skittles on the bottom of the bomb origin,
the skin. All you know if I cable to have that thing in mouth, when delicious orange skill, here's the thing, like to say- and this is something I am just discovering as we're talking and as well as this is lit up, and I grew up as you know I'm odds. I grew up in the seventies and a little bit any aliens Bob It didn't come out until, like I was a teenager, rail, I've, four about it. This isn't and like that one I care where you can wait, you're a whole. Unlike watch kids, it looks like the funniest thing in the world to me and I ve. Never. I just think it's too late and I'm too old and now, whenever I dont know what it feels like my own, nor anything about Bob, it's like a being in a pool but you're, not where we consider its natural. As I was saying that, like this, I'm saying this has, if it's better than an actual viewed by, I will say, could I have somebody thought I didn't?
it's one of those things that you don't realize our invented so like the fact that it had to be invented and wasn't when you were a kid, is like that. I'm eating my next thing is How can a man we just keeping Bert keep adding to the exactly right party when this is over, but yeah they're, fucking boy? a pet and one more thing? What can they can you have like a traveling ballplayers, gonna, say rate bloom of crazy Ex girlfriend Pham. I follow Marilla got it, you had together and there has to get her and she just seems fine, because for her husband's birthday she taped up their office filled with balls cause his ball pebbles cause. His favorite thing was a ball pit and then turned an entire room in their house into a ball pet for the part of. But how do you get into that bulk is? I was at opening the door and glanced from rash bag up till I block it, so they dropped in from the ceiling. Somehow like it came up to like your ways to just climbed over the the
and logistics, don't matter will figure this out. Free, ok, there's a she's like yeah, I don't even like I've alike, Then, in a bouncy house, guesses, like oh, I ll go in with the kids, are acting like a mad, and then I get to do that, but you can't really get into a ball pit as an adult unattended like you can't and if you have a kid you're, not you can wanted your Fuckin party and then again and again he Eric Andrea, has like the craziest parties chair where he has like the slides and shit. I bet he's had a fuckin thou are about pennant his. I need an adult ballpark yeah, an adult, we're varietal. Here we go when he tried to stop name dropping people. Okay, now those are my friends with your financial solution is no, I am Aragon. Tragedy was parties, he doesn't know where I am oh, he will ok here we go
her back with a child in above where we, let me tell you some work it boy now I don't know What other parties have gone to lessen? Look? Listen I never told anyone. I was doing this. I would just make my way around the pit with my little eyes, shifting back and forth slyly feeling my own What now oh good, Zagreb, On this day, I was on my secret ball pit treasure hunt when my toes felt something coal. Now my toes, gold along the object- and I realized it- was also really long. I reached down into the pit and pulled up and all caps full size pair of Taylor, scissors scissors have six inch long believe all my But when I read out the memory. I like to think that, as I pulled the scissors dramatically up from the pit they made
that shrink noise that happens in movies once lemon unsheathed. So let's do it. oh god. think out of the Bali Climate issues like here. I hang tales and then do that sexual their braces and she sharing once I realized what I was holding, I just yelled MA am she's. Sauntered over asking what, through the little net, that surrounded the pit when shoot. ah the enormous blades she gave me out and we went over to inform the manager. I don't remember much of their conversation. What I do remember is that we went directly to eat pizza, the ball pit, and open, and I went in again after watching the animatronic showed ass,
thereby they have it back. They tell clay at Berlin along a client, clap, Amish clean. My ways is not one person was alarmed by this. I recently brought this up in a family party and my mom just like now, yeah you're, fine state that's a and beware of both its not huge, missed opportunity on her mothers part to get a fuckin shit. Town of take US law suit. Now, you're like where a kid lawyer comes just like Larry are guilty. Gives me the top level prize will do we'll take that radio, because, naturally, where funding or in cooperating with a g, I will take back one of those found that I see through and you can see a color wires and not everyone long up will take. Do the rest. I rest my is your honor,
Matt. Thank you that allows the visuals really visualize. You have those stories and you're, like, though I can send that I can send them an stupid story from child. Yes, honestly, if you want to send pit stories of any for nuclear. I was, I would listen with bated breath to every Bob. It's very pleased to hear how would tell me what I've missed out. I like I've honestly, like longingly, looked at the Mcdonald's play land. Sometimes oranges, like you lucky's feeling deprived, is the word and That brings us up in therapy. think. This is really what's at the centre of a lot of my bullshit, your bullshit, While we are going to have a journey to anyone here, the pandemic, we did it, we did it. We down at. Thank you so much for your eyes, wonderful slices of life that was actually also there is a lot of really personal family stories amiss and again. We thank you for sharing.
of yourself, shrill and beer south, always unless some you're, not that cool, ok is actually and dont get her eldest. You cookie,
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