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MFM Minisode 37

2017-08-24 | 🔗

This week's minisode comes to you on episode day! Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including one good dog, a childhood neighbor disappearance, a manhunt along the American/Canadian border, one badass grandma, and more. 

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This is exactly right. You guys. We have some tour updates for you or for the my favorite mortar live showed tour. Are you ready listener this way A substantial sixth, Auckland Zealand, we're gonna, see you soon come this Sunday September, tenth were being Melbourne at the comedy theatre. It is we added a third Schiller reckons Tuesday September twelfth Sidney Australia at the Friggin Sidney Opera House. Second Sidney. Shall we really want to sell the Opera house out her call it up here? It's a temper. Twenty ninth! We're gonna, be it the Filmore in Detroit Michigan, that's the second. The second night second show that night Saturn S, temper, Thirtieth Toronto, Canada and then wait a couple. New tour dates to announce Wendy. What I'm sorry? It's ok, go you gotta know if a couple new today, it's Wednesday October, Eighteenth Minneapolis. We'll be there
does a Minneapolis measure. So many analysts Michigan than the tired- and there were many up shit Georgette area where many Michigan Open now allow animal soda. It's not just ok, we're gonna be in many employers, the midway, and they too were eighty Saturday November eleven Dallas, Texas, there's late, show and also Saturday December ninth will be in Kansas City. There were adding a late showed, the Midland Theodoric at Kansas City. I go to my car murder. Dot com, slash lie, we estimate of Facebook event page our Facebook might hear murder com, slash an impasse with links to buy the correct non scalped tickets. Yes, and then also once you get your tickets, those are the pages to go to to check if there are any updates. If you hear rumours of cancellation, if you hear anything to change, just go to our Emma them. Facebook live show pages and you can get all the latest information there on sale. Now, on found out CS in her hands,
prepare and there's a period of time when we know we're starting to be recorded or not sure we haven't really started, and then we we go into. Different mode of conversation, the thick pressures on pressures but it may not have started yet re, so it's self aware, but not, but still casual, even as we speak in right now. We're not sure this is the spot. This is this. Is it right? Let's start recalling our affectionate hey, I was gonna I've ever heard, or the many many so that gets you through your in this week, as last week, its flipped we're doing on qualified with on a ferris specialists. The second part we did Tuesday. Now there. They are getting your minister don't get used to this year. It's not conceal at the understandable that it's been confusing. We love you guys for sticking through it with its hard hard. It's not the hardest thing. I'm gonna go through, we hope. Well now I hope it is. We who
it's the hardest thing ever and go through is not going to be, and then really do you want to live your life like that, all you need challenges. Challenges are what make you great are what make you talented review. It gives you the knowledge that you can withstand anything, that's right and a kind of inner wisdom, God you're welcome, Guide, teach, you ve gone and teaches you all about the Lord. You know I'm ready, I just need people to know for those of you who were letting contact me can in? This is really the story. I told us weak about my dogs getting out of my gate Yes, my dogs are chipped. Yes, I don T know people I think they just
concerned people are like me. Are we dealing with the person who doesn't understand how to have dogs stand age? They did get out three times a kind word totally out of bounds. Still, I wanna be defensive in, say, Gallipot condones, or to a guy and ivory now written Georgia's name and my phone number on her collar of life. My maman phone number on your dogs called origin and get a hold of you. I think it's the best wagon and almost always hear recording this bog. Gonna call you never go with. I gotta call them like hey you're dogma rapidly, and they like described them new in it like their yelling at you. You know my guess, It was their job like us by me. Have a corrections, corner earthquake and say that I never eat food in the microphone again. How did you do that, like not last week before when we did that might have the burghers? Oh you
right and I thought she was going back and about then I realized I was talking in a way that was like you couldn't at it. I was like saying a bank that was important. Ok, I want to say this ice. I apologise to you for putting a time crunch onto a recording where there are people who messages there like. Are you guys? Ok does cause. We were talking so fast trying to get done by like ten thirty year, whatever area, and yes there like a train over an hour and a half an hour imported eminently. We can't do this quickly like I'll. Never, never even something again, but it made me laugh really are. Did we I didn't know the groups, I mean that's what Zena some people, so we just did a leg. Reading of the new towards AIDS. Can I read it to you early quickly teacher, but I thought was Larry's chromium alley tools to ease wrote me. My favorite motors do English show nearby on August made on Acta.
Fourteenth the answer that wedding day. You will be busy. Oh, I almost forgot all the on my wedding day, like a month. Nor is it ok. Let's you March fade away that I again do that. I'm not free that and I wrote my again Elinor wet Amazing arrives. Oh it's, my lady. I have something that adapting their day. You know I'm in the council and all of you here so this is where we re dear I'm your stories of your hometown, murders that you remember from your childhood from your mom's childhood in May. You're just making it up, maybe may now. I am them to you and we have come a good ones as exciting. Yes, even really did. Is he is due diligence as which we exe from Stephen. We always get from Stephen, but sometimes so grateful for. I just like to say that says one job he beckoned.
Knocked out of the park due diligence die Stevens. All about do I want similar million jobs are thus yeah, but The number one is due diligence. I want to go and much more specific job assignment task assignment to Stephen, like figure out bill pay for every bill in my life. I want to do things like that to Stephen or like live, never been able to figure it out. Do you know how you do it to know my dad offered to do my bookkeeping, are you serious because I e mail latte you lay in wait? Is that what he does for living? No dad to say now he now for a living that that peace is a death is down and their own I'll. Take you can't do you know like spend more money and thorough money at IRA. I can do this because I call my arrest
boy. I come over one day an arctic areas like when I was a kid you gotta give me flashcards and teach members, so he's a good teacher yeah. Oh that's then done smart. He is, he has lcd. He knows a share, see my dad. I can ask him to help me do anything because the ailing start within forty five words like me, since I was a small child, its way, it's the reason I am and then use really back and have yet to be like ask one question in algebra, but maybe like so and then my doubt ago, old on this new map and start reading the book- I'm, u get its forget it. I figured I'd say you are obviously do it myself I'll just do it myself. I hate that you do ass when a question and they don't know the answer instead of lake. Saying I don't know or I can I can look at it. They just start, never, never mind you, I don't I'm not asking you to know, I'm
asking you to go. Do your own fucking errand ray! I problem like do you know how to spell the sword and they like. Let me look it up now and I know what I can look at my son. I just wanted to know if you know how to put your phone down then this is, if I wanted at the fastest way. Fastest most human Wainwright Round, I was Hannah real Agnor where fucking pet, listen, look, look emissary! Ok, be ready answer ready. My cocker Spaniel saved me from getting kidnapped. Hello. Emma I'm family. Nice sank great lover, our gas will get right to the point, because I'm a professor and schools about to start in life is K, spent eleven parasite hell yeah. Ok, when I was a kid and add a conqueror spaniel Sassy such a kid dogs nailed Sassy did you use to get Sassy magazine,
I think I knew of it didn't get it. Sassy magazine was dead like these fifteen vulgar some teamwork. Of a fashion magazine and then they got rid of it and they, sassy- and it was like the nineties- is amazing. Like most real Jen Ex current curtain, Courtney were on the cover I like it was so bad it was really it look up old, older who's. Gonna, say episodes of anyhow says he who was scared of a lot of things ass. She would paeon herself when people came to the door and I did it to or if anyone turned to better when we were out on a lot of babies used. I appeal is generally. She found people that work. My family, terrifying, I've always been interested in animals turned out that pact. Passion into a career, I'm a psychologist who studies how animals think and reason
and now I have the best job ever. Yes, you do a shit come over and talk to Elvis MIKE I mean. Is this person? That's like what videos of apes, seizing tools that on tax, my Catherine him only real, no, not a comparative know the first thing in the video. It was a viral video that it was some kind of an April chimpanzee that is using a stick and I urge arrest, marshmallows home, it's the great, as I say, the gorilla whose in the kiddie porn, stood in turning around and dancing and going crazy she's really shows how they think they really think I gotta Dounia. Ok, Ok, I play games with dogs for science. Oh I didn't. I shall finish that, so I
take our dogs. Are we had another one who isn't in the story, but she was often took to the field at the school, about a block from our house to work on their obedience training. One day I was there with Sassy, and this guy approached me and tried to talk to me. He didn't get very close because, as soon as it came near me nervous little Sassy went nuts, you started barking and growling and plunging at this guy. This was a dog who usually beat herself and hid behind me when she saw stranger, and here she was going on the attack, the guy walked away and I felt kind of bad that she'd act that way innocent little me thought that he was may be trying to ask for directions or something yeah. Yeah adults, don't ask get throughout that was imprint disease. The next day I was at the grocery store with my dad and saw sketches of the same guy posted on the community announcements board at the front of the store. Apparently he had been trying to lure kids away from schools in the area and police were trying to find him. I told my dad and a few days later there
reported on the evening news that he had been arrested from then on. I've always trusted my dogs instincts more than my own. I think everyone is great until proven otherwise, and it is certainly well on more than one occasion unhappy note my fiancee, my fiance, so and I met our dogs. We were both looking to rent houses that were big dog friendly and kept running into each other at the same rental house. Most precious thing. I ever heard. What would you think unless one anagrams hurry- and I mean it it's mounds and turn it was crazy. Do you like wallpaper wallpaper of dogs and
are dogs are going to be the maid of honor. Man met the energy reason. The best human beings have ever inferences. She wrote the ep where those people and states actually don't get murdered and always trust your dog Ellen. Oh, my god, it's couldn't and Mimi couldn't be letting you should let him listen. They're just wandering around licking staff reserve in order- and I wanted them to work in the wedding- was cater waiters, pensive yeah. They were the part Henderson. Oh my god, I'm just like little John and tonics on their backs. Kiddies thou Israeli! That was theirs arrears. People, I love, was her name, I'm sorry Ellen Helen. Thank you on our indian This is a duty. This is caught. I thought
moved away, Ursa lie we say that I love this. I love these podcast Sohmer, targeting all of em in general, are due to their certainly send this. Everyone is another vodka to the president. Progress this American live from both of these five is exactly what I wanted may didn't even know I had been looking for it. I have generalised anxiety and I spent my life imagining worst case scenarios media, both friends entertains me. You also, ladies cracking dogs and document are the best anyway. Ok, so when I was about six and ninety. Ninety to my family lived her a couple years in Dat, Dalzell, South Carolina De L De L, L now dazzle it's about fifteen minutes. Then she says it's this place
fifteen minutes from Sumter South Carolina. I don't know where that is either. Let you now that will now Sumter, that's gonna be sure we live within a trailer park, but it was a well built one it is not worth action on jailer bogs. I love them, be no shame yards in fairly new mobile homes across the street. From we fuck me live a little girl about my agent in Virginia I would go over to her house. Sometimes entirely became pretty good friends sidebar. I was a shy. Creating not made fun of Lhasa having a friend was the norm. For me at that point, ah, she moved away unexpectedly and we didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I felt like it was somehow my thought that she left without saying goodbye. Double I guess that's.
In many ways a number twelve years later watching an old home video? My family made to send to my grandparents instead of a normal letter of our new home in South Carolina. No never sent it because I funded and cursed on the tape wow I youth in the day I go inside for something it's just my dad and my brother, who was twelve or thirteen at the time sitting on the porch recording nothing in general, my brother shooting the neighbourhood and points out Virginias House enzymes in saying you see that house some He died in that house his voice. Miserable puberty, ridden teenager glory. Then dad says: Dillon your sisters inside then I come out and we go about filling, nothing etc. What so,
oh ok, just sitting there watching this, and it is my dream, like you get to watch moments where you're not bear yeah like, but that the relevant EU somehow hopefully not to pain like someone talking? Should I now hear but leg you know but this is the best Cosette secretly secret. You dont know says she's at this point, like eighteen years old, watching this thing. If you saw that item of you'd be like, I doubt, air meal such is a video from way back, but also in that in that, when those videos cameras first came out, number was just like people Correa thing for our ass. It be like it's Christmas and would be like six hours of the Moldova neighbouring shit. Nobody knows how to edit yeah. You know only just kind of stop for a coordinated and in wait for something good. Why do that with the others like twelve minutes of meat is recording Elvis doing nothing because he had done something cute like a minute before you want to recapture Somalia,
is about me. Ok, go about my! I am at seventeen or eighteen, then had apparently never seen as tape. I asked me about it and she told me that Virginias mother had actually gone crazy, shot her daughter shot her cell because I was so young and with such a terrible events, they just told me she had moved away so yeah? I've actually tried to find out some details about it, but I haven't had any luck. I don't remember their last name, the mother's name, and I assume she was divorced because I don't think I remember a dad being in the picture. Other than that, I have no other details. Besides the street name, wow SAM again for their amazing, give that is this broadcast, so these bypasses SAM. That story. He is haunting creepy I'm, that's kind of like perfection, and it's that thing of like through that. Filter of a little John mind where it's kind of
they'd, probably didn't teller, except for then, when you don't know the true yeah, your little childs brain fills in the detail is set at a turf, all Jeff. She probably not so weird Do you have these events warrior your like? Oh, I was I've asked than stuck. This horrible thought of this thing happening for so long because I interpret it wrong. Yes and it's actually not not the way. I was like that kind of thing, someone yeah think if there was one whereas like oh no, I was wrong about the whole time. There were well whatever No, I mean they're knowing exactly what you're talking. I feel like that's what a lot of therapy is about it and you look on your past and instead of believing that what youth thank you, your life has been is just sack yeah, it's actually your skewed perception and from your angle of like fear and anxiety ends. You know like need to protect yourself. Did I tell you presented I think that this is such a huge moment. For me, one
since there are new therapists. He's amazing. Vince is amazing. Do, but I had this like merit. Evinces mom died when he was like a really young. Is dad. Never remarried, my parents, Naturally, I never married my in my narrative as equal. We needed where. Third, because we have an example of what a good marriage will excite. Can we don't know, and Bob Woodward and the middle men may so that two therapists he was augments has a good idea, but it of marriage looks like his dad or his ring until he died and never got remarried, and was that was his wife and he was sticking with it. So instead have a good image of what a good marriage was, and I was like up I'm an ass. I was totally wrong- are not enough Selina, just You just had your version of Wang, had your perception of air and you couldn't have thought of it a different way because you'd never, because that wasn't arrogant grants it. That's an amazing point. So much from the way, I think about my relationship with Brazil, it she was like a fuck you're totally right now, we're
it's weird, but that's also such a beautiful fire so happy about it. It's such a beautiful lovely, like I think things like that are hard to come up with your cell yeah. That's like somebody, you needed Airbus, you needed a like a scientific kind of official person. To tell you best case scenario trusted. If you tell your so, there will be like online to myself and I better, I better Thomas, a worst case scenario. So I'm more prepared, but like that's the thing I the best about my therapist she'll, be like the first She started. She does your very. When you get scared. She is you. When you get scared, you tell you, you tell yourself very mean stories and I was like TAT and then like in just it's like anytime. I have social anxiety or I'm nervous about or any kind of thing. It's like I'll just go like worst case scenario. Here's the here
What's happening, and so then I'm always dislike to do with you being a horrible awful nobody Monday job market, or so you tell yourself mean things about yourself, just so that I go like ok, I get I get what's happening here. I am now going to not care. I have to cut myself off emotionally so that, because it's the our case and really you're you're in charge of the outcome, because you did that, like the outcome could have a totally different, o girl I've shut. Now. Why are we talking about this? Why are we always Rennie Subject line of this one is my school janitor and gave it. We did that. Yes, I mean it hawk jets can only think this is. This is a little touch of the unqualified with our own affairs diagram. It sponges architecture, guaranteeing wiring yes, do you know we're going to push your job to find the best candidate I was,
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Karen is the pretty crazy story coming from a place that usually encounters no violent crimes. My best friend from my home town count me hooked on the podcast and may have already rodion about this, but hopefully, if it gets that scope therein like a race to sell the Irish, this person's winning Well Cassidy one ok leak. We grew up in a really small, like less than five hundred people. Small town in Northern Mean called Saint Francis really. I bet smells like the salty sea air on lobster and unlike men with. Ellie unruly beer, embryo-
at the same time the really smell the same. It's a town where legit every one knows everyone and you would never expect anyone from town being capable of such a horrific crime. Although in the early summer of twenty fourteen a man named Jesse Mark Cares or Mark Marquis, I think it's Marcie Jesse Marquis had just been dumped by his girlfriend. The story said he is pretty drunk, this happened late at night he went into the room of his girlfriend Amy Thorough and both shot and stabbed her eleven times starter I'll fucking overkill it says in the scene over. Not only did he murder her in her own bedroom, there were other people in the house up they promptly the police as Marquis left with the gun, there are a lot of woods near us. Yes, I would imagine up It's on the border of Canada Salon Fortunate was concerned. He would jump the very uninformed border. Might just a
since the border. It's just a line of maple syrup. That's going at the sorry. They promptly called the police. Oh sorry, there, a lot of words said that already my dad is game warden and was a member of the search which lasted for six days before finding him in the woods. He was down guilty by a jury and sentence twenty five years to life and two young children who will now not yet to share their lives with their mother De Smet, did spark a huge anti domestic violence movement in town and surrounding areas. That's amazing whom the most fucked up part o good. I heard about this murder. Is that Marquis is to work as a bus driver and janitor. I, my tiny school and all the students loved him and he seemed like such a cool guy. He had such an end.
Acta, my eighth grade class that in two thousand and eight will be graduated eighth grade. We fucking dedicated our year will see him little did we know that, six years later it snap and now we have a creepy yearbook. Dedication murderer anyway, that's my hometown. Murder hope you enjoy, It states x, you don't get murdered Cassidy online ads. I'm late and everything is crazy woman. You just want to know what happened in that six years or like a decade or what are that night, the behind the scenes? Yes exactly was always at all one night. He snapped or was like a slow erosion yeah, that's six! I'm telling you murders and main I'm hundred percent here, four murders and man that was fish on oxygen or something and pitching at I. This is my way of telling on pitching attacks
I'm doing murders in Maryland, I'll fuck, I guess murders and Mississippi's whatever here besides called vicarious encounters with infamous man, hey Emma I'm crew right. What I found from the very beginning, I was having a couple of beers with my dad. We have a strange relationship. You ready for this labour strange relationships since he spent seventeen years in prison in New York state for killing my mom. When I was three and a half, I rather like great odds, do while Judd taken this on. I now ok She says I now I now. How can I still see or talk to him right I'll, just say it's complicated. Now, right shit, you don't, I mean yeah, measured logger, I get it
there's lots of there's lots of things and understandable that alcohols involve and you guys hanging out my hand and even go anyone and I like entering around her own mother, lived, I mean you only have to parents it I mean the enormity of yes, it's it's just like. No, I ever understand that unless they gone through yeah and who What the doubt said. I mean anyone who knows who knows Skype anyway she says- and I am not saying that here Do I care anyway? anyway. For the first time this week I really got some details about what prison was like. He apparently only ever spent a month. End quote the box or Sars. Where you can. Finally, because he refused to snatch on a guy who started a fight with him, he said having reputation as a snitch stays with a whole time, you're inside the only thing, worse being a convicted child monster, he was in
Attica for awhile, and he said that he used to play. Peanut go with David Burgo Guy was sudden SAM, I mean. I hope this is an ally, but if it is its great writing, it hasn't penalizing the funniest car came that you could name in you're playing with son of my Son of SAM Great great contrast? I love it while he was there, he and a guard with make each other laugh by walking by Mark David Chapman Cell and singing John Lennon, how you should check on. Ah a pretty fucked up situation. Better case has occasionally yielded some interesting stories. I love you both, and I hope that next time Europe will it out there. We could hang out and b, B, F, F I'll, make you cookies and meantime stay sexy and don't get murdered. All do the same smooches to you and Stephen in the animal crew, exo excess death, stuff staff that I mean
that's fascinating. What an interesting person her I mean per Oliver, also just that the experience of a person in a how, like the inside prison experiments, although shows its also I guess I'm sure tell us in terrible night of or whenever it's all just like this huge panic, but like kind of an ANT total and stories about being inside prison, is, is a very fascinating way to get that information, because they might imagine that, like data Day, staff is like it's pretty boring, becomes likely now you're twelve years and no alive. Sentencing like this is what I do now and we have there's been a couple: fights been I've had it all, and there now. That's fine, not much guy on
until someone jumps you're in the laundry room here with the shank these. Maybe they shank you, maybe they garage you maybe learn to make prison wine. Maybe you you are able to order through the guy that get stuff like a catalogue that yourself some laugh, Roman, so much harsher top roman legendary drugs and mushrooms and a fucking present. I think, you're out of your goddamn mine, but I think it's just get to has the time is right. Emissions will about the cause you be like. I keep seeing skulls everywhere, yeah, Ok, my group, my grandma provided a get away for the acid lady, how right ok, I can't Stephen and various pets. My grandma is completely obsess what your crime, where gunboats the best one of the thing, she- and I always you together as Watery- runs a forensic files and dateline one night
while watching an episode of dateline on various issues, stir a k, a the acid lady, my group a casually mentions that she was involved in this way. The weirder that I am, I needed details you're not aware tat. It be weird. If you didn't fuck and say what the fiery die my grandma, yet the weirdo is a personal goes. Would you like some more to get up and walked away, but about the weirdo. Ok, If you're, not Fresno, then you may not know about her but Louis issues. There was this woman who, in two thousand three murder her husband she in her lap partner, incapacitated her husband, TIM using chloroform, a stun gun running right all right, probably, and then this body in a fifty five gallon barrel, full of hydrochloric said and left it to dissolve in a storage unit seriously. Look up this case because its whack whack and archives, my grandmother time, was a travel agent and will end
Dolores and her son on a trip to Disneyworld and then Missouri, which ended up being her get away. Murder was in the Missouri Airport that Louis was arrested. The biggest thing my grandma talks about is how out about, though, is how annoyed she was about having to drive to leave for the trial to testify, which is a classic Grandmama. Why? Basically Bobo Reza interlocked partner were sentenced to life imprisonment? My grandma is about us. The stadium Hannah Y, all amazing, so cool. I really older. The older women who have been murdered in a sense the authorities is my Johnny. I want to hear about all of those areas, so weary, don't think about that. You think about it being such a like. What's it called like new thing right, moderate, being in the murder but known. I am sure Crimea is all those pictures you think of all those like courtroom. Pictures, half the p.
That room do not need to be there. There, Pierre Ass to watch proceedings take place because member we were on shore and there's a woman that was telling us dirt. She was it s, a really famous court. I can't number for TED Bundy or if it was, she older and ongoing Gacy and you China's, unlike like telling us all about going there and waiting beforehand and sitting and that in the end port room that so crazy. I luck is back. Then it wasn't aren t they hear you had to go to the court room. They like get yours. How amazing so I'm Seneca grandma's stories you guys, please please or if they just how can a good stories. Any story, though, have to murder me like all this. So yes industries to my favorite Ridder G mail, but links and there we are. Care about links. Now we want secured link tiered you weird credit card.
Like if there is spam leaders like spam to me I know I said that matter? You guys and we're gonna go back to normal next week with a regular old, regular life. Yet the it's good that we re broke up, the the the pattern: the ass when we met with people's minds, keeping your toes the whole. No very now that's what it is say: sexy dont get it back. L, L S cook. Oh yeah good boy, lucky
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