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This week’s hometowns include a local Canadian murder and a badass survivor story.

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This is exactly right. I am well gotta my favorite murder, then many. So that's right but I gotta think a son they know how goes it your emails, you sentimental, as you want us to read them. We agree with what a relationship, that's, how relationships work, give and take. We ask you, give thanks thank. You you are versus we just for fun. I mean I would rise, love love to
it's all I've ever wanted. This one is just hometown story: high Karen and George Exclamation Mark. I was turning to episode, produce sixty one or you mentioned, let her coming. Oh yeah, whoever the wonderful Tunisia I'm from less towel. I bet that's not I used list. Owl list is this tower, it's not list towel through top ten favorite towers of all time, number ten is really scratching. Hellenes uttered he'd, never nine, the ones that your aunt has done absorb anything they might allow us at the end of it. That's our ate. My favorite thing when they go to a state sales is opening v like fabric clause, That's not when it's time you another
where the have nots, pantry, Josephine lit the linen tat closet appear cause it's like. That's always you know older people, and it's just decades of now we ve never thrown away, and my grandma had when to say. Like I love it, and I love this now we ve never thrown away sheets or towels tells you the ears of beauty. We used to have my aunt Kathleen and, amid eighties turned my mom onto bath sheets. She was like a man and no bats sheets are like twice as big as a regular back our yes, the handle. you get out of the shower. You can wrap yourself like entirely at some us like a blanket, but a tower does number three out of the top ten list tireless now back to list. How can it out here? We go there with them from the store
the town that Letter Kennedy was based off of ad, on which the creator Jerry Key so hails friendly than Brenna family, the family against as well problem the guaranteed everywhere, no more of their actual friend. I believe. Let me tell you it's an embarrassingly accurate depiction of our tiny town right down to the name of the bar Mo Dean's Roadhouse and that's M M o Dean Mo Dean's Roadhouse winter. I adore, which is a sickly, are only bar in town and close down. A few years ago, someone even made a replica of the letter Kenny Logo and replaced our town sign with it for awhile and again shut out to our friend Neil my honey, who was obsessed with the show and even had a letter, Kenny Themed Birthday Party. That's right anyway! That's not what I want to talk with, but are you sure I want to tell you about perhaps our most infamous crime, the murder of Jesse Keith?
I remember hearing the story as a kid. I'm thinking my older sister was just trying to scare me, but when she took me to visit Jesse Keith's grave. I realized it was true. Our old Del computer and waited for the dial up to connect. Before doing some more research probably Five hours later, I had found all the information they need in Jesse Keith was just thirteen years old when on October eighteen- before her throat was slit, her body stripped her Her corpse mutilated, I now The scene was so horrific that townsfolk start Jack. The ripper had come to Canada and was on the loose in Ontario adrift. That's ok, that's how I'm fucking believe was a crime like that was at its like you, yeah Just trying to like you can't wrap your head around a totally in the anyone in your town lays actually a drifter known as I'll need
Adele was accused shortly thereafter, as he had been spotted around the train tracks near her house. That day I'll me, was apprehended five days after Keith's murder and women caring valise containing female undergarments. He confessed. the crime, but later recanted his statement. Nonetheless, a stool found guilty and hangs on May thirty. First, eighteen, maybe five making him the first man to be hanged in Perth County strangely in two thousand and eleven while reconstructing the old jailhouse. His remains, along with those of the second man to be hanged in Perth County were found under the foundation. I guess they just left their bodies there and paved them over her after her death, just his family, had a large statue of a young girl with Ruby eyes erected over her grave and our local cemetery. To this. it remains the largest and, in my opinion, the most beautiful headstone and our cemetery. Other rubies, were stolen years ago. The story of Jesse Keith,
become something afore folk, lore. Our little town used to scare kids to cinders. Staying away from strangers and visiting her grave has become a dare that thanks to teenagers, do for fun on Halloween, hoping that catch, a glimpse of Jesse's ghost dancing around her headstone, sharing this with you all will bring her ancestors and peace and knowing that her tail is not forgotten, stay sexy and pitter patter, let's get at her sad, but which must be it The truth be told TAT stand back and battle cry known that's your letter can a great but maybe same thing. Kind of same savings are saying, and while I the wait when you first said that a statue of a girl with the Ruby eyes You seem like something that would be a quite haunting if it was still around, but
actually in a cemetery yeah, but I love, but that SAM was like. I hope our ancestors mind some solace. That's that's sweet ok, here's my first one. This is some other time is bad, a survivor story gray, and it starts just like this. It doesn't matter. I know you know. I wish everyone well ice is essential. send a few months ago, but it was about thirty pages long. So I'm not surprised it wasn't red and smart mark how, however, it's a pretty amazing story, so here's the abridged version- I that's. At home, from campus in the fall due to coded parentheses. I was fine. There were just a lot of cases, one
at the dinner table. My mama's telling stories to cheer me up and she casually mention in between bites that someone was murdered in the house. I grew up it mom anyway, of course, I immediately looked it up after dinner and I realized she got something wrong. It wasn't. A murder story was a survivor story. Susan shown a men, Schuman was nineteen years old in nineteen, eighty five studying cosmetology while living in Savannah Georgia from a pay phone, a few blocks from our house, Susan, held a bar. She thought her sister Christa, who is this from Savannah would be in the bar tender handed the founder Christa and at some point they got into an argument and during the call, a man asked Susan for directions to Bolton Street. In fact, politeness fashion, she said I dont know and continued with the call. However, the man came back with a gun and for Susan to come with him, since they were in an argument. Christa just start, she hung up the phone, they made it
way down West Quintet Street and ended up behind a great clapboard row how's the house, I would eventually grow up in he punched her shot her rape terms, Left her naked in across space of the house, but Susan wasn't gonna. Give up that easy. She must. but up enough strength to crawl out from under the house, climb over a four for law and then walk up three flights of stairs to a neighbouring apartment for help. After two and a half weeks in the hospital she was released to make an extremely long and extremely sad story short. There were no leads, so the investigation was closed. Administratively and eventually went back to cosmetology school in Savannah and by two thousand one. She was a professional hair, stylist married. two children the day, before she and her husband were going to sign a contract listen and Lana her mother com, her crying. There was a serial waivers loosen the area she begged not to move there mom do not get it? She responded there array
securing every single day, I'm not going to allow another rape as to keep me from doing what I feel I'm supposed to deal on. The thirty The anniversary of the attack, a community newspaper published an open letter that Susan wrote to her attacker quote I have often wondered if I ever cross your mind. If You ever knew that I lived survived your wrath that fateful night. What You do or not. I write this inform you that not only did I physically survive you I have overcome the hell and utter destruction you caused by the grace of God. I lived to tell Unquote Susan is now the director of the Piedmont rate prices centre where she, answers several hundred calls a year from Local women stay sexy if you're going to grow up in a crime scene, makes it's one with a bad, a survivor. That's from Sheldon pronouns or she her. That is incredible.
Unbelievable, so empowering and beautiful it's very cool that that, on the thirtieth anniversary that that paper published open letter. Tonelli really amazing. I think that's what a cool thing to have people be able to like make a statement like that or you know and make that show of empowerment. Pencil very, very call very back in a region that title because it gives it all away I Queens and Stephen FUCK yeah, let's get into it. you all, have asked for stories on cocaine, bathtubs and burning down the house before, and this story has at all well long story short, my dad is one I best friends, but he has undiagnosed atv and gets distracted easily. He was cooking. an afternoon about twenty years ago and got distracted by a movie on tv. Unfortunately, the stir fry oil ended up
catching on fire and burning down our kitchen with the small going into the events, ethics Luckily no one was hurt, but my dad ended up putting out putting it out with buckets of poor water, which is not recommended that we had to move and orange it house, while our kitchen was being rebuilt and smoke cleared from the vents. My dad was in charge of finding the renovation crews. My dad found this sketchy european man, we'll call Tony to do the countertop granite for an exceedingly reasonable price, always a red flag. anyways Wendy Tony broke a large piece of granite and my mom and him gotten to several phone arguments. For a few days. The next week my mom got a colander supervisors office did I mentioned my mom is one of the first female FBI agents.
Well, she is, and her supervisor wanted to know why she was making so many calls to one of the top cocaine smugglers from Europe. That's right, you see, Charlie's stones were tapped and the reason the granite was so cheap is because that was clearly his side hustle, since he is the granite and marble to smuggle in the cocaine those who say that contract was quickly terminated, I Campbell my parents didn't get a divorce that year, we went there still together thirty five years later, thanks and for being so open about mental health and women, empowerment. Also my mom and I have a complicated relationship because she's a big trump supporter, but I, like telling these stories of her past, you remind me of how much of a bad ass she is. I said in previous stories about her so hope they get red one day best see. Well I just like that
that person has like has the marble dealer who, I guess, that's the front front of his business- are affronted whatever you call that than when he front with the he's doing business with FBI agents and does not know how it grew. How can he be great point, vigour that do a little research and arguing with them about broken marble, don't argue with an FBI agent just replacing replaced. The marble are just casually ask when your hang out in the kitchen one day like hey. What do you do? You know it's just get like do a little recon. Ok, I'm could reach the subject of this one and just hello, my favorite people through I hail from Monroe County Mish again, which is a bunch of nothing in between Detroit into leader.
there is a small city of Monroe at the center, but the rest of the county is quite rural. I was re listening to care and tell the horrible story of Pierre say, flight. Seventeen, seventy one and suddenly remembered that a plane crash definitely happened around here when I was very young. I headed straight to the internet and got really sucked in and found out a bunch of stuff. I never knew before so here's tragic story, com, air flight, thirty, two slash. Seventy two was headed from Cincinnati to Detroit on January: ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. This is typically short easy flight, probably on forty five minutes aboard the flight three crew members and twenty six passengers. The pie its were beginning to receive pre landing instructions when the plane suddenly rolled a hundred and forty five. Greece to the left, then violently it rolled back to the right and then knows dived straight down into a rural field, located between Monroe and the nearby town of Dundee. This crush It was a mere eighteen miles from them. Detroit met
True Airport, a k, a literal minutes from the flights destination, the whole plain obliterated by the impact, much like Piazzi seventeen. Seventy one was in your story. All twenty nine people on board died. I dont want to attend to get technical, but basically weather conditions had caused. I to build up on the plane which cause the engines to a rapidly abruptly stall med flight, Apparently there was a d icing mechanism, but these pilot had been wrongly instructed to it until some ice built up before activating the next piece of information really blew my mind. Although only two of the passengers had actually been from hair. All of the an identified remains, were buried at a memorial site, Monroe Counties, own Roseland cemetery. Finding this I was
pretty crazy for me, because this very cemetery literally bordered the property I grew up on and as we're both of my parents are buried. I even found local article from a few years ago about how fellow com air pilots have travel to Monroe, to visit the memorial for the twentieth anniversary of the rash and people leave roses at the memorial every single year. On January, ninth, I want one last thing that made a show. Karen talked about totally didn't episode on this, but I, figure out a way to watch it. Sorry It was too long. Never of doing everything you do you're amazing, stay sexy and don't be afraid to fly. It's much safer now, still up wow, Philip yeah, that's, I mean also really crazy, because I think that having it's so awful, obviously to have it happened, but to be in the town. Just like thinking of the of the other side of that where it's like a pig
crashes in your town or how I was, I have your town and it's one of those things are likely. You gonna you gonna quick flight in it feels you feel invincible its forty five minutes. It's not a big deal and that, but you get on the long flies and you feel like it. scary and it's just like the hate nearing those stories. The young yeah well in there that com and, I think, tat the other reason. People, you know Wanna tell a story like that is because there they happen so rarely compared to how many flights happened totally. Finding great candidates to hire, can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That's true sure you can post your job some job board, but then all you can do is hope. The right person comes along which why you should try zip recruiter for free zipper, further dot com, slash favorite, zipper Kurt or does the work for you when you postage Alban's recruiter, get sent out over a hundred job sites of just one click. Then zipper Kurt
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Aren't from last story. Remember how see who's dad word now the kitchen and hired a cocaine importer to renovate it, which was the last one said I also sent in some stories of my mom, who was the first FBI agent. Well, I looked at her. then found one of those stories she had sent him in the past grey. show now perfect right, one from a while before and its has high Karen Georgia, Stephen Beloved animals and fellow mercury knows. My name is Sir last Sosius last and I just started listening to my favorite murder this year, I'm so obsessed, I'm going back and catching up all the past episodes. So if this is read, it may take some time may take me some time to hear it. I am a head and neck surgeon that specializes in facial plastics and reconstruction. I listen. podcast on drives and while wearing headphones walking into the hospital. I often think
that MR other doctors or patients knew what I was listening to they'd be super freaked out. I have tons of crazy backed up trauma stories, but that's for another time anyway, as I wanted to write you about my bad ass mom. Her family is lebanese that emigrated through Mexico than to Texas. Just so she speaks English, spanish and arabic. She started thank you for the FBI is a clerk in early Seventys to put herself through college for criminal justice degree when she grabbed waited in the late seventies. They just started allowing females to become FBI agents. Well, since my mom had worked there for several years and spoke those languages, she was recruited. I attached a phone, of her training at Quantico, which we have and Stephen, let's put it in the Instagram Post when she has a few glasses of wine. The murderer ino in me loves to get some of her stories. Sampled below she told
about the time in the early eighties, she was importer, Eco, doing helicopter surveillance on ass, a l and a porter can terrorist group that had made several bombing attacks on the? U S and the late seventies, timid, eighties attached thanks, but I know you don't like those we like them. If you ve told the story, but you can use the link to tell the story right. Yelling links aren't don't help in an email that were Rita and ideological ardor lies not lying. Here, is a link a she and her fellow agents had made an arrest in the morning sure totally normal when they were done. She and the pilot decided to tour around the island and the helicopter and she put on regular clothes, well, the air they heard on the radio. There was a raid and shoot out so the pilot. The key turned around to join the fray and my mom and her tank top in shorts pulled on a bullet proof nest.
and ended up, jumping out of the helicopter and tackling one of the assailants to the ground like a freaking spider monkey time. She told me about a drug best in Miami. I like to think of her as under cover in the movie blow when She found one of the drug lords in the ventilation system in only his underwear. He had he had all that insulation and fiery glass sticking to his skin and was writhing around the back seat of her squad car because he was eating so bad. I also remember the one time when I was the second grade. I missed a school bus and she had to take me and her undercover car. Though I was the supposed to every guy when it there
the giant shot gun attached to the inner roof of her car again totally normal. A few years later, she was in a car chase when she got t bound by another car. She pull the guy over and drew her weapon to get him out, but he turned out just to be a drunk what she was naturally pest about, though she did more terrorist and drug cartels work. She was there when the behavioral science, you know, is really getting started at the FBI and remembers taking classes at Quantico about profiling. Serial killers. She loves mine hunters, but watching over. Her is like me watching graze anatomy. That thing of like. do this for a living and that's not how it works and within the Euro area, is one of our aged argue the whole thing anyways, that's a sampling of tail. They wanted to share with you all. I also wanted to say that my relationship with my mom is complicated and could be strain. I want to thank you both for taking for talking about your complex relationships with our mothers. I know how
but my mom has done for me, but she's insanely stubborn will learning that I dont need to feel guilty for being frustrated or angry with her for it, ample she's, a trump supporter. This pie cast my own therapy. and our mutual love of true crime has helped us bond, because I ask you to tell me a story is to write to you all which she loves rather, and getting into more political arguments over the holidays. Stay sacks, and don't get murder, but do give your mom wine to spill her secrets, Exo Exo Celeste around it's the last. Well done: ok, cool, Here's my last story I read about rigid the subject line. Hey guys on a recent many sewed you
I said, submission boxes, never closed. So I'm bringing my submission four times your parents almost killed you back up to the top of your involved. I would like to preface the story by saying my parents are credible pupils of the day. They always are when they all my daily yeah guess what it's not gonna matter when people judge them after whatever we're about to My parents are incredible people and child neglect was never an issue growing up,
That being said here we go so this incident happened when I was only one years old, so if only heard it retold, but it gets retold every three to five years. One year on family vacation, we vacation near Lake Erie and on one of the days we took a boat to Kelly's island who was in charge of what kids, who was in charge of what kids on this day is still pretty hotly debated in Obama who is in charge of Emily Bobby? I fuckin re homage you. Everyone was like real casual agreements. The night before during on the eighth beer, Oros light would cancel daughter each other. Don't worry about it. But this story I believe the most my dad was supposedly in charge of all the older kids toddler agent, but my mom was in charge of me, who is only one a one year old baby at the time group split up that
day and my dad had the little ones and want to do quote age, appropriate activities and my mom and our sisters found a winery on the island to get there today their drink on, gathered it in practice These baby me, along for the ride, the day one as planned, and the groups met back up at the end of the day to catch the boat back to good old Ohio on the walk back to the boat, someone parentheses still unclear, who initially set her said, where's era and the emperor disease. It says baby me when my mom describes this moment almost in slow motion. She claims everything stopped ass. She looked around the group for me and realized. I was nowhere to be found and this is an all caps. She drunkenly left me at the wine r o my mom, then quoth ran faster than she has ever ran her life can better
after the winery and which is hard to believe since she was plastered and found me sitting all caps outside the winner. In a puddle of mud like a bad and apparently no drunk vacation hours on the island that day found me worthy of kidnapping. To this day my parents still argue on who left me and also argue about who noticed by bismuth, not the parents. I personally believe that my seven year old brother at that time was the one that pointed out my absence but issues to say anyway, hope you found the stories funny as I still do stay sexy and don't leave your one year old, winery, Aaron PS, since the this original email. My parents recently took a trip back to the island. They drunkenly took selfies next to some dirt outside the wider emphasise sent them to me saying this is where we almost lost. You forgot Perker
oh my god, I feel that winery was leg. Her baby was let like that can have been the first time. An here's where we ask our submissions and people who own or Enron wineries. What a nice thing I've ever seen. Work has also wineries are a great way for alcoholics to pretend, like they're, doing, of their doing an activity that is an alcohol culture. Has it's about the winery in the tour and the details of loving wine. Let's change it. Doesnt matter cause like having grown up in one country right, that's all! When relatives comes visit, that's always to do and when I still drank by the end of the afternoon, you'd start drinking like at one and you would be fucking shit. The noble spits that shit out. No, I remorse not like not that long after we had a show in San Francisco, and it was our last show at the tour and so events, and I like the warlike, let's
the Scottish, like Napa Javert, couple days and threw him into this one like wine tasting it wasn't even a winery and the church We are trying wine and the chick was like this. She turned her back. and gave us a taste turned her back turnaround like wow. You guys are really drinkin. They like she comments that we were fucking open to a sudden, oh fuck. She knew area there for the line I mean as those phony is I'm sure, especially in Napa, who pretend like take little Simpson smell. Do other worded in this town. Look we're not here for that leave I watch sideways. We know the foot with our friend policy Ahmadi Friendly, who am I wish friend, of the family. Close friend of the family, bow Giovanni and if you don't believe a seller perform, have you listen to this is excellent, now murdered Audio book Helen she's beautiful voice. Yes, you can, if you
like sideways you'll love our book. Thank you, Harry Lending in those stories that that was an amazing back. You guys really know how to do it even lan yeah. Thank you so much. If you want to send your story and you can write right ass, the tat my favorite murder, a gmail, the trade are, you can work, I don't know why is submitted on the website rather than Gmail, but you can. If you are, if you dont angle, is it on the ears must go to the website now, there's also a submission is, as usual, your line Do I don't ever say the sign Stephen other think it gets directly like it gets boarded from is my understanding that gets forwarded from the website to the email bright Sophia, like in an article in a fuckin like bunker. And you can't for some reason, don't have access to email. You can just go to our website. My murmured or Gmail. Please Henderson,
whereas in please let's ended on somber now. Look if you are in an article, we're sorry, we are clearly did humbling bath and hold here. Ok, you did you get sent, there is. Are you? Are you on the sea? Be radio talk earlier studying aliens can't tell anything you can send us an anonymous email that insight. Don't read this on the pond CAS just tell us the truth that clearly you like. We have drill down down to the polls, a corner whatever it would be call foundry drill down to cores unfrozen, colors throat. No further, they would still be fresh Russia Super frozen permafrost, froggy drilled through the permafrost. We found the alien, don't worry about it, everything's fine, It's actually the only email. I want a little bit, but please stay. actually and delicate heard, Elvis Tijuana cookie.
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