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On this week's My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown tales including the terrifying discovery in a crawlspace, the tragic murder of Micaela Costanzo, and the Smiley Face Bomber.

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this is exactly right look i'm a current law can i can remember how many sewed hi hi let's go people stories that they sent us to tell them misread back right to them yet this is make air learner the many up beside where we raise you back the hometown murders that you emil s it's the money in your hometown clearly or town or your cousins hometown that you wrap near what else you're just one more example your new hometown yes you ve from your old hometown to a new your mom's hometown toad
applies yeah so we're gonna then you condemned to my favorite murder gmail stephen reads them picks them and gives them to us and then we see them in the microphones for it ample this is the first one stephen remorses picked it out for me too its eu and us decline is let's roll out the barrel should be fun pass as to work town murder this the first sentence then there's an ellipses weird there's no high there's no hello not a fan just as just a past work town martyr actually it it's a category we haven't name i didn't name it worked town but that makes sense you live in one town you work in a different one and in this town that you workin that's where the martyr happier which report may be preferable timing s brain right past work town murder
it's ninety ninety nine a guy buys a house in upscale jericho new york is cleaning out basement of cross base of heavy drum that's huntsman drugs to curb for trash pick up ok so keep his basement crawl space he finds a heavy drum and then he dragged out said the curb clearly he's never watched forensics because come i yet he's just like this dramas via everyone also be like a great a dead body then he's i don't know maybe it's none of my business drag this to the curb so sanitation workers won't take it because they don't know what's in it yes they do very smart so they open it they find a month mummified pregnant woman's body and covered in plastic bets the police traced the drum manufacture two nineteen sixty three trace the contents along the woman but the plastic bits to a plastic flower company they try
that too the now retired owner of the plastic flower company howard begins turns he used to own the house and now lives in florida nasa county cops pay a visit he admits to having an affair with a woman matching that description but can't remember her name he refuses to give dna to match the fetus and cops leave and get a court order he hits the local walmart buys a gun and ammo kills himself in a friend's garage what happened then and brenda sees well maybe the worst friend ever now this is the most interesting we india only written hometown we ve ever i guess at first i was positive this was translated from japanese yeah it's written by the guy who own the home who just thought that the barrel should be dragged out to the curb that's right a real basically no greetings and dried keep it simple stupid situation so what
finger right into any email shaming so many of us like we're talking so we go out of ever writing to which you are you know who you are that's list of stephen ass to do ok now they find an old and address book with the body they start calling the numbers that are thirty years old find someone who was still at her number and knows who the victim is its raina angelica miracle mccain mary came up so that an who disappeared in nineteen sixty nine at the age of twenty seven me she had come to the u s from el salvador nineteen sixty six and got a job in the plastic flower factory her boss and lover elkins promised her marriage but he was already married raina apparently had called his wife told her she was pregnant and elkins flipped out and killed her police think that
he brought the drum containing her body home from work and was going to take it on his boat and dumped at sea but wait almost three hundred fifty pounds us so he pushed it into the space under under oh the cross base where he remained for thirty year sound familiar this was a two thousand friends or fire just goes i i've seen this forensic bio real vs oh shit i had totally signals when i remember it so sad and then it just says renee fuckin renamed i was from back to basics renee who doesn't want to fuck around she wants to tell the story bt be fernand and b f f renaissance also how do you live in a house for thirty years with a dead body and had it not smell ever was sealed up in that drum i mean still worried i
its airtight pivots vacuum sealed shit man he did some met that fuckin warehouse why the two heavy yeah he got it into the house a fairer more quickly like his sign or someone helped him bring it s only told him somehow maybe oh god or did they built build a house around the sultan happen i meant to say something happened ok that seems reasonable near do was ok the person asked me more questions ok let me give us the guy dragged the drum to the corner did he find it in the curls space in the basement because a
young girl in wet gm as long black hair i hadn't appearing in the upstairs the whole cycle yes ok did he also do that because while he was eating dinner he would look and their reared civil war general sitting i try to go from them with a skeleton face who was saying go check the fucking crosspatch growled act but it growled neighbour scary voice or sped up my sister and i want i decided to oversee the moth man prophecies and i don't think so richard gear now there's a part we are watching it then we decided these scariest thing you can do in a movie in a hormone not disturbing someone right in the face with a knife that you show none of that share not not those like the loud jump scares now
smashing a car into another car in a realistic manner which infuriates me not only in our own now i don't want to be and i know you don't put that in there's a commercial lately that's got that unlike angry at that age so it's like traumatize he asked me i've been into so many hearts but here's the scarce thing you can do that sped up top
on liquid joy there's there's a part where richer gears lake in his hotel room the phone rings any conflicts book with this summarizes drawn the phone what she had taken the feminist like i don't know why i already got like that like super sped up crazy huffing it's so why is it so stereo unnerving in the same vein i hate me i ain't zombie movies when zombies can move at normal pace yes so zombies are running after like twenty eight days later yeah yeah signal issues a dragon legs and get the hell out of their right to know and their dislike booking it after you yet that like not there the one that's why that movies so good twenty days later the idea of a rage zombie which just by the way everybody just f why i that's what the world is turning into rage armies rage zombies whether it's because of
chemicals whether it's because of just work done as the human race whenever a suit of clothes we ve been fucking given ourselves sincere in the womb and were feeding it to ourselves then we're paying it out into the sewer systems and then its being processed into the water processing systems anna maria drinking at a later date you don't know if they can filter out those drugs separatists is just drink your own p c i hide out a middle ground as i told you this time and again that those conspiracy theories answers gear in georgia cobble living solutions dep hacks onshore apocalypse acts when the reins zombies are coming but i really feel like and this is not a political thing i feel it people on every side of every possible pull or doing especially rage the heights of rage people are now and i mean i think you should have heard me when
there's somebody on franklin stopped to letty fidessa walk a block the lane and traffic eight do thou volume to which i can scream at people who do not see the pedestrian i don't want to die like us go has already known bonanza like calm down georgia you can either since our u can also double down and pretend that you're still write like that's that's i think our cultures turning onto as everybody thinks that their wages justify anyway but but we're not rhyme never you and i ever ever stan ass on this stephen so this is a long one the nominal
i'm gonna say and fast horror movies that i will allow sister when i did that to her started screaming as you like ever fuck you did i get is seduction i love it argues that this will send to me and the thing i found some interesting about it that i didn't i just went through it and then i was like what the fuck am i looked at it too google of the person who email that's me and just made up a name to send this to me ah south anonymous i like haider and noted says high let's just say my name is andrea or andrea in fifty years old the story to tell us somewhat a confession because i've never spoken of this to anyone since the murder took place in nineteen eighty one fuck
followed eighty one i lived in massachusetts i hung out and went to school with a couple of girls in the mitchell family bonnie and surely we are from the same neighborhood in all in our early teens thirteen for fifteen body being the fifteen august of us i would say on occasions sneak around with bodies boyfriend chris who was seventy or the time he was a drop out in what skip school to hang out his house sometimes and we would sometimes full around we even had our last sexual account or a late one night and saint joseph cemetery two weeks before the murmur ok so bad news infatuated chris and had a very deep feelings for him so of course i never told her of our special dates fanny did however find out about another girl who was catching crosses attention i believe remain was christine and christine may bonnie extremely jealous and binding would try to meet up with this girl alone to beat her up and tell her to leave chris i cannot remember there being a pregnancy involved not one of mine but one of the two girls i don't recall this was correct
anyhow i never develop feelings for chris and our act escapades or just that really which as access foolishness than boredom andy's ice school skip school been there ok and it was maybe northern five times plus that one night in the cemetery yes we did have sexual intercourse at a seminar at at night in a cemetery and actually it was the last time we hooked up because he was getting suspicious so silly rachel for awhile ok so chris stems bonnie she's inconsolable and one day crew ass money to skip school and she did under the promised to work things out with her led her into the pine grove cemetery on the other side of town they could be alone they walked into some sort of small building there where he pulled out a rope from it a close lime had hidden in his pocket and strangled her until she died might lead
that day chris brag about killing bonnie to a girl too steam the new girl and some other people and even brought them out to see the body which in turn which later that night without him knowing christina when told the police he was can arrested and convicted and sentences seventeen to twenty years for when i lost touch with everyone when he asked where he did it he stated he was tired of money being jealous all the time constantly hanging around i thought he was a player but in the end he was just a murderer one that i had sex with woe and vonny was laid to rest and saint joseph cemetery yes the sand cemetery chris and i had last sexual encounter and begin a third time she's mentioned having sex in the sector and while she knew it wholly shaded his stone wow that's
so frightening at first i thought it was the murder it sounded like a murder that normal movie rivers edge of course yes we all love because i'm in love with crispin lower it sounded like the internet that was based on an actual murder so i thought it was that puts up yeah may think of double jeopardy stirring ashley judd also get em we're in framing no tommy redounds we're doing our morgan freeman and then she was in several movies freemen this is the one that makes her husband set her up and makes it a glance murdered him and then at one point he locks or into a mausoleum cemetery in new orleans seem no he looked shucks or into one of those things and then she's just like the names are created the movie ends yet just do it efficiently moving in
third lie that's horrifying shit like that that's like yeah we did some really fucked up things like when i was thirteen and fourteen and on drugs and i really like you know this grubbing up back rock issues hanging out her boyfriend and that message that nets i perhaps somewhat if someone had killed one of them right crazy usually more likely when you're under the airline everyone's kind of ratcheted hormones and jealousy and you don't understand what murdered death means ok ok this next one is from christian it says how you guys i'm a new listener been bench listening for the past week you rock and i cry laughing than i gasped then i cry then i laugh i'm addicted that's what in relation to start that's how you start a fucking just getting an hour you make up a gmail address just didn't tell us bucking secret that you ve kept for
i couldn't thirty year old disclosure from fake andrea yeah come on my now then actually renee yours is awesome arena we never stop thinking about that drum being rolled out by a man is like a better get rid of this thing in my view without into when everyone of inanimate money and nodded grant like bees are way there's none of my business is heavy we can't be important wearing a time a weekend always wears it i why are you wearing that so listen
earnings christian she grew up and elcho a small town in northern a vat about two hours east of alcohol is a tiny town right on the border of nevada in utah called went over think casinos desert and trailer parks with nothing but hours and hours of desert in every direction oh and the population of just over four thousand and now for the murder here's the headline from the salt lake tribune mormon teenager has been sentenced to life behind bars for helping her boyfriend beat his ex girlfriend to death several in a crime the judge branded as as violent as i've ever seen a sixteen year old mikhail stanza or maybe she was known to her friends was gorgeous girl well liked by everyone cheerily editor of the school newspaper the list goes on her ex if your name cody patten cody there are two key a little making an
coty started dating a girl named tony franco these names are like straight out of the desert registry suddenly area i'm sorry maybe i'm an m cody actually not really nice girl named coding i accept it ok the pony stating a girl named tony whose intent insanely jealous years our theme of mikhail and mikhail relationship with cody its mentioned numerous times and articles that tony was a mormon which typically lead you to believe that she'd be religious good girl which would make it hard to believe that a mormon girl could have anything to do with a murder especially in a small town like went over the story goes that tony could just not deal with the thought of her boyfriend cody seeing we're talking to mikhail any longer they decided to offer to give mikhail a ride home from school so tony could confront her and tell her to stay away from her boyfriend they drove mikhail a little way into the desert where things
escalated tony said that one mikhail ago the car she fell in head her head on a parentheses sure she did and so they panicked and everything else after that as a blur quote in those are that's inputs tony in cody ended a beating mikhail it in the head with a shovel according to tony it took her we ve long time for she admitted to sitting on mikhail his legs while cody slit or threat they married her in a shallow grave in the desert there is physical evidence linking tone to the murder but apparently her good girl conscience got the best of her and a few days later she ended up asking her dad driver to the police station where she confessed every detail of them all that crazy o ear or they on drugs thanks sounds crazy the court proceedings for tony encoding were in my home town tony was sentenced to life with possibility of pearl after eighteen years which is
fathom laval and code he was sentenced to life without pearl things this whole and violent just don't happen in our area and so heart wrenching thanks for reading my hometown stay sexy nearly noon kristen the worst thinking i'm glad she started out cherry because get real dark yeah ready for one more yeah ok this one's god the smiley face bomber parentheses no one dies i end up hi karen georgia stephen elvis and mimi mine as well and i come from wisconsin and this is my favorite hometown case well go
potential and state colleges together i came across a university wisconsin stout wikipedia page were under the notable alumni section was the name luke helder a k a the mid west pipe bomber fuck in two thousand and two on college helder began to garner an interesting astral projection believing that death wisely now things are that this what did they say no just the idea that somebody is into astro projection like i'm college yeah i'm gonna get into a who do not want to enter unanswerably add demented grateful the accusation i like rested route
the projection believing that death of flesh and body was not the end of existence this mixed in with his antigovernment stance led him to plant bombs in multiple mailboxes across the u s questions right to kill himself and see if he lives it s your other fuckin people but also its dick he's sorry the problem was with the government he's putting pipe bombs in mailboxes gas ok in the chaise it's a federal crime fancy had little plan palms and multiple mailboxes across europe's new ass in the shape of a smiley face to gain media attention spread his ideas that's how you do it you have to pike cast obviously if you want your ideas to be spread amy you
eight bombs were found in nebraska five in iowa three in illinois and one each in colorado texas of this only the five in iowa exploded causing six injuries to residents and postal workers including a poster worker had recently gone back from cancer treatment tired couple mailing a letter and then it says sweet baby angels while this was going on the postal service cancel their services in some regions or only deliver mail if the door to the mailbox were open or taken off locally so attach fishing lines to some of the mailboxes to open at a safe distance at the same time the fbi analyzed antigovernment notes that accompanied the moms and one that held her sent to baghdad harold that was entitled explosion abetted evidence for you to craft a criminal profile heller
father received a letter from helder which would end up providing authorities with enough information of fine and arrest held her he was arrested before he could complete the full smile in two thousand and four held her was diagnosed with schizophrenia skit so active disorder weight as i can't i don't go the shape of the smile on the map of the united states one bombs to go off and smilingly give you basically riera looked from a satellite down in the shape of i get it that's very i can't really is before they enter the seventy thousand therefore held her was diagnosed with gets effective disorder and with sound and competent to stand trial helder as currently incarcerated in the federal nickel centre in minnesota and has had multiple hearings in the past years to see if he is still in confident
can trial on a side now held there was part of a local grunge band named apathy before his bombing spree and released one city that is now sought after by some user critics have i recently graduating from you w stout and would bring up this story to some of my friends who couldn't believe that he went to the same schools us lay aside classes or some of the perfect professors who had who gave interviews about helder i never brought
up to them though this case i struck me with stress in this case i stuck with me for my time attending stout and i always founded on how it was under the notable alumni section in the wikipedia but i guess i'm getting that could put their name mare anyway they reared ivanhoe view enjoyed the hometown k shut us shout out for my friend lizzie for recommending upon cas i am officially caught up stay sexy and don't get murdered will nice one will nice well i've never heard of that now since i believe is why do we know about the unabomber more did i guessing you kill people he actually killed people where's this just injured people here disagree elvis like an fuckin prague castle at recent shit man by by tell people to do things very sexy and don't get murdered by from leading to this
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