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Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including the dangers of sleeping naked, another badass grandma, a Civil War horror tale and more!

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This is exactly right. Welcome the many sewed up favorite murder, the many sad version of my order. It's this version of my favorite murder that shorter than the others with the longer introduction. Yes, that's character. And thus Georgia hurts dark, hair and an caldera care Lynn, Kilgour and Lamb kill Gara. My sister's, am I why did that and Georgia Marie hard start Miriam Mary? I said Ok, we reject your stories, ready, began, congratulations, I'm going
I am going to read the first one, because this is the email and the subject: as I held up the light up sign in Saint Louis. We were pointing at so in the very this is the best at the end of our lives shows we tell everybody that we're gonna pick somebody to come up and tell us their hometown, murder and- and the Saint Louis show we looked up and the very last row in the balcony, like high up somebody held up a huge Christmas lights, light of sign. That said, I was almost murdered and it was the only area. Then we really only pick people from the first like ten rose, because it just I'll take too long for them to get to the front row. Yet it is at this stage so its mark for convenience. The whole thing people wish we wouldn't do it all sounds like the. We have that's the way we do it, as we keep a quick pellets in a moment, but It was so hilarious to see. At least,
sign fly out of thin air it from the furthest of possible way. Well, listen! Now we get to learn that. Tell me everything! Well guess what Georgia and Karen my friends- and I Where are the show and Saint Louis and made that awesome light of sign, we figured you might be interested in how're in turn, almost got murdered after seeing in will. You are right about that. I am a such I'm. A school social worker in Saint Louis City and this year have an intern, who I am I refer to a Sarah, a few. Ago. We were talking about the podcasting she nonchalantly says. I told you about how I almost got ordered rife. Obviously I made her tell me everything after college serum of two New Hampshire tour. Teenagers with emotional behavioral issues. The facility used a co living motto, social spare to the young woman and live
with her at some point, they had to take the girl to the hospital for suicide assessment, but she was declared to not be a danger to herself. Sir supervisor said she was good to take our client back to the facility on her own a few miles from the facility. The client opens, the passenger side door, looks to her left and says goodbye, Sarah being equipped Thinker B, The cook think her. She is Sarah grabbed her arm and got the car pulled over the girl. Gets out of the car in an attempt to get away Sera attempt restoring the client, but as a hundred and ten pounds, soaking wet and our client was, much bigger. So obviously she didn't when this one, the clients to get our hands around Sarah Neck, she passes out. She comes to a few minutes later, and this chick is dragging Sarah by her feet to a nearby lay hold you shit, had four waves of chills, goes alchemy
when she wakes up. She asked the chick what the hell she's doing she response it. She was dragging Sarah down the lake to drown her and then kill herself, because she thought that Sarah would leave her. After all, this shit. She just pulled at this when I was so in shock about this story that forget what happened, but naturally Sarah had some PTSD and move back to Missouri. Shortly after this incident, she's now and grad school and as one kickass enter honey, in other news. I also do a lot of work of families who have lost their loved one, and there is a growing movement in the grief world to change some of the language around suicide. Historically, the phrase that has been used is commit suicide, but, as you are all well aware, mental health issues typically play a role in suicide and, as you also know, committed is certainly a word associated with crime and more speed. Ugly murders are now in the grief world,
is the language completed suicide or die by suicide and this language helps or mobile little the stigma as well as a decriminalize as the act itself. I thought you might be interested in that tidbits since melted mental health is you talk about. We are reach a lot of people with this, but you also reach alot of people, this podcast, and so Others may also be interested in knowing that unease. I love that sorry, look didn't swing your way at the casino. Certainly do so, but if it makes you feel better, it rarely goes well for me either. Thanks to the great shown Saint Louis Claude glad you made it out to sea, as in the Midwest as a stage. Christine! That's so interesting! Isn't so funny that little things like that that word commit changes people's lives yet, but you will never understand because we would never pinpoint it.
Write and tell someone's pointed out to you even let like the term sex worker like we wouldn't think about it. Until someone pointed out to you that the word prostitute this demeaning rain, You tell someone, tells you that yeah and just as Heyward just trying to make this change right. Can you help out like that? I don't understand about people or so adamant against, like The people go. Oh, this is language. We like you yeah, like an get to say whatever I'm on ass, you do get to say whatever you want, but you know after you could actually make us the tiniest effort which is right, change a word or changing ear, just trying to change the conversation to benefit the people who you're talking about, and you have a fucking problem, changing that language, even though it has nothing to do with you and when other people requesting yeah fuck here it's just It's the same thing with like it's just good, to look at things through other people's filter and then go oh yeah,
I see how you you wouldn't want us to be saying, are basic critical thinking. Just kind of an empathy for your fellow I am by just the slightest fucking empathy that makes it sound like we're all like it's us where we are. It is natural that is true without us. Ok, this is this. One hits home hard. This says it's. The subject is dancing. Naked fucking. Sorry now I dont significant, but but you like like your nudism ass, my underwear and sometimes I think what if there's an earthquake right now, you just keep As pajama bottom was whether the under the bed there close by, but then I'm naked from the top up, well keep mother clause. On the other side, the internet problem solver caring caldera rate- I mean I'm always coming out the door Bell rings at my house all day,
It seems like all day that people want and ringing my door because you live in a house and people want to sell people. Shit house then write a lever stuff. All the time deliver serve, sell things sometimes or just be neighbourly. Hey did you know that you're? A thing is that so I can t. Did you know that you're thinking is that there were in place and it's like don't look at anyone in the eye. It's the best slaked dull, if I like and leaving the house, and I hear someone law away like a weight behind the door until I e not hang Palais yes exotic you dont want to you, don't want to get involved, and you know other people have also really know. I'm I of the place where- and I think I told you this but like the people at knock on my door, and I, like you, I work for like a house, paining company, you need to pay your house lobby like, well, I know a call you when I need you yeah don't come here and get ring my door at a gilt mean highly I'm trying to tell you what's wrong with your fuckin, like I'm, trying to watch the fucking norwegian series monster. One, that's not a moment: ok,
oh, also a quick tap, and then I ran about earthquakes as tick always keep an au pair of ten issues. Under your bad, like rate by where you sleep in case, you ever need to happen all night and make a run far and their stock. Broken glass eye were everywhere. They re heap ten issues, though potentias under your bed and in the trunk of your car, oh god, who also Oh I, oh! I have flashlights under every like bed couch key flesh all around her house. If you live in a later better than you do it I'll, say read about Then this is a little bit anxiety written times, but old cellphones, you, you don't have INA service on the many mobbish can still call nine one from them. Oh so, if you plug the man- and someone said this after reading hearing Jennifer Mores Survey, your story and I she called from the bathroom nine on one yet plug them in length. Weird rooms in your house. You always have a cell phone in their encase ever need a lake gets
Some are indeed a common one. Why that's a great idea? I yeah ten issues and cell phones. That's very again. Just constantly worry is the point that making well, but you you, won't it she's good be prepare preparedness, its preparedness. It's like you, don't Don't turn it anything negative re, any reasonable use of up hey you're going to be the ones stuck with glass everywhere. It's like you, dont, be it's like it's cool tab, glass in your feet now the home. Imagine, robbery and earthquakes are things that happen. What might just Simple preparations for them: it's just a possibility which also possibility someone's gonna bring your durable, be like look. I made you a cake, also leave her. For that. I am sorry I just heard right into Elvis's, hey, saying very heated, mainlanders J, it ass. He liked he like that he did he agrees. He was cake. He says Can you make her slap stubs sleeping naked? Please that's all you want just in
I can't Jesus Christ Short, just always: ok, high Karen Georgia and all those cute animals, and that must include Stevens Fifth Avenue listener, and I can turn this pine cast off. Thanks for sharing. My obsession with murder- My hometown murder story didn't happen in my hometown or in my lifetime. However, since I was a little child, it's been a huge story, my family, before my mom and dad married, my mom lived in South Carolina and my dad lived about an hour away. He'd spend a few nights a week with her in a explore studio apartment red flag you one night, my mom, who was sleeping naked, woke up to man holding a knife to her neck. She was told, get up and give him her car keys, money and credit cards. She found and gave him all of that. He back turned kitchen she's backed up against the door in a fight,
it or flight panic she pissed on his feet. He never that distracted him enough for her to run out of the kitchen door ass, my mama to render the neighbours and older married couple. The man answered the door to my mom she's naked and panic and scared they for a robe and called nine one, while she only the Chicago upon his feet. Yeah. Well, then them below a given all fell away. We wouldn't rather beautiful moment I'll start over, The guy took her current fled a few days later, her car was found totalled a couple of miles away. He ended up being arrested for a string of breaking the last breakin ended in murder, turns out he stopped his victims are for breaking in. He knew my dad when Peter that night and my mom be alone so say sexy and don't sleep naked, you never know what will wake you up in the night Mary. However, Mary may argue that if she hadn't been naked peeing on his fuckin shoes wouldn't have
such an impact it could be argued that can be drawn, filtered fuckin string of pass on her shoes as what distracted M nodded like you know, underwear trickle also eat no you're right killed, it would have been, it would have an quieter and it would be like puts this now warm trickle and it would have been almost probably funnier if she had pass on. It would have effective her more than affected him, but a naked lady freaking out, and then I like a picture that in that moment in the flight or fight moment, as opposed to acting scared while she was paying all the sudden. She acted like crazy. I kind of act about being paean like stuck her tongue out and then just peed on issuing lives, yeah bit gallic fuck years last thing I have to buy and work and it worked honey p thanks. Marries mom. Also, don't forget! You can also projector moment. Always harm on people. If you put Europe at a puke are like myself, I dont think I do
do it on command without at least some but do it ok, I mean like it. Can sure. No, I mean right now. I've got back again. Let's see the subjects of this is bad. Ass. Ye are nurse grandmother, saves hospital from shooter, go fuck, fuck how'd it go in Georgia and seasoning kiddies. Let's get right to it, so I come from a long line of nurses, medical professionals, but I went into the art, sorry mom, so my house has never been lacking in bizarre stories. When I heard as one over Thanksgiving. However, I just know how to write em, my grandmother's kind of infamous nor smallish southern town for beef. Bad ass. He honours that always one above and beyond the call of duty. This particular incident stands out. For the rest, I can't believe I hadn't heard it until now is: on three. I am in the midst of an already hectic night shift. Grandmother is walking down the hallway of the hospital with a security guard, we'll call
Terry, just shooting the breeze their walking along when the elevator door starts to open in front of them and they stopped to let the person get off. One guy off gets off, gets one loan guy who stands? for a moment, faces them and then put The gun rain aimed right at my grandmother. They stand they all similar frozen for a second until Terry scared, shitless turns around and makes a be lying down the corridor and my grandmother yells and the most southern imagined voice imaginable daring. Don't you never leave me air? That's that's how I picture there, and that was amazing. I needed, but Terry's long got areas. Oh, it's just grandma and the shooter she stand Therefore, a second with a gun pointed out or changes men. She puts our hands on perhaps point
finger at em and says young man, you better put that away or you're about to get in trouble and he d lesser used against the earth's like it really confused, puts the gun away, gets back in the elevator and walks out of loss, but let the and that's the story of how my grandmother saved entire our little from some jerk with a gun she's past she passed away when I was young, but I've always felt this connection with her. There is strength, and every time I hear a new story of her life, the way this one correlated with my lover. True crime, really gave her a whole new dimension. I didn't expect. I bet this quiet charming. Southern lady would have been very grateful for people to hear about her bravery. Aisles of bet she gave Terry one hell of an error. Full things are all you do is keep up. The amazing were work, much love, mica combat. Grandma bad, I mean,
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Love podcast? Now let you provide which I used to calm down while studying for final semester exams. Yes, our comes me down over exams any eight left to jump into it- has happened, ass, we can. My hometown see, may have heard in Mont. Pelee are Vermont a woman named Betty age. Seventy was arrested for testing her home grown rice and murder on her fellow retirement, home residence, Shit the fucking growing, castor beans to create the poison in their retirement homes, property and wow started feeding it to other residents. No one was killed only one case of poisoning found by the health Department and FBI, but good old Betty compassion is training. The poisons on others, so she could eventually hurt herself, Oh no, it wasn't her so you're, not everyone now to consider attested honours. Oh, but ultimately was for her yeah Betty just jump off a fuckin bridge. Eddie very:
that is very sad sketchy and also what the fuck Betty have even been reading. Mrs Merkel and the end thought yep. Let's make this shit real. What's MRS marble Miss Marble, Miss marble, isn't Agatha Christie character. Here you go most since same thing to happen in Montpelier, probably since eighteen hundred the thanks for reading and can't wait to hear more Maggie, a shit its grandma. Like IE. No crazy here? That's she was trying to do more than just. Take her only mean that receives soup is losing that yesterday she sounds kind of fun, but. son, in the way where she just clearly doesn't give a shit about things like I'll. Just do what the fuck I want that Islam here I do love people like now. How about this subject line great grandfather buried alive in the civil war ready? I am
some Pham my name is Emily, and this is my go to cool life story and something my family as half proud. Half ashamed of good. My mother's side of the family has been in the ad. Has been in the Irish were Alabama area, since there the eighteen hundred. She spelled it our will and fought on the kids. Better at sight of the civil war parentheses, something we are greatly ashamed of. If you get my draft, we do my great great great great grandfather was named Augustus, Hacha Jackson and the private in the Confederate Army from cohabit Alabama during a battle in Tennessee. He was shot in the leg and instead of being left on the field to die his friend dragged until a local house near them
our field and left him overnight to go fetch a doctor. The family agreed to care for him until he returned the next morning. When I guess this is friend returned with the doktor, the family told them that he had died in the middle of the night and they buried him under a tree in their backyard of said confused his friend demanded that they dig him up, so he could take them back to his family when they die his makeshift coffin. They found him. From a fixation hurled in a corner with bloody fingers scratches in the lid the family had been union sympathisers offers friend left. They dragged him down the shallow grave threw him in a small, create they had in their barn, held at gunpoint. His friend and the darker force, the family to extricate him and load him under the doctors wagon they took back to my family and buried him in the local cemetery. My mother still has the original copy of his will.
Our line has survived by a daughter he had before going off to war things for reading stay, sexy don't get murdered Emily. Will that sounds like confederate propaganda, private catholic nuns, I've ever heard it that is intense. And crazy, it makes me think Did you watch the movie? Beat the beguiled Sophia couple up. I don't know shit but she directed in an uncertain call, Kidman and, and christian dances means really good. It's really good. I just screener of it, but I think it's like noon noon, new media in any new nurse sooner. It's it's. Basically, a civil war drama, Can I just say that, with some day of my life, I'm gonna get screamers and I'm gonna be real problem ESA? Are you gonna do that you did Joe some kind of a union. Or army and I joined the union army, but would you please go and fight Ireland's night can better its orders, so I can get
do you really copies of movies out of them out? Then I don't want to go and buy red lines and sit next to strangers for now. So to call an anti loud. Ftp half the time. Send your hometown murders to my favorite, our gmail. And tell us about your Chet nowadays where were accepting any first responder nurse e r stories. We are accepting buried alive stories works in things you found in the walls of a house or remodel, store above and below your house or in the yard stories. Yarbs Doug somewhere it up yonder on air bound yet found stuff is greyhound and Is there anything or so much go story? We love a good ghost story and then, of course, just a classic. The murderer that happen that year about when your child, that
changed you forever yeah. That's all. We were as our asking simple things that and we want you to stay sexy and don't get murdered, a goodbye Elvis Ok, ok, What I said, ok
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