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On a special My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read stories from EMTs, first responders, and more.

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this is exactly right check one check when failure could you just say what i say i say check and thou say one and now say one on the other there hey or come to my wherever man out this is the the episode that is smaller than a normal episode hence we endeavour
deal that from the events in did he invent the idea of many sorts i wonder i dont know i feel like everyone does them and has been doing them matt don't make sense as the first i'm even thought of it shit we owe him royalties on the nothing we make you do for being high every time we record that's so we'll just added on to the tab hooker you guys know what this is right hey your hometown stories are you email them to us we dont look at them stephen does stephen does all the work all the work and then last week was investment stephen is because i don't think we would have remembered this at all last together many so we ve met we said everyone to appear in m t or like a first responders some shudder and nurse or second whenever the shit tell us your assurance we
your stories yeah and then we forgot and then just now student was like hey guys member how you mention that last week while i did that for you and i was like yes i remember the living in hand me the paper and i was like that sounds cool like i just had doing is a brand new idea we should totally data like i want to do that now has also are now you can and now we're going to and now it's even segment entitled em these stories hearing only covers sure sure these in order here what's really there's three if they are man is a good unless their bad saving your full i think also it's just an interesting were it's an entre until world so my dear it take on thing on life my first one the subject line is empty stories no murder though who pass immediate immediately were off brands but were
also forging new ground in the survivors story you love those i mean let's hope so what if like no more murder and note survivors right it's just a carex just greater tragedy we might want to go into tragedy we have done a little bit of comedy already let's go let's happy they said baseless shit ok ready hi my dad was is former fire chief and he had to go through m t training when he was for starting out when he was this person just gets right in the ets it's a high it there's no compliments which i have to respect their just like tie i have ptsd high let me tell you this goddamn story you asked for it ok he was off duty we would gather around this family dinner table and generally engine conversations were peppered in with what
he had seen it was always a lesson of some sort don't drive alone on this particular road at night it's dangerous someone just gotten a crash in their head came off like your part rose finish your piece don't private with a fake licence we told the wrong parents their daughter was down that's such good if you are under age and you're buying beer with a vague idea just remember that right before the fatal car acts all by god that angry were her parents oh they find out that their she's my food an now and then she walks through the door and then like oh my god i'm hallucinating what the that i just can't get past this is so goods so that the richness of life as a first responder it up to families at their daughters that
but also it just everything is the extreme every i'm not gonna be it isn't a grocer everything's gonna be the story of like a densely ripping off a cliff aggressors habit hartman the absolute it follows that i have arranged way there's no i live there is a grocery store there's no like what's a collop calls there's no normal called you don't mean that unlike other online one on girls you may go at the fuck you oh yeah that's right we're still some shit ok it was probably we're all my anxiety slash fascination with about death came from better what about your right my dad was a first and last firemen who participate participated in take your daughter's hooker
first and last took me on a twenty four hour shift that's hilarious this must have been the eighties is twenty four hour shift for your daughter you ok can i just say this my father was a scientist go firemen and every time we went to see him in the firehouse you got sure thing where he would like push you hand push you up the pole seek its lie back down basically slightly taller than the average man but we would be like god let's go see where you sleep and black no no no no girls allowed up there like he wouldn't and i think now in retrospect there's probably like playboy centerfold taped up two things are yes it was that i was in at all do i wasn't a sleeping area of fire house once room and went down the full paul and it was fucking terrifying yet we how old are you thirty for tv slain michael and then they clean it up for tv they took down that but what was making this other take her dear daughter to work day for twenty four hours affiliates moral
stop asking your dad for money and appreciate what he does for a living warlike then show her but you don't like its look i fucking de area or you have some of god amber spat little respect but respect even i mean you don't need to like sleep at the fire has to get the idea and it would only but let's stop criticising her for one second letters heller sudan ok my dad is the first and last firemen who participated in take your dog work day and took me on a twenty four hour shift i got to put on gear ride in the engine wake up every time they did i wasn't allowed out of the truck for a few of the calls us as smart call the car fire the domestic violence call where the perpetrator was still wandering round with a knife and the woman was in critical condition i was a fourteen year old girl alone in the fire engine and effect the car accident which thankfully i slept through in the engine i did
let's go inside of an apartment where a man was having a seizure and peeing himself that's what we do actually ok one for you to come on in the sky island a grown man it's natural fumes this has got intend to hear me to say the department quickly realized some issues and found the twenty four hour shift with goods mice this so who area my siblings all got to do this but had to stay in the farmhouse and only got to go on easy calls and only stayed for four hours no murder but a fun tale of how parents probably messer kids up my kids will remember all my lessons i've learned from emma found podcast quote stay forest buddy always all the time and if you're in a cold you can call me etc thanks thanks ladys leia allows outline ninety two there was so interesting one time i was visiting my death of our house and we were sitting in the truck with like a jacket
on lending gave us the they were giving us the whole thing and then the bell started ringing whacked out just like pulled me out it was just like the hell out of here like the idea of going on a run is in seemed like an angel we have time to ask it nicely because someone's literally suck that exactly right if he doesn't do that i can't miss around a bit like honey where you're coming any they get out of the car my daddy have his jacket back a no no way no get the hell out of here a little girl this is fascinating this isn't like my mom's job of proper management is a little different loves effort will deprive a ready this is called i survived plus aimed he plus they caught the that are so be it oh ladys and stephen i just initially censure latest minnesota heard you your call for empty stories loud and clear have i a story for you back yeah what am i
us friends actually is an anti she works in a part of arizona that is rule so it can be pray desolate for long distances one day her and her partner or driving on one of those though is rose when a man covered in blood runs out from the in front of their ambulance they suffer proceed to get out to help the man he could barely talk and he was speaking incoherently they realise that his throat had been play suddenly another man runs into the road and tells them that he was this man's friend and he was taking him to the hospital actually realise that they came from the other road across the medium that went in the opposite direction of the hospital actually told him they needed to help his friend and told her partner to say with the man that claimed he was a friend and detain him she took the engine and the am in in the ambulance and started fixing him up and asked who did this to you the injured man pointed out the friend asked then call the police and they were out there right away and arrested the friend
i was told the two men were in fact friends or had some sort of relation they got into a fight while driving and the one man slashed his throat the injured man proceeded to jump out of the car and run across the road in front of the ambulance how lucky is he the violence there jesus and amber since driving by us that's crazy he's like can you fix this hate really quick i like her i request about my throat then the other guys we're fine and i take it it's like he's what was it is one of the closest we were just doing blood brothers he said drive in the be murderer was apprehended by police ashine her partner one awards for their efforts latin thank you for your amazing podcasting say sexy don't get murdered samantha wows think samantha so they got the golden ambulance that year for is i wouldn't know you're gonna write or a year and then you have to give it
as lingeringly airy k a pink marrying a cadillac cost a lot and gas that's worth the golden ambulance rights this one doesn't have a subject line it says i care in georgia stephen and kitty cats i help it right and after the most recent many said where you shouted about empties my javert two years after ago after thirty for years working as a fire lieutenant and empty acre age rolled out ass i am thought it was normal as a kid to have a pr dummies and books full of pictures of compound fracture lying around the house ok sorry did you have this yes my mom had a book she was studying for some thing i can't maybe like renew something a camera but it was but it was this year oh boy and she was a nurse yes my mama's an hour in for some shared this yellow book and it was all it was like a teaching book
you know whatever she would ever clash you say you never but it had these really gnarly aunt em like a cartoon eggs does the wings and i remember flipping and then just landing and it was a guy that had just been in a car accident and that's exact it was like a cartoon version of somebody with all these things wrong on her that like i think of us like so it's like this is what happens to the arm when it breaks this money was showing hence and like over the top and almost looked like an artist mad magazine had drawn a guy that's impossible but would never inflicts impossible rigid craze it was so i wonder if this is the book she said about because it was like our being a kid and just being like have work be frozen into my mind like like a just bones
taking out any basis between having a mom who worked in a mental institution dad who was on fire ran living in second petaluma like northern california where all the murderous happen that's ray i'm social like surprised you're alive normal s that while i came home that though i feel but you know you're not you didn't have any of those things and i think were the same kind of crazy you're not like crazy then you should be thank you living and allay and being why think there's something very strangely grounding about it and maybe dounia the murder reno element for me is it something like i want to see it i totally tell me what it is tell me what it looks like gotta get the car accident and have as bone break through his arms get heartily i might as well learn it now because i know what happened is gonna happen i might see as well just get ready so many to experts die
violet car accidents such an one best friend like there's no reason they shouldn't be interested unless it's just like here's what fuck happens when there's like drink drive looking away yes yes and that kind of loss i think it's like what else would be as interesting when you it's like you seen the worst of the worse yet so you're not gonna be oh i i love dolphin right everywhere to mine all the time yes everyone's gonna be great everything's great knocking on alaska nano lose everything and rightly moment heatedly would urgently no i'm not trying to take away i'm not trying to open up your lunch it is just that no wonder work exactly and we know angrier minos yeah yeah the recent there's a reason it comes into someone say no no ok soap box full of them just a compound vouchers lying around the house and then in parentheses i guess it's not my dad had
he told me a lot about the worst stuff he had seen see because to him it's just doing his job there are few read stories do remember however there not really spooky but pretty cool nonetheless one time i was when i was about six or seven we were driving from a family vacation and otherwise nondescript an empty roadway fabulous or to start suddenly my dad but the car over and ran to a minivan that flipped and rolled in a ditch on the side of the road my dad always had his medikit in our car so he me italy started to provide care while my mom called nine one i blew the woman who is driving the car had been knocked unconscious and her kids were trapped in the back seat of the in the back of a car in their seats and car seats my dad was able to get them stabilized and the first response took over from their eyes never having to go in the trunk of the car to get him a change of closed because he was literally covered in blood i dont know whatever
happened to that family but i'm glad my dad was able to help them also there have been multiple items where are we ve been eating at a restaurant minding our business someone starts choking i dad always rushed calmly russia's over and literally saves their life before i am able to finish my big fits can you imagine having a dab that's he's a that much of a hero and caretaker yeah yeah she's i can imagine that go beyond help me but my airconditioning unit of mine i got marty there my mom there's like the legendary story so my mom fourchan santa rosa she would drive up the one i want to go to work in this she for for she was join us when she was wearing her nurses whites and she saw a car accident like she came upon her cement is as it just happened and there was a guy's his car was like smoking and all fucked up and he was just sitting in the driver's seat so my mom walked up to
the driver side and she was like high my name's pack hogarth i'm a nurse i just you just been in an accident do you know your name and she's doing like that standard staff the gatt now i think i'm actually it was it was bad because i guess truck rolled or something like that they were so normal and when he was just sitting there and he goes and she was do you feel like anything might be broken you know she's asked my discussions and he goes you're my mom and and i'm the guy and he is you mean i don't know i can't i guess my head hurts a little bit and he turns like this no no he's got yet like a unicorn he's got a piece of glass sticking out of his forehead so as he turned his eyes canada i think i'm ok and my mom's like aha ok well two issues like just sit back and they can only ambulances come and a mere eggs she said she had to not break
make any like she just had to act like those shouting the way they already were so then she turned this true story she turned around to walk back to her car and she's blood cause she was like leaning on his side of car so blood now on the front of her nurses whites the woman who drove carpool with our family and our grimace full and lily is driving up the freeway and now seize my mom walk away from a car accident with blood all over the front of her and thinks my mom is wandering in inland was also under links my mom is like wandering with a head injury child of the heart so how are you driving like it was creates it was crazy ok ceremony of errors that with a go we're still yes we're still the middle whose yours just can't gather that i can't sets out its personal scope close to home hijacking everyone's other its bout me the fact that my dad worked in his field for so long seems crazy but honestly i don't think he could imagine doing anything else he's a natural care
take her and i'm so proud to know it over his girl his saved hundreds of lives and also rocked a bad ass moustache and say must even thank you there's four times in a minute to recognise the efforts of am tease their jobs are not the easiest but they are certainly necessary say actually learn cpr ok do you know if you buy so i took i took a severe class i need i never did it bear as he was actually very fun they make it really fun and italy need to yeah it's not that or like involve yeah it's just basically learning a lot of us they talk about is like these days you know to do a lot of cpr yourself because everywhere you go on then you start noticing it there's those things that are everywhere the sign that the house is the there's like a little thing that when you pull it there's like an electrical oh i think they're like
oftentimes you seem like the next time i saw one was at an airport eleven a notice but it's like a thing where you can basically go you know when they go clear and yet you they have these things sitting around where you can do that for people if they ve just had a heart attack holy fuck don't do that to me ok let's try even if you had hardly go had ok can you may you know what do it if you didn't have article j j o catches unanimously burning great just for fun and you see what you like did you dream anything debbie i did i like note they cover pantry ordered i like freak out like how to react when great exactly or did it just like solve your allergies and without and then everything's fine everything's fine i'm ok this one's called first responders favorite murder yea stan i know this is long but i promise it's a great story he said what the she mrs mitch was right eric
here really said stay that hinder then see what hey karen and george i love your show and other obligatory pleasantries nice as an anti a five years are something therapeutic and having open conversations about the horrific things that happen every day we aren't normally encouraged to spill the gory beans and i've gus and they got so excited when you got started talking meant empties another first responders you're absolutely right that when you said that ptsd is abundant in the field but believe it or not it's not really talked about at all or we need only recently discovered just having a problem it is i only worked for a little over four years and have been out for six but i still have lasting psychological effects such as nightmares anxiety and occasional bounds of agoraphobia young wow if you listening to this letter in uranium tee who is struggling with such issues i want to tell you that therapy is monumentally helpful and there's no shame in talking to somebody about it just do it you'll feel better all night and then it says
murder love well done those great let's get to them on this particular night my partner and i worked the third shift we were to get off work at four a m and it was just before three so we were right in that window of please don't let us gonna call because it would almost assure us that we'd get off late and we were already we ve already been working for thirteen our only shit i was go home but it was not to be received a call from an and for an unknown problem when we arrive poorly lit apartment complex sorry it can i just say what can you imagine where your job is like go be the first person to show up at the unknown bring oblong go see what that what's happening here we're not sure you find out and tell us that all of you i know i have you thought about that's crazy like we have a basic address and that's a year and we don't know what go see what tell us what you find good luck gridlock by the book and save people's lives react layer
you keep your call no matter what wonder how many weird bananas are hanging from a ceiling or glasses didn't chemicals forehead this she is what about sorry when we do the poor little apartment complex there was a police officer in the distance casually waving a sin with his flashlight he looked like he was directing traffic that's how excited he was definitely bullshit i thought so we park history just outside the parking lot and get out of the rig pretty slow we await raining just started to fall if you want to see somebody who is unsound if you want to see somebody who's unenthusiastic sword send a pair of anti is out in the rain at four a m so don't you guys don't get murder for em on a rainy night i mean they just want care or choke or chuck so we strongly parking lot to find another officer he doesn't look amused either an officer looks amused
it would be a blot maria when we ask him what's up he proceeds to be missed flashlight between two parked cars there is an extremely bloody man his love her is under one of the cars in his upper body is exposed he isn't moving of course we get toto the fuck face and as we're about to ask the officer as much he says you ve also got one between these two cars and one between these two cars as he points them out there are three very bloody buried dead looking eyes y yeah i know wait is this the beginning of the movie seven what is that it's something utterly different though it's like lets the favour that one cars its cars than would be cars and seven mash up what's an animated seven yes great someone like that for me and now i'm awake my address
yeah yeah yeah my adrenalin opened my eyes have adjusted to the shitty lighting in the parking lot and i'm getting the whole picture adrenaline man there are three men who have been stabbed each of them between parked cars the cars themselves harvard and blood it look like a scene out of a low rent horror movie it's my partner and i the local fire station had yet to arrive partner looks to me wide eyed and says just pick one and if we go the world's worst relay re ah oh honey each victim was stabbed at least ten times in the chest an admin at this point we're just try aging trying to our theory aging dead or alive i expected dead but all of them worked alive and talking what
my partner is all over the radio calling in whenever help he could get and were basically patching holes ok ok he needs to know so much about what the fuck is going on long story short area other trucks arrived and we're just swapping empty stretchers for ones with patience we had every patient off the scene alive and on the way of hospital less than eight minutes from our arrival i'll get off early we actually received written comments commendations commendations for on below a golden ambulance is it
on the back of the golden pat on the back of her how quickly we acted in my partners awesomely cool head under pressure if it sounds like an bragging it's because i totally an ax unfortunately one guy dining room the hospital and one day in the e r one did make it to the hour where they discover that part of his hat heart was actually severed from the rest what i don't know how he was alive and talking to me he also dive sorry i don't know how to end the story in a way that doesn't that wasn't a super down note i mean we relate the here's the probable i see this letter we never they found out what happened now how in between like the very way men in between three cars do they wait did they run away up away but the cardinal so now fell at that same spot but in between
who did they see each other they stab each other did three people stab each de everyone get their own attacker yeah it was because i immediately pictured one attack a bit like why wouldn't the third guy just wait where he was if he sought is two buddies kits this has never again to be roller eyes and a new car stay sexy duncan stab mitch from charlotte north carolina madge snickey marriage image i mean i was yeah and that's a it's that thing of like that's the nuts that job is is like you go for the worst part and then that's it you don't ya outside you want to know you go in for you don't get explanations uses i'm gonna take her best some everyone's been stabbed ten time you can't just be like hey nurse over the time i brought in three guys when stab and one of his heart was can we only do hometown empties or first responders from now on i mean i wouldn't mind it that just made me think of so i already said
but dave's wire who is our family friend start is named he now he's a sound scaufflaire him but he we were the wedding once and he was on one side of my sister now and then if new burger who is our neighbour growing up who also has an empty but he was now in like somewhere hence the enron county and they were swapping thumb anti snoring dave told a horrible story as somebody that tried to run across the free that ended very poorly is like he it was it was before i was like a hot tell me whatever my sister's like what's wrong with you know and i wanna be sitting there great but then you have here so that story than jeff does yeah i'm in were encountered so we just got like you know we called when people have hurt feelings depending on where you live it's like it's in ok you know it's like stressful i mean i just can't imagine send us more by you
in the past of course also about gas because i'm monster cinders were first responder strays gather put that put put first responder anti story in the subject and stephen will then know to remind us that we do this and thanks for amazon stay sexy don't get murdered by me
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